Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 12, 1976 · Page 20
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 20

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1976
Page 20
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PAGE 20 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Your Stars By SYDNEY OMARR FRIDAY, FE». » Aquarian friend! of astrology: Kl Novak and Alan Ald«. Gemini Marll... Monroe, during her lifetime, was captivated by such subjects as astrology, palmistry and other mantle arts And sciences. Late Leo who encourwed our pursuit of tries* stuetn: Aldous Huxley. Leo scientist who utilized astrology- Carl Jung. My world of astrology Is peopled with the high and the mighty and the low and the lonely. Like music, astrology Is a universal language o o o ARIES (MarchIt-April II): What might appear to be a "bogged down" situation will be revlved/llvely 4nd kicking -- know II and be encouraged. Element of timing turns In vour favor. You're asked to expand on Idea or concept. TAURUS (April 2t-May»): You may be trying loo much, too soon Know It and attencflo basics, including details which you recently delegated to someone else. Accent on movement, fll- ng Ideas for self-protection. Obtain val- Id hint from Aries message. -. OEMINMMa«ll-Jun.»): Check cash flow -- you may have commitment which requires review Fr'endwho advocates carefree attitude could be right, but only in partial sense Do some analyzing. Be aware o» fine print, hidden clauses. CANCER (June 21-July 21|: You turn things around -- to vour advantage. Means adversity could be- Pudding Club to honor singer THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1976 CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UPI) -- Singer Bette Midler has been chosen "Woman of the Year" by Harvard's Hasty Pudding Club. She will be feted in a gala parade, followed by an award presentation. The award is given as a tribute to women of the theater who demonstrate "great artistic skill and feminine qualities." TUCSON civic bAUer's )«/-,,/;,,. toiucson C j l V E YOUR VALENTINE A GIFT OF ROMANCE... AN EVENING OfL---r---CLASSICAL BALLET oime victory. Also Indicates Irtal pres- lloe rises following challenge or confrcrv tjllon. You asln pooutarifv. importani tfiat you have this advance'knowledge II should help yew through a trying period. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You can gain some rare Insights You hear Inner voice and rhythm of your win tune. Pisces, Virgo figure proml. neritly. You llnd where past errors have been made -- you are able to lake corrective measures. VIRGO (Aug. 0-5WI.OT: Gel organised. Be positive about alms. goats. Opeti line of communication with associates, especially professional superiors. Capricorn. Cancer Individuals could be In picture. Accent on paving the price, accepting responsibility for emotional Involvement. LIBRA (Sept. O-Oct. H: You are tested -- and your views, actions will be analyzed. Emphasis Is on getting agreement solldlfed, understanding purpose of assignment. Good news Indicated In connection with legal matter which had been "left hanging " SCORPIO (Oct. TJ-Nov. 1\ You get proverbial second chance. You perceive future and gel sharp focus on recent past. You're able to taVe advantage of unique situation which sees you olven privileged or advance Information. Leo, Aquarius could figure prominently. SAGITTARIUS [Nov. a-Dec.al): Involvement Is emphasized. Nothing is apt to be halrway, especially where member of opposite sex enlers picture Ityou're playing games, pull up stakes. Others are serious and you'll find that out pronto. