Independent from Long Beach, California on March 23, 1976 · Page 33
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 33

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 33
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MESS-TEIEGRAM JPM}-C-I5 *Jrcli 11, II'I Radios Television 330 Household Appliances Furniture for Sale Miscellaneous for Sale CROWN Rent TV-Stereo 16 PEP ASON1M PLAN PTION T Q O U Y PLAN YE.ARL£ASE PLAN E P O S I T a r m POOL TABLES #tfrt V iolkJ lj*c e(e wHh Kceiwte- Av $1 ,000 CREDIT FURNISHED APTS AIREDALE PIPS VC Chiirp iifM Shcri A WWTTV ·VVUST VACATE wr*fi1* *«r. Every- i oo 1rx1. l*f rw* r"Aar- r VI». Okw'e ttenlh VS. DK* cVOfrw ' Kl 11*. TWJI tedl ISO. Ew in "'"c.filiiS 1 "' %01 "' ho A F G H A K M I nx. O'd Br.ndal. 900J w k - d t . myir favt xJ P*°W- EXTENDEDON FURNITURE REGARDLESS OF PAST CREDIT EXPERIENCE REFRIG. G.E. TrOTII/W. S** 41 CLASSIFIED ADS REFRIG. G.E. TrOTII/ I1W4 Oo*ney Av*. Downey BEST BUY IN TOWN Musical Instruments TAX REFUND? Pool T a b l e * con- MUST S*ll immediately C Wall ba» trrp bHcrn, cond Flrtt com*, fir* I M*ve PEAVEY PAOO wcoiumns A. x · merit* head, HOTW «cho EACH WDmONftL LINE CALL91WW8 . SEE HOW EASY IT ISl American Credit Interiors IWIO PeHlripv.ef Blvd. Bel'll. A Ki%^*^cWiff 1 aFfli f a r . ii« -ESI.IE (peaker, mwiei 713-S. Channel. 110 wBtri, He WOO Call TfcritliM »re for »* or wrap MODEL FURNITURE ALL NEW SAVE TO 50% SofaiChair $119 5 Piece Dinette 5 Piece Bedrooms $119 3Rooms J277 FREE D E L I V E R Y C A S H T E R W S iU nil Long Beach Furnitwe SINCE 1941 tti i. Long Beach Blvd. AKC REGISTERED BrlManv Swrkl MX*, I win, eouW w rtvn ^a"lM' 9f*U. We canrxit be resootni PHONE TV Radio Repair 345 OAKWOOD GARDEN ARTS. TV WORK RHAS. B B TV HI 0 E. * DACHSHUND PUPPIES. (Hack Puft tMCO. R E A I OANE PUPPIES, niatk* Diflck i »iie. 1 At. Reg rcr"l1»7Ca'l*'lt.»3MI-»3 Sewtng Machines FIRST DATE OF PUBLICATION (II cooy H lal« tor l?vrs tia'e, ad will Hart on neat tfav's »swe) m EAUHFUtLY F U R N BACHELOR APIS $32 WEEK SLATE POOL TABLES styk. l*arh*r Tr Business, Office Equipment Fixtures 340 ORGANS 8, PIANOS I REALLY! O. REf Up AIION ULT5. HOPETS t,m LONG BEACH BLVO (2131 KS-m twin mallms comc^rc W. oda Jp, by ^tooU tf. 1(? i wi, book ap'p rxHrti ilt», »ii crwk 111?, rx*. oak c DRESSING Hb'ik*k 7 Cha/wiel back a. webcw law: i . tM GE hak d r ^ tabi«, d?sk, lanvi, hall ire«. ne« oaX tibfn. f b « alarm bo«ei. maole fraho«rtv im leU, bmanv rk--naa X)HANA'S U5L. ivel trviir USED J Dnvei T'k CdljlncH 0**VWoodl Mrial . CHArPr- KA«W dotl US, anriqu* car* chair *(5, plno"pQ-g taW«, JlO.o'd lairpVS. 1»«77B. a"il i» Your P'k^, *3M?n CRGAN a. PIANO CENTER S3V1NG1 Houseful 01 Nea MediWcranea^ iwrrrtturt. Gam laW« w-4 crtair* King ilie brt So'a KATHVS ANTIQUES II-'. Cloifd Son MO-V ft*aifc«t 51. NLD. GA 1 $150.1-BDRM .,!:°s-Jfir ,. t SS»C !'*( C^1 lUr Pt-KSQNAl. PROltCTrON Gujn ObtxT-fncf tra*"!-? TIH. 4lS M* B i F OFFICE FURNITURE OUTLET f Ml IrV f«Ti end batw drmktg latt 10 oKJer pktn. wry r»as. xln man box iptlng r}t-}X6. wokx film, *mm Proktror w-3 tpart lanrtpt. »cre*i MHUKDMd. UO.I1F4300. PIAKO WANTED F H O M T R I V A T E PARTY COMPLETE Set WorW Book Etx;v- elocedia w Child C r a f t fr Efitr clooMla rfacher. MUSI sell, trt- LNT Bdtxv Claihei «» PCi «»., Al EI*C. Broiler taker tM. 437^773 CONSOLE I'lAri, ...