The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 28, 1957 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1957
Page 6
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TUB FACTS ort wA Imorf* rtonnty, friday, Jun» 9ft, IflBT ''' " " " REACH THOUSANDS WITHIN HOURS THROUGH WANT ADS. DIAL 3-3511 CLASSIFIED PHONE 33511 for help in placing a classified ad. 5 linr Tttinimnm 1-t Hays, ftr I'M ------- ._ --» rt»y», |K-t Unt ______________ S day* or more . Clti*»i(i«d Ail Phen*4 Jo Th» Btaiofcfmrt F»e»t by 10:00 A, M. Apptgr tli* Sam» Day Mr.' 19« lie; , Drive. Ph. 7-2010 or 7- 6823. Blvd. No. Fre'eport. 1. SFECIAL NOTICES FOR INFORMATION on Alcoholics Anonym' dial (6631. ; T "".IAMES WESLEY BROWN i of 204 E. P«an Lane, Clut5, Texas, will noi he responsible ; for any debt.- contracted by unyone oliier ihan.myself af- 1c-r this da-. June 24. 1!>37, • without my written consent, j LOSTrBrov.n Short tail Sia-' mese cat for 2 weeks. Mike Nunncy A a- "• 126 Huisache.: KEGULAR CF : BCH SEV1C- ES 10 tnd ..30 o.m | Sunda.%: " - 0 P; m ; . Church o( Christ, \e!asto -'r High School. •jit. SERVICES OFrtREB |5S. SPORTING GOODS il«3. HOtSES FOR SALR j SERVICE and a complete line j PALMERS SPORTING GOODS of parts for any make of S" 1 *,, ,. rl1 ,' S '^' „„,. 2 bedroom home with famiiy window unit. Filters, capici-; 14' CRUISER Cralt ^^- roomi (cnced yard . att ic fan. tors, fan motors, relays, with steering contiois. tiaiiei, ..._-,:-_, Veteran* onlv M;:5 thermostat,. We will re- 25 HP Evinrudc Eleclnc, new ™«"«^ ^"ove ^n. S« build units that are eut of po.ier heaci. complete . • • »»« Tom carter 111 Plantation " 5-year warranty period. 56 JOHNSON Electric 30 HK — ~ •' cxiTptionaliy clean .... S12o ;-to lo choose from . . . M30 •;,n JOHNSON PO-15, 22 HP_. very cican S65 '54 ' MERCURY Mark 20. clean *I25 '5S SCOTT-AT WATER F.lec- tric 33 HP. controls and bat- terv. Co'iiplelP S325 •5n" JOHNSON 25 HP perfect ,-.•••• s265 TheyTl Do It EvCry ME WTTH 4 D.4V- TIME JOB AttO YOU OH THE NlSrfT SHIFT. M V FT- w \; 31, ARTICLES WANTED home on corner lot. Make sn offer. Ph. 3-1180. "PAYMENT TO MA'C DECENT HOURS eowtCW UVS LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE? MRS. CRUDMEV KICKED BCC/JUSE SHE SAW VERV LITTU.H OP FRIEND HUSB4MO 4CCOUHT OF MIS MI6HT I BRING your unwanted item? i to Old Colony Trading i~of. I Rrazoria. Texas. We buy any- I thing, will nckuD. Ph. 3S.iJ. S2. GOOD THIVGS_TO_C.*T ^ FRESH rTGS~ for sale, SI.?,' per gallon. 1317 Avenue F. \ el- a c rn. . UMBO HAMBURGERS: 5 .'or SI. Tuc-day and Saiurdays.. Ace's Hamburgc.v. '2 blocks \vc:-l of new brifl'Rp. MISC. FOB SALT. 7j HP SMALL DOWN buys 3 bedroom home. LivinR j room, dining room, kitchen with double sink and drain, utility room, cur port and fenced yard. Floors and interior refinished. Rowland Realty. 103 Plantation Drive, SI65 Wi " " take trade. Ph. 7-6543.1 Like i s WEENVr 86'2~ET2nd.~2~bed- $150! ne-. il. 1- 1. LOST W\TEH SKIS: Red hydro-j' Fl te. Lost at Old Bra-.os Riv- P, Saturday. Ph. 3-1109. tin " reward for inrorma'.'.on 'leading I" recovery of M. C.ilalina "Yellow Jacket . Black and wVitr OP , vi ,h 30 h.p. Johnson Motor ,,ken June H from 3oO W. Broad. W. E. Davis. 