Independent from Long Beach, California on March 23, 1976 · Page 35
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 35

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 35
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S* PooJ zcr^d h"r 4 torwv SAXTOfJ R E A L T Y 7U 530*500 n a « e » » ^ . . . anlury 21 HATTERY Realty 4j'06JI E s r l v o r l_4-« O319B NEW LISTING 14 pocl. JUi.i All Good Rental Areas 597-8804 ATLANTIS 4394W7 1-BR. Apt. LESS than rent Sharp I-BR. OMrner arukMnl ? NLY lll.TOO AftPEI, RNirori tV*S2\. OR J»^l Acre*. Wrar V-cTy.i W A C Farrn lnd irrn land -,-. Leas Mountain Desert 1050 XTRA CLEAN iih SeHHk vxalk, . , . cinder NocX texe, r.-- Pd pjtio, best cf all; ro Oov-o VA or FHA herms will buy. Fvfl price HJ.iOO. Cnhrry?lHumphrlesRlty 9^31 E. AKinAa. EVellf"9*er M7-3707 THE OLDER THE HOUSE rbe i»*!rr tf* living in ihl* 4 lx ( I'M tu hixn* In itv hfa-t at CV ' s r L.C. tx.i Ihe p Walker Lee, Bkr DRIVE BY Ifl7 E. Jird boil, hcxr^e wl-fl I D ' , renfal in s«a u*3 CHARGING Okl S ? DR. I 8A Carson 1121 SPARKLING POOL HOMES FOR S A L E REAP THE HARVEST ' 9 .. * * Y MOOT NMf Cf««J01 K a l OVT r 1WO to If. Priced It JS2.5SO Real Estate Shoppe GI.FHA All Terms TARBELL ROOM FOR ROAMING rarxJ nf* 3 tx. 190 'Ami if r ihruowt. 0^ dv Century 21 Humphries Rlly 93L E. AkHvJ'a. Beillknv^f 867-2707 HAVE BUYERS! Need listings ILLNESS FORCES SALE BY OWKER StxJrs. TVte 1 «. tv,« ? br, Co'-n Laundry, l f«d. w Good rmal ana. P«ri carpel (urn Ntw roof P*ln! Very nk» i d**n. Good Po-*nlLal. Aikkia M7.JOO Pr--Kip« c-Jy. WUY lake* Ton 1 ex sml rxxnc in Eajhkfi? Lfi AS PACT. *»«« OCEAN BLVD Slibv Pk I Ige oar. t?;jOO BY w^er *h carr ls*ato» WhE« MUST SELL I SPOTLESS 1 B R SA\ALL PET WELCOMES PICKERT R E A L T Y i»^ 25 UNITS Goodrer.tji kjosttoa U t-BRi; 1 r BR. 11 M»9tt. S CAIPOTH. BlHI. IHi li furndihed Pool. Annual Itv UIG 7 OR mod crpldrw (M.9C Tefmv t*v RKv 43/M1). OO_IT4l ,. Qowrv WUiS SW JTS7 OCEAN View 1 B^ J Ba oar c*ote In - - - --*4j»-nu 3 GOODIES-BUY NOW! San Mo OMLY i NOW IS THE TIME Pi k* o W5J«? li war Oov.n trxtrt rnvi to* rh:$ ige io m oood kxr. ' JOHN READ Realty 421-1751 GOOD INVESTMENTS ?S^. large Jon I Ljr9 Stir. Larpr Clly College Area ORIVtl OY IWU RIPOH TMl tr1 !(*·*( rtLxre Ifatvei 1 0' den, 7*. baih » rhc «ua* »w coukl POiiibly wini CAM fo* *PV1. Bruce Mulheam Realtor? 920-1W3 ROOM FOR MANY KIDS * Bri. ivxnpv* tqom. o'l'ce, 2 Lvi'hj. coveieo nat-O on SOi'*' lo i ACRES, A m I R o* Ywcca VaUjv w »tio finnhed In KJVJIIY p-f*. Some orn. Eleci Water in flic* - ^ mOO In mi. 713 HOM? all 4 J GIf NBERG BAA trclk ._ . . _ . _ _ _ RemoOeipil lotmal C^led HKt* 1 * 1 *· "^v.h n Walker Lee, Bkr OPEN SUN. 3703 Hackett PARK i WATCH Thi* Pat*. Pwce hom* « M bc?