Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1976 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 25, 1976
Page 14
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ArhanMt TIMIS, Sunday, April 25, W6 · 78 Edited By BUI Williams ) B rir/ninn Oi/fnrpQ t tLKAV4fe(I.Vf ^»««»k*.wfc» ·»«««· ASTRIDE THE TWO CULTURES* Arthur KoesUw al 70 Edited by Harold Harris. Random House. 219 Pages. $10. ·Science and , the humanities (what colleges 'call'arls) inhabit different countries. The cleavage would have "astonished the Rennalssance, and e\-cu in the . 18th century a Franklin could still be both a scientist of sorts and a man ot letters. Toria^v, we are · resigned . to two- cultures apartheid But it can still be bridged, and no contemporary uriter has done It more triumphantly than Arthur Koestler. Kcsller, British citizen, Hun gaYian-born, cx-journalisty ex communist. ex prisoner , (in Spain). under, death" sentence ha.s written 'half a; dozen i fine novels One. ' Darkness al Noon." is among the cenlury!s greatest. In the FiEties, Kdesller abandoned fiction and political essays and invaded Ihe realms of amazin LABELED AS SPOOF ME COSMOPOLITAN GIRL, by Rosalyn Drexler (Warner -$175) , iThis is one ot those nonsense b l o o k s :; that should have remained in limbo If you c a n ilttagme :, a talking i dog who wears velvet, trousers,- Hawai lan shirts and gaucho wigs you might enjoy it. His mistress is a woman who is the daughter of a, psychic mother and an herbal healp lather. She is also searching " identity and "purpose." -Also involved in the mena gcrio is · a right ' wing radi announcer who - insults . hi guests^ inserts innuendos int his conversations and create that certain blend of insanit thai maddens everyone aroun him. ·-This Is,-labeled .a spoof am parody of the Frica Jong (Fea of Flying) woman as se^ objcc novel It is In short, an absur trek into the world of feminism a"nd humor served with deli liim ; Another r e c e n t l y publish* njudy is "Cocaine " by Richar Ashley fti history and uses covered in - t h i s - illuminatin sludv The author,questions labeling as * dangerous narc tic He tells how it attects t Body nnd brain in fh thoroughly rescarcbfd I)ot) traces Its use through the .. as a food, medicine, commodi and turn on '-The slors of sciences scar rer intelligent life H oullm ft CETI by Jack Stoneley a A'T Law ton "CETf means comrmimcili jrith extra - terrestrial mlelli gence Man has already scnl out his first message to the stars anil the Russians are already analyzing signals they flunk mav come from anotlici civilization far out In the reaches of space The authors discuss the latest thconrs of tra\ cling through superspace -- movm? from one galaxy to another Also discussed are the most recent reports on the mystery tK Unidentified Flying f"-'--- science. 'He .not only survived where most laymen are quickly guillotined; he offered ideas thai opened up new avenues tor research, theories, and understanding, and he did it with as much literary grace as erudi tion. T h e s e achievements a r c handsomely acknowledged in this book of essays honoring Kocstle'r's 70th birthday. Abou half the pieces are from scien lists -- in psychology, ethology biology, history of science''anc other fields They deal with Koestler as an admired pee rather than as ah interloper; And .the contributors imder score, ;each -from his own per spcclive, Koestler's r a n g e He h a s challengly., on. evolution, th workings of the creative min arid the nature ot scienlitin-dis covery.'the structure of organ isms.(here, as one ot the au thors notes, he anticipated gen eral .systems, theory) and great; deal more. In 'the life'sciences, Koestle comes down hard on determ nislio ·. and mechanistic pts. Behaviorists are ema to him. f tis the my rious creative element in ma d nature lhat.;Koesller erri- lasizes in, his most origin eculations. The main lines of KocstlQ,- icnfific thought are lucidly esented in this volume -- fr r o m j a r g o n a n d p r ntiousness. And as the coi entators on Koestler's liti y output emphasize, anti-c rminationistn runs Ihrou fiction as well. In scicn nd art. he defends man's ential freedom, his creali mrk, against, the ideologic aughlerhouses that do away ith them iii theory as in ac£, 'Virtually every contribution "Astride the Two Cultures' s informative and stimulating eaders long familiar wilh center's work will find their nderslanding enhanced. Rcad- kely to be drawn to,KoestIer's vrilings themselves, which IG best sorl of