The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 1, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1957
Page 1
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Starling Sunday th" Wild Peach Baptist Church i? now holding a nwk-long rrv.val ' with Johnny Brunei.! as the ; evango-iistic speaker and Par-he < I-o'eno as th<; song leader. Board To Meet the Tonight the Bra/oria pendent School District's b of trustees w,ll meet in school auditorium. Among the items on t'13 agenda will he the question of cooperating with the Cily Council in hiring a tax apprai:-- al firm lo reevaluate the lax- able property in the school district. Wes Holmes Channel 8 TV Panelist ... in brief a U* ffeCM or If Beautiful Allocution lo encourage tent uilng the beache* la leave th*nl In condition, Th* "Beachcomber" will e a n ei« cetHitcaef 1 r a m ellhOT nO'tena m J. C. PeadCT'Ce). M their their «UorU tttdi^ normalb of the The tidal Minds of th«.-m fo t -undtftriMMK 1 hftnr* th«uam<J« *t nhimalt ei;led Cotton /I.VH.LE, Ind. -—iif d about finrshed tha water dumped ob For Delay Data today at 7;2« p.m. AZOSPQRT TheVoice o/ an Industrial Empire-Brazoria County Weatfcer Forecast Cl?ar 1o partly cloudy and warm through Tuesday. Southerly winds. Low tonight around 7R and high Tuesday near 92. MONDAY, JULY 1, 1957 Man Drowns In Sur PARTIES CONTINUE SEARCH FOR BODY Organized searching parties continue to comb the heach st Surfside today for the body of a 23-year-old grocery clerk from Oran^efield, Texas, who vanished beneath the surf while wading in wairt-deep water Sunday. : The drowned man was George G. FOX. He was wth relatives at Ihe time. Sev- Inde- "ral nf them had been watch- ljeonn7d Levee, a " bo;ufj in,i him. but not at the mom- ,. .. T-- t c-. en. he went under. nf thE ^.'(one S: Th- drownin? occurred at porl ' >vho wl!h about 10 a.m. Sunday near the ' r " ?nd? '-otibed fi foot of the approach road 1 ins from Surfside Bridie surf with day local individuals patroled the Wes Holmes of Lake .Tarkson «"»'" - * •*«•• At dusk an or- will appear as a panel member Rani/ed search group rontin- on "Great Issues of Education." A 4.1 minute procram to be seen for the first time tonight on Houston TV Channel 8 beginning at 8 pm. i Other members of the panel. which will discuss "Crisis In Education"—a publication authored by Bernard Iddings Bell, include Mrs. Olon Rogers and Rex Shanks. Coordinator will be Leonard Radoff of Houston "mployee in Free- crow of miles of Sufi-fool sejne. George Fox. act omnanieri bv his parent* and a teenage sister, was visiting another sister. Mis. Robi-:t S'-av of Freeport, this •• erkend. They had arrlvd from Oran-jefield Sat- :.irday. and Sunday morning vent bathing in th" surf. Fox's brother-in-law. Robert Shaw, had just left the 'vaf°r. His younger sister. 