Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 23
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Death Notices IMC*, aw, »r««. **· v tw INDEPENDENT--F«9« A-13 . _ . CTBRIEN-- Mrs. Agnes. ofilHS 7w. l?th~ St. d i e d touij Ave, died Wednesday. Surviving are Wednesday. Surviving a r e husbaad, William; son. WU- liamXi"-: daughter, Mrs. Madeline Dallas; two brothers, twg^ster*. Rosary today, 30 pm. Requiem Mass Saturday,- ft30 am, both in St. Matthew's Church. Sheelar's Mortuary in charge. * ' 1- "* ' I. JARR--Lorin, 69. of 450 Wlaxh St." died Wednesday. SstySving are wife. Kate; son. Johi^ister. Mrs. E v e l y n Moaner, two grandchildren. Service Saturday, 1 Long'-Beach First. Ward Church' of Jesus Christ of Latter-day "Saintsi Spongberg Mortuary in charge. i j COOK--Robert, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cook, of 201 E.-Home St, died Tuesday. Graveside sen-ice today, 1 p-m^r Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Cypress. Hunter Mortuary in charge. wife. Bessie: son. Eugene: daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Sief-| ring; seven grandchildren. 1 t h r e e great-grandchiMren. 1 Service Monday. 1 p m , Dilday Family Funeral Directors. ODELL -- Mrs. Elizabeth. 79. of 205 Chestnut Ave, died Thursday. Surviving is son. John. Sen-ice Saturday, aura, MotttlTs Peek Mortuary. McKEEHAN ( G a r d e n Grove--Walter. 75. of 14092 Flower St, died Wednesday. Surviving are wife, Allie; SODS. Jess, Theodore; daughter, Mrs. Josephine Foskett; sister, Mrs. Tercpa Sneddon; 'our grandchildren and three jreat-grandchildren. Service Saturday, 2 pin, M e I r o s e Abbey Memorial Park chapel, Orange. Honold Brothers Mortuary in charge. * REINHARDT -- Raymond. 73/of_2204 E. First St, died TJnirsday. Surviring are wife. Hazelr.daughters, Mrs. W. O. MODE (Garden Grove) -Mrs. Joan. 37, of 5522 Vanguard Ave, died Thursday. Surviving are husband, Floyd; I daughters, Jerrflvn. Joy; par-1 · . . . ,,-- uaugnicrs, jerrun. JUJT, pii- Mlrk MuUer ents. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis u · Uo ' five « rand -hTh«npson; brothers. Lowell, cKJdren. Service and inter- We sley. Gilman Thompson; SfSL? £^-_! n -. M °l telri ibten. Mrs. Lucille Klipp, fc'.Peek Mortuary in charge locally. \ ' *·** ~--^--^ I BROWNING --Mrs. Willie, 87.'of 2357 Cedar Ave,. died T h u r s d a y . Surviving are d a u g h t e r s . Mrs. Etoyle Mrs. Ruby Liedtke. Sen-ice Saturday, 2 pjn, Westminster | Memorial Park Mortuary. F U R N I T U R E S T O R E S USUAL! BUSINESS LOWER BUT PRICES WE NEED ROOM! Seat *1 tit WBH» ».«»· k«« rtmend «4 nick «t ««r a i t»« »e ptac« !· tter* S. SO! Wt'tc l!aih«l ft* yncn · m* room. Cent « («t it! SALE STARTS TODAY 1895 EAST ANAHEIM ST. FIELDS (Wilmington) -James. 