* 1 ^- 1 tr-li kjvfW 3 O', rm KVW *lr^ .wro» 16M M M Li W^fD '3 lell fail Al 1-W.WO. Real Estate Shoppe W5-1235 1130 IC FAMILY I4OME GrCfll A'p 4lh scru(W» ch^Khcb *'iK vulkl-g JlilatVC J Or B. QTk PLUS Vwoe 1jni«lY rconi w ei*^! iliepJ/uc \o** in condit-on CCHIEG^PARK ftlfRS UOOMii ^DEPENDENT (AM) »«-i!i'__ u«» met, ctitf, HOMES FOR SALE Lakewood Area REALTORS BEST LISTING Lakewood High Specials Lge 3 br fam rm lor entertaining. Swckws Uxl7 master br, 1H ba, 2 stall showrs, Extra rm can be used lor sewing rm, hobby rm or sml sludf. Flrcpl in crpt'd liv rm, dbl detached gar. Xlnt lac close to scNs 4 shops. W-w crpl drps. Lndscp'd front yard 4 ten backyard w-pat'o, iust right lor DiM3. Owwrs anxious i have purchased a new home. Downey · KING SIZE BR OR UEH. Al'*v e-.irA-yr 1or 6nji. Ki'iiia'Wl. A A I K K S R E A L T Y W »H Downtown 1150 OLD MANSION only S!7,000 . ^'S'siSa.T'VotiitWA'L'r'" WEBES.REALTY 5974131 Easts We E X L fKXKJESCO . 20 UNITS FURNISHED All 1 bri A Wdm on 4 k*ri. Annu.*' Inoxw i»,J«0 Eaiv to flrwrKe The»e h iperxJaWe tyre. KINGS ROW W^i| 5 STORY CARSON PARK Aluoiw*clr bo?jt J l», 7 bA. 'envy renwd win, pvw ww, iic* drvi L JOHN READ Realty 1)55 HOTE t 3 UNITS. S49,500 Nf I'h^RedonJo Gowll^fl-xlng MMiic. IML 100AV! WEBER REALTY S97-4431 $49,950 HOMES FOR SALE Lynwood ^'5 iBIVC BY II!S7 Eln; SI. J f. ""·· g,», nict t^v^J Vm^ Norlh Long Beach IMP ' FOR FAST SALE orrWI'wW°W ER C.vll 10' Coniillifn'.ify- fva'u*Hon We bwvi w"' tyf^vyraii «j »i n w '" *"' SEE ME! BUY ME! 1 Weed A Lilllc Fixing R onJ^ LU-00* 3 E (213) 635-7000 CARRIAGE REALTY HIM JKirt-si* No W CCTrlrt PRICED LOW!!! DRIVE BY fl03 CHATWIN AVENUE And Then Oil REAL SMITH REALTY 17aoWoodruflAve.,Bellll 975-5555 For Appoinlmonl To See FRESH AS SPRING ifx'.ny j A r»en. 1U UUh beauty. ALL FOR iM.WO t OR · 1 tV * 191? i^ GIBSON REALTY eos* LI»COCH. cvF'Hns Ccnlurv 21, 0. Van Liiien ortMS » » w . » 594; Orange NEEDS T.LC. ] Mi l v I^J. I0"^4' dn rrn. 'i ,-j!l ! i**J- wrw'VUUHjl W l« rclrvr k)1 All IhTi lor «nJv IJl.WO * V A t f ItA l«nni% Urlno 0v' FMliil tvinl wrtl fl* -ill Walker Lee, Bkr FIXER-UPPERS!! 1 OH S'o-e room. C^nJen ir»«l -AS IS" H7.SW C ) /one Of FICE 4 heautv trioo Pjrkkg in itAr. ^AS IS" 111 AX) C-7 ron« L M REALTY Inc. "WE ARE NO 1" ;Mih H jea\ «ip«V*(« In Nl Call ADEAIA *0f |«*l*on*( t**vk ADEMA 422-1241 JOHN READ INVESTMENT OPEN MOUSE. MARCH » NEWLY dec, 3 br. toe lol. ?7» Belly jini nt Alwhavr o'^«f» w -h VSOOOY SMITH Rra'l SAVE MONEY Out-of-Town Property 1060 5 UNITS older unit. Good area , II BR'i 4 1 ? BR visit Virginia vilfage Viodelat 393$ Virginia roaxJ VIRGINIA COUNTRY CLUB RE RANCH have a'l city ron nee*. Com'cxiaNe r-oTIP - hou%e a^d tjrrn bw iW'JER WILL HELP FINAH( 'R1CF ISS.WOOO P*one /14t LOOKHGIBUYERSI yi . . * n) lim rm All wood flrcji call j».