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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 17

Tucson, Arizona
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Friday, November 3, 1950
Page 17
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ARIZONA CAST IN * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * THSHo^ToGet Big 'A' Upset Tonight Badgers Invade PUHS; Amphi J-iosts "" ' ~ Wildcats Meet Valley Outfit Heavy Favorite * * * * * * * * :NOV. 3, 1950--PAGE 17 CLASSIFIED. COMICS, RADIO Douglas Wt. TUCSON 1K Kav.thai 1U Delfnse 195 Beyle 160 Irvin X* Crufchfisld 110 Bouichet 145 Moniir 150 Cedd 154 Humphry* 1W Amado 17* Worthlnoton Po«. PHOENIX UN. Wt, LE LT LG O RG RT RE QB LH RH FB FranclM Christie 215 Peter ISO Wynne 150 Walker Kondora B. Black J. Black Jacobs Sieeel Mattmflly 170 210 1BO 170 170 145 165 Shotton May Be Next To Leave Bums By JIM LIXDSEY Oft-defeated Tucson high moves into the Salt River Valley tonight to tackle-the heavily-favored Phoenix Union Coyotes at Montgomery stadium. Besides holding the favorites' role, the Coyotes seem to have bottled up just about everything else that could give them an advantage. . : Just look at some of the items that · are generally conceded game advantages. First comes a matter of 26 points awarded to the hosts on:a comparative score basis. Following: this is a seven-pound Tyeight -advantage per man on the lineoPlus the fact that the Coyotes wittf.b'e playing on their home field^before a partisan crowd for Phoenix Union. · Add; to che above factors last year's defeat of the Coyotas by the Badgers "which knocked them "from contention for the state crown, and you bring in the matter of revenge. Still .more spice is put in the Coyotes' wants with the addition of a trophy to be awarded to .the victors in honor of a former Phoenix .-.Union coach, ' ···· May Be : Too Good . But. this list of .advantages does only.,one" thing to the Badger gridders--it-brings out even more a. desire -'for a win over a formidable foe, something long, overdue/in the minds of many THS followers. On this subject, Coach "Hed" Greer parts with this com ment,;:"Phoenix Union might just be -top good, but the boys will do their best." The-trophy being dedicated..this year· "for an annual presentation will- honor .Francis E, Siegel, i former PU coach and history teacher who died last spring. His son, Dick Siegel, is currently-a-star Phoenix Union halfback who will captain tonight's game for the Coyotes. The former coach was^a- past grid star at Pittsburgh university. . It is known" that the Badgers can -expect almost anything from their opponents as' far as the offensive alignment goes. On the other .hand, no one seems to be able to predict just, what might happen from one minute to the next as far as the Tucson offense is concerned. Black To Black A 1 pass combine of Quarterback Jim- Black to End Robert Black is expected to put on- most of the P.heoenix aerial fireworks. Their running attack is known to be able -to shoot from any of the backfield posts. Also, their forward wall has no peer In-state circles, By FRED HAYDE\ Melville Haskell, chairman of the racing committee for the American Quarter Racing association, has a unanimous feeling, as do many other trackmen, that Blob Jr. will be named quarterhorse champion for 1950. If was not realized until this past month just what the three-year-old chestnut horse owned by Oscar Cox of Lawton, Okla., could do. His ultimate championship performances came to light in the recent Albuquerque' meet by twice breaking the world's 440-yard stallion mark general manager new President in 22.2 seconds. ' , Walter O'Malley yesterday ap- This shattered Diamond Bob's 1949 record by two-tenths pointed Fresco" Thompson and of a second. Blob Jr." went on to win rrrtre honors at EaglejEmiie (Buzzy) Bavasi _vice-presi- Pass., Tex,, over Mayflower and at Del Rio, Tex., over' en s ' a e ^ said e would work Stella Moore. The latter win in 22.3. Since in the past few years quarterhorse races have found competitive running grounds, other than in back pastures of the sagebrush country, the "World's Championship Quarter" has been dispensed of in the sense of the meaning for future racing meets here. Quarter horse racing is now a major part of some west coast and southern tracks of prominence. Therefore, with many of the .great quarter-mile racers taking part on morej?