Independent from Long Beach, California on March 17, 1966 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, March 17, 1966
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WEATHER Sunny and .lightly warmer. HSsh about 74, Complete weather, Page A-J. \ K k~---"·------··------- -j_ a .njkm.j^.j^.im,,. y|i»,imni«. Phone HE 5-1161 -- Classified No. HE 2-5959 Independent « PASES LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA 90801, THURSDAY, MARCH 17. I96e VOL. 28 -- N O . 172 DRYSDALE, KOUFAX GETTING FIDGET! --See Page D-l vammm HOME EDITION -- lOe Big Shotgun Patrols Keep Watts Peace By BILL HAZLETT A chill breeze helped shotgun-toting police patrols cool tempers Wednesday night in the tinder-box Watts area which Tuesday flared anew. No major incidents had been reported as darkness fell on the three-square-mile area where two died and six were j injured in mob violence 24 ihours earlier. It was still quiet at midnight. Massive patrols of armed officers m o v e d to answer I every hint of a new racial out- I break. Mostly they reported false alarms. Perhaps due to the chilly Gemini Twins Safe on Ship After Danger-Packed Flight * * * Lawmakers Divided on Watts Riot By GEORGE SKELTON SACRAMENTO (UPI) -- Wednesday from pleas for|P e °P le on the streets than on new antipoverty programs toian ordinary weeknight. The demands for use of chemical j o n ly fires to be seen in Watts gas in the riot-torn area. iwere those in trash cans which Legislators, like most Cali-lpolicemen standing guard at fornians, b a s i c a l l y were the corners along 103rd Street shocked by the second such eruption in seven months. Some indicated they were were using to keep warm. * * * * THERE WAS one stabbing inclined to retaliate. But the; reported to Los Angeles po- majority feit the disturbance would not have a major effect lice's 77th Street station, but it was not connected with the on Gov. Edmund G. Brown's previous night's mob violence. antipoverty a n d anticrime! During the night police package thai got ils impetus 'removed most of the street from the last riot. ^barricades they had used Tues* · * * day night and Wednesday to ASSEMBLY Speaker Jesse M. Unruh, D-Inglewood, immediately disclosed a two- point poverty-belt educational keep all but essential traffic out of the neighborhood centered on Watts' main business street, 103rd. proposal. j lsolated reports came into One point called for devel-! tne io;ird Street police sta- opment of a "street corner";tj on . type Watts junior college em-; A( . cording to one children phasing v o c a t i o n a l pro|Were d ing rocks otl cars grams. The Los Angeles Cityi from , he Rosecrans overpass School District already has! Harbor Freeway . Pn , ice allocated money to begin de- couldn , t find , he rock drop . veloping the institution. But 1 s Unruh said he would propose ' ' a $100,000 stale planning' * 7:3 « P-TM-. there was a grant for the school and an- «!*« of gunshots at 104th other $254,000 to operate the, 51 "* 1 a "d McKmley Avenue, facility on an interim basis\ E '^ ca / fs fu " of f nt S u , n through leased buildings un-! armed nfflccrs rnared n t h e til the college is constructed.' sccne - Thc ' f m l n d no evh Unruh hoped to introduce thei dence of shooting, bill Thursday. i * . * * The other part of UnruhV ABOUT 10 Pm -- four fire proposal would permit unified trucks, 10^ police cars jmdj) school districts in poverty Too-Rich', Space Rendezvous L.B. Boy I Successful--Then h Jailed ! Trouble strikes Bv STF.VE GIBSON By JOHN BARBOUR Additional Gemini pic- lures are on Page A-4 and A-10. areas to qualify for funds un- dnr a proposed state school- bond issue to be voted on this year even if they were not bonded to capacity. Unruh planned to amend this provi- swarm of news cars responded to a fire alarm at 119th Street a n d Avalon Boulevard. A mattress was burning in a small frame house, and the fire was not connected with the violence. sion into an education bill al-j Although it was quiet, po- ready pending. 'lice continued 10 man their * * * · | battle stations. A fast-strik- NEGRO Assemblyman W. ing force of about 50 officers Rumford D-Berkeley, said he|TMde a bus which cruised planned to propose a $40-mil- slowly through the streets of lion state program to p u t j W a t t s , ready for immediate more unemployed people tojdispatch to trouble spots. Re work. This not only would nervously at the edge of lhej had p revented a knot of young sidewalk in front of ravid| (oughs wnn stoo d defiantly in involve construction jobs but also training them as medical serve officers waited in the 103rd Street station. The State Highway Patrol aides. jthrew a special guard around "I t h i n k Ihe legislature ishhe railroad tracks which aware of i t s obligations to 1 move ahead in the unemploy- (Cnnlinued Page A-2, Col. 2) parallel Alameda Street. Several hundred new automobiles (Continud Page A-6, Col. 1) -Still Pholo by BOB 