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Lie low-- do more listening than talk- no. Highlight willingness to bend, to laugh at your own fofbles. Emphasis on contracts and marriage. Property values should be estimated with hidden costs In vfew. You'U understand. AQUARIUS (J»n. 30-FeS. IB): You may have to tear down In order to rebuild. Some people will chide and Indicate that you are heartless. Ignore catcalls. Revere your own Instincts. Build self-esteem. Those who really tlo have your best interests at heart stand tall for vour principles. PISCES !F«. l^MarchM): Speculative matters seem now to have a way of turning out "all right." One you are attracted to returns the compliment. Yes, It is tine to change, to break from routine. Creative lulces will be sllmulat- 0 0 0 IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are unorthodox, somewhat rebellious, creative and may have "lost" one of your parents at a reiaflvely early age Taurus, Leo and Scorpio persons pfay Important roles In your llle. You are consotldatlna now, getting organized from new starts made last year. June will be vour most significant month of mi. You will be more secure. It single, you marry. Copyright 1976 rV VALENTINE «*-i DIAMOND RUBY OR SAPPHIRE RING. 14K YELLOW OR WHITE GOLD. S 165 LHELZBERGJ ARIZONA'S RNEST FOLK CLUB ~ ' 502 N. FREMONT 622-0942 8RM., February 25,26 community center MUSIC HALL Choreographed by Patrick Frantz TICKETS: All T.C.C. Outlets or Ph. 327-4446 Tucson's Newest Country Nite Spot featuring Rocky West and Long Shot Directly Across from Shakey's on Drachman RALLIS INN S«rving Tucwxiiani for over 25 years ii now ct lb« remodeled FLAMINGO HOTEL TRADITIONAL "FISH FRY" Doily luncheon , Jl.SOup Nighlly Dirmors $t.99up GREEK CUISINE AND PASTRIES 1300 N. STONE · PHONE 622-6295 DINNERS (SAY 90s , 5532 L Speedway 298-3301$ LIVE MAINE LOBSTER · STEAKS · PRIME RIBS f ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY ' "MICKEY GRECO" from 0« I 0 NOGALES BUS SERVICE av«-Tt''.soN for NH;M.KS 7:00.9:15.1 1 : 1 5 a m i 1 2 : 1 5 1 : 1 5 , 3 : 3 0 5 : 0 0 . 6 : 1 5 , 3 : 0 0 . 1 0 . 3 0 P M MOC CSON 7 0 0 , 9 : 0 0 . 1 0 1 5 H 1 5 AM 1 \ 5 2 3 0 i 00.6:00.8 15. 10;I5PM GREYHOUND TERMINAL 792 0972 NIKS FLIKS 4567 S. Attt Ave.294-1811 HOUlTTHUm UTTHEATDE [LADIES FREE) S O S ) A BOTH LOCATIONS · . T MOVIES !i HICI 10«JLI12P.N.,L J SmmFllMS -- Sale or Ren 25c PEEP MACHINES FUN TYM THEATRE ADM. S2.OO (UDIfS fREE j 450 N. MAIN 623-2023 |! BLK f. o FREEWAY | FRIESE GLOSS DOES MUSIC YOUR WAY DYNAMIC AND MELLOW FUN FELLOWS -- FROM PUBERTY TO MENOPAUSE WITH FRIESE AND \ CLOSS ENTERTAINMENT I NIGHTLY. HAPPY HOUR \ 4:30-6:30 PM WITH LITTLE MISS MUFFIE REDUCED DRINKS HOLIDAY INN SOUTH 101 OS.Freeway ·623-0371 THE HUNGRY ACTOR PRESENTS nthe Rpof Starring J. C. Mullins Directed by Martin Brintonj SHOW AND DINNER $ 8 95PTL A U x s SATURDAY $9.95 OPEN AT 6:00 CURTAIN AT 8:30 PM CALL FOR RESERVATIONS 882-8180 · 2555 NORTH STONE AVE. SEA-FOOD SPECIAL! Special available only at Johnnie's Chuckwagon Buffet (In addition to our regular fine food) SHRIMP, OYSTERS ASSORTED SEA-FOOD Every Monday and Friday -- 5-9 PM, Only *2.79 SHRIMP ASSORTED SEA-FOOD All day Friday, Only * 1.89 Chuckwagon Buffet Roast be«f every evening and all day Sunday Open 11 AM -- 9 PM Daily Speedway S Craycroll 327-6213 Full Menu Family Restaurant · A l l You Can Eat Salad Bar" OPEN 24 HOURS 22nd St. at Alvernon 793-7607 WE OFFER ONE-STOP SAVINGS!! EFFECTIVE DATES FEB. 12-FEB. 18 1333 N. Miracle Mil* Store #2 -4828 East 22nd St W« Rt$*m Limit Rights and Cwrtctiofl of Printed Errors. OUR STORE KATURISt 1. FRIfNDir AND HfUfUl SCRVICf -- INCLUMNO CHECK CASHING. 2. USDA Choice B««f and other top grade meats of reasonable prices. 3. Farm freih No. 1 produce at low, low prices. 