Independent from Long Beach, California on May 23, 1957 · Page 45
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 45

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 45
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25 * * * * * INDIMNDINT.MUIl-miOMM LAKEWOOD Petitions Seek Mosquito War Ity r.AKl. .ml JAMES 11. MrCAULEY THE I t E D D E S T faces In Lakowood this week are the faculty at St. Cyprian's Parochial School. A teachers' m e e t i n g was railed. The school dismissed Its pupils but forgot to tell t r u a n t oflicers of Long lieach Unified School District. The result: Long lieach t r u a n t officers pulled over to the curb several vacationing bicyclists from the school. Truant officers thought they had bagged some class-cutters. A llATMINli .suit modeled nt n recent Ii'.shion show al Lakewood Center retails at $T75, · O · CIMHCHELI.A almost put on n modeling act at a fashion show put on at a Lnkewood restaurant by Put Illakeley, One of model P.ita Pike's shoes came olf as the stepped into view, e . · . · 110 V WHO WILL UK A W1II11X: Kent Lofthus. 2. looked out the ear window at all the boats being carried on trailers. Then he remarked to his grandmother, Mrs. Lois Roberts of Lakewood: "When 1 get older 1 want » boat with wheels, too." THE IIAM'IKST boy In Lakewood this week Is Patrick Hoffman, ,1-year-old victim of cerebral palsy. Patrick was heartbroken w h e n his black (log, Troubles." vanished a week ago. CHECKING MOSQUITO BREEDING GROUNDS Tho San Gabriel River in east Long Beach Is one of favorite breeding grounds for mosquitoes which Inst year harassed South Lakewood and Los Altos residents. The district will resume its fight against mosquitoes in the area when current petition drive is completed. District operations include pumping Action Is starting this week to prevent repeat performances of last year's mosquito plague in Lakewood areas annexed to Long Beach. Councilman Charles M. Garrison announced that petitions are being circulated to rejoin these areas to the Southeast Mosquito Abatement District. The councilman hopes to get 2,000 signatures on the petitions Long Beach City Council In a unanimous resolution has con sented to annexation of the areas to the abatement district · * · « THE EHJIIT-SQUAUE-MILE area Involved Includes Lakewood Village, South Lnkewood und Los Altos. Generally, It lies north of Seventh St.. northeast of Pa ciflc Coast llwy. nnd cnst of Lakewood Blvd. Petitions can be obtained from Cnpt. Garrison at his home, 431J Faculty Avc,, or he will see that petitions arc delivered to per t sons Interested In circulating them if they will call him at Hut It turned up at the pound, breaking a sad few days for Patrick. "Troubles" had been Patrick's close companion by his bed. TIIK WOKI.O In Lakewood has H scheme of balancing out weighty matters, A typical scene Is the lavish itudlos of a weight-reducing salon In Lakewood's Faculty Shops. A woman can come Into the salon, lose n few pounds-then go two doors away to n meat market or five doors away to H delicatessen, Lakewood's tattle gals can make the rounds of all three-- nnd come out Just about even on pounds. And a candy shop Isn't far away! · · · CHIEF BEN FOSTEIl, who Is In charge of Lakewood's Navy recruiting station, will be step- pine aside In June to go to an electronics iichool in Chicago. Foster has been In the Navy for 17 vcars. · · · KIM NMOMiESKV, 18, Jordan High School student, Is one ot latest entrants in the Miss Lakewood contest, to be held June 6-7, Kim, a 5-foot, 4-lnch tall blonde, weighs 120 pounds, measures 35',i-21-3G. KIM HMONOKNKY Once the necessary signatures are obtained, the district can hold public hearings and then annex the area if there are no protests. ' . THE AKEA cannot be an nexed In time to be included on the district's rolls until the 1958 fiscal year. However, the district has said It will take over the whole responsibility of mos quito abatement ns soon as the petitions, with sufficient signo lures, are turned in. The d i s t r i c t , encompassing more than 150 square miles with a population of 500,000, extends from Lakewood to Whittier. Capt. Garrison Initiated efforts to have the area rejoined out standing walcr nnd dipping procedure to check to the mosquito abatement dls- on mosquito infestation, as illustrated above. Par- "trlct after widespread com- ticlpating, on bank of the river, are (from left) plaints from residents 'in the Elmer L. (Al) Govcshauson, foreman; Long Beach Councilman Charles M. Garrison and Gardner C. MacFarland, SMAD manager.