The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 26, 1978 · Page 15
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 15

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1978
Page 15
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Tuesday Mofning, September2G. 1978 &)< ^MUu-aimi 0;ul.- N,-Uio,">-H Begin Pleads For Surrender Of Jewish Settlements In Sinai; Dayan Warns Of Possible Peace Failure Legal Noiic THESE ARE the new Msgr. Kirwin Assembly Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus officers. From left, seated, are William K. Otte, comptroller; Mel Rourke, drill team captain; Leo Bradford, admiral; Harry Abbott, navigator; Frank Schurwon, trustee; George Bertolino and James Bennett, faithful pursers. Standing, Dave Henry, scribe; Bill Henderson, sentinel; Richard Hargis, sentinel; Joe Larkin, sentinel and Allen Hopkins, captain, Abbott was installed for a second term as navigator. He has been an active member of both the third and fourth degrees and has held offices in both. He is employed by the Galveston Independent School District and teaches at Weis Middle School. He is active in many community functions, including the Galveston Little League Program. He is a member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church and resides in Galveston with his wife, Jeanette, and two sons, Craig and Stephen. U.S. Envoy., Somoza Confer Again; Officials Deny Resignation Asked MANAGUA, Nicaragua (UPI) — President Carter's special envoy met with President Anastasio Somoza Monday for the second time to discuss Nicaragua's recent civil war, but officials denied he asked the Nicaraguan leader to resign. Roving ambassador William Jorden, who arrived in Managua Saturday on the fourth stop of a Latin American tour, met Somoza for nearly two hours Saturday and held further talks Monday, Press Secretary Rafael Cano said. Cano refused to divulge details of their conversations except to say Jorden was not negotiating, only gathering information. He denied reports Jorden asked for Somoza's resignation as a way of resolving Nicaragua's political crisis. "That is false," he said, adding such a U.S. request would run counter to all public positions taken by the Carter administration. In Washington, a State Department spokesman said Jorden was in Nicaragua "to discuss the matter of conciliation and mediation" and declined to say whether Jorden asked Somoza to resign. "One of the purposes of mediation is to resolve conflict and I am not going to help resolve it by suggesting publicly what the resolution ought to be," the spokesman said. "That is for the parties to decide.'' Jorden, who earlier visited Venezuela, Panama and Costa Rica, will be reporting back to Carter at the end of his tour. U.S. Embassy officials said Jorden met Somoza for about two hours in "the bunker" — the Nicaraguan leader's temporary living quarters in a National Guard compound — and then went immediately to the airport for a flight to Panama. The officials said only that Jorden informed Somoza in general terms of the U.S. desire to see all possible avenues for mediation and negotiation explored. In another development, the government-controlled National Radio said 95 percent of the country's students and teachers returned to the classrooms without major incident, although five "troublemakers" tried to disrupt the National School of Commerce in the Las Brisas section of Managua. The schools had been closed all last week. Somoza's National Guard battled against Sandinista guerrillas for two weeks before recapturing all of Nicaragua's major cities and ending the full-scale civil war. But the military victory did not ease widespread opposition from political leaders and businessmen, who have organized a nationwide general strike. Most businesses in Managua reopened Monday but a leading member of the Chamber of Commerce said that action should not be interpreted as an end to the general strike and