The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 9, 1952 · Page 2
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 2

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 9, 1952
Page 2
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Two THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, Tuesday Evening, September 9,1952. Sparkniaii Flays Role of McCarthy JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (91 -^ Sen. Sparkman Tuesday called "McCarthyism" the moral hole in Dwight D. Eisenhower's "so-called great crusade." The Alabama Democrat, his party's candidate for vice president, didn't specifically name Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) but said the "issue of McCarthyism is in a sense related to the issue of honesty in government." He told the platform convention of Missouri's Democratic state committee mat "some Republicans are willing to smear all public servants wi1h the sins of a few. "There were 555 embezzlements in the banks of this country in 1950 alone, and no one has yet suggested that all the bankers be turned out of office." The Democrats, Sparkman said, are the ones who really have found and taken action against any dishonesty in government. "The basic crime conditions in this country were brought to light by my Senate colleague, Estes Kefauver (D-Tenn),' 1 he said. "It was another good Democrat, Sen. William Fulbriglit of Arkansas who probed the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, and it was your own Stuart Symington (Democrac candidate for the Senate from Missouri) who speedily cleaned it up." By Hershberger "Here, take this court summons, too—I'm a judge!' Market Report 2ND LEAD WALL STREET NEW YORK at—The stock market ran into heavy selling Tuesday near the close that pounded prices down severely. Losses in some cases ran to be- a tween 4 and 6 points at the outside with the bulk of the list of fractions to around 2 points. Plus signs •were negligible in importance in halting the slide. Volume was moderate until 11] e final hour when it built up rapidly make the day's total an estimated 1,3000,000 shares. This compares with 1.170,000 shares traded Monday. The total was the largest since early July. Railroads were active and lower along with steels, motors, oils chemicals, utilities, aircrafts and a long list of miscellaneous issues. MARKETS AT A GLANCE NEW YORK (.fi — STOCKS— Lower; selling flurry depresses list. BONDS—Lower; trading moderate COTTON — Lower; hedging and profit taking. CHICAGO WHEAT—Firm; export buying. CORN—Higher; good demand and Sight receipts. OATS—Steadv to firm with corn. HOGS—Generally 15 to 25 cents higher: practical top $20.50. * CATTLE—Steady to 50 cents lower. KANSAS CITY Wl Wheat 85 cars: >i-2 higher; No. 2 hard and dark hard 2.38-2.46; No. 3 2.44'i; No. 2 red 2.36ii-2.39>.i; No. 3 2.34'i 2.38',i. Cora 21 cars: 3 ,i lower to »i higher: No. 2 White 2.35-2.80; No. . 3 2.08-2.70; No. 2 Yellow and mixed 1.86 3 .4-1.88Vi; No. 3 1.81>s. Oats 9 cars; 'i lower to \' t higher: No. 2 white 95-99% No. 3 93- Milo Maize 3.00-3.16 Kafir 3.07-3.17 Eye 1.97 (No. 1) Barley 1.48 (No. 3) Soybeans 3.08-3.21 Bran 55.25-56.00 Shorts 60.50-61.25 FUTUHES Open High Low WHEAT: Sep 2.351,1 2.36'i 2.35 Dec 2.38'i 2.39'i 2.38.. Mar 2.40'i 2.41 2.40',i May 2.40 2.401i 2.39'i CORN: Sep Dec 1.68 3 ,; 1.69;'s 1.68* Way 1.75 1.76 1.74% GRAIN SORGHUM: High Low Sep '3.15 3.15 Dec . S.06 3.0S Close 2.36 2.39'j, 2.40»i 1.73 1.69% 1.75'i Close 3.15 3.06 t66 rzyyxyyx xzllJSacs t KANSAS CITY U1 — Produce: eggs standards 41: eggs extras, mediums and unclasssified unchanged. Butter unchanged. Poultry: hens, 41,3 Ibs up 20-21: •31 other poultry prices unchanged 179 rzeeqyy hg!205pcs 9 KANSAS CITY ID — (USDA)— Cattle 9000: calves 1600; slow, scattered sales slaughter steers and heifers steady to 25 lower: spots 50 off: bulk unsold under lower bids: cattle grading average choice or better finding mostly dependable early demand; cows \vea to 50 lower: bulls steady to easier: vealers mostly steady but killing calves again slow, bidding weak to lower: stackers and feeders additionally weak to 50 lower, following Monday's downturn: choice and low prime around 1100 lb Nebraska fed steers 34.50; average to high choice beeves 33.25-75; other early sales good and choice steers 27.00-33.00: good and choice fed heifers 26.50-32.00: several loads utility to mostly commercial grass slaughter steers 22.50 but relatively few grassers sold as yet; utility and low commercial cows 15.5017.50: canners and cutters largely 12.50-15.00: lieht canners down to 11.00: bulls 20.00 down; good and choice vealers 24.00 - 28.00; bulk commercial to choice killing calve 17.00-24.00: medium and good feeder steers 21.50-25.50. Hogs 2500; slow, uneven, mostly 25-40 lower than Monday's average; choice No. 1, 2 and 3s scaling 180-250 Ibs 59.75-20.25; latter price on choice No. 1 and 2s to shippers: choice 260-300 lb butchers mostly No. 2 and 3s 19.00-75; sows 2550 lower at 15.00-18.00: stags J5.00 down: temporary embargo on shipping hogs was lifted at 10:30 a. m. Tuesday. Am Cyan ......... SO'-i Am Stl Fd ........ 32U Am Tel Tel ...... 155^ Aiiacon Cop ....... 41V* Armour ............ 9% Atchison ........... 91 Beech Ajrc ....... 15 Beth SU ........... 49 a ,« Boeing Airp ..... 35^ Bran Airw ........ . 10 5 ,i Case (J I) ......... 25 Celanese .......... 40?i Chrysler ......... IS 1 /-, Cities Svc ........ 100'i Coca Cola ......... HlHi Cont Can ..... . ..... 43 Cont Oil ........... 61 s ,l\ Deere ............. 32% Doug Airc ...... . .. 62',i Du Pont . ........... 86?a Eagle Pich ... ..... 22 Easfm Kod ....... 44T« Food Mach ........ 42 3 ,i Gen Bak ......... ll',i Gen Elec ......... 63 Gen Foods ........ 48!i Gen Mot ........... 60'/ 4 Goodyear ......... 43 ~/ a Greyhound ........ 12 Gulf Oil ........... SO'l Hero Pdr .......... 69',i Int Harv .......... 32=ii Int Paper ......... 50=i Int Shoe .......... 39 3 i Kan City Sou ....... 76 Kan Pw Lt ......... 19 Kennecott ......... 73'/ 2 Kroger Co ......... 36V 2 Lion Oil ............ 36=, a Loew's ............ 13 3 > Martin (GL) ..... 11 11 McKess R ........ 36 Mid Cont Pet ..... 64 IJ Minn M M .......... 40 3 ,, Mo Kan Tex Mont Ward Nat Dairy Nat Gypsum NY Central No Am Avia Ohio Oil Packard ......... 4 3 i Penney (JC) ..... 67'i Pa RR ........... 18Ti D y. Sg D 1 D >'« D 3 ,i D IVi D .. D =)i D ft D IVi D l!i U >,i D =!i D % D >/. D I'/* D % D >,i D 1,4 D n D ?i D "i D 3 i D ft D li D l=i U Ti D >,'• U li D 2 D 1% U ',i D 1.. D 14 D >k D 2 D 1 ..... , ....... 60',, ........ 5«i ..... 20'.-, ...... 18 3 i ..... 16 3 i 52V, D 3' D D D. .8 and Miss Evelyn DeFrees were Mrs. L. C. Hummel and Miss Eileen "Hummel, Mr. and Mrs. William Mann and daughter, Debra, Kansas City, Mr. and Mrs. Albert DeFrees and Stephen, Bartlesville, Okla., and Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne Daniels and children, Charles and Claudia. • ! Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kerr Lincoln, and Mr. and Mrs. George Sheppard recently visited Seaman Bill Sheppard at his base at Bethesda, Md. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Banks and daughters, Alice Jean and Donna Ruth, moved to Leavenworth this week. Banks is employed with the John Deere Implement Company. Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne Daniels, and children, Charles and Claudia, have moved from Goff to the Walter Banks farm in this locality.. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Daniels who! are at Goff will also move to the! Banks farm. j Lum Hassett, McLouth; Clifton Lowe, Leavenworth; Thomas A.• Mason and W.B. Kiester visited i William Black, Sunday. |' Mr. and Mrs. R.V. Shinkle and son John, made a business trip to St. Joseph. Mrs. I.N. Ecton is ill at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. David Lowe. Gus Sarris, St. Louis, Mo., was released by the board of education from his contract to teach and coach at Jabalo Rui-al High School this term. The Jarbalo Parent - Teacher meeting was held at the high, school Wednesday evening. i Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Trackwell have the contract for operating the|l school buses for Union School No. and Jarbalo Rural High School District No. 1 again this term. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sheppard, Tonganoxie; and" Mr. and Mrs. George Sheppard were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Powers, McLouth. Mrs. Powers is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shepppard. Bob Powers will be coach and industrial arts teacher at the McLouth High School this term. He :aught the two previous years at Kanapolis High School. Mrs. John McGraw and daughter, Karla Boling; visited Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dohrn, Friday. Enrollment and a half day o f school were held Monday at both and Mrs. John Bachnick, Bonner the high school and the grade school. Mrs. Esther Phillips, upper grades and Mrs. Ruth Klinkenberg the primary grades, are the teachers at Union Grade School. Guy McMiJlin who has been staying in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kessinger, McLouth, the past several weeks, returned home over the weekend. He reports Kessinger is able to do some light field work, now. • Pleasant Ridge Mri. Peter rink Jess and Elmer Wilson of Leavenworth visited their brother Frank Wilson last week. Patty and Mike McQuillan o f Springdale and Larry McCourt of Atchison visited at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. John Schmidt and their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. James Higgins last week. Mr. and Mrs. William Hakes and family visited his father Frank Hakes Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Fink and daughter Janet Marie and Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Fink all of Kansas City visited their parents Mr. and Mrs. Pete Fink Sunday. Adolph Sass has been ill at Gushing Memorial Hospital in Leavenworth. Miss Mary Ellen Roach, who has been visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Roach, has returned to Starr, Conn., at the University. Mrs. John Schmidt, Mrs. Eunice Hyde and pupils called on M r s. Peter Fink Tuesday. Leo Wacker and son Leo Wacker, Jr. of Leavenworth called at Ihe homes of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Fink and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fink Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hund, Jr. fiave purchased Miss Victoria Wosser's farm on RR 4. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Payeur o f near Easton visited Mr. and Mrs. Tony Payeur Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Bott made a business trip to Cummings, Monday. Dave Hennessey trucked stock to the Kansas City market for farmers in this vicinity Wednesday. Leo Wacker of Leavenworth wired the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Fink recently for electricity. Carl Brooks o f Leavenworth ground feed for farmers in this vicinity Wednesday. Several from this vicinity attend-' ed funeral service Saturday morn- * ing at the Sacred Heart Church at Kicapoo for Leo Duffin. Mr. Duffin died last week from injur- Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Lamborn, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Lamborn