--(Staff Photo) Fourth and Fifth Councilmanic districts last year about the Invasion of mosquitoes. Ex-Dentist Principal to Retire A Colorado dentist who gave up his practice to become a school teacher 36 years ago Is retiring next month from his Lakewood iwsl. · · Dr. Abraham H. Liff, principal at Marshall Junior JIlRh School, at the close of the school term will start on his third career- traveling, resting and "rocking." A surprise party honoring the popular principal was given Friday night at Allen Center. Some 200 teachers and associates who lave become his friends In I)' 8 ;ong tenure w r lth the Long Bench Unified School District, attended the affair. · · · · TO HIS teaching profession friends, Dr. Lift said, "I only tiope you can find as much fun and happiness In teaching as I have." ·For youths still looking forward to their careers, he offered this: "If a youngster has talent, the teaching profession offers ' many oBPortunltlcs, not only in community service, but also In helping boys and girls sharpen their alms and realize Iheir own ambitions. Teaching holds out many satisfactions that arc hard to get any other .vuy." 5-Wk. Class Set on Safe Firearms Use MOSQUITO LAND' Petitions are being circulated in cast Long Beach area outlined on map to have the territoy re-joined to the Southeast Mosquito Abatement District. LAST YhAIt'S mass Invasion of mosquitoes in the east Long Deach areas was the first since 1951, when the abatement district was formed to cope with the problem. District crews spray drainage City Will Seek Bids Signups will be held Friday| f M J /· u dt 7:30 p. m, for a youth class 0" WCHiaieWOOa V»UrDS in the safety of handling fire, arms at the armory, Redondo Ave. and Stearns St. The five-week class Is conducted by three members of the Long Bench Rifle Club: Harry S. Putnam, ~.Gen9 - Davis and Lowell Buhrmann. Registration Is open to youths 10 years of age or older. Par. ents m u s t accompany the yoi:ths to register. On successful completion of the course, students will receive the required certificates for minors to obtain n hunting 11 cense, the sponsors said. Candlewood Signals Slated on Graywood The County Road Dept. began preparation this week of plans and specifications for traffic signals nt Candlewood St. nnd Graywood Ave. on the north side of Lakewood Center, The signals were ordered by the City of Lakewood on the recommendation of Its Traffic and Safety Committee. $2,000,000 Question Due Lakewood City Councilmen this weekend will begin study- Ing the $2,000,000 question. summer and also has received bids on a 5175,000 Pat McCor- mlck Swimming Pool. In all. some $2,895,000 projects are The question: where to set the 1957-58 budget, i blueprinted for Lakewood for Carl j. Ellis,' director of sometime In the future, finance, Enid a draft on tenta live budget will be In the hands of Councilmen this weekend »o they can act on it next week. · · · · ELLIS ANTICIPATES It Will cost "a little under or a little over" this year's combined outlay of $2,400,000 for the City of Lakewood and .the Lakewood Park, Recreation and Parkway District, Whether the budget will exceed this year's primarily will depend on how many new build- Ing projects the Council plans for 1957-58. The city and park district merge July 1. The Council already has n $430,000 City Administration Building In the works for this Chamber Will Hear Parks, City Speakers Parks and recreation programs In the City of Lakewood will be outlined for directors of the Greater Lakewood Chamber of Commerce at their luncheon meeting Monday noon at llody'n Restaurant, Speakers will be Don Singer, Lakewood administrative assistant, and Ken Pltsenbcrger, recreation superintendent. They will be Introduced by Jim Atkinson, civic affairs chairman for the chamber. RAISES FLAG Dr. Abraham B, Llff, principal, assists student Mike Mnlcckl, 13, in raising flag at Marshall Junior High School. Dr. Liff will retire next month after 34 years with Long Beach schools. He has been chief of the Lakewood school since It opened four years ago.--(Staff Photo) . ' Attend L. B. Parley Mrs Jean Brandenburg, chief deputy clerk, City of Lakewood, this week Is attending a conference In Long Beach of the National Institute of Municipal Clerks. ELLIS ESTIMATED Lakewood next year will receive $723,000 In state sales tax revenue. That compares to the $000,000 received this year- smaller because most of the sales tax revenue came In before Dutch Village was annexed. Lakewood's annexations also will bring In more property tax monies next year. Earlier, Mayor Angelo M, lacobonl had expressed the hope that municipal tax levies In Lakewood could be slashed 25 per cent. The Mayor based hi* hope on the fact that the park district and the city have merged for economy, plus the extra sales tax monies. · · ·. * LAST YEAH the combined park-city levy was 69.76 cents per hundred dollars of assessed valuation. Mr. Kills said a penny of property tax raises $5,200 for the city under the present assessment structure. Another factor on how big a tax bite Lakewood will take this year Is the contingency re- ·ve. For this year, Lakewood set up a $200,000 contingency reserve. If this were raised or lowered, It would affect the city's tax levy. There has been some