Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 41
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 41

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 41
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IV INDEPENDENT, Lcn » ··di c«m.. Than., nt. «, IH Unfurnished Apts. 10" " 450bT"7fH"STT~ New Ullr« modern Lbdrm. IS Nr. Wilson HI Recreallort Park heated pool. Furnished Houses 101 JUST ARRIVED? Looking for piacf to I've? We have some o The finest 1-, 2- A 3-bdrm. mob 1 homes from 165 to TOO per me Completely furnished. Coll us fro» Anywhere and we will be glad t furnish transportation tor vou J VOLT family. No fee or cnorg to vou. CALL DOB RODGCRS MOBILE HOMt CENTER ARTEStA AT ATLANTIC HE C--7965 BCAUTIFULLY turn'shed 2-BR. «. den with fireplace, patio, doub'c p,ir., laundry rm. New section o Seal Bench. GE 1-/OI3 before I? noon or afler 6:30 p.m. 8°lniont Shore-- 3-Bdrm. I'/i balhs Flrerjlaic. Yard. Dishes. Linens. Washer-drver, J250 mo. 108 Clarcmont GE 3-4179 6 FL"L FLOWER" -- BenuWuiiv fur. pished 2-BR. 8. don home. W-to-w carpeting, P* bnffn Must b? on lease 5150 mo. Children OK. Rcal- 1oi._TO _M343. 1 SMALL house* also 1-bdrm. railcr. Mo dogs. Utilities pd. I or 7 Adults. 512.50 wk. 2 wks. In advance. Hawaiian Gardens, HA 5-4813. L'o beaut. 3-Br. home, turn or unfurn. 5259 E. Ocean. GE 3-0391 1/,1-I.BR NJCC clean. Gar. L.D. s/9-2 -BR. Fenced vard. Kids. Jem. 54/9 All.ntic GA 20457 "FRENCH'S RENTAL CO. OWNER PAYS FEE 1907 E. Broadway HE 20390 Rent bv dav, «k or mo. Reas ALL S T A T E S MOTEL CARGEM selection ot rent, IK All dreas. Call OEGLEY REALTY, $100-- BR.. wall bed. d .nitom. mhr , Chlnrse rua*.. '·: ' -d yd. B.ibv OK. 1717 St. Louis Gu E 3181 WO-VflR. houic, "vcrietian" blinds" nr. slorr f. bus, car. avail. Baby flk. IQSEV; h. Hill, CA 6-2687. 5-BR. den Adults. No oeK. 5150. Water ft garb. od. 319 Prospect, IF vou need a rental-- any area. For courteous service call A'exander. GA 6-im 331 E. Pac. Cst. llwv. (urn. SS5. 1380'- 3 Gaviolo. HE 5-1384. 3 BEDR'dOMr (urn. 535. fncl." ulill" 1 es. 16J73 Oregon St., Bellfower. Call WA S-i.'Ol, N l..B.~2-BDRM.~ house. Rent reason- Mlp. Renters must buy owner's furniture. ME 36)33. SK-KNOTTY pine, roomy 1-br. tin?, ^laundry. 1643 G.wlord. GA 4 7039. "^ ' S110-- 3-RRs' NoHh. "Gardge!" Drolev, 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6 9751 ~S7S-UII1." cald. 1-BR. Nr. town"." ^ Dealer, 9W L.B. Blvd. HF 6-9711 «0-- 1-BR. Lge. yard. Ev.isidcT ^Dc'/ev, 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 "~J85-- 2-BRs. taslslde." Nr. schools. __Doolev._VOO_L.B._ Blvd. HE6975J 5140^3-BRs. Dr luxe. Lflkewood. .JDOCHCV, 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6 9751 "S75-- !-BRs. Plenty of parking. Dea'ev, vw L.B Blvd. HF. 69/51 SlLVERADO'"C]nv6n. 2-br. 'Adulti only. $70 mo. JAckson 7-5896. $65-- l-BDRftC'nl'cc cond. "East side"! GE 8-7379 HOUSES, all areas. Children welcome. HE 7-1255. Bkr. PARAMOUNT - S/0. 2-bdrm. Ga- roge. Clean. ME 39696. No pets. S4y."SO -- COZY totf.igc, ulit. pd'. 1739 Temnic. Adulls. J30~PRIVACY. "Small.' pref. 7115 Gundrv. GA 4-79B8. NORWALK- 7hdrm., children pels o.k. 11906 Cheshire. BELMT.'YlGf 5." Stucco, 1-Br -t nii'li dov.'n. Adults. No PCts. GE 8 0787.;*"Ch!ldv" ISO b. Plymouth* HL 6-5E95 N.L B. $75-?-BDRAA."Adulls.' UtlllliCi |i,ncJ 1705 MOl INA 1-F3R. 555 4- utll. Pensioners DT- fe-red. 1171 Mollno. GE 990-1? 160-- 1-BEDKOQM. 243 Hullctl, N.L.B. GA 3-3923. fjn~ 7-BR. North. Yd. Gar. GA 6"-'n"l9 NICE 2-Bcdrm. (urn. house. Rcas. 73J6 l.imc AVP. 5E5-2~BR. "Goort"Lonff Beach loc. 2BR FURNISHCD SfOLP REALTY GA 4 4721 Unfurnished Houses 1 1 0 j IS-j'DR.ri' 1 . !j,-ii!ii.' GJf.ioc.' L." B. _Jcm-- 5479 All.inllc. iT6V-3-BR'""tiooso. cioie downtown. GH. cnnd. Arlulls. Of! 6-7V,R U5--Q.EAN niodiin 1 (Jr. Ha'rrt- wood, flic, nr. business area. GIT 9-5010 *90- 3 BR., dbl, gjmoe, 3533 WISE GA 4 J051 S9D-3-BR. Last. Yd. Ch. GA 6-131V Aotnnilcr, 333 E. Piic. Cst. Hwv. $A'o-7-BR. Close In. GA 4-1319. Alexander, 333 C. Piic. Cst. Hwv. COMPTON-- 2-br. Fenced v'nrd. S75~ Colored nren. HFT 7-OJ70 WILMINGTON- -SCO.' 2 BR." n.irage. ^_Fncd. vd. Chldrn. OK. 1353 V/nlson. "S90-3-BR5. EnstsidcT'Childrcn. Deglcy, 900 L.B. Blvd. HH A 9751 J?5--2-BRs. P.irtlv (urn. Yard. Deolev, 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 4-9751 "S115--3"BRs".',"2 Ii,ith4. E/sldc.' 585-- 2-BRs. Partly turn, E. side. fc Dc = 'cv.. ?"3 L D. D'vd. MC i P'51 5100-- 3-BRs. Lflkcwood. Dfole. Deo'cv, 900 L.B. Blvd. HF 6-9751 S75-- 2 BRs."Brnnd new. Weslside. Dt-glcv, 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6 9751 FSM'^bdrm., turnare hc-ii. Sober adults prcl. J65. 257 Llndoro. YMp7.BR~ w ~Fenr~G*r7~C"h. GA 4-1319 Alexander, 333 E. PCH BE L LFf OWE" R-- 2" Bedroom," 58fl. Adultv 15,157 Brllflower Blvd. BHl LHLOWUR"-- "dcnn 1 bedroom, hdwd firs., oar. SCO mo. TO 7-2160 HOUSES, All areas. Children we - comn. HE 7-1255, Bkr. 59j_3 BRS. 525 W. M.inle, Contptoi . HE 6-6928 fa'PAR new 2-bdrm./ tlrcplace, 2670 Monroe St. TE 4--19??. 2-BrDROOM -- ~ Adulh. Nice"vnrd" 68JO Lemon. GA 3 3J13. _ ML 7-7-161; GE J 7737 N.C.B.--$90.~Ncarlv new 2-br," fenced'. 308 E. 1 Pleasant. TO 7-7572. Z-BDRM.-'-Newly deco. Fenced vd. Water pd. Nr. buses. 424 E. Cslhcr "CLOiE^liiri-bK collaoe, tiabv o.k. No drinkers, $57.50. 530 Daisy. FREE RENTAL LISTINGS. BKR; 530' Lakewood Blvd. ME 30768 FREE RENTAL LISTINGS" BKR" roc. TE 4-2940. BP LI. FLOWER-- New 2-bdrm., V.ird. 9-165 Harvard. TO 7 057J. 2-BR!.~S75 "mo. "18911 Grayland," Ar- trMfl. TO 7-3997. 2-BR.~Nr. Carson "R'Norwalk. Oniv S7S. Alexander Rlty. GA 6-3303. J60-- 1-BDRM' Gar. Newlv decorated. Adulls. no pets. GE 9-66M. J75-- NICE'TBRrrn'o'pefi^'ToirOK". Paramount MLt 3-J045 VBDRM. to'ttage. child o k. LHIlV. Pd. S55. 7360 Lewis. HA 5-71 10. $ RR. NR. Wa'v'Co". immcd. nossess". Call Mr. Miller. HA 9-5917. (1A\VA"liAN Gardens. Vf. 7 Htt)"RM. 21102 So. Norwalk Blvd. UN 5-3796. WRIGLFY -- Nice ?-BR. unfum. STOLP REALTY GA 4-4712 3-BR. 683 Barrv Dr., N.I B. Gar- dcncr, water od. SI25. GA 7-3475. 3-BR., 3 ba. 69JO Escamt,!. Oien 1 to 5. GE 1-7617 or HA 1-1167. t75-2-BDRM." Ptir-irr-ount." 2 ch'i'f- dren onlv. HA 1-6623. S5.d-"nR. fenced yard. Close In". r Unfurnlshvd Houses 11 FORECLOSURE-PIck UD 2 bac payment* f. tokt over 3 brs. bami, bull! In range oven, F heal dpi. In An«tielm. U 3-6202. I 3-BR. Separate dining, garbno dl%p. Carpeted. Goraoe. Ne s paint. Near shooolna center. $12 mo. , s 2719 Dollar Sf. HA 7-278 3 BR. + (amity room. Fabulou Rossmoor, Avail Aoorox. Mar. J303 mo. with ODlIgn o buv GC 9-7107. Owner. R'.L.B/NcwIy decor. "2 BR., hdwd firs., fireol., oarb. dlso., o or floe «5. Child under 3 yrs. o.k. 6543 DOWNEY AVE. WE~WANT CHILDREN! 7 BDRM. w/refrlg. ilove. Pla vard. 585. Nr. 8lh Gavlola Call a! 1725 E. 7th. Water, trash od. 2 children o.k 590 mo. 11525 E. ?16th St., Ar fesia. Call f f A 1-6763 for kcv. 3-BDRM., Irg. lot. 21901 S. Norwalk Hawaiian Gardens. 570 mo. Ph week davs. HE 26931. Other times GA 7-3707. M7--7-BR. Fenced. Kids. Water pd $75 -? BR. Redcc. Fenced. Kids 585-3-BR. Fenced. Kids. Wa er pd Jem. 5479 Atlantic GA 2-0457 NEW EXECUTIVE HOME IN ROSS MOOR. 3-RR family room, fully drooed, rcfrig., stove, dishwasher 5175. OR. 4-4J71 or GE 1-66*7. PARAMOUNT-- Adi". Catholic bub- Ik sch. New 2-br. 5100; 3 brs. 5120 Adults A children over 8. Wa cr f. gardener furn. ME 4-0956, areas. Call DEGLEY REALTY. 