The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 1, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY FftBE PRESS THE DAILY FREE PRESS EsUbliihed Daily 19*3 ' Weekly 1877 Press Publishing Co MRS. JOHN T. QAL3RAITH Editor and .Manager Telephone - - 218 ' Terms J Subscription '15 cent a week. Advertising bills tiu.e weekly. '•' ;Job '. work strictly cash. ' ANNXJAL. SUBSCRIPTION $7.80 -. Entered at the postoffice at Car bondale, Illinois, as second clas .'matter. Office in the Free Press ..:Buildin£, West Main Street. Republican Ticket For Carbondal Township ~ . • ;,/ Following are the Republican candidates -in the township election 'to be held .Tuesday, April 6th. ; Assistant Supervisor ; j WTllilAM' M. HALLIDAY r . Highway Commissioner 3. ' .GEORGE FORE ' ' ' epE . sfllad . Assessor ' ' SAM ANDERSON « Tbwship Clerk W.'J. BRO\VN School Trustee , THOMAS-L. CHERRY Pound 'Master HERMAN EVERHART PROGRAM OF THE TEAeilERS HITS PUBLIC APPEAL Array of Talent Among F o r e m o-s-t Educators, Scholars and Artists :WiU Be Out of Professional. Fields And Appeal To Public. ATTENTION - Special meeting Shcnkonah Lodge if•..•241. "Thursday, April 1, at 6:39 .'jV-M.'^for work. "'' .' P.'"A. WEAVER, W. M H, C. MERTZ, Sec. M3i—A CARD OF THANKS .Mrs. Walter 'joins me in exprcss- .;ing-" •'rthanks a : iid appreciation to those who. assisted us, .when o.tTr home was.-de'stroyed by fire Sunday/ 'MRS. CQRDELLIA KELLY. 'Adv;-.' ' • •' Al—If Everything is in readiness to welcome the hundreds of Southern Illinois school teachers -who meet here Thursday at the 39th' Southern Illinois* Teachers' AssociationT" Officials of the 'Association' -are elated' with the prospects for 'this'year's, meeting which -promises to eclipse 'all other ineetirgs, 'both in merit of .program -and attendance. They have been .working with ipersistent efforts for the last several weeks, particularly' IFrof. G-'. D.. Wham, chairman', of the executive committee, and'Prof. E. '(j., also <othe-r' local educators. They 'have been unusually."successful in arranging a proiga-am which displays an array of taleni from The ranks .of the' best educators, scholars .and artists in the country. iTrns year, more (than ever before, jvill the program appeal to the citi- £en7rnuch of th'e -program being. composed .of men \yho speak on subjects of tne most interest and of a deep' Appeal to the finer senses of the non- jjrofessional person. ' -^ [Fallowing is the official prograrn oi the association: OJKNERAL SESSION Auditorium - Thursday, April i, 7:56 P. M. Music". S. -I. N. U. .Orchesti-a <jlen-n C. Bainum, Director ' ' Invocation .'Rev. J. W. Men-ill President's address Otto F. Aken .County Supt. -of'Schools, Jackson Co. Address, "ho Present Condition of Our Teaching-Force" iFrancis G. Blair, State iStipt.. Vocal solo, ".Whalt Shall I Say ".. Grayling ' Miss Mary Matthews Address, "-A Literary 'Pilgrimage in Engilanj"..;. .Dr. JV, 7 .". L. .vPhelps Professor of -EnglishLiU-_,.u..x, i'ale . University,-New Haven, (CV»roi. iSchools" -.Dr. Harold .G. Foght; Prestclent of Northern' -Normal and Industrial School,.Aberdeen, S. D. Recently Specialist' -in Rural School Practice, Bureau of Education, Washington. Song -....- Audience Address, ".Education for Democracy' 7 ...: .Dr. Theodore G. Soare? Department of" Practical -Theology, .University -of .Chicago.. Vocal solo...