a capitulation to Somoza. The strike was reported holding firm in the provinces. "There has been so much suffering, so much destruction, so many deaths, that we feel it would be inhuman to remain closed," said the Managua Chamber of Commerce member, who asked not to be identified for fear of government reprisals. "We felt we should open at least for a few days to allow people to get necessities." He predicted that all shops in Managua would reopen in the next two days for a "pause" in the organized opposition ot the Somoza regime. "But this is not a capitulation," he said. "There are niF.ny forms of struggle. We still support the Broad Opposition Front and we are waiting for the front to determine what the next action will be." In an efffort to return the country to normal despite martial law, curfews and press censorship, the Education Ministry Monday ordered all schools to re-open. But the curfew in Managua was again violated overnight with bomb blasts and several shooting incidents. Bursts of machine gun fire, were heard in southeast Managua during daylight hours. Panel Acts On Minimum Tax Bite WASHINGTON (UPI) The Senate Finance Committee voted Monday to lower the minimum tax bite on 4.3 million upper income taxpayers but sharply increased 51 on 48,000 of the wealthy who have very high amounts of preference income such as capital gains and huge itemized deductions. The committee also agreed to increase the elderly tax credit, designed to aid the aged who have little or no Social Security income but who have other retirement income such as investment income. And in a decision that probably will be revised before the committee completes its work, the panel voted to accept House-passed corporate tax rate reductions. The votes were among numerous actions taken by the committee during an all- day session as it moved toward completion of a major tax cut bill. The House has already passed a tax bill. The minimum tax changes amount to a basic restructuring of this tax, which was intended to make certain that everyone paid tax, including the wealthy who sometimes escape taxation through the many tax advantages in the Internal Revenue Code. Until now the tax has basically been an "add-on" tax, meaning that if a person qualified to pay the tax it was added to any regular tax payments. The minimum tax proposed by the Finance Committee would be an "alternative tax," meaning that would be paid only if it was higher than regular income taxes. The committee plan would work this way: First the taxpayer would add all preference income, a specific list of untaxed income such as the amount of capital gains income excluded from tax (now 50 percent but raised to 70 percent in the committee bill) and itemized deductions in excess of 60 percent of income, other than medical, casualty and state and local tax deductions. Then a $20,000 exemption is subtracted and the remaining amount is taxed at a rate of 10 percent for the first $40,000, 20 percent on the next $40,000 and 25 percent on all amounts above that. If this final figure was higher than the regular taxes paid, after all credits had been subtracted except for the foreign tax credit, then the minimum tax would apply. The elderly credit now is 15 percent of retirement income up to a maximum $2,500 for single persons and $3,750 for couples. Any Social Security incorm* is subtracted from the credit, and it is phased out as outside income rises above $7,500 for single persons and $10,000 for couples. Under the Finance Committee bill, the credit limits would be raised to $3,000 and $4,500. The beginning point for the phaseout would be raised to $15,000 and $17,500. JERUSALEM lUPl; Prime Minister Menachem Begin appealed to the people of Israel "with ;m aching and grieving heart" Monday to surrender Jewish settlements in the Sinai because "this is the road leading to peace." But Foreign Minister M o s h e Dayan said President Carter's peace efforts may