900 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-9751 CALIF. HGTS. 7-br., w.w. carpet, newly dec., fenced vard, nr. schls. 5110. HE 2-6852 or GA 7-7848. FOR RENT wilh option to buv. 2-3 bedrm. homes. Priced 510,000. Norwalk area SPrucc 3-3497 aft. 6. 2-BDRM. lar«e living Vm. Doub c oar. Fenced vard. S125. Navy ok. ORiole 3-9275. «60-- CLF.AN. light, airy 1-8R. 2 loe. closets. Close to bus 3141 OAK KNOLL Rossmoor 3-br., 2-bath, 5175. HART Rr.illy HA 5-1737 2W-A HAYES. l-Brr"SM.~West s dc. Child OK. Deglcv, 900 L. B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 2-BR. hou'.e. Brand new. Disposal. Hood. Pullman bath. Downey. TO 7-4174. 3-BR., w-w carpel, fireolc., fenced v-ird. Near bus, schools, shopp ng area. 5115 mo. ME 3-7283. OK. Fenced vard. 461-A Almond Ave. GA 7-05/7. NEW 2-bdrm. 580 mo Waler pd. Across from park. 8624 Watson St.. Cvpress. TA 8-1250 aft. 5. 2-BR. A'garaop. 587.50. Wate'r oa'd. Close to schools. 11809 Bombadier, Norwalk. Coll ME 3-8020 for fcevs. Tf : vou need a rental, any area. For courteous service call Alexander, GA 6-1319. 333 F.. P.ic. Cst. Hwy. SMS 3-BR.', "2 BATHS, DRAPES, BUILT-IN OVEN RANGE. FFNCFD. Marina area. GF 1-3751 LOVELY 3-bcdroom," $125 mo.,' part- Iv furn. Ina. 6122 Adenmoor, Ll;wd. TO 76405. Avail. March 1. "~2e6"ST.~JOSEPHr3~BRS. Sl?5 mo. I vr lease HF! 69973 REALTOR JE 7-9726 LAKLWOOD NEAR MAY CO. 3-BR. Cor. Del Arno. 4B62 Hay tor po»H'.h;w_9.rYlM ^ 3-BR., w-w carpet," garbage dlsu., b'jlll-ln ranqc, near school A mar- kcts. V/c5trninstcr area. GA 4-3iIO COLORED are.i. Spnc. 1-BR. 8. pu 1 _down. MS. 2036 Mvrfle. HA 5-2110 HUNTlNGTON Beach. 2-Br. furn. :iunlfx. 570 mo. Kids o.k. 715 Huntinnlon LE 94332 RnDtTCOR, MO Lro. 5-rm" 9428 E". Arle'Jfl, Bcllflowrr. TO 6-?297 Office Desk Space 114 LAKEWOOD'S Nowoif · DoLu.e OFFICE SUITES $70 UP Fully air conditioned Ample parking, elevator Suilcs witn private patios GENE NEBEKER REALTY HA 5-6449 Lakewood Center, Limited space available, air cond. For Informn- on call MEtc.ilt 3-0437 or NEvada 6-3095 DE LUXE'njw offices. Will parll- lion lo suit. Air cond. Park ng. 1300 sq. II. B.xbv Knolls-L B. Blvd. E. H. LOCKWOQD GA 7-BWI 3,000 FT. l'l 'or "nnrt. Hcfl'rt of n jlomnhlln row. Ideal ln^u^. Finance, clc. R.nv C. H.ins HE 6 -J054 DE "LUXE Drlviile oflTce. Share reccphon room secretary. Large Windows. f.vortina Aroust r _ ceiling. 4252 Atlantic, Sulte__B. IDRAL nrofcsslonfll or business off e e . 103-1 Atlantic. HE 5-1627. {25 "MONTH, ~ DNTN. ^OFFICES". 532 Pine, lib 6-6/65: GE 901/9. MOD. Isl floor o f f i c e '700 so. ft. or ess). Atl.inlir Ave. G A 4-0708. Business-Industrial 115 (FOR RENT) STOREROOM, 15x30, icncd who e;ate, relall, lighl mfo., oer mo. 545. 1,800 so. ft. Warehouse, wholc- $.1 c, llglif mfg. Pcf mo. 590. MR. WFST HF 7-3533 400 SQ.-FT concrete block, 100 o p., 220 serviLC in. M-2 zone. all utilities 5160 mo. E. T. Ibbetson, 8555 Artenla B vd. Brlirinwcr MF 3-S143 SMALL store space adlocent to larne market, heavy shopping, J?0. Cill at 10^3 E. 4tti. TL-CS. thru Frl. or phone SYc.imore 3-55R2. SMALL Slore room on AtlanYir, N.L.D. Sulloblc 'or sales olllcc, liiioiiince, MX. 530 mo. RTX L. HODGES CO. IIF 7-1251 M 2 ZONE, '4,300 sa. It. Wholesale", Mfo. Storaac. Xlnl. corner. 770 wiring. Oil. snace. 5200 per mo. RBX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-1251 SMALL RETAIL STOREROOMS avail, in Lakewood Ctr. Amo'e Pcirkfng, See Resident Mgr. 5201 faculty Ave., Lakewood Center. OFFICE WAREHOUSE INCLUDING 17,000 OF Y A R D SPACE. ALL OH PART. 1325 W. HTM ST. CiA 7-2il7 DNTN. 1~46 L.B!~Blvd. Store 18x125. Xlnt. relall loc. or otc. W 1 remodel fronl to suit. Owner. HE 7-3129 NORWALK. 16'xBO store!" 12018~ Fire- slonc betwn. Bank ot America A Post Office. Owner, Rl 7-6216. STORE 14x50 on South, near Bellflower Blvd.. Lkwd. RCJS. rental, lease. TOrrey 7-0157. Gladvs Ave. Nc.u Anaheim. 5100. 3105 r. Anahe m DEAL factory space. 7.000 sa. ft. slccl A stiiLto const. Avail Immed. 165? W. 15lh. L. B KFv 5-76?B PAVED' car 'lnt"for~'icasc." Office A lights. On Clark St. in Bellflower. TO 6-0349 6W~SQT~R7 bldg. "in 'Paramount. 110 A 220 nower. M-l zone. TO 7-9769 SET A'L" BE ACH-- 1,700- sq. -ft'." store "for rcnl; was a restaurant. Choke location. S150 mo. Bl;r. GE 3 513V. SMALL "STORE "'ATLANTIC AVE. wonrRN nuii DING. GA 4-0/03. STORE with llvinq ' Quarters, 56S. On lawer Atlantic Ave. TE 4-9974 «'Pfl' Bl'DG." 1703?" G.G.' Blvd.", G.irdcn Grove. JE 7 J367 DMN. Store 15x50. Ncwlio'nl S550 mo ?30 F. Bdwv. HL 6-/2?9. R. E INSUR. office, cst.ib. loc. Neon. 6C60 Atl-inlic. GA 70675 NEW store. W-w carpet. Suit, ofl ce 6540 L.B. Blvd. GA 20277 2 STORE rooms. 15'xM' rnrh. 81? h. dth HE 2-lbS7 STOREROOM 17'x35' {plate fron ). See 3306 E. 7th. GE 8-3-MO. f O R " ie.Tie^APcrox. 5400 sa. f t . ,it Business-Industrial 1 1 5 Business-Industrial 1 1 5 (FOR RENT) (FOR RENT) j r "in? °^ i o OFFICE BUUNG I 1 NEW MODERN II A iK CONDITIONED 3, 4 OR 5 ROOMS PARTLY FURNISHED WALL-TO-WALL CARPET FULLY DRAPED 11 U o Wi» Remodel fo Suit Reliable Tenanf I! ° n 3248 LONG BEACH BLVD. \] ILONG BEACH GA 7-3776 DAYS Buslntit-lnduitrlal 115 ironiNi) DRAPERY WORKROOM FOR RENT Light, spadou. C cm p t v t « 1 eouiooed wifh latest machinery Telephone cvri. after 6:30. GE 4-9 130 30,000' concr., dock-hl, vpur. 14,000' tilt-UD, ^i oc., fenced. J 1,200* corner, spur, fenced ye 8,700' new, Katella, Orange Co Others 4,000-130,000. AH areas. BILL BROOKS HE 2-442 STORE SPACE 2493 ATLANTIC AVE. Aoorox. 1,500 sa. ft. Near new hospital. Reasonable rental. HE 2-5931, Mr. Burks or Mr. Gleason STORE ROOMS We have lust the location vou need for vour new business Rundcn, HE 7-1251; GE 4-240J REX L HODGES CO. PLANT, 4.000 sq. tt., 5225 mo. on year lease. Corrugated stee' con strucllon, M-l Xlnt. for lite man ufocturlng, Ml N. Tamarind Compton. NEvada 6-1109 .GE. store, on the corner, ideal for most nnyfh'no you want. Ren Is reasonable, omv 585 mo. 3000 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.. GE 3-6389. In- DUTCH VILLAGE Shopping Center. 1400 sq. tt. new store, 50 ft. Woodruff Av-. fron'age. E. T Ibbelson, 8555 Arfesla Blvd., Bellflower. ME 3-5143 Wanted to Rent 122 Property Management WE TAKE CARE OF RENT/4 DETAILS 40 Years 'rs Real Estate Dcglev, 900 L. B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 MOTHER i"l well behaved children need 2-BR. house. Furn. or parllv furn. Prefer peninsula or beach area. To S100? Inif.- Press Tele, cmolovc. Rch. Write Box B-6032, Ind.-Prcis Tele. We solicit your rentals. Houses, duo. or opls. NO CHG. TO YOU. Thank U. Nell A Mary, GA 6131V. Alexander Rentals. 333 E.p.C. Hv. WANT ? or 3 Bedrms., furn. house or apt. for family with 4 school- age children. Rcf. L.B. area. HE 7-8146. ENGINEER A White want 2 BR. furn. or partly 'urn. mod. home. To 5115. Deglcv, 900 L. B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 or unfurn. To 5100. Alexander, GA 6-1319. Jem R. E. GA 2-0457; NE 8-1525. LANDLORDS LIST~FREE7~BKR". 