The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 28, 1957 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1957
Page 7
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and Bmoria Ooun,rida.y, June 28, 1967 AM* I DON'T SAME IM 1W HOUSE NOW-IS HWIN' AN-- THS TACTS BHUFFY SMITH I ALWAYS SAY A DAY LIKE THIS MAKES A MAM t-f' HAPPV TO J*- BLONDIE IT'S JUST LIKE TELEVISION.' THEY CAM TUNE YOU OUT 'Corral' More Fiction Than Fact B T ALIKE MO8BT UP Hollywood Wrltw HOLLYWOOD —(IB— "Gunfight »t the OK Corral", stirring Hurt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas, U « current boxofflce smash, but the movie is more fiction than fact. The film tells about a famous gunfight that actually took plare in Tombstone, Ariz., Oct. 39, 1881, with U. S. Marshal Wyatt E«rp,,played,b*Ti|lrtt»i- t«r and his brotneri'HiM'Ifriend, Doc Hollfday, Kirk Dauglss, mowing down a galig of cowboy rustlers headed by the Clanton and McLowery broth- Earps fired only after the cowboys reached for their guns. The Earps were supposed to In th* movie, the Esrps notify the cowboys they will thoot It out to avenge the death of Wyatt's brother, Morgan. After I the bloody victory, Lancaster rides off into the sunset to woo Rhonda Fleming In California. But the real llf« story, as told f WE H*VE A FEW MlMUTES SEWS TH6 / THBS6/ JAOVIB STARTS. LETS 00 BEETLE BAILEY / V/E'I?E WAITING TO SEE > THE MANGLED REMAINS / OT THAT BRAVE YOWG ItxOT V. WHO WENT IN AFTER THE v —i UIZARP.TOSAVEUSr' THEM < ANZIO,SALERNQAN' , KOREA,MOW ICONIC SHAKE* ; TO DIE IN CENTRAL M • * ** W-*l *«•* «MJ '. mi». IMM r««M i»iii.^^ be arresting the cowboys on a charge of illegally carrying arms. Historian* say only two were armed, and legally, ar. they were riding out of town. Tomostone's anti-Earp newspaper, The Nugget, charged the Earps were murderers. However, anothftr paper, The Epitaph, published eyewitness accounts describing the fight *s an even, fair duel. Duncan Trains At Fort Hood NOW SHOWING THE LIGHT TOUCH JACK HAWKINS in western history books, is «ven more dramatic. Actually th« Earps «urprii*d the cowboys in the corral at they were preparing to leave town. The Earps were gunning I for the gang, not because of a 'murder, but because each side accused the other of masterminding a Wells Fargo stagecoach holdup. || .The town of Tombstone was ; Jonn H . Dmctn< „,„ of , Jl)hn divided — and historians still H . Duncan, 525 Miller, Angle- i are-over whether the Earps j ton> j, rece iving two weeks of muredered the cowboys before . ROTC summer training at Fort they had a chance to throw up Hood> Tn ^Ih members of their hands, or whether the | the Sam H ourton State Teach- I crs College cadet program. Cadet Duncan is scheduled to complete the training July 5. He was graduated from Angleton High School in 1953. LIL' ABNER SUN. MON. ' TUBS. WALT DISNEY'S WESTWARD HO THE WAGON PARKER FREEPORT INSURANCE AGENCY OLDEST 1V8URANCE AGF.NCr IN BRAXORIA COUNTY Phone 3-5252 II* W. Broad Fre«p«ri TELEVISION LOG KPHC-TV Chuuwl i—KQUL-TV Channel 11 1CTRH-TV Channel ll_KUHf-TV Chanel I Speaker Meter TAMPA. F'ts. — m— Tampa Times reporter Dana Cessna hod to use a 12-minute parking mster Wednesday because the hour meten w«r« all taken. He left a note saying: "At Chamber of Commerce meeting. This 12-minute parking place was all I could find." When he returned, he found •h'.s reply: '"Don't park in 12-minute place unless you're attending a 12-minute meeting." There was also a parking ticket. FRIDAY 4:00 12) Star Performance (13) Kltirik's Party 4:30 (2) Looney Town (11) I Led 3 Lives 5:00 (2) Waterfront (11) Range Rider (13) Mickey Mouse Club 5:30 12) Sky King <11> Sports it Weather 5:45 (11) Doug Edwards and the Newt 8:30 (11) The Buccaneer! 