2112. •bonized I'laclt. Like Priced for quick sale. T 2427. IT COSTS so LITTT.F, BEAT THE HEAT 42" \ve<-. injiioufe attic fan o -s ' ; SG9.."'f vi'i'i shutter ?r>3 :•.— 3S. rF.TS-SfHTt.tES FOR .SALE: Toy Terrier pups Registered. 201 N. Front St. N. "Frcrport. SCREW-TAIL Bull tiog puppies for sal.'. r:i. 5-2701. M. FF.DROOMS TOR RENT room home. Shadv 100 by 173 lot. Fruit trees. $4800. .1. E. McCann. Ph. 2381. TO ^ Tl PLANTS-SEEDS jWh^e Pl^ls for sale !"T N. Ave. A- Velasco. Fh. 3 H1XP WANTEn twrcn ian. ,-vvj.". _ •- . i Church. Cm'.e. July l=t be- fi p.m. to R p_-m. MAN: Experienced WH.«,,..^ Machine and Re- friseration man (or Freepor, Area. Must have car. Excellent Employee benefits. Apply Local Scars Store. TAXI DRIVERS: Apply^n P"^ v c.r.y. p'iar,! rr : f!>- c»:e. ca—.r- Wayne's War av 2SS. Chit-. R AM to 6:?0. to 5 PM. Ph private home. on. Pli 3-3716 . "~F?rOHT: 22S W. 1st. Pri- • v-r >?-.- -. Fine for two girls 7 :-> bccis. HOME foi home according to your p: and needs. Free estimates. Atteberry Inc. Ph. 3-1651, nights 3-"45I4. STRATTON^RIDGE ROAD:~1 bedroom home with large lot. Ph. 5-2632. VELASCO: 1616 No." Ave. R. 2 bedroom home. Only S4800. Terms. Write Box 722 Velasco or Ph. 3-376R. VELASCO HEIGHTS: 4 rooms with bath. Priced for quick AFARTME^TS SRle . Ph . 3.1534. FURNISHED apart.< i;'i privste 'oath. Bills r,-. .:-3771. .t room furnished ,<15 weekly. Ph. f\ KN1SHED HOfSES__ RNtSHED C 6 f T~A G E :"2 -poms and bain. Ph. 3-20RR 19.1. LOTS FOR SALE I KEEP ASKING FOR THE 04V US -I P1.1H OO ><XJ WEUL, CRUD 60T THE D4V SMIFT AT U4ST- M4SM'T SECM 4NY MORE OF THE LITTLE NI6HT IT WAS BRIDGE CLUB 4NP THE NI6H7 TM1H1 4KB t TIP W •mi H-rno M*r n» BoS MOflEUL 111. MORTGAOK LOANS Family Pickets Win 31. SERVICES OFFF.KF.n Market Onto Takes Two Weeks Training CeutlMf UA(l»iwn«4 Miuhaai k Co. •> Houtlen NOOM rA A>v Airtin ----B 'iber Oil ! rtcth Stun . .... j,\m YolfcM 1 S,<H \v«.v St. >rc« - AT * Sf Cdn Pac . . . -Oni Pub Serv Dow Chun - .- - Duncan CoHe» . - Ficcnl Sul - - - Gen Crude — - -- Gerbev's ...---. Gen Mot ...... Gulf Oil ... Gulf S U Houston LfcP . . . Humble Oil - ... Int Ru« M Int Mm Cn Inl Shoe I C Penny Icff L»k« S Kirby Lbr ...... L& E Mont D tit . .. Mo Par ... .38 7/8-39 1 * Phill Pet 47 7/S Pa KR . 20 5,8 Smiray Oil .... .. _ _ 27 1/4 Tex G Sul ._.. .. . . 27 I H I»?. H6V8E«lFOR~8Ail! 19 1/2 78 .2 4H .1/8 . 174 7/8 7« 3, 4 .. . 24 3/8 35 1 2 78 2J» 1/2-24 (14 3/4 8 3.. 4 Bid Ill 34-3B 5«-5S 3.4 42 7/8 _ 144 1/4 35 8/8 58 12 . 64 1/2 J30 1/2 27 3/1-28 Jimmy T. Hodfes, whose \vtf» iCsrftl, and father, Ben F. Hod i sea live in West Cohirtiblft, t receiving two week*, of ROT< I summer training nt Fort Hood !TP.«., with mtmbers of tht Sum Hotmtori St*te Teachen College cadet program. Hodges, t buslneuR sdminls itration major at the college ;i» scheduled to eomplet* Uw .training July S. i He w«» gmrtualed from Wesj j Columbia High School In )»5| 1 and in » member of the £*• iquire Social Club «t colleg* i Cadet Hodges was employed 'by Standard Oil Company. 77 3 4 44 i/2 SO-52 12 _ .. 49 1,2 23 3/8 Texas Co - . 