5301 Lakewoo-J Blvd. ME 3-0768 LANDLORDS list frrc7~~Bk"rT~4fl5 RELIABLE family wants home lo 595. Jem, GA 20457. Leases 124 (HOTELS-APTS-INCOME) BD. A rooming house, accorncdolrs 8. AH cauiDPed. Close In. HE 6-6112 Business Opp. 126 L MJ~u~b"~R ST"OR"E^-"NLB~ NEW EQUIPMENT. GROSS INCREASING MONTHLY. TIRED WIDOW WANTS OUT. PROPERTY AVAIL. W I T H LOW DN. 3600 BUSINESS SALES 3600 L. B. Blvd. GA 6-1371 CAR WASH. $7,500 MO. Norwolk. Ask 582,500. Take «mc cash, trust deeds, income property or llnuor storr-. Submit. CRAYNE, 60?7 Allnnflr GA 3-0911 M'EN'S APPAREL "SHOP Best corn;r location In L.B. Established 15 vrs. Priced for quick sale. Flxlurcs 55,030 4- invcnlorv. HE 7-8813 NEED "moncv"to buv" a busTness? WE'LL ARRANGE A LOAN ON YOUR HOME, TRUST DEEDS STOCKS OR BONDS MANY TO CHOOSE FROM CRAYNF, 6029 Atlanllc GA 3-0911 SERVICE Station tor lease. Mnlor oil co. distributor. Buy Inventory onlv. Will help finance responsible party. Call GA 7-7435 days or ORcliard 2-6768 eves. Ask for Mr. Jensen. PHOTO STUDIO Can be bought for real low down ·-rent reasonable. Klmbrough, GE 90404; GE 36090 REX L. HODGES CO. GARAGE EQUIPMENT t-or saip. Good lotnfion. Low overhead. Good income. GF 1-7017 SL-RVICE S T A t l O N -- 1 UCFRNE VALLEY-- Vj Acre on Stale Hwv.-- 5 brrlrm. house -- Net per year over 510. 000- 534, 500-55,000 dn. Will hade. AAUrr.iv 1-4909 HOT SPOT location. fJo competition Old, estab. 5c lOc store. 53.000 4 Inv. to suil buyer. Same owner over 12 yrs. Rex HE 6-7426; GE B-1990 LAWN mower, sales service. Over S-1S.OOO last vr. Increased each yr. 59,000 haid'os. -VIII sta/ 3 mos. to fciirh. Roll ring. Gannon, GA 3-8-176; ME 34753. Gilt shop In Huntinglon Beach. Doing $2500 mo. SO" 1 . mark-no. Imagine! Only S5000 dn. Includes CHAYNC, 60?9 Atlantic GA 3-0911 WANT TO "SELL UR BUSINESS? Have buyers-- No sale -- no chaigc. HAMILTON'S 5430 ATLANTIC GA 2-1247 CLEANFR5-- Fully eoulpned, cstnb- l rh cc j g v , ? jjj.ipic: .'.'.a""? 3 ff ?. Wonev-nidkcr for man ind wile. MADRY, 59.16 C. Vnd. GF 3-3471 EASY small business. Estab. 12 vrs. Nets S-f.OOO vr. Will teach. 51,950 Includes stock A couip- menl. Gannon GA 3-BJ76 ME 3 4753 C~A"rr^eals~40~Exccllenl"~fra[leT Clean, no dlrl A gre^e! WHl sacrifice for cash. Inquire owner, _23J;r.j Pacific Ave. GA 7-3?54. Sf-riRTS s'pccially Shop. "new L-ranch Money back ouarnnteed Moncv mdkcr. $7530 reouired. Write: Bestoval], 4333 E. 10th St. SACRIFICE for aulck sale bv owner, complete grocery, produce, meat fixhires fi, equipment. Building ...avail. Ht 2-6fli? or HE 7-504?.* Rent J50 mo S15CO dn + slk HAMILTON'S _5430 ATLANTIC GA 2 1247 STATE~MA"RKET 7lh Orannc. Grocery Dcot. 57^00 + mvcnloiy. Rllr. HE 6-2709 Pbt shoo" for sale."xinf loc Lots of foot tr.iffic. A little money maker! TF 3-501?- rve. TE 3-4011. CLEANING" SHOP. moncv-makW. Gd. lease. Seal Beach, 118 Main. LAUNDERETTE -- Priced to sell. Grossing 52400 mo. Submit Coll for appf. GE 1-8621; HA 5-8021. NEIGHBORHOOD oroc.crv. Apt' area. Fixlurcs. 52995 + stock. 821 TLXACO station for lense Small inventory. i202 Lakewood Bivd. GF 3-9010. CAFE ON THL PIKE FOR SALE Name vour own terms. Long _jease. GA 7-2646 HE 2-9583 BEER BAR-Blvd. loc. w-'nice""a"oL \ 4643 Long Beach Blvd. Don't disturb help. Gill Agl., GA 7-1747. S E R V I C E Station. Master" le,i^e~lfll H;w,iv, Wilmington. 51,000 dn. S1.A50. F P. BKR. TE 5-1300. COFFEE" "SHOP -"Grow ~$9o~dav~ C osed Sim. 4-1,500 F-.P. '.; down HAMILTON'S GA ? 1?J7 B E A U T Y shoo."o(ind"locaMon,"" enable, c.isv terms. 7 L. 4 0/37 eves, after 7:jO. WOMAN" ASSOCI AT rf~s?ooo Travel, tli.irm, single. For ,ip- _POint 10 a.m. lo 3 n m. HE 2-678:. LIQUOR STORE-- BY UWNl R Yor' loc^lion, grosses $80.000. 515,000 . F.P.jf-_stork. GA 3-7612 aflerfipm PRf?SS shop w/SDOttino cnuip Hr'^t offer this week. UNderhtll 582S1; JAckson 7-35V/ COCKTAIL license and flxlurc^, good condition to be moved Owne icIiiiiH). cnono GAr. J-/0/8. Will" sell' paJcnt ' Interest 'diMnnu- Jiiin rights in now automotive br.iVc device. JE 74791. ' ON-5ALE LIQUOR "LICENSE!" S6:oO includes ail tees except escrow. GA 3-0911. LAUNORtT-21 niarhT" Clc',Vn"'dp,il _51_.000 gross. Campbell. Hh 5-540?. MASTTR lease, 'service station, oarage f, car v/,ish. Mfc' 3-9W8. LIQUO'R Sf6RE-Gr.""si?."wo~mo Si\r. $27.000. Trms. Jim. HE 7-3569 CAFE-L. B. B'vd. Tst. 30~Yrs. METRO REALTY Co. GA 7-OVW LIQUOR Store?" S9roOO~r in~'"io" Renl_StJO. (.amobe:!. HE 5-5JOJ. flFTR BAR-- Couple "can " r e t ' SUM ir.o. S.1SOO dn. A-J, GA 6-^wl. LORY. S2500rv.o. QrOM.~~Ne'* Sir-OO" SS.OOO dn. A-J-- GA 6-5501. ! LDRY.-'-Co-n' Nfts JOO no W'CO ..dn. A-J-GA 6-2SOI; GE 8-81U. LORY.-fem "s?W st,;.'?-, vcu in bu5. A J- GA 62501; Gf F 81 W BFFR RAR-Goid rn.rr Bv CA-.C' --A 7-?39l nltf A n n . LYNWOOD-- Beauty sa'^fiT *'r.t lo · c.ition HA 9051A sf'cr f, SNACK BAR'm m.vfret "sTrvXi" 4 me, .i"f- t ' ' · f O R ifllf 'or' Ir^'.c-Swcdiih"';, 1 .^". _s«ge wiih vpa-n bfl'rs nr 5-1F57 { UOUOR" STORE- 'H-% ' 8"lO"~Sij OOC · __i-_stec_k_0wnfr. HE 7-J??3 J CK'TLS. A pcoi'hfl'i.'c^sea S; ; n~"X, · _ fvrv 511 ?50. _ j.,i. HF 7- 5560. j - SFLl Vpiif Bus-nevs 1 Cfi\\ "Jacobs j ' GL 4 FM'J. jj'io l- 7;i. ·uslness Opp. 12 Excvptlvnal buiintis oppgrlynltifi COFFEE- SHOP-Molor Gardef Grove shopping clr. Doing JH per day on 107, 5V^ dav opera fion. Low price, low dn./ low rent. Terrific deal. safest opoor. we have had t nder In a long time. Audit o present operation will show op- prox. SI 500 net oer mo. Xlnl L.B. toe. Tirms. New leose avail able. WATCH REPAIR-- Man averaoe 3 wks. behind on work, Buv vou choice of Invert, at 25% urtdc cost. All (umlture, casrs, equip, safe, etc.) for free.. Illness Is rea ion for sale, Wfiat a deal tor a . repair man. VARtETY-Neti approx. 12m Owner has mde his. 10 vr. ooer ation on malor street. Will ndlus Invent, lo sull buyer. opcratino at about 25% efficiency shows approx. 1600 per mo net. This should oo nollonal w/un limited Income potential. We wil · present all offers, TV, RADIO, ETC.-Sates scrv Ice. $4500 orlce Incl. 3 (rucks Sams, all lest equip, for BV color TV. Carpeted store plus . . . · hear this! 3 con tracts for service totaling 520i per mo. at practically no cost Present owner not a technician Nets opprox. J70Q per mo. Tech nlcat buyer could easily double this. LUTAT REALTY 9091 GARDEN GROVE BLVD. G O JE 4 5290 Balboa Isle OR BEER BAR-- N.L.B. ONE OF THE BEST. PIANO BAR. AMPLE PARKING. TERRIFIC GAME ACTION. GROSSING OVER S2.000 MO. TERRIFIC SPOT FOR LIVE OPERATOR. MAKE SURE CALL ON THIS ONE. 3600 BUSINESS SALES 3600 L. B. Blvd. GA 6-1371 GARDEN NURSERY This garden shop, excellently lo- calcd, doing n cross sales of 'opprox. 528,000-- orofftable, mature business, offered to buver Interested in garden supplies. Terms. Ca!l r.ow eves. GE d-8567. McGRATH-SHANK CO. GE 9-2121 LOOKING FOR A CAR WASH? Select fixtures brand new aulo- m.itic wheel washers, etc. Ask 510,000 dn. Or submit trades. Ids, home. Income etc. We can do wonders for * good credll risk. CRAYNE, 607? Atlantic GA 3-0911 BEER-- $30,000 YR. Plus 53,360 on machines In '59. No Sundays. Ina. The Westerner, 6191 Eastern Ave., Bell Gardens. Completely help operated. Ask ii,250. SI, 000 dn. Mav swlno t! CRAYNE 6029 Atlantic GA 30911 GROSS. SB.OOO MO. AMPLE PARKING. TORRANCE AREA. MUST BE SEEN TO nc APPRECIATED $18,000 DN. OR MAKE OFFER. 