Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 6, 1930 · Page 25
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 25

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1930
Page 25
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LTA^H&'-f v '^P* \ ittr; ;jis fly .JOSEPH OttlOO, Staff Correspondent. {Copyright, 1«30. by N«w ?erk Sun.) 1XJNDON, June 6.—British politics share with British weather a common fickleness. A few weeks ago It was confidently predicted that an election would be held here not later than Sdptember, and possibly as early as May. Today no political wiseacre risks even a surmise as to when the next appeal to the electorate will be made. Things appear much too Indefinite. Something of consequence has happened. And that something, as every acute political student realizes, is bound up with the determination of Lloyd George to give the present Labor government more rope. Why the Welshman, after making life miserable for Ramsay MacDonald and his Labor government for many months, suddenly called oft his Liberal sharpshooters, remains somewhat of a mystery. Twice during consideration of the coal bill the Liberals brought the government within a few voted of defeat. Then when a real defeat on the third reading of that _ measure seemed imminent and Labor was ready to appeal to the country, the Liberal leader decided not to.bring about a showdown, basing his change of heart on his unwillingness to embarrass the govrnment while it was immersed in the naval conference. While such protestations sounded and read well, there were few who ascribed the Welshman's change of heart to a simple desire to strengthen the government's position when dealing with four other powers on the question of naval limitation. It was felt that something of a domestic nature lay at the root of the change of face. Just what it is remains even now a mystery, although it la conjectured that what the Liberal leader wants is the passing of an electoral reform measure—something in the nature of proportional representation or the alternative vote—which would add to the Liberal strength in the house of commons. But there is also the feeling that In face of the growing demand in the Tory party for an out-and-out protectionist platform the Welshman has come to the conclusion that terms must be made with the Laborlteg to keep this country a free trade citadel. The ex-premier's change of tactics was also undoubtedly influenced by the reluctance of many of his lukewarm Asqulthian supporters to continue sniping Labor when the inevitable end could be only an appeal to the country with no better chances of retrieving' the fortunes of the Liberal party. At any rate the Welshman now occupies the role of the good uncle of British politics, showering most of his consideration upon the Labor government now in office, and in so doing making more remote than ever the seemingly inevitable appeal to the voters. According to some hardbolled poll- | ticians, historians . of the future will i say of this particular phase of Brit- I ish political life that the Tories did | not really want to throw Labor out j because the Tories were not ready i for another election, and the Liberals did not want .to throw Labor out because the Liberals would not gain many seats in parliament and the Tories might come in again. But every student of politics knows that no one of .the three parties Is anxious to appeal to the voters now, or In the near future, for one reason, because the cost of the last election was so great that It depleted the funds of the parties, and because the electorate docs not appear to bo ripe for an election. In the case of the Tories there is also a pronounced difference as to the extent to which the party j should commit itself to a protectionist policy. I Whatever the future has In store for | him, Lloyd George, although "father" of the Iiguse of commons now, is beyond doubt still the finest debater In that assembly. His skill in that respect has been shown to better advantage in recent months than for a year or more. Ho was at his best In the recent budget debate, when a packed house roared with laughter at his sallies at the expense of Winston Churchill, Snowdon's predecessor as chancellor of the exchequer. NEW LOCOMOTIVES. NAGOYA, Japan, Juno 6.—A locomotive with two smokestacks has made its appearance on the Nagoya division of the imperial government raJlwnys. Its inventor, an expert named Nagaoka, claims the new locomotive generates greater heat on a comparatively smaller amount of fuel than the present types. N. F. Stelncr's huge 700-pound boar Is far from the answer to the plea, "My kingdom for a horse." hut. he serves .lames and Lois Oyer well enough. The boar, known as "Stelnet'g Big Boy," IB four feet high and is "saddle broke." The animal was In a recent pet parade at Lima, O. GRUNDY'S EXPENSES ALL HIS OWN MONEY HARRISBURG, June 6.