'Woodley Pet . _ US Steel .. On P»e ..... Singer Mann - - Stf Chem - .. .. Frank Ltf« Ins Life Ins Vii'g .. Line Nat Life Manu Life Can . \V T Grant - .. . .. 71 75 08 34 .. . 28 7/» 43 71 3,4 io.n-1041 105-108 . 220-224 238-24(1 31 1/2 22 1M. HOVSES FOR SAt.y. BERNARD RIVER water frontage. Choice lots with terms available. Rowland Realty. 103 Plantation Drive. Ph. 76543. BERNARDrRTVER~:"9~t"facts7) acre each. 6 miles north of LOANS for repair and remod- | cling up to |3.500. 60 month;: ; payment terms. Haynes Lum- 1 ber Company. Ph. 3-2411. 12«. INSURANCE QUA.LITY AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE E. L. SAUER Ph. 7-7761 or Ph. 3-2107 ALASKA WORK AND LIVE For Infonrmtlon rtfrnrrilnff em* plorment. homestendini:. eom- merleil flshlnj. (raplnic, f»rmln|t, mlnlnr and lirln* rondltlnns. Send »Hf uddrewwrt rnvelnpe to Nirthfrn Serrlee Co.. T. O. BOX 4M. Fairbanks. Alaska. SOUTH BEND. Ind. —'IP- Robert Marvin, 27. turned himself in to authorities because his wife and three children picketed the home of his par. ents. Marvin had been sought since June 7 for alleged failure to make support payment! to his family. FURNISHED apartment or P.OU5P. One or t\v o bedroom. Mr. Moody. Ph. 3-'-.'-_!' : Open 7 Sunday 5-20'.2. SPECIAL Floor Fol;s' jo iit youi Sewing Sr.r TV"ANTENA Priced low. 3-3424. " TRAIL' 1«. HOl'SES_FO*_S.i -.—- ~- MovR . n ory. \VF, HAVE opening m en Excellent opportune for permanent employemcnt. '• See Roger Mauldin. Wrights : Chevrolet and Olds. Co.. ' Frpcnoi't. •••»!!—^-^™ 3.1. SALESMEN WANTED IMMEO'iATFroPENING "for 2 full time salesmen, offering excellent opportunity foi permanent emnlo.vment. Contact K. C. Box. Wrights Chevrolet and Olos. Co. Erpcporl. 5;. FEMALE HELP WANTED CARHOPS WANTED: Nn cx- for2bodv- WRECKING AND Complete line of pans and access cst prices for scr any kind. TodU Ph. 5-2821. Lake .lac ,4 HOME BABY'CRIB: Si.lid adjustable spring! proof mattrcys STR •kTO-I.OL.'iSGERS WROUGHT IRON CH.' with colorful pU'tic se hacks. Good (or any pair Irby's Home Furni: Across from post office. Cl Small 2 bedroom home unfinished. Only M500. t?rms sp \ZORIA: Sh'rty Acres Sub- Division off Cedar Lane Roac 3 Bedroom home on Cj acres. Couity $20iifl. M. E. Brooks. Brar.ona. CLUTE: Excellent bin in 3 bedroom home. Priced for ouick sale. H. J. Davis Realtor. Ph. 3-5229. CLUTE: 3 bedroom home, J bath?, utility room. Lot 110 by 150 \vith nice shade trees. Pri-ed for quick sale. Ph. 55470. oaci - CLUTE: 3 TOOT, and bath. 24' x 24'. Clean, needs no re,}' a \f. To be moved from lot. S1200. Ph. 5-5365. EQUITY: !»3S..Avc: H'.r Will 'o:i>:der :r f inp for your lo'i or rlieapor hou^. ABC Realty Ph. H-^:22 and .«50 monthly. Contact! QoODYEAR Super Cushion Clarence Patterson, 138 Jack- Deluxe Tubeless Tires. Reg. son St. West Columbia. Ph. JH24.68 value for $69.93. 40-J. _ Terms *1.50 weekly. GoodCLUTE: Haynes'St. lot 295' by; y«ar Service Store, 222 West 129' deep. Large pecan trees. Beautiful home site. Joe Leaving Gulf Park. Ph. 35044. ness lot. Rowland Realtv. 