3603 BUSINdSS SALES 3600 L. B. Blvd. GA fi-1371 BEER-- 35 KEGS MO." M.Khlncs clear $200 mo. Rent $90, Ina. "BAHY DOLL," 1927 S. PACIFIC, SAN PEDRO. 56950. 52000 mav handle. CRAYNtf, 6029 Atlantic GA 3-0911 Cocklall lounge near Gardens. Caters lo Ihe carpet claps. Near ncvv. 0,vncr must sell, hui personal oulsldo emergency. 57500 mav handle. CRAYNE, 6029 Atlantic GA 3-0911 BEER BAR on Pacific Coast Hwv. Real cute. Doing over a keg dciv. Help-operated. Liv. quarters avail. F.P. 57.000. 53,000 dn. GOLDEN CO. 11 Locust HE 7-3901 ical Estate Wanted 128 ~COMPLCTE CITY " COVHRAOr 13 separate offices. An olf.ce n e.ich district of L. B. A Garden Grove, we too, can help vou. REX L. HODGES CO. C.iH your neighborhood office! "INCOME'PROPERTV" W.intrd from private party that J10.000 or less will handle. Very responsible parly will net imrnrri- l.ilely, HF. 1 5557. NEED A FAST SALE? 'RIVATE party wants Income units (4-10) In need o( repair., Nice area. Will assume vour mortgage with small down. GA 6-1250. VAN I from owner, newer 2-bcd- room home (East from Oriinge toward Belmonl Heights) Will DOV cash. GE 9-9815 or HE 2-0749. DIFFfRFNT families" renrfy to buv 2 or 3-OR Any oooo ioc. Call Immcd. Alexander GA 6-3303 "FOR SWIFT ACTION CALL" MAX LiVC.M, Rllr. HE i 77CI WE NEFD YOUR LISTING 0 TO 20 (GOOD)' UNITSfv/CASH. HAVE QUALIFIED BUYER Mnrhn, Rllr. HF 7-5622; HF! 2-2M4 ASH for Vour" equity in "2, 3 or 4- bedroom homes in Lnkcwood-BeH- flower area. Reallor, TO 6 7036. BACK~~EAST"CASH~~BUY£RS~ 1 OR HOME OR INCOMF Welicr, 423 E. Ocean. HE 54858 FFD : " home" In N.l.'B. area. CaM Mr. Sur.dstrom. NE 5 7111. 4EED 3-BR. nr Cash to owner. Bkr. MA 5-6416. any loc. Walker. HE 7-7461. *J,SOQ CASH tor 3-bdrm!' home in Lkwd. area. Mr. Rose. GE 8-113 . WE BUY-VATAM1 LOTS Any area. WA 5-2911. Bellflower. USTIHGS" NEEDED" NOW" WOFHORD HA 5-1261 EED 3-BR. Douglas bv Mnrrh 1 C.v.h HA WMf QUICK cash for clean dup'ex REX L. HODGES CO. HA 9-5971 DUPLEX or small income. 53.000 down. BKr. GA 23318; ME 36353. WANT 3 "to 6"U. Olif'pfopcr'ly o.k" Cash btn'cr. Bkr. GA 6-4.^0. Real Estate Exchange 129 OUR cauity [n 6 new not. houses. 24 units. All ww camel, oven range, garbage disposal, dishwasher, ftrenliice, gar.irjcs, etc. Full value S'755,000. Our cauily 536.000. Will trade for vjouil lots. acreage, home, ca- or what have you? Bkr. TErminal 3-4600. Evc- __nmos EXbrook 4-3067. RETIRE m Sunny Palm Springs, Calif. Beaut. 14-unit lorioe. Oner- ale 8 mos, v,ic 4 mos. Trade for 30-un.t apt. hse. or motel, L.B. or Orange Co. or od. T.D. Lantana Lodce, 314 Camlno Roma FA S69J4 THY"TDS~FOR DOWN! Let Ihese two ne.irlv new ilunlexes on 1 lot pay for themselves 54,000 vr. inc. Low vacancy factor. GA 7-9947 HE 7-054 STEELE MOSS CO. 2-BLDRM.. den, hdwd. firs.,'o, fenced back vd., lots of shade, for home in Relllolwcr. Lakewood area. 0V 6-5438. A76B 34th, W. Riverside. HOME converlcd 2 rfpls R-J lol. 55x135. Accent 1st Trust Derrf as part. Mr. Marty. HE 7 1251 REX L. HODGES CO. TRADE Riverside, clear, 2-stnrv home. Assume on 4 to 6 unit rcnlal. Broker J09? 8tli SI. 0V 6 1C60 PRlvr~p"ariv" will~~t 7 a"[Je~xlnOirm'"e f. cash for income p r oo wiln owner's S-bdmi. ,i»t. prefer Belmont area. PrncinaK only. GA 2-1593 C rA"R-7"U!iit "colored fcMiTcnti'.i'l income. Mo gross 5790-- exchange for yooii duplex or ' BKR. GA 7-6J65; GA /-31S1 eve. DUPLFX-- 2 BRS M 1,100 sa ft. e,i. Real sharp, i rade lhat house for Ihis home S, inc. FAF A'.ATTHEWS, Rltr, GA 4-0-197 2 ACRL5. 5 units + slorr hUlnv on 101 Miw.iv, Orcoon. SI8,uOO. Sell cr trarle. OK. GANNON GA .1 fi4?A; MFT 3-475T VI: LL paving poultry r,inch7~.S,in [)un,n. For re-. , irnoine, L. B. STOK.WY K T A T S , R'lr. HT S 74 '9 VRIG1.LY- Wc.l hit. 7 unit corner, i vr:. 3 /-Bi., 4 1-Br. fnu.1v (or - tr - or 4 n!f *. Rkr., GF fi 7035 iir.E IBR.' honif, 'swoa cnuiiv."in Toledo, Oira. f-or home, inrnmc. bn,it or ?'» Rllr. GA 4 0497 3 U. L. 9lh."il87"lnr. S1.1.500 en. fnr 6 to fl 11. with a 2 OR FAF MATT HCWS, Rllr. GA 40-197 ' hOR SALL : or trade, inromp'omp- crly, for homo or R 4 lol. ?}/./ Pine Ave. Duplexes for Sale 131 , iIOP LOOKI'JG THIS IS IT! ? HnuSf.S O'J 1 1 OT - FaslsMe R4 lol . i income 5150 - Prirr 5129',0 j MOORE: nn 5ii?i; ( « '.MAS LOS ALTOS AREA " i ?-BR. e^ VV-w r-pts , dr.ipr-s. vrr- *.?., Vbi.nrts. Vent fan, (li-,hm,iv F fe'. de lu'e livinn for own-r, Al lev. 4 ' . I.M« M,ght tr.-iilc ! V C O ^ E HE.ALTY GA 354-11 : PR^CE "REDUCED~TO SF 1 1 3 nw ·*· i BR. (Ncn.vr n/rt t V.-cflnt 2-EJr sturrn + 2 rrn!,m ' , Corn area, invncti. no.-. Si") ^o ·* AL R U T Z R T A l . T Y tlf / ,1Vi/ nipNisurn HTAHTY · f ?-!? r S r.V. Los Allo*. .nr.i. F'nv vard\, pa!^o Inc. 5315. -Slfl. '-n-i V T K N'SOM R T A l . T Y MA f, /i.'.S , . 3Y O W N t R - S P R , 1-RP r.r iK.-r-r , '' *· mtcme in N.L R. Rcoii f"\ Int ' _for more. GA .l-.llJS. f ON 1. Sur-'V.t rt.i\vn r^yfft "} BP A ^ 1-1 . it: f(Yi r. o'c,-. ^.T i, R n v.i. HI /, -)/M Duplexes for Sal* 13 NEAR 20TH L. B. BLVD l-br. «a. 5m. lot. Onlv S10.950 Frail, aocd, out ot town owne Must sell. Xtnt. tor retired COUD e Rile, GA 0-3SW; GA 4-11U REX L. HODGES CO. 492 W. Willow SI. BELMONT HEIGHTS Near new 2-bdrm. each. Btt.. kitchen, forced elr heat. Here 1 a lovely home plui S135 rcota Income. Call Mr. schcrer-- cvei GE 8567 McGRATH-SHANK CO. GE 9-21! HIGH ON A KNOLL Soaclous 2-brj. ca. Owner's ha charming mod. kit., blt..ln rong tloc area at a moderate price. FAE MATTHEWS. Rllr. GA 4-049 JM.OOO-I"BR.. i SOLE., 12,000 DN i!20 mo. Inc., Owner, GA 2-7993 Own Your Own Apr. 1 32 Now Completed BIXBY GARDENS 3 1 1 Cherry Ave. TWO BUILDINGS BUILT AROUND GARDEN PATIO SPACIOUS 1 BEDROOMS ALSO 2-BEDROOM APTS. EAST FRONT EACH WITH PRIVATT PATIO GENUINE CERAMIC TILE MEDALLION AWARD ARTS. FOR ELECTRICAL EXCELLENCE BEN F. MARRON CO. THE BRAND NAME IN APTS HE 5-7354 Res. GA 4-529 BREATHTAKING PANORAMIC OCEAN VIEW ELDORADO MANOR 21 7TH PLACE South of 1250 E. Ocean Blvd. READY FOR OCCUPANCY Spacious 2-bedroom, 2-batli Luxurious 2-bcdrm., den 2-ba. 2 completely decorated models bv Lloyd's of Long Beach Elevator to beach-- All 6 floors Medallion award for electrical excellence. Open 11 a.m.-S p.m. Harris Rogers, Builder Own-Your-Own Specialist ALPHA MANOP 1130 E. 1ST. ST. ELEVATOR, SUB-GARAGE 40% LARGER THAN THE AVERAGE 1-BR O.Y.O. APT. ALL CLEC- TRIC KHCHFN. RADIANT HEAT Also 2-BR.. 2-balh apis. G01 D MEDALLION AWARD FOK ELECTRICAL EXCELLENCE JIM PICKERT, Agent Complotod J'/2 Million 3-Story Elevator Bldg. The STARDUST 1329 E. FIRST, L.B. 45 APTS. Your monthly rcnl can handle The m.i nt., principal, Int:, fflxcs alter down payment CLOSE OUT 10 APTS. I FFT v- Elova'or lo .ill ants f- o.irv i- Near stores, busies, Dk., beach l-Bdrm. from $9,950 Inc. Elcc. kltch., w'w wool c.irpc s, fir [iries Open 10-7 Owncr-builder HE 5-8076 80 f E; 1ST ST.TM OPrN DAILY 10 TO 5 2 lovely 7-bcriroem ao-irtmcnts, eicflT'C kitclicns, forced .lir heal, w.HI-lo-v/oll corpctinn. Soulh front. New bul rilno wilh clcvnlor. CLOSE OUT PRICES. TERMS OR TRADE CONSIDERED. MFDALLION AWARD 1 OK ELL-CTRICAL EXCELLENCE RALPH B. SAFFLE HE 7-6359 REALTOR HA 9-1770 92 PACIFIC PACIFIC CREST APTS. Just compleled 5 2 brs ; 5 1 brs. -- incl. in all newly designed Mudio apt. with frpl. S. P.itio. Too mnnv tditurcs lo cnurnern e. 0;ion cvorv djy )1 fo J'oO P rn. Tfr::'S Rc.TdV 'CT PCCVTTiT" B.irton Dnrlon HE 7-i519 OPEN" EVERY DAY BRAND NEW VISTA DHL MAI* APTS. 3819 Livingston DMVC 15 Apis.