Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 61
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 61

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 61
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PI Z5 **** UNUSUAL IDE A FOR TASTY TREAT A real treat is In store for your family or your guests when you set this Paradise Buffet Fruit Tray before them. Tasty, refreshing, yet fillin', the pears, grapes, bananas, cream cheese, walnuts and dates all weave themselves into a dish that's fit for kings.--(Canned Bartlett Pears photo.) ·M Light, Refreshing Salad Is Favored By MILDRED K. FLANARY A good salad is like a good Joke. .".light, refreshing, with just a,bit of bite to it. This unusual fulfills all these requirements. This Pearadisc Buffet Fruit Tray Is'an excellent example of the, versatility of canned pears. 'A sweet but spicy flavor and tender texture provides just the right contrast to thctKrccn and red grapes, and while the cream cheese adds just the necessary nip. Clip the recipe now and keep it handy for your next special entertaining. PEARADISE BUFFET FRUIT TRAY 8 Canned Bartlett pear halves I pound seedless green grapes I egg white J cup sugar I pound red grapes large banana 3-ouncc package cream cheese, divided l / 4 cup chopped walnuts 8 dates Wash grapes and pat dry. Beat egg white only until slightly foamy. Coat '/4 of green and red grapes with egg white. Dip in sugar and let dry for 4-5 minutes for frosted effect. Cut banana in ciphts. Spread banana fingers with cream cheese; roll in chopped nuts. Split dates cngthwise, remove pit. Stufl with remaining cream cheese On large tray, platter or chop late, arrange mound of plain and frosted grapes In center 'ircle with banana fingers and pear halves cut side up Garnish pear centers with stuffed dates. Serve with mayonnaise or salad dressing Makes 8 servings. Missile Carrier to Join U.S. 7th Fleet By^PETER J. HAYES SAN; FRANCISCO (UPI)-A warship with no big guns but with a firepower second to none will add muscle to the U,S. Seventh Fleet in Far East waters this summer. It's the 80,000-ton Kitty Hawk, world's first missile carrier. Instead of anti-aii craft guns, the carrier has a tail "stinger" of twin bat' tcries for Terrier guided mis siics. .;: And 1 " Its more than four acres of..flight deck wilt be home base for 100 aircraft, In eluding the speed record-hold Ing F-JH Phantom II. Alt its planes can cany nuclear or conventional bombs. . · · · · THE KITTY HAWK, big pest ship ever to join the Pa cific Fleet has been in dry dock at San Francisco Naval Shipyard for post-shake-down crulse.Tepairs. It sailed from the East coast around Cape Horn, operating its aircraft in CO-70 knot winds. After finishing touches the shipyard, the carrier is heading for Its home port of San Diego. It will operate with the First Fleet for con ccntratcd training, then join the Seventh Fleet on patrol in August or September. A handsome, 48-year-old Tcnnesscan is skipper of the Kitty Hawk. Capt. William F. Bringlc, holder of the Navy Cross, believes his ship has a unique capability. "We can go anywhere," he said in an interview. "If we're in one part of the world and we're needed in another, we enemy attack, I'd much rath can move there. 