Independent from Long Beach, California on May 23, 1957 · Page 44
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 44

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 44
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Pig. C-I--INDEPENDENT '«· ·«·'· ««""- """·- *·» «· Television KIM Omul 4 ' KTU Ck~»al I K»IC T r i l i n i l » KMJ Oiami.11 KrTV CkwMMl II KCO» CkaMMl II THURSDAY, MAY 23,1957 COLOR ON TV IDiSO AJL 4--Qub SO, Dennis Jamef . 13 NOON 4--Matinee Theater 4 ISO 4^-Tom Frandsen; Myron J. Bennett (4:33) 5133 I'M. 4--Tom Frand«en s r.M. 4--News Hour: Latham, Black, .retcrson, Writht 6|30 4--Sports, Chick 1 learn 8t43 I'M. 4--Jack Latham, Newi 10 FM, 4--Lux Video Theater 6:00 A. M. 4--Today, Dave Garroway 7:00 A. M. 2--Panorama Pacific · 9:00 A. M. 3--Valiant Lady 4--Tic Tte Dough, Jack Barry 2-Lov. ot Life . »iSO 2--Search (or Tomorrow 4--It Could Be You. B. Leyd«n f--KABC-TV Newi (9:40) · ' 9M 3-Guldln. Light 7--It'f Fun to Ileduca ' 10:00 A. M. 2^-Walter Cronklle. Newt , 4--Cloifr-Up, Tex and Jinx ·J--Chucko's Cartoons '.'/. ioiio '. 2^-Stand Up and Bo Counted the World Turns. 4U(Color) Club 60. Dennis · ' James 11:00 A. M. 2-- Our Miss Brooks 9 -- Cartoons 7-- A Woman's Diarj 1 ll-Star Shoppers. BUI Welth 11 ISO 2-- Art Unkletter House Party 4-- Tennessee Ernlt Ford 7-- BUI Gwlnn's Mysteries 11-- Sheriff John 12:00 NOON 2-The Bis Payoff 4-- (Color) Matinee Theater: "The Avcnclnc of Ann Leete," Uoccr Moore, Lisa · · Daniels 5-Chuck 'n 1 Luck, Eddie Clc- · tro UiJO 2-- Bob Crosby Show 7-KABC-TV News (12:40) Ui4S 7-Chef Mllanl Matinee 1:00 P. M. 2-- The BriEhter Day ,4-- Queen for a Day 5-- Dorothy Gardiner Movie 11-Twln Bill, Norma Gllchrlit 9--Sport« Time, BUI 13--Jlmmlo Fldler 6:00 P. M. 2--4 o'clock Report (Newi) 4--(Color) Newi Hour 7--Annie Oakley, Gall Davis 9--Cartoon Express U--Spotlight on Youth 13-- Baxter Ward, Newi 8:15 2--Doug Edwardi, News 13--Junglel "Black Widow" BlSO 2--Set. Prciton of the Yukon 4--(Color) Sports. Chick Hcarn 5--Gil Martyn. Newi 7--Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. Irlih McCalla 11-Wllly the Wolf 13--The Range Rider 6|45 4-- (Color) Jack Latham newt 5--Sam Baiter 1 ! Sporti Book U--Ccorgo Putnam, Newi 7:00 P. M. 2--Amos 'n' Andy 4--Stage 4: "Point of Honor." Joseph Schlldkraut 5--Popeyo Cartoons 7--Studio 37: "Shoot the Moon," Ozzle Nelson, Jol Laming 9--The Little Rascals 11--Telcplay: "Sweet-Talk Me, Jackson," Dick Haymes 13--1 Search for Adventure: "San Miguel" and "Three Canoes" 7130 2--Men of Annapolis 4--Dinah Shore Show 5--Assignment America: "Matchless Marksman" 7--The Lone Hanger 9--War In the Air 11--Telcplay: "Edge of the Law," Macdonald Carey r £ee,-i Esther Williams embarks upon her dramatic TV debut at star of the "Lux Video Theatre" (4) In COLOR, at 10 p.m. There will b« a little bit of swimming In "The