Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1976 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 25, 1976
Page 9
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Symphony Society, Guild Membership Drive U n d e r w a y T h r o u g h May Sunday, April 25, 1976 · IB MEMBERSHIP The : North Arkansas · Sym- p h o n y Orchestra fctas 84 musicians. Four, are . faculty members from '' the" Music Department of- the 'University of Arkansas. The conductor. Dr. Is to create a tine svmohony itions Mrs James Ltslon, Irca [ The FajeUevUlc Guild ulll · · - - ' · · - · ----- *·-- "-.»»- M-- highlight its membership drnc Campbell · Johnson. also employed b the University Four, of. the'players are former professional musicians are public school J foiir MRS RICHARD KENT JA^IES . .was Miss Beverly Ann Gray be/ore her marriage Saturday afternoon Miss Anne Gray Is Bride On Saturday In a double ring ceremony Saturday afternoon at 5,o'clock at Central United--.Methodist Church tn Faveitcville Miss Be\erly Anne Graj became the bride of Richard Kent James. The bride is the daughter of Mrs William 'James Stocker and Charles Henry Gray Jr- of Little Rock, formerly of Fa\ etteville, and the bridegroom is ithe son of Mr fend "Mrb Da\ d Randolph James J r , of El Dorado ( I Dr Joel Cooper performed the rites before the alUir holding brass, candelabra with white tapers and a large arrangement of \\hitt- stock, deisies t ugi chrysanthemums Bunch off ayelteville. and vvhite roses \\ rth fusion 1 of baby's* breath pro , and fresh fern foliage Palm Ine ure placed at Hie entrance to the altar area, ind famih, pews were marked luth dairies, spring foliage and white satin ribbons. Mrs Art Davis of Little Kock was organist and accompanied Mrs Donald B Hunmcutt who sang "I Lo\e Thee and The Lord s Prayer '. .Given- in marriage by her father Hie bride \\ore a gown oE silk oiganza and pe-iu de soie designed uith a Victorian neckline accenled in Netting ham braid, long tapered sleeves and a lull Hotting skirt which fell into a cathedral length train The bodice skirt hnd tram were trimmed in florets of Alencon lace and her man tilla of illusion was attached to a Tuliet cap of Fnglish net and lace She carried a Venetian cascade of gardenias, white rosebuds slephnnotis naby s breath and cultured \arigated ivy and worj lace ribbon Mrs Hurry Lawrence Yanccy was her sister's matron of honor Bridesmaids \\cre Mrs Richard Mvron Mies, Miss [ aura Wilson Miss Cindy \Vhit field Miss Chen Whitfield if Fa% etteville Miss Jan Stripling of Dallas and Mrs William Randolph James stslrrmtaw . A luble covered, with. a white linen cloth held the guest book attended by Miss Jan Davis of Little Rock, cousin' of th'e'bfide'; An arrangement of white roses daisies and baby s brealh decor atc'd- the. table Hurricane lamps of white and l*reen were placed throughout ;he f Whitfiuld residence snd fresh fetns and spnng blooming plants were placed at diffeicnl areas of the home patio and entrance', ; The grooms' table was centered · by an arrangement .of white roses, stock and soft green daisies* with accents of o.aby/s ;. brealh and varigated ivy.'' Trie groom's cake wai served by Miss" Vicki Mashburn of Fayetteville and- Mrs: Tom Pay of Pine Bluff 'The silver tea and coffee '^service was attended by Mrs Marsha Emers on. and ,· Mrs. "David 1 Sloan teachers; ' .four; ./ure 'trained at other jobs and 68 are act v a n e e d music students, primarily Jrom -the University ol/Arkansas. Currently, some members' j of the Orchestra commute from Rogers Siloam Springs Hmdsville and from as far \nvay as Harrison on a regular *· bisis Occasionally p l a y e r s have come from ^asstille. Mo -·Most".of ,the players perform Because : .tbe'y love music: and very few .lire paid"performers, One of Ihe goals of the'.''Symphony Society and Guild is lo reimburse musicians for, their professional sen ices at a cpmpLliti\c rile This w 111 at tract -more trained players lo the Orchestra and allow tKose who are, currently members to recapture expenses. FINANCING The_, U.S.. gpvcrment. r spends only about 15 cents per citizen each \ear in support of the