'And in the event of an cr be a moving target. It's a big ocean and a carrier is a pretty small speck. We can survive a lot of near misses and the enemy is noTTikely to waste too many missiles on us." Another officer said it would require two torpedo hits in the same spot to pcnc- at Irate the ship's vitals. Tanks 60 o f f . . . plus 100 coupon packed inside sow SAVE 16' **" ' on NEW SOILAX NO RINSING NEEDED « Saves Time « Saves Money and compartment "voids" provide a safety shell... « · * · THE KITTY H A W K is equipped with four steam catapults that can send four jets into the air in a space of 15 seconds or less. And with nn overall length of a fifth of a mile, it's much safer to return than it was on smaller flattops. Pilots of the Kitty Hawk made 2,100 land ings on their shakedown cruise without an accident. Another safety factor Is the ability to button up the ship in a gas-tight "envelope" In event of exposure to radioactive fallout. A sprinkler system on the perimeter of the flight deck then spouts salt water to wash away the fallout. Ship's Keys Big Problem SAN FRANCISCO (UPI-Every time a Matson liner returns to its home port of San Francisco, the c o m p a n y ' s shoreside kcymakcr is In for a busy time. Passengers arc apt to leave their ship with the key to their stateroom still in their pockets. And before the ship turns around to go out again duplicate keys must be supplied to a whole new shipload of guests. On one typical arrival recently, more than 70C persons debarked -- and 40C keys were missing. U.S. Women Call at Russ Geneva HQ GENEVA (UPI)--Fifty-one American housewives d c sccndcd on the Soviet Disarm amcnt delegation T u e s d a; pleading for ' an immediate ban on nuclear tests. The; received vodka, snacks and a polite but firm "nyct." One of the women burs into tears. Some expressct despair. Others said they would keep trying. The Soviet "Villa Rose' overlooking Lake Geneva had never seen anything like it The American women, almos all mothers, are here repre scntlng the "Women Strikt Tor Peace" movement trying to "humanize" the politica deadlock over a nuclcar-tes ban and general disarmament They peppered Soviet Chie Negotiator Valerian Z o r i n with questions and dcmandct that, in the Interests of hu manity, both the Soviet Union and- the United States stoj nuclear tests. Zorin and his nuclear dele gate, Semyon K. Tsarapkin gave them no more en couragcmcnt than had chie U.S. Negotiator Arthur H Dean upon whom the women called Monday. It's NEW! Nalley's Fradelis Frozen Dinners with that HOMEMADE GOODNESS Iff what ym (tort trilTi Ilint emalt and thi nae Nallty't* FradtHs tlartt tcith tht fault in tntalt, ttafood and Ttgttnllet, Whethtr you ttltet nail btif or thrimp er ehitlrn, er any of tin many oHf r rarUlitt, you'll find thntart rempttlt nrul Jtliciovt dinner*I..IB tht from ford ralintt at 1/tur marUl. Burglar Sentenced to 5-Month Term Harold Allen Young. 25 was jailed for five months b; Superior Judge Maurice C Sparling Tuesday for bur glary. Young, a transient, ad milled breaking into rcstau rants at 1G32 and 2030 E. 41 St. and stealing change from vending machines. He wa arrested inside the latter caf March 1. PATTY SHELL DELIGHT Tuna, alone, is mighty good eating. So are string beans! But combine them in a patty shell for a dish you'll be proud to serve for extra special occasions. Tuna, Beans Served in Paffy Shell By MILDRED K. FLANAUY I* r-t Food E«tor Lenten meals dnn't have to )e dull. They can be elegant AND economical when a new combination is served n a new form, such as the] lish pictured here. 1-arge' pieces of white meat t u n a j nd green beans are combined vith a zesty cheese sauce and lilcd high in tender patty ·hells. A crisp green salad and a fluffy lemon chiffon pie completes this "meal in a shell." Tuna and Beans In Shells 1 medium onion, chopped 3 tblsps butter or margarine 2 tblsps. flour V4 tsp. salt Vt Up. PCPP« }£ tsp. dry mustard 2 cups milk 4 ot. grated slurp Chcd dar cheese 2 cans (lot.) tuna fish I cup cooked string beans 1 package frozen patty shells, baked. Cook onion in butter until soft and golden. Blend in flour and seasonings. Gradually add milk and cook, stirring constantly, until thickened