-- W Garages-- Elevator. AH opts, have view ol occfln, laroc 1 X 2-Brs. with laroc closets Your home considered in trade. B.irlon 8. Darlcn Owners Aocnts. PAY LIKE RENT OWN YOUR OWN APT. Be.iuMul OCEAN BLVD. Ocean *,itlc, 2 bdrm. apts. Hum. or un- furn. Including utilities, taxes all normal exncnses. Pay onlv 1 Vf.'i Impounds down, bal. HKe lAlV T. OCCAM GE 8-7059 STOP-- LOOK-- LISTEN 1780 E 4TH ST., APT. 11 Snotle^s 2-Br. W. to w. carpet. [U m ranoe R oven. Priced riglil lor uuitV sa'e. Call \Vhilncv HA 9-1030; HE 7-054 STEELE MOSS CO. "ORL"i:ANS~APTS~56 ELM AV~E." RIGHT DOWN TOWN. DUL TO ILLNfSS- YOU CAN NOW BUY THIS LOVELY ONE-BEDROOM APT. FOR ONLY $?£50. TO SfF, CA1 L AT 109 FIM AVL. OK PHONE IE 5-4887. 837 CHE5TNUT .ait spt. avail. Soarlnus 1-PR. Oar.ine. Disoo^al. W-lo w carpet. Owner Anxious. GA 799.17; HT 705-11 STEELE MOSS CO. LOWER "SOUTH FRONT Choice I-BR., w-w carncfinn. lovely bnth R, kitchen tiled. Paneled l.r. Giir.ige, owner III, 510,9^0. 1 b!fc bui A stores. GFNb NbllhKilR Rlty HA 5 M49 723 ELM Sonclous 7-DR's., loc. L .R., new w-w carpet, drapes. Lower front. t yrs. old. Reduced. Owner anxious. J. R. SEATON, Rllr. HE 6-3177 OPEN DAILY-- 1 TO 4:30 1733 E. 4TH ST. MUST SACRIFICE Full nrlce 57,250. 1-br. low down. P.irkino. Bkr.. Gfr 9 OVJI NR. ST. ANTHONY'S Sole, up., w-w carpel, verhcd blrndv A STEAL (* 57.500. TERMS. C. BROWN ME ?-?600; GE 8 6W6 Choice Sglcs DMs. FHA Icrrtn. Bevinoton Hf 7-13'il: HE A-.1771 REX L. HODGES CO. JOB E. Isi St. MORE FOR YOUR $$ BEFORE YOU BUY ANY O.Y.O. 5LE THL BARCELONA 1905 G. 1ST ST. HE 5-56il ROYAL PALMS L nvclv ]· A 7-Br.. ,11^0 *rj'c ,inl .Sll.V/h SI'INDfcLL, b.llci Aornt. 726 E. 1ST ST. HE 7 - 7 4 3 1 EAST OCEAN BLVD."" Nice 1-BR. Modern A attractive Wilh gar tine. Low upkeep. SI 1,500. _.;rlm, Ilkr. H(- 6-6/8(7. /ILLMORE"A'PTS., '3rd ,ihd c'ednr,- nicely furnished pinole with a fine Occcin View. The price ii rioht. C. V. RLLD, Realtor HE 5 «37 EXCEPT ION A L L Y tucr- RR dwnln. 1 year old. ^lO.A^O. STI : VF SPINt)Fl.l III" 7-/411 OWNER I-DDRM. sacrifice. Across from ni«t)v IMrk. tlf; t, OiU. ·J :w Iwr. fronl. 'KA hcnt. Elert" rno., ovn. C.iro. Ownrr. HA 9-.17AS SiNGLH. J4J10. 67A Cheslnut " : //r. Pniincr GA J£«l, L x t . 303. * iT Rf.GlS .ml iniO E. Sinplc. SS9SO. Call HF 7-AOM r -ots for Sale 134 IFW LOT-ALAMITOSM«"1HTS ~ /SdOft--Ncv/ liitmo.-- IHLL : . GA ; 0.1/3 DOWNTOWN n.f~LOT 6 H"vHft t 0 in .ii-ey. fvijp j;o r ,on IKK. HC 6-?9.1S nr GA J 0/19. K',vn.""co'.~ ciuo. R I . 13,000 "in ";:". " ^ O./On Rkr. HA 5WI(i 00/W wlh ?"-i)V. lraii',e"tiomf;". routed. Nl.n. Rv owner. NF 5 3?// ( ·' LOT "f, 1 ftiil hou'.ci" ;v"fro'il- -iijo. f -lUMrif Rkr. GA AJV.Q ? 1 fnnm.W LOT fir'fhr Counlv. 5 sir*) iu;i ririfc. nxj. HA ',-tM!,. "Al OS Uf KW.S htll-.-rtc lot M.viwr · f V ·'/,. SI.Wi) Irrin-,. HA 9 J)fft. '. G'-M. C J. Ant. -,i\f WW Sut) 4 I.K -n.ifr 7r:i\. R V r . HC ·· Rill ^ JA.fiSO n^. Jflv.T l.finr\. Okr. '. -.f U,i/4 * "oowrjiown m"ioT«, i PMiy ;ih F, (fdnr _ HC A 3 S 1 9 ' i :fi on nmpiclcd '.l"Ct. No. J I.r-.'.n «1W. I r 9 mi ARK F S T A I f S . »H./iO. OY OV/N- i f f r,f. i-?i«. w ? 1 ofiM''J.~Ai i'r y/w. | i',i" ! V; · ,· "\ CA 7 r.r.,. (.A / .P4i LoH for Sale 13^ R-4 LOT 100x128 corner, w/nlce 3-8r., 2-ba house In Cvprcis. Reduced iroi $13,500 to ilUVU. Tlili is o goo buy. Broker, Lincoln at Miller B. P. JA 7-517 Across front new hospital. Idea lor medical offices, reil home apts. Atlantic Ave. frontage. Cfll Mr. Schcrer Eves. GG 4-156 McGRATII-SHANK CO. GE 9-21? R-l LOT Nleo Inrus lot In Buena Pnrk P.P. JS,OW. Icrtiis. Broker. L n coin af Miller, Buena Park R-4, 2 LOTS, side by side, M2 ft frontage. Plans for 24 units, gars cool or will build 48- bed nurj Ing home. Owner. GA 4-3/37. MARINA 'SHORES) iafge~~cofnc~ view lot. Best location. Owner will help finance consider trade BKR. HA 5-125 BIXBY PARK. 5 0 x 1 5 0 R4 It's the besl! Trade? Rlc Owen REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-125 LOT""-- RJvo Alto CnhaT, Naples* Also lols at W. 17th Hayes Ave Black fop A fenced. BY OWNER HE 2-6306 BELM. HGTS. 50x127, R-2 lot. 15-ft paved .illev. $13,500. 55,000 down See 260 Quincy. Call Acme Rlfy. GF B-1129; GE 3-4340 C-3" R-4* corner. "C B. fl~iv"dr~£ Plait St. I'/i blks. from Dooley's Will build. HA 1-5200, GA 2-1925 45x125' CORNER lot. M-l zone, on bu?v 2101 E. Artesia St.. N.L.B 58,000. GA 2-2166 R-4. Reduced. 54,950. 40x85. Close In. Near Long L'cnch Blvd. Deglcy, 900 L. B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 C-? LOT on South St. S4,500 BETTER HURRY. Sec ADEMA WHAT A VIEW! 47'/rxI35 R-2. Full pr. onlv 57,500. R-l 50x150. Wriqlcy dlstr. Present Inc. 5140. Bkr. GE 9-2323. Business-Industrial 1 35 (FOR SALE) IND. SITES-- ALL SIZES Vi ac. on L.B. Frwv., M 2. 1 at. + bldgs., Sin. Hill. M-2 3 ac., spur. N.L.B. offer. Others to 200 oc. L.A., Ordnge Co BILL BROOKS HE 2-4421 ATTRACTIVE 3100 3Q. ft. Office Bldo. Incd. 10 office soaccs. Many possible uses. Corner oroper y wifh lots of parking. Rm. fo build. Terms. REX L. HODGES CO. HA 9-7021 W15 Bellflower Blvd 9.000' M-2 BLDS. Mod. heavy power, caved okng , nice office, 13,000' cor. lot, Slg. Hill. S43,MH P.P. Tmi. May BU!L BROOKS HE 2-4421 On Rosecrans C-4 Zone 710x130 lot, (his hot snot r'pe for development. 517,500 Trrrm HUMPHRIES REALTY-- TO 7-2707 V361 Alondrn Blvd., Bellflower M-l LOT, 62x230. 2 ouibuHdmns. Laroc 7-rm., 2 b«fh home. Gin be duplex. $23,800. Terms. 9172 Ar_ teslfi Blvd. By owner. TO 7-4482. M-l. NEW 1,'350 sq. ft." office bldo. 100x150 lot, room for 5,000 so. ft. Warehouse onrkfnp HA 5-6J4J WOFFORD OPEN EVES 161 H HARBOR. M-l 70NF 2 lo s, 40x125. Bkr. HE 60718 eves. 900'vlW-- ,C ?. ON '.'.TSTVINSTER BLVD. Ph. JEI 7-2367. ncome Prop, for Sale 138 '·:': 14 Units East Side -A- Bcaulitul bldg., all new furniiccs 13 furn. 4 oars. Lot 55x154. Inc SSGQ. 515.COO down. Price S72.500 T a k e 1st T. D. or mod. priced home. Call now. ELLERBROEK, Realior _163I E. 4th HE 7 7061, GL 9-4170 SACR'IFIC'F " MR PARIY 3 unitf ncnr 6lh A Cherry. Try S?SOJ down. Inc 5270. Xlnf ten ii ncrro HE 7-1251 REX L. HODGES CO. "" 4~UNITS (SHARP) ' Near Willow L.B. fllvd 2 sep. dunloxcs. One 4 vrs. old 1 firep . SZSl Inc. 37500 or submif down HOWARD BUTLER. RLTR.' 6176 Atlantic GA 3-6J7G BELfMONT SHORE NEAR BEACH -- NOT OLD AS LITTLE AS 512,000 DOWN A-! REALTY SERVICE GE 30!03 Realtors 5273 C 2nd $3.500 Dn.-- 8 Units New. Nr. Disneyland. 949 Robert it (N.F. corner ot Ball Euclid) PR 2-1224 fves KE 2-2953 BY OWNER 4 HOUSES ON 2 LOTS With hdwtf. frs., fireplaces, d s- uowls, g.inifies, 65J3 Downey Av. YRs;"o;d."?-br., iij bn. home V 2 I -or. furn. ants., 4 p.irs, off alley. Very clean f. mod. Inc. SITS. Try'sa.OOO dn. or sub. Your prop. In trade. Rl,r GA d-0-197. WRIGLEY 70-UNlf~A~pt7~ J1S.OOO dn. or cirar home Scl cr will carry bal. Onlv 5 vrs. old Pago Cunningham GA 4-81 13 300" INC." per" mo. 2-br.