Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 43
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 43

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 43
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-INDEPENDENT, Lent math, calif., Thuri., FII. t, 1HO Motorcycles, Scoot' rs 1 66 KO MONEY DN. - ALL "MAKEf L. B. TRIUMPH ARIEL 624 W. Poc. Cst Hy. _ HE 60158 »Sb CART w/modllie'd Conlen "2- horse engine. Near new. Must sec to appreciate. ME 3-5395. ___ '« A.j.S. Scramber "rnoto~rc7cle: New engine. $200. 2298 wnlnut. Truck Equipment r il ZUNDAPP cirablnetfe.' good shape. _S15r-HE 7447?. i TWI HARLEY Daiidson," site 74. j Good cond. «50. TW 3-49/8. ' ·58 ARIEL Huntsmoslcl Take over pmts. _ BSA CUSHMANS 1350 E. ANAHEIM _HEJ 1 1359 vVANT motorcycle, "wifffrade gd. car _ sj^alnhl across. 2260 Lewis. trucks Equipment --OK-- USED TRUCKS ·59 Chcv. '.i Ion nlckOD ... . 5UW '57 Inl. l-ton stale ·55 Chcv. I 1 . ...Ion 'nkc . 'SO Chcv. V:-IOh pickup . 51099 S1.199; - 51099 8 TRUCKS IN STOCK i/ 2 TON PICKUPS Fords -- Chevrolet) -- Etc. FxaniDlc: '55 GMC $8V9 I'ARKWOOD Chcviolet ME 3-0787 100% iln_anclnu on approved credit '57 CHEV." V-8 Vj-lon ulckuo", red", like new. S1295. Flying A Service, Bc'iMowcr. Blvd. SOU'h S*.. _Lkwd. T0_7 : 7011. trucks Tractors 168C ( W A N T E D ) PRTVATL oa'ty _JJJ^£H_ lr , uc i-_ c --. . Auto Parts Repair 169 REBUILT ^HYDR"AMAT"IC 'If" to ·55 fill makes. «?.95 installed. Others at comoarablc oriccs. 1906 W. Willow JHE 5-67S3 TRANS"MISSrON"'lnst,illcd ~R"cbuil f, used Cherry Auto Parts. _2S99 CHERRY_AVE. GA J-87t8 A.E." TRANS'. EXCHG." ! _5S.ll C H E R R Y | GA 2 - 6 5 7 5 ! Autos Wanted """173 ' 168 Import Sport Cora J 74 VvVi LOW "MILES DO YOU NEED MONEY? , CAR PAYMENTS TOO HIGH? I Wh will tr^rir vour cnr or cauilv I lower DMccd car or buv il i VWs NEW SHIPMENT ti I960 # VOLKSWAGENS IMMEDIATE DELIVERY AS LOW AS $25 DN. ·5V PEUGEOr «3 Scd 550 Dn. ·59 AUS.-HLY.. Sprlle _..S50 Dn. '59 W.G.A. Roadster S50 Dn. ·58 VOLVO __...S50 Dn. ·58 VW Mrcfobus . - --..$50 On. ·58 MLRCEDITS. 190 SL SW Dn. ·58 M.G. Hardloo CDC. S50 Dn. ·58 BORGWARD Sla. Wan SiO Dn. 'i/ S'V.CA 4 dr. Sct-'nn 50 Dn. ·54 PORSCHE Hardtop .... S2S Dn. ·56 VW Convertible S« Dn. '56 AUS HLY Lc Mans _...S25 On. ·55 VW scdon Dlx 535 Dn. ·55 IWG tr 1500 525 Dn. ·53 MG. TD Roadslor S25 Dn. 50 OTHERS T O CHOOSE FROM ·:'· FOREIGN IMPORTS "2330 LONG BEACH BLVD. OPEN SUNDAY GA 4-0797 for '52 Chcv. ?-lon cilb chassis, wheel base, 2-spcd. axle lonn ! BEACH CITY CHEVROLET 3201 E. Pac. Cst. Hwv. GE 3-/42S '56 FORD 6 Cylinder Vi-lcn pickup. Custom cab. stcp-un bumper. New rcrnt. Economical overdrive transmission $995 Hale Young Ford 7641 E. Annhcim " GE 9.CM ! '56 FO" r I P250 ?; Ion V 8 pic --cd ' transmission. Slcn · up t^oocr. i Original Drccn t-nish. I $995 Hale Young Ford ^JWl E. Anaheim GE ?-0?36 WRITTEN GUARANTY: 1957 Chevrolet Pick-us that is equal to any we have even seen. Tires arc good and body is solid; color Is vcllo-.v and pair,! is ftow'ess. Priced right at S11E9 GLENN E.THOMAS CO. CREST MOTORS WANrjUNl'rCA'RS" WF PAY HIGHEST FREE PICKUP S E R V I C E CAVIN'S 2100 V,'. PAC. CST. HV/Y. _HE_6-?V95 __ A f l c r 6, HE- _6;55:i - WtTMNiTED"CARSlT" H ; nhcst pr.ccs cald for 1950s "cTs FANDLEE "MARTIN" ~ J U S! !f C A RS~ W AFFfED" GRFiGG PAYS MORE Fice nic'-;ur service. SIGNAL HILL Auio Wrecking 251? E. _WILLO_VV_ __GA -K681 "WE"" NH'ED USED CARS Will PAY TOP PRICES See BlM irwn SEVERIN MOTORS. INC. 1310 Lonu JJcach JJlvd. _ WANT ' -55 to" : 59 iv-.ton truck j. 1-tnn trurk wilh dual wheels. GoDd cond. For cosh. Pnvctc _H3'ly. TE I-735I TO! CASH FOR GOOD USED C A R S - ANY AGE. DRIVE TO 7170 W~ST PAC CST HWY , DLR. HE 6_9C95, 8 a.m. 9_p.rn. I LLOYD c.' "PATTERSON Will Buv Clean Cor?, TOD PrLe fot Good Condition I9ih f. i.. B. CASH" for"''57 Cad/ Sedan with air. Pnvsle party. DA 4-5360, DA '57 FORD $ 1 1 9 5 VI-TQN PICKUP 6 CYL. STICK DRIVE--R.vfio, hc.i'cr, new tlrcv Very tie-in. COTTER'S US D CARS . _ . . ._ 30 YEARS IN LONG BEACH "5 FOR MOST CLUNKERS r 3223 L. B. BLVD. _ GA ;.;;55.l D l r - TE '-TM s .. ,rft f'LJriwDf~\l CT" fore'' V/ILL buv any old car 54 CHEVROLET $.895 : _TE 4.59/1 AIIW s p.m NI-. W5« V j T O r l PICKUP. . JUIIK CARS WANTED Slrflig'il drive. Re-illv Ir'm.ic. ~ COTTER'S U.'