Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 22
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1 ; - P«-g« A-J2-- INDEPENDENT ·«*· LITTLE THUNDERER* FOR SOCIAL CREDIT Caouette May Be KeyMaii in Canada After Elections i MONTREAL (.?»--The way party in i balance-of-power Canada goes in Monday's'position in the national gov-| election may depend La large jernment if neither John Die- measure on the appeal of Real Caouette, t 5-foot politician often c a l l e d The Thunderer." The nickname--Tonnerre in French--lerives from the jcay Caouette can hold audience enthralled as fenhaker** Conservatives nor Lester B. Pearson's Liberals wins * majority in Parliament As things stand now, many forecasters predict the Lib- tlemea. Mr. Real Caouette." The suddenness u s u a l l y (rings the crowd to its feet Zaouette. dressed impeccably m a dark suit, hat and gloves, walks briskly down the aisle, shaking hands on the way. ' On the platform he spreads his arms and bids for silence. erals will win the largest Then he begins--one hand in i he'nnmber of seats on a na- espouses the cause of Sodaljtional basis, but not neces- Qrcdit--a minor party with alsarily a majority. To make it platform that calls for more clearcut, Pearson's party needs to make a substantial showing in Quebec; Caouette is out to see that h doesn't tjoney for the common pec- He- J Caouette has been known .. -- ,, ,,,, . .. --_... (i "Quebec for five years, but) This p r o v i n c e , largely e nerged as a national figure I French-speaking, has list June when he led his eral provincial tpvt provincial government. party to heavy gains in thisland usually goes Liberal it province at the expense t£e major parties. Increasing these gains. The - - . . - national elections. In last tee's poUrng, however. Pear- a suit pocket, the other jabbing and pointing. . . . HE TALKS fast and loud, never pauses, never stumbles. His mood is always serious --though he can be witty. He speaks both French and Enga Lib- lish -- sometimes speeches in both at * single rally. delivering languages Caouette's party has no hope of getting enough seats son was able to win only 35'to form a national govera- Quebec districts while Ca-'mcnt on its own. but Caou ette is'eager to telf Quebeck ers what a Social Credit regime would doc the Panic o ouette's forces took 26 and Conservatives 14. The secret of Caouette's success seems to be a shrewd Canada, the g o v e r n a e n political formula combining agency corresponding to the tne discontent of the French- speaking . population and a touch of pacifism. He is placing great stress on Federal Reserve Bank in th United States, would get it orders quickly. It would be told to make available -- t nuclear weapons and the idea give, not to knd--the neces of giving the French-speaking sary purchasing power to residents more attention in'everyone so that goods coulc Ottawa. be bought as fast as ma chines make How this would be accom plished is never fully ex --SfafT Photo fcr Jack laidvi FRIENDLY FALCON Mary Jo Weller of Lynwood holds friendly falcon which "adopted" them during recent windstorm. The WeUers believe he is someone's pet, and became confused in wind. They found him huddled in the patio and took him in. * Building Permits CAOUETTE also offers an attractive package of social. and financial benefits, mchlplaiaed. but the theme i as easy credits, increased in-[reminiscent of the print-, come tax deductions and m-[more-money approach which creases in family allowances first gained support for So- Tkit BtaalU JlJUln. TU vur. CUB TO s Or. W. J, WiEliarn. air condiNoninn B» Mantle, tWi Southland AJf ConSJUonino, comr acftw. Leitla Hi El, dwelttrra. 327 11,30. Alanca Constructs*. COL A. Norman Olcklon. addition. O23 Rut ·en, UJtt; Muss mlow Jr. contractor. C. Mann, alteration. XQ Urna. Wjchabauoft 1 Couch. V-family acart mcr.