end in failure if Jordan and Palestinians stay out of the negotiations. "U could be that from this whole thing nothing will result," Dayan told a caucus of the coalition partner National Religious Party. "Because Jordan won't go and representatives of the Palestinian Arabs won't want to come ... and Egypt won't want to make a separate agreement only on Sinai — they've said they don't want a separate agreement — it could be that we agree on all this and begin negotiations and never see a conclusion." But in Cairo, government officials said that while Egypt was seeking an overall Middle East peace settlement, it would pursue its negotiations with Israel even if Jordan refused to participate. The officials said Cairo wants the talks with Israel on Sinai desert to run parallel with negotiations on the future of the Jordan West Bank and Gaza Strip. Begin told the caucus he would resign if parliament does not endorse the framework for peace reached at Camp David, but it appeared a massive "yes" vote would come by mid-week. "The thing that hurts most is leaving the Sinai settlements," he said in his speech. Begin opened the most crucial legislative debate in Israel's 30-year history by urging the 120-member Knesset "in the supreme national interest" to approve the Camp David accords. Protesters yelling "Begin traitor" massed outside his official residence and about 500 Israelis from farming settlements in the occupied West Bank of Jordan and northern Sinai rallied near parliament, chanting "Yamit. is not My Lai." Yamit is the biggest Jewish settlement in Sinai. A flurry of diplomatic activity that could be crucial to the peace accords got underway in the Arab world. Hard-line President Hafez Assad of Syria planned to visit King Hussein of Jordan Tuesday and diplomatic sources said Hussein also planned a visit to the United States later this year. U.S. envoy Alfred Atherton traveled to Iran to seek the shah's support for the pacts. In Washington, Secretary of State Cyrus Vance briefed President Carter on his trip to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria, a mission the State Department said had been hurt by statements from Begin. Israeli political sources said the Knesset was expected to approve the Camp David agreements in a vole Wednesday, but the session began stormily. As Jewish settlers drove some 20 farm tractors through Jerusalem, tying up traffic. Begin talked through a barrage of catcalls and demands that he resign. He promised Israel would never surrender East Jerusalem to the Arabs, but provoked opposition anger by saying he would permit representatives of the Pale 1 -'1.1^ Liberation Organization to be members of a council governing the occupied West Bank of Jordan "if they behave properly." He described them as PLO sympathizers, not members. Opposition Labor Party leader Shimon Peres charged Begin with fostering the creation of a Palestinian slate. Begin's :$ 0 - m i n u 1 e opening address was interrupted so many times it took him an hour to finish it. "With an aching and grieving heart but a quiet conscience, 1 recommend that the Knesset accept the proposal that the government approved yesterday," Begin said. "This is the road leading to peace." The Cabinet endorsed the accords by an 11-2 vote with four abstentions Sunday. Begin said, "For 30 years we have prepared for the hour when we would sit down to discuss the signing of a peace treaty... in our heart is a prayer that we will succeed. This is an event which without doubt can be called historic." Begin said, "The thing that hurts most is leaving the Sinai settlements." In Washington, the State Department said U.S.