The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 26, 1978 · Page 9
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 9

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1978
Page 9
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\ (tuesday) Television Programs Tuesday Morning, September 26,2678 Morning {J?< Q 5:00 PTL PROGRAM 6:00 NOT FOR WOMEN ONLY ™ NEW ZOO REVUE VARIOUS PROGRAMMING _ © THREE STOOGES; , LITTLE RASCALS < (B VARIOUS PROGRAMMING The Show (MOM.). Kids Are ' People Too (TUE.), Viva ' Houston (WED.). Black Outlook ' (THUR ). Turn On (FRI ) 6:20 ' (6) G SUNRISE SEMESTER 6:30 G THIS DAY G @* RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING O ARTHUR SMITH SHOW O CENTER FOR OPEN LEARNING CD CBS NEWS CB VARIOUS PROGRAMMING Villa Alegre (MON.), Kids. Are People Too (TUE.). Vegetable . Soup (WED.), Animals (THUR.), Playmates, Schoolmates {FRI.) 7:00 TODAY Ij SPEED RACER _ CBS NEWS MISTER ROGERS 53103 TOM AND JERRY ffi © LEAVE IT TO BEAVER CB A-M. HOUSTON 7:30 B (H> POPEYE SESAME STREET CD MORNING SHOW CB© HAZEL CB GOOD'MORNING AMERICA 8:00 G © BANANA SPLITS © G CD CAPTAIN KANGAROO ©09 WOODY WOODPECKER LUCY SHOW 8:30 LEAVE IT TO BEAVER _ EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING (UNTIL 3:30) CB© GREEN ACRES 9:00 e PHIL DONAHUE SHOW (@) MOVIE 'Affectionately Yours' (MON.),~'Primf (TUE.), 'Saskatchewan' (WED.). 'Green Light' (THUR.). 'My Pal Gus' (FRI.) O CARD SHARKS ®G ALL IN THE FAMILY @ 03 FATHER KNOWS BEST CD M.A.S.H. CB © MOVIE 'The Redheac! And The Cowboy' (MON.), 'Run Like A ThieT (TUE.). 'Bad For Each Other' (WED.). 'Asylum For A Spy 1 (THUR.), 'Mr. Soft Touch' (FRI.) CB GOOD MORNING HOUSTON • 9:30 O HOLLYWOOD SQUARES GDQCD PRICE IS RIGHT 35)03 COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER . 10:00 HIGH ROLLERS _ PARTRIDGE FAMILY HAPPY DAYS • ' 10:30 WHEEL OF FORTUNE LOVE OF LIFE EDUCATIONAL ROGRAMMING (UNTIL3:30) _ ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW | JOKER'S WILD FAMILY FEUD 11:00 OO AMERICA ALIVE Q© CALENDAR QD Q CD YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS 35l 0s) MOVIE 'Sword Of The Empire' (MON.). 'Storm Over Lisbon' (TUE.), 'War Italian Stylian Style' (WED.), 'Silent Gun' (THUR.), 'Beach Blanket Bingo'(FRI.) CB© HIGH HOPES CB $20,000 PYRAMID 11:30 QD G CD SEARCH FOR TOMORROW CB © MOVIE 'The Blazing Forest' (MON.), 'The Flying Missile' (TUE.), 'The Lonely Man 1 (WED.), 'Interlude' (THUR.), 'In Saigon: Some May Live' (FRI.) CB RYAN'S HOPE 12:00 NEWS _ , PERRY MASON ALL MY CHILDREN 12:30 DAYS OF OUR LIVES _ CD AS THE WORLD :NS 1 EDUCATIONAL OGRAMMING (UNTIL 3:30) ) ACCESS 1:00 tj F.B.I. j GREEN ACRES NE LIFE TO LIVE 1:30 | DOCTORS GUIDING LIGHT ET SMART g) I LOVE LUCY 2:00 O ANOTHER WORLD © FLINTSTONES . m PORKY PIG © MICKEY MOUSE CLUB GENERAL HOSPITAL 2:30 MIGHTY MOUSE ®G M.A.S.H. O EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING (UNTIL 3:30) § © MICKEY MOUSE CLUB ALL IN THE FAMILY . © FLINTSTONES 3:00 g DR. WHO © BUGS BUNNY; DAFFY DUCK § MICKEY MOUSE CLUB G MATCH GAME 03 SUPERMAN ON.,WED.,FRI.) Batman (TUE.}, Aquaman (THUR.) § DINAH © SPACE GIANTS MOVIE (EXC.WED.) 'Impasse' (MOM.), 'The World Of Suzie Wong' (TUE.).-'Shakiest Gun In The West' (THUR.). 'R-eluctant Astronaut' (FRI.), ABC Afterschool Special (WED:) 3:30 ODD COUPLE _ FLINTSTONES LEAVE IT TO BEAVER )G DICK VAN DYKE LILIAS, YOGA AND YOU 03 WOODY WOODPECKER © GILLIGAN'S ISLAND 4:00 G BOB NEWHART G© SUPERHEROESSHOW 6 CB 3D I DREAM OF JEANNIE CD G CD SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN O MOVIE (FRI.) 'Handle With Care 1 § SESAME STREET , 03 TOM AND JERRY. IN CONCERT: PAT BOONE (WED.) 4:30 • § MARY TYLER MOORE © KROFFT SUPERSTARS MYTHREESONS MOVIE (TUE.) 