Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 45
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 45

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 45
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0-11--INDEPENDENT L " n » *'"**· '·"'· ll " /r »- M - *· Television KKXT ~hanntl 1 KRCA Channtl 4 KUA Channel 5 KABC Channel KHJ Channel 9 K T T V Cliannti II KCOI* Channel 13 Thr (nd«p«rtdnnf anuitioj no reipo'ii'blflfy for tnong** mad* by (forlorn. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, I960 6:00 A. M. ·4 -- Continental Classroom (repeat): "Physics" 6:30 4-- (Color) Continental Classroom: "Chemistry" G:I5 2 -- Austin Green 7:00 A. M. 2 -- Captain Kangaroo ·1 -- Today, Dave Garroway 7:45 I 2 -- Grant Holcomb, News 8:00 A. M. 2 -- Vagabond: "Las Vegas" 8:30 2 -- Amos 'n' Andy 5 -- Skipper Frank's Cartoons 9:00 A. M. 2-- The Red Rowe Show ·1 -- Dough-Re-Mi, G. Rayburn 5 -- Larry Hnley, Cartoons 7 -- Chef Milan! 1 1 -- Mary Lawrence and Her Good Neighbors 9:30 2-- On the Go. J. Linkletter -1-- Play Y'r Munch, M. G r i f f i n 7-- It's a Grcal Life 11 -- The Jack Lal.annc Show 10:00 A.M. 2--1 Love Lucy. Lucille Ball -1-- (Color) The Price Is Right, Ro'ot. Q. Lewis 7 -- Chucko's Cartoons 11-- Movie: "Of H u m a n Hearts," Walter Huston, James Stewart 10:15 5-- Tricks-Treats. Corris Guy 10:30 2 -- December Bride ·1 -- Concentration, l-l. Duwns 5 -- Ding Dong School 11:00 A. M. 2 -- Love of Life 4 -- T r u t h or Consequences, Bob Barker .' -- Romper Room.MissMary 7 -- 1 Married Joan, J. Davis 11:15 0 -- Know Your Taxes I.'! -- For Your Information 11:30 2 -- Search for Tomorrow 4-- (Color) It Could Be You 7-- West Point 9 -- Gene Aulry Movie: "Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride" l.'i -- Lloyd Thaxton Red. Shop 11:45 2 -- The Guiding Light 12:00 NOON 2-- News; Movie (12:05): "live of St. Mark, ' Anne Baxter, Wm. Eythe ·1-- Queen for Day, .1. Bailey , r -- Uncle Luther (cartoons) 7 -- Restless (iun,.lcjlinl':;ync I I -- Sheriff John. John Rovick 12:30 4 -- Thin Man, Peler Lnwl'ord 7-- Love That Boh! l.'i -- Public Service Film 12:45 fj -- Movie: "Woman on the Reach." .loan Bennett . 1 :00 P. M. -1 -- Young Dr. Malonc fl -- Movie: "Singing Maiinc," Dick Powell ("AD 7 -- About Faces. B. Alexander I I -- Abbott, and Costcllo Kv-- The Big Picture 1:30 2-- As the World Turns ·I -- From These Roots 7-- The Rav Milland Show I I -- Dial 1)1)9, Robert Bealty l.'i -- Guidcpost lo Spanish 2:00 P. M. 2 -- For Better or Worse, Dr. James A. Peterson ·1 -- House on High Street 7-- Day in Court. H. Simms 11-- Paul Coales Show ].'! -- Movie: "Park Row," Gene Jivuns 2:30 2-- Art L i n k l e t t e r House P'ly 4 -- Split Personality, Tom Poston 7 -- The Gale Slorm Show f) -- Mr. and Mrs. North J 1 -- Check 11 w i t h Chambers 3:00 P. M. 2 -- The Millionaire ·) -- Movie: "Anna," Silvatia Magnano, Vitlorio Gassman 7-- Beat the Clock, B.Collycr 0 -- Movie: "Bachelor and the Bobby So.xer." Myrna I.oy, Gary Grant, Shirley Temple 11-- Steve Martin's Club 3:30 2-- The Verdict Is Yours 7-- Who Do You Trust? 4:00 P. 1Y1. 