arts. Byjthese figures. Northwest Arkansas .should receive;.about $27,000 from federal sources, However, only a fraction of this tmount ib presentlj a\aiSable The North Arkansas S^tmphonv Orchestra is partially supported b\ matching funds from the National Endowment" for- 'the Arts through the Office Arkansas Stale Arts and Humanities, of the Department of Planning Thus the more support Uie'Orchestra'has from local individuals,-businesses and industi ies, the better its chances of receiving matching funds from state and;; natio'rial sources. The Orchestra, as EheVofficial orchestra o fthe University·'of Aik^nsas recedes part of its support from the Um\ ersitj through in kind matching for o r c h e s t r a for Northwest Arkansas by augmenting.. (he' University's f a c i l i t i e s a n d personnel and -by . sponsoring outstanding orchestral students T h r o u g h t h i s u n i q u e arrangement it is possible to support a , full symphony orchestra · of r professional quality w h i c h serves both the University - and the entire region, -The Symphony Society Board; of ^Directors consists · of 24 b u s i n e s s and professional c o p 1 e from Northwest, Arkansas. Officers are Morris Collier, president; Obcrl Un dem, vice president; Richard teid, - secretary; and O.J R i n ri e r t," treasurer. Board m e nrb'e r s are Ralph C. Barnhart. Mrs. Heydon. Lewis, Mrs, Roy Brumlield,, Herman DcKbata. Dr. Jorge Johnson. Cdr. L.C. Laine, William Lancaster, J E McClelland Dr M i c h a e l Rudko Mrs Crus Sutherland Harry Vandergnff and Larry Worsham, returning members, and newly elected surer and Mrs Keith house, secretary Chdiimcn of 'al- committees.'.ara Mrs. ?icd Starr newsteltcr Troy Hendncks posters spcci Joe*" Mrs Mrs Kent Rice, publicity, Mrs J Griffith BuLlor telephone Mrs; Ralph Jones, ticket sales and Mfs/V: Walter Richards ushers KKNTON COUNTY GUILD The Benton County'Symphony Guild ' """ 19 from 3:30 until 5:30 p.m., with a sherry parly at Ih/; home of Mrs.' Joa Fred Slarr. Related pictures on Page 6B. members Mrs W C Morton Jr Gcsjrge Connell, Hugh Kineaid, ·James'. McVlltie, Col. Charles Hoffman and Louis Satterwhite. DrV Charles r E. B i s h o p president of the Uimersity r ol Arkansas continues as ctrnr man of the Board, of Advisors for the SOCIP'I Mrs Fred T'aylor, president o f ' the Fayettcvtlie Sj mphonv Guild and Mrs. Douglas Wilson. president ,of the Bcrilon County Guild. continue;-as ex qlficio members S\MPHONY GUILD The Fayetteville chapter of the Norths Arkansas Symphonj Guild began in the snrin-g x of 1975 It now has 1VT members Its- membership goal for 1976 2aO. .This organisation ' sponsored fcn art exhibit tint sale concert prenews morninr musicales,--and . a , number, began m August 197? with a series of..--membership coffpes. Podaj it has 140 metnbersv.This group has sponsored two appearances by (he North Arkansas : Symphony Orchestra and .a- Children's Concert by the Adventures in Music chamber orchestra.'After lh* f i rst CQ ncert i n October, Guild members Held a reception For Orchestra "· members- 1 chili an Sports " Center- Rogers. The . o r g a n i z a t i o n h a s Ro g e r s , Benton villa, Bella Vista, Pea Ridge'arid Gravetle. Its aim is to serve Benton County by providing full symphony concerts locally and sponsoring educational acti viti«s for members and young le'ople. Concert previews by the MASO conductor · precede each appearance of' 1 the Orchestra Jin their area - ah added pncluce inent, for Guild ^membership, j Current officers - ' a r c - -Mrs Douglas L. Wilson .of;"Rogers president; Mrs. L.C. Laine, vicp president; Mrs, Francis S,«lby secretary; Mrs. Robert-E. Sly treasurer. Hoard members are Association Board Approves Budget .The Board of Directors oE the Faycltev ille Multi-H an die appec Children Association approved a tentative 197G-7 budget at. its Thursday-' night 'meeting a Buttcrfield Trail School. The: budget covers expense for a new class for cdiicable orlhopcdically : handicapped social aclmtics audiences·: have " Mrs. Jl. Neal -A! ten,' historian Mrs Herman "' DeKoatz' pub licitv: Dr. Julia Haven. Kpccia projects; Mrs. Carl McKinney Lo iis