- Israeli differences on the West Bank settlements had an adverse affect on Vance's Mideast mission last week seeking support for the accords. Spokesman Hodding Carter declined to comment on statements by Begin that a freeze on West Bank settlement — as agreed at Camp David — extended for only 90 days. The administration feels it extends beyond that. "One of the chief problems of the last week," he said, "has been the large number of people perfectly happy to keep on discussing in public what has not yet been resolved." Asked if the controversy affected Vance's trip, Carter replied: "It didn't help it." Atherton flew to Tehran after talks in Kuwait. Officials said he will also visit Israel, Jordan, Egypt, countries in North Africa and several nations in Western Europe. In Amman, the state- controlled press said Assad would arrive Tuesday to coordinate policy with Hussein and the king will go to key Arab capitals for similar discussions. SUBSCRIBE TOD A Y! 744-3611 GALVESTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S Department has recently installed a steel rotary file unit which will assist the county jail division in updating its present recordkeeping system. Viewing the equipment, made possible by grant funding from the Texas Criminal Justice Division, are from left, J.M. Taylor, under Sherriff; WJ. Whitburn^ chief deputy; H.C. Roach, chief jailer; A J. Rodriguez, grants administrator and J.B. Kline, Sheriff. It is anticipated that some 20,000 jail inmate files will be processed during the first year of operation. The unit is expected to reduce recovery time of all records by 50%. (Staff Photo By Betty Tichich) NQlttE ir« tt« pr^pt'it, K/-.VI-O ai i>u y,v S-'l-el. C'> til Gfllvt^on 'X rnyr O'ViK.uM"!' oescfit>eo ^ bloc- y* -cf j pi-.-jvt t**c n'jt.c'j; IH^T f. iS in "jLJ'.'• i» **li't." Ct <JiVf tpfl'r A^O i;. i rt fi,0<?' ^n Ji» to con«,f , f gt(,' r.j.'ionct if 0 «i '.tf <5 ! -ii fidioru to IHt C^i r it Ctf'v-*.ror-. rre Bu-ia-m *.A.a sir'*' 't r «- .s umu.TADie fo (V fjp-^rjt-l,'^ *"•• r\ r - inltroMf-a [X-rvon j-:- . r ,n'y >c Appo^i TO a*:!" 'Von ct (tie ^c Oi tcu,-r I. Legal Notices Cd Beacrj MHI hold ^ rt^ara-n^ rne Ordinance lor ir%e o' '1 rvc i at M tr.« i> t r, o ; v r- -, t or t. . 1 1 pr oc «.-<• c *". ; 1 n f no Jc'i'f;!,! V- O* '"!' }T\jt ll^O PoDiivtrea ' I? tnru 10 1 nonce To .n; r--f-',n'i cifli'-ifi'J *r>f iniefcn in Ihp prrpvr'/ Irxidtt-a rt' Jl?<) Av^njf M' 7 C' 1 / pi 'Ji^'vo^Ton <x mo<<.- p.l'l C'/O'i^ n^-IC'-'LXX] AS LO' S 60' 01 14 ,u,a H . uf '•' j 9V »*V, Bik 13 NE Pleads t.u.-- n'iiici 1 '"a! 1 ^e Bu-lOino OH:-;MI (.;* It:.- Cit> Qt GdlvcMOn hA^ aelrmur'a ir n int r-tructurc focatca ai tr." .u-o/o Acor...'ss <s ^n *ocn A ^M'c r,t oivt-r-i f ofia n-Mpi^dt'on as to conw.Me *i nyi5<ince <*na s sericnjs naj'iro fo fit n.<M<m and wlet/ ot the c.Tii.?m c-' me City of GiiUtsron The Buiia.r.ij OMiC'ji HAS iurther tJeit'fminoo ii'<i( SA'd s! rue lure >t uniU'tauk- 'or ropa<r and muit ot GOTioMhtu p I e me take (ur trier the demolihcn person desiring fa a di Ihe ^cc- r .ion ot the Building mi*/ oo so o/ tthny wi'n tne Bu>taing OH. '.i.^l d .rvrMK'n no f i CO ot appt'tJt be I ere October 9, IVJB li no in fort-stet' pan/ tiles an appeal 10 'no a&ovc pfQp-ori ^ the Cty ol Gol'.'cston will prc<ceO \viiri tnc dtTnolihon ot the s'ruciure PuDli^ht'O"? 73 ffiru (0 9 NOTtCE Notice ii hcrec/ given tnar on Sep Tflmber 7, 1978, BlucconneT Broad Company fend?r«J tCf filing •viih the Fedor^i Communications Commivsion, Washing ion, D.C , on appticatton for a conttrucl-on permlr to construct a new lelc vision bfoaacail Dalian on Channel 4d, 674 &6& AAH:, ,IT Oalvpstoii, Te»ai The proposed vtahon wilt operate clfoctivo raaitited power of 1663 Kw with antcnnrt he-ghi of 116 1 feet above a^erritjs terrain Irom a Trdn smiitcr silo loca'ed 3 mifs norrtt nortncast of Mvin, Texa^ on Alvm Friendswocd Road. The main studio of the proposco station will be located ot a silo lo be deter mined in Golvcston, TexdV Ttit olticcrs, directors, ano ten percent or greaier biockholders ol Dluebonnel Droadcaslmg Company are Ra/morxi G. ScriincHer, Frank W viead, Jo Edqcii Blaskowsky. Richard A^^rc.iniel, Pcoro Enrtquei. and Douglas W. Viattiev** A copy ol the application, amend mentis), and related material are on Jile lor public inspetl ion during regular business hours, at 7*00 Jones Drive No 104, Gaivesion, Texa^ 77550 _ Published? 