2-- The Brighter Day · r -- Skipper Frank's Cartoons 7 -- American Bandstand I I -- Clutch Cargo; Linkletter and the Kids (4:05) 6:15 4--Huntley-Brinkley Report 7--John Daly and the News 13--Goodwin J. Knight; Cal Tinney Sees (6:20) 6:30 A--(Color) Curt Massey 5--Clete Roberts Reports 7--The Roy Rogers Show 13--Danger Is My Business: "El Matador" 6:45 4--(Color) Jack Latham nws 5--The Big Three (News) II--George Putnam, News 2--Weather Vane (G:55) 7:00 P. M. 2--7 o'Clock Report (News' 4--Death Valley Days: "The Dogs of the Mist," F.ddi Quillan 5--Brave Stallion (Fury) 7--This Man Dawson, Keitl Andes 9--The Little Rascals 1--Superman, Geo. Reeves 3--You Asked For It, Jack Smith 7:15 2--Douglas Edwards, News 7:30 2--To Tell the Truth, Bud Collycr 4--Law of the Plainsman, Michael Angara 5--Jeff's Collie (Lassie) 7--The Gale Storm Show 9--Johnny Moloch's Hof- brau Party 1--The Three Stooges 3--Golden Voyage: "Afghanistan" 8:00 V. M. 2--The Betty Mutton Show ·I--Bat Masicrson, G. Barry 5--Lives of the Bengal Lancers 7--The Donna Reed Show 11--Divorce Court. B. Welsh 13--Air Power: "New Doctrine" 8:30 2--Johnny Ringo, D. D u r a n t 'I--Johnny Staccato, John Cassavetes 5--By-Line. Mark Stevens 7--The Real McCoys, Walter Brennan 9--Post Time, Santa Anita l.'i--Tcleplay 9:00 P. M. 2--Zane Grey Th'tr: "Never Too Late," Ginger Rogers 4--Bachelor Father, John Forsytlie. N. Corcoran 5--Movie: "The Moon Is Down," Sir Ccdric Hardwicke 7--Pat Boone Showroom, with Zsa Zsa Gabor !)--Movie: "Blocid on the Moon," Robt. M i t c h u m 11--Highway Patrol, Brud- crick Crawford 13--Business Forecast for I960 !)!l)0 2--Markham, Ray M i l l a n d 4--(Color) Tennessee Ernie Ford, with Andy Devinc 7--The Untouchables, Robt. Stack: "One-Armed Bandit," Marry Guardino II--Policewoman, B. Garland 13--Ski and Sports Show 10:00 P. M. 2---A Bouquet from Maurice Chevalier 4--The Groucho Marx Show 11--George P u t n a m , News 13--Baxter Ward, News 10:15 1 1 -- P a u l Coates File 13--Roy Storey's Sports; Cal Tinney Sees (10:20) 10:30 4--The Lawless Years, James Gregory 5-- Big Three Final (News) 7--Take a Good Look, Ernie Kovacs i 13--The Tom Duggnn Show 10:45 9--John Willis and the News 11--J. Wheeler Sports (10:50) 11:00 P.M. 2--11 o'clock Report: Fleming, Stout, Stratton 4--(Color) Jack Latham nws 5--The Mike Wallace Show w i t h a j u v e n i l e gang leader 7--Lew Irwin Reports 9--James O'Brien Western: "Lawless Valley" 11--Movie: "Meet Me in St. Louis," Judy Garland, Tom Drake. J u n e Lockhart 11:15 2--Movie: "A Day ti Remember," Joan Rice. S t a n l e y llolloway ( H i . ) j 4--The Jack Paar Show I 7--Let's Dance. Al Jarvis ; 1:30 f -- T h e Star and the Story: "Man Who Was Dead" 12:00 MIDNIGHT \; it-ifcfZ, ftjff y-:jf n ', Top Viewing Today 9 p.m.--"Zanc Grey Theatre" (2). Ginger Rogers stars in her first TV Western as a self-sufficient rancher who hires an ex-gunslinger to help her out in a claim for some land on sale by the railroad. The gunman wants to be just a foreman, but falls in love and proceeds to straighten things up good. 9 p.m.--"Pat Boonc Show" (7). Details under time listing. 9 p.m.--"Business Forecast for 1960" (13). A panel of experts from various lines of business meet in the 13th annual F M Bank sponsored forum. · 10 p.m.