/ Thompson and Bavasi, who will split the general managership chores handled by Rickey the past eight years. The new vice-presidents will be on equal footing, O'Malley said. Bavasi Moves Up BROOKLYN, N. Y., Nov. 3, (#)--The. Brooklyn Dodgers today had two vice-presidents instead of a general manager but the question of who will direct the- team on the field remained unanswered.. The hottest tip seems to be that Dodger Captain and Veteran Shortstop Harold (Pee Wee) Reese will be the 1951 skipper, ai- ~ · ; though Burt Shotton still is manager as of today. Reese, according to most expert observers, lias the inside track over Dixie Walker, former Dodger outfield star, "if Shotton does net remain. Walker managed the Atlanta Crackers the past season and guided them to a Southern association flag, To fillthe vagancy left by Branch Rickey's resignation last week as general Sports Events TODAY 8 p.m.--Amphitheater· "Panthers vs. Douglas Bulldogs, Southern conference football, Tucson high stadium, East Sixth street am "orth Third avenue. Lobos Saturday . V Brown Is Missin As 39 Depart For North wt. ARIZONA 190 Glazier Mintz., Charle May Part With RingPromoters By ,TIM HOLTON PITTSBURGH, Nov. 3. (f. World Heavyweight .Champion Ez Thompson, who had been in zard Charles may bolt the Interna charge of the scouting, will directL. , - . ' , V. ... .. , . the club's vast minor kague system P 01 " 1 BKUD S dub ' the " atlons *°l than a half dozen ovals there is no race to determine the a { e nia t ters and handle player con- champion year by year. The -judging will determine the champion from all records and performances compiled each year. For its part in contributing a goodly share of champion contenders to the pool, Rillito race track will supplant -the "World'" 1 Championship Quarter" title with "The Rillito Handicap." tracts and deals. Bavasi was general manager of the Dodgers' Montreal club before being brought up. In addition, Bavasi will have .much to do with the financial 1 affairs of Brooklyn's triple A-clubs. I The Dodgers own St. Paul in the with Mesa. the possible exception of ; Charged with holding the vaunted Phoenix attack in check will be, as usual, 'Charles (Contented) Delfosse and Bob Boyle, left tackle and guard respectively. Tucson's off-and-on again .aggressive unit ·will be directed by* A. V. Humphrys, · 'ttiho. will work from the halfback slot. Humphrys. was the" signal- caller for Tucson's only sustained offensive show last week as he moved his team downfield in the first quarter of the Mesa affair without losing possession of the ball before counting up one of Tuc Texas Western's Pug Gabrel has been handed a setbar from further increasing his phenomenal marks at the ] Paso college. A cracked vertebra in last week's Texas Tec game will keep the 173-pound senior out of the next tw encounters for certain, and possibility for the two windu games with West Virginia and Hawaii. Gabrel lost only 11 yards in- four years and carried 38 times for 2,422 yards to average 6.3. His average.this yea in six games is 7.2 with 471 yards without the loss of single yard. Coach Mike Brumbelow has'filled -his h'alffaac berth with Tom Steele. _ , , _ . _ .j, * * * # Scores Underscores called 35 right and seven wron last week in major football forecasts to a season's total o 178 correct and 47 missed for a .787 average. With th schedules over half finished here are this weekend's picks s»n's two touchdowns. iGreer has stated that he will Phoenix Union over Tucson high. Douglas over Amphitheater high. Arizona over Sew Mexico. Tempe over San Diego State. Kicc over Texas Tccli. West Texas over Texas Western. · Loyola over Hardin-Sliuinons. Kansas over Utah. Oklahoma over Colorado. Denver'over San Francisco. IOWA State over Kansas State. .TVhittier over Flagstaff. Alabama over Georgia. Pcnn State over Boston C. Wm. Mary over Boston U. Vandcrbilt over Chattanooga. Clemson over Duqucsnc. COP ovev Santa Clara Cornell