~"houser~4 oar. ants., all furn. 2333" Olive Prlv. mv. V/lll consider trlr. ns frade. Call for further infor. GA 4-7003 or GE 0-115-1. b HAVE Side x Side. Duplex WE HAVE 2 on 1 lot Wf HAVF 2-bdrm. frr.nie E.ich E Z terms, modest once UNITS near traffic circle.~~Ran"ch 'ERKELEN'S-THOMPSON mia E. Anahtim SI. GE 90-163 SIX DAi'lDV / B R S ~ Clo=e In. f!,ist ^.ide. Full or. onlv W6.500. nc.v «. londccl w* Crnolree Corner-;, Inr. GH 34011 EL MOROCCO 19 DC Luxe Unil in Xlnf ren!,i are.i. Income i2030 month. Try __Sii.OOO dn. HA 5-1207 BKR. ,. 4 UNITS -- BELMONT Two ?-BR -Two 1-BR. J o.imucs. income $j8S. ocean, beicli, ^hons. Liberal financing _MABRY GE 3-3J71, GE 8-2621 10 UNITS/2 HR TA * " " " 5 vrs. old. Income SB50. S10.000 down. Owner will hrln fin.ince tAKEVVOOD HOUSING CORP. _HA 5 75M GA 3-7979 OWNER 2 2-BR. on 1 4 2 operator b'v. utiop. C-4 in Downey. Trade VD for not. Equity $16,000. LO 6S5CO 4 UNITS-- $11,900 .. '"come $730. Try $1,500 down. WALKER HE 7-7J51 GAS Station loc. bldfl. Now under leose. Also J-nn. on valuable corner. S-liJ.iOO. Ca^h. 6 UNITS. Pride of ownership ,,^ Sl1n Anselinc. l.os Altos S1C.OOO dn. or fubmlt vour 3nd T.D. as part dn. Rltr. GA 4-1467 26 UN.TS'.'wofcri anTsr~2"br. home. One of the best locations. All rcdcr. Will dike some |r,irff OKr. GA 6-II? 1 ;; f.t- 4-7A5J J-HK. HOME 4- 3 UNI1S. NR. MAY CO S1WO dn __M,iry Robinson. Realtor GE 8-BB17 4 UNITS on Chcslnul," room~for 6 more units in front Income $275 GE 4-26J3 OWN'ER-S igui" i-br." uniisT's bar. 6 vrs. old. Nr. Rcc. Pk. Many + (CillurCi. f : .f. Sj3,75fl. HA T.-J973. rHREE l-'lir! units' -I ' 3 br.""houie; good. Lkwd. lot. «,000 tin. UN 8-8870. )NTH7^1ttr~UnJcr(r"2 on" C'NCW"- IV decor. ^150 inc. 513,503, S 3500 tin. ODEGARD, Realtor HL 2-40S2 fin. Phone Garden Grove. LE 9-1039 niter 7 p. m. ACRIFiCE 6 uml apt bldfl Trade or sell. 757S F. Rroarlw.iy, L B Rv ov/, Apf. 6. Plus 2 1-hr. apis. Yaw terms T lison RrMlly HF 'I -MIS GOT $5,000 FOR DN.~PYMT.? MM inc. J23.iOO rmhl now. SHAPIRO 6?B Piitific HE 7-7607 JUT S T A N DING 24 units w/nonl. 85x270 lot. Take R 4 Inl as part fin. M. Pr Her sen GA 1-109?; Gt 4-1681 MHM'DN.- Owner w'll tm.lncc Ihc-.f 4 units ,it Ilis ffollman _t:INson Really HIT 9 - f m FflD 6 new unit-, tn grmrl awav? Try niO L-. IMh SI. JS.fXX) tin. ' inc. 5500 mo. Rlfr. GA 4-14A7. V.'NTWN b.'i' prnncrty Gro^l In rrtme SS.BOO. Will coniltlrr T. D. SJ9,.SW) r. P. Grant, OF 9-2171. UNITS, 3 yr«,'. old "2l)r. ca , $43,LOO. Inc i-ir.fl mo , »/.« dn. OWNLR, GA 2/1X1 ~ (IY OV^HLK i. ·!.»'· furn Mirlrm. t wall hrd. I?/ 1 ) t.. Mro.ldw.iy. HI' 5 n?f? MTV/ ifiiLiu 1 HP turn, ^[its S5.61A vr inf i/r',00 I P A. R U T 7 R E A L T Y ME 7-3W7 · 4 FAMILY 1 HP furn. f,.i(-. " ' R -'irrv ln(. iAOO HI 5 .WOU. AfMWOUMT. ' imifi. J-lft 1 . M.O. me. 1 r.// ,],,. (W/nrc. TW 1 ·!/"/, Ol I) 11. I/if S7I7 V..H c oner. . 1 or- not. A J CA rt ?',0l. (.1. f! fllW flu. $/ OnlvW5f)00 Trade .1.1 A i . ..\ i. / f,\ . i .| 1 ?:.'-'· Honors. sft»nn R t 'nt. iio./oo. c \ '.Of) fin. A 1 -A 6 ?',01. U N I T S M'-fV) 'fn. 1 7 Nr., 1 ) hr. F Ih-tn Pllv HI" 7«IV . _ . C HI '1 f X- '.irmfll Mill inrniir ^700. (IP '.00. Sr.nil dn. O V r . Gf 1 0)74. rfi "I "ft \?ni i ri»o Rf.ifn nivrt , C \f-M t\:w\. '|f.v"». OF. O U i R . IncoiM Prop, for Sd« 13 V New De Luxe 8 UNITS $2500 Down New, deluxe, vMra-modfrn desto Bit. -In ronoo oven. Garb, dl posal, architecturally dcstgne wlffi matching colorj. Approx. bik. from Disneyland. In the be exclusive Anaheim rental are Come to our office, approximate 2V'j blocki from Disneyland. 2180 Harbor Blvd. Anaheim JE 4-4350; eves. LI 4-106 OPEN DAILY l.S 221 GRAND " 7 NEW UNITS DELUXE INC, J1IOO; FINEST BLDG. bit. in ?5 years In L.O. Live I luxury and cnloy security. Wl tnke B home or older units o lots In trade 1! Or fry $20,000 dn Ask tor BOB HENDON or MARGE LoBRANCH HE*7-1251; GE 3-8781; GE 3-529 REX L. HODGES CO. DOLLARS MAKE SENSE when Invested In this Easlslde unit. S370 Mo. Income, 513.00C down. Price 524,500. Day-- HE 5-1126-- Night MOORE 363 E. FIRST ST., at Elm CLOSE-IN 2 Lge. Units 8, Sgl. 1 3-Br. ? ba. All oood condition. Excellcn rental loc. Loo. corner pnvet alley. R-4 zone. Rm. to bullc 56,000 dn. Only $21,500. Trade fo 2-BR. home. REX L HODGES CO. 482 W. WILLOW ST. INCOME TAX SHELTER 4 residential units, 2 commerc a units, room to build more Income S452.50 ner mo. Locatet on Artcsin Blvd. near Inrg shopping center. Asking $42,500-512,500 cfiTh down or trade fo vour eauity in 2 or 3-bedroom home. Payments only J250 pe mo. BURT SMITH CO., REALTORS Introducing 2165 Locust lo fhc wise Income buyer Bulll-ln kit., nat. wood, tile. Apts. now renting. Open Thurs ILINE PETERS HE 6-7278 A CANARY YELLOW 7 unit stucco with white tr m Age: 2 years. Separate laundry Income: 5515. Hang onto your sea --price only $36,500. Owner wl accepl $6,500 down. MAKE OFFER! ! 1 2-br. home -4- duplex. Close to downtown. Inc. SI 85 per mo 742-44-46 CCRRITOS Call Long GE 3-7514; HE 7054 STEELE MOSS CO. Now Beinq Completed! ?4 unlh. fr-2" BRs , 18--1 BRs W-w corpellng. All new furniture Swim. pool. 14 gars. This Is o r e of the best. Will lake some clear properly ai down. Broker GA 6-1 125; C,E 4-7654 BUY NEW UNITS No vacancies, less maintenance + oood depreciation. See 8 2-br. balcony, metal stairway. Submit clear home or (of. REX L. HODGES CO. CE 1-4307 + 3 1-br. apts. Nice, close-In location. Good Income. Call Pt-iirl Lal-orce to sec. GA /-54I8; GA 4-26-15. REX L HODGES CO. leased stores with S620 income So. ol Anaheim on Atlantic for only 538,500! Excellent financing MAX LIVONI, R E A L T O R 1101 A T L A N T I C HE 69701 COMPTON 8 units 4 2-BR. house. Good locn- fun. S655 mo. Income. Ow cr anxious. Submit. Will trade fur house. Rltr. TE 5-7135. TWO 6 UNIT BLDGS. Side x side. Near bench. 10 ys old. Will sell sconrnlclv. Go by 22 SI. Joseph, fhen cnll -Acme Rlty. GE 8-1129 GE 9678] 12 Un. $11,000 Down Corner stucco nr. town. Inc. $775. Bcrro HE 7-1251 REX L. HODGfcS CO. SEAL BEACH Four 1-hr, units on corner, 2 blks, from beach. S2SO mo. inc. 528,500. SI'AL BEACH REALTY _24S MAIN GE 3-5139 STURt: ntdo. on Anaheim, 12 yri. old. 2 stores. .0xl35 Int. Room to build. Inc. S2M). S10,000 dn. See 2/18-20 L : . An.ihcim then call Aunp P.ttv. GE B-U79; GF7 4-S519 2 A DEM! "hA~"h~cat. "6'iihwaMicr. Dlbp. -t- 2 jpotlc-ss 1-BR. furn. homes. Only 519.500 GANNON GA 38-576; ME 34753 Stuc. 6 Un. $23,750 Try S3COO dn.! Earn $300. Owen. KLX L. HODGF.S CO. HE 7-1251 DUPLEX ~~HOUSL- AH 1-BR. with 2 furnished. New rool, vented licit. Onlv JI6.903. Crablrct; Corners, Inc. GE 3--IV1I 5 'UNITS^ lufn~Tilcd.~~5~vrsTold.' W/.500, 515.000 dn. Inc. 4640. See owner, 340 W. 15lh St., Apt. 5. ONIH. 6 nice stucco unils. Partly him. shed. S43,500. Submit. L. E3. BLVD.