Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 82
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 82

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 82
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W-4-INDEPENDENT-PRESS.TELEGRAM 10NO MACH I}. CAlIf,, SUNDAY. JAN. 4. IMf In the Long Beach Area MOLLY MAYFIELD JOINS BRIDES A ceremony in t h e h o m e of the Rev. Mark S m i t h united J e a n M c C o I! u m, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Me- Colhim, a n d George H a r u f f, son of the G e o r g e 0. Haruffs. The bride is a senior at Wilson High School; the bridegroom is a Wilson graduate and attended Long Beach City College. Sylvia Harm to Head Jewel Terr! Emily R. Jewel Tent 15, Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War. will conduct its 42nd annual installation ceremony Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. in Veterans Memorial Bldg. Officiating as Mrs. Sylvia Harm is inducted as tent president will be Miss Shirley Nichols, department senior vice president, and her staff. Inducted with Mrs. Harm will he Kaalye Cook, senior vice president; Myrtle Thompsen, junior vice president; Edna Baker, treasurer; Laura Addis, Edith H e r b i g and Mildred Merrill, council members; Rosa Whitmyre, patriotic instructor; C. May Bassett, secretary; and to additional executive posts Harriett McCoy, Gertrude Carroll, Nelle Stoops, Ada Mae Schlotterback, R u t h Dinsmoor, Virda McClure, Laura Collins, Macey H a w k i n s , l«na Gogerty and Florence . Tallman. Mrs. Stoops is serving as · installation chairman and Harriett,McCoy is in charge · of the refreshment commit- .tee. ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE REAL REDUCTIONS ON BETTER QUALITY Dresses · Goats Suits · Sportswear Including o group of t p f t c i a l l y purchased coats mode of higher priced fabrics $3Q DeAnn's A Slor. of Fashion I I COR. LOCUST AT FIRST Worried About Tot's Reaction to New Baby Susan's Window shopping Worship Turns to Contempt B.v MYRTLE MEYER ELDRED Sometimes, in our fear of a situation, we act in a way to bring that situation about. A mother knowing that she must work to prevent her older child being jealous of the baby, may behave in a completely unnatural way and thus fill the older child with confusion and a sense of insecurity. Mrs. H. G. writes, "I have benefitted so much from your column that 1 am anxious to add a bit of my own experiences to it. T have a little girl, three and one- half years old, to whom I am extrr-mely devoted. K::cept f o r occasional S a t u r d a y nights out, when we- have left her with a capable naliy sittei, my child never has been out of my si«ht "I also have a baby of four months. When I became pregnant with the second I spent the entire nine months wondcrine; how the older would react to her. How would I divide my time between the two children? I was quite nervous abuut coming home from the hospital with this new addition. * * + * "ONCE I CAME home I was so afraid of fondling the baby in front of her and extended myself to the point of giving in to her every whim. "The result was that I had a nagging, annoying child, something she had not been before, I realized, suddenly, the foolishness of teeling guilty over having given my child a little sister. "As soon as J began to display affection for the baby, my older girl did likewise. She also obviously craved discipline, which I had practically eliminated after her sister was born. * W · · "SHE NOW attends nursery school and aids me in the simple tasks which have to be done for the haby. "She also is independent and understanding. She enjoys the status of 'big girl' now. I am proud of her and ashamed of myself for my lack of confidence. I realize now that the three years of affection given her by her father and me. were not forgotten as a result of a new baby in the family. Rather it was my own insecurity which turned a beautiful situation into an unhappy one." HOW KOKTUXATE that you came to your senses, ft is valuable for an oldei child to see that you love the baby, for then she can better understand and e.