*v? O V R L Y 3 B R IH BA Fli Ftorv Delated BvOWNLH HS.QQO Prt-f Real Estate Center FAMILIES VETS FMA ha^ a PLAN f=* YOU1 ? e« 3 BR home rikeu to 17J /op w,Mh H\ [ov*n cidyiKcii or *E1B. hcx-e^ PfktO Irt.WO · No c 'ix ft lAmllr 01 1 or rr DREAMS COVE TRUE WITH MONEY Hf ·* o^ mM*f 1 By o»"ei. J-bJr-n J. l 1*1 rm. I KO Si Lov'--, 4V6/«. EWt OJ 1i^ 179O3 WOODRUFF O earn hve 7 D' g % 7 ba o* 3 B OPEN 12-5 PM OTHER MRS BY APPT HEAD FOR THE HILLS Large COZY 5 BEDROOM [»ninu ini. Laiv« y*ril. FHA ID Ac. Rjrwhei l. DWe par. fill In r n « Warrr well. Otar W.tJO dowa ex refinance. OWC. OURHAWBIir. (?13) YESTERYEAR'S BARGAIN ) . r*mhv rni. 1U b*im. buHl v» tfr^pei, new now« 10 ovi. Hr rrw San Idedl lor cKurch Traoe for land. JOHN READ Realty 42M751 42W8 A B S O L U T E F I N E S T CON SIHUCTIOH PRIVACY DESIGN PRIVATE PARTIES rt to be iwl»' tir o**n l-j-xJi JOHN READ Really 421-W51 LOB HILL 2i 3 BR TOWN HOMES FROM UI.KO in'ncl - MOHT A NOON ro t, DAILY Call LINDA 434-4779 COAST EQUITIES 4B-74J5 DY OWNER CLEAN JI1R. WW C«rp«1. dW uft rriKWI Y(ifU K«t« ^1 ovl [1?000 Oftvi tir iil Ptswy 51 M 10 DLX UNITS 7lhSl. Long Eteach P.P. Reik^ance or asi .OM loan. WCI coos'-Oer 1raIe ai 'Mal do on astvriplkKL AiV 'or T COAST BROKERS INC *«· JUST LISTED w, ? ^ f ol . 3 hai*i, ] l i«fuil dfUl'i S^^wn br ap Oul'Ol-State Property DUPLEX-2-BR. EACH WW i-*fp*li, diti 4-BEDROOMS? CHOOSE ONE OF THESE! Juii IUIH1 ihl* hotrf -n x'r-r Ce"l O R I G I N A L SH TOWERING ABOVE ROLL INGS LAWNS 4 IMAGINA TIVE LANDSCAPING. JOHN READ Realty fll-mi STATELY SPANISH Or* of the ben buri I" rr« 1WO vi 1f, I roo-Ti lovely rT*xV^ UUhen. large well lAnmrji^ed vara Eirei k-nl rv "'ECRJITY BROKERS, INC. HUGE LOT -LOVELY HOME LOVELY? BEDROOM ffrJ.'Wlij^iSS JOHN READ Realty 47HW CASH FOR TD'S METRO R E A L T Y CO. JOHN READ Realty «M761 ROOM TO ROAM I BR hw. SPACIOUS ENbUGH TO C O N T A I N ALL THE 8E*UTI TD INVE5TORSWAN1EO EAT AMERICAN in) 991-nn XTRALGE2-BR,J-BATH LOOK AT THIS! ONLY «8,750! Iri- kilchen. NEED HORSE PROPERTY? '·? Acre 7 BB horn*; - ? BR Re-ial M Star* ? lak roorri Oaiis ut to riOi^i *^r^ iraH. Vfrv MitprcPcrtY. Priced B R O K E S S I I I REALT $M,250 to $40,750 5 J arxlher fashionable properly purveyed by ROBERT W E I L HVW «vlti rujye ra'd kx id utxn Boh Gl and FHA rwim ava.iaMe Be' 4 SHARP J-BR, STUDIOS 400 w. M. cati. I 1 --) baitn. i yri. dl GREAT POTENTIAL. Renli NEW LISTING Ml wlce in owl 1 kn a i 14S.OOO COAST EQUITIES 2nd ST 43^7iSS .. _ rMi CENTURY 31 ROSSWOOR t F A L T Y $150,«lstTD-2 Years IN NEW INDUST'L IS.OOO 1 M-3 W-5V10 SPANISH STUCCO HEAU1Y 7 form · (Jen. foi ri AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU WAITED? Hawaiian Gardens PVr ply wanlt 115*00 111 TO. 1C"S InV Inc. IfM mo tT3 E CAM aft 5. ?H) $41-1167 START IT OFF HERE! ti Ji ltw Wrir' 3 UK I UMh I BO DEGREE OCEAN VIEW t njtrri. *.7 battn Co-cnl-i' ° n TM COAST