7:00 (2) Mystery (11) Gal* Storm Show (13) Lawrence Welk Show 7:30 (IT SRO Playhouse (2) A Dollar A Second 8:00 <2> George Gobs! (11) Jimmy Durante (131 Ozark Jubilee 8:30 '2) Adventure Theatre 6:00 18) The Friendly Giant'(11) My Little Margie (13) T. V. News 6:10 <2) Today In Sports (13) Weathcrgal 6:15 181 Magic Doorways 113) John Daly and the News 6:25 (2) Weathercast 6:30 U) Helen O'Connell (81 The Art* Around Us (11) Beat the Clocx (13) Rin Tin Tin 6:45 (2) NBC Newi (11) The Vice _ 9:00 '<2) Silent Service (11) Gunsmoke (13) Stockcar Races Show 9:30 (3) Wnirly Birds (13) Premier Performance (11) Award Theatre 10:00 i2> Soldiers of Fortune (11) To B« Announced (13) Premiere Per[ formance 10:30 (2) Studio 57 SOUP BONE .ORANGES.EGOS POTATOES. LIGHT BULBS, SPINACH, ROAST.... PLEASE SENDOVEBSOMB RICE, SUGAR, CATSUP.TEA. SARDINES, OLIVES. PRUNES. CRACKERS, BANANAS, SOAP, AN'... SHUCKS. THEY SHOULD I'LL MEET VOU BACK HERE IKl A UAI IT.uni ID Rll I V/ LETA FELLER KNOW V\WEN IN A HALP-HOUR. BILLY. THEY CHANGE PSO6OAMS GEANDMA HA5 TO BE WHERE SET THE OVER MV LEFT 5MOUUD6C' IT* NOT \WPEClWiV VEKV BUT-I'W N I HAVEN'T A IM-1'M NOT GOIN&. 6YEN0OT' JUST 10 THINK VOU 00 ITf WE WONT 60TMER W! VJ&U GWI6T ' THAT ANT WHAT t2) Joseph Cotton (8> University Forum (11) Mr. Adams and Ev« (13) Adventures of Jim Bowie (2) Big Story 18) Science and Human Responsibility ill) Playhouse o[ Stan (13) Crossroads 2) Blondie •8) Texa.i In Review (H) Westpoint Story M3) Key Club Playhouie Show (2) Sheriff of Cochise 18) Sign Oft 111) Zane Grov Theatre (13) Play of^the We«k_ (T) Capt. Davii Grief~ (11) Lineup (13) Wrestling From City Auditorium (2) Science Fiction (11) Perion to Person 11:00 '2> Mystery Purad* '13' Movietime U. S. (11) The Late Show 1:25 (11) News Headlines 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn SUNDAT 8:00 (11) Lamp Unto My F««t 8:30 (ID TV Chapel 8:40 (2) Morning Devotional 8:45 (2i Church In the Home 10:00 (2) Dr. Christian (11) City Detective (13) Movietime U. S. A. 10:30 i2> Final Edition Newi (U) Weekend Theatre 10:40 (2) Weathercajt 10:45 (2) Mann About Spirit (2fTonlght ~~ 11:35 (13) Late News 12:00 (2) Sign OH 12:00 (13) Sign Off 1:25 til) News Headlines 1:30 111) Evening Hymn SATURDAY 6:45 i!3) Test Pattern 6:55 113) Sign On TFl) Rural Rtveillt (l]i Soundtrack 7:25 >3> Morning Devotionall 7:30 (J) Off to Adventure (11) Captain Kangaroo 7:45 (2> Cartoon Carnival 8:00 12) Howdy Uoody 8:30 i2) Gumby (11) Mighty Mouse 9:00 (2) Gumby (11) Cisco Kid 9:30 (2) Capl. Gallant (11) It's A Hit (2) Tru« Story »:00 (11) Faith For Today (2 1 The Living Word 9:15 <3> Chrijtim Science 9:30 (11) Camera Three (2) Mission at Mid- Century fbloo illTLet's Take a Trip 1 2) Industry On Parade 10:15 i2> The Living Word 10:30 (11) The Christophers i2) Frontiers of Faith 10:55 (131 Sign On _ lT:00 ~2> Christophen~ (11) Heckle & Jeckle (13) First Methodist Church 11:30 tll> Wild Bill Hickock (J) This Is the Life 12:00 i2> Western Movie (11) Damon Runyon Theatre i!3> This Is the Answer 12:30 ;13) The Christophers 1:00 (11) Academy Theatre '2' Million Dollar Movie (13) The Pulpit 1:30 i!3> Siiiuia.v Movietimi! 