// ...William Hays Address, ''"'Mark Twair..".. .Dr. P.h&lps Profcsor of .English Literature, ' Yale University. GKN-ERAL SESSION Auditorium Friday,-April 2,.'1:30 P. M. ,Music ''.". ]:..'.':'.'...'. 'Orchestra Business Session .GENERAL SESSION Ba'rtH Theatre Friday, April 2, 4:30 .P.".M. Thrp:-reel Moving Picture of the. "Sargent Consolidated -School." •Furnished by -Dr. 'Foight. GENERAL SESSION~~ Auditorium -• Friday, April 2, 7:30 P. M. Music ....... '.''. Orchestra Address, ."Two Representatives of American .Character—Jonathan Edwards and 'Ber.jarm'n JTr.ank- lin"... .Dr. William Lyons Phe!,ps "Capr'iccio Espagnol" (Caiprice on Spanish Themes)Eimsky-'Korsakow Phil-harmonic Ensemble ''Ralph Swain, Violin. 'Frank Geiger, Flute. Victor Minner, .Clarinet. . Glenn 1C. Bainum, Biano. Address, "The Sculpture of Amer- •ic?" -Lorado -Taft The 'Midway Studios, Chicago, 111. GENERAL SESSION Auditorium Saturday, April 3, 8:30 A. 'M. Music Orchestra Piano solo ...'...-.. .Glenn .C. BainurrT Address, "Beauty - 1 " 1 . ' tne Home Town" Lorado Taft The Midway Studios, Chicago, 111. GENERAL SESSION Auditorium .Mrs./Allen "Rude and Mrs. Julia : Eastjand" went to Detroit, Mich... ~ today \vhere. they will make their. --.«,..,, ^^.i «, «.«« --. -..*- riome. 'S-Irs: E'astland's husband is! Music Orchestra : 'lp'c,ate;d. ."'there. Mrs. EastlanJ',1 Address, "What One Country Has /fb'riirefly ;'Miss Julia . Hogue, has 'B'or.e for-the' Reorganization of beeti .teaching at Royalton. fcouatry -Life : Through Rural' HIGH SCHOOL SECTION Allyn Building, Assembly Room. Friday, April 2, .2:00 P. M. Officers. Charles McGinnis, .'Metropolis, Pres. Arno iBratten,. Marion, Vice Pres. Miss Lois- Benson, Herrin, Secretary. Music..- M'. T. H. S. Chorus .Address, "Moral Values in the) 'High -School 'Curriculum" .Dr. -Theodore G. Scares Department of Practical ''T-heo-\ logy, University .of -Chicago Address, "On a .Certain' .Condescension Toward School Teachers".. .John Calvin Supervisor of High Schools, —They give no hint of .the late excessive advances in the price of silk fabrics. —leased on today's silk prices, .they wo.uld have to sell, for far more, and future Silk Blouse, prices will inevitably be higher. —So that the prudent; thing to'do is to buy now, not only for. the present, . but for your.'future needs' as well. • ' —That you might know what to expect, let us say that silk fabrics are now selling in many instances ! at three"' 'times'' what they did less than a year ago. —It's just .because we contracted for these Blouses many months ago, that the •extremely.moderate price at which they ..are'being' offered is possible. No. 21 is Georgette Crepe -,vi::!i front effectively rrhnm'ed" with dainty lace and" fine ... lateral tucks. - ' r . r .. •; • No. 25 Gcidntless rows of very'fine tucks and T ''• .the" liberal use. of hemstitching ' app'ca'i- 'inglyt-rim this convertsb'tc 'collar iii'odel. . • of- Georgette Gfcpc'; • . '' No. 26 is of. Crepe dc chine in a charmin-g'iy - ' " -simple tailored Style. A wide c'olisr with frill, and . large, pearl button ior fastening. No. 23 This George.!te model has finely plaited and' tucked lace edged collar that forms a frilly jabot'effect. AH seams arc hemstitched. • .'..•• Ri; SEVERAL, OTHER EQUALLY' ATTRACTIVE MODELS—THJE QUANTITY IS , ,*.,.^~ • A ; N jj ',N.Q,NE OF .TBiE'..SsTV.LES CAN BE DUPLICATED ' Springfield, II. . • Round Table Discussion, -.of High School Problems..