The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 26, 1978 · Page 14
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 14

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1978
Page 14
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4-B (TV «:>:• Tuesday Morning. September 26,2678 60N»T GIVE ME THAT.' I'VE 'EARfc ALL ABOUT JULIE ATtHE Andy Capp MV TEACHER DOESN'T LIKE ME, ANP WILJWA &T CALLS ME NAMES... AND ALWAYS HITT/NO- M&, AMP MY FATHER WONT MV ALLOWANCE... I'M 3O&RS I EVB3. LET TQErAQOiND T I'M A QCOD LISTENER. Winthrop WHO'5 60T A PENCIL?/ you CAN NEVER TELL WHAT HE'S 6OIN6 TO CHECK ON NEXT Beetle Bailey i S THAT ANY SEASON T""1 TO DEPRIVE MOW, WM £M VOU (50 TO TW E ROLLS? RINK,YDU CAN TAKE YOUR DOS ( I DON'T ROLLER V SKATE ' IM SELLING ROLLER SKATES FOR PK£9P€HT KHH U5TTN, THAT P'ON'T 5AY AMUMBE TEAM ONE WOKP Cy CONRJSE-P.' THEM MAP PEfT THE (SAME IF ANY Of U56OTOUT Of HUB! 60 COOL IT, COVV50V/ eve Canyon BY DAY TMEV WATCH THE LONESOME ROAD. i\T NIGHT THE HOUSE OJEAKS AND THE WINDOWS RATTLE. JUST THE WIHP GU5TIWG, TRVING TO GET IN NEVER MNP... WE HAVE EACH OTHER, SUZY THEY'RE * COMES, HEADING SOUTH. Buz Sawyer NOW THAT IS NEWS...BUT WHY GIVE ME A SCOOP LIKE THIS? DICK TRACY WAGING OPEN WAR ON CRIME O AND COMMANDEERING THE ORGANIZED CRIME UNIT CONSIDERING YOUR ANTI-POLICE STANCE, I'M SURE IN YOUR COLUMN, I'LL REACH MY INTENDED AUDIENCE- Pick Tracy^ THlNt> ON TIMC C1971 By NEA. K_TM »«( US fit On Frank & Ernest WHY WOWtBKAUSE WOBOttf LKTEk£ USTFW WHEN I 'A Guide to Running Hop Hop Hop Hop Hop Hop How to run like a rabbit. Chapter One Marine Log Tank Farm Site Vital Feature In Terminal Plan One of the more significant features of the update given by Galveston Wharves last week on the progress of the Pelican Island crude oil terminal was the proposed location of the tank farm supporting the facility on the mainland, a wharves spokesman said Monday. When Galveston Wharves first announced the Nor- IhviHe Industries terminal proposal, they issued a conceptual" drawing showing a dozen or more tanks located in a battery on Pelican Island. The crude stored in the tanks would be piped to industries needing the oil, it was explained at the time. Few complaints concerning the terminal have been made, the wharves spokesman said. But at public hearings, the location of the tank farm was the one most frequently mentioned. So Northville and Galveston Wharves agreed to move the tank farm to Texas City because public opinion seemed to demand it. What will be left on Pelican Island is two "surge" tanks and bunker fuel tanks, the spokesman said. The $720 million project would tie into pipelines that would serve industries in Texas City, Houston, Beaumont and Freeport. The 3,000-page environmental assessment report (EAR), in the draft stage, is being prepared by Espey Huston & Associates Inc., environmental engineers, and it is expected to be updated and given to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for their consideration in the near future. The corps will use the EAR in the preparation of a draft environmental impact statement (EIS) for the project. The draft EIS then would be submitted to all federal agencies concerned, to private organizations that have indicated an interest or a position on the project, and to any other public