^ BILLINGS BALDWIN 1J ATLANTji l ^ l T Rnoid IBM40J Irnl l^f i Key pvxh, P/hiler. ror-pl w«,i«, paneli «cets All u^rt*r ca-Mlnuout IBM mjlrvl. In MOVING Dineiie set. JJCO: bunl beds. 113. refrls. WO; t «. llv rm ISM: s r e r e o liX) «4* JOil V E L V E T ORCHID headboard. Pd (TOO, Will 1100 OolY 1 yr o'd Bench 10 match ST^^?e^ve^ icataivd edge Miscellaneous lor Rent FRa^ ONLY $150 s'*, i rv/i. nn-i--i c^fMtt. fJ'iM IxMl. IAUM. W r . i IUrtor frww- A.lylt% MINI WAREHOUSES U-S'oie A Lcxk U SiifV Low *M« n-o lft. mil. 17^ W C. LOWEST PRICES IN CALIF! WR. T Y r w m E t ' Jto\ Ol^i NEW1 BEDROOMS LuilirkiA WfxxJ PAr Cn-Vrl iW'c Ailt-lf Oflfy No Mil CEDAR AvE TION SALE Jrh, L6CX*n |«J rtunili ail SoJd. DISCOUNT PRICES 4 Expert Installation WAKE THE DIFFERENCE!! Rcatcrublc Hoocil Prices Carpel -Linofeum- Draperies I N V E N T O R Y RELHJCFIQN SAl E PIAHO WANTED FROM PRIVATE PARTY .CALL »3-31M NAVY-CHILD OK J1I5 PIANO T U K E R wllj, C v i l i c b l p"AfXi very rca%l l?13)y?l POS E L L I O T T (10 ADOH IP (TaWn«l $WS *T. LCA AlftfTtiro%. F I K T U R E S TOR SALE1 Do«a Thr M Sloce. IIO San'a Merchamilse Wanted 267 DON'S JiSOE SPRING ST [Corner RoOondo IB) 713 4 10 3-1 W WANTED USED ORIENTAL RUGS Any H». any ccnd^llert. Will NY ii^ pfkei Criil day or wghi CURVED In 5rock L cui 10 urt AM A pm Itx Ifltxii* IGIM Story I Clwh b* O 1H A 3/17 REMNANTS IQC$ 1 M'ftlk" 1 ! '" coix^ ItrDISCOWTp'RICtS BIXBY PLAZA CARPETS 9 Cheiry Ave, L B. 3J We BUY Old Nev.'spapers $75 PER TON 132?W.12lhSt. 4S-35M Musical Instruction lng QR Y l k , r r q^lr c v». E DUY CUT GLASS, C RUS, SMwr. Kri'tw^. B SELL IS YOUR RECORDS TAPES. QUICK CA ord Room. KS E. S«)l Radios Television WAN P E P UnfiMn henv* WJI P»Y (300 per rno w wah?f. »is A Me Mi C.ill 47119JJ Furniture Wanted 111 U WK. CLEAN SOL. Ann Unl TtiftuXT I'lVkc rrrv. Mr luvt PA AVIS RENT A TV $12.50 PER MO. Also Stereo rentals WE BUY SCRAP SILVER. Ca'l 43TW4 O M O L E T E H o r t P t rrwl. *o»ue. anvd, prri. e k . P v r pry. 944 Hotels Motels For Rent ENJOY COLO» TV T Q N I T E llo Down P»»nen' Quaranfr^d irer nr«t day, In-hg-ne vwvlce. No m«e Rep.jlr to»l- Can hctcrr ncxx\ «h voJume product- rrccl. 713 4n- GOOD USED FURNITURE LIVING ROOM-BEDROOM DINING ROOM STOVE-REFRIGERATORS WRINGER WASHERS COLOR TV'S WORKING OR NOT PIANOS i ORGANS HOUSEFUL OF ANTIQUES- WE PAY CASH Y CLEAN OUT MHa. vutation. 5*1 B E N T COLOR TV- llj a W »/.» a LOW Da. . - . . wr*1-a, k l l c h arU U*' wduxT^ litt Mas^o'ii S BfcW »/.» a mo pi*r\. unl 1 1 10 P m 5«H mix New Shipment Just Arrived! flbs 10 «n'i a d. an or, hl%W 11 10 cenli U U an 01.. H mil 3 centi, 3 mri 4 cenli, 4 mV S r rumWecl COMC to Th« Arllrfl-on A\otcl y. -My, rrw*'Ny 'JL» ' « )R tlTt Ke-,v p^lni Hy DrjiVf irV. VJ Loma v't'a in 3liU -qjo^ie nywcr rumec (Wuej 16C ID, cait-na. It culktm made ie a Joftfi Ml 0101 NEW PolaWeCo*or TV »l Ret^ab"* TV 4inA L B Bl. 416 TOP PRICE PAID , Appliances ANTED vS«J aV rood w^l I Xivpftvagcy. Call »5-Ulj^ POODLE. PUP Toy mlnMS CUE 370 3rd member for UP ISC. Ca'l 5^1377 OLAROID SfluareVootfr K EMERSONftadto IS. 4i3-l3 OOWS rnfl RENT =n L»e f vtory. 