14„ . E , -ear-old Patsv. and two cousins TnrbiiSrTout the remainder of \ vfrf jn , he v . a|er wilh him organisations anfl hsd ,. pok ,, r _ )Q him a few moments iKfore. They loid officers later they ued the work under spotlights. hild lllrncd 1heir backs I:jr * f e. v; The body of George Fox wai found about eight milei up the beach today, floating fuce down in the turf, by Robert Shaw, n brother-in- law, and Allen Fox, ah uncle. Juitice George Brock rendered a verdict of accidents! death. The body wat removed lo Orangefield. the Among the searchers wa<' Henry Sanders Rites Sunday moments, and then not-.iced ;nat he wsj not in sight. On the bank 'he drowned man's mother and father were sittinif in their automobile, watching thf bathers. Their attention wat diverted for a moment, and when IIP looked back, their urn had di^appeared. Funeral services for lleniy; He was about 150 feet out. who was in Brazo^port at the ilayward Sanders. 77. of An- waist deep, v hen they last time the local Great Hooks gleton, were held Sunday at saw birr;, P»t.-y Fox said that Council was formed and lead- 3 p.m. at the Anglcton Funeral she did not notice an'. ers were trained. Home Chapel, with the Rev.'tow or other unusual water The "Great Issues" di.'cus- John W. Mills, pastor of the condition. sion groups are separate from!Fir»t Methodist Church of An- An emergency call brought Great Books group but both gleton, officiating. out. the Clu'o Volunteer Fire are sponsored by the Great Buri-M was in Angletin Cem- Department under Fire Chief etery. t -ee Price. The Coa.«t Guard Sanders was horn in Vloi.s- addod men t,, the searcn. and ton on j an j iggn. and died ! th« count/ patrol unit of Dep' Books Foundation. Some Bra/.osporlcrs are attending tha current "Great 1s- sues" discussions in HouFton al John SM , V Hogpita i in Gal- uty Sheriff F. B. Clark jwrwd and it mfffttent interest IS ve ,, on June 39 He wa , , mem- , n . Ix>cal Civil Air Patrol her of the Alamo Masonicj planes flew the beach. And •hown locally, a scries could b* tlartr-d in. Bra import,. •No.-44 o« San Antonio, and of the Methodist Church. Jack Turner 'kepr> »»v-,amb'j« lance from U>* Frteport fun- Glen Morgci Joe Cargile Both Resign Two Bra?,osport Senior .acuity member? — Principal ' Cllcn Morgan and Enslish ;-CO- orriina'.nr Joe Cargiie — ttirn-, ^d in their resignations .o O. B .Kin", acting si Ir.ndent of schools. Morgan. who has becr| ;he Bra-.osport school syst Tor Hit- past 10 years, will liflv« ,he leachins profession for a nosition with a resl estate Jirirr Ho lias been principal of: thi hUli school for t\vo years. At the beginning of his work' ttt- iBr.nznpporl, he had taught school in VrUscn. served .a* assistant principal in Latte Jackson, and had been Clute •)iinc:pal for six years. . , His resignation. effeCtiVe •Inly 15. staied only that he wfe6 ? e?irrnin£ for "personal reaJ&- OM-." ' '• * : ; Cars;!?, who will remain-on ils projecis here through the non'h of Ai:mk : l. ha~ accpeterl portion on t'ie t^ruity of 'am Houston Sia'.e Teachers Uoi'::'2o in Huntsvi)!?. Me Ivis oeen v."': ; i the district 'or six year.-. r,To = t of that inie he ha? bc'?n an in^riiclor n l-'ni.'lish, Kail t-vo years ,fc£o •-••as a;vr n the acichtion?!' la^Jt •f dfv.Vfnini the F.njlisii cur- '••'I'nrn ; n !he school system" Sun'. K'nc sa'd thai Asjtsl .n: Principal V'ireil Eikfcn- • T«. who has been in active iar?e of the hiqh school dut- ni a recent vacation hy M6r- ,-n. viU rontinuc in that cap- icity t"~'M a r ft o\v ornrnt for It to- into th* village* ottonmouth moc-i where they angrily MrUtt •re urikinx at (anything that come* by. He was a long-time resident ;eral Home on the Uland. of Anglelon. and wan in thei At m>>ht th«se were joirwd oil and leasing business for a,by the Velasco Volunteer Fire number of years. Department, Cspt. J«^ Gar- ! Survivors Include his wife, rett's tfstiona! Guard bala!