54, of 1031 E. Cruces BIG MARK-DOWNS! | BIG S E L E C T I O N S ! d i u g n t e r s . Mrs. ttoyle Sl ^ died Monday. Sunivmg Cooper. Mrs. Rina Mmton,!, re ^f^ ora; daughter, Miss Grace Browning; sons, Medora; brothers, Christ!, | Clarence, Dan. Wffliam, Earl Ben. Howard. Sen-ice SaturBrownmg: two sisters, five d^ 2 pjn , New H ope Bap-1 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren. Service and interment in Earltngton, Ky. Mot- telTs Peek Mortuary in charge locally. list Church. Long Beach. Angelus Funeral Home, Long | Beach, in charge. BLSS--Mrs. Kittie, 91. of 1764 E. B r o a d w a y , died] W. First St, died Wednesday.'dmghters, Mrs. Helen Sea- Sun-fving are wife, Nellie; |mands. Mrs. Myrtle Seiler-. I sisters, Mrs. Gene vie ve Klein, son, Edwin; 18 grandchildren, I LIVING ROOMS * ]-PC. SECT10IAL -- witk kimiir III. Iiilt-U Ml lakli. Friiii eirir. RIJ;. I1J.S5 «OW it MODERN COUCH -- witk loesi siat ail kack cisUoas, 100% loan filltl lar cimfert ills ail trinned It waliit fiiisk witk kiilt-U inssiriztl taUbWai IIS.SS «OW SECTIOIAL--fiiTcnitli OCQSI IcoTir.Re:. 15S.J5, IOW £09 '5 if J PC. foitn nibir cukitis. Maple Finish Chest BEDROOMS Miss May Lichty. S e r v i c e 15 and great-grandchildren Monday, I p.m, MottelFs three great - great - grandchil-1 Peek" Mortuary. jdren. Sen-ice Saturday, 4 1, Holton Son Mortuary. I 34" McCRIMMON --Bobby. 5, of 13as Wesley Drive, Apt. 6. H A T T E N B A C H --Mrs. 28. Suniving are Katheryne. 60, of 26CT Easy parents. Mr. and Mrs. FJiie Avt. died Wednesday. Sur- McCrimmon; brothers. Ed- wanC Walter. W i l l i a m , Danny; sister, Loraine. Service Saturday, 10 ajrL. Harris Colonial Mortuary. viving are daughter, Mrs. · Bl «I lent. Wis IJJ.S5 * PLATFORM ROCKER--Wii{ kack. Maili fiiisk. Hliif l»nl lakrie. Ret. 4J.SS IOW if DECORATOR CHAIR--Stjltl II tifkl fittii{ lias ail ciiiril witk lirakli iriizi cuir ii itartliif OQ" till witk wiliil Mm. Wa» 4S.JS HOW 03 * S" COITEHPORART COUCH -- witk 1 rrnnilU eiikiiis ill conn I ii niitorcil «li]l for iractical tiirrlar isi ail slrlil witk kmty nl comfort ti 1CCOO KOW 100 Bette Barden; brother. Henry I Cawelti; sisters, Mrs. Lillian^ ., ,, _ ,..._ Smith. Mrs. Blanche Young. · I« »"* "' llet - H l d l *I '·"«"· ««t- »'·». T JOF»--ttost !»· »l Item mill ciskliil 04Q" Hollywood Headboards T Paiitd wstfcabli pTeii'e. li» loff, »le«py .btdroom celers. * 5-fC. SET -- licliiis Irisscr, nirror, liiliojrl nl t litkl stills, itl fiiiskd [i Hind ilm witk irt- tictin lacn*' «atit{t nl st;1il witk licorattr Utti. Wai J7J.S5 _________ «OVf * BOOKCASE HEADBOARD-- Solil til witk 2 stilii{ liills, till ihl. H«t, H.JS __ :_.._ -------- »OW + TOUR CHOICE if CHESTS, DRESSERS, HEADBOARDS --All natckiic lit all wilk priuirizcl tepi ail liitiictiu ttjliij _____________________ Startiii al + I-rC. MAHOGART UT-- lirji ilii-lrawtr Inssir witk Birrtr ail i»ttr ktl. F.JJ. JJ!.!5 --------- ROW * WAIIUT DRESSER t MIRROR-- witk eiitia-mall toy ail cistoB Irtwir Jills [ayortil trim Giraiir- Wi» III.3S _ _________________________ *OW 199" 12" 39" 189" 99" * WAIIUT CEOAR CHEST-- witk lilt-liul trij nl ttcril Irawtr. lickiili lalck nl iirma- Hitlj irlorinl _ -- 01 [Mrs. Helen Harrison, and [three grandchildren. Sen-ice ] ' Directors. Family re-1 donations to the Me- VORTON-M». G I a d y s (Ptigy). 57. of 3515 Chat win AveTdled Thursday. Sun-iv- \ infare husband. Can; son, Mahlon: mother. Mrs. Alice Richardson; s i s t e r s . Mrs. WELLS-- Mrs. Susan, of 21 Agnes Richards. Mrs. Alice Cherry Ave, died Wednes- ShineV" three grandchildren, day. Sunfring are sons, Wil- Sen-ice Monday, 11 ajn, Dil- li^m. Henry; daughters. Mrs. day Family Funeral Directors. ·k HIDE-A-IE9 iy Jinrnm--Hilts iili i ccnforii- |OQ« il fill tiz» ttl. Asscrtil colon. FIJ. 1D.95 _IOW 103 APPLIANCES KMTAE DRIER-- Comet ti J2I ir III tilts. ICC" *"' toifrils. Rif. MS-9S ___ HOW IJU _ U C«. ft 61BS01I REfRIBERMOH witk »i iwi ici OQ7" Louise Began. Mrs. tlyn | B ,i, r . firitcl ler frimr ···««. R«j. JSS.S5 -MOW AOI ,..r,,^x- ,. -« Reeves, Mrs. Edith McQuaigg; MADISON--Monte. 