--"A Bouquet From Maurice Chevalier" (2). Details below. H TV The Fabulous Frenchman Maurice Chevalier, does a one-man show for a full hour n (2) at 10 p. m. in which ie'11 sing approximately 30 ongs which represent the past iresent and future in His life. Chevalier is reluctant to re- eal just what songs he will ise in this program, but does dmit it'll be like a trip down nemory lane. Now 72, the f a b u l o u s Tenchman continues to en- :hant with his songs and iglit-hearted banter, and is nown as "the youngest old ion of our times. Among the songs known to ie included are "Louise," iMinii," "Ida," "Madelon." Fascination," "C'est Magnifi- uc." "Mammy," "1 Love 'aris," "Thank Heaven for Jttle Girls" and, of course, "J .emember It Well." 7 p. m. Back in ISSO near Gold- eld, Arizona, Tulc .Joe found fabulous gold mine but died cforc he could cash in on the fiie onanza, but first tied some old nuggets around the necks f his pet dogs and added a ote asking for help. The dogs ime to town and were shot y a man who believed them be wolves. He found the otc and organized a search irty. Failure was the result id for weeks the man who id killed the dogs aunted by barking at each II moun. He would follow e"barking into the desert-) result. Everyone was look- for the mine and "Death FM STATIONS LOH B8.I KDUO «7.5 . ......... ,, 90.7 KCBH ~ 9 8 7 USC _________ 91.5 KHOF 99.5 FAC _ _______ 97.1 KM LA '._._. 100.3 NX ____________ 9J.I KHJ ........ 101. 1 POL ....... _ 919 KUTP Itu 9 RHM __________ M.I Kf-OX '" "~ 10? 3 ABC __________ 95.5 KGI.A ' '" ~ 10J ·. P.KO _ ..... _ 95.1 KBMS ...."' 1059 · · - ------ ...r 104.3 ........ 105.1 FM Oscar HIGH LIGHTS Peterson plays the J.", -- Webster Wcbf't Cartoons 4:15 | 2 -- The Secret Storm i 4:30 j 2-- The Ldge of Night j 11-- TV Readers Digest ! 4 -- Lee Ciirnii.x Show (4:40) 5:00 P. M. 2 -- Burns and A l l e n n -- Charles Boycr Tcleplay 1 1 -- Susie, A n n Sothern (5:05) 5:30 2 -- Movie: "Boy Meets Girl," .laiiics Cagney. Pal O'Brien 5 -- Popeyc. Tom Ilattc:i 7 -- Rocky and His Friends !) -- Criswell Predicts lr -- Robin Hood. R. (jieer.c 11-- People's Choice (5:35) 5:45 5--Del Moore's Hangout 9--Movie: "Bringing Up Baby," K a t h a r i n e Hepburn, Gary G r a n t 3--Movie: "Whispering Smith Speaks," George O'Brien 12:15 /--Movie: "I Wouldn't He in Your Shoes," tlysc Knox 1:00 A.M. 2--David Niven Telcplay: "Vote of Confidence" 4--Ne.v.s; Tcleplay (1:05): APPLIA.N'CK H U N T E R S watch Classified for things they need. Low cost Classified Ads bring you these buyers. Dial ME 2-!!r!) to Mart n--John Wil'l'is and the News|-YV'^j!. c ] t o d ' c y -I--News A l m a n a c (5:, r 5) fi:00 P. M. ·1--(Color) News and Sports ·"i--Bozo the Clown 7--Hemingway; Weather n--Cartoon Lxprcss l.'i--Paxirr Ward. News by TERRY VERNON Valley Days" (·!) tells the un usual conclusion. 7:30 p. m. "Jeff's Collie" turns up again, this time on (5). Re runs of "Lassie" have been of tiie air for a few months bu return again. Tonight Jeff anc Lassie plan a birthday party for Cramps that nearly ends in a tragedy. Robert Q. Lewis is guesting on "To Tell the Truth" (2). 