2:00 HI) Mr. District Attorney 2.30 I2> Zoo Paiade U3* Jungle Ji.n 10:30 i2) Star Performance (13) Roi'key Jones, Space __ l:00 >ii Western Movie (11) Lone Hanger (13i Sjjj>:b'"Sh Theatre 11:30 ill) Uuli Carl 11:45 till UoacbdU Game 12:00 (13i Farm Journal (2) Playhouse 15 12:15 i2) Baseball Warinup 12:30 >2> Baivujil 1:00 113) Saturday Maluiee 3:00 i2» Post Time Roundup 3:15 (2) Playhouse 15 3:30 (2> Roy Rogers (11) Scoreboard 3:45 ill) Cartoon Carnival 4:00 (13) Buster Keaton Theatre (11> Saturday Mltmte 12) Teen Time 3:30 (2i Outlook (U) The Three Mus- ketetrs 4:00 (2) Meet the Press (111 Face the Nation 4:30 (2> Cowboy Theatre (11) World News Roundup ^:00 (2i Cowboy Theatre (Hi The Last Word 5:30 i2) Circus Bov (III You Are There (13) Screen Star's Theatre 8:00 i2) Steve Allen ill > Lassie 113) You Asked For It 6:30 ill) My Favorite Husband US) All-Star Theatre "7:00 i2i TV Playhouse UP GE Theatre ilHi I.iberace 7:30 illi Alfred Hitchcock U3i Frankie Laine 8:00 4:30 (13) Popiide (11) Get Set, Go! (13) Circus Time 5:30 i2> Waterfront (11) Don Mahoney 6:00 (2) Julius LaRota (11) Shecna, Que<a of Iho Juujle (13) Mystety Oiunibus (2i Loretta Young (in $84,000 Challenge U3) Date With the Angels 8:30 (2i Susie ill) What's My Line (13) Hollywood Theatre 9:00 (2) People Are Funny (11) Ed Sullivan Show 9:30 (2) Dr. Hudson's Journal 10:00 (2) Star Movie Tims (11) CBS Sunday New- US) Mike WalUca Interviews 10:15 (11) Bill Robert* Cai 10:30 (13) Dicky Moegle f (11) Late Show 10:45 (13i Movietime U 11:30 (2) HalU of Ivy 12:00 (2) Sign OH •13) Sign Ott 1:30 (U) Evening Hyr.;> 1-23 (U) Lit* New* •1! m'.i i fi ^^^^eu^cpMiMcof^nwnl TO-DAT * SATURDAY INOUN • TVONM feCMlO |/ELflSCO TO-DAI * SATURDAY The Guns of Fort Pettic&atr At'DIE MURPHY KATHRYN GRANT Jnd Hit—Bart Luem*ier "TEN TALL MEN" LAST NTTE 'THE BIG LAND" M» r . LUd - VlrrinU Edmand Alan —Snd FEATCRE— 'TIGER SHARK H, C. PHILBROOK 8e« "Phil-For-Fill DIRT — SAND — SHKLL — DRAOLIN1— DOZER — AND MAINTAINER WORK LARGE OR SMAU, JOBS CAM, 7-2400 JACKSON tXX>P ROAD — I.AKF, JACKSON, TKXAt COFFMANS GULF SERVICE STATION "For prompt pick-up, Delivering, 6 Road Service" CALL 3-9137 or 3-9119 307 W. SECOND FX1EPORT, TEXAS "^ ^^^S^^JBS^Sg^y^^^"*" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^••••B Freeport Marine Ways Inc. Freeport Machitt & Boiler Shop • Commerical Bat Repairing • Welding • Oa« Freeing of Bargea • Barge Repairing • Tu' Boat Repairing CALL DAY: PH. 3J288 NITE 7-2878 102 E. 2ND. FUEBPOUT, TKXA* (ONS U>CK IKOM TARPON-INN) FREfPORT GRILL in* Food* Served At AH Tim*. SEAFOODS — STEAKS OPKN 24 HOCKS A DAT Aor« the Fishing Parties Me«t BJ3AKFAST — LUNCH — DINNER DIAL 3 3161 Freeporl m w. 1X1*. IT. SATURDAY OXLT Th* Ilowtry Boy» Ir "HOLD TBLA HYPNOTIST Jnd Hit— ERKOL FT 1 * "VIEOINIA COME IN AT 3:«» SEE OUR RBC AR SHOW AND REV V FOR Mid-Night how FOE ONE PAin TO KITE & SATl'KHAV FKED MacMl'KKAV "AT GUNPOINT" fiui "BIVER BEAT" For An EnjoyabU July 4th. REGISTER THE WHOLE FAMILY JN THE . . . FREEPORT JAYCEES FISHIN' FIESTA JULY 4 — JULY 7 COMPLET E BANKING SERVICE I Automobile Loans Commercial Loans Installment Loans Personal Loans Savings Accounts Checking Accounts 24 Hour Night Depositaries Banking By Mail Safe Deposit Boxes Collections And Exchange Bonds And Travelers Checks Home Improvement Loans "THE BANK OF COURTESY" FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK CHERRY PH. 3-5161

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