-..... .Mr.. Hanna The (Course. of iStudy in' Smaller •!ti-ig.h .Schools. - . 2. (The Requirements for Recognized High Schools'tto'th -Regular and Probationary, r.•'..-. (a) Under Material.Equipment. i(b) Under Organization, •(c) -.Under -Course ,of ,'iS;tudy. <d) Under Teaching (Force", -(-e) Under .the'•'Spirit; of the •School. . • 3. The .Community High -.School 1-Man- ra'rid the Consolidated •Plan. ' : 4. '.Equipment and' Use of the (High Bchool 'Library. Problems in Home Economics and (Agriculture.. VILLAGE AND CITY SCHOOL SECTION Auditorium i'riday,. Aijrji.'"?/ 2:°0 p - - M .Officers ' H. iA. 'Wi\son,' Hurst, Presiderit. W. :H. Etjherbon, GMurphysb-or-o, V. P. Miss Sarah Conant, Villa Bidge, Sec. Music .(Herrin Grammer School Orch. Address, "Robert Brownin-g" .'Dr.' William !/yon Phelps Piano solo .M-iss 'Haael IV^oore Address, "Moral' Values in the School Curriculum" '.. .'Dr. Scares KUKAL SCHOOL SECTION ,, Normal Hall ~" i'riday, April 2, 2:00 P. M. Officers •j. AV. MoKinney, Mari9n, President. R. -B. Templeton, PinckneyviHe, V. P. Mrs. Stella A. Wierwille, Golconda, Secretary. Music .Training- School *Addre'ss,"The Influence of the- Rural Teacher upon the Future Pros-. perity .of the American Nation" J3r. (Harold !W. 'Foijht Address, -''Beter Eural 'Schools"... . ..., ......,.,. .,.../W. S. Bo-oth Round Table Discussion of -Rural School Problems Mr. Booth 1. The Advisability of a Minimum .Standard of preparation for •Teachers. 2. What .Should the Standard be for -Elementary Teachers in City Schools 3. What Should. It be •' for Rural ~~ Teachers 1 £.' The Advisability of a .iMinimum (Wage.. ' • 5. What'Should the Wage ibe for Elementary .City Teachers? 6. -What Should It be for Rural Teachers 1 7. What are the Big Problems in Country Schools? PRESPYTERIAN PASTOR , j ADDRESSES THE.. GRAND ' TOWER BROTHERHOOD 1 Rev. W. F. Eaglcsbn,- pastor .of the : Presbyterian clivych. „ was .in Grand Tower" yesterday, where' he^ addressed - a - - men's meeting. 'The j meeting was .a part of. .the . Brother-j hood movement, of the \ Presbyterian cRiirc'h."' •' '.i.-- .." •••.'"• " " T,iie "Right of Way" is showing .in ] St.- Jj'oul's" tltis week. .; See, what the I St. Lo^iis papers say 'aibou-t it, 'then see it" at B-arth's theatre 'Monday 'and Tuesaay. . - . A farge size French Velotir Powder Puff—-as illustrfiied —free with each 5 tic &ox of NONET without questiomf Hunt fails io the treatment ofEczema, Tetter, Ring;worm, Tt'ch. etc. Don't' cause other treatments failed. Hunt'* Salve has relieved hundreds of such cases. You can't lose ori our Money Guarantee. Try it at our rirk TODAY. Price 75c at •: Hewitt's Drug Store SOUTHERN ILLINOIS COUNTY SUPERINTENDENTS' '-ASSN. Library Building, Ze'tetic Hall. Thursday^April 1, 2:00 P. M. Officers H. IClay Ing, Bertton, Presiden-t. Grant Balding, Albion-, Vice PresT B. D. ''Sites',' 'H-arrisburg, Secretary: President's Address'.. ''. .'.' .(EC.. .Clay Ing Co.'Supt.'Schools, 'Franklin Co. Some -Things Necessary to Retain Efficient Teachers in the iService Miss Maw .Halwfcins. -'Co. iSupt. Schools, Pulasld :C6. : W-h'y Necessary' to Maintain'' iUr.-i- f orm Professional Standards for Teachers ':;.;'.VS. 0. Bale ]Co. Sypt. .Schools, Hamilton Co. The Standards'-by which' a-h Efficient-Teacher May -be Judged.,.... '..'....'. .'. .