Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on September 18, 1990 · Page 23
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Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 23

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 18, 1990
Page 23
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S Boston Public (N)(L)S JAG "A Tangled Web" (In Stereo) (V)E Dateline (In Stereo) E Washington Week Washington Week Reba"War and Peace" Walt Street- Fortune Wall Street- Fortune Like Family S Getting Together E Wanda at Large (L) Luis "Pilol"(L) Now With B II Meyers (H) (in Stereo) S Now With Bill Uoyers (N) (In Stereo) SI Grounded for Life (L) Doctor and the Word All- Andersons His Place 31 Boston Public (N)(L)S CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 'Recipe or Murder" (In Stereo) S,V)S Soundstaoe"WiJco With Sonic Youth" 31 MftO Actress, talk- show host and mother Kelly Ripa.(N)S • loomtown'lost Child" (In Stereo) S NewsS Inside Edition S ;S1: Crime Scene Investigation "Recipe for Murder" (In Stereo) (S,V)S Joomtown "Losl Child" (In Stereo) S Black Horizons Black ilorizons Blind Date (In Stereo) News (In Stereo) S BBC World News NewsS NewsS Spin City In Stereo) News NewsS Stealing Home-Cuban Baseball 'G' Stealing Home-Cuban Baseball 'G 1 Blind Date (In Stereo) In Touch (N)S News Elimldate mm Action House TV Seinfeld (1 Stereo) (D Late Show (In Stereo) £ Charlie Rose (N)(ln tereo)i: Nightiine S Late Late Show Ray Romano; Carl Reiner. N) (In Stereo) (D)S Short List In Stereo) Jimmy Kimmel Live BubbaSparm,(N)jln Stereo) (0,L)S Tonight Show Seann William Scott; Kate Bosworth; the Bangles. N) (In Stereo) E Munsters Washington Week Paid Program Wall Street- Fortune John Walsh Snow The 'Mioria! Center for Kissing and Exploited Children. (N) Late Night Dave Chappelte; Ken Sums. (N) (In Stereo)!; Weakest Link (In Stereo) S Eitra(N) (m Stereo) 31 ride Angle "The Dammed" (In Stereo) S Paid Program Last Call (N) (In Stereo) S Movie Jle Show (In Stereo) E Tonight Show Seann William Scott; Kate Josworth; the Bangles. (N) (In Stereo) a OffQ OffQ Elimidate Al Den son (El) Just Shoot Mel! .ate Late Show Ray tamano; Car) Reiner. N) (In Stereo) (D)S Late Night Dave Chappelle; Ken Bums. (N) (In Stereo) E Charlie Rose (N) (In Stereo) S Charlie Rose (N) (In Stereo) S Paid Program Fast Forward Drew Carey (D,L) Paid Program His Place S Just Shoot HeS Just Shoot Me "Sugar Momma" (In Stereo) NewsS Drew Carey (In Stereo) (D, L)B Paid Program Washington Week Paid ^oo/am ; Joined in Progress) Entertainment Tonight (In Stereo) E Entertainers (N) Wall greet- Fortune Paid Program Late Night (In Stereo) S Electronic Essentials Frasier"rt Takes Two to Tangle" (In Stereo) Last Call (N) (In Stereo) 11 hdependent Lens "Strange Fruit" (L,V)S Independent Lens "Strange FruH" (L,V) S 5th Wheel Insults. 3E Live From Studio B Paid P/ogram 5th Wheel (In Stereo) Destiny TV Paid Program Beautiful Homes S Great Estates Headline News Tonight Show (In Stereo) E Late Night (In Stereo) £ (Off Air) (Off Air) Paid Program Impulse Paid Program Steve Harvey (D) Awake Now Spin City (In Stereo) Electronic Essentials (Joined in Progress) 700 Club (N)S Crossing Over Crossing Over Cable TV viewing Highlights on cable channels for today include the following: 7 p.m. — Now See This! A police chase and a stand-off. Special. DISC. . 8 p.m. — Biography: "Janis Joplin." A&E. "Earthquake." Action starring Charlton Ileston, Ava Gardner, George Kennedy. Los Angeles is caught in a cataclysmic quake. AMC. * * Wright Brothers: First in Flight. Special. DISC. "Analyze This." Comedy starring Billy Crystal, Robert DeNiro. A psychiatrist treats an anxiety- ridden New York mob boss. TNT. * * * "Exiled." Starring Chris Noth. A detective investigates the murder of a prostitute in hopes of being reassigned. USA. * * 9 p.m. — Biography: "Cass Elliott." A&E. 10 p.m. — "King Ralph." Starring John Goodman. A lounge act is found to be an heir to the British throne. TNT. * * Peanuts Garfield /ONE OF THESE DAY5\ THE SCHOOL 8U5 15 \ SOINSTOCOME.ANPl KO ONE WILL TELL ME, ANP I'LL BE I LEfT 5TANDIN6 c A HERE ALL ALONE BUV NEW CURTAINS HELLO, MATE. HERE FOP, DETENTION' WtTH MRS. GODFREY OM SABBATICAL, I HO GET DETENTION ! NO *K»E AM r TO BE utJJUSTLY IMPRISONED;: XOU NOTICED MY BAG OF CHEEZ. DOODLES t>lt>NT YOU ' THEY'RE PUFF-A-UCICUS VERV LIFELIKE-. VJHO'5 YOUR TAXIDERMIST? I DETENTION, CZERWKXl THINK r MOT 1 . J Beetle Bailey Rex Morgan M.D. AMP OVV FfZJ&NPS HARP TO I'M SORRY, CfN ONLY IMAGINE WHAT YOU THINK Of He! IF YOU'RE NOTSCIN6 TO FINISH THAT CAKE. THIS HAS BEEN A LOVELY PICNIC, BEETLE ITWA5NICESEIN6 ALONE WITH YOU we HAVE A iOTTOTAl-K ASOUT; r THIK9C YOU'RE ON& OF MY OLVtST , KIT/ The Born Loser r W DNJGrttEKOUT FOR. 5OWE HEMS OR SVCKVeoOY/ VOO WOULD BE.IIAE TOFO! Soup To Nutz you THINK rr'S\ 5 ? WHW IN TARNATION Trn 1?Vir\' 1o Ser 1he- Bifc-S 3NP TneY aLMosT did 't.l snoweri up Hagar The Horrible Frank & Ernest £>£SN Y3U F0£ A PAL& AT TdZ POMT7C/U- If! Kit 'N'Carlyle 1 THINK 00(3 /HAY &• W THE Grizzwells URP! imT HN? TbBE TUE IME EMER EATEN £>2(»3byNEA,lr>c.

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