Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 18
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BELMONT SHORE NAPLES KIAC9UAIUtS GMiRIV SALES AM 9 FACTOIT AUTHOIIZID SE1T1CE Avk Aleut On SptcJd Color TV Horn. Triot MARINAS 5102 E. 2ND ST. KATIES GE 9-4991 Pig* A-1S-4NDEFENDENT u«i cat* rrui. «o Released Raider Plan New Attack MIAMI, Fla. VPI--Seventeen sea raiders, freed from a Bahamas fail Thursday, chugged off in their 35-foot boat proclaiming they were en the warpath once more against Fidel Castro. For more than eight hours they cruised west toward Miami rather than south toward Cuba, reported a U-S. Coast Guard plane which kept a running tab on the little motorboat Violynn 1U. Coast Guardsmen chuckled Reds in IVeto Threats to W. Berlin Routes BERLIN (UPI--The Soviet'munist controls. Unioa action Thursday threatened, against Western naval units that captured the Violyna III Sunday. Released with the Violynn III were its 20-nm cannon. two machine guns and seven rifles. The rebels had been charged with possessing the arms without a license in OPPEiYHEHfEft AEG Pays Honor to Physicist · vate planes flying to Berlin WASHINGTON (UPI--Dr. *°d e Communist East Ger- J. Robert Oppenheimer. who °*** demanded the right to was denied security clearance'-"'~ J *" A ""~ l '"" 1 " «" by the Atomic Energy Com-j mission in 1954, win receive the agency's $50.000 Enrico Fermi Award, it was announced Thursday. He tviu reseive the cash prize, a gold medal and a citation iionoring him for his jspti. THE f»nn anchineryithe quick, easy w»y to reach you no longer need with tn'buytri fist Dial HE 2-5959 iaejpeniive CU^Tied Ad It'sj now for « friendly Ad Writer. at a rebel contention thatJBritish colonial territory, darkness vrould interfere with] -Death to Fidel; we are go- continued surveillance of the craft. UNDERGROUND sources in Miami said they ordered the 16 Cubans and one Amer- can aboard to swing southward at SuJO pjn. (EST) and rendezvous with a sister craft, mega 8, which would pro- -ide ammunition to replace Trial Contemporary Styled Consols WASSON'S TV 3808 Atlantic Ave. LB. GA 7-740 to riiiiiiMinmiiimiitiimmitiiitiiiiriiiiHiiiiiir.tiHiiiiiiiiiitiiiniiriuiire control aQ Allied the city. I The two threats to Western communications lines to Berlin were made as Adlal E. Stevenson. U.S. There w a s DO immediate.! Western reaction, but zome' ( = officialj feared the Comma- = nists were beginning a cam- E 'paign to restrict vital western = ;air traffic to the city. j= . to the United Nations, arrived for a o n e - d a y visit and pledged continuing VS. troop ing on,TM said Evelto Duque, commander of the little band, when 50 tourists waved it out of Nassau at 1130 am. A possible deterrent to sailing the VfoJyna III to Miami was the prospect of seizure there for investigation of rumors that the craft took on its martial equipment at Naples. Fla.--a contention VAUVU i JV*-*Vi it-l£ i 1^*11 »v» * u . « , » ~ « outstanding contribution to support for Berlin s independ- theoretical physics and his scientific and administrative, leadership in the development of the atomic bomb. . ] The citation also recognizes Oppenheimer for set- ence. 'The East Germans instituted a slowdown Thursday on truck traffic over the 110- mile highway link between West Berlin and West Ger- hat confiscated by British [the crew denied. Slates' 1962 Revenue Totaled $37.6 Billion WASHINGTON CSV-State .basis, the bureau calculated governments collected $37.6 state spending _ for education )fflion in revenue and spent i * 5 ' $36.4 billion in the fiscal year PTM.* hat ended last June 30. the Census B u r e a u reported Thursday. In General Fund categories, bowever, outlays exceeded receipts. The bureau totaled leneral expenditures at $313 billion, general revenue at $31.2 billion. This represented a 7.4 percent rise in spending and an 8.6 percent increase in revenue. THE GRAND total of $36.4 billion in expenditures in eluded $4-2 billion in trust funds -- unemployment compensation, employe retirement, and the like. The over an total also included $SS2 million spent by liquor stores operated by 16 states. Total state revenue of $37.6 billion included insurance- trust and liquor-store * · * · STATE TAXES'by them selves produced $20.6 billion. up 73 percent from the preceding fiscal year. Spending rose in all major categories. On a per-capita welfare $23.16. hos pitals $10.66, and other pur poses at $34.13. for a f $16iS6. total o f was cot affected. The East German demands ting tip th« groundwork for n^y- Affied military traffic p e a c e f u l applications ' "* "-*1 tomic energy. charged that Western commercial airlines were flying explosives to the city to blow up the Communist wall and ought to be subjected to Ccm- Oppenheimer has been director