Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 44
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 44

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 44
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Autos for Salt 176 IMPERIAL TAKE OVER PAYMENTS ·54 IMPERIAL boulhoinolon Cut. Loaded with every- extra. Like mw. 112 v,k. JEFFREY FINANCE ME 8-8755 -- OPEH SUN. JEEP NO MONEY Oil. ALL TYPES 'JEEPS. DOSSER MOTORS '._«05 E._ANAHEIM CE 8-JWO 'SO JEEP, 4-whsefdrlv«. Xlnt cond. 6S25 Lewis. GA 3-2678. LARK LARK CAMPBELL , STUDEBAKER COMPANY 1 1887 Long Gench Blvd. Hfc 55371 _ LINCOLN 7 W~"LTH"COOPCnorl 4.dr7TS99~F7p~. 100% Fin. Call crcdll mor, Nr 6-61BO. 421 S. L.B. Blvd., Coinplon. MEiiCUKY 1957 MERCURY 4-DOOR HARDTOP Bcriiililul red orlcilnal finish willi matching interior, lias nower suerlng, radio, heater, whltcwnil -tires. Low mllcaoc. local car Lie. No. MKGW. only $ 1 3 9 9 MEL BURNS FORD -^JHHMi Long Bench Blvd. GA 6-3311. '56 MERCURY : Monterey 2-door hardtop Auto - rnatlc transmission, r,idlo, hcdtcr. Original green and while finish. Like new. $1195 Hale Young Ford '_'*" E^ Anaheim GE 9-0734 ' · '55~MERCURY.. ."....$699 Custom 4-dr. Stdr, Iran;,, R.J.H. Clean sharp. Low mileage. S. W. LEMON 1901 E. Anaheim HE_«-7371 '55 MERC. Wionlrlalr Cnc. 6 no. owner. White, bootless. R.H. W-w. Autorn. Iriinsm. '60 lie. HA _9-03S6. nitcr_6 '53 MERCURY Montercv hdlp. Full 1 «aulp. A beauty. 531 dn., S3I mo. Dlr. Call Mr. Cole. FREE HOME TRIAL. T0_6-9721. f'MERCURY^MontcfhYr 4-dr. hdfp". Full power. 1 owner. Like new. _ HA 9-«W_ '"5.1 MbRC. Mont'crev," auto, trans" MCJV blokes, X3.000 mi., get. con- dllion. 14539 Garflcld. RT.H, flood conditlnri, private plv! ' H A _ 9 _P 9fi3; _ T y. 7 " S0 9 ? 1957 AAERCU'RY 1 , good" aid., term*,", re.isonablc. KE. i-22li or KE 5-2216. OLDSMOBlLE WRITTEN WARRANTY Glistening 'i4' Oldsmobllc Super *'38" Sedan. If you will come In nnd look nt In!) vou will buv It. EauippL-d with Hydra Mntlc, power steering arid biases, heater, twin snooker radio, dual exhausts ar.d w-w lirt-s Itul tiro e.n.tilciii. Regular $995--Special--$839. GLENN E.THOMAS CO. _333 E. Annhclm HE 6-_1?S3 . '54 OLDS $895 98 sedan. Full power. FACTORY AIR-CONDITION COTTER'S USED CARS 30 Y E A R S IN LONG BEACH _ W 3 3 L . B . BLVD. G A _ 7 - ? S 5 S on '56 Oltis '8B' 'Holiday Sport COUPC. New tlr«. pwr. hfiikcs, R. Htr. P.iyinK, S67.7/ mo., 51.100 bal. Will tn^c older m _ryide (or .:w cau]tv._UN 5316?. '56 0~LD5~SuVer""88" Holld.iv tpc~ Hvdrn., R. ft H. Power slecrmo. SI.399. Pnrkwood Chevrolet. Mf- .3-0787. 100". Unancing on approved credit. _ _ '58 OLDS "88" h.irdlop. Hydra., ' Sl.Sv?'