Armed Venus" but the main story concerns whether the girl If an angel as ahe appears, or Is she a human devil In dls- guise? A special swimming pool Is being built at the NBC studios In Burbank but what happens In the pool cannot bo divulged In advance for It has a great deal to do with the tense situations of the story . . . murder? Esther swims for one minute and has only 30 seconds to make a costume change from wet swim suit to a specially designed gown, DAYTIME DATA UCLA students demonstrate their art In a special exhibit on "Panorama Pacific" (2) at 7 a.m. and there'll be mare train races . . . Bert Convey and Dr. Paul Popenoe headline "House Party" (2) at 11:30 ... "Sheriff John" (11) at 11:30, visits the Cheviot Hills May Festival In the playground . . . Ghosts figure In the solution of an almost forgot. ten murder Theatre" (4) noon tlons during "Matinee In COLOR at 12 . . Clothes for all occa by Japan's leading designers will be shown on "The Garry Mooro Show" (2) at 2 p.m. . . . "Home" (4) at 3 p.m. goes aboard the S. S, President Polk to see what makes a cruise ship so much fun , . . Meat cut ting and barbecuing a rolled roast on tap for "Tricks and Treats" (5) at 3:30. 7 r.M. Ozzle Nelson steps out of his own show to star on "Studio 57" as a young electronic scientist In the Pentagon who gets Involved KSTIIKB WILLIAMS In TV Dramatic. Hole BUI Tale o'f Brooklyn takes 01 Sonny Hett of Salem, Ore,, Ii the 10-rounder at the "Olympic on (5). e I'M. 'The secret wedding ccrtlflcnt 2-- Secret Storm ' · liSO 2-The Edee of Nleht liifl 4-- Modern Homanccs 2:00 P. M. 2-- Garry Moore Show 4-- Topper, Leo G, Carroll 7-- What's Name of That Song : - JiM 2-- Arthur Godfrey Time 4-- Truth or Consequences, Bob Barker 7-- Glamour Girl 11-My Little Margie 3:00 P. M. 4-- Home, Arlene Francis 7-- Brit. Movie: "Don't Ever Leave Me," Jimmy Hanlcy 11-- Wonderland. Sheriff John SH5 11-- Steve Martin Show SiSO 2-- Strike It Rich, Warren Hull 5-- Tricks Treats, Corrls Guy 9-- Fireman Joo 13_Who Knows ThlsT 4:00 P. M. 2-- Afternoon Playhouse: , "Whale on the Beach," · . Charles Wlnnlngcr · 4-- The Price Is Right, B1U Cullen 5-- Cartoon Carousel 13-- Variety Musical Parade 4US 13-Destlny 4 (SO 2-- Movie: "Cain nnd Mabel." Clark Gable, Marlon Davles 4-- (Color) Tom Frandsen: Myron J. Bennett (4:33) 7-- Al Jarvls Show ft-- Movie: "Belle of the, Yukon," Randolph Scott, Dinah ' Shore 11-- Del Moore Show 4140 4 -- Movie: "Dangerous Cargo," Jack Watllne 5:00 P. M. 7-- MlcXey Mouse Cub 13-- Movie: "Covered Wagon Days," Bob Livingston BtSO 5-- Western Theater SiM 2-- Weather Vane, Harry Gelsc 4-- (Color) Tom Frandsen 4--News, Huntley-Brlnkley 8:00 P. M. 2--Bob Cummlngi Show 4--Groucho Marx 5--Boss Lndy, Lynn Barl 7-Pct Exchange. F. Wright 9-Blff Baker. USA 11--Rny Mllland Show 13--Fishing Flashes, Mac Me- Cllntock 8|SO 