agencies interested in the project. Another public hearing SHIPPING ACTIVITY The Weather Vessels In Port GALVESTON LORD FRQNTENAC iDei Monte) Parunuruin. Container Terminal KDiG NESTOR 'Daltoni Greefc, Pier 12 South ROWAN MIDLAND •Rowan) American, Pier N T-foead SAR1TA Fowler i McVitiej American, POT 18 GEROI NOVORSS1YSKA 'Ford! USSR. Pier 25 ALCOA SEAPROBE i Alcoa* American. Pier 34 DMITRIS i Biehl i Greek, Pier 38 North GOLDENFELS iBinnings) West German, Pier 37 South OLGA BRAVO <Stracnam American. Pier 38 North VALENTIN KHUTORSKY (Hansen & Tidemann) USSR. Pier 39 North BLUESKY (Slrachani Libenan, Pier 40.North GUNBOAT, Republic ol Mexico, Pier 41 South FUGRO TEXAS SEAL iSeal Fleet) American, Pier 41 T-head BERING SEAL (Seal Fleet) .American. Pier 41 T-head PACIFIC SEAL (Seal Fleet) American, Pier 41 T-head TEXAS CITY No Report Late Monday COAST GUARD-NAVY VALIANT, Fort Point CLAMP, Fort Point BLACKTHORN, Fort Point HATCHET, Fort Point TODD SHIPYARDS EXPORT BAY (Parrel Lines) American COASTAL TEXAS (Coastal States) American SEA VENTURE 'I (Navitrade) Panamanian MARITIME HAWK (TTT) Panamanian may be conducted at the discretion of the district engineer for the Galveston District. From comments and questions received at that hearing, the corps then would prepare a final EIS. A decision on the permit can be expected in the second quarter of next year, the wharves spokesman said. Carter Briefed On Troubles With Hostile Arabs WASHINGTON (UPI) Secretary of State Cyrus Vance briefed President Carter Monday on his troubles in selling the Camp David framework for peace to a skeptical — and at times hostile — Arab world. Vance, home from a five- day trip to the Middle East, relayed to Carter an assortment of questions from the leaders of Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia about the agreement reached at the Camp David summit. The secretary of state told Carter about the results of his tnp during a White House foreign affairs briefing involving the president and his top diplomatic advisers. White House press secretary Jody Powell refused to discuss the details of Vance's just- completed mission in search of support for the results of the 13-day summit. Powell said Vance made the trip "to inform the governments of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria of the agreements reached at Camp David, what they contained, and to answer their questions lo the best of his ability." "He answered many of their questions," he said. "In addition, he has other questions which he brought back with him, which we will be responding to." Powell declined to speculate on the eventual outcome of the trip, saying "no one expected that there would be immediate action on the part of Jordan or Saudi Arabia." He stressed that the United States has "created a process, a framework, that provides for the eventual resolution of many of the issues that ... the Jordanian and the Saudi Arabians are deeply concerned about." Later, President Carter cited the Camp David accord as an example of what can be accomplished when political leaders decide to take the road of cooperation instead of confrontation. "You and I share the belief that cooperation among leaders can lead to peace," he told a meeting of international financial experts. "We have learned that lesson