EQUITIES 5WE.7ndSt 7 DT ren*a:i Only IAS.000 OSBORhE REALTV 5»4S» BELMONTHGTSCLOSEOUT -l/ I 3 br, : ba and I ? br, 9 ba. Each r e t boaih li abundance oi living area AKa Walker Lee, Bkr. GOING TO HAWAII?? Lakewood Country Club Estates 3Bdrm * Den Assume Lovr 1 Interest Loan k Mjge 71 CHOICE LOS AL10S I! trand new urtUi, unfurn. b^Mn kilcti, 11 urporh Inc tlJ^OO yrlr Price $300.000. Svbmll ci 4m bin Make eoft JiiX"«; ' i"O- Cven TV. REX L HOOGtSCO tvei I BUY REAL ESTATE TOP PRICE-ALL CASK In Any Condi lion BeMnd hi Maymenri ok MUST SELLJ! 1 Br . cxn W (V FreT Loe Yd MflfTf X v a t 71* LQWA OR CALL ww lll4MTEMn-l RlfirSn "37 2 BEST BUYS Charming l»e ? BR, for mi. ne* Sllch. Onir w. at Yowr C4Xiv«nlenc* - No Fee · Free Eitlma re Bkr GENE WEBBER 33-7K3 VOTED BEST income buy FHA APPRAISED 17JC rto-n, ESTATE |4M/ i. ne* . R 3 BR, 7 twrht ·riT- nJy U2JOO Call . . JOHN READ Realty 471.175) S knm4u|,r vnh. ONLY 170.000 GOOD RETURN! . CALL NOW WEBER REALTY 597-3315 MONEY DOWN Desperate lor homes In Bel I Tower. LakewooO. Nor wa TooUlt Eipecla'ly for FHA a\ VA \oarn. No HWden telllrt? c«n. Your money In ft hour* NEYLAH R t A L T Y B60333I YOU'LL LOVE IT 7 b». * twih. 4 r *t RED SwimPooUBr JBalhs .V\I ^ Ti I.Hh rovn ^p ll^l ^re LOB HILL J 3 BR TOWNHOMES FRO'AJ»J.9« Prlva-? Ternii cl -Ocean IM BELVONT AVENU OPEN NOON TO L DAIL Call LINDA COAST EQUITIES Need Quick Sate-9 Units 3 ] B/.|.| Br. Good hKOTM SUBVITALLOFFEifs UOS 6 I X 6 Y B L T Y O Smell the Lumber! i BR J BA hor-e. krt. forced al r heal, only m Only or* lelll LAN f ING R E A L T Y 6i Lakewood Village FUA A, Gl B J Y E R 5 WELC fir.drn l*o rr«oe» dow mjLHEARN. VERY PARTICULAR CPL, w«ki Ronmoor home wpot«nll») ' si, TO (r«wav « » dw. W-4IB. H, Meii 'le-tf A H Wrrrrj · 1 Ilk, l lf Down Bob Drown Kiln Vn HESITATEtMISS.. O-ji on In Y-AX w-n ^xt* Se-* f'K "[Xirch Cirfl-i" 3 Ic. m tfwke tjtfcr*':*'J O-'r^-r rkw" proncrr.n. S4TM R.'E°UNLIMITEO 170k)' J I*. 7 f ir i o-*i AhJrlpon 1 hof **rrr h^at- p - l 1 u* (ATI im. r*A'i'"'i1 f l f j W SOUTH OF JfhST Larar ) OR hcune il-roi , r td, . ' REDUCED TO $205,000 J-3BR., J1-? BR- b-6 im Irx, 136^5 T f d f NEW SIGNAL HILL t L 1 BRi w fabokxn ¥l«w at low i UOW down Se« today, nrxx pen 1 i, Co* 0* l«h Stan'fy REPO. J tv. I r-i^ I7?l down JLHEARN. $24,500 C U T C Ilirrtr. 7 t* Nxtw ^, -^ ^,-. -1^ c o v ' P*l9 I rty CHARI'ETREALTY 94»»i r i ( ? 5 T TIME ON R iod BH fpl r lur r t rvi-v)r rhli iMt or»al CAl Elt*Kfr SSxe 3 3 UNITS ONLY $23,950 MAXLIVONI REALTY CO L I S I INGS M£ f D E O kl our ail ou* PLDOf.oo "REALTY e*ndo A Y OWNER. Piln OrMY. M 1-br vnTfi, ak, t«rr*hri, r-1 b,i, 1J y-1, Flexible on Terrni. 0* Tr THERE'S a WARM Feeling in ih * Hjwci/ i nw i i«rfi r*m (mm*' n»4uilrji decor Bll ir $595DOWN3B£DRO(WAS

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