5HUMWAY TENSK MOMENTS FOR EDUCATOR Dr. William J. Settle, principal of Jordan High School in Watts, waits as youngsters file out of Wednesday afternoon classes. Dr. Settle dispersed a group of young toughs before school began, but reported no incidents in the afternoon. PRINCIPAL STANDS FIRM 'Day After' Crisis Hour Passes at Jordan High C_7 A 19-year-old Long Beach l y o u t h wanted for a series of CApF KENNEDY . Thursday /P--Two remarkably Residential burglaries was ar- ca|m Geminj g astronauts plunge d to a safe emergency jrested Wednesday by Sar,.i anding ^ sea an(J were pjcked up ear|y today after ·Diego police after he tried to| sf)me f e a r f u | momcnts in a disab l e d spaceship. huv a new car for $5.7-10 in. _., ,, , . , : Pilots NPI! Armstrong and ; cas · 'David Scott were reported j He was taken into custody 'safe and sound aboard the . a f t e r a car dealer in hast San! N a v y destroyer Mason at 1:30 ! . . 'a.m. KST. !D,ego b e c a m e suspicious. An o f f i c i a , spokesman said ;\vhen he displayed a huge( n e y were being taken to a wad of bills. ,u..Y military base in Okinawa. .,.. . . ,, , , iThe astronauts were reported Ihe auto dealer called the I Federal Bureau of Investigation, which informed him the Iboy. Ronald D. Purla. of 1880 .Pine Ave.. apartment 11. was wanted for burglary by the . : Long Beach Police Depart-:'" be ln finue sha P e ' A s , l h e i m e n j | ship approached they stood up | ; i n the space capsule and ! The dealer then called no- waved, ilice, who took Purta to San' The premature end to the | Diego city jail and booked!Gemini 8 mission marked the ihim on charges ot suspicionjfirst time that technical diffi- of burglary. jculties had cut short a U.S. i Officers said the boy had a; s P a c e f H R , h t '. , . total of $15,448~much of it i n j W|TH h| d , h .$1 hill.s-,n his pockets and! ^ \^ m £ g |h( in baggage in a room he hadl nea| . cs| d( (he _,,, m j | Vented in a San Diego holel.^ scpar ., (ed if f m m , h( J · The aulo dealer said Purta i spacecraft al flank speed. i 'i.ild him he obtained ihe rr-.or-- The rc«-up mm talked to. 'ey as an inheritance from h i s l t h e astronauts, and fixed the, ; p"arenls, who he said died in|floatation collar lhat helps, a plane crash. Police s a i d | s t e a d y and keep the spare- Purta's parents are alive.lcraft afloat in the ocean. Res- iThey did not know how heicue planes circled the area. , 'had'obtained the money. , It was an odd ending for, : a day lhat began so perfectly Long B e a c h police said;j u s t na |f a n hour before thp 'Purta is a suspect in threel s p a c e c r a ft trouble cropped up. 1 'burglaries. Ihe latest of which * occurred Monday at the home lof retired p o l i c e inspector By BILL DUNCAN I ton, hut Dr. Settle, Jordan principal, a white man and Dr. William J. Settle stood veteran school administrator, Starr Jordan High School in Watts a few minutes after 3 p.m. Wednesday and watched front of the school after the bell had rung, from startingj I trouble. ' : street from the high schoollF.rwin O. Oberg, 71, at 2306 which has one handout win-| Golden Ave - dow. Theie was talk, bul nu Oberg reported lhat his .38 trouble. (caliber automatic pislol, an -Ihe Pyramid is a source'electric razor and a s t e a m Dr Settle .said'' 1 " 0 " were t a k e n in t h c break- iin. Burglaries at two other lo- MAP SHOWS area 500 miles east of Okinawa when) Gemini 8 pilots made emergency splashdown. Wives Have Bi«j Smiles, Few Words By RICHARD BEENE Armstrong a n d Scott had| HOUSTON (/Pi--The wives linked up w i t h the Agena target ship -- the first time two spacecraft had been joined together in the sky. of trouble," :ater. Dr. Settle had walked into! the group u n t i l he was sur- (Continued Page A-6, Col. I) to Purta. j rounded by the crowd. He an-. . ... . - - - to the FEMININE LOGIC UNEXPECTED VISITORS are what arrive when you've just finished your "chore list for the week." --JEAN FLYNN as lines of young people filed out of the freshly painted 1 school. He stepped back lo allow, , the students to pass and his no " ncR(1 sternlv: ; heel bogged down in a newly "Eii^r get in class or leave; planted lawn. " ' he school grounds. 1 don't It was a moment he had|mcan to go over dreaded since school opened i Pyramid, either." at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday morn-j The youths, one by one, ing. That was a crisis timelfiled into the school. The Imorning crisis had passed. I There would be the noon; ibreak and the afternoon let-! 