Sat ation; aiu ' children to begin this Call at Bullcrfield. The basic needs arc for personnel, special classroom equipment, and miscellaneous special equipment. The Beard also discussed sources of funding, including a grant from Mental ·Retardation Developmental Disabilities Services (MRDDS) which requires ten per cent local matching. If funded this will provide a sig hificant portion of the budget. Mrs. Cecelia Tu, president, reported on a recent meeting with (he Fayetteville-. .Junior Civic League. At that lime, the League voted $100 from its emergency fund'and pledged,its s'upport exploring .fuliire funding possibilities. 1 ht Board also publication of Mrs Tu's "Chin ese , Cookbook." as ed To Marry In May fund which chance members" and of Fayelleulle A glass topped (able with spring fern beneath held an assortment of canapes served by Mrs Trent Felton of Marl anna fend Miss Becky Hull of Fayelteville" Others i n the house par Ly vere Mrs.! 1 Gene 'Hudson, Mrs. toi Shrove, Mrs. James Sandin, Mrs.r, Kaye Chappcll -and Mis I ary Bro\\n of ? a U t e vilte, Mrs. Kayla Sae O'Bannion f : Dallas and Mrs^ G l e n n \cllpgg of Little Rock, cousin of the bride. Riceibags of illusion tied ·with cmenltl green satin bous \\cre "lislributed from white bastels 3y Miss Sara Shre\ e, Hank Shreve Miss Janet Drezzeate ~M i's s -Becca BrezTieale. r Car] Sundlin arid Craig Sandlin. For travel,· ;the bride chose a" polished cotton" yellow "·sin- dress' with" matching shawl and white accessories; They will make their home in Shrcveporl where ' t h e -'bridegroom is a management trainee with First such things as use of in slruments, : ' facilities, I; services ·and personnel However, mone in music, as in other worthwhile pursuits continues to be a major souice of limitation and concern Contribulions to the Orchestra are tax deductible; PROGRAMS f syrnpom concerts are chosen especially to introduce fine sj mphonic music tint \aries in style and content so that it will appeal to an average audience as well -as .to long-time si mphon lovers Dr Johnson makes c\ery effort to selec! pieces b both American an c European Composers f r o m jiCferent periods in musical Instorj so that audiences may enjoy a \\ide range of 1'ilcnls At each performance a different instrument or soloi t ts. also featured utilizing outstanding faculty and student performers TS \\ell as world renowned soloists. As a Uni\ersitj based or- mc'et -"orchestra \jsitmg artists \ central ic tuitj ol the Guild is \outh education Mrs Ro% Rom, chairman for; Youth , Edqcalioii, and her.-committee , member: Mrs James Modisetle Mrs James Moore Mrs Pitriok Tobin and Mrs.- William-Storey ia\c ' worked to bring a children's concert to area children and to present a series of program* for kindergarten children in Fayetteulle with Ihe cooperation of Roger, Widder cnairmin of the Um\ ersity ' of Arkansas Music Department The Guild is currently planning for a Young Artists' ·' school . membership, (Mrs ler\\hite, jyoulh^cdu Mis Robert -'Kellurn Plans are well underway ;to start two more, chapters .of (he Symphony, Guild in '1976' one in Sprmgdate and on/ to serve Carroll County Membership drives for both the -, North Arkansas Sj mphony Society and the North Arkansas Symphony- Guild: continue' fro hi now until the end of'May. 'Members 'In 'the Society, may be Friends 1 -/. 1 ($25).; · ? , Sponsors {^50); P.itions ($100) -Benefac tors ($250); -.Guarantors- (§509); Founders ($1,0(10 oj--more), Currently-, .250 , -individuals and businesses ,are contributing menibpi s of the Society Tht membership goal'for.lflyiUs' 350 Membership in the North A r k a n s a s Si mphony Gjik Antilles contributors to atlent morning previews, ents musicales, and 'other concerl special , . raising project The cookbook will be. available soon. Directors ,also .voted to present programs to local civic clubs and Parent Teacher Associations, 'After' lite business meelin^. Dean May, principal. sho\\ ec members' of the Board the area which will be remodeled to accommodate' the new class room. 1 1ns section provides space for. the 'class room its'etf and -at area for physical therapy