'Silver Streak' {TUE.), Baseball: Race For The Pennant {THUR.) © 03 BATTLE OF THE PLANETS CB© BEVERLY HILLBILLIES -5:00§ SCENE AT FIVE © BEWITCHED O MARY TYLER MOORE QDG HOGAN'S HEROES O MOVIE (MON..WED..THUR.) 'Zeppelin' {MON.), 'The Apple Dumpling Gang 1 (WED.), 'American Graffiti' (THUR.) Q ELECTRIC COMPANY © 03 CHICO AND THE MAN CDCB NEWS CB © ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW 5:30 NBC NEWS BEVERLY HILLBILLIES (DG CBS NEWS ZOOM 26 NEW-Old Favorites -,V SANFORD AND SON Mon-Fri. at 5:30 PM 8 @9) BRADY BUNCH "OVER EASY Host: Hugh Downs. Gu est: Johnny Ray. fJjQ3 NEWLYWEDGAME CBS NEWS CAROL BURNETT AND IENDS Gu ests: Jack Gilford. .6:30 JARVIS TAX REVOLT I LOVE LUCY NEWLYWED GAME Q BEWITCHED S BASEBALL: RACE FOR THE NNANT . MACNEIL LEHRER REPORT _ Q3 CAROL BURNETT AND RIENDS Gu est: Rita Moreno. P.M. MAGAZINE © MAJOR LEAGUE SEBALL Atlanta Braves vs Houston Astros {2 hrs., 30 mins.) (B HOLLYWOOD SQUARES : 7:00 S O GRANDPA GOES TO kSHINGTON Senator Joe Kelley tries to introduce a bill which would prevent the firing of federal employees living together without .'benefit of clergy.' (60mins.) 2"GRANDPA GOES TO •V WASHINGTON "-STARS JACK ALBERTSON '• 7OOPM-AOV. G© GUNSMOKE ® O CD PAPER CHASE Franklin Ford III discovers the pressures of. a successful lawyer father and generations of legal tradition in his family can be injurious to contract law when his father visits the classroom while on a job- interviewing mission at the college. (60 mins.) a MOVIE -{COMEDY)" "A tee of the Action" 1977 Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby. Two .likable crooks try to mastermind their great rip-off. (PG) (2 hrs.,. 15 mins.) Q JAMES MICHENER'S WORLD 'The South Pacific: End of Eden' This proqtam explores the South Pacific cultures that have remained unique and innocent in face of today's industrialization. Michener prefers to examine them before they are lost to the influences of the 20th centu ry. (60 mins.) (!$ QD MOVIE -(ADVENTURE- DRAMA)' "Moonfire" 1970 Richard Egan, Sonny Listen. Ex- Nazi lives like a king in Mexico surrounded by 'highwaymen and cut throats. {2 hrs.) CB HAPPY DAYS When FQnzie • loses his vision because of a head injury, he begins to realize the true meaning of friendship. . 7:30 (B LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY Layerne is riding high when she starts dating Jake, the leader .of the Purple Fiends of Fear, but tu rns white with fright when she finds .out that he's mixing romance with robbery. •8:00 Q BIG EVENT MOVIE Tattered' Stars: Karen Grassle, Mike Farrell, LeVar.BurUm. The stories of three women of varied backgrounds and ages who suffer physically, emotionally and psychologically at the hands of their brutal husbands'. (2hrs v 2 Karen Grassle, Mike ft Farrell, LeVar Burton All star in BATTERED • »JO PM-tOV. O © MOVIE -{COMEDY)*" "Send Me No Flowers" 1964 Rock Hudson, Doris Day. A Hypochondriac, convinced that he has a short time to live, has his friend find a new husband for his wife. (2 hrs.) OX) Q CD TUESDAY- NIGHT MOVIE 'One In A Million: The Ron LeFlore Story' Stars: LeVar Burton, Billy Martin, Madge Sinclair. The drama Ie4ls fhe incredible rise o) Detroit Tiger Centerfielder Ron LeFlore from prison to the major leagues. {2 hrs.) p MARK RUSSELL COMEDY SPECIAL Comedian Mark Russell taunts politicians and jokes abou t major issu es on the first of a series of specials featu ring his satifical hu mor. • (B THREE'S COMPANY Stanley Roper sneaks a peek at an x-rated diary Chrissy is typing and suddenly gets the idea that Chrissy thinks he's her type. . 8:30 Q. A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE: FALL PREVIEW CB TAXI The sexy voice on. the answering service triggers Alex's romantic instincts, and her alluring manner prompts- him to arrange a dinner .date that turns into one big surprise. 