and creamy. Reduce heat; add cheese and stir until blended Add tuna fish and beans. Heat over low heat for about 10 minutes. Spoon into warm patty shells. Serves G. NEW YORK (UPI) --The final date for members of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to submit nominations for its Emmy Awards for the 10G1-C2 video season is April 14. is always seeking "the story] behind the story" of dramatic; events. NBC HAS renewed "International Showtime" for its same 7:30-8:30 p.m. s!ot Fri- 1 _ , ,, . i . » days for next season. The The ballot comp,led frorn; nc j wwk . s .. Sjn .. MmR wj , h the nominations will be thc lMitc |,» wj || movc j n ^ c f n \\ National Awards Committccjfro-n ils present 10 p.m. after the board of trustccsjThursday position to fi:33 winds up a three-day meeting p.m. Fridays. n Rp.-llllo Wn*ll fin Anfir 1,000th Meeting. UNITED NATIONS. N.Y. fpi--Tuesday's meeting of the U.N. Security Council was the 1000th held by the 11 nation body since it began operating Jan. 17. 191C. This was the 102nd on the Palestine problem. n Seattle. Wash., cm April 29. Members of the organization then will vote on the nominees. * · · · T H E UNTOUCHABLES" will come back for a fourth ABC-TV season next fall. However, it may be shifted from its customary Thursday night spot. * THOSE WHO have been wondering why singer Andy Williams, a really talented anc personable performer, hasn't been given a regular television spot of his own can now relax. NBC announced that Andy will be host and star on a one hour weekly musical show in color starting Sept. 27. It wit fill the 10-11 time Thursday nights. JACK PAAR'S new setup at NBC in the fall will cnntitt of a weekly one-hour color cast Fridays at 10 p.m. Start ing date is Sept. U. $11 Average Gift Toward Charity BOSTON (UPI) -- Dr. Robert H. Hamlin, of the Harvard University School of Public Health, estimates that every man, woman and child In America currently contributes over $11 annually to private health and welfare organizations. lie figures $8 goes to non- rcligbus voluntary agencies ar.d I'l goes to religious organizations Tor their health and welfare activities. LLOYD BRIDGES is finnll getting out of that "Sea Hunt' underwater suit (except fo re-runs, that is). CBS-TV next fall will air a new one-hour dramatic scric e n t i t l e d "Adam Fable" in which the star will appear a a noted author-journalist who , to flrove this is the world's best floor wax TOPS IN QUALITY! 'LOW IN PRICE Frankly, v* miVg this amaiing ollct cautff Iteewai it so different, to much bcttei than In* old-f«ihiontd ««iyou now use, that you hae to try Itffwn to btlitu 11. Get · clear thin* that rt«r yellows and · protect!** coat that kills cra«lmg Intectt ... with )t«e«ail M... t»* »·« M »·»« »T **« «. *»* i CMBKtl C0«0««tiel Bt OI«ICA MCV«HOID -»OOUCT» it V ENCHILADAS-A FESTIVE LENTEN DISH CHEESE ENCHILADAS con lot Pelmot t forgo con US M1UAS I roa n« ef.i.i INCHIIADA SAUCr I.W.w encpp.JI t dor. rort^Iloi I indium I'to oo/oi fcfcepeto*) I IB. Wonl.r./ Jail irtiit 4Ulp. O.7 Imntri. In kol oil. lktl in r.ol.d IAS TA1MAS ItlCHItiBA, JAUCC. Ploct grottd tntitt. eniont L oli*ti 01 toitilld...rn, foittit »!tli lootnpit^ end pleco In boding dith. Four rtMo'ninq iovc« «t| roo. iprinkl* «itH chtttt, htot in 0*»1 til Cornith »oth l»f*!ng wilK lhr»dtf«4 Utlxi*. (Mol» 1} tntUodei] L A S P A I M A S - T H E O f i / G / N A L SAUCE the label sharp Cheddar the cheese the story Many good cheeses coma from Wisconsin. Out only the sharpest, (angles!, aged Nature! Cheddar It labelled Armour Miu Wisconsin. It's sold In convenient cracker-sized slicks and t . handy wedges. There Is a differ* r-j ence. You'll Ilka III

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