talk of a chapgc, Ellis added. Lakewood City Council has authorized going to bid on an Improvement project for Can- dlcwood St. from Knoxvllle Avc. to the Palo Verde drainage lateral. The project, to cost an estimated $2,500, calls for Installation of curbs and gutters on Candlewood. ditches, gutters and any other places where there Is water for mosquitoes to breed. They »\so plant gambusla afflnls, tiny fish which feed on mosquito larvae. The district operates on · tw rate which has ranged from lest than a penny to 2 cents per $100 assessed valuation. The current tax rate Is .93 of n cent. Players Get Offer for Theater Land By J10II SIIOTU'KLL Legitimate theater In Lakewood will not die If presenl plans of the Lnkewood Players materialize. Capt. Nelson Watklns, prcsl (lent, says the players have been offered land for a permanent theater building If they can prove to the property owner that the citizens of Lakewood really want legitimate theater. He said they can do this by raising money for construction of the building. Activities were suspended last Dcccmlier, with the final show ing of "Tea and Sympathy," al though the group has continued to attend monthly meetings In members' homes. * * · · IN* TKUK SHOW buslnesi style, they have asserted "the show must go on" and have maintained Interest within the group through the meetings. The Players reached a low ·bb nt the end of last year when the Long Beach Unified School District raised the night. y rental on their regular show, place In the auditorium at MBC Arthur Elementary School from $10 to $30. Watklns said that the raise n rent would boost the production costs by over $300 for an average "run," and that the group Just couldn't afford It. lie added that the produc- Ions at the school continually encountered conflicts In the curriculum of the student and P-T.A. activities. * · · · ' . WHEN rilESEXTATION ac- Ivltlcs nt the school were BUS- tended, the group Immediately )cgan negotiations for the badminton court building at the ,akewood Country Club, but no action was taken. In the meantime, Lou p.osen, president of the Woodruff Jew sh Community Center, 17830 Woodruff Ave., Bcllflower, offered the use of the auditorium there for any projected activities of the group. The Players have taken advantage of the offer, and are now In rehearsal for their annual "Presentations" to be given Saturday, Tho event will feature an original theme script, written by Mrs. Stuart Friedman, and will Incorporate the cfforti ot nearly all the members of tha group. ORIGINAL NETS designed and constructed by Tom Evans, in a modern motif will creata the background for the acts. Appearing In the "Presentations" will be Nadlne lilsslri, June Wntklns, June Davis, and Dobble and Hoy Peterson In dramatic skits; Dave Ruderman, Dorene Porter, Lenny Harris and Jim Gosa In the theme script for the event; Virginia Mead, Eva Itaber, nnd Nelson Watklns In pantomimes; Doyle Trultt on the guitar and Warren Taylor with a.comedy routine, Rcvcrly Schllckbernd will direct the activities and coordinate the presentations. Al Rashkow, Lnkewood Players director, will direct the dramatic scenes for the show. Wntklns said that the primary effort facing the group Is the solicitation of money to construct the theater building. "The building, when It Is completed, will be a cultural center 1 for the community," ho said, "and will be available for all cultural activities of the ·ea." He added he Is very optimistic about funds for the construction, but If they find that t will take more time than they lave nntlclpatcd, the officers In the Players group will probably start reading scripts for another production. , . Present plans do not Incor- IMrate another play, however, because the Players Intend devoting their entire effort to tha gathering of money for construction of the theater. OFFER THEATER Beverly Schllckbernd (left) points out a portion of the skits that will bo featured' nt the'Lakewood Players "Presentations" to Lou Rosen (center) and Capt . Nelson Watklns. Tho event is slated for May 25 at the Woodruff Jewish Community Center. Rosen, as president of the center, has offered the use of the , auditorium to the Players for any theatrical presentations while the group waits for a permanent home. Watklns Is president of the Lakewood Players, and Mrs, Schllckbernd will direct the activities of the "Presentations,"--(Staff) lndp«nd«nt. Pt««-T«l»flrre Lakewood News and CLASSIFIED ADS M» FACULTY AVE. Pbonwi ME 3-07M ' GA S-llU PRACTICE LINES June Watklns (left) and Nadinc Bisslrl practice for the recognition scene from "Anastasla" that they will present for the Lakewood Players May 25.--(Staff, Photo) CONTINUAL BATTLE Al Rashkow, director of the produc- . tlons for the Lakewood Players, · strikes a typical pose with Ginger Friedman, publicity director for the group.--(Staff Photo) ·- ·

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