once again in the last few days." Vance returned Sunday night with most of the Arab world expressing skepticism or outright hostility to the agreement reached by Egypt, Israel and the United States. The two-part plan provides for an Israeli- Egyptian peace treaty by the end of the year and five years of interim Palestinian self-rule on the West Bank and Gaza Strip under Israeli and Jordanian auspices. "It is our hope, based on the conversations that Secretary Vance had, that other Arab nations will support and participate in this process that we have set out," Powell said. He said the United States will keep on providing Arab nations with "all of the information that we can to help them reach that conclusion, that it is in their best interest." FAIR here today turning partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. This Commerce Department satellite photo taken at 1 p.m. Monday shows high cirrus clouds covering lower level clouds, including some rain and thunder clouds, over the south central U.S. High cirrus and middle level clouds are also present along the Canadian border from the northwestern U.S. coast to the Great Lakes. Midlevei clouds cover New England. (UPI Telephoto) Sun, Moon and Tide* SUN, MOON & TIDES for Tuesday, Sept. 26. Sunrise 7:10 a.m. Sunset 7:11 p.m. Moonrise 2:10 a.m. Moonset 3:48 p.m. TIDES: Highs at 3:02 a.m. (1.6) and 11:20 a.m. (1.3) Lows at 9:09a.m. (1.2)and7:32p.m. (0.5). Climate Data HIGH Monday 82, low Sunday night 70. Record high for Sept. 25 was 89 in 1905, record low was 61 in 1875. No rainfall recorded in the 24-hour period ending at 4 p.m. Monday, bringing total to date to 24.62 inches, which is 6.% inches below normal. Beach water temperature 80 degrees. Marine Forecast PORT ARTHUR-PORT O'CONNOR Northeast winds 15 to 20 knots, with seas 4 to 7 feet. Isolate thundershowers possible through tonight. PORT O'CONNOR-BROWNSVILLE North to northeast winds 15 to 20 knots, seas 4 to 7 feet. Extended Outlook NORTH TEXAS Partly cloudy and warm Thursday through Saturday, with a chance of thundershowers east Thursday. Highs mid-80s to low 90s. Lows in the 60s. SOUTH TEXAS Cloudy and warm Thursday through Saturday, with thundershowers possible Thursday. Highs in the 80s and 90s, lows in the 60s and 70s. WEST TEXAS Slight chance of rain south Thursday otherwise clearing through Saturday with warm afternoons. Highs in the 80s and 90s lows in the 50s and 60s. ' Weather Summary TEMPERATURES INDICATE OVERSIGHT LOV..»mi!1- HI1H a INDICATES TEW-HATURES aaov ZERO PRtCIPITATIOl FOR JA HOURS JNDIN1 BP1 -IT rtONDAY CITY . LO/HI PCPW ALBANY 44 68 «.3iJ<)UER'3UE 57 67 .04 V1ASILLO El 68 .06 ANCHORAGE 48 55 ASHEVILLE 60 76 ATLANTA 64 81 ATLANTIC CITY 56 75 AUSTIN 65 37 BALTIMORE 54 60 BILLINGS 49 83 3IRBITIGHAN 67 84 SJISE BOSTON BUFFALO BURLINGTON VT CASPER CHARLESTON SC CHARLESTON VV CHARLOTTE NC CHEYENNE CHICAGO CINCINNATI ' CLEVELAND COLUMBIA SC COLOSSUS OH DAL FT VORTH DAYTON DENVER Oti nOIIES DETROIT DULUTH EL PASO FAIRBANKS FARGO FLAGSTAFF fBEAT FAILS HARTFOR3 HELENA *>.NOLli.U HOUSTON INDIANAPOLIS JACKSON HS JACKSOIVILLE JUNEAU KANSAS CITY LSS VEGAS LITTLE ROC< LOS ANGELES LOUISVILLE nEKPKIS ODESSA rtlLVAUKEE ,-PLS ST PAUL NASHVILLE •JEV ORLEANS NEW YORK •ORFOLK VA rORTH PLATI- OKLAHOMA CITY 32/61 --.-. 