- Mrs. Emma Ktnnedr Sander*; : lion, and ambulance* from the one daughter, Mra. Mary Car- Brazosport Funeral Home and olyn Smith of Houston; three:the Claybar funeral Horn* of and towns, for* In aiinall boals and swamp.brothers, T. A., D. A., and J.;Orange. buggies to recover the deiuT.A. Sander?, all of Houstouy The Brato*(X«t Boat C!ul>' complatrsed that most person*Mhree sisters, Mrj. G. M. Camp,: a ,t em p t<K i to put a boat? into •'• i Reaches 246 KEEP1HO AN UNHAPPY VIGIL all through Sunday and loei mi«U wae M. G. Fox, father at George G. Fox of Orinjefield whj aiianpeared in»» th* lurf Sunday morn- infc » h't pi-»nn and llhet relativet were on the beach, only momentarily taking iheir ey*< off th» yo"-Tlg^r Fox, The drovning occurred off Surf- !J i B^ach a-'d s"rch»n have not yet found the body. ^aret Ki.'her and her older s»- -?r, Ann. put up a battle Sun- ay when two robbers invaded li .cir home. But. the robbffri •••ere able to subdue the sisterS '.ml fled with *SO(1 in ca<h and ,ic"'elyy. ••^;' M->- T ,vet is r.2. ,ird !'• •" sis' Lake area. They used' shotguns lo deblutt the carcasses of cattle. The weather along the coast , ,. in hot and humid and bodies !'' eL ? Vl ' rs ll «' ltl< / uouy has to do thi !in relief crevs on me coast Ho " s " m ' won't help toim. »The/ ti iVS'Sy when a-ik»d for help. ; 0 f the Sue "Jn one wav you can't .London. K>'.; ,blam»> thrm ^nd in anniner'C'liiKlren. way you (an." t^nc man who pallneareis Ma >. •'".••arch, but the *»ter wned man w,s r ,,, Bennett College, 'marm-d. Rel.t,v,< » a idth s t and two grand- >, e had been in il! healin toi most of tiis life The\ sa:i tr.j 1 . -veie R.ihei I he hau mice btvn subjei'l T id "S-finii-- BU'-kt;uin ,ind C. N Reed's, epileptic seizures, but thit *•. . r.ihy Bruce spent four and cui-cawes quickly putrefy. ."?">' nas '" a <> U11 ' ""'• ' dnll ' t ! Hou-ion: Waller Mavliew«. ; h.>d not had a .5pell in f,x: iff goods for her new,Cattle swell up with gas until'" 1 " 1 '" havt ' to °" " - 1M > '""re .lonn A. Folleit. W. B. Patter, vears. and they .lid n u t c,-- «,& but the atore'n.'they look like balloo.,.. lhan (hi ' '••'• !il " ijn "'"• ll »»•••-«"'. »'"l C' s «l" Gernarol. alljlie-e that thU •.•ould have bee. oKicially poM-' V.'hen bullowra, which .-Vnn-.'" b * dl ""-'- of Anglelon. Ulu- c.iuse of his drowmny. post-; Vru'n bulloxers, which c'.enn- , up crews u*ed. hit the bloatvil ||r1 Mia. Bruct) u«*d i carcasses. they exploded.' to pay for her;throwing foul-smr'llin* matter jail over the bulldoter and its opera lor. ; But Hal Gunner 0 SurplUS ' A man uitrt a shotgun can 1 ON, Ind. — W— Res-.stiiid aft at *-diaUmr. shoot; the carca&» and let out the g»« befoie * bulldoter gels lo it. Th* men going burk ami ' H. A. Handle, Daw Inatiu mcnl T«£hni«il Services, went — ;to Chicago for the Third Na: band »nd • balloon tioni i synijjowum on Instiu- wrecked i centennial ; menUl M«thod« of Analysi.