—That Senator Joseph R. Grundy expended only his own money in his losfng fight for nomination for his senate post, was revealed in his statement of his campaign expenses, filed yesterday. His total outlay was $382,260. Senator Grundy reported no receipts. All of the expenditures, which were somewhat In excess of his testimony earlier In the week to the senate campaign investigating committee, went to his state campaign committee. COSTLY GOWNS. LONDON, June 6.—Newest in the line of fashion's raiment for society women are gowns of real gold and silver. Through a "molecular bombardment" system recently perfected, gold and silver are sprayed on gowns of velvet, georgettes and fur. Needless to say, since the gold and silver used on the gowns are 99 per cent pure, the dresses are very costly. SIX AT BIRTH. RIO DE JANEIRO—Senhora Hansen of the little town of Parlnolns, recently gave birth to six infants, all within an hour, and all boys. She is 23, and already has two other children, a girl and a boy. She has been married three years. JiinHiv .mntvM i*r BRITISH CABINET SPECIAL SATURDAY Individual CHICKEN POT PIE 40c Including bread, butter, coffee, 2 vegetaAes and salad. FAMOUS RESTAURANT 12th St., Next to Mt. City Bank LYRIC THEATRE Hoot Gibson In "THE LONG, LONG TRAIL" "Jade Box" No. 1 "No Boy Wanted" By ClttffOfli) DAT, Start Correspondent. LONDON, June 6.—fremler J. Ramsay MacDonald's Laborlte'government going Into its second year, faced the future today with several new names In cabinet and administrative posts. Premier MacDonald, in announcing the shifts In his official organization, revealed the creation of a new post —the appointment of J. H. Thomas as secretary of dominions. Thomas, formerly lord privy seal and unofficial minister of unemployment, under hla, new office will take over part of the tasks which until now were In charge of Lord Passfleld, who remains as secretary of colonies. A new minister of agriculture was appointed, Dr. Crlstopher Addison succeeding Noel Burton. The latter, recently elevated to the peerage, resigned, giving poor health as his reason. Vernon Hartshorn was named lord privy seal. Emanuel Shinwell was named to succeed Ben Turner as secretary of mines and grounds. Turner, in his resignation, said he wished to be released, now that the coal mines bill, long troublesome, was practically through parliament. The post left vacant by Dr. Addl- son's addition to the cabinet as agriculture minister will ,be filled by the Earl of De La Warr, named parliamentary secretary of that ministry. Lord Harley succeeds the early as parliamentary under-secretary of the war office. Stephen Sanders will be financial secretary of the war office, succeeding Shinwell. Premier MacDonald made the announcements Immediately after being received in audience by King George. He visited Buckingham palace just before the king and qu.een left by train Authorized Permanent c Wavers W« (tre UM «•••• ln« En|«n« Ware. Bewira of fhtff hnluUau. ANOBEL'S MODERN BEAUTY SHOPPE 26 Altoona Trait Bldff. Dial 9788 MISS ANOBEL STICH, Mgr. A Cool Retreat ' ! / -' ''J |J,-'JL! ' -I . lL_..,*..*i... -d( I IT* *_I._1 f t . LAST TIMES TODAY NORM A SHEARER in "THE DIVORCEE" More daring than Mrs. Cheyney . . . more sensational than THEIR OWN DESIRE . . . more dramatic than MARY DUGAN! With CHESTER MORRIS, CONRAD NAGEL, ROBERT MONTGOMERY Based on a story by URSULA PABBOTT A ROBERT Z. LEONARD Production STARTING TOMORROW SllOUi.S Our Gang All Talking Comedy "I.AZV DAYS" Sound Sportllto "SPI.A.SH1N* THRU" METROTONE NEWS Uji-to-the-IMIntHo Reel Mure Connolly In "THE MAGNATE" REGULAR PRICES FEATURE AT 11 A. M., 1.10, 3.20, 5.30, 7.10 and 10 P. M. Marie DR£SSLER Polly MOHAN IN CAUGHT SHORT! BOOK ANITA PACE JRiotoai Comedy of U* STOCK uifxrr. GUARANTEED BY THE MANAGEMENT AS THE FUNNIEST PICTURE EVER MADE. IF YOU HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR DON'T SEE THIS COMEDY. facWif Hit ftcDc-rtald said m aft interview printed in the London Dally Herald, review- Ing accomplishments of his year as "TH6 nation may rest assured," the premier said, "that the government will do its utmost to strengthen the country's economic force and mitigate the evil consequences of trade depression. We are facing this task with determination. As for the future, we look forward to a term of office in which we may extend the work we have begun." WOMEN LAND OWNERS. PULASKi, Va., June 6.