8 p.m. New day for "Lives of the Bengal Lancers" (5) has the story of an Afridi chieftain wanted by the Lancers, who is found hiding in the home of friendly missionary. The chieftain hears the Lancers are coming, so takes the Female missionary as a hostage and escapes. Stage and screen star My- 'on McCormick guests on the 'Donna Reed Show" (7) as a 'ree-wheeling soldier of for- une who brings gaiety and ·omancc to the household, doesn't make life any easier when son Jeff decides he would like the carefree life. 8:30 p. m. There's a scene in the "Johnny Staccato" (1) tale wherein Eduardo Cinnelli and Elvira Curci carry on in Italian. John Cassavetes, the star, can speak Italian as well as anyone, but isn't supposed to know the language in his role of "Staccato." Story has a de- wrted gangster defying the Vew York mobs by returning o America for sentimental ·easons. However, the scnti- nent is dissipated when the gangster tries for revenge. Grandpa McCoy, of "The Real McCoys" (7), gets in a :lispute w i t h his neighbor t h a t winds up in a lawsuit. A pretty attorney (Merry Anders) is drawn i n t o the case uid proves to be able to gel things straightened out. 9 p. m. Mrs. Esther Barker. 7-1, nl ")5!)5 Orange Ave., I. o n g Radio Programs* C 570 KAIC - 7?0 KXLA .1110 KOE* 1390 "" »«0 KHJ «0 KIZT 1190 KWKW 1430 KMfC 710 KfWi VSO KfOH 1J»0 KWIZ 1410 O 740 KNX 1070 KfAC 1330 KDAY 1510 In* rnf*jMrid«flt auuntcs no rmtpomlbllllY lor changes mad* by Itatltnt. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 19GO 7:00 A.M. KFI-Pnl BUhoo, News KABC--Fr^k Hemingway KHJ--Wink Martindale KNX--World News Rounduo GER-Clim! Fnltll Mission KABC--Ntws; John Trailer KNX--Frank Goss J:«S KFI--News; Southland KNX-Bob Crane Sliow KG1R-W. B. Record KADC-Paul Harvey (7:55) 8:00 A.M. KNX--Huoh McCoy; Sports KGER-Wllbur Nelson 3:15 KABC--Jonn Trotter KNX--Bob Crane Show KMPC-Bob Kellcy (8:25) 8:30 KFI-Pal Blshoo Reports KGER-Volce of China »:« KFI-Andy and Virginia KGER-Pcrcv Crawlord KABC--Wendell Noble, 8:50 9:00 A.M. KABt-Bieaklast Club KHJ-Frank Carroll, 1o 11 KNX--Huoh McCoy, News KGER-Lutticran Hour 7:15 KNX--Bob Crane Show »;30 KFI-Ladlcs' Dav KGER--John Brown Hour 10:00 A.M. KFI--News; Swingln' Years KABC-John Holbrook hews KNX--Hews; Right to HODDiness (10:0i) KGER--Rescue Mission 10:15 KABC--Tcllo-Tcsf KNX--Second Mrs. Burton 10:30 KABC--Jim Amctho (to 1) KNX-- Young Dr. Melone KGER-Ovcrcomino Life 10:45 !NX--Ma Perkins KGFR-- Rev. LeRov Kopp FI--Emphasis (10:55) 11:00 A.M. KFI-News KHJ--Wink Martlndale K NX--News KGHR-Dr. Louis Talbol 11:05 KFI--Standard School: "Hot borings f, Piatt" NX--Whliperlng Streets MX--Couoic Hext Door 11:30 NX--Helen Ircnt GER--Sunshine Mission R -- f a * (11:35); nmohasis ll:U -Pcit Bishop, ficwi --Just fcnterta'Mincnl ICGER-Dan Gilbcrl 12 NOON Fl--News; Farm Reporter ABC-Paul Har-.-cy (NX-- Hugh McC07, News KGER--Through the Bible K ABC--Jim Amcche Show KNX--Nelson Mcfnlnch KFI--Calif. Atirlc. (12:20) 12:30 KNX-Gflrrv Moorf Show; Funny Side Up (12:40) KGER--Or. Orr, Bible KFI--Ed Hart Show (12:35) 1:00 P.M. KFI--News; Andy Mansfield KABC--Mv True story KHJ-Paul Comclon (to 3) KN/-A. Jackson, News; Arlhur Godlrey (1:05) KGER--Airmail From God KGER-Chrliilan.Jcw Hour KGER--Heaven Home Hr, KGER--Health Talk KFI--Emph.vls 11:551 2:00 P.M. KNX-Ncwi: Arl Llnklclter KGER--Long