of the Institute for Ad- ·anced Study at Princeton, . J, since 1947. He was wartime director of Los Alamos Atomic Bomb Laboratory, and later was chairman of;the AECs general advisory committee. In December, 1953. the AEC notified him that his security clearance had been suspended. A three-man special board investigated and concluded that Oppenheimer was a loyal citizen, but that past "disregard for the requirements of the security system" made him a security risk. LAKEWOOD HEADQUARTERS FOR ZENITH COLOR TV Bergman's Televisioa Hi-R 4150 Viking Way 425-1971 $ 200°° TRADE-IN ZENITH: COLOR TV' THE TAIBOT. MODEL 1327. rail f»r»aar« co»- loT* ifytiRg. Ha Priatt J Cinaht fu : · gmtir ififieMMtf/ " . * r ' Al ccAn*ctiori art hindwlrt4i tind »sld«rtd. N« FtoctudJon * ttartcuts! Theuundt eilndtp«ndtat «tnric«m«n knew whit thi h*nto»ft«d ehmif fnitni la {riittr NEW W63COLORJV VALUE! Pay as low as $7.00 per week with your old TV in trade before you buy Cctor TV compare!t offers yea the greater dependability' of t8 handcrafted chassis/no printed circuits --Come in for a demonstration-SIGNAL RADIO TELEVISION an ATLANTIC m lottr KUO nan CA I-BIJ orcM MOW. -Tutt · FU. TIL rJVL A COMPLETE LINE OF BLACK cud WHITE. : f = .WALNUT, MAHOGANY and MAPLE ;r| If PORTABLE TV SETS with FREE STANDJ 159" I 1 B E G H T O L S 1 = , · K«« QtoHfy Site* l t l . . = = Opei Uniif aid frijQf Iitiltfi (Till 1 ' = I rVBNITUIU: · CAHPETING . APPLIANCES . = I 1372 W. Willow St. GAriield 6-2632 | fiiiiiiHimiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiir Consolelte Ensemble Specially Developed 45th Anniversary i Model aMdr Anniversary; SE GREATEST DEPEIDlBlllTr FUT01ES II COL01H HANDCIAFTtOTV Ckautl Tit* *andcraf!i4. tiantf- p«ndabilify mtf tt«tr V«*rVct pfofciem*. Q GOLD VIDEO GUARD TUNIR fcr fcnjef TV l'«. ft" turn 104 tfonl (o- ItUtl c.nlact pei.1t · hicli ar* vina.Qy I s. 163 Limited Supply! G I91» ' F U R N I T U R E S T O R E S 1895 E. Anaheim SI, Lonj Beach HE 6-52(1 317 Leaf Beach Bird,, Long Beach--HE 2-5444 909 JUalon, Wilmiatten TE 4-4548 IE8IO BellHower Bird, Bellfliwer TO 7-2745 OPEN FRIDAY i MONDAY NIGHT TIL O wa«i««tei Jfw» dated 1963 Mobil ^_^^^ ' : ' . .·. ,, Ffifinfimur Dun ..demonstrate long mileage performance of Mobil gasoline in new cars A*fl 0/1 36 CARS* IN 8 CLASSES / 1.54 ^H^L MILES ···^B I^IB PFP Mobil Economy Run- America's Mileage Classic AVERAGED OVER-ALL PER GALLON Conducted and supervised by the United States Auto Club This year entries in the classic Mobfl Economy Run traveled over 2,500 miles from Los Angeles to Detroit They were driven over mountains, across deserts, on su-Jane highways and through crowded city streets demonstrating the long mileage performance of Jlobil gasoEne in new cars! The Run is conducted and supervised by the United States Auto Crab, Cars are entered by automobile companies and dealers, but picked at random by USAC officials who then seal and impound the cars until the Run starts. No special equipment is permitted ... only normal tune- nps are allowed. Stop-watch timing demands driving at regular highway speeds. The kind of performance Ested in the tabulations below is your mileage potential to try for. So keep your ear in good condition, drive properiy and remember, America's auto makers have for many years put their confidence in the mileage results of the Mobil Economy Run. Try Mobil today! Official Class Winners CLASS A: CLASS B: CLASS C: CLASS D: CLASS E: CLASS F: CLASS G: CLASS II: C A t N A U I El.tfra SMALL-ENGINE COMPACTS MEDIUM-ENGINE COMPACTS LARGE-ENGINE COMPACTS INTERMEDIATE-SIZE CARS-V-8 ENGINES STANDARD-SIZE CARS-6-CYL ENGINES LOW-PRICE V-8's MEDIUM-PRICE V-8's LUXURY CARS CORYAIR KC m- FALCON ,,,,,,.,, RAMBLER imitl BUIGK SKCIUY-I. PLYMOUTH um DODGE n, ,, t ,u- ui. OLDSMOBILE BTU)n cH CHRYSLER »uu_ WILES PER GALLON _ 27,90 _ 26,29 _ 28.61 _ 23,81 -_ 24,33 _ 21,20 _ 20,01 18.43 Mileage Results of Other Entries It Jalr. Cli.rroT.t C*e»r«T.f O.ry II Cttry 1.1 A* . (I-C/.I . J i l l -1IJ2 CAtNAUE Ctrpf.r 199 Oiryilaf Ntwpoif Ooi 5 . II) U^yU Doi t t Cnf.n II9 Dodj, Darl 179 fo'c.. iirvu ft* GAUOM 17J7 ItJI 2J4I 1IJS _JMJ Fcri 109 li-cyll CAINAKI ttrt 309 (l-crl F.rJ fgV?=». II Imptrie! Cntem MtrenY C«ffltl. 21 Jl CIDSMOIItE MS MacsrtiCAUON i _ 1IJI «,tl 21.47 JL ".« JUi . 17J» 17.11 21.11 ·At tntr'Kt ·qulpp«J wrtu KttxnaU trtntmittions. tOpfiaral IO.M.J O. Thrl ·4v*r!]MiT'«r l t approvtd »nd 4«f. cvrlfictf true tf I/SAC. CAI KAMI I4IVES fEI CAUON PLTMOOTH SAVOT (ItyLl--2144 N.TMOUTH VAUANT 2.JI rONHAC CATAUNA HJ« FONTIAC STA» CHIEF UJ7 fONTIAC IEUPEST (4-cyll 17JI FONTIAC TEMUST V-« 11.11 STUDEIAKEK UIK V-l 21.54 Mobil--the only gasoline that proves its mileage performance in public under actual road conditions.

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