over Columbia, Duke over Georgia Tech. Holy Cross over Harvard. Wyoming over Idaho. ( Kentucky over Florida, * * LSU over Mississippi. Maryland ov.er Gco. Wash. Miami over Georgetown. Illinois over Michigan, Michigan State over Indiana. Minnesota over Iowa. Miss. State over'Auburn. Nebraska over Missouri. Ohio State over Northwestern. Notre Dame over Navy. ' Oregon over Wash. State. Army over Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh over W. Virginia. Princeton over Colgate. Texas AM. over Arkansas Stanford over Southern Cal. Tennessee over N. Carolina. SMC over Texas. Baylor over Texas Christian. UCLA over Oregon State. California over Washington. Wisconsin over Purdue, Yale over Darthmouth. * * - . ' Gorgeous Gus, the 540-pound Canadian Black Bear who made his Tucson mat debut Wednesday night, is not' a tame animal, as many spectators believed. The beautiful hunk of beast has been trained only to wrestle. Otherwise, he'd just as soon beat you to death as look at you. His trainer- owner, pro grappler Billy Fox, keeps Gus chained at-al times and caged as often as possible. ' For those who wondered why tlie hairy brute drank Delaware Punch with such a passion, Fox reports that the beverage is the closest 'liquid he can find to the natural berry juices in Gus' original North Woods habitat. Also, it contains very little carbonated water. Incidentally, Fox hopes the Tucson Sports center turnout will be greater for the gorgeous one's next appearance--it/costs' $7 a day (much of it for fish) to feed the bear. * * * * A couple of items that space curtailed us to mention .French, Sam Kavathas, ~Jim Mc-|y es terday in the football history of Harry Costello, former n fl TM, ijrrv Memier snd Jim Vance: ^.^g great for Georgetown university: We learned from CosteMo that a drop kick is one- fifth of a second faster than a placement kick for. extra point. This was detected during his presence at an elec-. trical apparatus test four years ago. He bases the outcome on the fact that the holder of the ball and the kicker both have to concentrate whereas a drop kicker employs instinct. stkrt the same unit as-last week. It is hoped that this week's practices have knitted the group more closely into, one graup. He also mentioned" that scheduled'to see a! large-amount of action in tonight's tussle - will be . sophomore Don Caid-'at quarterback. Caid showed up "well last week as a replacement for Bill Codd, -·Listed on the traveling roster are: ' - j . ;ENDS: Charles Ameling, Wilberf ard .Cresswell, Charles Delfosse, Gerald Delfs,' Glen Festin, Gordon Hen "and John^ Richards.' G U A R »S : Bob - Boyle, Alex Crutchfield, Willie Sillik, Henry Wade and John Wagner. .CENTERS: Dick Dotzenrod and Chuck frvln. · : QtJABTERBACKS: Don Caid, Bill Codd, and Don Snyder. JKAWPBACKS: Gus Amado, Craig Di'achman, Joel Favara, Dick Ford, A: V. .Humphry's, Art Lopez and Henry Murgis. American Montreal association as well as in- the International Cindnnal Negro's co-manager, has been feuc ing with IBC Matchmaker Al Weil Their differences came to a hea last night in a squabble over a .-pre liminary card on 'which Mintz wai trying to place another boxer. "I don't ne?d Al Weil or th IBC," Mintz sputtered. "This is,the showdown. If those guys in New York 'don't see things league, and have a working agree-! 111 ? . wa y- we ' re through." ... -,- ,,-,, . . ^ . _. TWlin-fv 3-nri \Xiflil fir*c?f ment with Hollywood in the Pacific coast league. Mintz and Weil first bumped head' on before Charles' recent The position of assistant general sAc , ra P with Joe Louis - since tnen anager, resigned by Branch A1 Mlntz business with the club will not be filled,j has been carried on through IBC Rickey Harold Roettger's place as director of public information, also resigned, will be taken by Road Secretary Harold Parrott, who will fill both spots. Thompson, asked when the question of manager would be taken up, answered "we, have a'manager! at the present time." Queried as! to whether he, O'Malley and Bavasi .vould oppose -the idea of. a- play- manager. Thompson . replied 'none whatsoever." Reese Sot Sure The reference to a playing manager meant Reese, who has been