. ) C .S 30 YEARS IN LONG BEACH 2223 L. B. BLVD. GA 7-3555 '55 FORb~V-fi l":-T PICKUP Autom. A Corneous Red $695 P.P. NODN. $37.13 MO. 20 OTHERS PRICFD TO SF.IL LOMAC MOTORS ( 15108 _PARA,ViqUNT BLVD. ' T A K E OVF REPAYMENTS '55 Chcv.. '-3-ton nickup. Excellent condition - SIO nrr wk. JEFFREY FINANCE CORP. NE ft-8755 Oncn $1,250"" . Sunday 1952 Chcv. V; ton 8-ft. I95V Romcr Ounpcr. 3-5442. WE BUY SELL TRUCKS, PICKUPS FLATS MARK T H O R N T O N 7911 ALONDqA (O.fve) Paramount _R/(Jer's Aylq V/rcclcnq TT" 5-774S Import Sp't Cars 173-A ( W A N T E D ) PORSCHE All models wanted. Cash In minutes. Sec Lou Mfrablle. JAMESTOWN MERCEDES-BENZ DEALER J350 Lorn Bc.Kh Blvd. lit Z - W H Import Sport Cars 174 ~ ; 59 CORVETTE'"" S3 i 95 CONVERTIBLE SOFT TOP. Hc'iutilul soil DOv/dcr blue. Auto. Ir.vis. hlr. Like new. COTTtR'S U.VO f/.RS 30 Y E A R S IN LONG BEACH _2I?3 L. B. BLVD. GA 7-35S5 '53 CHEVROLET: $i895 YFOMAN "A" 4-DR. WAGON. Aulo. Irani. Power steering, vcrv '""COTTFR'S USED CARS 30 Y E A R S IN LONG BEACH 2223 L. B.__BLVD. GA_7-3555 'ATTENTION 'VW~BUY~ER'S~ NOW AVAILABLb IN LIMITED Q U A N T I T I E S -- V W CONVS.--GH1A COUPES «, CONV-STATION WAGONS-TRAHSPORTERS LEE CARPENTER INC. VW NE ItOJii COMPTON NE 6 4 5 S I ·37 CORVETTE." ' Sl:nd,ird ' Ir.ins. « ',». '59 Cn'vrtlr 4- M lrcri F.,-1 inicrticn. 53.499. Pnrkwood Cliev- I rolcl. ME 3-07E7. 100% Fin.incina l on Amoved Cr^d I Auto Ports Repair 169 Auto Ports Repair 169 v^ns ^o»jffiv^jk ^Bv.f'f^i^ns^ SPECIAL $695 'SA Dodge V : -T. nicV-.un. Good Irrm. 1404 E. Jth HE 6"«317, DLR. '5J DODGE 4 Vi-T. 100% tin S^13 f : . P. Call Credit //,or., NF A-61PA. ' 4l\ S. Long Bcflch Blvd., Compton ' "LOOKI New 60~Cticv.' pIckuo. Only S1SO dn., S59 mo. (Ho side Dlr. ME 3-078 1 «S_K for h\ P. . PERT. J ^ " " ~ Parkv/ood Dukh Vii'.ioc Int. 5e:S ' ^^'LJIi-lSLV''^^'''- Uihc*D_o(i. 1959 CHr'v. 'i-ton nkkun RAH. 4- speed iransm. Must sen sisso. ' r GE 9-W\ ___ GE 0-1931 'S4~FORD pickuo" 1 ,; ton. ___ HE /-46C6 ____ . 7 5) CHEV. ' ? T 'prfncf delivery. Vo; I960 V O L V O S $299 DN. LIBERAL TRADE ALLOWANCES LOOK! AT THESE NLW CAR TRADES '58 Fiat $99? '58 Renault Diiuphino.... $ 1 1 9 9 '59 Engiiih Anglid $ 1 1 9 9 '56 KARMAN SH1A Immaculate. · '59 Pe.iqsot $1999 '57 Engli-,h Squiro $999 ALSO ·57-'58-'59 Volvos from $ 1 1 9 9 ED BARBARI'S VOLVOVILLE 1957 JAGUAR Dork blue 4-door Ihiit v;ill give you a plcdsdnt surorisc. Has ton oualilv v/hitcwall tires, tlirn sipn,i!s, heater. 4-sncod Irans- million anri sntety br'K. P.iint abrolutcly spariiies; till leiihcr m- tcricr and carpels hflvc had tl'.c ultimate in 01 re VJ23? G'.-:,-W E. THOMAS C ). 333 E. Annheim HE 6-IJB3 LOO!--1959 D!PS.:L...! /Acrcodcs Bcnz 193-D J-door sedan. , 40 to 50 nino on dlc'.ci! Solid black ! v;.th whitewalls. Omv 5300 miles and still under warmnly. Will sacrifice lo resoonsib'e Dcirty. JAMESTOWN I960 TRIUMPH PRINZ-BMW , Be^t DC'ii -- Best Financing Best Service Authorized S.ilci Service GILLESPIE MOTORS 17056 LaVcwnod Blvd , Bcllllowcr __Tf 6-351/ TO _7^1_? LOOK--'58"Porsdie~"l600 SncoHi'cr. Gun nicfdl orev with black interior, nid'O. hcfllcr. A low mileage, one-owner car. Station Wogow 175 Sharp in appear Immaculate com ·«nn iditlon '57 CHEVROLET 4-DOOR, V-8 Radio, heater, automatic AIR CONDITIONED '55 RAMBLER CROSS COUNTRY WAGON; radio, heater, Hvoramatlc, while tlrei. A nice red and white 2-tone. BOB McCLURE PLYMOJtfTH CENTER Long Beach -- Lakewood Atlantic at Atst CA 2-129i 14 WAGONS IN STOCK Fords, Chevys, Ramblers Fx ample: '5V Rambler Cross Country Wagon V-8, alr-condltloning, automatic. RH. $2599 1956 FORD ! "8" RANCH WAGON ' FordortuiHo radio, tic.itcr. This j one K like new. Perfect in cvrrv t w.iv. "["ou'll buv this one If you i drive It. Lie. No. GJ8 103. Only i $999 MEL BURNS FORD _?OpO Lona_Bcnch Blvd. _GA 6-33M ""'ASSUME PAYMENTS '53 Dodoc V-8 Sierra wooon. Beautiful block finish. Black while leather Interior. RH, VVWs teardrop spotlights. Rebuilt motor. 57 per wk. No cash needed Also '56 Ford V-8 waaon. 