. Parhwood Clicvrolc!, M: 30/87, 100% (In.incinB on .ipprovrd credit. __ _ IV'SA" SUPER 88 H.irillOD~Olds. C, be icon *" "' ' ' ' " " Pnramoun. . GA_2-_8W6. '55 OLDS SB hdlp. Full enulp. A reol bc.iuty. S33 dn., 133 mo. Dlr. Call Mr. Coir. FRFX HOMt ' T R I A L . J O 6 9 7 2 1 . '55 OLDS 98""hdlp.~ Fu!l~Vowcr. A real be.iuty. 13J dn., S33 mo. Dlr. C.ill Mr. Cole FREE HOMI T R I A L . JO 6-7/71. __ _ ·51 Ol OS "Rfl"~?.nP. MW. T.ikr nvrr 110 wk. 1016 Not til Lona Bench Dlvd., Coinplon. NE 9-4735, djr. _ _ '51 OLDSTsuper b3 hardtop, 17.000 ml Xlnt, cond. S21M. Pnv. parly. · G(f 4-8150. _ '51 OLDS "88" 2-'dr. sedan. Floo? shllt. R. H. W-w. Runs oood. J5iO._4_3_JUniH10, Apt. 3 .lit. 5 p.m. *49""OL~DS '"flY'" Silver" Conv.," (nil power 6,000 ml. f'nv. P'v. S.l,."00. __ ^'"iJ-H-'iSl. 1 . 6 ^--°. v - ;__P.^_ 3 :' 537 .- 'i5 O'LDS V8 4-dr. 1 owner. , Best oltcr. NE 8 747'^ J 53~ SUPER' SB Holiday. Fully un'i. 1 Very clc.m. 53?6 Abbcvlicld, L.B. '"i* "OLDS Super 68 2-dr!'spd,in," R'. A f^P. brnkcs. GE_4-lfi63 OLDS '54-OB" "stick," prlv." p.irty. ^-"CJL--f*- 8 ^. 609 - -1953 OLDS 98 4-"rir., pwr. slccrino, _ i± vd Ji?-_^y^_y5_ 5 -! 6 . B ' 11 *jI~OLbS. Hvdra. CieanTR tH. 'AO ^]lt._J7M. GA 63339 poooocxxooGoooooacvj THEM ALL ONE LOCATION THE FABULOUS RENAULT Dauphinc -- Caravello PEUGEOT-- MG Austin-Healcy Sprite -- Morris 36,000-Mile Guaron!c» SUBURBAN MOTORS M.ubor Are.! 1 * Largest F tic torv- Authorized Import Denier-- Sales Service 445 E. ANAHEIM WILMINGTON TE4-8595(| ^ u l^ s * or 5a'e ^ _ OLDSMOBirE" 174 SPECIAL PREMIUM TIRES '56 OLDS SUPER "88" HOLIDAY fully equloptd--Immaculate. BOB McCLURE PLYMOUTH CENTER Plymouth De Soto Long Orach -- Lakrwood _A||anljc_ntJI^_ GA 2-1296 LOOK--'54 OLDS .$895 Super 88 ?-Door, Ot luxe radio, heater, Hvdra-Mollc. power steer- trig, power brakes. This Infe ono-owncr cor Irndcd on » new Mercedes-Ocnr. JAMESTOWN MlERCEDtTSOENZ DCALf5R _1350 Lon^BeBCh^Blvd, HE 2-/915 5'J OLDS, engine. New" thrWul. Sacrifice. 275. GE 1-2B34. PACKAKD 50~pAC'KA'R o~-dK ^ x i n t~~ transp. £flr.J^ew botlrry. RH. HAJJJ566. PLYMOUTH WRITTEN WARRANTY CsDOcl.illV nice 1957 Plymoulh V-3 sedan that will not disappoint vou. Color is OH while and the interior hds Ijccri well cared for. I'ush-bullon drive, nlr-tonm rush- Ions, turn signals, 'aclorv-inslallcd rndlo nnd healer. Excellcnl whitewall tires 51,157 GLENN E.THOMAS CO. _333 P.. Anaheim H! LH?iL 3 "$AVE AT HARRISON '55 PLYM. Belvedere S799. V-B, aulomiilic, radio heater, wsw. Sparkling. 2-tone finish. LOU HARRISON Mercury 17617 S. Bcllflower Blvd. Bclldowcrjro 6-1761 Open Sunday 5. 1 - " PLYM. Belvedere Tdr. hdti. V-B, nutom., RH, w-w, orccn while. Prlv. pty. GA 7-4106. 2473 Crdnr. 