The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 26, 1978 · Page 8
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 8

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1978
Page 8
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8-A (The <J'>;iliu-*iim Tuesday Morning. Seplember 26, 2678 JFK Probe Team Testimony Likely To Encourage Assassination Buffs Fish 'n Chips IN IHJ WISIGATt JHOPJMNG CIHTJd * ll ii".''« l " PHONE 744.IWIB6 CALVESTON'S FINEST QUICK ORDER .Fish & Shrimp RESTAURANT AT REASONABLE PRICES! MNEfHOft TAKEOUT! WASHINGTON Tapping giant charts with wooden pointers, three teams of investigators Monday painstakingly presentcMl evidence aimed at demolishing conspiracy t h i- o r i c s about the assassination of .John F. Kennedy. Bvil in testimony likely to encourage assassination buffs, onf of the teams conceded it (ailed to reach agreement on a photo of ALL SEATS 99 iaion Alive |6 : 3o 8:10 Only »9:55 t S* filing I'm Ad \ m M \\\ i Mitiitiiviiri \i\\)\ \ Prtff) >'»rlinivm"ri S G»mil I tU ''I- \r 1f,lti|[f\ Mirly X __ <.--^ L .^^.^.,_: f ,.. ,DUCHESS *« , OIRTWATEH ROCK HUDSOH >•< MIA MRRDA AVALANCHE EVERY DAY'TIL 1.-30P.M.-S1.50 NATIONAL ClltLCII & CHON<; s IN ASMOKE 5TH SMASH WEEK! 12:20-2:15-4:10 6:05-8:00-9:55 J:^,^:,^,^^-^ ANIMA1 mut* 1:15-3:15-5:15 . 7:15-9:15 NOWS^ 1:00-3:10 WIMI * M ' IIIIII.IM.IMM 9:40 m ...1U( ULTIMATE RESORT ItSDf HOVft • iMAMfjr* ]|jijK»-| - DrSISTI WEST - AMBfR MUNI * ANNJIH HAV£! JOHNlfiUt -J»(.' MDiCHl . iFSl "lu • SU/mi KOLLASO-C AAOlf lO^tO -JU AN1HO»1? SPiNHU • '-• *•-!». 'C!M M. Silt -,,-,», IMV It BIKRI I'PMJIN • z.r-r ,- -~^.v, flDB'Rt S'l*tSW/H .- w^r. JOI COL CAN • •.— .. imMtiCi ooriNMi f-«.(i o.pun* 1 ' • M,. ,-rMM * CO* M lrisf.| tUlfctOM Pius: John C. Holmes in "SOW OF FULFiLLMEffT'x ' Miillneet Daily No One Under 18 Admitted . Ule Shows ) : rldaV'& Saturday what appears to be a man with a rifle atop the grassy knoll at the scene of the assassination. T hc panels of photographic, a n- thropological and handwriting experts lectured the House Assassinations Committee classroom-style in the final week of a month-long series of public hearings on the 15-year-old assassination. Dr. Bob Hunt, associate professor of optical sciences at the University of Arizona, said his team of photo experts rejected a picture said to show the shots came from the knoll opposite the Texas School Book Depository. Using 4-by-3-foot color enlargements from Abraham Z a p r u d e r' s amateur motion picture of the assassination, Hunt said what appears to be a man with a rifle was actually a trick of sunlight. He similarly analyzed a section of the film showing what appears to be a man's head and the barrel of a rifle pointing through shrubs toward the presidential limousine. He said experts who plotted the precise location of Zapruder and the motorcade concluded the head svas of a man standing on the sidewalk and Ihe rifle barrel was probably the limb of a shrub. But Hunt's team failed to agree on the interpretation of a blurred picture from another amateur film showing what appears to be a man standing behind a parapet on the grassy knoll with something, pcrhapv, a rifle, in his hands. He said analysis indicated the existence of a man but the experts were divided over whether the object he held could be identified as a rifle. He said there was no sign of gun- smoke or muzzle flash in the photo. Sgt. Cecil Kirk, director of the Mobile Crime Laboratory of the Washington Metropolitan RoHce Department, said his panel of experts studied a series of photos taken of Oswald irom his lime as a Marine until his slaying. Kirk said his team unanimously rejected theories by assassination buffs that some of the photos were faked, concluding the pictures "were ail of the one and same man — Lee Harvey Oswald." Clyde Collins Snow, chief of physical anthropology research at the Federal Aviation Administration's Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, said his team came to the same conclusion by examining the scenes of the pictures. Kirk and Snow also scoffed at