59 per wk. Call credit dept., TO 6-0794--17000 Lakcwood Blvd., ~56 C H E"V ROLET~ST AfT6 H~WAGO N S1199. V-B, Dowerolldc. TWo-tone red and white with whllcwall tiies. 22,000 miles. Real sharp. PIONEER FORD 18J03 Ploncei _UNdcrni[l 5-12«_ '53 PLYMOUTH.. .$l995r_l CUSTOM SUBURBAN WAGON ( '" Full power. Torquedite Irons. Spotless 13,000 actual mile car. 1 COTTER'S UStD CARS i 30 YEARS IN LONG BEACH _?323 L. B. BLVD. GA 7-3SS5 I ·54 W I L I Y S WAGON . .5699' 6 cylinders, heater, overdrive. Ex- ceDtlonflllv nice waoon. Perlect for second car--Hunting Fishing. PIONEER FORD 18403 Pioneer in Artcsla _UNdcrhlM__5j266_ Open Sundays '58'FORD". '..$1695 V-B RANCH V;AGON Alpine whife Fmlih. STICK DRIVE. Radio heater. COTTAR'S USJJ CARS 30 Y t A K S IN LONG BEACH I'm L. B. BLVD. GA 7-35W ~~ " $25'D6"WN · ~ '51 FORD 6 RANCH WAGON Rad.. htr., stdr. shift, none cleaner \ or better at any price. Fully cov- j cred with 1-yr. written ouaranlcc on porls and labor. MANNING MTRS. HE 7-7549 " T A K E OVER PAYMENT'S '56 Merc. Montdair wnaon. Bcau- lilul c-JMiir y ye.iow iiidrioojnf trim, full power, Merco. R.H., v/-i-v/. Sharo. Low miles. Premium car, S)2 wk. JEFFREY Fl- NANCE CORP. NE d-8755 *54 FORD 9-PASSENGbR "COUNTRY SEDAN. It's LIKE NEW, radio, heflter, Fordomotic. REAL Nicr. APPLEWHITE MOTORS 1580 Long_ Bcacl^Blvd^, J_. B. f9~5S~ ' FORD Ranch Wan on 2-dr.', R.H.i V-8, Fordcmatlc drive. V c f V good cond. Will accept Iradc HA 5-5270 ' ' ;' ITlAC Station Wa!wn~2-0r ! AT- -BcauHlu! 3-tonc ... 538 Mo. Cat' " Autos for Salt 174 BUICK 1956-BUICK Century RIVIERA Coupe A CREAM PUFF Power steering, twin turbln* tor QUO converter, radio, hooter, excellent whltewall tires, 32,052 actual local miles. Spotless 2-lone blue and white finish, absolutely llk« new 2-tone blue and white brakes, safety padded dash. This car will pleoio the most dls- crlmlnallno buyer, Ji,3?5. RIDINGS. CADILLAC 15th and Long Beach Blvd. '59 BUICK $3150 ELECTRA HARDTOP SON. 6-way seat. Elec. windows. Spotless. 7000-mile car. COTTER'S USED CARS 30 YEARS IN LONG BEACH 2323 L. 0. BLVD. GA 7-3555 '56 BUICK $1095 CENTURY RIVIERA COUPE Full power. Gorgeous 2-tone blue one-owner car COTTER'S USED CARS 30 YEARS IN LONG BEACH 2223 L. B. BLVD. GA 7-3555 7 57 BUICK 2-Dr. Hdtp. fake over lor S73 ca- payments of 514.73 per week. Calr credit manager, Rl 82271. '57 BUICK Rlw. Loaded w/extras. Beautiful car. Only $50 Dn., 550 Mo. Call Credit Mgr., TO 7-9618 or JA 7-7451 for Free Home Demo. good cond. Low ovmts. Call Mr. Ragland to arrange terms. Dlr. HR 6-5291 '55 BUICK hdto."Fuli equip. TTroaL bcautv. 531 dn., 531 mo Dlr. Call Mr. Cole. FREE HOME TRIAL. TO 6-9721. 1956 BUICK Cctilurv 2-dr. hardtop. 2-lone paint, full oower, A-l condition. 2722 Soaulding St. '56 BUICK RM. 4-Dr. HT., full pwr". AC. $7.00 8, tk ovr pymts. ML 4-3785 '57 BUICK. Full caulol. A-l cond. Older car for equity. Take over pyts. UN 5-6912 or UN 5-6151. '57 BUICK Special ' 4-dr. Hdto. R.H. P/caulo. W.s.w. SI, 395. TE 3-8647 '49 BUICK corw. Xlnt. cond. 5130. GC 20463 f95Jl""BUrCK~full pwr." "Good end" Reason. KE 5-2215 or KE 5-??16. CADI!. '-AC 1958 CADILLAC FLEETWOOD Here is that car you've heard about but have never seen. It has evcrvlhino : nc!udlno power steering and brake-., tinted alas:., sc^et-live Ivoe -fldlo, healer and ocfrosler, .lutronlc eve, adluitab'c twin cxlcrior -ear view mirror, clock. 6-v/av nosturc seal, decide windows, molor-di Ivcn vent windows, electronic trunk lock, Iflc- ·t£ V AIR CONDITIONING · .ind the wonderful ride on n.r. This local car 15 llflht^bluc with v 'JNTERfoR 'BY^FLEETWOOD Autos for Sal, 176 CHEVROLET OK USED CARS '58 Chevy. .$1699 Bel Air Sport Coc. '58 Chevy . $1899 Bel Air Sport Sod/in. '58 DeSotp $1799 Fireswccp 4-dr. sedan. '57 Chevy $1699 Sport Sedan. '57 Chevy.. $1699 "210" Slalion Wdgon. '57 Ford $1699 Victoria. '57 Ford $1599 Custom Ranch W^gon. '58 Dodqe '8' $999 Vi-ion Pickuo. '58 Dodge. $1899 Hardlop. '55 Chevy... $1099 Sport Coupe. '55 Plymouth $899 Belvedere 2-door. « ALL CARb FULLY E( JIPPLD WE GUARANTEE OUR BUYER 100% SATISFACTION ON OUR USED CARS 13 '59 CHEVROLETS Demonstrator A F xecuiive cars. Autos for Sol* 176 CHEVROLET '59 CHEV.