reported as saying he' wasn't sure about the desirability, of managing snd. playing at the same time. On this point, Thompsorvsaid: "Lots of fellows did it and ,won, oo; Lou Boudreau, Joe Cronin, Bucky Harris, -Bill Terry--they all aid it." O'Malley and his two V-P's as- erted that, to date, they had not iscussed the subject of a new manager nor contacted-any of the ligibles. .. ' O'Malley said "Shotton is stil! the nanager. No decision will be made ntil I have a .good talk with him. He-is a very fine gentleman." Shotton has said "I'd be glad o be back,"- ' In the meantime, Branch Ric- President Jim Norris. "Jim's been fine," Mintz said. "I hate to make a break with him." Louis, himself, has 'a financial interest in the IBC but play's little active part in operations of the two-year-old organization. Fought 3 Times For IBC Charles has fought three times under Norris-Weil auspices. He won disputed right to the heavyweight crown by beating Jersey Joe Wat ,-jcott in. Chicago in-1948. It ..was the 'IBC's first promotion. Later. Charles met Gus Lesnevich in Madison Square Garden. His Louis bout last September also was an IBC promotion. . ' The . present. Mintz-Weil row Pot. LE LT 173 W. Gonzale» LG C KG PJ" RE QB LH RH FB Officials: Referee, W, J MJnes); umpire, A, c. Hamilton (Hardln aimmons); head linesman, Charles Sweeney (towa); ffeld Judge, William Tea | (Texas Tech), 225 Z i e m e r 215 Ullom P«row Deen 193 Tonz 81 Miller 62 Wolgajt 177 Cjrrillo 205 Burwitz NEW MEX. Wt. P«oue Z15 Swan 200 Kostenbad 210 Mulkiy 190 l-ovutt 205 Bernitsky 220 Knapp 195 Morales 180 Hill 170 CamD'bell ~150| Price' 112 Milnei* (Texas Panthers Seek Year's 1st Win Bulldogs Rate Nod For 8 O'Clock Encounter Wt, AMPHI. 160 Nicoll. 185 Dalrymplt 151 Little 176 Schwab 168 Saundert Mahoney 165 'Schuh 153 C. Willijmi 154 Poe 164 Bryant Poi. UE UT LQ C RG RT RE QB LH RH FB DOUGLAS Wt. Hannum- 164 ««r«V 150 : Divll 160 Jones 152 Foll.ck . 160 Lu«k*r: 178 Hulih 15! W, Wiliiim 143 fe, Rodriguez 140 Ro«i, 147 DeLucii 155. For the second week in a row, Arizona's often - edged gridders were given the pre-game nod today as they winged out of Tucson, 39 strong, for' tomorrow afternoon's final 1950 away-from-home. encoun ter with the New Mexico Lobos in Albuquerque. If Coach Bob Winslow's - soph studded, senior-anchored club can turn, the trick, which seems more than probable, it will accomplish a neat number'of happy feats, A victory oved.'Dud De Groot's forces will give-the Wildcats a .500 Border conference mark (2-2), enabling them to replace New Mexico in fifth place,-and will mean, retention, of the Kit, Carson rifle trophy, decade-old symbol of the ancient rivalry which- Arizona kept last year, 46-14. Snap Road 'Jinx'? But that's not all, folks. A. Cat i-iumph in the 34th meeting between the two football foes .will inap a serious Arizona road "jinx" which dates back to the last' Al- mquerque clash in 194s. And.it will afford Winslow with a fine opportunity to ready his stalwarts T or next week's "crooshial" set-to with Tempe. Comparative scores in games vhich both the Wildcats and Lobos dropped to West Texas and Texas Western present Arizona with a omfortable edge. This is the basis or tomorrow's favoritism. However, Head Scout Fred Enke and Winslow have warned their harges about -New Mexico's elu- ive single wing-double wing-T for- ·nation mixture. They -have indi- RiehJman --Photo by Reggie Russell . . stars at AHS end. Pimlico Special Hard To Figure With Top Field BALTIMORE, Nov. 3. (IP)--You've certainly' heard .of-more memorable Pimlico Specials, but it's doubtful if .you've seen a harder one to dope out; _ Every- one of the four horses going to the post today for the $15,000 winner-take-all- event has a bit of shade on parts of its past record. Take One Hitter, for example: The Greentree Stable's mount was considered just another good liandi- capper before meeting the celebrated Irish horse Noor, repeated conqueror of Citation. In two consecutive' races,' One Jitter finished ahead of Noor and ;ave every indication of becoming lie surprise horse of the 3 r ear. · Twice since then, however, the -reentree Stable's entry has missed the winner's circle. And