2--Climax! "The Hand of Evil," Vcra Miles, John Foraythe, Mary Anderson 4--Dragnet, Jack Webb 5--Olympic Boxing: Bill Tale va. Sonny Hett 7-Clrcus Time. Paul Wlnchell 9--Big Game Hunt 11--Movie: "Malsie." Arm Both- cm, Robert Young 13--Racket. Squad, Reed Hadley 0:00 P. M. 4--The People's Choice, Jackie Cooper 7--Danny Thomas Show D--Movie: "Sister Kenny," Roiallnd Russell 13--Dangerous Assignment, . Brian Donlevy 9tSO 2-Playhouse 00: "Winter Dreams," Dana Wynter, John Cassavetes, Mildred · Dunnock, Joe Sweeney, Darryl Hlckman 4--Ford Show, Ernie Ford,' with Molly Bee 7--Bold Journey: "The Joke at with his pretty, but not-too. bright secretary and upsets the entire building on (7). The wild and Inaccessible areas of San Miguel Island are explored by plane during "I Search for Adventure" (13). 7130 rjt When an Admiral's son turns out to be a poor student In the gunnery class of on enlisted Instructor a touchy situation be comes explosive during "Men of Annapolis" (2), Trick shot follows trick shot In rapid succession as Herb Parsons, national skeet champion, demonstrates his remarkable ability at ihootlnc during "A». ilgnment America" (5). 8 P.M. Les Rlchter, All-Pro grid'star and former All-American, of Sock and Mandy literally fall Into the wrong hands durtn, "The People's Choice" (4), The paper Is hidden In Cleo'g swcate and the basset decides to take a walk. BUO I'M. Dana Wynter and John Cas savctca co-star on "Playhouse 90" (2) in F. Scott Fltzgerald'i "Winter Dreams," A rich but fickle beauty becomes both an Incentive and a curse to a young man when she appears Just as he announces his engagement to another. M i l d r e d Dunnock Darryl Hlckman, Phyllis Love and Joe Sweeney are featurec players, Molly Bee takes over the spotlight on "The Ford Show" (4) after appearing for the past two years on his daytime shows. 10 r.M. COLOR-- "Lux Video Theatre 1 (4). See above. The struggles of Dr. Philippe Plnel, first man to use humane treatment on the mentally 111, Is dramatized on 'Telephone Time" (7). 11:SO 1-.M. demonstration of pistol mnrkmanshlp will be teen at Soldiers Field In Chicago and the Radio Programs Ft. MapaWa.1 mmmm, ~ »ia»«IM,fT f«/ ·«··»·. Ma*, kr MN«M. KUC KM _ KMPC KIIO 170 MO KAK . KMJ _ KFWI, KMX _ . *M _ «10 . 1070 UFO* . «F«C , KOII . , 1110 , 1110 1119 UM KWKW KWU . XFOl -- KMPO _ 1410 I40 , 1»40 l«00 THURSDAY. MAY 23,19f7 7:00 A. M. KM--Pit Hlatiop RaMttl IIABU--Vrad Back Bhow KHJ--Frank liamlniwar KNX--Nawa; Builnaii KKOX--nad Blanchard K K I - l l l l tha"lU»i KABU--Nawa K i l l -- nr.akfa.t (Jang KNX-Bob Crux lUxm UUJt--Aubrav ld*a 1I3U KABC--"Tan llatli Blunt H-- Frank uoaa, Naw« KM--Pal lll.hnn. Niw. K H J -- H o o Oraana; Nawi H:00 A. M. KPI--Nawi i lilt lha Hoai K M J -- T l l l f Kngla. Nawa KNX--Bob Crua BJKW KUUH--Wilbur N.iaui KHJ--Nawa: gportlltaa '·IX--Ba»a Vaila. Nawt