-- Income aots. Sell _cr_i i « ;e._$;:,;Gi. R;:,. GA -j-Tcr-j. Income Property 1 30-A (MOTELS TRAILER PARKS) 13 A T T R A C T I V F SPACES All modern wilh underground wir- ir-o · n-re 2-br home Adul's only. Choice loc. 515,000 dn. Also clhcr pjrks available, KL-X 1 . HODGFS CO HA 9-7021 2915 Bellllowcr Blvd. Newport Beach Motel $13.000 dn. 12 units. Fine loc. Owner must sell. Hal Fisher Rltv., JOT w. Coasr Hwv., Ncwpor Renrh. Ml 6-4374 TH S 70-unil motel cnn't he hnal. On P. C. H., in L. It. New pool. Price terms unbelievable! ^HOLMES HIT 7-1791 20 "UNITS-- Real 'ibne'y -maker.' EX"- fra nice! Nets ODPIOX. S700 mo. Good local. Trico Rltv. ULI.IS TE 3-1448; HE 57557 DISNEY-KNOTT AREA 14 unils -f 2-br. liv. «uirters. _O.W.C. 1st. To sec, Dh. JA 7-7993. Homes for "Sale 139 4%%-- $695 DN. No qualifying on this 3-BR., hdwd. floors. Sweetheart! 1 year old. C ncler hlk. fenced landscaped. Xinl. iipiqhborhood. MI-'L MACK CO. -- GE 8-111 " TAKE "OVER" 01 loan 4'SO Dn. Bit. In S'ovc A Oven. Washer A Drver. w-w, anrf drapes Included. Sharp- REX L. HODGES CO. GE 1-1371 UNRESTRICTED 7-hr., stucco W50 dn. to FHA 3 Dr., triple size oar. .. S13,500 ? homes on R-l $1.500 tin. [U.I ISON REALTY HE 24415 ! ! ! SSOO ! i "! 3-Br., 2-Dalh-- Blt.-ini. Dbt. gar. Fenced. 3^ old!! MOULD RLALTY GA 36449 Eves. GA 7-160-f SELLER IN A BIND! He .nxe 3-br. 2-ba. W-w, drns. 18x36 cool. Try J2000 dn. Will trade. HA 5-1207 flKR. NO CASH DOWN No 2nd T.D. 4 Br 2 baths, flrepl., fenced, built-in itove, close to shop-, A ^chrnls. Like new NOBLE Rjaltv - HA 5-5159 NEW-- $795 DN. 3 F1F? . I 1 ! halhs, hriwd flnori. bu ll-in slovc A oven. Walk lo sr.hool. Move rinht in! $1,500 Dn.-- Nr. Douglas f. Skyllnks. 3 Bdrm, frpl. dbl ga- r.iuc. Vancanf Only $13,750. DAVID H. LEWIS HA 95575 $295 DN. Tn-.! Inrlurirft 1 left MOVP In 1- hr , 2 ha Blt.-lns. 3 vrs. $11.500. WALKfcR HE 7-7461 NOT'EVEN DIRTY And nnlv SSOO down. Monthly payments ot $115 include taxes ins. 3 1R , tlouhlc oar-iOO- TO / / M l MOULD Rltv._MA_S_?MI ' ";i95 "DOWN l.ovftlv 2 HR. Home. F.A. heat. I'.iv as rent. Move in today! .JOHN RL'AH Rcnltv HA J 6416 " ANYONL 5500 dn. 3 br., 2 bath, bit. -in, dble. MOnTn RF.AITV GA 3 W49 ~NO DOWN PAYMENT 3- A 4 hr 2 bath, hit.-m stovr, ovc u Rented LdnrKc. Only few left. C l i f f UV.on, Gfc JO-J64. _ 01 ORf;D arr.i. No down pymf. . 4 ixlnn 2-bath. huilt-in stove ft, oven, fircpl. Only a lew left _ Ci tt UKen GF S^C-JAi RACfOMS "3-Dr. Loc. familv rm. r*lr.i hath. $1-300 dn. Unrest. CI.USON REALTY HE_? «1S "l-FA^TSfnE, Tbr^., hio Inf."? O^r^ors. Low rin. f-.P. Sl.500. Droley, 900 L._B.__Blvd. HE_A97S1 Ol.ORI O 'nr'p'l. I-Pr. furn $1, 500 on !« mo. Bkr. ^.f: 5 MIT, HonwsforSol* 131 Open Home Sun. 1 to 5 IWI KNOXVILLE AVE. 3-Br. dtn, 3-wov frol. J'/i% C Igan-or will Cal-Vet. DRIVE BY, CALL US 3503 ShlDWOV. Vocnnl. 2-br., db gar. *'/j% Gl loon, 2009 ROXANNE-- TRANSFERREC Big 4-Br. den. Wilt carry 2nd Kor Information keys, see abov BERYL LINVILLE Rltr. HA 5--I02 SHORT ON CASH?? CREDIT GOOD?? $395 DOWN 2-story, 4.bdrm,, 2 bain. Hdwd lloors. Immediate Possession. {395 DOWN 3-BR., Hi balhs, loe. fenced vard onlv 8 mos. old. Keys at 5?33 E WEST ANAHEIM BY OWNER 3-BR's., large Ulchcn with bulll-lr pel. Custom drapes. Brceicwov f covered lanal. Landscaped « brick planters. Dbl. paraoe wilh laundry Cul-De-Sac. SU.250. 10211 Sunset -- (Nr. Brookhurs * Lincoln) PR 4-0701 IN-SERVICE LOAN Use this loan save Inlcres on 3-bdrm., 2 balh Plaza home. F replace, circular floor plan. $1,450 down. ELLIS-SCHRADER 2691 Bellllowor Blvd. HA 9-5928 CAL-VET $600 DN. Monlhly omts. of onlv S67 for thK 2-bedroom den In hear ot Lakewood. ELLIS-SCHRADER 5715 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-5133 LUXURIOUS!! Is the word for this lovely 3-BR family rm. home. All the extras Including forced heat, bullt-ins vard pallo. Just move In -COMPLETELY CUSTOM FURN. AIKINSON REALTY HA 5-7.168 TRADE NOW Your small 7-br. for one of our bio 3 or 4-br. homes. We make trading an easy operation GUIVER-RAPHAEL 41?5SoulhSt. ME 38112 GA 3-3J97 EXTRA NICE Newly decorated In out. New cornets drones . . (anxious owngr) says 512,750. Submit! EUIS-SCHRADER 5530 Alhcrion GE 9-2166 SAVE $1,000 ?-BR., loc. lot, tile kitchen bnth, natio R, BBO. Ideal lociil on. Worth S10,50Q-Todny, onlv 59,500 557 per mo., 4% loan. Attractive down pnvmcnt. Key at 5933 E Spring. BKR. HA 9591/. SEAL BEACH 7 bdrm. homo on Ocean Ave. Hrdwd. floors, fireplace, dm no rm., electric ranne In kitchen. Nice patio. Dbl. oaraae w/sun deck. Good financing. BAY REALTY 138 Main, Seal Beach GE 0-1922 4-BR HOME+APT It will pay you fo sec fhls unusua ·J-Br, home with scp. modern no Nr. Soutti Atlantic. $19,950, E Z to buv. HOWARD BUTLER, RLTR. fl!76 AtlnnHc Ave. GA 36J78 $995 DOWN 3 BR. corner. Hdwd. floors, LOV. iKit.o, built- In stove ovc r i, o'd b.' '-.-i l-rmMf. S - n r p " Tr,-V for" Ask (or CHIFF MOORE -HA 5-/J77; rves." HA 1-F059. T on er Rca 1 1 y -^5^ 0 1 E. Carson J795 DOWN Bio 3-BR., SHARP! S99 MO. ELLIS-SCHRADER 5530 Atncrton GE 9-21M C-3 ZONING Large 4-BR. T gucsl house. Corner location, Idenl for Or*., Den- fist, etc. Practice in the front, 1 ve In (lie rear. Priced for quick sale. ROSE Rlty. open evos. GE 8-1 131 TENT BEATER 5500 down-- only silJ^mo. Immcd. posv Almost new 3-br. In good MOULD REALTY TO 7???1 HA S T f S l SUBMIT YOUR DE~AL Customers with homes thnt want Ir/illrrs vice versa lo tr.irle. Zed Marsh. CA 3-OEM; GET 1-3131 REX L HODGES CO. FORECLOSURE etc,TM 3-BR., dbl. Orirane, hdwd. floors, loe. lot, cinrier b fc. fpncc. Quick Possession. 5795 dawn (or less). Key nt 5933 E. Soring. BKR. HA 9-5917. "l-BR. -- SMALL LOT" VACANT -- WHY RENT? Out-of-town owner dcsocmlc, will hrln limince low down oavints. Ux- __ccllcnt terms. Bkr. GL- 9-0:09. BARGAINS-- Y E S ! ! 3- A ^-BR., V bat hi Hrenl. Bit-in range f. oven. Fenced. Nothing dn. Call now UN 8-3?nA I A 2-H3?l AZEL'S REALTY Open 9 to 9 $1,000 DOWN niin'rr- Ono 7-RP A l-HR Income SIM. 50x135 lot. PR J.9?78 BELL Roalty GA 2-5400 TAX FREE! Trflrte vours fnr Inrocr. Investors! Stnrl vour cs'.Te. RCX L. HODGES CO. HA S-1207 SSOO'DOWN-- 511? A MONTH Big 3-liedroom. double giragc. Npir new. Owner will tielii fi- TO 7-7?01 MOULD Rltv. HA 5 99B1 Was $ I0~500. Now' $8,900 Clcnnt V.icnnl! Tr,ide? Owen REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-1751 RCDEC. lurn., 3 DH./ 510,500. '. (In, Nr. L.B. Make offer. Trdde. Owner, HE 3-1071. 3-BRs. $500 DN. STEAL! See 7330 Lime. ' GA 7-3JE LGE. FAMILY? S350 dn. 4 DR.. 1 ba. W-w. 10 mlns. from L.D. Okr.-GE 9-J130 "FURN Cottage'-- 370 E.""J7th St" 56,750 H.P. GA 27312. ALAMITOS HEIGHTS LOCATION! LOCATION! Roornv 2-bdrm.-- dreamy kitclien Onlv 57,000 dn.-- full oricc S75.000 Rltr. Call after 5 P.m. GE 8-5Q89 GRACIOUS-- J brs., den, Innal. Suh. Jo Broumlev. Rltr. GE 4-7615 ~ BELMONT "HEIGHTS 5-BR. NR. OCEAN One of lew such homes available In fines! residential district. This is an older home but'is completely redecorated A In the best of rendition. New fixtures, tile baths A kitchen w/ Entry hall; 1,-iroe living rm w/flrrolflce; din- Inn rm w/side porch; den w/slld- Inq pl.iss door In bcAutifullv Innrl- scaned vard. 3 full baths-- two Jr b.ifhs. All this plus 1 bdrm ,ipt over giir.ige for rental or mulct's room. This home olvcs the targe tnmllv true living comfort at A reasonable cost A excellent terms. C.ill Mr. Schcrer for complete details. Eves GE 4-8567. McGRATH-SHANK CO. GE 92121 LARGE FAMILY" Made to order for this 2-story 4- bdrm wifh soundproof family rm. ? frplcs A bM-in kilctien. Maximum livinn with minimum unkeen and vard work. Consider trade. Priced to sell. Terms. MUNTZ REALTY 5556 E. 2nd Rltr. GL" 9-2161 2-BR. REMODELfcD Lnc. lot. Immcd. poss. Room to expand. ALSO Olhcrs In this area. McCormlck GE 9-0404; GE 9-8116 Rrx L. HODGES CO. OCEAN VIEW 3 BR. home f, 7 single ants, over 4 oar. 50x141 R-4 lot. 57.500 dn. GE 3 (W03 Realtors 5223 E. 2nd ' ""OPEN' THURS'., FRI. SAT. 4451 VERMONT Charmino farn. home. 4-hr., 7-ha. 3118 E. lh Realtor GC i S938 . TOP 0'~BFLMONT HGTS. Nice 7-bdrm. slurco. TMe k'lchcn balh. Hdwd. floors 45x80 lol. Terms. Phone GE 38911. Rltr.. r _GE 88-15-1. Oorn 1 lo S ."146 Aroonne 4-BR. DEN-- $24,950 A 7 h.vv.. w * camet. GIF mm BELMONT PARK r Companion ^ Of Conton*m«nf Pilf in 'S.I, Qu.llifv n-i.Meri.lU hv s Xlnf. builclcr. 