19.?0.26.77 NOTICE To all person^ claiming any interest in rhe properly located at: \ 5702 A venue M(Lo( 10 DR BIK «3) 3. J308& «10 Avenue G tB!k 403, Lot ? 10) 3 3919 Avenue G [rear)(B1K 339, Lot G Sub Of 1 to 5) «. Lot 103 ot Spanish Grant Section I *>. Lot GA<o1 Bay Harbor Y Lot3?Sol Bay Hartx>r r. Lot 210of Bay Harbor 3. Lot 707 ot Bay Harbor ?. LO GA3ol Bay Harftof *• Please rake nolice that ffle Housing Department of !ho City of Galveston has determined that Ihe vacanl lots are ^ public nuisance in wtiich there ?xist high weeds in excess ol nine (9) inches fn hciyht. The Cily ot Gelvcston hereby gives notice To any persons claiming any interest to the above properties fo cuf and ctean tne lots before Oclober 1, 1978. Failure to comply wilt) Jhis oolice will result in the City proceeding to have tne lots cut ano cleaned, and liens tiled against this property, Publised 9 11 thru 10 1 PUBLIC NOTICE The City Council of the Cily of Galvcsion will conduct a Budget Hearing on the proposed use ot its Revenue Sharing lOlh Entitlement tunds in the amount of 41, 008,570. This Hearing will be held in T^e Council Chambers ol City Hall on Thursday, Seplernbcr 35, 1V78 at 2:00 p.m. StaH recommendation lo City Council is, l. General Fund Capital Oulfay 5101,000 7 Sanitation Fund S42J.500 3. Vehicles, 4283,500 4. a3UP,S3,GCC 5.CifyH<il( Improvement, S54, 000 6. Street improvement, S13?,370 i , Program Acm.nisfrafion, s?00 Total SI, 008, 570, Cilizens are urged 10 provide written or oral comments anu ask questions concerning the entire budget Copies ol the proposed budget are available tor public inspection in tne City Secretary's Office cetween tne hours ot 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Final approval of (fie Revenue Sharing expenaiiures will be made on fnc same aa/ September 78, 1"S PuDlished V 18 Ihru 23 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN ORDER DATED 9-»78 HAS BEEN ISSUED BY THE UNDERSIGNED AUTHORIZING THE NAME OF THE ARCHIE MARIE OFFICIAL NUMBER 500972, OWNED BY E.L. MOORE OF FR66PORT, TEXAS OF WHICH GALVESTON, TEXAS, IS THE KCMEPORT, TO 5£ CHANGED TO PRODUCER. SHmtEYS.MELILLO BY DIRECTION OFFICER IN CHARGE MARINE INSPECTION U,S. COASTGUARD GALVESTON, TEXAS Published 9-76,27,29,7) d .n tne Village otdce, 16628 San \ Pasv Ooaa im* Fire SUl»o« ioir^j. iai-jfdd/. September 30. a' 10 A m A <oc* o» the Zon'^ff .nanr.e ana Map may D* n-.into -n irt Vitiaqe Office 8*m v-cooa/ Friday Pybl.vne^* ISthru* JO Bids and Proposals CONTRACTORS' NOTICE OP TEXAS HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION leaieo proposals '&' construcTing 1 2fri .in.ics 0( Vdt.iian* Gr , SI^S.. Wain, Slcrf m Sewers & Cone PAV (0 Ti^rns; ^rom O.J5 AAi. E ol fjiraiinki r4 Mouittxi Rd To 0 li r/- E ot Mc'M-or f?d on High wa/ NO US irVO. CQv«reo 0* U S35120) .n Harris CounTii. A.II be •'e<eivcdi at i r -t S'afe O*-pariment ot Hignwayi ana Puouc Transpof lation. Austin, uniii t 00 A >•/ . CKtocer U, 1978, and pubi-cif C'CK-neo ano redd 7 r.e V<S!e Ocpdrlfncnt o' H.grtwaj'S ana PLDHC Tf iSi^pCrftAt.on, m ac ccrrtarxe win fn*.. proviS.oos of Till v . ci ire C> *>i RiQnts Act 0* I?W 1'8 Star 2»; aro me Re^ia'-ons o* the U S dfparin-eni o' Transportatiofi (ISC F R Par!4, 1 ^^u(^d pusuanr to vwcr\ ACL ntrotsr notil^s all bidders trat it w>n all rmahvd^ insure thai !DC conuad entcre-a into pursuant to irus aavirri .semcnt. minori'V Dusint'.s enrtrpr.scs «viit be aiiordect full opportunity lo submit b'ds in revponielo this tnviation ana will no* be aiscrim.nated aga^nii on Th* grounds o* race, color or nalional o*-ig«n -n con^»ocrat(on tor an award, Plans and specific a t-ons including minimum wage rales as provided by Law are av.iii.ib*? ai it>e otdceof R. T Src.donDacn. Resident 6ngir>e*r, Housion, Teias, and State Depart' men) ol H»grcnvarS ana Public Transportation, AuMirt Usual 'ignis reserved __ _ Puolisncd? 