xri--»i in.nun K.pon. KABO--Nawi, Uarttina KHJ--llavan ol Itait NX--Bob Crana Mhow KUEH-- Volea ol Chin* --A»dr and Vlrilnla KABO--OmU And.raoo KNX--Hiiward Ulllar KOCH--HIM! Traaaurr 9:00 A. M. i:iub KJIJ--Nawa; O. Hauaai| Baall lUllibona I»:10I NX -- Waimy Marran «(JKH--Uilharan Hour :1IJ--Oaorta Crowall ···",--Backilaia Wlla , -- Kl'J--N-irm. rouni 'NX--l!il*n otin Hro 1 1114 (NX--Our U.I kurxUr 10:00 A. M. PI--NIWI: Trtiih of Coniaquancaa (10:03) lABO--Mr Trua Htorr (IIJ--Nawip, ol lha All NX--Nora Uraka VOX--K..h Bo» (In 11 QUH--Riirur Million K i l l !NX--Ua°Pa'r'klni Fi-Mnn'SSHirt.M .ABC-- tvwn run Martin IIJ--oaorita Crow.n NX^toaoK Dr. Uaiona OUR-- II.I.n Mtrkham laMs ABO-- Wlilinarflw Ulrull NX--Read of Ufa uL'n-Jl.v. uhny Kopp 11:00 A. M. ABO--Jafk Paar how N X -- n i a h t In II.ruin..I OER-- Dr, Loull TaiDM 11 lit a Tuna; II..I lha llttonl ( 1 1 : 1 0 ) HJ--^Jutan for a Oar KNX--kaconil Mr a. Burton Ilila PI--Art RakT Nolanook NX--Htrlka It ni'h OCR--Hun.Ulna Uliflon ^l^Pat Blahop, Nawa X--Pal llultram Hbow ULR --D.n nilbart 12 NOON - -- K»fm Rtporl.r ABC--Noontlm* N«w« QISR--TTirouith th» Btblt ABC-Pml'lUrw 'I--Cillf. Aimuitur* KHJ-C»drt« K»Ur. U«tU KABO-Ulldran K H ) - K d lliri f f h o * * KNX--Art iJnk|*tl«r ·"-"- - · . Orr, Blbl« ' KTl--Rteotit Albun Rtrr. 1:00 p. M. KFI--Nawn g.Btar HaL KMPC--Baaabali'i'ainb'iai KAIIC-- liana nimill* Hoc. KHJ--Oao. Crowall, 3U br ; N X -- Arthur umfrai ,Ui!n--Cliarlla TurD.r Kuril--flocKi N.wi, Uuill Kfl--llllllop' 1 ||ouM KPI-PanJ"^., KQ£n--(jard.n Kcbool 2:0(1 P. M. --Nawal Uarr Hkkoi KKOX--Hob Htuna 4lo 01 XQen--Lonff Baach Band llM CPI--Womaji in my llouaa "NX--Kuih A.hlnn nawa Waalbar * »ou (J:40I KPI-- D' Oanlrr K N X -- P p l l l p Nurmin HPL .Utn-World Niwa 3:00 P. M. ABr_H«nk Wuvcr iULIt--Til* mn^ Toplei NX--UitlrUL 6 ·MJ-L^ifSSlA Ui£Il--U«rl* tit* s '« JIJ--llcro't ih* Ahiwtr 4:00 P. M. PI--Nawi Data Hhaw .?.""!!'..Wliaalar «:10I KABC--William Wlalir KIU -- V i r n i l Pinkl.r KNX--llarman lllckmn Amoa 'n ApdT 4;u, K(lhK--li.« »i llanaa KKI--Art Il.k.r Notahoo KAIIC--IK'rd fUck: Naw i\tu--Ham Hayaa; Nawt KaEH--Country churcb 7:00 P. M. KPI--Nawi: Al Pnaka KABC--John Van1*rrooki Kaeord Rack ( 7 : 0 5 ) KHJ--Oabrial llaallii KNX--N.*.; Haalart al Ualo4r (J Ml Kuk.ll--family Blbla limit KMJ-- UamiU'fha Mm 11)0 KPI--Moraan UaaltT o.wi K i l l -- H o l l a n d Varrt KNX--Kobart Q, Lawla """KR--JUv vietor aitnn Till Krl--Ona Uah'i ramlly 8:00 P. M. KPJ--Nawi; floh Mopa L-.IO_8:05|, with .'in. A n f t l i v i . fortlnnd ' , 4(1* ItJ-- rnnw H*mlnrw»? AUC-- lUrtlh llloek, 4;2i HJ-- TtllixTnl Car'aal ^*A--city Kdiior H;50 Point of Law H;S5I 5:00 P. M. ?T -- N»»i: Wrath ABC--Nawi; ll'j.l I I J -- H i l l Brurwllga NX--Edwird R. or*T tut ilMli i Murtv HJ--Nawintl NX^Carmll Alratl VOX--Totar In «portj IIC--Hid Kullar, Nawi . X--Tom ilarnion POX--Top Tan