'out of classes to face. Noon' came and no trouble. ' I At the noon hour the young- 'sters clustered around the : Pyramid Beef Burger, a small joint across ihe "The drop-outs, (he truantsi cations, reported March 4 and bp|ieve( ||nked of Astronauts Neil A. strong and David R. Arm- Scott had big smiles but very few I words for newsmen Wednesday nieht after learning their PRESIDENT Johnson saidlhusbands were safe after he was relieved that astronauts were safe, congratulated them on first space docking Yanks Kill 275 Cong in 4 Hours By EDWIN Q. WHITE | /t's Somber St. Pat Day ·/ for Irish DUBLIN (UPI) -- Irishmen TOMYH IND£I£N1)£NT · HOUSE passes bill to put all states on daylight-saving time. Page A-4. · A MONSTER is consuming our cities and it may soon be too late to save them, claims professor. Page B-l. · STOCKS MAKE mild recovery, but do not change pattern of the five-week slide. PageC-fi. Amusements ...A-28 Markets C-fi Classified E-2 Radio-TV C-8 Comics A-32 Shipping A-2I TXeath Notices . .A-22 Sports D-I-8 ST/W+M4*! H-5 Wnm»it . B-4-8 SAIGON, Thursday S paratroopers counted 275. jviet Cong killed after a furi- ; ·ous battle in the D-zone jun-; igles north of Saigon in which j 'they themselves, suffered only' 'a handful of casualties, it wasiwere somber Wednesday as reported today. they gathered to celebrate the An estimated two banal-.national feast day nf Si. Pal- ions of hard-core Viet Cong-rick against a backdrop of troops, about fiOO mpn, hurled economic difficulties, indus- ihemselves on the parairoop- trial unrcsl and an outcrop of rs of the 173rd Airborne Bri- extremist violence. gade during a four-hour fight Flags and bunting bedecked t h a t the Communists broke the cities and towns and rub- loff at noon Wednesday. ble from the Nelson Monu- The American units initial- mem here had been dumped ly counted 142 Viet Cong" 1 "e sea to clear the way dead around their perimeter,!'^ the industrial pageant 'but found 133 more bodies as through O'Connell Street. For they moved farther afield al1 tllat . the THE latter apparently were killed by repeated air strikes . ,, ana amllerv salvos which p . . . _ ; ripped up i i i e jungle for more t h a n a mile around the tleground. 'helGemini 8's emergency landing and!j n ihe Pacific, 'bf A f t e r the emergency \r veloped, the wives had spent "They---and those who a i c . t h p anxious hours together al joining in their recovery--.the Scott home in the Nassau have shown remarkable cour- Bay subdivision near the age and poise under stress," Manned Spacecraft Center. the President said. "! am very disappointed. That was echoed by space hut t h e primary purpose of agency officials who said a the mission wan accom- grpat deal was learned from'phshed." said Mrs. Ann Lurt h e flight despite the pre- ton Scott, mature landing. . . . . . The Gemini 8 splashed. SHE WAS referring to the down in the Pacific in full successful docking of Gemini daylight and relatively calm;8 with an Agena rocket -- a :;pas some 500 miles east of 1 world's first -- just minutes Okinawa al abnul 10:23 p.m. before Ihe spacecraft's diffi- I-;S'I --and was spoiled almost-culties began to develop, immeclialflv by a searching Mrs. JanPt Sheron Arm- C54 a i r c r a f t . _ ^ ^ ( C o n t i n u e d Page A 7. Col. 4) IT WAS the same plane t h a i dropped the para-rescue men to rpach t h p a s t r o n a u t s ( C o n t i n u e d Papp A-7, Col. 1) Never Mind Gemini, Gel the Batman Boy's Heart Is Pierced b\ was a textbook victory (Continued P»g« A-2, Col. 5)'zest out of the day. I r i s h feeling too festive. A snowballing economic c o u p l e d with high . . c credit squeezer, and SUITED UP and tiphtly stowed in their Gemini s unemployment -- and topped spacecraft atop their booster at Cape Kennedv arc astronauts Neil Armstrong (above), and David R. Scott, before hiasioff Wednesday. Flight terminated Wednesday night in an emergency splashdown in Pacific. " by an austerity budget thai slapped taxes on all the tiadi tional St. Patrick's Day bev .erazes--knocked some of the TWIN FALLS. Idaho A 13-year-old Twin Falls boy. injured '.vhp.n a homemade m i m i l p misfired, was in criti- N i - W Y O R K i l J P I i - B a t - « l c o r . d i : i " n Wednesday ifter I'.H,-, ;c«ued q u i i k l v Wedr.cs- ' b " ^ nf '' h -'" P"" 1 ' tyn day night when the Batman WHS removed from his heart, television show was inter- The metal p-ojectilr irrupted three t i m p s for news movec i ;n .-. ;wn-hour opera bulletins on the aborted flight t j u n a i Majic Valley Mem^nal of Ommi R. Hospital here. The boy's heart The switchboard at the C( -, nnmiet ] i, throughout 'American Broadcasting Com; t h e npgration as the pen was pany was flooded by more removc( ) f r ,-, m the right vent h a n 300 phone calls during j rir | ? n f - nl s hpari ihp half hour period lovered bv the show, most of them complaints about the way thpr hen, was treated nv the Willnmj. was injured Tues- i day evening wt.en he ana » · What are ym: trying 'o companion had made an ex- do 1 " pleaded one man who plos-vc device from the pen. calied all the way from De- gunpowder and tissue paper, troit. "I've got seven kids!Timothy was lishtmg th^fuse and they'r* nil hiwling andVhen theirn r " : '~ - '--'~· «rr*ammg." struck him. Ynuna T'.motliy Williams, son of Mr and Mrs. George

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