there's Abstract. The Louis K. Shaw horse has won only one stake race--a surprise winner of land Center'Bill Little. Officiali: referee, Hank Slanle (Arizona); umpire, Tom Gibbinos (Arizona); head lineiman, Huah Detlol* (Flajitaff); field Judat, Ralph Deal '(Arizona). By ACE BUSHKELL All-losing Amphitheater, looking for its first 1950 football triumph, and once-beaten Douglas, seeking its fifth victory in six starts, tie into each other at S o'clock tonight:on the "neutral" Tucson high gridiron. Local north siders, with a queen to crown and much happy havotxto raise,, will inaugurate an annual "A" day'celebration at the game. However,- everything points to a Bulldog win on the playing field and Coach 'Otis- Coffey's invaders are expected to mar the joyous oc ; casion 'considerably. Panther Pilot.Murl McCain feels his boys have a good game in them, "if they all get 'on the ball' ;ogether the same evening." It's seen a sorry campaign to date;' so, needless to say, McCain hopes tonight's southern .conference en- . counter will-, spotlight, that "eve-, ning" he's been thinking about. / Three new starters from Amphi's' 'meagre 15" (that's no joke, either) will be in the forward wall lineup at kickoff time 1 as the -Panthers at- ·empt to- bounce into the success column,- against a strong class B outfit. They are -Left End Pete, yehlman, Left Guard Ted Nicoll the-Washington Handicap at Laurel two' weeks ago--but the "win auto- ago--but matically made him eligible for the I. mile and three-sixteenths special. May Scratch Abstract It's still not certain Abstract will ated that a change in New Mex-|start. After copping the- Washington, it was -found that, the horse isfblind in the right eye and sometimes -can't see too well out of the i other. A pr-e-race inspection will decide if Abstract runs. co's past defensive habits, along vith this capable offense, could pell lots of trouble. Expect Halfback Duel With, these verbal -red flags in ind, the Cats staged a long week f intensive drills and scrimmages n preparation for the Lobo meet- ng. They looked' strong and romised to leave behind their mis- akes of the Denver hair-raiser. Garden State two weeks ago. Schuh Leads Attack The AHS backfield will remain;, intact, with the brunt of whatever attack develops resting :· on- the · hardened shoulders of Quajrterbaclc Fred Schuh, If -Ampins .maneuvers fail to produce.-bnce agairi,..he will likely fill,the air with a bath'of "zip" passes. . Despite the possible loss of Capt. Raul Melendez with a recurrent iback injury, Douglas is figured to As for Chicle II. -the Palatine \fove~ enough' stuff to take the Stable entry was claimed for.57,500 TM--" --'- ~ ..-.-- · then went, on to win S82,SOO. The last win-.for the Argentine.imports tion- was the Trenton 'Handicap at The contest tomorrow, seventh of is year for each opponent, will centers around Levi Bryant, a kely feature a running duel be- heavy handled by the Pittsburgh I tween left halfbacks. New Mex- manager. Mintz asked the IBC to give Bryant a preliminary spot on a Garden card late this month: Norris, Mintz declared, relayed'Weil's 'no" and Mintz last night replied with an ultimatum "put Bryant on the card or we quit." Charles has a contract witb the ico's Chuck Hill leads his team with an eight-yard per carry record and Arizona's Eddie Wolga'st is.-the local pace-setter with a 6.1 average. Only Gene Brown, No. 2 full- Mrs: E. du. Pont Weir's Royai Governor is the old campaigner of the lot. The six-year-old gelding son of Pilate has won" .only v three races this year, but one of''those was the $50,000 Widener Handicap at Hiale'ah last winter, which boosted his earnings -to the present total of 8251,300. back, will miss frie trip to the Al- At one time, Royal Governor was buquerque Homecoming tilt. He in such low favor that Trainer has a severe shoulder injury and IBC which runs until next May. (will be replaced by ex-Halfback "It doesn't mean a thing," Mintz 1 Karl Eller. Wil Gonzales will start ey's next stop · (which reports _,, f ave been saying will be with t hejl )romot; ';^: Ittsburgh Pirates) continues to e a teaser and yesterday, in St. uis, the Mahatnia said: "I no longer think it is neces- ary for me to discuss where I'm oing and what I'm doing. I don-'t mean to be evasive or impolite,' declared, without elaborating. The IBC was -the official heir t the ring dynasty relinquished' 1 tw years ago by Mike Jacobs, at tha time dean of the nation's figh Reed's Loss Hard , Jolt For ASC Clul ut.I believe I'll end this guessingj^ eed ' ounce, I'll announce it." TEMPE, Nov. 3. (#)-- Loss of Bo defensive end from Cas nd question-asking bv saying thai^ ran ae who was in J ured in la ? ·hen I have something to an- Saturday's game with New Mexic - A. .M.