58 PLYMOUTH" scvov 4dr.", V4 ni'toniatlc, power " ,; -., radio, hefitcr. 1,499. .crms to suit. 3201 E. Pacific Coast Hwy., GE 3-7428, Dlr. T-12 MOTORS _J500J.._B. Blyd HE 2-0610 NfTW '59 Plym. 6, 4-dr. Savoy, aulom., R.H., new '59 Belvedere hrdlp. Big savings. (Dlr.) Tt_3-9776 57~ PLYMOUTH Hdtp Tak« over for M9 car pvrnts. of 513 6? per week. Call Credit Manager Rl 8-2271 _ 5? PLYMOUTH Bel. 2-dr. hdtp. v'8, RS.H. rtulom., w/w silver t. orey. 10,000 mi. 5?95 dn., 5/6 mo. TO 6^679 TAK'e O V E R P A Y M C H T S '53 Hlvm. sod. 5299 P.P. Loaded f. sharp. 517 .no. JcHrcv^rinanrg Corp. __N1= 6 B/5 1 . $97b '57 PLYMOUTH ?-dr. A bcautv. 1401 F. 4TH _ HT fi 4317, dlr. / PLYMOUTH~4"-dr. Posh-button drive. R. H. 520 On. 510 wk. C.ill Hiram. PL 4-5720, dlr. Autos far Salt 176 PLYMOUTH $AVE AT HARRISON 'S7 PLYM. 2-D Push bullon , , , Hoator, whltewalt lire*, 2-lone finish. Original Inj de 8, ou . LOU HARRISON Morcury NEW Hlym. Furv '59. Ex. cars. (2 hrdtps.) (1 jednn). Snvt J«. _TE_3-9/_76. Olr. "PONTIAC '55 PONT. WAGON $899 e;o T4-Dr. Hvdrn., R8.H. Pwr. strg. brakes. Xlnt. cond. S. W. LEMON _J901 E. Amihcjni HE 67371 '57" PONTIAC $1299 Chief dlx. 2-Dr. Full power. Hydra. R1H. Low miles. Sharp. S. W. LEMON 1901 E. Anaheim _ HE 6-7371 '52 PONTIAC, dual range hydra- mnllc, RH, new motor, thoroughly clean. 5300. 5919 H. Easl- brookT Lkwd.^Tp_6-01E9 att 5 p.m. $13"DN" W PER M0 - -5S Pontlac 2-dr., tullv eauipl- Coll lor rrcs h°me trial. NE 8.516V 1313 N. L. B^BIvd., Complon. Dlr. r 56 PONtlAC SJar"Ctilcf Catalinj Full power. A real beauty S36 tin , 53i mo Dr. Call Mr. Cole. FREE_HOME_JRIAL. TO 6-9721. iO PONTIAC, real sharp! Good W.S.W. llres, RiH, Hvdrarnalic. 5199. GE 1-6687. RAMBLER ASSUME PAYMENTS 549.80 MO. '55 Rnmbler Cross Country wfloon. Aulornatlc, radio, htr, new llrcs. See credit mgr., 2^ Long Beach Blvd. GA 7-7506. STUDEBAi.,.t L A R K S WE'RE V/HEELING DEALING $299 DN. Aufp$_forSale_ _ RAMBLER" 176! Autos for Sale r* 1761 Autos for Sal* Beach, Cillf., Thuri., Feb. 4, mo $AVE AT HARRISON ·U RAMBLEP SUPER «99 Radio, Hea'cr, Economy Overdrive. Original finish. See this one. LOU HARRISON Mercury \76\t S Bcllflower Blvd. BolHIowcr TO 61761 Open Sunday '55 STUDE $699 V-8 Slnrllohl Couoe. A T , RH. Sharp. A-l condlllon. S. W. LEMON 1901 E. Anaheim HIE 6 7371 '55 STUDE Prcildcn'l,"" take ovi-r Dovnunts, S35 mo. No cnuitv. Owe WOO. Private party. HA 56130. '51 STUDE convert." 1-owncr. Vr-ry ^ood_cond. '60 lie. S175. TW 3-1973. 1958 T-BIRD All while. Immaculate H,v, nowrr steering, brake',, se.itp, w;ncliv ( s, and all the goodies. Being sacrificed at only $2995 STOREY-RICKETTS _ 998 IONC_BEACII BLVD. 1.958 Wiib' Loaded with extras Incluriino fac- forv dli-c'jiKjIMoned. All white, has continental kit. II is a bcdulv Lie. No. PNZ«9. Only $3499 LOOK! THESE HEW CAR TRADLS Studo, 4-dr $249 Studo. 