Beach Band 1:30 KNX--PhlllD Norman KGER--George McLaln 2:45 KGER--Garden School 3:00 P.M. KFI--Hews; Mary Hlckox KHJ-l-rinK Carroll (10 6) KNX--News KGER--Good Mews, Music 3:15 KNX--Condvlls Grant KGER-Dan Pike Show 3:30 KFt--Dick Sinclair Time 3:45 KABC--Business Final KFI--Emphasis (3:55) 4:00 P.M. KFI--News; Dave Shaw KABC--Don MacKinnon X--News 4:15 KFI--H's Music Time KNX--Condylis and Grant 4:30 KGER--News KGER--Charlie* Turner KFI--Sports (-1:55) KNX--Point ol Low (X:55) 5:00 P.M. KFI--It's Music Time KNX--Lowell Thomas; Phil Rlrzuto 5:iO) KGER-Aubrcv Lcc 5:15 KFI--News; Wenlncr MJX--Carroll Akoll KADC--Judith Lawton(5:25) FI_Sld Fuller, News KABC--William Winlcr KNX--Turn Hdrinon KGR--Builders ot Failh 5:4S :FI--Dave Shaw, News Anderson KNX-- Frank Coss. News 0:00 P.M. ·CR--Frnhirr VVirr tMPC--Bob Kollcv. Snorts ;AQC--tflward P. Moroan XHJ--Paul Complon (to B) NX--Sports Stoicy KGER--BacK to the Bible ! KFI--Scullv-Hlrsch, Sporls KADC--Jolin Daly; News KNX--Th« World Tonlflhl KFI--News: Davfl Shaw KABC-- Virgil Plnkley KNX--Bravcn Over Show, Masters ot Melody (6:4S) KGER-Rcv. t AI Horlon KFI--Finance; Weather KABC--Paul Hnrvev; Music KABC--Paul Harvey: Financial Final (6-60) 7:00 P.M. :FI--News KABC--John w. Vanderc'k KNX--Eric Scvareld. News KGER--Family Bible Houi 7:05 KF1--Scout Jamboree Vallon - 7 ... Andy KABC--World ol Tomorrow KFl-News o'l the World KNX--Obi. Your Pleasure Andy Grllfith; Burni-Allen KGER-Rcy. Victor Glenn 7-M KFI-Rollle Thomas, Sports KNX--Bob and Ray 8:00 P.M. KFI--Frost; Emohasls; Milestones In Melody (8:tO) KABC--Pcocle In the Newi; Lee Zimmer (to 12) KHJ--Mike Secrestllo 111 KNX-Citv Editor's Reoorl KGER--Voice ot China KNX--This Is L.A. KGER--A. U. Mlchctson KGER--Airmail From God KGER--Dan Gilbert KNX--Fro-,1 Warn. (8:55) 9:00 P.M. KFI--News; Emphasis; Doyp O'Dell (9:10) KNX-News; Opinion Please KGER--CIirliti,ifi Counsel 9:30 KGER-Dr. Orr. Bible 10:00 P.M. KFI--News; The West KNX--Richfield Rcoortcr KGGR-Wlluur Nelson 10:15 FI--Mvron J. Bcnnctl KNX--Tom Hanlon, Sports 10:30 KFI--Just Musk. Al PosKa KNX--Philip Norman KGER--Cldrcntc Welch 10:45 KFI--Art Baker Nofrbook 11:00 P.M. K I-1--Mews; Snorts Final KHJ--The News-Wheel KNX--Mews; Merry-Go- Round (11:10) 11:15 KM--Chdnoino Times 11:30 F-1-- Conversation Please "NX'-Mimr 'til D.twn 12 MIDNIGHT KFI --Ren Hunlcr (to 5) NX--Music 'til Dnwn '.GER--Texas Tlnv (lo 5) Beach was so moved by n j Year's C o n t r o l l r song sung by "Pat Boonc" (7)| t h a t she wrote a letter lo him ind tonight she wi luted when a song, l be sa"I Like irshwin songbook tunes dur- F, "Jazz for Housewives 1 ' on NOB at 11 a.m. . . . At 1 to p.m. KRHM highlights Gene rupa, Benny Goodman and lenn Miller. . . . "Variations" by Terry Gibbs on KBIQ at 1 p.m. . . . At 3 p.m. on KBIQ it's Mavis Rivers and hot "Hooray for Love" a l b u m . . . . Ravel's "Piano Concerto in G Minor" is heard on the "Afternoon Concert" at 4:30 on KUSC. . . . The Ames Brothers and "The Best in the Country" at 5:30 p.m. on KDUO. . Songs from "Kiss Me Kate," f e a t u r i n g Alfred Drake,, Patricia Morrison and t h e j i n orllcr to sll o w »cr parents original cast on KPOL at filial they arc remiss in not p.m. . . . "The