ies he received when thrown from and daughters Lorraine, Judy and his tractor. i Linda have returned home from !a very pleasant trip through the District 82 School opened th ejNorthwest. They visited Lt. and 1952-53 term Tuesday with an en- Mrs. Donald Marks and daughter rollment of five pupils. Mrs. Eunice Hyde is the teacher. The Lowemount Home Demonstration Unit will hold their September meeting at the Community house Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Fred Haas as hostess. in Boise, Ida., Dr. and Mrs. Ho- vrard Lamborn and family in Santa Cruz, Calii., and went through Yellowstone National Park on their way home. Mrs. Wesley Heeges recently visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. ,'ohn Hiteeman in Lincoln, Neb.jnesday evening at *• CbmmunHy Hitzeman has been seriously ill in the hospital, but was somewhat improved. The Little Stranger Community club had a. watermelon party Wed- Center. The evening was spent playing progressive bunco. Miss Edna Bunvell underwent a minor operation at Gushing Memorial Hospital one day last week. AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS Toiiite Is Buck Nile! Phillips Pet Plym Oil Pure Oil Radio Cp Repub Stl Heyn Met Safeway St St Jos Lead Schenley Ind Sears Roeb Sinclair Oil Socony Vac Std O'il Cal Std Oil Ind 563.; 31 623J, ["""MJi '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'30V* 43 27 58 4214 36 56*i ...80"' Std Oil NJ 77 3 ,i Studebaker . .19!! Sunray Oil Swift Co 32',', Texas Co 55!a Tide Wat As 21% Un Pac 112 Uni Air Lin 26 3 i Unit Airc 34<i U. S. Rubber 24 3 i U S Steel 38'i West Un Tel 41 >i West Elec 41 Willys Over 9?i Woolworth 43'i Youngst Sh T 42 3 ,« D l»i D »i D !i D i/« D 2 D 3 4 D -', D Ti D ?« D 3 i D !i D H D i/. D Li D 'i D 3 / B D • D 1'i D H4 D !4 D i,« D i« E ?i D IV. D 3 i D '4 D !i D i» D Hi D 3.4 D 'i D *.', D Closing average 60 stocks 106.5, down 1.3. Jarbalo Un. Ward Kltsta Mrs. Kate Wager. Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Wager and children, Joyce, Lynn and Ann, Sunday attended a basket dinner and family get- together given at the home of Mr. Springs, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. John Kisner and son, Richard, of New York City, who are home on Agents for SAMSONITE LUGGAGE Leavenworth Sporting Goods Co. 316 Delaware Welcome to the Opening Roadena Club 743 Metropolitan Thursday, Sept. 11 With a FREE DANCE 9 P. M. to 12 P. M. Andy Melburn and Orch. —Our Specialty— • Fried Chicken "Steaks Miss Glenda VVesst, who is employed in Kansas City, was a guest in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Lange and family during the Labor Day holiday. Mrs. Albert DeFrees Stephen, Bartlesville, Okla., Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeFrees and son. David, Leavenworth, were visitors in the home of John DeFrees and Miss Evelyn DeFrees Saturday. Sunday guests of John DeFrees Mr. and and son. In Britain the practice of lawyers, called solicitors, is limited to certain courts. Lawyers classified as barristers can appear before any tribunal in Britain. NEW YORK l»— Stocks Close Net Change Admiral 27^4 D U Allied Chem 76?i D % Allis Chal SIT. D U Don't Buy ANT Circulator Until You've Seen the Warm Morning Gas Heater Priced with the lowest, performs with the finest.' Buy now on easy terms! The Meyer Appliance Co. 217 So. 4th Street Phone 1 MY ACHING BACK Why don't you get it fixed? It can be. 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SAH/THE LITTLE POOL) OKAY, MUSHY. 5LTT HE SURE NJEVEK WOULP HAVE \HAP TIME TO SO RACK TO 5UPEKWAKK5 WK!TEJT ALL GOWN STOP SKINNUM& AT AAE.YOUPI& APE.' WRITTEN A5OUT THAT ANYWAY/ILL POKSET

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