-- $2795 KINGSWOOD 9-PSGR. Bronze Ivorv finish, full powir. Driven onlv 9,000 miles, * COTTER'S USED, CARS 30 YEARS IN LONG BEACH 2223 L. B. BLVD. GA 7-3555 CHRYSLER '55 CHRYSLER WINDSOR DELUXE NEWPORT The Hardlop 2-Dr. Local, I owner. In Tip-Top Condition. BOB McCLURE PLYMOUTH CENTER Plymouth De Soto Long Beach -- Lakcwood Atlantic at 51st GA 2-1296 '59 CHRYSLER $3195 WINDSOR SPORT COUPE VOW miles. Locally ov/ncd car. Full vinyl Interior. Absolutely like new. COTTER'S USED CARS 30 YEARS IN LONG BEACH 2??3 L. D. BLVD. GA 7-3555 TAKE OVER ""AYMEN1S '56 Chrvslor V-8 Windsor Scd. Full power. I'owerlllte, R.AH.. wsw. All orlqlnnl. Sha'p. Low miles. 510 wk. JEFPREY C INANCE CORP. NE BE/55 -- OPEN SUN. DE SOTO '55 DESOTO $899 Sportsman V-8 Hdtp Cpc. Full power. A T , RH. T loloo cond. S. W. LEMON '56 DESOTO 2-dr. Hdtp. R.H. Pwr. steer. brakes. Xlnt. cond. Prlv. plv. Must sacrifice, 5895. Eves. GE 4-43V1; Days EA 2-5432 TAKE over pymis. of 537.25 mo. on '54 4 dr De Soto. HE 5-0484 DODGE 1958 DODGE "6" CORONFT ^-DOOR SEDAN Stick shift. 17,000 actual local miles. Cannot be told from new. This economy spccinl Is ns new as a used ear can be. Lie. No. NZF8-13. Onlv $ 1 499 ' MEL BURNS FORD 2000 Long Beach Blvd. GA 4-331 1 WRITTEN WARRANTY Immaculate 1959 Dodge Custom Rovol Lancer that Is like new. Color Is two-tone blue and equipment Includes radio, fresh air heater, power '/coring, cower brakes, Torquelllte transmission. first line whllcwiill llrcs. Priced to sell al . . 52,789 GLENN E.THOMAS CO. 3.11 F. Anaheim HF 6-1283 "'59 DODGE. $2399 CORONET LANCER COUPE AT. RH. 1J.OQO flctunl miles. Spotlessly cle?n Perfect thruoul. S. W. LEMON 1901 E. Anaheim HE 67371 ASSUME PAYMENTS '55 Dodge V-8 hiirdtoo. Powcr- tlitc. RH. Beautiful 3-tonc green -- mcchiinlcallv ncrfect. 5795 P.P. No Crish. 59 wk. Cfii crrdit deot. TO 6-0794. 17000 Lakewood Illvd , Autos for Salt 176 DODGE '55 DODGE $599 Coronet A Club. Powerlllle, R8.K. f 1,000 actual miles. 1901 E. Anahelhi LEM ° N HE 6-7371 FORD 1955 FORD FAIRLANE 4-DOOR With overdrive, radio, dealer. Sherwood orcen finish with while- wall tires. Beautiful Interior. Lie. No. NDR7W. Onlv $899 MEL BURNS FORD 2000 Long Bench Blvd. GA 6-3311 '58 FORD VICTORIA 51,799 Fnlrlnnc 2-Door. Radio, heater, V-8, full power, Fordomntlc, whllcwall tires. 22,000 actual miles. A beautifully kept one- owner car. PIONEER FORD 1B403 PIONEER IN ARTESIA UNdeihlll 5-1266 -- Open Sundavs '57 FORD CLUB VICTORIA 51,599 V-8/ Fordomatlc, full pow«r. Beaullful red and white original finish with conlincnlnl kit. One- owner. 32,000 actual miles. U. S. Royal Master whltowalls. PIONEER FORD 1E40J PIONEER IN A R T E S I A UNdcrh^l 5-1266 -- Open Sundays '59 FORD 6-cvl. business 2-door. Radio, heater, power steering, economical overdrive Irnnsmisslon. Like new. $1895 Hale Young Ford 2641 E. Anaheim GE 9-0236 $100 DN. ON YOUR TRADE '55 Ford Fairlano Victoria Radio, healer, automatic Ml. 80 nor month CiH 9-3476. Dlr. '59 FORD Custom, 300, !-dr., V-8, RH, autom. Tan while. 2600 ml. S295 dn., 56J mo. Will take trade. TO 6-962V '58 FORD Falrlane Victoria. Excel. cond. Full price can be financed. Call Mr. Ragland lo arrange terms. Dlr HE 6-5291 ~5i FORD ConvcrJ. Take over for M9 car ovmts. ol S13.6i per week. Call Credit Manager, Rl fl-?27! '49 FORD club ciupe. 38,000 orlo. mi. Nrw red paint. R.H. See to appreciate, 5295 GE 1 5121 '53 FORD V-S 2-DR. S2W. Take over 518 mo. 1016 North Long Bench Blvd., Cornpton. NE 9-J735. Dlry '59 r-ORD " V - 8 cUs!om"300. 2-dr. R.H. Fordomallc. Lcavlnsi stdtcs. Make o f f e r . HA 9-40J3. '52 FORD V-8 Cuslomlinc. Runs uood 8760 Walnut, BcHtlowcr. ME ? WO '50 FORD 4-dr. R.H. Runs good. S14S. $45 dn. 510 wk. L. A. Anderson, 18^2 E. Anaheim Cln. Orig. brakes. J965. GE 4-2737 S995. 2430 E. / t h St. full nrlee. TE 4-W78. 'H FOPD V~? V.VnUnc'' Cpc. R?d'0, w-w, $350. MEIcnlf 3-3910. Autos for Salt 176 FORD 1956 FORD "8" FAIRLANE VICTORIA 2-ctoor hardtop with r^wer steer- Inu, radio* healer, other txtrai Beautiful grev and white two lone llnlsh with matching Inter or Whltewall tires. This Is a sharp Victoria. Lie. No tZF/91. Only 1 $1299 MEL BURNS FORD 2000 Long Boach Blvd. CA «-33ll LOOK-- '56 FORD....