- |.-'her Saturaay. i, nd Analyttca.1 tnstrumenis «nd frighUned t horte| clin j c htld at the University of i abllooo m»d_« siv bn«i- Chicago. i bolt, Th« parade: 0 .._—_— but up until all t«vimi ' wcr* rounded up, 'p oUM Report ! i i No accident* were reported in Fre«port, L»ke Jacki-on or Clum over lh« past weekend, j p,tn. according to the police univ*. TE BULLETINS- SPHlNli- -T\M> jel trainer* crashed here today. I crc* "f at brought the plane lo Webb field, i |athe. crafhcd. ASI'Al.ON, 'H-J. --A boidtfi jialrol pilui todas spotted up r,.n a in- untiiin a vvoman beliexed to be Mrs. Citf- ! iWhitt of Houston, who has been missing *mce their ; |n wagon Ivtdine stuck in sand in scorching lempern- \ liir husband died of heat trying to reach j l<AVANA~-Kkpoiu of gun Wittlej, s»boUge, wicje- {i, anci «rreati—th« anawer of rebels to is "pc-ace r^lly"—reached ^»v«na today. [iUNTSVU l.K, A'».~Col. Jobu C. Nick*rion bays lo- ^c \^iil roniinu* r.U fight for Arm}' inis>jle« thiougix fial" rhanne!*, and uuiieday regain his status at a 2 Youths Admit Bu. paries T.',< Brazosport youths, one were if covered following tKe uuilding. en the Dairy Mac :s nn<t the other 17.- «-<"re|aiTPM of the two boys. i pn( |. -fhe pair had plftnn«< rtiooed b> [Jikc Jaikson police| The Saiurriay morning ar- lo return later in the night t< early Saturday morning in con-'reM also brought a coitfc-ision pick- up the guns, they IftK r.erlion with a Friday ni|?hl| 0 f a June ID icbbery of tht officers. uurglary. iWest.rn Auto Store in Lake n, ol ], " wc| . e t;il(er) to , he jj,., After b«-inK appii'hendi'.d.jJacksdn and llolloway Ilard- /0 ria County Jail in Angletoi if of luc \oiiui- aiimillediware and Lumber Company in'^nd the Ifi-ycar-old ,vai re iKing p*rt ;n t«" -!une ISjChiH'. leased on a '*noo bond wWl- iuiibeues, c.Ji uhiclk Jix-al poH Lal.r- Jjck.=uri ni^hl oau-cr» tin- older boy 15 still m jjili <i jjniu? lave been working. L. M. A\di^ ond .loc Alchisoi, One of Uie boys adrnittei La^e jv-ckson Polite Cluefl w ere crui&in^ the Saiurria:*' that he and aild^hp J. S. Brown retxirted Ihat arouuo inidni.qni Frmav uhe.^boy broke into the Lake Jncls'* Auto Stixe was brok-; t | icy were repuried m hm'e'soii and Chile stores on,-Jun ;n ml" Friday mint ano around spotted an old car on Kuisaciif Id. >!S<i in aik. »lou.? with two.-g,,^,. Kour p , stols a|)d ai . oim ^ j .;_• nf,« and one .410 was, Th( , nffK .,,,. s ,„,„;,, H (hftl . were lalien from the LJ'Wert 1Cl "-'' n - of the car .md fouir.i aoihins ern Auto Store. w!\ile Hollo Ail the rush jnd meichandii=e wrons at the t.nic but they .ay Hardware did nnl crnfiit rreturned to the ofiice to check ;m\ of their losses. ;on the rerii:>.lraiion. A major portion of the stol ' A/e.und 1:30 a.m. S..luriu. "» Sooda from these two ?lof« 4 «iai-iiii>«. thev sa>v thv >,u- -''' is recovered by BIT. n do ; crviEinff the downtown .-uce:s-Ihe L.J Police IJepar! of Lake Ja<k.<on. The ot/u.cis • •—" — ouiled Lhe <-ar to the Ude am!' Bake Sale Set -tailed qquestioning the two - rhl , WSCS of St i '-'"."• Meiiiodisi Church »' Tne pair tru-d in vain lo hidi Creek will .