4-dr S299 Chrys. 4-dr., p. itosr $499 Studo. Cpo ,, J599 Stude. Wagon 5599 j Plym. Wagon J599 Studo. V-8 Pickup 5699 ! Mire. Con). Cpe S99? j Oldi. "88" Hardtop S999 Ctiav. Bel Air Wgn. $1099 Chev. 4-dr. Wagon $1799 Plym. Wagon . . . $ 1 7 9 9 MANY OTHERS ED BARBARI'S STUDEVILLE 6700 Ho. Bellllowcr Blvd. Lakevrooo TO 7-2711 HUGE DISCOUNT 1959 BUICKS EXECUTIVE CARS Hardtops--4-Doors--Station Wagons Factory Cars That You Can't Tell From B r a n d New -- Very Low Mileage. Equipped with Transistor Portable Radios, Heater, Dynatlow, Power Steering Brakes, 2-tone Finish, Whitewall Tires, Tinted Glass -- in Fact, Most Are Fully Equipped with All Extras. $AYE HUNDREDS OF $$$ at PEAIRS BROS. BUSCK ALONDRA at BELLFLOWER BLVD. BELLFLOWER TO 7-1781 LOW DOWN '59 PONTIAC 4-iir, Sla, Wagon Ful! power. It's spolless. '58 FORD 5 I C Q E Fairlanc 500 4 - d r . ' u3«J hardtop. Rad.. htr.r automatic and w-w tires, '57 POHTIAC S J CftC Convert, Coupe * WMW Full power. Better see this, '56 BUCK HHOR Super hardtop I U3U cpe. Power steering and brakes. LONG TERMS '59 FORD V-8 Galaxle Hardtop. Full powor, Low mileage. '59 CHEV. El Camino Real stiarp, Very law mileage, '57 FORD S I One V - 8 V i c t o r l d 4 - D ( , 1 fcSO Fordomatlc, radio, healer. '59 T-BIRC S07QK Like new. ill 99 Low-mileage car. SPECIAL f '58 DODGE 2-DR. SEDAN i Push-butlon dr., radio and healer..... '1449 CALIFORNIA FUNDING CO. 1595 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach Lang Term! Ask for Keys at Office « sooooeo?5-;ooeJ* f-- ^-^« K W THE VOLUME CORNER Across from Lakewood Center QUALITY '57 Chev. B , ir. S 1525 '57 Chev. Bel Air 4 dr. HT R.-irl., hlr., V-fl, Pol. '57 Chev. '1599 '58 Chev. S 1779 LOWEST '54 Chev. '58 P l y m , '57 Ford Ranch V-8, Fordo, rad . htr. '1399 PRICES ANYWHERE] '53 Pont. 2-donr S'llnOrlKj tr,im. $ 449 100% FINANCING ON A P P R O V E D CREDIT .' MEL BURNS FORD 20WJJ_pno Bcach_B|vd. GA 6-3311. "'56 T-BIRD" Fordorniitlc, radio, heater Full pnwrr Bolh tops, portholes. All white. A - r e a l buv $2395 Hale Young Ford 96J1 E. Anaheim ' GE 9-0236 i ---'58 T-BfRD . From $3295 I = Alpine white with turau-oisp f. ' ---white Vln^l Inferior. Full owe. (3 to choose from--one wilh air condition.) COTTER'S USED CARS 30 YEARS IN LONG BEACH 1 = ??33_L. B. BLVD. GA 7-35^5 I '58T-BIRb, $3395 1 = _ _ _ _ _ _ 19H T.BIRD, like new. lul terms reason. KC 5-2Z15 5-3216. a n d fieoter, brnkej. electric heater/ Dvnnllow, orlu'nnl ?