U n k n o w n Haydn," second in a scries of BBC-recorded programs, on KPFK at 6:05. . . . Mario Lanza and Marisa Allisio join voices in "Seven H i l l s of Rome" at 7 p.m. on KDUO An all-star Broadway cast in National Parks Standard School Broadcast, Topic Two of the smaller national parks will be the subjects on (his week's "Standard School a.m. KFI Broadcast" at 11:05 today on radio station Plait National Park in Oklahoma and Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas will be compared feature by feature, w i t h music selected that typifies each park. Gordon MacRae and Rose- be fea- MacArtlnir" Gaining on o Infection NliW YORK (UPI) -- Gen. Douglas MacArthur was reported Wednesday to be showing "the gradual improvement" thai i n i t i a l studies had led doctors to expect. An afternoon medical bulletin on the condition of the Clooncy will be fea- five-star general said "con- turcd soloists, w i t h the f o r m e i i t i n u i i i g improvement may be singing a selection f r o m j a n t i d p a t c d " but t h a i "such progress will necessarily be slow." "No unfavorable indications have developed," t h e b u l l e t i n said. The old soldier 'Hams' to Operate^ in City's Libraries | Books arc going to play second fiddle in all Long Beach libraries Feb. 20. '.: The written will give way to the spoken word as members of the Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach set up stations in each of the readeries. . · And the word that's spoken could be from you to Aunt Susie in Iowa or Uncle Jameson in Alabama. Speaking hours are from noon to 5 p.m., according to Nate Brightman, radio exhibits chairman for the amateurs. J . "WE'LL TRY AND CONTACT ham operators in any city requested," said Brightman. "If we're successful, we'll ask the operator to phone the Long Beach individual's relative so that the oul-of-towner may hear the local person's voice." · The books really don't mind playing second fiddle for the occasion. They have their own ax to grind. For one purpose of the radio display will be lo publicize how many books are available on hobbies, including radio. * * * " THE PROJECT, in fact, is co-sponsored by the Long Beach Public Library, and is called: "Operation Library." The amateurs will demonstrate how their hobby serves as a public service unit, particularly in time of emergency. A special civil defense drill will be conducted between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. by the Radio Amateurs Civilian Emergency Service. The control station will be in the! North Long Beach branch library, according to Art Jencksj radio officer for the demonstration. Another function of the amateurs will be to call attention to the Hobby Show, March 4-7, Municipal Auditorium. Britain Plans First Satellite in 1961 LONDON (/B -- Britain's t space tcrnational satellite--the Inbe taken aloft by an American Scout ·ockct from the U.S. East Coast in 'ate 1961. says Prof. H.S.W. ivbssey, chairman of the British National Committee on Space Research. It's expected to orbit the earth at distances varying between 200 and 600 over Briain, South Africa. miles, passing Australia and A T O M I C S634 A T L A N T I C BUD, S E R V I C E CALL t 2 