\pn-ss the love she feels. She knows, too. that you treated her the same way. As for discipline--if you don't know what the child should and should not do, how. shall she know? Children must hnve guidance and discipline; they are unhappy at the necessity to make all their own decisions. They want the parent to lay down the limits. You've proved that none too soon. * » * * IF YOU WOULD like to have our 10-cent booklet "Obedience and Discipline" send 10 cents and a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request to Myrtle JMeyer Eldred in care of this newspaper. Among Career Womeri Leta Donkle to H Desk, Derrick Club By ANNE GILCIIRIST FABULOUS COLORS and textures blend in the silk- like prints of "pampered" imported cottons which fashion this two-piece suit. Choose from combinations of violet, turquoise and Paris pink; green, chartreuse and gold or gray; -chartreuse and white. The lined jacket has a short contour belted back, three-quarter length sleeves, and an inverted darted round collar to give a stand-awny Icok. The slim sheath skirt is eased for walking by a brief back pleat. In sizes 10 to 18, it is priced under 538. For the name o! the store showing this style, phone Susan at HEmlack 5-J161, F.xt. 2.',9, from 0 a.m. to 5 p. m., Monday through Friday, or write Susan, Dept. A, Independent, Press-Telegram, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope. -Members of Desk and Derrick Club of Long Beach, representing women employed in the vast petroleum industry here, will begin the new year by convening for their annual installation d i n n e r Wednesday, Jan. 14, at 6:30 p.m. in the Lafayette Hotel. Outgoing President Bartie- mae Hook will relinquish her duties and responsibilities to Leta Donkle, elected president for the 195!) term. Mrs. Donkle is employed by Wood- Callahan Oil Co., Kixhy Knolls Division. * * * * SERVING WITH the new president will bc ( Marian Ramsaur, first vice president; Tamar Hayes, second vice president; Nina Haase, treasurer; Donna Ernst, recording secretary; Edith Snider, corresponding secretary; and, as members of the board of directors, Ruth Muggli. Pat Miller, Edna Sellers and Irene Arnold. Bernard E. McCune, deputy city engineer of Long Beach, will be principal speaker and will address the oil women on the timely topic, "Long Beach, a Changing City." McCune, who has been employed by the city since 1945, is currently responsible for engineering on all surface improvements within L o n g Beach. The information he will divulge will be a valuable addition to Desk' and Derrick's educational program based on the theme, "greater service t h r o u g h greater knowledge." Look Who's Dancing ... Graf Photo Leta II. Donkle Calendar for parties at Call's Fine Arts Center, 3720 Long Beach Blvd. Jan. a 4:30 Second Season Silver Medalists. 5:oO Second Season Gold Medalists. 6:3U First Season Silver .Medalists. Jan, 0 4 :CO Freshmen Dons and Debs of Lakewood Village. "Big Top Twin," sport dress Patroness, .Mrs. Albert F. Bath: chairman. Mrs. i^ar 1 D Jnnes. 6:15 Sophomore Dons and Debs of Lakewood Village. "R-fi Top Twirl." sport dress. Patroness. Mrs Therus Jeffs; chairman. Mrs Irwin Baker. S:00 Junior Dona and Debs of Lake- woo:) Village. "Dip Top Twirl." sport dress. Patroness. Mrs. Henry P. Perry chairman, Mrs George V. Stokes. Jan. 7 4:30 Freshman Dons and Debs of North Lonp Beach. "Clown Caper." sport dress. Patroness. -Mrs. James _. Cassel; chairman. Mrs Thomas E. Mail. 6:15 Sophomore Dons and Debs of North Long Beach, "Hown Caper " sport diess. Patroness, Mrs. Herbert Wellman; chairman. .Mrs. Archie Amos S:00 Junior Dons jinri Debs. "Clown Hop." snort ilrcs?. Patronesses. MTiies I.'elson Thomas. Henry Wiggins: chairman, Mrs. Harry Yanover. Jan. 8 4:30 Junior Asscmoly, "Blj: Top Bounce." western togs. Patroness. .Mrs .lack Fawson: chairman Mrs. Donald Kaney 6:]5 Medalist Examination Pe'riod, chief examiner. Daryl Gibson. 