$895 Customllne 2-door 6. Fordoma ic large selector-type radio, hea cr 2-tone 'blue and white. A one owner car traded on a new Merccdes-Bcnr. Special today. JAMESTOWN MERCEDES-BENZ DEALER 1350 Lono Bench Blvd. HE 7-7915 STANDARD TRANS. '56 FORD FAIRLANE CLUB BIG MOTOR; radio, healer. BOB MeCLURE Plymouth DC Solo Long Bead) -- Lokcwood Atlanlic al^Slst GA 2-1276 '57 FORD 500 VICTORIA. Fordomallc, radio heater, whitewalls. All while. A real ''uy. $1395 Hale Young Ford 26-tl E. Anaheim GE 9-0236 '57 FORD Fnlrlane Club Sedan. Fordomflllc, healer, oowcr steering.. AIJ white. $1295 Hale Youna Ford 26.1! E. Anaheim " GE 9-0736 $AVE AT HARRISON '56 FORD VICTORIA _...S999 Fordomallc, V-B. Radio, whitewalls, original light blue finish. LOU HARRISON Mercury ' 17617 S. Bcllflower Blvd. Bcllflower TO 6 1761 Open Suridov 1940 FORD Coupe '57 Olds engine, w.w, tucked rolled uohol., body ported New chrome. JE 4-0184 all 4:M._1_1B6J Rpbert__Ln ; , par G. '56 FORD 9-pass. wag. A-i. Pwr. steering, RH, '60 plates. Must sell high bid by Friday. Orlg. owner. GA 7-1226; 2637 Maine. '58 FORD Fnlrianc victoria hrdlp. Less lhan 13,000 ml. Special, Sl,7«. Dlr. TE 3-9776. '53 FORD Victoria, 'V-8', "radio, heater. Ford S, lowered duals, 5399. HA 9-325-1. '58 FORD 4-dr. Falrlane '5'. Too cond. Fully equip. Private party. GA 70378 all. 5 p.m. HENRY J. '5'rn'ENRV "j "6~29~ni.p.g. Glrai lircs p. p.i.nt. Needs seal covers. GE 1-8973. IMPERIAL '60 IMPERIAL 2-dr. hdtp. Fully - . i ^aess^ Ridings price . . W.195 ALSO 1957 FLEETWOODS--v;llh fl n ri without sir. Prices start at 53,095 RIDINGS CADILLAC 15lh S* Long 3each Blvd. or hr!o 1959 SIMCAS--Near"New We have three to choose from-- secfrirts find Mellon wnoons, some havo radio, all nave heaters. V/ill .iccen' Irades. An opoortunlly for n real savinos. Priced (rom $1,469 GLENN E. THOMAS CO. 333 E. Anflhcim HE 6-1333 iO I r,nler ON ALL REPAIR WORK FOR YOUR ADDED. CONVENIENCE WE HONOR B A N K A M E R I C A R D S -- DINERS' CLUB CARDS KE SPECIAL REGULAR 34.95 "RELINE ALL 4 ' B R A K E S ^ PACK FRONT WHEEL BEARINGS ^ SERVICE AND ADJUST HAND BRAKE ALL PARTS AND LABOR ONLY WE GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMPS ON ALL CASH SALES 17150 5. LAKEWOOD BLVD. BELLFLOWER TO 7-1721 '59 M6A Ro.irf-jtcr. Qrlnlniil white finish 5,000 actual mllcv $1995 Hole Young Ford '59 CORVETTE, 3-SDr*.,., bio ' cnoine, hardtop, silver blue color, j S3 1'99. 3201 t. PflCidC Co.lSt HWY. GE 3-74n, Dlr, I _9M1 fl. Anaheim GE 9-0336 I '58 Corvette Hardtop 270 engine, Positmction. Rnriio ( heater Low milcdga. GE 4-2982. '57 FORD Station Wfloon 4-Dr. AT. RH, 2-tonc finish. 540 Dn. A S40 · Mo. C.ill Credit Mor., Mr. Rilev. | TO 7-9618 or JA 7-7451 for Free Home Demo. _ __ '57 STUDE. won., 2-dr7, V-B, overdrive, R8.H. Looks nnd runs like nrw. Low mileage. Prlvalc party. _NE B-MM. _ _ 513 DN!" S74 PER MO. '54 Studc. waoon. Call lor free home trial. NE 8-5169. 1313 N. L B. Blvd., Comoton._ D[r. Tv5/~FO"uD"'Ranch W.igon Fordo- matfc, owr, itccrlno, Thunderbird mir S.Kctv tfash, Ige. radio, wsw. _Owncr._$l_57S._ PA' 1 : 7 " 7 : '59 CHEV, Strttlon Watjon. Caultv Is free. Tdkc over pymts. S102 r 5~;"~CHEV. ~4-dr. V-8~P'olldc. RH. Will sell cnuilv or Nike older car __in trade. TO 7-3734._ ""58'TtUDEBAKER Scotsman RH. Aulo. Irnnv 51,195. TF, 1-3589. _ '"53"'FORD Ranch" W.IOOM, 6-cyl., good cond., $250._3374 Stcvelv... l"950'OLDS wagon. Good cond. Sec 3303 South St., H._L._ ~ $25 DOWN '51 Cadillac Coc. dc Villc. Jet block with silver grcv interior nlui pov/cr. Fullv covered vrt'i 1-yr. wrltlcn ouarflntce on P'irts MANNING MTR5. HE 7-75*7 i? CADILLAC"60 spcf.~i.ii FiccJwocf 4-dr. icd.m. Turqncisr blue colo w-w tires, radio, heater fuii power cqyippctt. Driven only 14,000 miles. Serviced locailv drnstic reductions. Make any reasonable offer. Must be sold Immediately, 75 CARS TO CHOOLL FROM DUTCH VILLAGE PARKWOOD Chevrolet Motors '57 DODGE hardtop. Original owner. No reas. offer refused. Won J 1 Ji w _9? r - ?5J9 Cedar. GA 4.Q22-L_ '57 ndbd'E V-8 2-dr. sdn. torque"- flilc R. htr. S225 cash, S48 mo. 1946 bal. Prlv pty. HA 5-5481. . . roll. VV-W's. PH. S500. UN 3O73B. | '54 FORD ?