-ponsor a uaki :he money they had tak;-r. he- cookie and pie sale Uninesdaj fun- the 01 fici-rs .-.tailed talk- July 3, in front of V.'illenberjt' nig .to Ihtr.i. ririigsnir* in Freepmt. After adi-nittirn; tht robU'i... Procei-ds from 1l;e sale wj Chief Brov, n. the nfficiv.s and i le ured. for B water cooler ff liie uvo soiitr.s rctuiued to the chur-.. 1 '; 1 . ., .'he tardy ta"xpiyei-s will White's Auto Siore, wtiaic UK - -—o - 'ov,-« the regular Amount of tax,! two bo>s unaM.y fxplanied Three In Sail Fl'ailCiSC a ptnaiiy of eight per cent, uow ihey r. V ! m;o i]-.« ouilaum. • A "* ™ ^tij**". pl n ^-v .iuwiftU at ihtee per tent, awi- The three gun? were ieco\- „."•."• " d r \v I .. !_**., ~ ,.,^,.4 na..^» tr-m U 1 r. 1 t ^ A ; 11 .- . ^IflfO '' '"*•?**>«- **PU *J »* • 4U EN>w tfmplu-, i School Taxes Go Delinquent Anglclun School D'tstricl tMt- ei for 1959 paid by July 1, b*?- ,'Oir^i ftt'linqtient ac^iording to ;..> a:.iUM;nceirient it s y Sirhooi T«x A-wo.-i.^or-ColU-cfor R. L. ^Barnes H4lfc<i U*at'$12.137.80 .-,( tiu\-e uxes .hd\'*» not >et : M*I\ paid. He exp!f*ined that whtu the taxes be<.~o,5r>e deUn- COit Of SI, ent. ; i>m«| JonJ Settlement Agreed On In Damage Suit th« semi-annual American Soci ical Ensiiieer.- ^an FrL-iu i.sct . rnt't'ting of iy of Mfich tni> month -h 1OP PAINTING in the Adull Di»l»ion at ih» iftcond aonuat ait tdii vpomomi b; the Biaiospoii Ait l.«ague and held lait weekend wat judged to be Ihit work done by M:k. MavtiUe Shoikty ei Lake »on, The painliag, entitled "The IrU Coop- it" bit u itt tubiect the then unhnnhed b->at being built by the Forcke brolhin nau btaaot Bird, in i'ic:-art. —FicU Photo By Don WiUon Fi iaa v an tri'aoon i i. c^ea.M MI ! i i»? u/, iV.'l' iil ti\« Hi ,"t Of II >UH> ag.iia-t The i.LH.iiiy in i'ne High- Tht- setiloutenl allu^ t j d O i K. McVev and wife Pcgij> >8.5Ui' i or Hi^ir propiiriy. a> LOinjjarod with a jui'i o^ \ ie\\ The McVeys jgmed lo inov e ail buildings back by Sept. 1 County Judge Alton Arnold said lilt amount was a i:om- At Writers Clinic I). E. Hut-uii. ^iiiic Basic He. iur\-. aUei)fU<f I\'c Yoi k IL'- * i'i Dow's O iaich Labor tni Technic al Renscli itute at Trq Lei HI-.IIII. O. M. BiU'.iii. Bubny Miiii. on. V, 1 B. Kfi.ncu.v, ji.d R. F. Faiciiiu-> Jr., ail of AllLdl-lUll. Olni'i.- wi'.o i;.i\t f:K'il slut dgain>i the in tut- ,vid- 1111115 include J H. Fux. Bula Mae Lai.da. Mcaduv, lake- I'olln- uletc and nnal payment The iry Club. Wiley Smith i't ux. i-o:e Wiis nheduliid tu bt- heard'W B. Piuiu, Jack E. Ok'. Ar. 111 coun'y court, beyirunim ihi.^ nolti H. Hi^on. L T. l.cHib- .uorii.'i.!). eui. Gior-.o W. Ecr.-. .1.'.- and ; 'I'liu j.;iy of vie A- it;puii L,.-- v. lie. Kloride \. Euxvaids, and toiitd damage* on'" April !• ). B. Mcf'tnuii, THIS IS YOUR TIME TO MAKE MONEY .... T!aouj,!i CL.-.-iiied Ads I'hunt- :t-'i:ill House cU:in:ijjii has g Wu.v ol briiigi:^ lo i:ght things >oc \vish yuu auin't have. Anc ClasMi'icri Ads have a waj of q:,»d;l> getting spot cast for 'i in! Dial :)-:(.>i i for an ad \\ nter Name ft.e r^erns you'd like t{ swap l( r dollars. She nulpi >•{•;' 'Vi-ice acts that do i fc'AST!

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