Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 28, 1988 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1988
Page 11
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Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Monday, March 28, 1988 Page 11 On Television MONDAY om 8 a 8 o OS; o CD a <D 0) (D IB ® & 5PM Family Ties (:05) M'ster Oil. Strokes NCAA Final 4 5:30 News (:35) L & S Happy Days Lighter Side News Newlywed G.i. Joe Love Connect M'A'S'H Jem People's Ct. Big Valley Siar Trek Sesame Street DuckTales News Win. Lose Superior Ct. Double Dare WKRP News People's Ct. 6PM News (:05) Alice Fact ol Life SportsLook News News Fact of Life 6:30 NBC News (:35) Beaver 3's Company Bill Dance ABC News CBS News WKRP News Crazy Like a Fox Family Ties Survival Wld Happnin' Now News News News Cheers Bus Rpt Happy Days NBC News CBS News ABC News 7PM M'A'S'H (:05) Arfdy 7:30 Cheers (:35) Sntord A-Team SportsCnlr ET Jeopardy! Cheers CBS News MLB Baseball Win, Lose Wheel Barney Hollywood Sq Remington Sleele Family Ties Cheers MacNeil/ Lehrer NewsHour Family Ties Curr. Affair 3's Company Jeopardy! 3's Company Wheel Newlywed Wheel 8PM ALF 8:30 My 2 Dads 9PM March 28 9:30 10PM 10:30 Gore Vidal's Lincoln, Part 2 COS) Clash ol trie Titans Mov: A Matter of Sex (:05) Return ol Panther News College Baseball Oklahoma State at Texas ASM IL) MacGyvef K. & Alliii Designing Mov: Addicted to His Love Newhart Mov: Roaring Twenties K & Allie Designing Father Murphy Newhart 700 Club E & Lutz £ & Lutz Mov: Autobiography ol Miss Jane Pillman Chicago Nile Gourmet Discoveries Underwater Mov: Darby O'Gill and Ihe Little People ALF K. & Allie My 2 Dads Designing MacGyver Wiseguy News Wiseguy Strght Tlk Bob Newhart Fishing Taxi Moyeis: Facing Evil News Curr. Affair Gore Vidal's Lincoln, Part 2 Newhart Mov: Addicted to E & Lutz Wiseguy His Lave Constant Pain Felt By Many DEAR READERS: Remember the letter from "Shreveport Reader" who has been living with pain for two years and feels as if she is going crazy? The agony in her neck and shoulders made a good night's sleep impossible. She was sure she had a brain tumor and was relieved when the neurologist told her she did not. The woman was only 23 years of age and desperate for relief. Thousands of readers who had experienced the same thing wrote to tell "Shreveport" what worked for them. Here's a sample of thus week's mail. From Beatrice, Neb.: I could have written that letter myself. The only difference was that I suffered for three years instead of two. After spending a fortune on doctors in Omaha and Lincoln, the cure was suggested by a man who came to fix our tractor. He told me to take two tablespoons of honey every morning. Within three days I felt like a different person. From Beaver, Pa.: The woman who is suffering with neck and shoulder pains should stop running to doctors. She has arthritis where the bones connect and nothing will Ann Landers help but aspirin. I've been there. From Middletown, N.Y.: I'd bet my life the woman from Shreveport has TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). After spending a fortune on X-rays, nerve relaxants, chiropractors, faith healers and what have you, I finally found relief in the dentist's chair. From El Paso, Texas: Tell "Shreveport" not to let anybody operate on her. I did and it didn't help a bit. The cure came when an allergy specialist told me I was allergic to cigar smoke. My husband wouldn't quit, so I divorced him. I have been pain-free and a lot happier since. (He was no damn good.) Dear Ann Landers: I've never tried to put my story on paper before, and it may take up your whole column. Please tell me what to do. I'm the mother of three children. I raised two and the other one lives with his father who remarried not long after our divorce. I moved to Alaska. John's present wife has been the only mother the boy knows. After I moved back from Alaska I tried to locate them, with no luck. John would visit my mother from time to time and knew how to find me. One day six years ago, John walked into the place where I worked and said he wanted to talk. I asked when I could see our son. He said, "The boy doesn't know you exist because that's the way my wife wants it." Now I've moved to the same city where John and his family live. He (the son) has seen me but thinks I'm just a friend of his father. John keeps coming around to my job to "catch up on things," but he refuses to tell our son the truth about me. He says the boy is very sensitive and they are afraid he's too young to adjust to the shock. I've done what has been asked of me and not pushed. I know my legal rights, but I don't want to harm our son. Please advise. TORN IN GEORGIA DEAR GEORGIA: The boy should be told at the earliest opportunity, by you and his father. Such information should not be learned from an outsider, and it might happen if you don't tell him soon. It is important that he know you gave him up because you loved him and believed he could have a better life with his father. Explain you waited until he was man enough