6:15 Dons and Debs of Orangeview, "Circus Parade." party dress. Patronesses, executive board; chairman. .Mrs D. R. IJruesKe- S:00 Junior Cotillion. "Circus Parade," sport dress. Patroness, Mrs. Preston W. Johnson; chairman. Mrs. William A. Graham. 6:15 S:00 2:00 Jan. B Freshman Top Hatters, "Circus Parade," sport dress. Patroness, Mrs. Alan Bonier; chairman, Mrs. Frederick E. Shaffer Forinislitlj' "Circus Parade." sport dress. Patroness, Mrs. Edwin Vavra: chairman, Mrs. Richard J. Barry Jr. Senior Cotillion. "Circus Parade," sport dress. Patroness, ilrs. John A. Luttrell Jr.: chairman Mrs. Mom ne S. Yi " D E A R MRS. MAYFIELD: We have been married about five years and I worship my wife. She is more attractive t h a n average, is devoutly religious, a good cook and housekeeper -- but she -has a couple of traits that are causing me to build up contempt for her. I don't know of any other way of putting it. For one thing she is one of the greediest people I've ever known, and for another she has a temper that makes a blockbuster look like a firecracker, and she is the world's worst nagger. Since we hnvo been married I have stopped attending till' organizations I used to belong to, linve quit playing tfnlf, have given up my hubbies, and eventually my friends, simply Iwanse it was easier than listening tu her tantrums. She does like fishing but I've loft intere?t in that because this was just another way for her to tighten her hold on another of her possessions (me): How can I get the point across to her that I'm not another statistic, hut just want to be a happy, contented married man? --JUST WANT 50-50 DEAR JUST WANT: You've been amenable to her demands too long, I'm afraid. In fact, you've knuckled under so long it's going to be difficult for you to change. But change you MUST. Get back Into those organizations, get back out there on the golf course, see your old friends aga'n. When she, yells and screams walk out on her. She can't fitrht without someone to fight with, yon know. Warn her that the worm is turning -- ard let it turn, brother. Put up with her as best you can, but DON'T GIVE IN. I'll guarantee you she'll respect you more in the end. And you'll have more self-respect, too.--M.M. * * · * DEAR MRS. MAYFIELD: He says he's robbing the cradle. I am 17 and he is 22 and the age difference makes no difference to me. I have always been rather mature for Jan. 10 ! j Scarf: i Fox--Black Dyed Red Fox Stolo $ 65.00 Bleached White Fox Stole $ 119.00 Natural Blue Fox Shrug Cape $ 65.00 Mink--Natural Pastel Mink Bolero $ 462.0C* Natural Ranch Mink Bolero $ 349.00* Natural Ranch Mink Jacket $ 513.00* Natural Pastel Mink Stole--let-out $'381.03* Natural Ranch Mink Stole--let-out $ 259.00* Natural Blue Fox Stole $ 87.00 -Natural Stone Marten Scarf 3 s!:ins S 135.00 Natural Baurn V.arten Sccrf 4 skins $ 93.00 Natural Ranch Mink Scarf 4 s!ins $ Dyed Sable Scarf 3 skins $ 79.03 6-1.03 Squirrel--Dyed Russian Squirrel Jacket $ 132.00 Natural Russian Squirrel Stole $ 90.00 Dyed Russian Squirrel Stole $ 73.00 Dyed Russian Squirrel Capelet $ 62.00 Fur product! libeled to show country 3l orlfln el Imported ru;t. 3316 EAST BROADWAY LONG BEACH Dude Ranchers. "Big Top Rodeo." western loss. Patroness. Mrs. Jack A Crosier: chairman, Mrs. Joseph K. Kellosr. 