193 Plantation Dr. Ph. 7-6343. BUICK: building. Ph. 5-272R. 100' by 175' deep. Only tlSOO. Ph. 3^2844. LOT: 70 by 150 with pecan trees. $750. Small down payment. Owner will finance. Call 7-6231 or 7-2231. necessary. Salary Dr!ASTIC REDUCTIONS: Us shift. perience plus lips. Day »r night McDonald's Drive Inn, Hi w,iv 288. Ph. 5-2R72 SO. WORK WANTED, WOMEN- CHILD CARE: while you work, play or shop. Fenced yard, TV air conditioned room lor naps'. Ready June 10th. Mrs. F-ASY W. F. Prather. Ph. 5-5572. CHILD CARE: In my home for working mothers. Daytime only. Ph. 5-2839. CHILD CARE: For workms week Experienced. References. 515 W. Bib. Pn. 3-3363_ and repos:es?ed furniture, room group for only $399.!) Bargain Furniture. 217 E. Par DOUBLE BED and box 1 extra spring. Table to type high chair. Ph. after 5 p.m. BUDGET FINANCING on all appliances. Dearman Tire and Appliance Co. 414 S 4th No. Freeoor.. Ph. 3- Illifil. AS RANGE- t T -«ed Tappan. Excellent condition. Ph. 7- 1 fi 2 .1 W. .'tn. al' bv o".-ner. Ph. EEPOHT: S1000. equity in 3 bedroom home. Central heal. and redwood fence. 5LEEPY ISION homesite on Oyster Creek. Rowland Realty. 10J Plantation Drive. Ph." 7-8543. H759 after 4:30. -md SEPORT: Buy e<|iiit.\ up notes on lirsi '"tnial properly. Beaci»of! ly Ph. 5-210': or nigh' [17. fcsHED HOME on con[ street. Total r-ait's price ARC >->!:>. Ph. .»- llth St. 104. BU3INTSS PRorr.RTV BPSINESS LOTS: 1J acrei~on Plantation Drive. 2.8 acres ;-?it'« Real Estate. Ph. 7-7721. ,)?.IVE IN CAFE for rent. Plenty of parking space. In Free- porl. Ph. 3-4775 01 3-9150. 10.V ACREAGE FOR SALE it. s BR-\ZORIA COUNTY SEPTIC LINOLEUM: Fi?autiful pattern . . . Armstrong v inal P^fs Floor Co. 210 W. Ph. 3-4116. I0«. KFAL tSTATE tVANTZD pcnrlable. fair rales. 2260 or .V2652. Ph. GLOBE DETECTIVE SERVICE For information plione 7- 64B2 or write Box 224, Lake CARPENTER repair, rooiing. remodel. Painting exterior, interior. GouJ work guarai.- Ini'ft. loans arransed. Pa. ."- I44H. I) \VENPOI1T UPHOLS'l F.RING: Call V1272. Frte esli mates yladly yi\cn. Mo\'t t < J to Slaunhtcr Road ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOH PI H--'ir.ab'.e - Free E.itimaie.s WAYNE'S ENTERPRISES tlule Ph. 5-2U12 8 AM - fi:30 I'M Sunday 10 AM - :> I'M {'or prompt d.l'i gum siiicert Radio and TV MM-VICB Call 5-2282 C' & T TELEVISION ShKVICE 512 S. Main C'l'.le KIKCJB'ISH PAlVriES. DL'.-I M.a. flbillllfi e^cry a:i> i'n. 7 21123. PAINTING: Exu-riui. n.'ciiui GOODS 5 ' BOATS, MOTORS: New and used. Will sell or tra-ie Terms. 2~0 We! 4 . 8th Ph. 3:i«10 after 4 BOAT, M~OT~On"vND TRA1LF.R: Tal.e up payments nnd it is yours. Good skiing or fishing rig. See at Von'? storage or (OiV.act V, :;. F.oyd. Anzleton Traili-p- PaiU COAT MOTOR; 10 hp V.'i-.ani 12' ^'-bottoii boat and trail' ci. Will alro Irade for up. Pn. 3-2n.;;; BAIT Nf.T u, ,c:n at 614 WF. NEED 2 and 3 bedroom homes for immediate buy«r«. If \ou want to sell see Tom Carter. Ill Plantation Drive, Pn. 7-2010 or 7-B323. ' ; Guarani<;':d. L. o. iii) Ph. 3-1S94. m S-43»7 night. tAWNMOWEIi RENTALS: Delivery and pickup. All make:,; power m' , «•' pairs. Gordons. Hiway 283, Clule. Ph. 5-5421 SUMMER SPECIAL: '. por- :-.