Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 24
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P«St A-24-- INCH* ENOENT ·"*· «**- BEAUTY KNOWS Climb to Pedestal Is Rugged Task NEW YORK (UPI--MEMO to the nation's teenagers: Stop searching for pushbutton ways to success. Start oa the do-it-myself road to high honors--and be prepared to pay the price: self discipline. The directions for those sincerely interested in th« pursuit of excellence were cited in aa interview with Marilyn Van Derbur, Miss America of 195S. Miss Van Derbur, a Denver, Colo, beauty with a Phi Beta Kappa brain, figures too many teenagers today envy the laurels heaped oa those with talent and ability. And too few ever stop to think about the mental and emotional effort required ia any climb to a pedestal. » · · · L\ a "pursuit «j excellence" inspirational talk at the recent National Youth-)' power Congress, Miss Vanj 1 Derbur advised the adoles-t MAR1LYN VAN DERBUR Trod the Glamor Road Congo City Fears New War T Horror If U.N. Troops Quit By TIM KNIGHT ELISAKTHVILLE. T h e rgo (UPI) -- Thii city is iving on the edge of fur. Three times its residents and police fought to £«t rid of United Nations troops. *Jow they »re trying to keep them here. Africans and whites sre convinced that if the U.N. roops pun out civil war will lire up within days. The ormer "enemy" his become forces aad the central gov-|ville any more. The city has eminent troops. . [seen to much fighting and According to this story, itjdea'h in the last 33 months would need only an isolated jit now regards peace as un- incident to end the United usual Nations operations in Katanga.- Even at the consulates it Is not regarded as impossible. A consular source told United Press International: "It could be true. The U.N. are here at the request of the central government -- and would presumably have to pull out if aslced to." SUCH A POSSIFIUTY be- the necessary protector. If war did come between the Katangese and central government forces, most ob- comes more worrisome servers here believe there « relations between the Ka could be only one result Tic- tangese and the Central Con- tory for the Katangese and golese-iere to integrate Kaa restoration cf the Katanga] tanga with the rest of the situation to what it was be-|Coago--worsen. fore the United Nations tried to halt the province's seces-j ON OXE SIDE would be Central Congolese troops have been blamed for the deaths of about ten Africans and one white man during the past two months. mer Miss America, Lynda'the relatively inefficient,! The white mas, Simon Ash-been--even if at times their! Mead. Miss Mead in 1960. She When Asher was killed, most of the businessmen in the city walked in his funeral procession, and shops and restaurants closed for two days in protest. But there was no other overt indignation from the whites. They have seen much sudden death. LIFE GOES O.V much as it used to before the wars shortly after the Congo became independent in the summer of 1960, and Katanga seceded. Belgians and Katacgese spend hours sitting at the sidewalk cafes discussing the price of liquor and the short age of food. The women and children are still here. The women are as attractive as ever and as conscious of it as they have always . . ,, .. - . - sems to come.pan-tramed Katangese andHis killer, a Central Congo memory. Most whites in Elisabeth- i^iuui auviscu me aGOies-! . " -- _ . 1 t «.. . A + i cents to force themselves to naturall y to m *. MlSS Van,the white mercenaries who army private, was rushed to vile see no real future for learn how to male their IDerbar sa " ul " But ' statted,wou!d once again flock to the Leoppldville before the Unit- themselves here. The past. of greatness come! 0 " 1 uith wobM ' ***** an^Katanga colors. dreams ui KICIIUICS tumci , . - , " " * tpyj there were times when znyj She said there seems to be ? nicd went bUnt l ^^^ »*' The government CCQuU fey* fc-^ *nn.