anc speech therapy May and Jimmy^VjItols," cle- m c n t a r y special cducatioi supervisor, reported on plans'! visit the, University of, Alabam m Tuscaloosi i jn eatly Mav a the invitation' ,of Dr. Loretl Holder, who 'directs' i Irainm program for teacher? for mull handicapped children They wijl vijt irca multi handicapped' classrooms^ m^, pub,h5 schools and consult, ;£ith slaff ( about curriculum and equipment' ' The, engagement and approaching marriage nf M i s s Ktdhy Lor cue Newell lo Jeff ei y Lj nti Strublc is an nounced by her parents, Mr and Mis. James H N e w e l l of Farinniglon Ihe nios|)Lctne bridegroom is I he sfl]1 °f M f and Mrs Howard Struhle ot Roitio 1, Prairie Groie, a 1975 ginduale of Prairie G r o v e High School and is current[j? employed with GMS, 'Inc.' iii Pralrio Grove. Miss Newel! will gra'dimlc from Prairie Gio\i: High Schnol in M a \ . cdding will tdke-,place n. May 23 in the home 'liride's granilparents, Mrs. Ray Carle/ of has just received anotherishipment of , t i . i 11 * AILEEN Skirts - Pants - Tops Blouses-.Knit' Shirts of the bridegroom, Miss. They wore cheslra the North Arkansas Symphony often has students in attendance who ha\e ne\er neard a symphony orchestra before. Invariably,- they'express surpns e and s all sf a ct ion th at svmphomc music is so evciting and diverse. National Bank, Both ot Jackson ,.,.,,. ..... ..-- floor length go«ns or emerald green and white dotted matte jersey with halter necklines, A-line skirts, and remoi ahle jackets They all wore nrart necklace? and carried semi cascades of gar denias accented with natural foliage and babv's brealh with ivory satin and lace ribbon Their headpieces were nt gardenias and baby's brealh. The bridegroom's father \y3 -best man. Groomsmen were his brother. ' William '. Randolph James Allhntlon of LI Domdo and Norman Bryant of Little Rock. Ushers were Rick Cal- haon ot LI Dorado, Charles Callauay of Midland Texas, and Tom Holding of Conway The bride's, mother 'wprc'-a floor-length spring green worsted satin 'gown and matching jacket and the bridegroom s mother «orc a floor length pale slate gray chiffon gown overlaid with white lace Both «ore cor sages of while Cnlalaya orchids accented .with and fresh fern, babs s berath A reception followed the ceremony at the home-of Mr. and Mrs William C Whitfield The bride's table was covered wilh a white linen damask clolh cen tercd with a Viclonan five branched hurricane candelabrum filled with _ freesia chrysanthemums, babe's breath »nd varigated ivy with while tapers. The" four-tiered weddjng cake was separated by Grecian columns and lopped wilh a fresh flower arrangement. Cake was'; served by Mrs; Frank Elcan.of Fayelleville and Mrs. Charles : Ilcnry Gray Iir.ot Gcr- manlown; Tehfj., sisfcr-jn-law of Ihe bride,-' Punch was served by Mrs. James C. Fuller of LiUIt Rock and Mrs. Ray graduates of the University o[ Arkansas Out of - town guests wero David Alphin of El Dorado, Mrs, William Henry Bceson, Mr. and Mrs..William Hill Bee son,'Mr. and Mrs. L.IX' Blair, Miss Robin Wren, Mrj and Mrs. A; C.' Davis, Jan Davis, Rick Davis, Jeff Davis, Mr. end Mrs. Art Davis,.Jr., .Mr. and Mrs Mrs. George Dick Jr., Mr. and Mrs. . James ' Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hecrwagen, Mr and Mrs Glenn Kellogg, Mr, and Mrs. John E. Miller Jr., Mrs. Winston Faulkner, all of: Little Rock, Miss B a r r y Brooks o f A t l a n t a ; Gn./Mrs. L, G.-,Bumpers of ,Vian, Okla Miss Kathy Hunsaker, M i s s Kathy Woodward, j Miss Donna Denty of Dallas, Mr, and'Mrs, rlcnry Callaway of. Midland Tex., Miss Amy.Galloway of Jackson, Miss., Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davis of Benton, .Mr. and Mrs John Deacon of Jonesboro, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evans. Miss "Janet Evans of"'. Shrovcporl, : Mrs. James G a r r i s o n^ 'Mrs. Jack Callaway, Mrs. E d w r a r d Hurley, Randolph James Sr.. John.Kas EOS, Mrs. Hutlon Nobles,-Mr, and Mrs. James"Nobles, Mr, and Mrs. Chcslcy Priict; Mrs, Thomas Reynolds, Mr.: and Mrs James U Spencer Tr , Mr and Mrs Chirlcs Vin Ness, Mr. and Mrs. Jack.Vesial, Mr, and Mrs. Harvey Wright, Lynn Wright and Mark Wright, all of El Dorado; Kennclh Gray of Chattanooga, Tenn., Miss Angela Hefner" of West Memphis,. Mr. nnd Mrs.