5 K* riome l.*c ti,le .fmniphere, pMMcl C'ly Co'l'trt ll u ?«* r R e t / - ir, lye yd Jl 'ill) y?l tf- Antiques, Tools, SPOT llffl Gooh Mlsc Household Goods _ _ TURQUOISE Wue Wi lh, ilwilnaiJ vei wa sum «0 cen-i ea. Kl OIW Cameras/Supplies Property Managers Sporting Goods and Recreation Supplies MO KODAK TELE-INSTAMAT1C t^ECIALIK.tS PPLV LIMITED Situations Wanted PROPERTY MANAGER NEEDED Collect Shells! S I T U A T I O N S la S P E I F I C COM REPPMOTTINC. 2501 E.Anaheim SI. L.B. GEV-0277 Sat., Sun. icEvtt. -35-7077 OOM IO flEtn. MAn p* wo Call w i r y d a Y i tSo*t« Fw'fxi CITY PHOTO ANAHEIM 59I-S411 PART TIME wo*-* d**ired HuOeni. Ex«ri«xed in cirtion picture Iramlns. 1 many otr»e I-ekh. Earn"*. Lafcewood of Lored. X333 ·OOt TABLE. Bry all «ood. l«mp l-xl Lik« ry IIJOObSTl o'f-i S))«H .'11 WANTED Furniture BROWNING Auto S A«inl C0«! tvvrfV t?M M-t 131 73Si a r t i APT ASSISTANT MGR FULL TWE for Apt Hivrsifnetit Firm nrrw cow(H« 'or mjnaje me»-t rraiwfifl p*o9-afn Cow"! F R E E I BR Apt S*n PeJro e»*h hv SMCO -wk. S^ Pel txn -Cwoorfj^fy w advance V«*vlaY thru Frxlay 1 CASH PAID 428-3676 Miscellaneous lor Sale RECORD BROYftER BINS CJJ001 INSTANT CASH FOR FINE OLD F U H K I T U R C WE SERVE ALL OF L A t ORANGE COU.N1Y Call (213)31-1526or ]7H) tiVMM Toll Fret - Property Managers ASSISTANT MANAGER 107 Units -Belllkwer GOOD USED Hcl *i*r hea'e't dwi, toiitlv. TJsi. 1^*1. * *·'' POOt RECREATION RM TREMENDOUS GROUNDS CASH FOR OLD 0* NEW FUail A^-am J.ixr « ' i n t 111 E At4vkm One^ Mf 1 Su'V ADULTS ONLY SAURY t FREE APT. Fo* In-trvir**: laMWESTWOOOBLVD I »13 nooft. 3*pm Wo-v Frl 879-9GJ1 Household Applterxes Reconditioned Appliances Raws Refr'ig's Washers Dryers Completely GuararJeed FreeDiHIver/ilrslaliatlcn Bond's Home Appl, 96SEFwxthSl. OPEN 7 DAYS PER WEEK E V E P ^ r H l S G GOES l_A»TESIA, BELLrla 5 Sa Machinery Tools RCC1AHGULAR Qf«(o*r* tar* rorrf tfiu f-tf l»f« Xirrt eo' tiKlxih Ml 4*y Add a homey touch to Four slimming, easy- wiay's rooms with this r ^ N ijS'..'- s ?«?N Mi mi sow partners add up lo a spring wardrobe! Choose Building Materials Lumber knits for Jumper, tunic, centcd with a solid color to add glowing charm to Printed Pattern 4916: PLYWOOOVMW.W UmanrXl f»~ *rt D Half Sizes 12V4, 14V4, , , Crochet ail-year afehan 1816, 2014, 22'/4 , , , , 24 V4, SIM 14^4 (bust 37) of knitting worsted. Pat tern 668-. easy directions blouse 2'A yards 45-inch; $1.00 for each pattern umper 2H yds. 60-ln. . . tl.OO (or each pattern Add 35 cents each pat- DAVEHPORT t tr»*. vn ^ 01 ) PW rn 1WJ tern for first-class air Add 35 cents for each mail and handling. Send a l ( c r n for first-class lo Laura Wheeler, Inde airmail and handling. Send to Anne Adams, Telegram, 67, N e e d l e Independent, Press-Tele Lldil L/Upl-. IUA iwi , yiu C h e l s e a Station, N e w York, N.Y. 10011. Print Cameras, Supplies Pattern Number, Name, Name. Addrm, Zip, 8,- . , , ze ann Style Number.

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