— Pulaski county claims a distinction it believes no other county In the country possesses. Court house records show that two-thirds of farm land In the country is owned by women. Colorful little polo shirts In cotton mesh are quite the accepted styles for wear with sports suits. You can leave the collar unbuttoned, or if you want to look very dressy, put on a little bow tie the color of your suit. 1 OPEN ON JUNE 16 The Chicago Stock compAfly wWch, for the past thirteen summers baa been the annual attraction at th« Lakemont Park theatre at Lakemont park, Is to return to the popular summer playhouse, starting Monday evening, June 16. But a big surprise awaits all who attend the opening production, '"Nancy's Private Affairs" which by the way ran all the past season In New York, for the entire cast With the exception of two members will be ..entirely new. The two old favorites to return are Miss Rae Mack, popular comedienne and character actress, and Pat Pattison, juvenile, who scored a big hit with park fans last summer. The new members will be Peggy Hastings who will enact the leading feminine roles; appearing Opposite her, Ackland Powell who appeared In the New York production of "The Trial of Mary Dugan;" Audrey Davis, who comes here direct from a long engagement with George M. Cohan attractions and Marjorle Thomas, a win- K j I j IT'S ALWAYS COOL AND COMFORTABLE MISHLER TONIGHT at 8.15, RUTH BARNES ANNUAL DANCE RECITAL STARTING TOMORROW 1.1 A. M. ii II ii I f : lived recklessly and wasnt afraid to die'thotiway; in thb powerful i* movietone drama of gangland's ruth leu killers. With EDMUND LOWE As "Louis Berettl" Catherine Dale Owen Lee Tracy From Donald Henderson's famous novel, "LOUIS BERETTI" MIDNIGHT SHOW Sunday 12.01 A. M. A Delightful Program Of Short Features "Mickey McQuire" in "MICKEY'S LUCK" FOX LATEST NEWS—GRAHAM McNAMEE IF YOU WERE BORN IN JUNE SEE THE JUNE HOROSCOPE—NEW MYSTERIES! en to tM p«.at. . A *otnplet« «cefllc pfodttctfon wnf IN* created for each play and ftrnmg*- ments are being made fot gsvetftl m«mb«T» of the local Little Theatre guild to augment the cast during the 13 weeks' engagement. Tha seat sal* for season reservations will open at McNaughton's hook store, Twelfth street, and at MeQIll's book store, Hollldayiibiirg, next Monday. The prices of admission will be the same aa In former years. The Chicago Stock company always haa enjoyed highly successful engagements at the park and. with no stage attractions appearing in Altoona during the entire season, it Is safe to predict that local theatregoers will enjoy this season f>t spoken comedies and dramas. DR. SHOE 1112 12A* Ar«7 """A&WWfc IMty— 9 t» «». **• Mm., Wed., Mt.» ™ j Him* Afmre Gnat tjMteM Special Lonche* ..........Sit Table D'Hote Dinner "REFRIGERATED AIR" Experience a New Thrill. Cool, Clean, Healthy Air. Keep Cool—69 Degrees Always "Sweethearts and Wives" Can you be both and still retain the happiness that rightfully belongs to you? Come and see, let the screen's most beautiful woman reveal this secret for you In a love tale with beautiful France as . the backgrounds SOMETHING FOR YOU TO KNOW IN SWHTHf -WIVfS A Most Notable Cast, Including CLIVE BROOK—LEILA HYAMS—SIDNEY | BLACKMER—CRAWFORD KENT It's Warner Brothers' Family Month, So Come Prepared! For Surprises and Thrills. Come On—It's Your Party For the Family A Cool Retreat From the Hot Sultry Summer] Weather—Enjoy It With Your Family CAFITOU LAST SHOWINGS A New Nancy Carroll In A Different TODAY Kind of Story! Give Her a Hand! Your heart is already hers! "America's Sweetie" in a surprise role, directed by Kdnuuid Gould- iug, who made "The Trespasser." Phillips Holmes, llobart Bosworth, James Kirkwood head the distinguished cast. NANCY CARROLL Devils Holiday "The Stronger Sex" — Vitaphone Acts — Sound News Now Playing! Now Playing! A Thrilling Adventure—Love Story Greater Than "The Texan" Another Outdoor Romance! with the lovers of "The Virginian" COOPER jrt Only the Brave MARY BRTAN OL Paramount Sworn enemies—yet they love madly! He'll thrill you as he fights for honor —oft : ers his life for love. And wins the screc-n's sweetest sweetheart. Gripping Action Drama! "EARLY BIRD" MATINEE 10 A. M. TO 12 NOON TO 6 P. M. Adults 15c Adults 25c Bobby Gillette, "Banjoist" — Robert C. Bruce, "Saltwater Ballad" — "I Came First" — Sound News MIDNIGHT MATINEE SUNDAY NIGHT c*YOU, Gary Will Be Here! STARTS SATURDAY:- Fresh, French and frisky! Bubbling with his old sparkle and his new soiiij hits! MAURICE CHEVALIER The Bi^ Pond (2 Paramount This Amor lean comciiy-romuzictj brings iiiru to you thru ugh your own back door.

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