3:45 Dudes and Dolls. "Carousel Caper." western logs. Patroness, ilrj. Fred Eermlns;hani: chairman. Mrs. Walter' l.nndis Jr. 5:30 Kings and Queens. "Clown's Capers " sport dress. Patroness, Mrs. Walter Jloore: chairman. Mrs. R. H. Lesher. S:0u Junior I'roraenade, "Circus Dance." sport dress Patronesses. Mmes. T. J. Clemmer. S. "VV. Stoddard. D. McConnell; chairman. Mrs. Carl 0. HeRier. * * * * Calendar for parties at El Dorado C l u ' b h o u s e , 2800 Studcbakcr Rd. J-jn K Merrymakr-s. _ · · i V i n l e r \\TilrI- 7:10 rxvth'mairs.' ' -Wlnier Wlurl- a'.vav." p:my rir^.fr. Mr. anrt Mrs. Ernest B. Rubins, instructors. .Ebell to Hear Donald Curtis "How lo be Happy Though Human" is provocative title of the lecture to he presented by Dr. Donald Curtis at the 1:30 p.m. meeting Monday of Ebell of Long Beach in the auditorium. A graduate of Northwestern University School of Speech, Dr. Moore served as instructor there and on the faculties of Allegheny College and Duquesne University. He was awarded a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship in 1938 for work in community theatre at the Cleveland Playhouse and P a s a d e n a Community Playhouse where he later was an associate director and acted in many plays. He will be presented by Mrs. Francis H. Gentry, program chairman. Mrs. Joseph Striegel, president, will lead the business session. Luncheon will be served at 12:15 p.m. by members of Group N, Mrs. Fred J. Smith, chairman. PEOs to Meet Unaffiliatcd and visiting PEOs in the city are invited to a noon meeting Tuesday of Chapter OL in the home of Mrs. F. W. Schwarz, 53fi Winslow Ave. Reservations may be made with the hostess. my age and we have so much in common -- the important things. We are both good Christians and everyone says w» have top characters and personalities. So what's the trouble? I know he likes me very much.--FAITH DEAR FAITH: The boy is probably not in love with you and thinks calling you a child less hurtful than telling you so. But if he is honest, you're growing and you'll someday exchange the cradle for a boudoir.--M.M. * * · * » DEAR MRS MAYFIELD: I want to go with whomever I please. I like older fellows and some ot them drink. My parents complain on both counts. I have plenty of boy friends who want to date me of whom my parents approve but I don't want to date them for that very reason. - -TEEN DEAR TEEN: Stop, child, and listen to your parents. They are a godsend and differing with them can bring you a peck of trouble. The stubborn stub their toes on trouble 'and it always hurts.--MJI. (This feature appears daily In the Press-Telegram.) Apparel lor (he Tall and Longer JA complete wardrobe in ; ijithc N e w Fabrics ai all and! JColors Sizes 10 thru 20. - Open Fri. Miles 'III 9 P.M. = \° inMrx RF£nH -'I I -- LONG BEACH -Ip 350 American at 4th, |? I Ph. HE 6-1690 !-- HUNTINGTON PARK -','2510 t. Gw LU 1-6417 SI -- INGIEWOOD -/ 3 i 3 S. Marktl St. OR 8-2053 Toll · Toll · Toll Toll ' Tall Pioneer Women Pioneer members of the Woman's Benefit Assn., Review 15, will sponsor a covered dish luncheon at noon Tuesday in Machinists Hall, 728 Elm Ave., followed by the first business session of the year. Newly elected officers, headed by Mrs. Helen Smith will preside and plans for the year will he discussed. Visiting members are welcome. GIRLS' COATS 5 ONLY--BROKEN SIZES--Asst. Styles PRICE GIRLS' ROBES VALUES TO 7.B8 $^00 BOYS' GIRLS' BROKEN SIZES, I to 10 GIRLS'DRESSES SM.66 SIZES 3 TO 12 ^^^^^ VALUES TO 15.98 6 BOYS' GIRLS' SWEATERS 100% ORLON VALUES Tn s.»8 $199 KIDDIE SHOP GE 8-0241 2108 BELLFLOWER BLVD. ON THE MALL -- LOS ALTOS SHOPPING CENTER OE S STARTING MONDAY, JANUARY 5th Time again for our famed clearance event of wonderful reductions on your favorite Joseph Originals! Shoes you'll wear now -- and because our designs are always so advanced -- right through next'season. HANDBAGS AND ACCESSORIES ARE ALSO REDUCED SUBSTANTIALLY SHOES ORIGINALLY PRICED FROM 24.95 TO 49.95 A special group of flats and casuals including Amalfi REDUCED TO 12.90 * Sorry no mail or phone orders Joseph Salon Shoes 547 easf ocean blvd. Long Beach OPEN FRIDAY EVENING TILL 9 P.M. DAILY 9:30 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M.

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