-dr. Orlg. owner. Econ- I omy "6." 5525. GE_8-517J. , 6-cyl. Wry i FORD - CHEVY - PLYMOUTH BUYERS ; Autos for Sale 1 7 6 , WILLYS~StiTMori~Wnn. Xlnt. mcchnn- "j'j VW sedan. Excellent rond. ! leal cond. Needs paint. JE 7-4791. 1401 E. 4TH HE_6-4317 i DLR. j -1959 VOLKSVVAGFN" nix." scd...."' DOCD red wtlh whitcwall tires. '60 ; license. Don't miss Iliis one 1515 Ocean Avc., Seal Bc.ich._GC I-.1S76 '57 ""CORVETTE "hardtop. Power"- nlidc. ?45 cnnlne, radio, healer. Piiccd tor auick sale. Cdll Roger, '57 CADILLAC... .$2795 COUPE DE VILLE TYPE Beautiful red , Ivorv. COTTER'S USED CARS 30 Y E A R S IN LONG BEACH _5«J_L. B^BLVa GA_7-3S55 V 56 CADILLAC... $2295 COUPE Dtl VILLE FACTORY AIR-CONDITION COTTER'S USED CAIIS 30 Y L A R S IN LONG BEACH _22?3 L B. BLVD. GA 7-3S55 '56 CAD do VILLE--$2279 I Pink with rtllilc too. Loc.1l 22.000 , nclufll miles. Local owner. LiKc ' OSBORN'S,_20TH CHERRY '55 CAD 62 ~4-D,-.--$1599 Orlnin.ll Immaculate local car. OSBORN'S.JOTH _CHERR_Y '55 CAD. coupe dc Vlllc. Tnk'e over for M9 A car payments of S15.45 Dcr WCCK. Call credit manaocr. Rl 8-7771 58?5 South St.. Lakewood (at Woodrufl) THURSDAY ONLY '57 Alia Coune, low miles S7.895 _ Wooinert, 431 W. PCH ML- 5-E71G '57 'DKV;."Llkc'"new/ 35"miles Dcr Ortl. ML -Vllfll, C*t. .1/0, JODSt, _ f l f t . _ ' l P. HI, '54~"AU"STirJ""ltcnlIvr~M'nn'v~cTt'r : rti Indud'no rear SI345. GE _.1 : 3205. '5? OPL T L STDAN. LOW Ml. 51.50(1. See -if Oce^in Center B'da. gar,i;)o, 110 W. nccnn. _ THURSD/\Y~ONLY '5S Renault D.iuph.-nc 1-ov/n 51,195 V/oplncrl, 4JI W. PCH ML 5 K9!" 1960~VOL'v6Tt"a~he "ovcr~V6r"sS5" .car nfivmts ot SI3.65 per weeK _C_nlJ__credit mannacr, Rl 8-2?/K THUR5bA~ONLV '5R Knrmnnn Ghlfl. like now 5?. 195 _XVo_olncrt, 431 W. PCH HL_5 B9^? THURSDAY ONLY ·55 MG-Tf, wire wheels S1.W5 _VVo_n]_Der1. 421 VJ. PCM HE 5-f71B T H U R S D A Y " ONLY "" '53 JdO. Mark / , sh.irn SS"' _ Wopl|)cit.__4_3l_Vy. _PCH Hi:_5.fT ~ - - · x|n| . : '5rrvoTrVO~4~sn".~RRH. Very ihTVrn" _5I575. Alt. ^ o.m : HE_7-I935. '54~TRIUMPH~TR-2 .. " ... 57-15 Hrewsler Gray 3515 Atlnntk ; CLEAN" '53 HILLAAAN/'USI coro- I nado._N.L.B. Cnll_GA_2^683. _ ! Antique Cars 174-A I 7 3l FORD" 2-dr. Gd. cnomc. sound ' body. Hydra. Brakes, S150. GE ^·9610. MISCELLANEOUS r !! PUBLIC NOTICE !! FINANCE CO. MUST LIQUIDATF HUHDRI DS 0! : CARb BY FCB- RUARY 15, 1960. BIG DISCOUNT t O LAbM BUY L US I'M I A N C OVbR LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS. ALL MAKES 8, MODCLS TO CHOOSL F-ROM. OUT OP STATE MILITARY CREDIT OK A L L CARS CAN BE StEN AT 11130 LONG BEACH BLVD.. LYN'.VOOD. JJE 8-37:5. JEFFREY FINANCE CORP. Oncn_D l iilv_A ^n^tiM t_ A U T O DEALERS ATTN: PRIME CORNER 9051 GARDEN GROVC BLVD. Annroxunfllclv 150x160 lot. House etui be used lor office . . . or re- mnvrd. Owner v/ill lake Vi dish or submit S. will suborintile. Tornf.c rirftl! jCiUIVbR-_RAPHAEL HA 5J_25J 100 TRANSPORTATION CARS AL'_ MAKf;S A MODELS. No rln. VJC Ctli-rv OIT Own CTilr.lcts , CAVIN USED C A R S j 7123 '.V PAC CST. H.VY. i ^I'ML' ] ( ?_ 9 tHb 6-55SO *$49_TO--$149 No Down Ptivmcntb (A C.) 50 cars for vour choice MELODY MOTOR SALES ll Ynu'll Drivr Out V/histhno" _315 VJ. Anaheim HE__2 3032 ARE YOUR PAYMENTS on your Inte automobile TOO HIGH? II so Ctill Hiram, TO 6-076B, dlr. '55 CAD. CPC. dc Vlllc, lull pwr., fac. air. Real bcautv. All white. _ l_own._Prl. DlV^m_tln.J-p .7-213] ~iE CA"D. "COUDC de Vlllc. Factory air F'oowcr. Alnine white. Sacn. GA -1-5J13 255_1 E_._C ar h 0 n._Dmr\rjz. ·57 CAD. 4-DrrRdtp. "Take over for $89 navmh. ot Slfl-35 week. _ Call _Cr_edit__Managcr_,__R1_8-2J71. "53 CAD" 62. Excel, cond. I'owcr ·59~CAD. Sedan rle Vil'lc." like new, low milcaae,_m;iy._Dtv._GA_4 ; 47j6 ·56"CA'DVLLA'C Couu'c de Ville, flood _ condition. NF 8*10?. ______ 1953" CADILLAC convertible. 