Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 88
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 88

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 88
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·P 12 Z I - 2 -- P H Z3-4--P20 Z5 ·'· · : · ' " INDIMMDMT-«H»-THIOIUM LMlj Iwcli, C.1H., Hmri., F.t. », 1»» LAW IN THE NEWS Antonelli Wins Insurance Award ___ _ ___ _ ,,^____ Probation Forbidden Some State Felons \ ^The practice, of giving con- -victs 1 'another-chance was brand , new '.in' 1841. -Then a. Boston} cobbler7=-J.ohn;-.Au'gustus--got -a · ; judge to give him- custody'of· a 'poor drunk, instead! of jailing him. .' . - - ; . ' Augustus was so successful in reforming, this, man- -that, he spent .the rest of, .his · life rehabilitating criminals. · But for many' years the law would not allow certain- criminals to-stay out of prison and work build their lives under supervision. Even today in California- the law forbids probation to per- sons who have !bcen cinvfcted twice previously of felonies such as murder, train-wrecking and kidnaping. OLDSTERS TAKE TRIP One hundred and seventy .Senior Citizens, members of the "Golden Tours," an adult excursion- group · sponsored by the Recreation Department, made their first trip to DesCanso Gardens. They are shown boarding buses. The next tour-planned for March will be a visit to Disneyland. Date to be announced. Jack Mjnar is in charge of this activity. .*· * *. - * ' ITWAS-ONLY last year that the lawmakers fallowed; probation "in exceptional cases .."in the','-interests of justice"' for. persons . convicted · of "such . crimes· asi' arson, 1 robbery-' and burglary.- · Once imprisoned 1 an offender is Jabeled, but probation now gives him a chance to rebuild himself.' ' . The probation officer tries "to help him' over the rough spots. He explains the. "-rules," intro- duces, him,'· deals -with his.-fam-, ily, 'clergy, kinfplk,, and 1 employers'. ' He "backs', s th'e person who is trying to 1 get back on;his feet.' - .'·'·' ·"-,' ' · · " " - · ' ' . '. '· * . - * ' · * . IN 1 . MOST cases'a California court' .may 1 , either'.deny .'probation outright .or look into the person's" case to' : see'- whether probation is likely'to-help him · To this · end '· the probation officer looks into .the 'crime and the convict's record", and reports his recommendations .. to the court. ' ' . ' . The law Tiow '.calls for these reports to go to the judge.and the'lawyers on both sides-two days .or niore- before,-they:-ar filed.,' ' ' . ' . ' ' . . These-two days allow the de fense lawyer,- for example,- ,t see what the .probation, .officer has to say,bring,in--fur- ther evidence of extenuation.-. -.. i · - - ' ' '· . (This column Is written by, .the -Long 'Beach'-and State ' Bar- Assns.) . . - ' - . . Frank. Antonelli, 'of 5541 Han-' bury Sti has .been named "Man o£ the Year" in this .area by the Perm Mutual Life Insurance Co. The award was'made in recognition-of his service to policy- holders, as well as hl«, under writing . achievements durin the^past^year. He is a^membo of the James E. Miller: Agencj with headquarters at-3633 Lon Beach" Blvd. No Safety WARWICK, ,R. I. (U.ra--Four firemen required treatment for burns! sustained- during a. public demonstration, on h'ow -to deal with an oil fire--a feature of Fire'Prevention.-Week. /| nothing pops like JOLLY TIME POP CORN ALWAYS TOPS--FRESH. TENDE* 'N FLUFFY BRIGHTEN LENTEN MEALS A quick and easy luncheon or dinner party suggestion is "this Crunchy Salmon Scallop. Easy to make, the scallop is simply served with a mixed salad and pickled beets with onion rings.--(Kellogg Co. photo.) · Here Is Salmon Scallop Delightfully Different QUICK-FROZEN By JAXE Food Editor, Planning Lenten menus can be a problem. Eggs ·-- cheese -- fish . . . fish -- cheese -eggs . . . which ca# add up to monotony, gastronomically, that is, but needn't. There are countless new and tempting recipes for the 40 days of for better ·taste...use the better .paste PROGRESSD $*· TOMATO PASTE CAJtVER Inderondcnt Lent. S u c h a one is t h i s Crunchy Salmon Scallop. . Easy to 'make, the scallop combines canned salmon, onions, green pepper and .a cream sauce, with a crisp topping of buttered corn - flakes crumbs. .. Just before serving, garnish J^K with slices of hard-cooked eggs. . , Crunchy Salmon Scallop 2 tbsp. finely chopped onion 14 cup'finely chopped croon popper S tbsp. butter or margarine 3 tbsp. flour 1 tsp. salt 1/5 tsp. pepper 2 cups milk 2 cups (1 1-Fb. can) salmon 1 tbsp. lemon juice 2 hard-cooked epgs, sliced 2'/ji cups corn flakes Cook onions and green pepper in butter until tender. Stir in flour and seasonings.. Add milk gradually, stirring constantly; cook. until thickened, stirring occasionally. Drain salmon, remove bones and skin, separate pieces. Arrange in g r e a s e d 1-quart casserole; sprinkle with lemon juice. Cover with sliced eggs. Crush corn flakes slightly; sprinkle half the crumbs over eggs. Pour sauce over all, sprinkle with remaining crumbs. Bake in moderate oven (350° F.) about 25 minutes. Yield: Six servings, % cup each. CHOP-ETTES L'CREOLE-STYLE PRODUCTS help you make light work of your hardest house cleaning jobs Metal Polish Rt'movti t«rnih fi«t on br«»i, eopp»r, eKrom«, «»«inl«H »Uti; Non-infltm- rniblt. E.Z-EST GLASS CLEANER 35* h«» 12 ot 89* 98* 98* Will not rfrwk, «m»«r. lnit«nt quickly. Sift to ui« E-Z-EST Copper Cleaner For youf poll V p«ni «i w«ll «i out- Joor it«mj. Givtt quick rtiulfl, E-Z-EST Silver Polish Will nor, «ctu.lly rtt«rd« v t»r- riih. Ptrfecr for your jttrling or plit- ·d flfw«ri or hollowjrt. 12 OL U5 E^Z-EST Speedip Th» initjnt w«y to eltin.your jilv«r fistwirt, without rubbing. E-Z-EST Steeluster For copp»r, aluminum «nd itiinltij tttil cooling utiniili. F«itl For rutt jtiini, links. *tc. E-Z-EST Oven Cleaner Clt«m til ovini, ito/» qridl ind bir. btcut grillj without icrubbina In 30 minut« or Uii. 1 Ib. v« RECOMMENDED BY* All LEADING JEWEIERS, DEPARTMENT STORES, 6ROCWY STORES AND HARDWARE STORES/] 69* Don't bother to defrost. Just fry these boneless, -breaded "chops" of pure Iowa beef 'till they're crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside. ||\ (Takes all of 6 minutes!) And if you stop right ·. , there, no one will care. But for a zippy, zesfy, delicious change--make Chop-ettes · Creole Style. First, nestle fried Chop-ettes ofl hot, fluffy rice. Heat spicy chili sauce and slivers of cooked green peppers in the pan drippings. (Be sure those flavory little brown bits are mixed in!) Then spoon generously on the Chop-ettes, It's very simple. And simply wonderful! And we'll pay you to do it! RATH WILL SEND YOU i\ FOR 2 BEEF CHOP-ETTE LABELS Use this handy coupon · Mail it today · Only one to a famiiy C H O P - E T T E S . P.O. Box 784, Depr. Vtt . 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