*ifc. are far from home.) ed Nations here could question him. a notion that people who achieve greatness just happened to be born great "Listen," she said, "to comment h Jit until "To this day, I pre'pare each) supply lines are stretched to speech as carefully as one.breiEng point. They are a 'does a research project in;hated garrison ia an occu But evca with its horrors and its ha treds, is still very strong. And THE ORIGINAL DAIQUIRI WAS MADE WITH BACARDI (THE BEST STILL ARE!) Back in UK (when an American mining engineer invented it) tie Daiquiri was man-sized, mouthwatering and mighty satisfying at the end of a long, hard day. It ftfll is-- «cept the glassware has shrunk. But don't let that tirow you. The recipe is on the back of the Bacardi bottle, and you can male a Daiquiri cr.y size you please! On-the-rocks-size is a first-rate starter. © tecar£ Imperil, Inc. NT. turn, 10 f roof BACARDI LEACCA FOB lOt YEARS - * ~ . expert at itjTheir communications and (haveUtt]etffect m Elisabeth-'many tomorrows. seem to,they are not counting on too| ^o a -~-- - ...»..«.«· ^^^-^ "·-----. =-------- -- -- --- efa 'English literature-- and I keepW city. Without the protec- "" *7 "In the pursuit cf excel- for "If people knew how hard lence TM *«P Jiytag to im- The than a week. Katangese would !s the capacity for taking infinite pains." · * · ·· IX her talk to teenagers. Miss Van Derbur puts it this WJJ- Gnatemala Considering Tax Reforms GUATEMALA (.fl -- The fighting for money and ia many cases because they believe in Katanga's cause of independence from Leopoldville. When Katanga President oise Tshombe paraded his 'mercenaries at the end of the ». art? You can, you know.TM program. Miss Van Derbur speaks! *^^ e fiscal situation is not' from experience- Fo!lowing| sati! f actoi y at this time," said her one-year reign as MisijC^^uera- He America and completion ofi 3 TM 1 at cutting her courses at the University $7-m31ion deficit in the 1962- cf Colorado, she began doing G* budget to about $3 minion. " -* THE MERCENARIES will * tr °ns factor in Ka Politics unta this province wins its ragged freedom -- or agrees to settle ,down under the central gov television commercials. °j He added that the P"*Iic! enulient Her facile manner and poise, work s projects ^contemplated; wth them js^on^ In front of the television cam-[ for next '«* should encour- eras quickly pointed to her a p roore domestic and for-! tt an+rtnA* ts^~ «s*ikT:i «- A «..t,:_ -- f^vn inv^ctm«nt in flrT-at*^i Congp ( - _ - - t . ^ - f~ i* 1 uav. »»iu*sui them Jus aptitude for public speaking. investment in Guate-L^^/^ neuu _j A ^ The result is she is constantly ml!l - ' ' res of vVithout ia demand for Ulks before youth groups, business organizations and dubs. Tidelands Oil Bid no better and no worse than' any other Congolese force. I Because EHsabethviHe is a SACRAMENTO (UPI)--The city of fear, it is also a city nt-rwr- Sute Lands C o m m i s s i o n ' o f rumor. The sidewalk cafes RECOGMZLN'G the need (Thursday received a high bid'and bars are alive with the for continuing training, she of $61i840 oa a new sub-'most improbable stories. has developed a music study merged tidelands oil and gas A strong rumor believi program, sandwiched in be- " " · - -- - - ' - - - - - - - tween her busy travel schedule. field west of Elwood oil fie^unpEtitly by many, is that off the Santa Barbara County,the United Nations has made coast. The bid was submitted arrangements to pu!| out ol She shares a New York jointly by Union Oil Co. and Katanga immediately if any apartment with another for-jHamble Oil and Refining CoJshootinj starts between their EASTER SPECIA LONG BEACH Long Beach Blvd. CfulJnn trp fo 6 Yeart Gdf S A T I N T O N E SANTA ANA IM u · ci 101 Main 5t. L I F E S I Z E P O R T R A I T Offtr *rp«i Apr? If Sorry, jnf I t« · ffn^j 98 REG. $11.95 . . . · NO APPOINTMENT /S NECESSARY f I S l I · OMM IUNDATS, IVIIT DAY 10 fM.lOJk PJVU CWIID JUTD optuno IT JOHS t ino. EOUTITOOO-S LUOHC PHOTOCIAFEIS FROM MOBIL ECONOMY RUN RAMBLER AMERICAN "440 WINS CLASS C C1 .01 MILES PER GALLON New Rambler Hardtop Beats Other Large-Engine ,\ ' m- Compacts In Rugged Los Angeles-To-Detroit Run 1 Chalk up another trophy for Rambler! A stock Rambler American "440" Hardtop with FIash-0- Matic transmisEion and 125 horses under its bonnet (the famed Rambler Overhead-Valve Sii) took on the most fuel-sparing cars in its class and stfll scored the best gasoline mileage of them all. Rambler did it over a tougher-than-ever Los Angeles-to-Detroit route/too. So once again Rambler claims right to the title, America's Economy King. RAMBLER SCORES BEST MtlCAGE He* lixbla Ameriai ' Yet top fuel economy is only one of the big benefits that earned Rambler '63 the coveted "Car of the Year" Award from Motor Trend Magazine. 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