5650. Private nty. __ AAFtc.ill _J-^??7 irCADILTAC^Couoc de Vilic. Xlnl. CQnd. S3,59S._JE_4-053J. ___ 1957 CHEVROLET "8" 4-DOOR HARDTOP Thii one is r Ciillv showroom new ^nr' all onplnal with new -sft ol whitcwnll tires. Heal low mllCiigc. So'd new in Long Be-ic'i. onc- ov;nrr r^r. Ha% Pnwernlldr, radio. heater. See to .ipprcciiitc. Lie. No. MNM9S2. $ 1 6 9 5 MEL BURNS FORD 2000 Long Bc.ich Blvd. CA 43311 '56 CHEVROLET. $ 1 2 9 5 ! = V-S SPORT COUPE . I Stick drive. Jcl black. Very Shcirp cai". COTTER'S USED CARS 30 YEARS IN LONG REACH __2223_ L_._B. BLVD. · GA_7 3555 ! 55 CHEVROLET--$995" = BEL AIR 2-DR. "6"--Stick drive. Rnd., Htr. Iminaculrilc ttiruout. COTTER'S UShD CARS 30 YEARS IN LONG BEACH ; 372? L. B. BLVD^ GA 7-3555 '"59 C O R V R T T E --ImrnflrulfllC Bnbv tion. hiirdlo-j, rad., hlr. 8. w.w.s. ; ah5oluto!v like nrw. Rank terms, i S.1VC $900 Full Prlco $3299 i 2-DOOR SAFETY HARDTOP TURN LIGHTS WHEEL COVERS UNDERSEAL GLA*E TINTED WINDSHIELD OIL FILTER V B BACK-UP LIGHTS Down I $AVE $$$ $AVE AT | __ MERCURY = 17617 SO. BELLFLOWER BLVD. = BELLFLOWER TO 6-1761 = Open 8:30 to 9 P. M. Daily -- Open Sunday Auto Parts Repair 169 Auto Parts Repair 169 ' ,^ 0 ^, CHEVROLET '56 CH"Wv7"V-B"en~oTne"conip!ete. Re- cr-ntlv rebuilt. Duntov cam, Edel- brocK manifold with three 97s. All fldantors for early Ford. S. \.. oao"!i with Moon dtisli panel. S400 or m«kc_oflcr. GA 2-4606 ajlcr 5. '"59 CHLV." ImDalV" Convert. Full oowcr. Low riiieiiue. 575 handles. GMAC rontrfld available. Call Mr. Rapland lo arranoc '£ f TM$; '59 IMPA'LA Soort'CDC., V-8, autom. pwr. steering, air condition. AAflrw ' older cxlr.!^ or will Imancc Diri j or all. C.iH Mr. Williamson, ME 3-Q7B7 or NEv 6-0371. S13~DN. S2S"PER MO. ·54 Chev. Bd Air club. Call for free home (rial. Hf. 6-5169. 1313 H L. B._Blvd.,_Coiiipton. d!r. '52 CHEV.~-1-DR. S199." Take' over 51? 50 oer mo. 1016 North Long Bcjcfl Blvd., Coinplon. TJE 9-J/35 Dlr. '56 "CHEV. 6. Pwrflllde.- 4-dr. S19 tin , 59 wk. Call credit mgr. NE 6-61B6. J21 So. L.B. Blvd., Conio- Trucks Equipment 168 Trucks Equipment 16 USED '59 CHEVROLET 6-CYLINDER Va-TON FLEETSIDE. Long wheel bo ic. Turquolso, License No. L 2 5 6 0 6 . Radio, dealer, step bumper. Just broken in. '56 CHEVROLET 8-CYL. SEDAN DELIVERY. S Ivory in color. License No, K 2 3 8 0 I '56 INTERNATIONAL Vz-TON PICKUP. Beautiful light greon in color. Lie. No. M l O I 6 i . Radio, heater, new iirci. S P E C I A L PRICE '55 CHEVROLET CAMEO CARRIER. Block License No. 095086. Automatic Irons., new point. Like now... '54 CHEVROLET Vj-TON PICKUP. Blue i ' License No. H14870. Automatic fronsrtmiion, radio, heater '54 FORD S'CYL SEDAN DELIVERY. Turquoise. Llcfinso No. L 5 5 9 8 I . ; . ' Standard transmission, radio, hooter, AS IS · '50 CHEVROLET '/4-TON PICKUP. S Green in color. G30953. 4 - s p c f : d transmission. color. color. 700 E, ANAHEIM HE 6-4004 : OPEN SUNDAYS GO TO LONG BEACH ENGINE F01 THAT HEW CAR FEELING! Ask lor Gcoroe or Carroll HERE'S WHAT WE 00: 1 Remove C.irbcn 2 Rci.ici V 7 Adjust Cartu- rMor Mimufl i Check Ignition t MOTOR EXCHANGE 'FREE LOAN CARS (SHORT BLOCK) CHEV, '36-'53 $ Installed FORD MERCURY $ '49-'53, V-8' Installed DODGE, PLYMOUTH $ '36-'52 Installed Pricft include: lnitflll,*lior. qn. I lets, oil flnH Isbor. Other mates I at con-parable low pricei | BRAKES RELINED I MOTOR TUNE-UP ' AUTO, TRANSMISSIONS 24 MONTHS TO PAY ON APPROVED CREDIT - ALSO - credit Cfird And B A N K A W E R I C A R D Budget Plan* AH Work Guaranteed in Writing lEV Bel Air 4-door V-B. F ] ow- j . erolldc, power steering, radio. ; hcdlcr. Priced for quick sflle. Call I i Roger, dlr. HE 6-5.291. J958 CHEV. 'imoflld" convert. Steel ' ! blue. S2000. Call GA J-A957 aflcr ; 5_o. m. I '5J~CHEV. Bel" Air lidloo. RH. Powerolidr, clec. wmdcv/s ond _icals L 5675. Xlnt._cond^ GE 9 : 059J_. r 53"CHEV.""Bel Air. Powcrglide, RH. power steer, w-w, con- linental_kit. Pert cond. HA 5-18B9. I "·58~"c'ORVETi~f=". ?70 h.P. Po^itrnc- tion, itick, RH, 2 IOPS, chrome _whecls.__HA__KJ782. Import "Spoft Cars 174 J Sales -- Service--Parts if 100% Bank Financing Jwhen You Think of Renault J ij TL: -'--' if !J Think of '60 CHEV. Imp.ild "inrdtoo couoe, 2SO c'inmc. v/tiite wall tires. p.idded dash, deluxe radio, cnnlne w"ii!e wi'h red ntcrior. 