to handle it. Children have a way of living up to high expectations. Drugs Can Be Affected By Food Q. How can what you eat affect the drugs you take? The reason I am asking is because my druggist put a label on my pills saying that I was not to take them with food. But my doctor said it was okay to take them with food. Some general advice would be helpful. A. More and more, both doctors and patients recognize that the drugs wo take can be affected by the foods we oat. In fact, there are a whole host, of ways in which foods and drugs interact iti the same person. Some foods, for example, may interfere with the absorption of such well-known antibiotics as tetracy- clines or other drugs including some used to treat tuberculosis. Sometimes certain foods will simply delay the absorption into the bloodstream of drugs; on the other hand, certain drugs get into the bloodstream better when there's food in the stomach. How do you know which is which? The pharmacist may put a little sticker on the drug container, but. Drs. Lester L. Coleman & Steven Andrew Davis even then if you're unsure it's best to check wit)) your doctor. Sometimes that label advice might not be a mandate in your particular care. Another way that diet can influence legitimate drug use is through its effect on drug metabolism, how the drug is used up by the body. One potentially important consideration can be how much protein there is in the diet. A very high-protein diet that's low in carbohydrates may increase the rate of drug metabolism and conceivably affect the drug's usefulness. Even things as simple as the amount of vegetables or coffee or dietary fiber one takes in can affect drug use one way or the other. Oddly enough, sometimes charcoal broiling foods can have an impact on the way drugs are metabolized. This doesn't mean, though, that we shouldn't eat vegetables or fiber or stop drinking coffee or charcoal broiling our foods, but, again, it's never wrong to ask your doctor if the drugs you are taking require any special dietary precautions. — S.D. * * * An exciting institute has been created at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. It is known as the Communication Disorders Institute and is under the directorship of Dr. Robert J. Ruben. The Institute is a visionary one because it incorporates all the scientific medical and surgical concepts to ultimately bring a better understanding of deficiencies in hearing and speech. Language handicaps in children, adolescents and adults can now be evaluated with an exactness that previously was unknown. Dr. Kuben, one of the most prestigious surgeons in the Ear, Nose and Throat specialty, has surrounded himself with physicians, surgeons and scientists in every discipline to contribute to the greater understanding of deficiencies in communications, This Institute holds hope for the hundreds of thousands of people who are now isolated from society because of their inability to communicate with others. — L.C. Ask Some Questions When Buying Pet DEAR HELOISE: I am a breeder of purebred dogs and I would like to share a few tips for buyers of purebred pels. When going to look for a puppy, the breeder will probably ask you questions about, your home and family. He isn't being nosy! This shows that the breeder cares about the life the dog will have. Also important.: Be sure the breeder is willing to discuss the breed's strengths and weaknesses. — Diane Friend, Montrose, Colo. I agree! Any pet needs to be wanted, loved, cared for and have the right temperament for a home situation. It's true for all three of our dogs, Zinfandel, Sheba and Willie! — Heloise SLIPPERY SHOE Dear Heloise: Here is an inexpensive hint to prevent new shoes from slipping when you walk. Buy a packet of bathtub appliques. They cost about $3. Place them on the bottom of the shoes — they make them less slippery. Many pairs can be done with one package. — Nina, Omaha, Neb. A valuable hint for little feet that are just beginning to walk! — Heloise DINNER MENU Dear Heloise: I like to make a monthly dinner menu. It. usually was a chore that I dreaded. However, I have found an easy method. I divide a piece of paper into six category headings: Beef, Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Ethnic and Others (non-meat). I tben list, which cookbook the recipe can be found in or I use an asterisk if it is from my own recipe file This way there are different meals every day and my family doesn't tire of the same thing time after time. This also helps shopping because I know what. I will need before the month begins. — Georgia Hambell- ton, Pt. Wayne, Ind. It's usually a chore to plan dinner and this is a good way to do it. Your family gets a wide variety of dishes, and I am sure they appreciate the time and effort you take! — Heloise Girls Sent To Father; He Strangled Wife EAST DUBUQUE, 111. (AP) —A judge's decision to reunite two girls with their father three years after they watched him strangle their mother has touched off a new custody fight and public outrage against the judge. "I