48/85 PTCLDY 67/83 SUNNY PHILADELPHIA PHOENIX PITTSBURGH PORTLAND fit PORTLAND OR PROVIDENCE RALEIGH RAPID CITY RCTO RICHMOND ST LOUIS ST PRSG TA.IPt SA1TLAKECITY SAN ANTONIO SAft DIEGO SAN FRANCISCO SAN JUAN PR ST STE MARIE SEATTLE SHREVE?ORT sioux FALLS SPOXAN- SYRACUSE TOPE^A TUCSO-J TULSA VASKTKUON WICHIffA EVANSilILL" 49 89 53 75 75 89 .53 50 60 47 57 .09 48 83 55 84 51 75 S5 79 SUNNY 42 7i SIJNNY 58 66 SIJNNY 'I 76 SIJNNY 53 SS SUNNY 65 81 SUNNY 50 75 SUNNY 64 85 55 70 55 75 50 74 49 67 32 57 .01 58 66 .5! 37 45 .45 48 78 43 7J 54 8? 42 72 41 81 72 87 64 84 49 75 59 88 75 65 .15 5i 56 58 75 68 95 6! 79 75 107 5« 79 62 8J 7« 8! 62 66 .68 55 61 43 71 55 82 7S 87 55 75 59 79 AS 31 71 79 .04 5J 76 72 SI .42 55 77 75 99 51 67 _ .. 42 72 SUNNY 55 7S FAIR 50 7J SUN1Y 62 go SUNNY 55 89 SUNNY 37 91' FAIR 61 81 SUNNY 59 78 72 8S 52 60 6J 85 74 101 64 90 76 88 .20 40 55 53 69 61 8A 44 76 46 75 48 62 59 77 72 92 69 Si .04 60 Rl 68 77 51 75 FORECAST TUESDAY «-:* LO/H.I SUNNY J2/66 SKURS 54/72 RAIN 59/68 CLOUDY 45/5S SUTIY 52/72 PICLDY 62/80 SUNNY 55/65 P7CLDY 64/84 SUNNY 48/73 SUNNY 50/30 PTCLDY SI/86 PTCLDY 46/77 FAIR 53/87 SUNNY 48/67 PTCLDY 74/90 SUNNY 42/66 SUNNY SUNNY FORECAST WEDNESDAY «EA LO/H! 48/72 56/75 46/82 48/7i 45/75 42/71 63/82 44/7,5 TSTRns 65/82 SUNNY 43/73 FAIR 48/SJ PTCLDY 54/78 SUNNY 40/74 CLOUDY 46/65 RAIN 57/70 PTCLDY 48/78 PTCLDY 40/74 SI.INVY *1/?0 SUNNY 36/69 S'jNIY 42/75 PTCLDY 72/87 FAIR 62/83 PTCLDY 44/78 PTCLDY 62/88 PTCLDY 71/85 PTCLDY 39/55 PTCLDY 57/77 SUN1Y 6S/S6 CLOUDY 62/8S SUMY 75/102 SU1NY 52/75 FAIR 62/85 TSTS»S 73/87 RAIN 62/69 PTCLDY 52/73 PTCLDY 52/77 FAIR 56/82 PTCLDY 75/87 SUNNY 50/67 SUNNY 57/75 SUX1Y 48/35 SAIN SB/75 SUNNY 54/84 TSTfltS 72/92 SUNNY FAIR SUNNY 47/S7 74/98 42/70 37/65 5S/77 43/66 54/75 W33 41/S7 -- . .. 50/75 PTCLDY 54/78 TSTRnS 72/89 FAIR 52/8] PTCLDY 64/84 SUNNY 74/95 PTCLJ1Y 58/78 FAIR PTCLDY CLOUDY CLOUDY CLOUDY PTCLDY SIJNNY PTCLDY SUNNY SIJNNY RAIN PTCLDY PTCLDY SUNNY PTCLDY SUNNY FAIR SUNNY PTCLDY SUNNY CLOUDY SUVHY SU1NY SUNNY SUNNY PTCLDY SIJNNY TSTRMS SUNNY FAIR PTCLDY SUNNY PTCLDY CLOUDY .11 SO PTCLDY PTCLDY SUNNY SIJNNY SUNNY PTCLDY PTCLDY PTCLDY PTCLDY PTCLDY PTCLDY Su»»Y CLOUDY SUNNY SUNNY PTCLDY ."TCLEY CLOUDY PTCLDY FAIR PTCLDY PTCLDY SIJNNY SUNNY SUNNY PTCLDY SUNNY PTCLPY SU1NY FAIR SUNNY SUNNY RAIN SUNNY PTCLDY FAIR SUNNY PTCLDY PTCLI1Y f«IR PTCLDY PTCLOY 38/71 51/78 59/70 43/57 52/72 62/80 57/70 67/87 50/80 48/78 6B/86 43/72 53/85 54/77 75/92 52/72 4J/6S 43/86 54/82 51/78 58/73 47/84 53/79 51/79 48/78 61/82 48/7S 65/82 48/76 5d/?5 57/8J 46/78 43/60 57/74 nvti 44/71 41/73 45/77 42/75 72/88 64/84 51/80 63/88 70/86 37/55 60/82 «/93 63/83 T2/S7 56/80 S5/80 74/37 61/73 56/79 52/73 59/81 76/88 57/72 57/80 43/85 67/82 57/85 71/90 46/77 74/98 AS/74 43/71 56/72 50/73 52/77 50/81 40/82 49/82 60/SO 71/89 52/83 «7/B7 69/88 55/68 PTCLDY 36/59 CLOUTIY 54/70 PTCLPY 62/84 SUNNY 48/SO PTCLDY 51/75 SIJNNY 40/48 CLOUOY 55/76 FAIR 70/90 RAIN 68/79 SUNKY 55/75 CLOUDY 64/77 ,,,,,, PTCLDY 48/ao FTarr PTCLPY 45/60 PTCLDY PTCLPY SWRS S'INNY S'INNY FAIR PTCLPY SUNNY 54/S5 50/30 45/70 M/74 54/82 68/89 67/31 57/81 61/R4 53/84 NATIONAL T^ilPtRATJR- fXT/KVTS FOR MONDAY LOW...31 AT EVANSTON ^...KIBINT 1N...4ND ITr=SNATln^l r., , c HIGH...109 AT SPRIER VALLEY CA NATIONAL FALLS

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