Tuoai (IKIl--Ol«. nriraa 'Nlwi. Lara Hhaw . J--Oml Andir.on ·IJ--Traffla Tunaa NX--Frank IK.... Nawi (1:00 P. M. I--Bill llaworth, Ni HI'O--Bob K.ll.r aporu NX^Chlek Haira, linla. KdX--liuntar Hancorb OER--Amar. Bow Cllnu I--Bpnrta Rapon AIIC--N.wa IJ--Rrundl«a' Wlamir NX--Lowall Thomaa Fl-^alkn on t/ia Oo Klltll-- IIIDI. Trxiurr 111 (I UlctiilMi |J4 K f l -- Mihtllm K l U - N . w . H l i l . r.t tll Nation I S I 1 5 I ; "Th* Mr(:,ri:,y I Kn.w · K N X -- Th« World Tonliht KOKH-- VWf« i| Cnlm KHRR-- Dan ollbart rrla K»v«r«ld, *:M\: Tnii Ii j:ui n:00 P. M. KHl-- Ntwt; Nllhtllnt KHJ-- Mwa (NX-- Tun.labK K'KIK-- Jnnnur otli to ll KOEH-- C«|T r.llowihlp L.wli Jr. HJ-- Ufa do to Town N X -- 'olUium Kilaya H«vUw KOEK-- nr. Orr nitil. 1141 KHJ-- Huilr.l llom.nH 10:00 P. M. Riehll»M narorfar KHJ-- Ja«b Waanar Rhow KNX-- ID o^lork Wlra olra of Calvarr KKI-- A Joy Koravar KNX-- KinnMlly; llanloa KKI -- ra ¥ orlta llrmni KAnc-- ABC UK Ntwi KHJ-- Hob and R«» (NX-- fhllln Norman KOEH-- f. l)o,i,|ai Hrr.ll KPI-- Al TniU Khow KAflC-- Fradirlck Ballll 11:00 P. M. KFI-- Nawi KAnr-- Sty II With Muilr KHJ-- -ma ntwa-Whaal K N X -- Nawa Mai Itnby; Marry.fto-Rourd m:iflt KKOX-- Harord Urt^k to 2 KQKIt-- Claranra Walch I l l l k KFI-- Rolll* Tliontlf BpU. H I M KFI-- rraitartck Bullii KNX-- Hull- HI Dawn II 141 KFI-- Local Ncwi .12 MIDNIGHT (PI -Other Hid* of I*r ABC-- ftourki Partrlln* V A X -- lltula Till OiWD tfOX-- H»eortJ |Uck; T»M Tiny (2 ·. m, KOEK-- Burnt.) ri«r«bBe1*| "Father of the Year" will visit ! | ti Big Bat.Cave" 13--Stories of the Century 10:00 P. M. 4--(Color) Lux Video Theater: "The Armed Venus." Esther Williams. Steve Forrest, Pe- TV GA 3-8203 SIRVICI CALL FREE Iff W» to Ywv HMIM ten Graves, John Hud«on 7--Telephone Time, John Nesbill: "Acnln the Stars," Robert Ellenitcln 11--Georfje Putnam, Newi 13--The Hunter 10)18 11--Movie: "Bad Guy," Bruce Cabot 10 ISO 7--Surprise Playhouse: "Neutral Corner," John Wallace 13--Tom Duccan Show 10)40 9--World Newi; Weatherwlie 11:00 P. M. 2--Blc Newi: Robcrti, Stout. Stratton, Green 4--Jack Latham, Newi 5--Final Edition, Ken Graue 7--John Daly and tht Newt 9--TTie Pendulum 13-Baxtcr Ward, Newi lltlfl 4--Cleve Hermann. Sporti 7--Doctor Weather; Movie (11:20): "Women In Bond- ace," Gall Patrick 13--Tom Ducgan Show 11 ISO 2--Movie: "Malcli, Inc.," Howard Duff, Coleen Gray 4--Tonlent! ints 11--Movie: "Eve Knew Her Apples," Ann Miller IZlOO MIDNIGHT 12 ISO 4--Swing Shift Theater: "Blc Jim's Boy," Jackie Cooper 1:00 A. M. 2--Crosi Current, G. Mohr 4--Tom Frnndsen Newiwrap "You Bet Your Life" (4) to face the gibes of Groucho Marx. It's a riotous return to the hcydcy of flappers and 2,1-gkl- doo when Bob Collins makes a big thine out of the fact that his "aged" sister is about to observe her fortieth birthday dur Ing "The Bob Cummlngs Show" (2). A special preview of Harbor