0, of brother , Levi Riter; sister, 5658 Rose Ave, died Wednes- Mrs . Maye earn. Sen-ice and day.^Suniving are wife, interment in Salt Lake City, Emma; sons, Kenneth. For- Utah. Patterson Snivefy rest' John; daughters, Mrs. Mortuary in charge locally. Helen West, Mrs. Chen Kel- .,,_.,,.: r,- - r t u ler-, 16 ^ndchildren. two UM«* -Miss ZJpha, | Sen-ice Big 7/14-IncJ rfiomtfer, (Juroblt proof ptaiKc, bran RUGS CARPETS 1e 2'if OVAl mtD ED HAll RUIIERS-- Comfliiilr lc, iisy t» tlcai ______ ..... __________ Family Funeral Directors. ice Monday, I p.m, Patter- SILVXRS -- Edwin, 73, of, son Smvely Mortuary. Demo Women to Study Eey Legislative Issues LOS ANGELES (CNS)--[M. Rees, Los Angeles County; US. Sen. Clair Engle will give'Sen. Fred Fair. Monterey 500 Democratic women a'County; Assembr-man Rob"pep talk" on President Ken-'ert W. Crown, chairman of red/s consen-ation programs;the Assembly Committee on for tiit nation's j-outh and Wayi and Means; Assembly- natural resources at a lunch-[man Tom Bane, chairman of eon Saturday in the Ambas- the Assembly Rules Commit- sador HoteL Itee; Assemblj-man James R. The group of active women ""Us, chairman of the Assem- Democrau from throughout W Committee on Finance tht" Southland win meet at "1 Insurance, and Assem- the Ambassador to study keyl^-nun W. Byron Rumford, lecislatn e issues which are chairman of the Assembly now being debated in t h e Committee on Public Health. ftate and national eapitols. ) Other participants win m- The study sessions will get chide Thomas Braden, presi-1 underway at 10 ajn. four'dect of the State Board of I panels have been organized i Edacatioo; Hugo Fisher, ad-1 to discuss conservation of ministrator of the State De- youth and natural resourtes/partment of Natural Re-1 human rights, consumer pro-'sources; A s s e m b l y m e n ! tectica and education. .George Danielson. J o s e p h Panel members win include Kennick. Mervya Dymally, I Attorney G e n e r a l StanelyJA n t h o n y Beilenson, John Moskr Speaker of the As- Quimby, John Moreno and sembry Jess* M. Unruh; As- other eiperu on major state sembry Majority Leader Jer- programs which are before | om« R^WaUie; Sen. Thomas the legisbture this year. * FRIGtOAIRE 1MPERIU IUTO. WASHER, liil il OCC 8 ' rtmoTil iitomitieillj. Rej. JIMS ______ HOW £00 * AUTOMATIC TOASTER-- witk scciriti sidil coitrcl Ii liil )iir litirifi «iii« il lojsl, nl sui-cit cnnk loir ail poi-ii ictioi. * MA1TAG AUTOMATIC WASHER, kit lilt Hllir 1QO" dk iil water saw. Ri{. »J.S5 ------------------ HOW 190 A RI6IOAIRE-- REFRISERAUR-FREEZER, 1 loin lar(i ea»aeilj. Ret. JSS.SS _____________ «OW * SEW1IG MACHIIE-- Portakli. Siml-aitinatie COIT wilk lid eiitnU Rir. SJ.SS ------------- «OW 00 * ELECTRIC COFFEE rERCOUTOR-- Pirlt Clifil tl all tluon ail si(ial lijit {li«s wkn nalr. * STEAM OR DRT IROI-- witk fiijir-tii kill silcctiit. Fillj aiUaatie ail