birthday tribute 11 author can receive. IT STARTED AS A LARK SENSE OF MISSION By VERGIL TALBOT BECAUSK OK THE CATS/ b L Nicolas Freeling (Penguin -$1 2a) , -It all started out *s a I ark [or a bunch of teenagers. With the instigation of a recreation center operator, the teenagers set out to steal small items for the f u n of ,it. ..The escapades grcu into robberv and rape and finally, 'iriLo:fnurder. This all took .place al B!oe- mcndaal *aan Zee. .a small.sea side town outsidp of Amster-I dam.' The ' escapades of teenagers 'soon.attract the attention ot the-;. Amsterdam police. Inspficlor Van der Valk is assigned to the case. -Who,is .Van.der Valk? A non- James Bond type ,of detective, A Dutch Kojak.'lri his low-key nelhoriical-way he sets out't6 Ive the crime of the teenage ngs. Bloemetidaal aan Zee Is easanl, featureless seaside w'n with very little crime. And at is Van der Valk's problem o one believes.the town's teen gers are capable of the crimes an der Valk is investigating In the end,- Van der Valk comes through and.the streets re safe from crime once again. "THF, WINTHROP COVE : NANT (by Loins Auchincloss -"(Houghton Milfliii. 58.05) The Winlhrops lived in the United Stales before there was a United States. . . Among the earliest o! the Puritan (settlers, the tribe was to multiply and Prosper as he long years passed. Although the Winthrop blood was to mix with that of others, the descendant of the early arrival? while dit lering In some respects from their forebears · ' r e t a i n e d , on dominating characteristic: "preoccupying sense ..._ 01 mission, presumably diyinel Inspired, toward their fello\ "TO show the various form this sense-of mission took B the generations changed, Loui Auchincloss uses an etfectl\ literary device that he has sue ccsstutly used before -- mo recently in "The Partners that of the short flory tha stands alone yet neatly lorms part of the whole. In a preliminary note. A thincloss observes IbBl the. stories, thematically relate are arranged chronological from 1630 to the present da EQ MUFFLER SHOP MUFFLERS $12.95 TNSTAIAED GUARANTEED 71 S. and lecurt St. Fay ett evil le 521-5422 "Tap Quality UnaVnwtti OPEN HOUSE For Students and Their Parents Interested In Enrolling In Subiaco Academy ' ; , · · Subiaco, .Ark. ' : Sunday, April 25 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Telephone: 934-2061 MONDAY-TUESDAY BOMBSHELLS Open Daily 9:30-9:30 Closed Sundays BC 70 MODEL SX-70 CAMERA 24-HOUR TIMER oo WESTERN SHIRTS Compact Pictures develop a* you walch (Misses'Sizes | \ « Automatically turns lamps appliances on off every 24 hrs plugs directly into wall outlet. 15 amp, '/ HP motor. Men's long sleeve embroidery western shirt made of poly-cotton. Assorted light solids to choose from Sizes S-XL. Focal Magicubet Fkg of 6 Our Reg. 2 49 L JV-^ rrr\ DREAMTIMfc NIGHTGOWNS 6-LEG GYM SET 1 Gallon REDWOOD STAIN Floating stylfesin a vanetyoflengths, fabrics and trims. Boys LEISURE SHIRTS Boys' short sleeve leisure shirt made of acetate/rayon Available in assorted bold prints Sues S XL A carnival of fun. Lawn sky scooter,'2 swings, converti- ble slide. 2 for Protects outdoor furniture Hinged BRACELETS JRIGGER HOSE NOZZLES CHOICE of TESTERS For men .or women, brushed finish with polished plaque. Gold, silver. Boys 100°o cotton t shirt Available,m. asserted ladiei: Benrus WATCHES Our Reg. 39 96 * Timing light or Dwell Tach. Sproymatic hose nozilc Lar-p-z--« uj i_U LJJ U-i u-»**r ^- PLASTIC AIRPLANE K Gal. Concentrated RUG , HOLDER 'N 10 REFILLS CHILDREN'S STORY BOOKS ASSORTMENT MAGIC WAND ' Uquld 1 Or Bubble Iwt 2 for } ;; Cleans up to v( fo 2 cup holders, 10 7 oz re- Jr. Elf and Start Right Elf Shampoo Bath COMBINATION Large Assortmenl K I T C H E N ' T O O L ASSORTMENT Our,. Reg. 39e Plostic Handles 3 for '_ GLASS ASHTRAY Our Reg. 39c *1 STRIPED DISHCLOTH warn NO-PEST STRIP DUST PAN $ 2 for Hooded, copper color. Rubber attachment. Fits large, medium 8 'small faucets. Oletin pilet'wealher resist anl. Durable waffle bock- Hanging insecticide. "O-Cedar" ANGULAR BROOM ^ . - . PAPERBACK BOOKS _ i _iL, NOW EASY WIPE Bowl Cleaner Handy Lighter Our R»fl- »8c 2 For Flare tip bristles. Angle cuts gels Into corner».j ^ 10 ---. 24x14" wlp«s 715 oi., iclid typ», Butane disposable, , 80-SLIDE ROUND TRAY Our Reg. O 1O 2.84 ^.1 ~ Fits Kodak* Carousel and Foval* 600RF. 100-SL1DE ROTARY Our Reg. 2.13 Tray fits GAF», Key- stone® Sawyers and others. · 1.77 HIGHWAY 71 B. NORTH AND ROLLING HILLS DR

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