Day (Sunday) at which time all are Invited to visit ships and harbor Installations will be seen on "Fishing Flashes" (13), Bob Metzger of Long Beach Harbor will be the guest, HI30 I'M. ·Climax!" (2) stars Vera Miles, John Forsylhe and Mary Anderson In the story of a liril llant young college Instructor whose homo and career are threatened by poison pen letters. The last of the first-runs of "Dragnet" (4) Is set for tonight and next week the summer re. runs begin. Two women shot and wounded by a gun-happy robber during a bakr/ry holdup, ''Malsie," In the person of Ann Sothcrn, Is stranded In Big Horn, Wyo,, and foils a murder charge against a handsome friend, Robert Young Is featured In the movie on (11). the New York studios of nlEht" (4). "To D O I T W I T H DQQLFY" Hong Kong Flooded HONG KONG (CD--Torren tlal for rains flooded Hone Kong the third straight day Wednesday causing landslides nnd wrecklnc dozens of homes WHAT'S NEW Stiff ·3 TV SERVICE ALL MAKES Specialising In PICTURE 7UIES MUNTZ TV SALES SERVICE G A 7-4420 -- G A 7-5415 (ISO L WARDLOWRD, OUN IVININOI Mai IUNDAYI YE WHO ENTER HERE BEWARE... ...bewir* of lh« miglc of rommc*. You cron lh« twin- filled moat, mil · lovely Lidy- In-Walling lliowi you th« trcrel ·ntrance,0nc« Inilde the hidden chtmben of Sletplng Beauty's Ciitle, Ih* moil romanllf: of ill fairy tilei ipreadi befor* you. Thr«« dlmenilontl "lool(-lnlo" icenei... mytterloui movement ind nuglcal uundi bring ID llfi for you Ih* unforgettibl* itory of Sleeping B«uly. ll'» new «l of the wonderful additions tint iniU Dlineylnd-mo» than ev»r-- your best entertainment valu*. OPEN 10 A.M. TO 10 P.M. fv*rv day. Including Wondqyi FOR BETTER LIVING DOOLEY HARDWARE MART'S )7lh YEAR OF SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE OF IONS BEACH. "YOUR PROBLEMS ARE HIS PROBLEMS" Dooliy'» Row'I.Eiy Lawn Ed9 3.2S 2.44 Raglno 2-Bruih Floor Polliriar Ainar. Hand Lawn Mowari tT.SO 4t.n Naw '57 Lcwyt w/BIa Wn.ali I 17.95 || 4MS I LB. .20 WATER HEATERS, 20-GAU, AUTOMATIC 49.95 || 31.81 TOILET SEATS, CHROMED HINGES 4.95 MOVIE SCREENS, 4040 20.95 MAGNETIC CUPBOARD CATCHES _45cJ|_ 3lc DOOLEY'S HARDWARE MART 5075 LONG BEACH BLVD. NORTH LONG BEACH BOAT AND CAR . RADIOS / up OUTSIDE TV ANTENNAS -14)50 INSTALLED.... I .fc PATIO SPEAKER KITS HE 6-7475 FAlt, PIMNDAIU TV SIKVICI OPIN All HOLIDAYS larrka Call. . , , 1,|0 LATCO TV--If20 W. Will.* ·eomp. 9 95 up RENT A TV « - PER MONTH Til PICTURE 51 I · TUBES I Par Ink _ Ink, TUBES ' ""'" 1,11 a* |i, vltiiit lilt, II" nra II"--|.T»f HlHt ·iirtilM-- lain lailllllllH ll--HKi Hi lllar IQ IMiT liaf, lanlH lilh V I 1 W TUIVIIIII IITIKMIIII 1141 I, IKOAINAT HI Mill ··*« liltr I tr 1--|§M lit,. TV , NO C»lni i GEM JEWELERS j ; 440 Pinr Phone HE 7.??84 Calls $2.00 Fast Service Wa than* far wlM GA 2.7971" «· "'i- · · · GA 74505 AF sirWIU r.M, 1*4 IOUTH