76, 103 CONTRACTORS' NOTICE OF TEXAS HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION Sealed proposals tor constructing 1 13.45S miles ol Seal Coat on various Highways in Liberty, Jefferson, Orange, Jasper, Hardin, Tyler. Newton & Cnamtjers Counties* covered bt CSB 23 S 33, CSB 28 6 *«, CSB 28 M 130, CSB M'll-Ul, CSB 28 U M. CSB 65 4 W, CSB 65 5 98, CSB 200 528, CSB 200 »0,JS, CSB 2*7 2 15, CSB 2U 2 n. CSB 307 1 106, CSB 388 2 43, CSB 508 4 80. CS& 593 I 67, CSB 627 4 n. CSB 647173, CSB 76216, CSB E87 I 6. CSB M3 2 35, CSB 1023-?27. CSS 114627, CSB 1266 16, CSB 1464' MO, CSB 15302 U, CSB 2618 1 6, CSB V?01 23 A CSB 295 M? will be received at me State Department of Highways and Public Transportation, Austin, until 9'.00 A.M.. October 18, W78. and then publicly opened and read. Plans and specifications including minimum wage rates provided by Law are available at me olf i ce of C, B . Bond, R esi dent Engineer. Orantje, Texas, and State Department of Highways and Public Transportation, Austin, Usual rights reserved. Tuesday* OcTo&er 10, at the office ol rhe Chief Accountant for District 12 of the State Department of Highways and Public Transportation, 7721 Wastiingion Avenue, Houston, lor the installation of multiple loop detectors: at the following three locations r US 790 al SH6 and SH146 at Crest Lane in Harris County; Sh 6 at Jackson Street in Galveston County. Plans and specif tea f ions may be reviewed in Ihe office of John N. Lipscomb, Traffic Engineer, a) the same address. Published 9 26, 10-3 Lodge Notices r gftl Notiu", San F«lipa D» Austin Chapter No. I R A.M. 1 GalvM- ton Council No. 16 R.4S.M. Sial.d Mixing at 7:30 P.M., ruxday. S«pt. 76. Visiting companion tn- vil.d. JAMESH.AVAKT M. P. CHARltSU SOUSE T. I.M. Personal 4 PREGNANT &. NEED HELP?? Call Birthright, Galveston 744 B104. Dickinson. 131 ^KU We also need- donations & volunteers who are pro- life. Unwed Pregnancy For help with unwed pregnancy call EONAGUADN6Y HOME Fort Worth, Texas l-aOO-7?3-ntt4 Announcements 5 S100 REWARD for into leading to me whereabouts of a 1975 yellow 400cc Yamaha, stolen Irom 45th & Sherman Sepl. 17. ?45 716O. Lost and Found 6 $500 REWARD No question asked for return ol the jewelry & Brown jewelry box taken Wed. Sentimental value, vicinity 5)th &. Seawall Blvd. 744 3782. FOUND: MALE Irish Seller, vicinity ol 5;ih & S. Phone 744 3734 between SAMSP/W FOUND: GERMAN Shepherd puppy, female, vicinity of IStn St. Phone 767 ffll alter 6PM. REWARD FOR INFO leading to safe recovery of 1 Python snakes, stolen 9 71 '6 No questions asked. 7676682. LOST—PLATINUM IJ-diamond ring, vicinity 45th & Ave. S.(Geriartd's). REWARD. 763-4584. LOST:HOUSTON & MAGNOLIA St., Lrjv Full grown male beagle. Red & black, with wnife paws, chest & tip of tail 5100 Reward. 745 6946. LOST-. 7-YEAR OLD DACHSHUND Answers To Pe!e 5. under medication. Belongs lo little girl with cerebral palsey. Lost in vicinity ot Ross, 3rd &, Muriel in La Marque. Please call 938 3939 or 765 5399 6. ask lor Mrs. Jecker. SMALL REWARD. LOST: L^rrw* RlArk LSG Ar»«yu«»*« Irt Big Boy. Wonder away from 1000 block ot 24ih Ave. No . Texas City, 9 15 73 SIOO Reward. 948 4431 or 935 6 iee. Legal Notices 001 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN IN AC CORDANCE WITH THE TEXAS LIQUOR CONTROL ACT THAT ROBERTO S. GONZALES HAS MADE APPLICATION FOR A MIXED BEVERAGE PERMIT TO BE LOCATED AT -1623 - J, CITY OF GALVESTON, GALVESTON COUNTY TEXAS AND OPERATED UNDER THE TRADE NAME OF FARMER'S INN. Published 9-25, 26 Cards of Thanks | THANK YOU !| Dr. Leon, Father Curry, many friends, staff of |i! South 4th Floor ot Jennie Sealy Hospital, jig:;: We wish to thank each and every one of you for your •:£:;: love and concern during the illness and loss of~ our £:£: beloved sister, lita. || TheFomi/yOf Lita Tramme//

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