-.: traits 8x10, teg. $12.50, now ii J3.95. We honor all aiLum 5 ;| certiticates. For home ap- ^•) pointment call Hen?on's ,/': Home Studio.. Ph. 3-4532. '' §EPTKfTANK "lU.EAKING ' Electi-ic Sewer-i-oolur icrvic* cr wit'n FRF.ErORT; Home fo. .; 1-1255. F.K borne lor 4i-rtC- 3 bfiroom, nan- P'ltra' Blue Honnel. e with bree:'.e- rsse. ^lin' well unri. Ph. 3- bedroom : j ii-tment 0:1 Hnva\ ON'FS c hath ho:n< irc-L. Mi Realio. P . J.\CKSO> -•!! k*pt r; 1 ..-..0ijrl 1 iiicludlii? -'!'IIO K". JACKSO: fa. FHA \crms . 103 Plaii 1 -MM LAKE JACKSO.';: 2 be .'ir.e, &jreened porch, H ran feiv.'e. Equity S2.50 1 lerms Pa> rnents $63 rto-Aland Realty. Plantation Dr. Ph. 7-6o43 JACKSON: Brazo Real nice Urge 1 bcl IM. USED CARS FOR SALE BUTCK: '58 Sport Convertible. Sell or tarde for cheaper car. Ph. 7-7497 after 5. '52 4-door. Take MP $35. monthly payments. Ph. 3-2727. LARGE CHOICE LOTS: On Oyster Creek. Golden Acres ___. ______ and Lake Forest and other CHEVROLET: 1951 4 door De- additions. Garrett's Real Es- late. Ph. 7-7721. luxe n good condition. *195. Ph. 3-2308. __ __ OYSTER CREEK] L"and"e"r CHEVROLET: 19SO 4-door. Road. 50' x 213' lot ready for Good beach or sport car. Runs fine. Ph._7-2j>89. __ lot FO^D:l953 2 door in good condition. 1200. equity and resume payments. Ph. 7-2930. FORD:" 1949. Perfect. This is no work car. 140 Trumpet Vine. Lake Jackson. Ph. 77059 HOLLOW SUB DIV- FORD DEMONSTRATOH: 1957 Beautifully wooded Fairlane "500" Town sedan. V-8. Fordomatic. Air conditioned. Loaded. Straigh' sale S650. discount. Curry Motor SOUTHERN~ OAKSf LeVeled _E^_'!_'l ^'iJ^^Il^^LL .._ lot with plenty of ihade trees.' INSURE YOUR USED CAR Ready for building. Ph. 7- i INVESTMENT by getting on< : why pay R E N T? YOU CAN OWN A HOME IF YOU EARN $333 PER MONTH Brick Homes ONLY 8 HOMES LEFT From $11,000 30 Years O.I. Loans FHA Terms $26 Earnest Money Move In With Credit Approval Fx InformatlM Cull Mrs. Violet Luke Miss Marilyn Friday <h«nt 7-IOil Lak« PARKWOOD TERRACE Corner of OTI(«T Trerk Drlrt anil Lnop Road LAKE JACKSON Three bedrooms, MODERN BATHS, family room, MODk'ftN KITCHEN, patios, mtllow brick veneer, beautifully WOODED lot*. From »1S.OOP to $17,000, ?«-—OI TERMS. WK \VILI. TRADF TOM CARTER Ph. 1-201* or 7-6»S« 111 Plantation Drirn IU. AttTOMOTlYE gEKVlCESli*. AtJTOMOTnT._ SERVICES SPECIALIZED SERVICE for AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS f>ct«r.r tr«ln»(t htaehanle« »n all tranmlMtaii* of automatic • 14 Teira experience In PHieclnltted wrrlrc * Offering re»»h- •»* e«h«nw tr»mmls»lont FOR COMPLETE ENGINE TtNt-LF. CHECKING AND ItEfAIR, CALL OR STOP BY THE LAKI NASH COMPANY Ojrter Creek Drive Ph- 1-M»1 ,'aeksim from Bauch. Friendly Service Station, Hiway 28R. FORD: '50 4-door. Radio and heater. Runs good. 1200 Ph. 7-6333 1M. AUTOMOTIVE BEKVfCES 1M." AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES Coupe. Powerglide. radio, heater, power brakes, tutone paint. $1825. Will sell equity. See at 7.11 W. Vth St Freeport S600 DISCOUNT 1957 Ford. Fairline "500'' to« n sedan demonstrator. V-fl, Ford why do II th. HAHD WAY7 RRA7.ORIA: 13 acren of most- O-Matic, power stpfenng, radio. ly v.ooderi land. Term*. Ph. heater, while wall.', tinted i_2298 gl>»«, <"ct. Curry Motor Co. 514 __^^_«___«»_— West 2nd. Freeport. IT'S SO EASY ~~ All you need to do to insert a Classified Ad in The Hr»zo*- port Facts i» to step lo your phone and call "Mis» Classified" Ph 3-3511. Curry Motor Co. OUTSTANDING USED CAR VALUES Highway 238 Phone 3-2761 ..all. West FRKF. U:C of i>nv : viili puri-i>a.