w i t h it 55.00 FAST - - FAST - · EFFICIENT Paris i Service Guaranteed We Honor International Charge DAY NITE HOUSE GA 2-1080 CALLS GA 2-0037 1U PUBTS AND LABOn G U A R A N T E E D IN WHITING TV "Oklahoma." Pianist Paulcna Carter be heard in two compositions by MacDowell, and the program concludes w i t h an excerpt from Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony." CALLS $«J EVE. SERVICE £ PA *? T O T I n °"y ' ra * GA 2 - 7 3 7 I clo..d Sundoy '""·""-· ARC TV r. Vl-c.c Hft " SEnVICE GA 7-6585 2t4 SOUTH ST. Outlvlno Artai Slightly Higher REG. $5.95 5O50 WITH, SERVICE CALL · AD Old People," is sung by the young warbler and dedicated to Mrs. Barker and all other senior citizens. Not quite as old as Mrs. Barker is Zsa Zsa Gabor who'll be the guest star. "Bachelor Father" (·!) helps one of his niece's girl friends win a baton twirling contest on Godfrey Show . m i t t e d to Lenox Hill Hospital! last Friday, three days a f t e r his SOth birth anniversary, for treatment of a blockage of his urinary tract by n o n m n l i g - ;TV *-GE 4-3002 4 DAT lit* RIGHT 3 All fOBIS AND LABOR » 4 GUARANTEED T 1 Bud's TV, 821 Cerrllos, Olllce^ TmuwCaH'Hr Includes Parts t Labor WTOUI Slllllacllon Guinntiid. Diy.Nlti-Sufl. No Fix, No l'a\ I*M O ^RRJ| RAIIK ELECTRONIC SS35 Ofinri Krs. 9-9 Smlnc A l l A n n 13 Tri, E x p i r l i n c i TV CALLS $2 30-MIN, SERVICE CREDIT HI1MS A V A I L A B L E HE 5-2013 --PAUL'S TV ISli PACIFIC COASI H I W A T . L.I. S*)00 . £, ·^·iCALL, ANY DON'S TV SERVICE CALLS.. GA 2-8731 PICTURE TUBES, 21" ........ SZ5 5J/1 Elm Avc. -- Work Guirantecd James R. Parkinson. votcd;nant enlargement of the pros"Controller of the Year" by!late gland, the Air T r a f f i c Control Assn..I The latest medical report and noted private pilot Rich-joy Dr. George W. Slaughter nrd D'Anlonio w i l l discuss said, "The organisms causing aviation with A r t h u r Godfroyitlie infection have been iden- M if i during the latter's 1:05 p.m. broadcast today on radio sta Parkinson was voted the honor in recognition of his feat of guiding a f a i l i n g small tificd through laboratory tests, and specific medication has been instituted." SLAUGHTER HAD previously there was s n i d infec- "New l-'aces of K R H M at. 7. ... 1952" over The "Fabulous Hollywood" album conducted by Frank DeVol on K B I Q at 7. Among the recordings on KCBH at 7:30 is "Stars and Stripes For. Medleys from "My Fair "Kiss and "South Pacific" on KPOL at 7:30. . . . Mozart's "Symphony No. 41 in C Major," played by the Israel Symphony, and Ravel's "Concerto in G Major," f e a t u r i n g Michclan- geli, on KDUO at 8 p.m STEREO on KPOL at S:05J fr oTM features the Norman Luboff paying more attention to the nlotor dcacl ; , Vils guidcd '| 0 a private plane lost over Chesa lion, i n f l a m m a t i o n and an un- pcakn B u y . The c r a f t , its'spccified kidney involvment girl and less to their own interests. !:,'!0 p. m. COLOR-- "The Ford Show" (4). Raspy-voiced Andy Devine will be the headline guest w i t h Tennessee Ernie Ford. Skit, has Andy, on a diet, i n v i t i n g Ernie to d i n n e r t h i n k i n g he also is dieting and then s u f f e r i n g as Ernie orders all k i n d s of goodies. Eliot Ness and his "Untouchables" (7) make an unsuccessful a t t e m p t lo get a man released from jnil before mobsters get to him. When a pretty young heiress frantically barges into the train compartment of "Markham" (2) he has no choice but to sidetrack his vacation plans and protect the girl n would-be murderer. 