} has dealt a triple blow t the Arizona State college at Temp lansfeld Rallies For 12-6 Triumph Mansfeld's varsity football team .·ercame a 0-6 deficit yesterday nd went on to win a 12-6 victory om Wakefield junior high. Wakefield received the opening ckoff and then drove 75 yards in ree plays with Harvey Weeks oring o n ' a 25-yard jaunt off ckle. After Wakefield'had kicked f to Mansf eld, Dick Bertagna took e ball on the first play from rimmage and raced 60 yards wn the sideline for a Mansfeld uchdown. Mansfeld went into e' lead in the second period as iff Kavanaugh took a 20-yard S: Art Halverson, Bill Worthington and Ronnie Sitz. SAS, Santa Cruz Slate Polo Game played Cpstello : S longest drop kick was 64 yards When heipass from Jerry Murrow and ran -or) TjHtTi'Pamr, fust*^ Hm-iner Wnrlrl War'T Dnrinff that another 25-to the end zone. Glister during World War I. During tha world clash, Costello was one of the survivors of the famous lost regiment in the Archaengle expeditions in Russia. Fifty- five hundred men of the Detroit 339th infantry entered the battle and less thari half returned alive. Not Even Tea For Blaik's Boys Southern Arizona School foi Bpys will meet Santa Cruz Ranchers in a po;o match M 2 p.m. on the field of the Xeilson Brown ranch at Nogales. ;It will be the second game of the year for the SAS boys, who downed a pickup team from the University of Arizona earlier in the year. · ·Riding for SAS will be Tim Leonard, Bill Lyall, Sandy McKeon, John Shlaudeman and Dick" Warren. The schoolboys are crippled for this match with Capt Paul Draper and substitute Pete Barnes on the sidelines with injuries. ·Playing on the Ranchers' will be Is eilson Brown, Hubert Merry- iveather. Bill Sinclaire, Pete Lewis and. Herbert Noon. PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 3. Coach George Mimger of Pennsylvania says Army Mentor Red Blaik has turned , thumbs down on any fraternizing before his Cadets clash with. Fenn tomorrow. M linger yesterday disclosed the following telephone conversation with Blaik: . . Monger: "Hello, Red."' ' Blaik: "What can I do for yon, George?" Mungcr: "I have just been informed that you fellows arrive at the 30th street station (in Philadelphia) at 2:36 and I was thinking it would be a good idea if you had dinner at the training house with us." Blaik: "It sounds like Sine idea, but we couldn't do that. We bave to set out to tlie Manufacturers' Country club." Munger: "Well, if you won't have dinner with us, suppose .you drop in for tea with our gang. It wouldn't take long." Blaik: "Sorry, George, we just have to get up to Manufacturers' and--." Mungcr: 'Do yon mind then if I come over to the station with a few of the players to welcome you?" . - Blaifc "We'd be only too happy to sec yon, George, but we're not getting off at 38rh street. We'll get off at North Philadelphia and go from there to the Country club. We won't !o back in town until it's time to dress for the gaaie." In the northern division of the B league, the Roskruge Jackrabbits went out to Catalina and whipped the home team Scorpions -19-6. Pete Cuestas' 15-yard pass to Don Stoddard put the 'Rabbits in the lea: in the first period.. Cuestas tossed another scoring serial- in the second quarter to Manuel. Valenzuela" and Valenzuela caught Roy Ramos' fourth period pass -for another touchdown. The Scorpions scored_in the third period on a 21- yard run by Walter Curtice. The Wakefield Falcons took a 12-0 victory from .the Mansfeld Hornets in a D game. ^Chester Sun Devils. In addition to his defensive abi jities Reed is the top punter in th