3.JM ' miles. S2,W. Terms i suit. 3201 ! E. Pacific Const Hwv- GE 3-7J28, I _Dlr. I ASSUMt PAYAENT5" ' '5t Chcv.. Ciindv flDplc red, std- Imns., RAH, "7 motor A-l. S5 ncr wk. Also a number ol : '55 '56 Chevrolets-C*'l i credit opct. TO fi-079-i. 17000 Lakc- _wood Blvd_., Bellfiower. ~" " T A K E "OVER" "PAYAA"E"NT"S '54 CHEV. BEL AIR Snort COUDC. Bcttutlful imnd.irin red S, ivorv i finish. Povjernlide. R.RH.. Wiw. Tr^iS is n orcmium car. SIO wk. JEFFREY FINANCE CORP. NT R.R755 --^OP : N SUNDAY '. '58 IMPALA 2-DR. HARDTOP ; Aulomatic, R, H, nwr. steer. 52199 T-I2 MOTORS 15CO L. B._Bkd_. HE_J-0610 j '55 'CHr"v7 "nrl Air hdfo. Pwr. slcerinn, PowcrnMdc transm., 1- owner. Low a c t . ml. '60 lie. 1 51,025. Rossmoor. GE 1-22/0 eves. _ or wkcnds. '5J CHEV. J-"67~Beautlfu1 blue car. RRH. S2/.50 On. 527.50 Mo. Call Credit Mgr., Mr. Rtlev, TO 7-9618 or JA 7-7451 for FrcMjome^_Dcrnp_. j '59 CHEV.""lmon7a"~CoiJ3C 'V-8.' · Powcrqlide, R. A Htr. E-Z Tvc, · rtr. S7.69.S. Take trrtde finance. ' _GA 9525-1. I LOOKM New '59 Chev. CORVAIR. . Sceciiil deal--onlv 5150 dn., S58 per mo. (no side loan). Dlr. Ph. j __MF 1-0781. Askjfor M_T_. F'crl. 19.W CHEV. 2-dr. Imodia. Full DWT. ' RAH. C'efln Ihruout. Sell or trade. '59 'CHEV.~-QK"BerAir~\A8.""Powpr"- ohde. RAH, S7.^95 v/lll tnkc tr.idc. TO f 9629. "sa'CHEV." -t-dr, sed. P r oltdc. RAH. = ^~THEvT~2T6~2-dr."~s"tick!~R7AH. ' Gd. cond. S5SQ_._ LExlnoton i5-6J97. | '50 CHCVROI RT. Nice, oood shape, ; S2jS.J?H_San Anscllno. HA_9-WS. '· : 5~A CHEV 2-door 5375. '60 laOS. i 3063 Dai'sv Avc. GA 4-1JB6. i r 56"CHEV. Bel Air, ?83 cu. In. 51100. _ Priv. nartv. Nn_9 L 1574. j '^9 CHEVROLET' 2"dr7 5175. Good I MB CHFVrCm7De,~new tires, RH. S125 c.ish. 1937 Temple. _ __ '59 CHEV.~$"?i295'.'~ME 6-1121 flflcr ·1:30. __ ____ i~959 CORVLTT'E, powemiide, doiuxc R. i H^V^s-w. GA 3-26W_fltt._^ : " ~ " " ' " ~ ' _ __ Import Sport Cars 1 74 ALL MODELS INCLUDING THE FALCON AND IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Plus a Nice Stock of Good, Clean Used Cars HENSLEY-ANDERSON FORD Whcro Your FORD Is Serviced Before AND After Delivery "The Sit;n o1 a Good Dal" OPEN SUNDAYS | J 1 460 Long Beach Blvd., L.B. J : *HE 2-8916 HE 6-8525? . We C-,v£ Sine Ch ; p Sir-r.-.n-; C.Sfrandlce Martin t-xftusivf Old^rnobile Olr. Now at ... Dave Thomas BORGWARD TRIUMPH--DAIMLER All Models; ImmcdiAle pel. Compicre P«rn and Scrvic*. DAVE THOMAS MOTORS MW I. B. Blvrt OA «-41S7 IN NEARBY WILMINGTON We Can Save You $100 Because of Our Low Overhead is* No Pressure Selling Here V Courteous Salesmen to Assist You is Low GMAC Terms ^ The Absolutely Finest Sales and Service JUST $ 299 D+ T on dii, PUTS YOU IN A NEW BUICK TAKE A SHORT TURN TO Avafon Motor Co. BUICK --OPEL "Where Service Comes First" 900 WEST ANAHEIM STREET WILMINGTON TE 4-6443 Open Eves. Till 8 P.M. Sunday Till 4 P.M. '59 CHEV. 2-DOOR BISCAYNE Ivory finish. Lie. No. SLYiW. '58 FORD 8-CYL. CUSTOM -DOOR 3M Ivcrv f. tircy. Lie. No. MSA 604. '58 CHEV. 3-DOOR SEDAN A-cvlindcr, ivory and silver hli Lie. No. PXT75B. $ 8-CYLINDER 4-DOOR SAVOY Lie. No. NZJ 165. Red in color. Push-button flulo- 5 " '57 CHEV. 8-CYLINDER 210 4-DOOR t v o r v and green. Lie. No. KTcS S T?50 vTmnl rftMlcr. " » * « '57 CHEV. ; 8-CYLINDER !IO 2-DOOR . I v n r v n n d b l u r . Lie. N o . MYE lit. Power- SltfiA olldc. r.idio I / V V ,-ind healer. ****', '56 CHEV. 8-CYLINDER BEL AIR 4-DOOR B l a c k I n c o l o r . Lie. N o . CHE 419. Powernlidc, radio nnd heater. '56 PONT. B-CYLINDER 4-DOOR 840 HARDTOP SEDAN I v n r v a n rt yellow. Lie. No. CPH800. Hydra- Matlc, radio and heater. '55 BUBCK CENTURY HARDTOP RIVIERA COUPE Ivory and red. Lie. No. LAE 796. Dynflflow, radio «i antt healer. ' A oood value car. '54 CHEV. BEL AIR 4-DOOR Blue in color. Lie. No. HWV OBI. Standard 51 '54 MERC. MONTEREY 4-DOOR Ivory and dark blue. Lie. Nn. HPP ?38. Mercomatic. r/idio and healer. 20 -- 1959 CHEVS. AM models .ind cquinmcnf DOWN Buys Any Car In Our Slock on Aporovcd Credit CHEVROLET All Our Loralions Are Loaded! 1860 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-3294 Atlantic Anaheim OPEN SUNDAYS HE 6-2484

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