-tone tlft^h, Immoculate Interior. A n ouhlnnd'ng va'ue at the ou t *''" H ' f '(j Dricc of only W e O l v p B l u c C h ' a S t witli blink top and white- Irci Hnt tull Dower dow lifts, etc. S« t QQ rlglnal 2-tone. 1 1 i'i' C.Srandlee Martin Exclusive Oldsrngblle Dea'cr 1201 L. B. Blvd. C.Sfandlee Martin Exclusive Olrlsnioblle INDEPENDENT, . -- I UNTIL JULY 12th In Our Stock Pay only 20% Down A V A I L A B L E bi c.iliriow surnnce, giving vou o covcrago Jinvwhere In tin U. S. '59 CHEVROLET Impala Sport Coupe 3-sneed s t i c k transmission. 305 cnolnr. Low mllRflne. 5 2499 '55 FORD CUSTOM 4-DOOR Automatic tranimlsilon. radio nnd hcnicr, 1-owner. throughout. '59 CHEVROLET 2-DOOR SEDAN r.iciory eauiDDod. i-owncr, very low milc.igc. S '57 PLYMOUTH SAVOY CLUB SEDAN V-l Radio and heater; shows excellent care. '57 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN ( S T A T I O N W A G O N ) v fi, Fordomatic, powpr stc^r- . r.iriio and heater. Look* d drives like new. '57 CHEVROLET Bel Air Convertible v-3, Powcrgllde, radio nnd healer, whltewalt tires. TOD almost new". Shows excellent care. '58 FORD FAIRLANE CLUB V-B. Fordomntic. radio and lifter, whitcwflll tires, Mnfit blue. One owner. ImmaoJlMe. '57 FORD CUSTOM 300 CLUB V-B. Fordom.itlc, radio and healer, one owner. Showi exceptional care. '58 CHEVROLET IMPALA e Irrtnsmisii radio and Vcrv well cared for. $ ' '58 CHEVROLET BROOKWOOD 4-DR. STATION WAGON V-8. Powerolldr, h e a l e r and m.iny other extras. Solid white. Very low rnittaoe. Your old car, paid for or nor. Low as $25, or your good credit, including cut* of-state. Beach City Chevrolet 3201 E. Pacific Cst. Hwy. GE 3-7428 = E. Pac. Cst. Hwy 1 GE 3-7421 CHEVROLET WILL of Car Money Your Car on CHEVROLET'S PRACTICAL COMPACT CAR INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING EQUIPMENT: WHITEWALL TIRES, DE LUXE EQUIPMENT, FOLDING REAR SEAT OR 2-Door 1121--Factory Equipped CASH £ g M C^ OR 5£.^.53 DN. TRADE tOTM* 1 MO. USE YOUR GOOD CREDJT FOR We Sell for Less Because We Sell So Many More Cars OLET 5059 LAKEWOOD BLVD., LAKEWOOD ACROSS FROM LAKEWOOD CENTER ME 3-0781 Open Sundays · OPEN SUNDAY · C O R M I E R CHEVROLET CO. OFFERS THE GREATEST USED CAR SALE Ever Held INCREDIBLE SAVINGS! Many at WHOLESALE PRICES Much More for Less -- Price, Quality. Guarantee -"w-^^rf'^^^^^S^^^^^^N^^^Nrfi^^^SX^^S^SXS^^N, . what a sale! What a house-cleaning. Never we i ore have we ever had to have such a sale in February! Never before have we ever offered such incredible prices, such low down payments, such easy, easy terms. Never before . . . because never before have we suddenly started to sell so many new cars so fast as we have since the end of the steel strike! We've got trade-ins running out of our