-Luther' 1. Evcrs •Co. .Supt. Schools 'Massac Co. Election of officers arid other .business Every county superintendent Is urged to report name of member of nominating committee for the -S. L T. lA. at or -before the county superintendents \-meetJnK to the recording secretary, Miss May Hawkins of Mour.-c'l .City,- in 'order that the committee may be announced at ' the Thursday evening" session; Gives a brilliant fflossy shine tlmtf- does not rub ofl or. dust otE—tl anneals to the iron—that lasts four times as long as any other. .. Is in a class by itself. It's moro carefully m ado and. m atlo from, better matertats. Try ifc on your parlor stove, yourcooliatovo or your sa3 cunpc. 1C you don't find ic thofacstpolishyou ever used, your hardware .or proccry dealer is uatharszed to rc- Puritan Beauty Complexion Powder i#- the finest science can create..or money buy. So delicate in texture and' natural in tint as to be. almost invisible.' Spreads' evenly—stays on-— exquisitely perfumed—beneficial to the skin. Four shades. One will match your complexion. For sale by Manufactured by Puritan Pharmaceutical Co., St. ~ouis, Mo. Opera Hpuse Drug Store. Hewitt's Drug Store. Seibert's Drug: Store. Visiting Teachers and Elks Invited Millinery Suitable for Every Possible Occasion •^ .Wonderful variety of trimmed and tailored hats including many smart models of FISK and GOLD MEDAL HATS For Women of Fashion. Our showing is most complete and merits your immediate inspection. ' . • ' TAGGERT'S HAT SHOP Membership Teachers and others. intei-.ested in educational work may become members of th'e Association by registering- and payir-g .a fee of. $1.0p. One- half of this -is us'^d in meeting tils' exijeiiaes of the Southern Illinois Teachers' Association -and .the other half goes to the-'State Association. t"aymor,t of the annual .fee entitles a member to attend all- session : of. this iiicoting; to attend aH sessions of the annual m'eetinij' of.' the'' State Association .held in Sprirgfield; to receive -one year's subscript-ion to the "Illinois .Teacher," the official monthly publication of the State Teachers' Association. Those -who -cannot arrange to attend this . meeting ar.-d those who-.are not actively engaged in 'teaching may help 'to increase the effectiveness of the work of -this As- .socrs.fion.anci of the .State Association'- by 'iJScoming members. •ASSiissi-ok- to" 'all ''sessions of 'the Association will -be" by' badge -which may be ;'secured ';by r-b-gfstfe'i'ing with f! 43Ve''Treasurer. '-.- .'All' wh'b' : 'do not reg- '. (ster'wjll .be Changed an ^admission to- : each session attended. SPECIALIZING IN LATIST FASHIONS and A wonderful showing of Easter Suits. Coats and Dresses at special ,"• i -'. - j —! .;. ,.'.- .-. :..- •- -T .. • . . _ i*- «.s..-.'f. -i prices.—Garments that will aro.use the admiration of every. Ayo,man who sees them. Paris Inspired. Suits .....'....... .Charming Spring Coats . '. .'. . . .'.'.' ____ Stunning Silk T\ '" ; ! " : ' !' . '•-' ' .Dresses ... ........ Beautiful Georgette Waists . . ____ ........ New Spring Skirts i.'.'.' ....... •"^ Newest styles in Trimmed .Hats. .Just arrived' from New $3t95 to I .,...'.'.:.,. I guarantee to save you from $5,QO ,-to",$15.0p -oh your Easter. Outfit.- Y.. .B!' Judge. ".- ' . ...... " Free Alterations ••A::--:^

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