Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 14, 1962 · Page 20
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 20

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1962
Page 20
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HUMBOLDT STANDARD Saturday, April M. 1962, P. 20 McKinley Chamber In Vote To Re/oin Area Plans Poet Breaks Info Brigitfe's Room Again, Arrested YOUR BIRTHDAY and Tomorrow Group FLORENCE, Italy ( U P I ) - A n j SUNDAY, AITIL 15 - Born ' · Italian [oct broke into lirigilte duy there is a certain duality Bardot's hotel room in the early hours of the morning Friday for jthe second time in five clays. But .YIcKIN'I.KVVILUC -- At a special open meeting held Tilesi ;hl at the Shopping Center mi'nifiers of the McKinleyville C h n m - j · iif Commerce voted to rejuin the McKinleyville Ami Planning I Hotel personnel and actors threw , ,|he ins:^! -d he oniy wanted lo read things; completely .'. !a poem to her. about others. You a your nature which h rather difficult to explain in simple terms. You are practical about some .uninhibited i are very intuitive and al times even psychic; him out' bodily. Miss Bardol, her hut you are inclined to scoff at -" linj. to allow mrmlim.,,i n B committee had made mis- by maj-rity vote on! takes and had welcomed suggcs- r J n i n 'tions made by Ihe Chamber at a; ""'···jprcvious meeling. that all meet-!. Bu01 til llmili u l i c t t i c r to remain out Hit 1 Arra Planning i c'amc a l m u t by Chamber members feeling Hniljth' a i she sent a report of the it was iTM "·· of a decision l»:monthly meeting lo Dr. John Paul- linvi' hci-n made earlier by a fcw! eV| chairman, who had copies .if the Chamber hoard (if (lirectorsj m ., i | C( | ,,, n M |hc representatives! i.i withdraw fnim the Area Plan-| on n le A ,ea Planning Committee. iiiiij Committee and fiirm a Plan- iui\« Ciiinmittee of its own. had him arrested;!' 1 ' 5 - Von have a He was'identified as Domenico:« ollll l' refcl ; " ^ l n f°- a 33-year-old poet hW hcre » re othcr " nlcs whc " citing day, financially, as well as professionally. LEO (July 24-Aug.' 23) - Take lhal calculated risk and win a new contract with your brilliant ideas. Make money, loo. VIRGO (Aug. 24-Seut. 23 - The tide is now running strong in your direction, so take full advantage all it may offer LIBRA (Sept. 24-Ocl. 23) -- Now Seals Officers At Toaslmasfers Induction Event Incoming officers of the Eurclta Tooslmasters Dinner Club were installed Wednesday evening at Walt's Steak House. Harold Fredin, lieutenant governor of Toastmaster District 57 end a member of Hie Arcata Club was installing officer at the special ladies night meeting. Installed were: President, Howard Rien, United States Navy; Educational Vice President, Shcl- Verona, Ihe city of Romeo m.d!«'·'"«· '" B d i n t o lhc s , ociil1 , "' hirl j u ]l c( ' which lakes you away from home. Because, not even your closest One individual said thai it was lime people stopped "Acting like The French actress, in Florence friend or relative can be sure working on a film, has been the|. lte£](| of ljm( , whal mood large of Buonos attentions since! dirricu , t 1 last Sunday, whcn he rented a room next to hers. Buono Iricd to enter the actress' /. the vote tntaleii d lour opposed. \rchie Fnrsrai led the son to understand. The slars have given you one very special talent which, when {developed, should take you to the into a corridor in her nightgown tol , of ihe i icap an( ] bring you r . Allen Brisack fell that the Cham-j a " d screamc!l for help. jfame, if noi a great deal of mon-i Id to rejomj| )cr snou ] ( | n 't "j um p r ig|,t backj Hotel officials called the policcjey. Those of you who are able to into the Area Planning commit-!'" 101 nil » no lcfl - Miss Bnrdot filediuse their business talents in an Chamber presid-nt Kennith H i l l j l j i t l e kids and start smoothing the 'TMm during that night. She ·nnducii'd (he meeting. After dis-j w a y f 0| . r ulllrc planning." ' ' ,J,!,i|rcal importance to your future happiness. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -Take full advantage of the prosperity streak you have been having. Clinch a new contract. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 22) -- Important contracts are to be made today. They, in turn, may bring new business. CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20) opening ursim pronoscG that Ihe cham- tec." He said that he had atlendedjno charges against a recent meeting with a problem|'' | ne. ber conic back into the Arca[j 0 | )c h(. ar( ]. of his own and hadn't a chancel iiii committee and asked it Ik- hrmiiilit to a vote. Dennis Cushy led the discussion lielnre it was brought to a vote. Cosby said t h a t he felt the chamber was not informed enough on '·/.hat !ho Area Planning committee Brisack was informed that at that meeting he referred to, two State planning members spoke and'to jail, the agenda was on a rather tight) schedule. j Forson felt thai there should be no fears of "jealousy" of Ihe doing and that it looked to chamber by the Area Planning him like the Committee was run !u defense of the Area Planning committee. Howard Emmcr- Min, Chamber representative and Karl Whipple, alternate, both cmmlc-red that they always re- fch-ed copies of the Area Planning committee meetings minutes in the mail as well as meeting an- him at thatjexceutive fashion are lhe most [likely to a c h i e v e independent h. This may be based upon By this lime. Miss Bardot ap-wea parently felt she had seen enough a novel idea which, at first, is of Buono. She filed houscbrcaking experimental. You are willing to charges and police hustled him off lake a calculated risk. Usually, that risk turns out to be a good -- Now new incentives offer you opportunities to advance swiftly. Make the most of them. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feh. 19) Consolidate your gains and see to it thai you collect the financial rewards, as well. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) -- j Good fortune winds up a pedori of exceptionally fine advantages. plain what is .meant by "skin sanding." I am in my early 30's and have wrinkles on my forehead from a sunburn, suffered four years ago. is the day to act upon matters of don BalTv . Administration Vice ·ry: P-esident, Bunny Iladley; secre- Bob Lindstrom: treasurer, sergeant-at-arms, ary, Earl Cothran; Roy Enberg. Speakers for the evenings pro. gram were, Roy Enberg, Merle Cables, Lewis Langendoerfer and Bill Wessner. Table Topics were conducted by Sheldon Barry and the toastmaster of the evening was Joe Booker. Rien has extended an invitation to men desiring to improve their public speaking ability to attend a meeting at Walt's Steak House Wednesday evenings at 7.. To Your Good Health by JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. VIENNA (UPI) -- Austrian authorities have opened an investigation into the case of former Dear Dr. Molner: Please ex-capabilities, foot a miracle, not Nazi S.S. Gen. Robert Jan Ber- On my cheeks I have some acne blame it on me for not using a scars which I would like removed, as I feel self-conscious' about my skin. -- A.D.K. When the term skin sanding belly' band or binder right after he was born. -- Mrs. J. W. I'm sorry the family is bitter but if "'e boy has such a hernia first came into popular, use, it a binder would not have prevent- was sometimes called sand-paper- ed it from developing, ing, and there were some scattered but disastrous cases of girls Dear Dr. Molner: Must both who tried to rub their faces with husband and wife reach a chirm sandpaper. The result was exactly what you'd e x p e c t : They scratched their faces, infection set in, and they suffered both pain and scars. So from then on we've avoided the term "sand-papering" and used skin sanding or skin plan- ing. before the woman can become pregnant? -- Mrs. V. L. There can be superficial roughness, small pits or scars, and if the surface can be. smoothed off Committee, that the Chamber would be given credit when credit was due, and that the purpose of the Area Planning committee was not to seek recognition or glory. John Phcgley, president of the Educators Attend Science Conclave Held In Oakland investment for you. ,,, ^^ Since you are a good judge of Hope you . ve used aM of t h e m , human nature and really enjoy people, it is likely that you make many friends all over the globe. Demanding in love and romance, you are willing lo expend the same loyalty you expect from the "one and only" in your life. Among those born on this date Hill read a list of good planning North Coast Math-Science associ- arc: Al Bloomingdale, Diner's suggestions. He said that the ation and science instructor at M e - C l u b originator: John Lolhrop Chamber had made mistakes in Kinleyville School, attended the Motley, historian: Henry James. Earthquake Jolts Fell In Eureka, Southern County WEOTT - The California Public Utilities Commission has set and the "high" points removed, within limits, new skin will grow. The · difference between high point and the bottom.of the pits can be measured in thousandths of an inch. We can't remove a really prominent scar -- but we can sometimes make it less visible. We can't eliminate deep pilling from acne, but we can get rid the opening public hearing in the of (ne ^ ,. oughness and make matter of application of the Greyhound Corporation for authority the pits shallower. We can't get rid of wrinkles, but a