-e of fiber V'-d\n''s War Surpiu. Ph. .V-'J!:'- Oiien I-Ul.LV I'.QUIPPEU > '.i<i .'ol.n.on 30 HP a,MI irailer. t':-ed \ ii Pn. :i-241H. OUIBUARL) MO T OR: HP Scott Af.a'.er irnjiu;' ... (iuOUVi't,!' SuiAlce • NF.\V 3S' to 41' ca IIP' Snrin.p li'-.v. nil.i W. 4th. Pn USED ONLV 15 HOUR-: 14' Lonr Star boat. 15 HP Evin- 1954 BUICK 1 4-door KidiQ, htpiuer t tont paint. Very good tir*« $ 1295 1955 CHEVROLET A.I- Cont..tioiie.i Bf 1A; 1954 FORD 1955 nchAagon, 2 lone pj'ni. ' Runj and driveji real good Urif. Viry 4-door V-», Rid:o, 1 t->ne paint. ' nice, one o*uer c»r Overdrive, 1953 CHEVROLET i, ton Pn k-up- Runs end drives i FORD Radio, heai*r, AuLnnia.i-ic ?ood tirefi 595 '395 . . winch. All Perfect CHOICE Of HEACV ELtC'T FdOM Dt TV ANU LIGHT TRUCKS 18' CABIN CRUISER: All ma- hoKan<. flying brici?e. cu/- lun, ii.i'le 'trailer ircludcd for ^o3.^ See at corner o( Auirv and Lanisr St., Vela x o. Tb Mtl'iCLiliV Mark 25 motor. lc:-s than 10 hours running i tiiue :sO f i' n\lon seme. Ctll LAKE Oik! room home. Only S935. ciu_'. including closing COSIE M- Tom Carter 111 Plantai <, Drue Ph. 7-2010 or 7-boJ.l The Uuited Slater iiiC-nl of agriculture v., WE'LL HE HERE NEXT YEAR" WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD all Us Day, Night or Sunday — PK. 1-3W — Ph. l-Ztti — Ph. J-13SJ K. S. Minhlll fh. 1-IMt A. B. McNeil— Braurla Ph. :<M T. B. Cranfotd Ph. 1-3618 AUTOMOBILE AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLED 1. Small down Payment & Low Monthly Installments. 2. Immediate Installation By Factory Trained Mechanics. 3. Easily Interchangeable to your next car. SMITH CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH COMPANY 202 £. BROAD PH. 3 3122 WANTED! MEN and WOMEN Voting men and women, not over 25. who desire to earn a living doinjr newpaper work. Reporters AdreniMHK Selling. Circulation Service. Printers and Pressmen. Thirty newspapers in I lie southeast and soiiiliwest collab(irate in maintaining this i*chool. Von ore paid a minimum wage of £40 per week while yon learn. Arrangements are made for you to If-am in the plants of some of the participating newspapers. When von hreome <|iialifted to do one fhing well enough, a pen-laiient .ioh i« found for you ainonir these newspapers. An effort will he made to place you in th» gen- oral area where you prefer to live. Reporters and Advertising Salesmen would need to know how to n>e the typewriter and how to ypell well. If von have a desire to earn your living in a profession that is never null and most always interestiriB'. ihen write, giving your age, educational hackeround. a picture of vr.nrelf, whether married or single and your military Mains. Please give UR your reason for wanting to do newspaper work. Newspaper Training School, Inc. Froeport, Texas

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