9:00 O THE PALLISERS Ferdinand Lopez's suicide causes such unfavorable opinion that Plantagenet resigns'as Prime Minister to devote more time to his family. He is pleased that son Silverbridge is wooing Lady Mabel Grex but displeased when- the' young man determines to run for a Parliament seat — as a Conservative. (TO] Q3 MERV QRIFFIN Guests: .Farrah Fawcett,- Porter Bibb, Chevy Chase, Aretha Franklin. (60 mins.) (B© WORLD AT WAR © STARSKY AND HUTCH Hutch must persuade Starsky not to quit the force alter Starsky accidentally blinds- a beautiful bystander during a robbery-Shootout and then falls in love with her. (60 mins.) 13 STARSKY & HUTCH & STARSK BLINDS GIRL 9:30 a MOVIE -(WESTERN)" ''sheriff of Tombstone" 1941 Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes. A 'judge-' takes a sharpshooter in a poker game; fireworks result. {100 mins.) 10:00 . § OtI)OCD(B NEWS £| DICK VAN DYKE SHOW DICK CAVETT SHOW 'Is .English a Dying Language?' Part I. Guests: Agnes DeMille, choreographer and author; Edwin ' Newman, NBC-TV commentator and author; John Kenneth Galbraith, author. professor and former ambassador; and John Simon, drama critic and language columnist. ©Q3 GONG SHOW 26 THE GONG SHOW ,'-; New on 261 . Mon-Fri. of 10 PM CB© LOVE EXPERTS 10:30 Q O THE TONIGHT SHOW Guest host: Don Rlcklea. Guests: Ben Vereen, Suzanne Somers. (90 mins.) G© 700CLUB © O CD CBS LATE MOVIE Tfarnaby Jones: -Murder-Go- Round' Hired to locate ' the money that a hit-and-run victim . was supposed to be carrying, Barnaby travels to a small town to investigate.. (R) 'Banacek: A Million The Hard Way' Stars: Pfinnard.- Margot KkMer. (R) a CINEMA SHOWCASE est: Olrector-stuntman Hal Heed ham comments on 'Hooper.' i LOVE EXPERTS MOVIE -{DRAMA)" W _hl Iron Men" 1952 Bonar Colleano. .Lee Marvin. An infantry squad is tied down for seventeen days in a heavily bombarded area during WW tl. {llOmlns.) ~ BONANZA 11:00 FIDOUN' AROU EL HUO DE ANGELA with his father's mistress. ' 12:00 0 IB TOMORROW Host: Torn Snyder. Guest: Senator Lowell Weicker. (R-Conn.) (60-mins.) G& NEWS 09© PTL PROGRAM 12:20 CB © ATLANTA BRAVES REPLAY 12:30 . S Ctg OKLAHOMA FOOTBALL SHLIGHTS CB NEWS 1:00 11:15 MOVIE -{COMEDY"Handle With Care" Paul Le Mai, Candy Clark. A technological love story. reflecting how machinery alters our lives and now people use their CB radios as extensions of their personalities. (PG) (98 mins.) 11:30 Q ABC CAPTIONED NEWS CB TUESDAY MOVIE OF THE WEEK 'Avanti' Stars: Jack Lemmon. Juliet Mills. A story about a man who falls in love 2:00 2:50 G NEWS CB NEWS ©©NEWS 3:10 CB © WANTED ALIVE 3:40 ©©MAVERICK DEAD OR CB© WORLD AT LARGE 5:10 CB©NEWS 5:30 CB© ROMPER ROOM NETWORKS AND STATIONS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES WHY PAINT YOUR HOUSE? hsUI Vferl Sfcf ad bd Pai*«t Probta, Farmr! NO MIST — NO CORROSION - NO PEELING GtEATWStUTMN FACTOR - 40-YEAR GUARANTEE! Call for Free Estimates — Easy Terms/ COASTAL INSULATION & SUPPLY CO. 7923 Mustang Scholec Field 740-1165 The Light Company wants to help you turn your home into ADV- SAN FORD AND SON _ MY THREE SONS ABC NEWS (( AfternoonJJ ((Evening)) 6:00 OO©QBB NEWS 1RSDGE A double avoidance play 9-26-A WEST + AKJ763 4 V 5 * * AG43 * + Q 10 * SOUTH NORTH * Q 10 V K J94 * 107 » A&542 EAST 4 98542 V 2 • Q J85 + K J3 AQ106763 K 9 2 987 Vulnerable: East- West Dealer: West West North East South 1* Doubles* 4* Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: club. If West continues spades, South chucks'a second club. If West shifts to a club, South takes dummy's ace, leads dummy's queen of spades and once more discards a club. Thus, the defense has two spade tricks and still will take a diamond, but that is all. South-will be able to set up dummy's clubs for two diamond discards. The play is not