IT. Sanlt AM littwef at Haibw lltd. AMhtlm C WAUT DltNir PHQBUCTIONI TV 1-Hour Service NO FIX - NO PAY 50 Open Sundays HEmlock 5-2804 7-9672 JET TV 2174 PACIFIC "More things are wrought by prayer" Members of Prayer Fellowship have men their prayers cure alcoholics, restore broken homes, evon overcome illness, ' Junn Reader'! Digest tells] how a group in Philadelphia- praying each day for people all over the U.S. --ia reaffirming an ago-old truth: the healing power of prayer. Get June Rcader'i Digest at your nowistand today: 42 articles of lasting interest. Including the bent from leading magazines, newspapers and books, condensed to save your time. Arthur Cod/try talki about Rtader'i Digett tvery Wrdnaday on CBS radio. Tunt in. 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If you call him'early he can route his calls and give you better service. -- C/iorfir.d by lh Staff of California -You Can Depend on These RTA-Approved Long Boach Shops F. S. Abrimt S o n s . . . 1718 E. Artiili B l » d . . . . Q A 2-2410 Advinci TV . . . . 1039 E. 7th SI HE 6-5498 Advanoid TV-Radio . . . 1872 Santa Fi . , . HE 2-2389 Airway Radio Ttlivlilon .. 456 W. Anihilm ,. HE 2-2840 Aliundir Eliolrlo Co. .. 3101 E. Anihilm S t . . . HE 3-7468 Alllid Elietronlci.. 1140 E. Pacific Gout Hwy... HE 7-4106 Almar Elietronlci . . . 726 W. Willow SI. . . . QA 4-1801 BW TV . . . . 5205 E. Sicond . . . . HE 9-6665 Barnii Radio-TV . . . 3414 E. Smnth St. ... HE 8.9583 Piul M. Biddow . . 5281 Lone Biach Blvd. . . QA 2-5045 Btrgman's Tilivl.lon Radio Shop, 4207 Montalr QA 3-1971 Broadway T.livlllon Ridlo . 965 E. Bdwy. . HE 2-4044 Eitirn TV ... 3344 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. . . . HE 4-7457 Qarnir Radio TV ... 808 W. Willow St. ... QA 7-1847 Intintati Radio-TV, Tommy Hunt, 1532 E. Bdwy. HE 2-1773 Long Baaoh Radio-TV .. 900 E. Pao. Cit. H w y . . . HE 6-6550 MoNilll Rldlo TV ... 2323 Pacific AVI. . . . QA 4-3490 Nixon Radio TV ... 1521 W. Willow SI. . . . QA 4-4395 Pill Fnd'i Elictronlct.. 1741 E. Sivinth SI... HE 7-7920 Rild'i Radlo-Tilivltlcn . . 3926 E. Broadway . . HE 9-7248 Signal Radio TV ... 3849 Atlantic AVI. . . . QA 4-4882 Til VH Corp. . . . 4512 Ui Coyotii Blvd. . . . HE 9-4511 Tiltvl.lon Din . . . . 2741 E. Fourth SI HE 8-2828 TV Enflniin . . . 4160 Norn Way ... QA 9-6512 Ward Broi. Radio-TV . . 2916 E. Anihilm St. . . HE 4-7461 BEST-WEST AUTO WASH SORRY! "We couldn't accommodate all o our customers this past weekend-so-o-o-o-o we are repeating our offer of a FREE BOX of McFARLANF/S CANDY with every car wash! FRI.. SAT.. SUN.. MAY 24, 25. 26 RECEIVE TICKETS ON GRAND DRAWING JUNE 30th POWER MOWER-LUGGAGE- DINNERWARE-COOKWARE, ETC, YOUR EVERY SIXTH CAR WASH IS FREE FREE EXPERT HANI) WAXIXG MAXIMUM 1ST ft 2ND REAL ESTATE LOANS Affr ·"» M" -- A"? 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