10 P. M. successful dead-stick l a n d i n g at a t i n y airport w i t h automobile headlights providing t h e i l l u m i n a t i o n . quips w i t h Groucho on "You Bet Your Life" (4). 10:30 p.m. Ben Alexander, Hans Conried and Edic Adams arc the panelists of "Take a Good Look" (7). SPINNING THE DIAL FIU-D M a c M U R R A Y , WAL- l.Y COX, E D I F ADAMS, A R O L BURNETT and HANS CONRIED pool their talents in a spoof of the cowboy on "U. S. Steel Hour" Wednesday. caused by the blockage. The 1st Army public information officer, Col. Gordon L. Barclay, said M a c A r t h u r "sat up again today for about one hour as he and Mrs. Mac- A r t h u r read some of the approximately 1,000 daily mes. sages that have been arriving at the hospital and hotel." Mrs. MacArthur is attempting to reply to as many of the messages as possible, Barclay disclosed. Hydra-Malic Transmission Comnlclt H9R Price « A w Inst. Intl.: Fluid, Cdskcli R Labor A. E. Transmission Exch. 5 5 3 1 Cherry GA 2-6575 9:00 TONIGHT R E A L ESTATE - STOCK M A R K E T A N D G E N E R A L ECONOMIC BUSINESS FORECAST PANEL MMES C. DOWNS, Real Estate Research Corp. Chicago ARMAND C. ERPF, Carl M. Locb, Rhoades and Co. ol N.Y. City DR. PAUL W. McCRACKEN, a former member of Pres. Eisenhower's Council of Economic Advisors, and professor ot business conditions al the University ol Michigan 1'AKMKHS iMI'KCIIAiYJ'S JUNK OF LONG BEACH t h e album, "Hut Doodlc.s Weaver, longtime Choir with Beautiful." . . . Pianist A r l u r i ^ o m c d i i Rubinstein performs on KFAC at 10 p.m. . . . Latinized small combo jazz is presented on KNOB at 10:30 w i t h Art Mali oy and the Jazz Messengers, plus Sabu Martinez on the conga drums. . .. Midnight on KNOB brings "The Three Faces of Chico," played by Chico Hamilton. ((i:lfi) [HO G I M M I C K S · NO E X T R A S } SERVICE and wo do m.or, GOOD S f m c t . 53.50 LICKERT TV m« w. wniow Phone HE 7-6888 10 t.H. ti 10 P.M. ARTHRITIS PAIN R E L I E F GUARANTEED Buy on 89c jor of Z-I-T al your druggist, If yoi, art not jatisfied i we will refund your money. j WHY SUFfER ANY IONSER? WHY WAIT? I GET YOUR JAR OF 2-l-T TODJY. 1 Th? Gateway lo Sobr/cfv. Health £ o Normal lilt SPECIAL NURSES MEDICAL DOCTORS CONTttoPORARY TREATMENT 21.Hour Call JGArfield 6-l62f| tirsrnflrf hy Sfnf* «r California LONG BEACH SANITARIUM I ISO E, PACIFIC COAST hWY. LONG BEACH REASON, WILL YA! i to Long Beach Engine Rcbuilders. Their experts will adjust it (or only 6.35. Adjust what? Automatic transmissions, of course! Also overhaul ( )nd exchanges. 3535 Long Beach Blvd, CA 4-0407. Open Monday and Friday Even'ni«s A Treasure House of 8,888 Bargains including: Clothing Housewarcs Plastics Tools Glassware Tinware Toys Stationery Ceramics Dolls Jewelry ONLY ONE PRICE--NONE HIGHER 6th and PINE-DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH

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