guess the bottom line is whether or not it's OK to kill your wife in front of your children," says Gene Tranel of Eldridge, Iowa, brother of the 26-year-old victim, Carol Lutgen. Tranel, who took in his nieces, Tracy, 11, and Dana, 10, while James Lutgen served a 20-month prison term, is fighting to get them back. But Lutgen's lawyer, William Schirger, says the case has been blown out of proportion in this small Mississippi River town. "The kids are not in any danger. Jim loves the girls and they love him. They asked the judge to let them live with him," Schirger said. Lutgen, 33, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter for the Dec. 21,1984, death of his wife at the family home in tiny Menominee, in the northwest corner of Illinois. Two original murder counts against Lutgen were reduced after the court ruled his daughters were too young to testify as witnesses to their mother's death. The Lutgens were on the verge of a breakup as the 1984 holiday season approached. "She didn't love Jim no more," recalled Lutgen's mother, Grace. "They were separating the day after Christmas. He was broken up about it." The couple's fatal battle was fueled by Lutgen's belief that his wife was seeing another man, his mother said, although the fight was sparked by a disagreement over whether to take the girls shopping and skating. As the girls looked on, verbal attack became physical confrontation. "I picked the girls up afterward and they told me... they had seen part of the fight," Mrs. Lutgen said. "They said they were pushing and grabbing each other around the neck." Lutgen was released from prison in October 1986 and regained custody of his daughters last Dec. 29, The Jo Daviess County judge who made the custody decision, Eric DeMar of Galena, has borne the brunt of the public outcry since Lutgen regained his daughters. DeMar has been attacked by mail, over the telephone and in newspaper articles and editorials. "A judge can't always make a popular decision and that certainly is the truth in this case," he said. Left For Dead, She Comes Back After being shot in the head during an hijacking, teacher is living again MINNETONKA, Minn. (AP) Jackie Pflug suffered permanent brain damage when she was shot in the head and left for dead by Arab terrorists during a 1985 airplane hijacking in Malta. Today, she's able to say she's glad it happened. Her story is "not a hijacking story. It's a story of survival, of learning about yourself," said Pflug, 32, whose brain injury impaired her ability to read, wiped out her short-term memory and caused epileptic seizures. In the 2V 2 years since the hijacking, Pflug says she has learned to accept the fact that she lived while 59 other people, including four of the five hijackers, died. And she has learned to love her new self. Now she is taking a year's leave of absence from her job teaching learning-disabled children and first-graders in nearby Wayzata to tell her story on the lecture circuit. Pflug, a teacher at the American School in Cairo, where her husband, Scott, also taught, was returning to Cairo from Athens when the EgyptAir jetliner was hijacked on Nov. 24, 1985, just 15 minutes into the flight. The worst moment, Pflug said, was the vei-y first one. "The man stood up with the three Americans who were tied and taken to the front of the plane one by one. They were each shot, and their bodies pushed out the door onto the pavement. Pflug, one of two Americans who survived the shootings, was hit in the back ot the head but the bullet failed to penetrate her skull. She lay still on the pavement for five hours before Maltese workers were allowed to remove the bodies to the morgue, where workers turned her over and found she was alive. "They started screaming, 'She's alive.' I said, 'Are you the good guys or the bad Pflug recalled. While Pflug underwent surgery in Malta to have the bullet and bits of bone removed from her brain, Egyptian commandos stormed the plane as hijackers tossed grenades at the passengers and the pilot killed the terrorist leader with a fire ax. FOR HOME DELIVERY of The Pharos-Tribune CALL 722-5000 "GOOD MORNING VIETNAM" !R) Moti.-Thur. 7:00Only. "SWITCHING CHANNELS" (PCI Mon.-Thur. 7:15 Only guys?" Ask anyone who has tried our Supreme Breasted Chicken and they'll tell you its Delicious. Haps West US 14 West Teacher Jackie Pflug is taking a year off to lecutre about her life after being shot in the head by terrorists in 1985 gun and the grenades. He was had the realization that this was said, grimacing and pulling at the a hijacking and I thought, 'We're grenades with his mouth and I going to blow up in the air,'" she After the plane landed, Pflug was among two Israelis and STATE Cinemas V • jm • •§ 121 E. Moriot 753-4M1 ANTHONY MKHAIl NiU PC. 13 JOHNNY BE GOOD" '««« "VICE VERSA" • •••••••••••iiiiH r|fVT\ MOVIES CASS PLAZA V^, _J^P%J 1 Z.OOUgoniport72MJOO (6) (PC) <*> Walt Disney's "FOX & HOUND" 7:15 only "POLICE ACADEMY" u * 7:30 «•> Hfirrison Ford "FRANTIC" 7:00 MH>

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