4. Everyday budget pricec on grocery Items. 5. A very complete and diversified inventory to. serve everyone. 6. In addition, at No. 3, we also offer the convenience of a M.S. Post Office and an unbelievable Jow priced drug store, which is served by Charlie -- the competent druggist and Mary, the friendly and helpful U.S. Pony Express! It's Fun To Shop With Usl Y WHOLE PINTO BEANS U.S. NO. 1, NEW CROP, 100 LB. BAG '18.49 SPLIT PINTO BEANS 100 LB. BAG '9.98 WESTERN VALLEY 5 LB. BAG DOG FOOD 3 79 AT #2 STORE ONLY -- STORZ6-PACK BEER 12 oz 99* EARLY CALIFORNIA LARGE LONGHORN CHEESE FULL CREAM SQUARE PACK WHOLE MILK HOMOGENIZED FRESH GRADE "A" HALF-GALLON IRIPE PITTED #300 CAN M 4 £ -XOLIVES 41 LIPTON'S, 100 COUNT TEA BAGSI 49 HORMEL, 1 2 OZ. CAN DI nuKmcL, i j. \j*.. IMPI J%,f** SPAM/CHEESE 89 .C. i2ozs. V*.^.. \ 4. WA.J. rf%*klh Roast Beef Gravy 69 SMOKED HAM KREY'S READY-TO-EAT SHANK PORTIONS SNOW PEAS FRESH AND CRISPY (Chinese type You Can Freeze it!) CABRILLA SLICES DELICIOUS FRESH FISH y JF /DEL PURITY DISTILLED DRINK GAL. CARRYING JUG IV* GAL. CARRYING JUG f%A f \WatersForBaby 99 WE HAVE CANNING LIDS AND JARS! RED AND WHITE BRAND WHITE GAL. VINEGAR 87* KRAFT ITALIAN, FRENCH Jim Beam BOURBON 80 Proof $579 Qt. if at # 2 only DEL HAVEN IN LIGHT SYRUP, #2'/2 CAN ' f* f* PURPLE PLUMS 39 f VK TKcnv.n 4% 4%! SALAD DRESSING 69 SEAL OF ARIZONA BUTTERqUARTERED BORDEN EGG NOGS QUART CANS MELMAC, 9 INCH DINNER PLATES 3 1°° LIBBY'S, 120Z. CAN klUU I ^, I ^ \J^. \.f^!H ^^ ^^ CORNED BEEF 99 CARNATION 12-ONEOZ.ENV. INSTANT CHOCOLATE 65* WESTERN VALLEY --MAKES DRY MILK $ 169 DEL MONTE FRESH HOT DILL SPEARS 22 OZ. JAR 39 GOOD SEASONING! SALTED PORK KREY'S LB. ROLL PORK SAUSAGE KREY'S LB. PKG. SLICED BACON 1 33 KREY'S IN CHUNKS BRAUNSCHWEIGER 69 CENTER MEATY, READY-TO-EAT HAM SLICES 1 39 LB. (FRONT PRETTY ONES!) PIG'S FEET .37! EKRICH, OR SMOKED POLISH SAUSAGE 1 39 LB. DEVEINED TENDER STEER BEEF LIVER 39! BLADE CUT CHUCK STEAKS 69- M-D4ROLLPKG. TOILET PAPER VALLEY HARVESrS IRREGULARS DC A D C BARTLETT, #2V4 PEARS WESTERN VALLEY CATSUP OLD FASHION CURED HOG JOWLS KRAFT IN BULK PROVOLONE CHEESE FARMER JOHN'S PORK LINKS BLEACHED AND CLEAN BEEF TRIPE PRECIOUS BRAND RICOTTA CH MARiCOPA OLD FASHION SMOKED PICNIC FRESH TASTY GROUND BEEF 69 KREY'S MEAT TYPE CHUNK BOLOGNA 79» BONELESS CHUCK ROAST H 9 FRESH PRODUCE CABBAGE FIRM AND GREEN CRISP AND TENDER STALK CELERY 29 EA ALL PURPOSE RUSSET 10 LB. BAG ^/\, POTATOES 7 9 SPLIT, NICE FOR REFRIED Pinto Beans 10 LB MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE FOREMOST 1 %, HALF GALLON LOW-FAT MILK KREY 4 LB. PKG. PURE LARD ALSO DIET PEPSI, MT. DEW, PEPSI LITE PEPSI-COLA AT STORE #2 ONLY -- OUR Selected national brands are at cost +\0% In Qts. and V, Gallons. CANADIAN CLUB WHISKEY WESTERN VALLEY ·ZEN CHOPPED PKGS. R SLICED, 1'2 LB. LOAF BREAD PEELED, PRE-COOKED DEVEINED, FROM ALASKA 79: TENDER STEER BEEF TONGUE OSCAR MAYER 12 OZ. SMOKIE LINKS H 5 10! EXTRA FANCY RED DELICIOUS -- 88 SIZE APPLES 4 LF ~O R i 09 RIPE FOR SALAD 7x7 SIZE LF -|0(1 TOMATOES 5lR I SOLID, CRISP LETTUCE HEAD.^ , !El9! COCKTAIL SHRIM GORDON 16 oz. Pkg. PERCH FILLETS 1 09 ORANGE JUICE F 4 0 n TpnoirAMA ·· c -- r» B w w TROPICANA BRAND 6oz. CansR FOREMOST ROUND DELUXE HALF-GALLON 4* .. ICE CREAM 94 BANQUET MINI FRUIT PIE BRIDGFORD WHITE LB. LOAF -- 3 PAK BREAD DOUGH 79 WESTERN VALLEY CHOPPED . iflq BROCCOLI Sasfi I 09 PLEASE MOTICE! EFFECTIVE STARTING NEXT AD OUR AD SPACE WILL BE V THE CURRENT SIZE. IT WILL ALSO ALTERNATELY APPEAR IN THE STAR AND CITIZEN THIS IS AN ECONOMICAL MOVE FORCED UPON BY INPLA TION. HOWEVER, OUR SERVICE AND BARGAINS WILL BE BETTER THAN EVER!

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