ears! We simply have got to get some room! We simply have got to clean house! We are used to selling more used cars than any other dealer in Long Beach . . . but this month . . . holy smoke! We've got to move them! We're not a bank! So ... if you want an incredible bargain tn that high-priced moke you have lonqed to own . . . if you want a second car for mighty little dough but with years and years of "GO" left in it ... here is your golde cha Here Are 21 Cars We Are Selling at '59 CHEVROLET S2200 $' Intpili Sperl Sidin. V-8, ivcnfrlvt, ridio, heat«r, AIR CONDITIONING, IPWG 3 3 3 ) '59 CHEVROLET SI725 $1 Itl »ir 2-Diir. t'Crl., Piwtrtllde, ndli, tiuKr. (SHI 1!5) '55 CADILLAC SI500 $1 CI»M di Vllli. nidio, hilltr, inlomilie Irlni,, full p t w f r . ( K A N SU) '58 CHEVROLET SI375 S1 2-Daer Biseivm. V-l. PotmElldt, rtA'o, heitir. ( P X E 7 3 8 ) , '55 JAGUAR IKI40 FUiditir, (MtK (11) '57 CHEVROLET SHOO S1 "110" i-Doar. V-I, Pioirilld,, ridio, hdlrr. (TD4 S1) '57 PLYMOUTH SI050 $ -D»r lil»d,n. V-l, lultm.lit Inns., ridio, hfilti, (Stick B l - l l l ) '56 BUICK Suptr flliiiri Ciipi. mil It*,, flu, AID CONDI TICKING, liltck LIU) '56 BUICK SM75 SI SI050 $1 $925 SJ Cirmrflhli, fludmiilir. Full powir (Slack I T O A } '58 PLYMOUTH $900 4-Dnr, mill, titlllr. (Slick 1-100) $55 CHEVROLET Ititltn Wijin. V-l, Po«tr[lldi, rilli, hulir. (HPP 401) '57 FORD turifr. ftidlt. (L:lllj $825 i, hnltr. S800 '55 DODGE S775 Hejril Sport Count, V8, automatic trim., ndii, hiilcr. (OGO 5SO) '57 FORD CONSUL $750 $' Mirk II. Kidlg, hnl.r. ( K B H 511) '55 CHEVROLET S700 S' III Air -De.r. l-trl., Pi*ir(lldl. ( B G U SIS)... '55 FORD $600 -Do«r, V-l. inlomilie trim., ndli. htilrr. (PS! 115) '55 STUDEBAKER S500 $J -Oier Stillen Wifon. G-ev|., rxtie, htiltr, ever* · dtiu. iHHC 1EE) . ' '54 CHEVROLET S500 S| III Air Spirt Coupt, t»»trf\\it, nrfic. (MCW 131) '54 CHEVROLET $450 S; »l Air I.Dior. Nw.rjlln 1 .. ridli, k'lUr. (FPA 1(1) '53 STUDEBAKER $350 S '53 CHEVROLET $300 S' 110 Sport Coupt. P| id I., heiltr. ( L W H 112) 1 Not Only These, But Again We Have Carloads and Carloads of '59 CHEVROLITS IMPALAS . . . BEL AIRS . . . BISCAYNES . . . STATION WAGONS . . . HARDTOPS CONVERTIBLES... SPORT SEDANS . . . 4-DOOR SEDANS . . . 9-PASSENGER STATION WAGONS Equipped with V-8's, automatic transmissions, radios, heaters, power steering, etc. Low as (SEC 703) CASH DELIVERS ANY CAR OUR INVENTORY TOTALS 133 USED CARS ALL PRICED FOR QUICK SALE CORMIER CHEVROLET COMPANY Famous for Clean Cars · T W O BIG LOCATIONS* 6th and Long Beach Blvd. HE i-5295 llth and Long Beach Blvd. HE 4-5294 Open Evenings and All Day Sunday

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