cure-all. Dear Dr. Molner: I am a young mother whose child has a hernia of the navel. The whole family belen, charged with the murder of 45 persons. Authorities said Ver- belen was arrested last Thursday after living here unmolested since 1945. "Don't Quit Because Of Arthritis" is the title of my leaflet designed to help all who suffer the aches and pains of arthritis. For copy write to Dr. Molner in care of this newspaper, enclosirg long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 5c in coin to cover cost of handling. Dr. Molner is always happy to hear from ' 's readers, but he rc- gr.ets that he cannot answer individual tellers due lo the great number received daily. Whenever possible he uses -readers' questions in his column. Idaho is Ihe only state in the United States over which no foreign flag ever has flown. Nazi General Is Quizzed In Deaths SOME SERVICES WE OFFER OUR MANY CUSTOMERS MONEY ORDERS Personal Registered Check Money Orders FAST -- SAFE CONFIDENTIAL Cost Only 20c for an amount up to $150.00 We Have Plenty of ICE' for your party needs OPEN SUNDAYS Eureka to re-route passenger stage ser- whcn (he sk , n has becom( , r ' h v,ce between Englewood and Mye n e d from led r( , J n,-c Hiimlmlrll Pniinlu nvpr rr n- . . . . . I crs, Humboldt County, over relo- Soulhern and central Humboldt fated U. S. Highway 101. The the past too, but was interested Elementary School Science Asso- author and critic Ninian Wert county was shaken by three earth firm also seeks incidental relief. noiiiH-LMnents, hut. had not been ,,,informed on ;ill Chamber meeting link's or where, or whal it was doing as an organization. I'hinnini; secretary C a r m c n Si'lmliT said that the Area rian- in what was best for McKinley- elation Spring Conference in Oak- Edwards, lawyer and politician: J . . . . . . . . . . . tremors a Services Slated For Ex-Forfuna Man En San Jose Wallace A. Dinsmore, a native of Humboldt County, died Thursday in a San Jose hospital. Uinsmorc was born in Forluna in isil. He lived in the Fortuna area for 31 years before moving to San Jose. During much of his residency here he worked for the Northwestern Pacific Railroad Company. He is survived by his wife. Dor- nthy Dinsmore of San Jose; i son. Wayne Dinsmore of Santi Clara; two daughters, Janice Scott d[ Santa Clara and Andrea Dinsmore of San Jose; a sister, Myrlli Hickson of Medford, Oregon and a brother. Ralph Dinsmore of .Medford, Oregon. Funeral services will be held in San Jose. Dinsmore's remains will be transported to Fortuna for burial. U has been requested that con- Iributions be made to cancer research funds. ville as a whole. The decision was brought lo a vote with Ihe members voting lo rejoin the Area Planning commit- lee, and pay $25 due to help defray expenses. Included on the agenda was (he election of a Chamber representative and two alternates to the Area Planning committee. Elected i3V ballot were Howard Emmerson, representative; and Curtis Siats and Earl Whipple alternates. The group voted to accept Ernest Pierson's offer of a meeting place in the center free of charge with the only costs being the heat and lighting. This will first be vacant stores in the center and later in the top floor of a two- story office building which will be the permanent meeting place. land recently with Francis Larson, elementary school supervisor of the Humboldt County Schools office. The clay's program consisted of an address entitled "Making Science Science-like for Children," by Dr. Paul E. Blackwood, specialist for elementary science, U. S. Office of Education. Dr. Blackwood stressed the need for increased science education on the elementary level, not for the sake of science content, but for understanding of the world in which the students will live. In a panel discussion following his talk, members of the California State Advisory Committee on Science presented a variety of suggestions ys to how this increase might be brought about. Bliss Carman, poet and essayist. To find what the stars have in store for you tomorrow, select your birthday star and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday star be your daily guide. MumJay, April lf» ARIES "Mar. 21-Apr. 20) - A fine day for all job interests, including (hose which may be involved with the government. TAURUS (Apr. 21-May 21) You may now travel with safety and take care of a new job with dispatch. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Take that calculated risk and act decisively upon matters calling for immediate decision. CANCER (June 22-July 23) -This can turn out to be an ex- There was one reporl fo Eureka police of a lamp overturned by the shakes in a P Street home. No other damage was immediately reported. Some residents were awakened by lhe shakes, described as moderate in length and intensity and coming quickly in succession. There were numerous telephone calls to police headquarters. JOCKEY SCORES TRIPLE HALLANDALE, Fla. 