complicated, but it is unusual since it is a double avoidance piay. South must give away those two spades to get two club .discards and avoid letting East get in to lead a diamond through the king. J-26-B By Oswald Jacoby and Alan Sontag Don't ask us where .North found his ' double of one spade or why East and West didn't bid four spades. That contract makes easily. However, South was allowed to play four hearts. "West opens the king of spades. Victor Mollo asks, "How can South be sure of his contract if clubs break 32 and what tricks does he lose?" The answer is that he lets the king of spades hold the first trick. South discards a You hold: * A Q x V KJxxx 4> x x * Axx In yesterday's "Ask the Experts" the bidding with opponents passing was North opened one spade; you, South, responded two. hearts^ North bid two spades, and you bid three clubs. He continues with three hearts. What do you do now? Bid four spades. This tells your partner that you are interested in a slam, but have two quick diamond losers. an energy saver With our free booklet and a little work, you can save energy. And money on your utility bills. Our new brochure, "How to cut your utility bills by making your home into an energy saver, 1 ' contains several informative sections that will help you evaluate .your home. Then it shows you a number of do-it-yourself jobs to make your home more energy efficient. The jobs range from things as simple as caulking windows to major projects like insulating your attic. Here's a brief outline of the helpful information you'll find in your free copy of the booklet. Turn your home into an energy fortress Insulation. It's the first line of defense in conserving energy. Do you have enough? And is it in the right places? With the information provided in the booklet, you'll be able to answer these questions. You'll check your home to see how your insulation measures up. Then we'll show you how and where to insulate. How much it'll cost. And how much you'll be able to save each year on heating and cooling costs. Get more appliance efficiency for less money Heating and cooling systems. You'll learn how to get the most from your present unit through proper maintenance and care. We'll tell you what you'll need to know if you're considering a new air-conditioner or heating system. And you'll learn about heat pumps, a great alternative if you're looking for the best of both worlds. utility bills uy irsakiiig ' Thermostat control. Aside from a. wealth of information on how to save money by proper thermostat settings, there are three specific steps you can take to make your thermostat part of our home energy saving system. 'Automatic timers are a good example. Water heating. Next to heating and cooling, the largest use of energy in . your home takes place in your water heater. The booklet shows you some easy do-it-yourself hints that can help cut your water-heating costs. Lighting. It only accounts for about seven percent of your total energy use. But with a little discipline and a few minor changes, you can cut waste. Find out more This booklet is loaded with charts and pictures explaining the why's, wherefore's and how-to's. You'll know about how much each project will cost, and you'll also know just how much energy you'll be saving when you're done: Best of all, this new booklet is free. Just call your nearest Light Company office or fill out this coupon and drop it in the mail. We want you to have a copy. Yes, please send me my free copy of "How to cut your utility bills by making your home into an energy saver." Name. Address. -Stale- City Mail to: "Energy Saver," Houston Lighting & Power, P.O. Box 1700, Houston, Texas 77001 The Light company Houston Light sng&Rjwcr

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