-v. 710 t. 2m. ttOOJCO; Xictvoo Construction Co* contractor. Lon I«ack Harbor Draartrrante. atfdl te*. a Piargoiitf Landing. «! JOO. Thamw Hen. t. FirUra. J. E. Bur I2W W. -- addition, un S't and veterans' benefits. trial U.3X. Uovd Don Scnwvin, effio, *1S Rcdondo. - Dacca-But. Inc. contractor; RODart Credit in the western Caouette is a showman on'provinces. Established finan- the campaign trail He usual-tciers and editorial critics caH ry arrives at a rally late and all this a hoax; opposition makes a grand entrance. A'spokesmen class Caouette as lesser light giving a wrap-upja demagogue and charlatan. speech pauses dramatically Caouette pays and shouts: "Ladies and gen- CaliformSs Juiciest, Most Delicious ROAST BEEF DINNER JttYlNS THE SAME TOP pUiUTT lEEf FOt 11 TtAlS. CoGfornio's Juiciest, Most DtEcioos Uchidei. Vegetable, Potatoes, Salad, Ron end Batter. Cofftf, Tea or BnttermiTk Other Menu Selections OLD FASHIONED TOMATO MEAT LOAF. OLD COUNTRY FRANKS KRAUT POUNDED ROUND SWISS STEAK '/« ROAST CHICKEN .SI. 00 .SI. 00 -S1.25 HICKORY SMOKED HAM (lams dairy farml_SI.25 SHAMROCK CORNED BEEF _ $1.35 ROAST PORK LOIN (Jones dairy farm) _ $1.25 ROAST LEG OF SPRING LAMB (U.S. Primt)_SI.50 PRIME ROAST TURKEY AND DRESSING _ $1.25 U. S. PRIME RIBS OF BEEF _ SI.95 FISH EVERY FRIDAY _ ____$l.25 Ta« efcgtt ulcctmii t*n*i tody frem Z:39 IBS J p ». Spiciil Liaclios Flitu /IQ» »ml iiHj 1 1 in a t3t »· 436 i, Sandwiches? Oir pits , rofli »rt mad* frtm fit r , NE BOWNTOWN «. Baker. .M.WO. ivrtn «. Sent, factory bulldln Thomw Sanden Donald L. Sntzil. aMtlon, 2nt nn. S2.300- ·abert Eriitot addition. C3 Carfax. LflOft Harra. addition, tn E. Ocean. . - Manon. ·llaraflon. 124 Terralna. CJCO; Oiarln W. Jil« Coramctlon Co- Slanlrr C Ajitftncrv adcatlon, «X3 C. Ocian. trooa. LE ROY'S J E W E L E PIS 343 PINE AVENUE LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA-- no attention. He says he doesn't expect eople to understand how So- ial Credit would work. *\Vhen you buy a car you ton't want to know how many Jets there are in the carburetor," he has said. 'You want to know if it's going to work. Social Credit wfll work." . . . . PEARSON TELLS his audiences that Social Credit is able to talk the way It does Because it won't have to run the government. Another opposition leader, Gerard Picard of the New Democratic Party, says Cao- ette is a more serious threat than he appears on the sur face "because while pretending to be an ultraconservatire he actually wants the destruction of most of our institutions.' Real Caouette was in business as an automobile (Chrysler) dealer before he started politicking. He first gained attention through purchase of television time to expound his views. j He is 44 and lives at Rouyn in western Quebec, where he^ is personally seeking re-elec-| tion to Parliament. i His 23-year-old son GiHes Is running in a Montreal district which is traditionally Liberal. GiUes* main opponent is Lionel Chevrier, Transport Minister in the last Liberal government. How Rayco makes by losing sales *^ " i ~"^ -- ··^^^·^^^^-^ COMPOUNDED MONTHLY -- paid quarterly S\ fanos fcisored op to J1CWO Yon cao rely on Rayco NOT to sen ...onfy what your ear reqnires. Lost sales? Sure. But in tfve long rfln* tm» Wdy of doing business means more confidence fa Rayco, more friends far Rayco. 1 WEEK ONLY SHOCK ABSORBERS ;! BELUONT SAYINGS AND LOAN ASSOOATION E290 C. 2NO STREET. ICNS ItKCH 1. CAUTOIKU cao E, SPBsstj STREET, lorn kEACH is, CAurown* SK muHnc siva, us ANCEIES 57, FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE OUR SAVINGS DEPARTMENT Will BE OPEN · SATURDAY. APRIL t -- 1 A.M. ta 1 P.M. A 63 jx»je persorsol income tax guide book is 1 ..- TOUT* for th« cciang... cs long cs they la*l! stocks absorb toad bucrips, g»e yarn » safer, smoother ride, bette* cootroL HMSTALLED FREEI RAYCO AUTO SCAT COVERS Ernart fabrics,! and tailored like , Dew car ttptofctery. TED FREE RAYCt) BRAKE RELINIKG t«/ rtiu fetnttt nt- C^rca brakes. BKut I 11 95 RAYCO ITEUArfr MUFFLERS A quality muffler -- fcrnoeseiessdriinng. Deaf e 9 95 t ft, fliwaw ar Mf tH* ttU mxs** INSTALLED FREE LONG BEACH: 1940 LONG BEACH BLVD. c! r~fK C«« K«T.I GA 6-1317 ANAHEIM: CORNER OF LINCOLN EUCLID^ PR 4-8416 CHARGE IT AT RAYCO! OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS T(l T P.M. OTHER DAYS I A.M. TO ( P.M.

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