'UFi Walt Blum of Brooklyn, N.Y., boosted his lead in the jockey standings at Gulfstream Park Thursday by winning Ihrce times, including both ends of the daily double. be held Wednesday, April 18, at 10 a.m., in the multipurpose room at Weott's Elementary school in Weolt. At this time and place, or at subsequent hearings, all interested parties may appear. March Record Sn U. S. Employment WASHINGTON (UPI )-- The Labor Department said Friday that workers on non-farm payrolls climbed 160,000 lo an all-lime March peak of 53.986,000. The average factory worker's pay rose 71 cents to $95.91 a week to reach another record for the month. applied in the right cases, but we can't expect it to do more than smooth blemishes. The p a t i e n I 's skin is anesthetized by -- for example -- a spraying of carbon dioxide or "dry ice." Then a surgically sterile instru- menl, sometimes a rotating cylinder with an abrasive surface, or an equally sterile metal "brush", is used with the greatest precision to flick off the high spots, j and leave a more even surface. It's a process demanding sub-| stantial skill, training and jndg-1 menl. It is not something that; most surgeons have learned to do. i It is in the field of plastic sur-j geons and dermatologists. 11 is a! task of great precision. Useful: 1 difficult; very helpful within its; According to a recent survey, 86.4% of the households in continental U.S. read at least one newspaper on an average weekday; 80.4% buy and read at ieast one paper each day, and another 5% read one or more papers on a pass- along basis. Patriot Day Set By Arcata Mayor To Mark Liberty ARCATA -- Bells will ring in Arcata on "Patriots' Day." next Thursday. In point up individual liberty on the anniversary of the historic ride of Paul Revere. Mayor Dalee Dolson has signed a proclamation signifying the special day. Sponsored by the American Lesion, and under the chairmanship of Admiral Arleigh A. Burke, U.S. Navy. (Ret.), the aim of the comm i t t e e is thai each cily and town across the nation will observe Ihe day. Legionnaire Walter Derry of Ar ciilii announced the Presbyterian church bells will ring al 10 a . m . j and Hoy Scouts will display the! American flag around the plaza.: few minutes before Examiner Thomas E. Daly will preside at the hearing which will lhe sun, planing lels face of skin develop wilh a smoolher texture. Sanding or planing is useful if! Now! RCA fictor at White House THE SPORTABOUT RCA Victor's 19" portable TV Ten District Vet Posts Schedule induction Event ARCATA -- A mass inslallaliim of Id posts and auxiliaries of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Dist r i c t 21 w i l l be held tonight at the Veterans Memorial building. A t t e n d i n g Ihe ceremony will be (to.ic liussfcel, new district commander and his wife. Theresa, district auxiliary president, of Wil- linv Creek. Dinner at 7:.10 will follow a social hour, wilh installation at In be followed by dancing. M a r v i n Davison will be installed , , , i n n i : , n ( | c T of the li»sl Arcala I'o.-t 2'a. ami Mrs. L. G. Whippcr w i l l he installed auxiliary prcsi- Thc dislricl exlcnds from Cres-j cent Cily oulli 1° Garbervillc. I Perfect traveling companion (it's ready lo go on your vacation!) A'ith 172 iq. inche', of viewing pleasure in a compact, decorator oiyled two lone cabinet. The performance ii beauliful'--crisp, clear pictures, and a veteran performer in faint receplion areas. The sccrc! behind this increased picture pulling power is the "New Vista" tuner, most powerful tuner in RCA Victor history. Come in and compare performance, stylinn, value ... . you'll sec why Ihis Sporlaboul is the pirk of the portable^ ENJOY RCA VICTOR COLOR TV f o r a s l o w a s 5.86 p e r w e e k ! Ovfti Inn hours local iccrplion woolly, plus summer spoils i omlnq-np! WHITE HOUSE CONSOLE OR LO BOY STYLE in RCA Victor 23" new Vista Television Eureka Arcata Bolh of these smartly designed sets feature cleaner, clearer pictures from all areas with the super.-powerful "New Vista" tuner, 22,500 volts of picture power, big 282 square inch picture gives you full camera - eye view, steadier picture is locked on the screen, two speaker "Golden Throat" sound brings in true realism, security sealed circuits for dependable performance THE CONSOLE of lustrous, rich, hand-rubbed walnul veneer and selected hardwood. THE LO BOY is inspired by continental style, of oil - rubbed mahogany or walnut veneer and selected hardwoods.

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