2-Rr. A dm, I 1 -; h«. Jro 1 Sfr. [.R. ChPfrful M. , v/-dfShW(isher, etc. Priv. patio. *" Cor. loc . ?-t ar oar. Like new. . A ', · O T A L T Y ^r.RVICT OF' 3 d : 0 j ROfiito.-s 5^?3 f;. 2nd Homts for Safe 13t BELMONT SHORE IF YOU'D PAY 112,500 FOR A HOME We Havt a BARGAIN For You! DUPLEX, actually 2 homes In 1 2-OR. ca., large L.R,-- Sep. D.R.. modern kitchen, lop cond. 525,000 A-l REALTY SERVICE GE 3-W03 Realtor* 5223 E. 2»d Duplex -- Nict Condition 166 Argonno Open '1-4 Large. 2-BR. units, separate din- lny rnis., 35x90 lot. Room · to build extra unit. Small down.- · MABRY -- GE 9-9189; GE 3-3471 PRICE REDUCED $1,000 3-Br. Rcdec. R-4. 30x90. W. 1o W: Best buv 'n shore! J16.500 P.P. Klght Rtv. GE 9-0935; cvGAJ-3019 OPEN 1 TO 4:30^220 GLEN DOR A GE 8-6388 Miller GE 9-3553 BIXBY AREA 4504 TOLBERT-The best corner In C.C. Manor. A sparkling clean 3-BR. home In perfect condition. Lots of exlrn features. Must be sold -- priced for quick sale. Cell now for appt, C. v! JACKSON, REALTOR 530 'E. CARSON GA 7-5467, DRIVE BY 4432 GUNDRY. Vacant 3-BR.. Planters. Carpeted. BBQ. Patio. 4M5 GUNDRY. Carpeted 3-BR. Modernized kitchen. Owner Irahsf. Doth shown from office STEELE MOSS CO. UH\ ORANGE GA 7-9W7 3-BR. $1000 DOWN f-lrcpt. Living rm.-dlnina rm. com- binDtlon. Earing area In kitchen. Submit on price. 2-car oar. Lot 50x115. JOE HODGE. REALTOR GA 3-791 4 MOO SOUTH HA 99687 2+ DEN-- 1% BATHS Dlsn. W-to-w caro. Tile bath. F.P. 51-1,500. Try SZ.OOO dn. MIUY BECKER, REALTOR GA 7OS36; Eves. GA 3-172 Spacious Corner Duplex 2 BRs. ca. 1,100 sa. ft. en. Owners' has mod. kll., bll.-ln ranne f, oven, carpel, drapes. Presttpe area at a moderate price. Rtfr. GA 4 049/. ; CUSTOM BUILT 3-BR., P.i balhs, stall shwr., cpled Ihruoul. Lots trees, dbl. oa- raoe detach. Lovely vard. Choirt Bixby area. Owner will help ti- GENrj NFREKER Rllv HA !·«« 447? GOLDFIELD First ilme shown. Sharp 3-Br. Scp. dlnlno rm Fircpl. Many extras. See 8, buy! i£vc. GA 4-H57. HUNTER GA 7- 1 889 GA 4-7990 BEAUTIFULLY rcdec. 3-br., huoe 15 LG. modern unils. Inc. 51,700 mo. CIIIGARAS, Realtor GE ^-9118 BIXBY KNOLLS New look in modern living! Lovely too 3000 sq ft 3 fiimllv room wifn 3',4 batlis. Mnsslvc railed. stone ffrcnl. In llvlnn rm. Cflrpets drapes fhruoiil. 3 patios. Priced rloht. Go modern to be modern. 8 vears new. Barkell GA 7-9947; Eve GA 2-428? STEELE MOSS CO. 6 BHDROOMS A DFN V 4 BEDROOWS i DEN / 3 HEDROOMS-- DEN V VVhnlevcr your reaulrements, FOR BEST IN BIXBY, sec C. V. JACKSON. RLTR. SINCE 1948 AT 5JO E. CARSON GA 7-5167 MEDITERRANEAN 3 lie. bdrms., 1'1-ba.. tj,ik (Irs. 1700 so. It. Cor. lol Musi be seen to be nnnreuated. C.1II Glenn Luke GA 7-W18: GA M39 REX L. HODGES CO. CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS OPEN-- SEE THESE! 3540 ORANGE- TWO on 1. Large home + Incomt. 3 UdfdOcrs. tvc. GA 4-3052. Compact ? R den. 10 vrs old 3J- II. R-2 lol. Eve GA 4-}4L7. OPEN THURSDAY 3731 BRAYTON-Prlcc reduced Lue. 3-BR., V/i bas. Hve GA 1-14S7 HUNTER GA 4-7990 GA 7-1889 DELUXE2-ON-r~ Sunny 2ADcn Home IBr ronf,il S35DO Dn. will h.indle. This won't last. Hurry. Submit your dc/if. 1200 sq. (t Tr,-,ric? RtX [.. HODGES CO. HA C-5771 ' " NICE LOCATION Thrjr , T'i.|n Onlv SI" 1 7 1 P Glenn Luke GA 7-5418; GA 2-1394 REX L. HODGES CO. 3603 LEMON-- CUTIE! Sh.irocsf in arr.i. Birch over firco!. 2 + den. 1' j bni. Come iet Rttr. GA 4301V; GfJ 9-0935 ' BY OWNER-- 2-BR., ww" cnrpcT, V newly dec., fenced vorri, near schools. Sacrifice $14,5fXI. HE 26352 or GA 7-70.18. CARSON PARK SHARPEST IN AREA We flin'l seen cm all, but our money snvs this is II! Liirjjc ?DR., loaded wilh cxlrns-- and only '"' 73 E'LLIS-SCHRADER 5715 L.ikewood Blvd. GA 3-M7A !! SHARPEST IN AREA !i Pooular 2-DR. "C" Model. \V-w CtirpL'llng. cuslorn rirjpes ttirounh out. Bkfst. irc,i. 270 wlrlna, sen din. rm., olnw end. bath, rindrr bit. fcnp. $2500 down. S6S mo. inrl. fnxcs S, ins. MOORfc REALTY GF 3-«W AS'IS" """" Bring lAop, P.iint brush check book. Ldroe .1-BR. homo w/rear living rm. Carpeting, drones K, rice trie rjnnt; Included. $13,800. Low down D.ivmcnt. MOORE REALTY HA 5-1217 LOWEST PRICED . . . 7-F1R. "A" model In area. Owner Homo f.irminn, scz selll Real tlctin, completely fenced, oood (ind^canlno. DOL. gar doc MEL MACK CO. GF 8-1111 WE LOVE TO SHOW This allractive "D" model. All carpeted, fenced, shake roof. Only $15.500 with best terms. Don't miss this, ask lor Helen. MOULD REALTY HA 5-7J9* SEE~THIS GEM 2-Br., dinino rm., bkfst area, service porch Many extras. J2EOO dn. no referflnte nccess. BLIRDGE RFA1.TY GE 3-0489 COLLEGE ESTATES HERE'S THAT KITCHEN 3-BR. den, 2 oorgeous baths. Guilt-Ins, rear livlno rm wlfh firr- plate. Forcivt Air tieat. It's new. Irnmcdlflle Po^se-i^lon.' Chas. E. Wright Aocy. HA 5-1201 DOWNTOWN AREA DRAST1CA1 1 Y icduced Sunny, homcv, 2-HR. Ontn. F.P. 5B.?50. Sub. terms. Henley. 900 L. R. fllvd. HF 4-97M CLOSE IN COKNu'K DlfPLCX. 1-Br. c.ich. Both vacanl. t Z fc-ms. Only 51,500 dn Bkr. GA 3-6478 SMALL HOUSE, small lot, W 7th Only $4,500. HE 2-7932 EAST SIDE BEAUTIFUL 2-bdr. tile ba., din. area. Closi to Wilson Hint) -- cnll · K mbrough GE 9 -O-iO-l; GF. 3 8090. ^ REX L. HODGES CO. $70 MO. 3-BR. in xlnt. nciohbarhood. R 4 lot , . . 30*115 to paved alley. R 4 LOT 55x135 TO Al LEY WITH GOOD FRAME 2-BDRM. HOME. ALL FOR S8.990. GE 4WM Rltr. 3118 F. 4th 5f. '4-BR., "2-Bath, 2 Fireplaces Modcrnl i?5,500. Trade? Owfn. REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-1251 3 Un. Nr. Wilson Hi! *n,SOO. Tarn 5175. Trade? Owrn. REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-1251 ·BR. duplex. Nr. Ralphs. Only 513,000. Small lot. Stucco. Garb. rtsn. Alexander Realty. GA A-3.10J )WNER. Redecorated ? cr., wail- wall crpts., dmoes; fenced yard. F-"nnt trees. Garaoe. B38 Temnlc. 3EAUTIFUL 3 BRi) 2 b'a~CI05e~to sdiook, shorin:no, everything. Very host terms. Holniei, HE 7-1291. O£Y 2 B R . cor. home "+ rental". GOOd bUMnCIS (DC. nr. fhnnt C. r. : . Karn, RVr., 3741 E. 7lh SI. AUST *oil lmm(*rt',itplv. wnuld 'you Me to s.ivc S3DOO, ? D R . , Inroc ot. See owner, 4IJO E. 15tt). ICF " S BR. home" t ?"u. Inc. i??o! 51ft. .WO. A-J, GA 6?M)I; OF PfilW R. 6lh f, Tcmoic. tJit« 1 hr. S8,?M GE 8-9173 Bkr. C-E 8 541.1 IVW'OOWN-Vro t'tifC'* "ren!a! R 4 tot. GRANT, GE 1 2A1A. .P. 5«S. 750. 3-BR. '," nr."sliop% A bin. Xlnf. rond. Bkr. GE 90941 Gb. 6 Nwlv. (Iftorjit^d." E flf Cnrrry, r.e^r 7th. GT 9-.1J/^

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