fill; parailnl. OUTDOOR it S-PC, WROUGHT IROI TABLE t 4 CHAIRS SET-All iirtj nttfroodl ail coiltl ii liccratar wkiti. Hi *tjl»l, irieil liw. Wis SMS «OW if SAR-I-QUE BRAZIERS--witk aljistaili pilL Rails ii larr.i wkctls. All caatU Ii nitjrool ciiperiiii. WaslLJS «* * POWER MOWER--Rill tj»«. Fill Z-karscpiwir, J- ipeil Bri£t» ail Stratit npil witk iitaaatie ctstck ail ckiti. Was JT.JS *OW ir ALUMIIUM CHAISE IOUIGE--witk 1 iiii'iii n- cHur kack ail |!SBI niral lattirul itastic pal. Was IIJS -- "8* if J PC, PICIIC TABU AIO IEICHES --l-fiat UVti ail 2 Bafckiit kiictit. Stirlf rilwiol eiistnt- tin. FlKitj lill 69-Pc. Dinnerware Set 12 J Royol OreKord paHtriu SerTice for S. Everything intlujirg temng end bowti. Wo» I9.^S. row 12.11. * J'llJ' REVERSIBLE RUG-- linitil liaititf at ___________________ ..... -.: ---- * I'll!' FLOOR SAMPLES -- Inir oit if tit iten. Tkick i/j-Iick mcosi flit witk loia kacit{. 1 rip, J eilirs. Was 4J.8S ______________ ..... ________ «OW if S'llJ' OVAL BRAIDED RUG-- RiTirsikli ail washakll ___________ * I I'll I', IJ'iir, IJ'iir, I2il5' ALL ITIOI PILE -- Ii trcwi, put. Hit, ail kii(i witk rick tiitin ail st)li ti csz!srt ny rota. _._Tnr ckeici 9" 19" 29" 39" 69" USED FURNITURE 100% Vepot fitl«i for rial il««p'rg com forf. Lof» of r«« for »o KiiU mertj * II USED TVs t« cketsi {TIB. Ccabiiatiiis, lart- aktis, ciisolis. Writtci (iirnttt ----------- if S-PC. DIIETTE SET-- Hi ill iljliif, Fermita ii, llastie ifiotjtirj -------------------------- FUll PRICE 39" ^^^^^^^^ wv 9" 77" 9 ss Adjustable Metal Bed Frame Reg. MS A/^ NOW *f Sfrcr.g, ligfifwciglit framt. ArfjoJ* fa or f»U (Tit. RolTi foiy en so-mar coittn. BBi^ilil twin »Tnyl * BED OrVAR-- witk sf«ra(i comjirtaiil if BOI SPRIIB t MATTRESS-- Twii sin. Hirrf, ketk lor if SEWIIS MACHINE-- Odin witk Ittackmtiti ail cirrjiij tast if MAPLE POSTER BEOS-- Twii sizi, IicFiliif rails * AUTO WASHERS-- Cittst btm Ma;1af, Kiiairt, Frigilairi DINETTES ' NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS IF TOO co NOT en rous lEeuiAt oinEt DEtmit ._( Independent D vt *3i tfctiw 9 t* r°* tp*ej.9v Ojr MTTIC* ^tptrhn.nt W «F«« irt3 It am. ·«H«r» mi nrtl I9J9 (JR. Sm^arv Ail fer tfw ucuT.f el ··{*- IONS IUCH frnt',* ·ffirt) . Hr »-"" IjTuI*. B«5rVrTr Piromont .. , . T a «-'"' it 5-PC, VIRTUE BI1ETTE SET-- Witk irtiisiii lial if T-PC, VIRTUE DIIETTE SET--fleltil ciiit, faiklf *rQTl «ill i sio i l«»t S«lf tlri » lalll. Was iiiJI- !JW I v 32-Kcce Stainless Flatware Ccmpltf* d) Inclosing Irirtl. forli end ipcon» is modera itil^n, CmifeJ quontify. JUVENILE it Batsintti--WITH wiclir witk kasi. Biilt-Ii iiel. Ri(. 22JS IOW ir STROUEft-- C»naiialti ail ntj ti iiti. Cknai Kiitk. Aljistallt kailli. Ri{. IIJ5 IOW it BOTTLE WARMER ST SUIBEAM--Attaaatic, taifiiiul. RIJ. IMS IOW if SABT WARDROBE--WH kink, 4 Inwin til ciBiirtcut f«r kairjig tUtkis. Ri{. 4I.IS --ROW * PORTA IOUIGER CAR BED --lift!j pallil »l ciTinl i* waskakU iliitte. Wat MS IOW it m CHAIR--witk li-rfiili foot nst ill MRajsikft taklt. Oil S:!T. Wa» IMS Kit 39:; 39" 9" 19" 49" 9" .69:; · 15" 11" 6" 32" 7" 11" M P.«» Sikjnt t* 1895 EAST ANAHEIM STREET, LONG BEACH SHOP TODAY, FRIDAY, 'TIL 9 P.M. · FREE DELIVERY · OPEN ACCOUNT TODAY

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