conference and last spring wa worked in the quarterback position as a possible replacement for Bo Hendricks, This fall Harold Self has taken over the No, 2 signal calling posi tion and will start at the position Saturday against the San Aztecs here. But CoacS Ed Dohertj would like nothing better than to have Reed ready to .go in at the spot as Self's understudy. In addition to Reed and Hend ricks, three other Sun Devils have been under the weather this week Harley Cooper, No. 2 right half has a charlsy horse, Bobby Fuller halfback and place kicking expert has been ill, and-End Cliff Hugo boom still is'nursing an injury received in the club's opening game of the year. B.abcock and Otto Grieshaber teamed up on a 40-yard passing play for the first touchdown and Babcock took .a pass from George Dern for the second score. BEABS VICTORIOUS PBOENEv Nov. 3. W--Held for :he first quarter, the Phoenix col- ege. Bears broke away for two touchdowns in the second and went on .to take an impressive .35-0 victory from the Pierce college Aggies of Canoga Park, Calif., here last night. Helen Eilar Leads Randolph Tourney Helen. Ellar paced the first IS holes of the 72-hole '· President's Cup golf tournament for the Randolph Women's' golf association yesterday on the local Municipal course. The tournament, will continue on Nov. 9 and Nov. 16. Among the IS-hole entrants, Mrs. Eilar carded a net 64 yesterday for a lead over her closest- competitors who had ,net : 70s--Dorothy Urich, Dorothy Smith- and Margaret Griffin. In third place is Dorothy Jaicks with 71 and -trailing are Marion Wilkins, 73;: Betsy Bullard, 74; Mary Elsing, 76; Helene Hargis, 79 and Kay Smith, 80. For 'the .nine-hole group Naomi Dietz leads the way with a net 33. Dorothy Jaicks, Jere Berninger.. Sue Armistead and Eleanor Gooke are tied for second with net 3Ss. ,vnette Gailbraitn is third with 38. {the game at Jim Donarski's left guard hole, as the latter is still suffering from a badly bruised hip. If possible, Winslow will save Donarski for the Tempe, fray. ALBUQUERQUE, N. M., Nov. 3. )--A grim New Mexico football squad, although plagued by minor injuries, was pronounced ready today to give the favored Wildcats of Arizona .a run for their money here tomorrow. Arizona is rated in some quarters a four to five touchdown favorite over the Lobos, who will be celebrating Homecoming. Lobo Coach Dudley S. De Groot said "the boys have expressed confidence in their ability to give Arizona a real battle." The two top defensive line backers--Manny Morales and Carl Swan --were both on the doubtful list. Morales injured a leg at Wyoming ast week but is expected to play at least part time; Swan is still nursing a shoulder injury from the Texas Western game the week-be-' "ore. Jimmy Ryan, tried him as a steeplechaser. He wasn't any better at the hedges, so'Ryan brought him back to the flat and the horse has steadily improved. His' record stands at 21 wins in 70 starts. Grid Broadcasts Panthers into camp ( . The' Bulldogs' are reported "fired N up" and ready to avenge 1949, when Amphi spoiled their big "D" day bv imposing a-1913-setback." While no common foes exist for comparison purposes, the Douglas record speaks for itself. It includes wins over Nogales;. Safford, Bisbee and, most recently, Cathedral of El Paso. Add to this a mere one-touchdown loss to Bowie of-El Paso and. two off-weekends for rest. Amphi, plagued at the 'cam- TODAY . KTlvT--7:45 I), in, -- T u c s o n high vs. Phoenix Union* high. TOMORROW KCNA --11:15 a. m. -- Sotre Dame vs. Xavy. 1:45 p. m.--Ari- zona vs. New Mexico. KOPO--1:30-3:30 p. m.--CBS roundup of direct broadcast of 20 top games featured, with Xotre Danxe - Xavy, Ohio State-Xorth- western, Columbia-Cornell, Florida-Ken lucky and Arm y - Penii (tentative). , KTKT--1:43 p. m.--Arizona vs. JTew Mexico. KTCC--2:43 p. m. --Stanford Vs. Southern California. SUNDAY KTKT --12:00' -- Washington Redskins vs. Xew York Giants. 2:55--San Francisco Los Angeles Kanis. 