an assortment of expose book allegations based on the identification of persons photographed in the crowd along the motorcade route. The committee, which has conducted a two-year investigation into the assassination, is expected to announce its own conclusions in December. The committee later appeared to have solved the mystery of the "umbrella man," a well-dressed man who briefly opened a black umbrella as the motorcade passed Dealey Plaza near the book depository'. An assortment of theories about the man ranged from speculation he opened the umbrella to signal an assassin to guesses he used the umbrella to conceal a weapon. A witness identifying himself as the "umbrella man" finally stepped forward after the committee distributed a picture showing the mystery man silting curbside after the gunfire. Insurance man Louie Steven Wilt said he had visited the plaza to show his opposition to what he described as the World War II appeasement policies of the president's father, the late Ambassador Joseph Kennedy. Witte said he chose a raised umbrella for his protest because it symbolized British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's pre-war appeasement gestures to Hitler. AERIAL VIEW OF GALVESTON ISLAND Panoramic view of Ihe island from 20th Hoof. American Notional archives corv loin pictorial hiilory of company and Galveston. Open daily 2 p.m. Close 4 p.m. Fr»a. AMERICAN NATIONAL TOWER Downtown Galveston V We want to be part of your day! m^ <j( Qjy from 9 m !hf MArine*o/1d Tne'C S a> flo' You M b* 1 ami/eO 41 l Tou i biros. orning <jnrn CJrv li A QOCKJ limp ro vivf rS something going on inat 1 'un 10 i6f hnjh lumping anlics 0' om p^Ftrjffrnrig oi Pius in#»e"s ine i>eauti!u: ana itioughi eitrao'fliniry Oceana"um MermatQ Sno* eoMuTifO cna'acreri *no aip lar (com bemc h( anQ so much mo'e 1 Even a tpnihc coTieOy Aaief sfc" show on *ends and daily dunnq tnc summer' er you CfOp m lo* jusi A mil* while r>' May a'l rJay. you'll find Sea nneAO'td a wofih*hi>e cin*npnc* Ou' IUST> trop>cai garden a'^rxas vidri a fttreshtng cnange o< pace lor a picnic o< a cooling pause in tvf otach Even oui D f| ces art- enhcihg m ttus dav o' buflgei bulling rvs Adults W M. CluiOien |3 1ZH4 SO and when you ccme m allci t day is tree' So no mane' nci* long you can si ay *i> *anr ro be w day 1 sea-Arama Marmeworld Super Sea Show by the Sea Shore TKXIT iOOTM HOU«V MO MOAT -fBDAT — 10 »J*.-« PJUL IATUKAT A SUNDAY - f A -ML- S P.M. -OffN IV»T OAT Of TMf TIAI" *2.99 • SEAFOOD or MEAT COURSE • TASTY VEGETABLE • FLUFFY WHIPPED POTATOES • HOT DINNER ROLLS SERVED MON. thru FRI. - 5'til 7 P.M. GOLDEN GRIDDLE 19th & SEAWALL Family Owned & Operated ********** RETURNING TO Holiday Inn By Popular Demand. WAYNE SHANNON AND UNIVERSE Trial Shift Asked In Kidnap-Slayings BEAUMONT, Texas (UPI) - 'A state district judge Monday began hearing evidence on a change of venue motion by attorneys for a refinery worker charged in the abduction-slayings of five members of a rural farm family. Lawyers for Ovide Joseph Dugas, 32, of Port Arthur, asked Judge Larry Gist • to move the trial because of publicity. "Pretrial publicity has contaminated the area to such a degree that it's our contention it would be unlikely that he could receive a fair trial in Jefferson County," said lawyer Bruce Smith of Virlor, Dugas was jailed without bond on capital murder charges in the July 1 kidnap-shootings of Bishop Phillips, G4; his wife, Esther, 66; both of Winnie; and their son Elmer, 31; his wife, Martha, 34; and their son, Jason, 4; all of Woodward, Okla. Gist heard arguments on "points of law" in his chambers during the early part of the hearing before moving into open court, a court spokesman said. "The test is whether or not there's a reasonable likelihood he will not be able to receive a fair trial," Smith said. District Attorney James JVlcGrath strongly opposed relocation of the trial, saying he expected the change of venue hearing to last two or three days. "We're definitely opposing it," McGrath said. 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