-.Gary. Holt of Harrison, Dr," and Mrs'.Thomas Mosely and Mr, and Mrs. Joseph White, Miss Debbie White of Springfield, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. James Newton of Russellville, Mr. "and Mrs. Tom Pay of Pine Bluff, Mr..and Mrs. Andy Pickcrinff"of Joplln,' Mo., PRESENT "NEEDS The Symphony, seeks m o r e string pMjers from Its county area, paying ^t sportalion babi sitter fees, and! in honorarium* to its cominumlj plaj ers As the orcheslra operates ;on fc. more professional basis plaers from the Tulsa PhilHatmonic'. are sometimes added -ind local placers will loceue ,increased compcniTlion To -iccomphsh these and i other i long grange poals, the orchestra needs ad d'ilional financial support. ; '! SYMPHONY SOCIETY* The Norlh Arkansas Sjm phony Society- is a non-profit corporation managed by n Board nf Directors. Its-, purpose Competition for string ptajers to be coordmalec bj Rich ard F uch s cone ert master ot the North Arkansas Svmphony The Competition fis scheduled for the spring pf1977. t will offer cash prizes to the unners and an oppurtunity for the 1 first r prize winner-tot per form with the Orchestra The ublicitv for this competition will ·each Arkansas and surrounding states Its purpose is to i 11 r a c t talented young musicians to the Orchestra and o emphasize the importance of symphonic miibicil insfrnments n high school music programs The Guild has also estab lished a. Memorial F u n d - t o ; be used for-]music scholarships and other ' Orchestra- activities Persons wishing to remember a special friend or relative to commemorate a happy f-event such as a birth, wedding or anniversary, lo make l a memorial "gift arc milled to contribute Mrs James Flston 350 Oli\e Favctleville EVELYN HIILS 'SHOPPING-CENTER-, FAYETTEYIL1E, ARK OUR BIGGEST SALE EVER! OUR ENTIRE STOC Guild treasurer and will acccpl contributions.-for itic Memorial Fund Guild officers tor the current jear ira Mrs f red Taslor, president TVIrs James Romine, \ i c e president for member ships Mrs Hobcrt Whilficld vice : president for programs Mrs W C Morton Tr \ice president for hosmtaMs Mrs Carl Whillock MCC niesidcnt for special projects Mrs Roy Rom. vice-president for youth education; Mrs. John Wjlliams, vice president for communica- FABRICS: DOUBLE- KNITS, PONTE' ROMA, JERSIES,,SUBLISTATICS, INTERLOCKS,': GAUZE-CLOTH, GABARDINE, EYELET/PRINTS, GINGHAM, etc. iiwimimiMiimimiiimniraimiH Daily Calendar Of Events Today Single Adull Fellowship, Bonanza, Spnngdale, 9 30 am Kansas Club, Ozarks Electric, 1 p.m. Iowa Club, LeMarquis Restaurant, Rogers, 1 p.m. Duplicate Bridge Club, Boss Building, 1:30 p.m. Red Cross Annual Meeting, City Library, 2 p.m. Mortar Board Alumnae, Mrs. David McNair, 4:30 p.m;-6:30 NOTIONS: BUTTONS, Z I P P E R S , T H R E A D , TAPES, SCISSORS, f ' , t' PINS, SNAPS, etc.- p,m, SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio Vour 2-Way Radio · Headquarter* : In ll«ctiWt* BlM* in* S» N Colleje 4*3-222» For Your Pr«KrtpfIon NMdi SM Ui QUAKER DRUG BE. Olter --412-4241 CKy Pirkrag Lot III Itetr PATTERNS: LAST WEEK ON NOTIONS AND p BUTTERICK, McCALLS, SIMPLICITY FERNS Monday Recycling Center, West Street, Monday-Saturday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Community Adult Center, Hillcrest Towers, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Drop-In Nursery, First Baplisl, Monday-Frdiay, 8:30 a.m.-12 noon Senior Citizens Bowling, Ozark Lanes, 9:30 a.m. Alcoholics. Anonymous.Sludent Group, Arkansas Union, 6:3( p.m. Evening Lions Culb, Wyalt's,,6:30 p.m.- * Metropolitan Dinner Club, Holiday Inn, 6:30 p.m. ABC's of Parcnling, Rolling Hills Baptist Church, 7 p.m. Weight Watchers, Goff Building, 7 p.m. Over 50 Square Dance Club, Community Adult Center,-7:30 p.m. Washington Lodge No. 1 FAM, Masonic Temple, 7:30 p.m. Foster Homes Oricnlation Session, City Library, 7:30; TOPS, Asbell School Music Room, 7:30 p.m. tianniniiiiDHiumaiiKiiiiiiHH^ EGifll! PRICE WHY MORE?

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