49'ers vs. jaign's outset by an exodus' of cey players and a lack of proven naterial, has lost to five class A opponents and powerful independent St. Mary's. The defeats have" eft McCain's corps with numerous jhysical and psychological hurts, n fact, it appears that only a great "A" day resurgence will be able to stem, the tide of grid j troubles tonight. ' Locals Top-Weighted The Panthers''line will outweigh Douglas' front defenders IBS to 160 pounds, if the probable starting arrays are correct. However, the word from southern Arizona is- that Coffey's boys are full of hustle and the desire to play hard. The weight difference should mean little. Just where beefy Arthur Lawrence fits into thfe picture remains to be seen, since he is not listed as a starter. The 190-pound Bulldog, a potent fullback against AHS last year and backbone of Douglas' offensive this season, is capable' of filling m anywhere on the team. Incidentally, the visitors face Mesa, Tucsou and Yuma in their next three games. They'd like to make, hay tonight 'cause the sun- may not shine some time. again for quit* 5 Dixie Teams Eye Bowls By STERLING SLAPPEY (Tills is the final in a series of stories reviewing college foot, ball by major conferences.) ATLANTA, Nov. 3, ()--After a severe case "of slumps for t\vo seasons, southeastern football is coining back and New Year's day may show how much progress lias been made. Bowl games down south often are considered as good a measure of success as outstanding won-anfl.losit records. Unlike Some eastern and nitd-wcstcrn icaiiis, southeastcrners consider lioivl invitations highly desirable honors and a fine way to pick up a hundred, or so thousand dollar*, publicity and prestige. JPive. teams in the 12-team Southeastern conference plus independent Miami (jPla,) are possibilities for major bowls.- Three teams are unbeaten--Kentucky, Miami and Georgia. The otters --Tennessee, Florida and Vander'. bilt--have lost a game each to Southeastern opponents, b u t none to outsiders. · ' . . / . . Georgia lias beeu tied by St. Mary's,- North Carolina and LSI!, but still is 'considered a' candidate pending a defeat or possibly another tie. ."·' It isn't necessary for a team i to be unbeaten to go to » bowl. Records show several teams with mediocre records went to hig shows on New Year's day. By almost any standard, Kentucky with seven· victories is the outstanding outfit in Dixie. Kentucky ranks fifth in the current Associated Press poll. In Kentucky ranks are tvo ^players of All-America caliber--Tackle Bob Gain and Quarterback B a b e Parilli. Last January Coach Bear Bryant's -Wildcats lost in' Miami's Orange. Bowl to Santa CJara". That was only one of many defeats during tivo. years of .misery which proved southeastern football was considerably below par. Tliis week Kentucky meets Flor- Jda in .Lexington, and the loser is certain to drop some of its prestige as a bow£ candidate. Th c big game of the season for Kentucky will be Nov. 2o in Knoxville, Tenn., against the Tennessee Vols. Coach Bob NejV land's team ranks lltb in the AP poll. Tennessee also has two jrreat players, both linesmen -End Bud Sherrod and Guard Ted Da f for. The only Tennessee loss this year was to Mississippi State, T-0, an upset voted by southern sports writers as the greatest'pi the season. Besides Kentucky, Tennessee must play Vandcrbilt in Nashville Dec. 2. The opposition tomorrow is North Carolina.' Vandj- has a battery of Bill YTadc to Bucky Curtis which is well along toward both sectional and national record. The No. 17 team in the AP poll is the happy, hard-working and snperbJy confident Florida crew. Only'Georgia Tech has defeated Florida and that by a final minute field goal. Florida's November slate is rocky with Kentucky, Georgia, Miami'and Alabama. The npsct over Vandy Oct. 21 first attracted attention.; . Thcrc!s heavy pressure in Miami for the Orange Bowl to invite the hometown team. Miami has won five, ^including games against Purdue and Pittsburgh. Remaining big games are against Florida and I, o w a. Presently Miami is eighth in the nation. Georgia's November schedule is highlighted by Alabama tomorrow; Florida and Tech. Vandy must play big-timers , LSU, Tn- lane a n d Tennessee. Neither' Georgia's nor Vandy's remaining games are : designed to. make a team a bowl candidate. .

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