Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 40
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 40

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 40
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Furniture Ipr Sale 7 *? w w K MODEL HOME FURNITURE MAPLE* 4 rooms may b« bun ·eoaralelv. Orlolnal prlcj JUlo now only J797.M will or l«j the 110 wr week. LIVING ROOM MAPLE ·;Pf. hordrock maple, bed diva high bark rocker, club critilr, l«p lablei, collce lable, 7 lamn was . JW.95, now only HW.6S,- on 12. 50 pgr week wllh 10% down BEDROOM MAPLE M" dresser mirror bookcas headboard bed or Boiler, 2 nly stands, 2 Iwnps nnd a 252-cc box sarlitu inalrcss wllti 1 year guarantee, was SJ49.V5, no |9/.M cash or only J2.50 DC week wllh 10% down. DINING ROOM MAPLE 54" extension table, 4 cha rs; re ylar 5119.95, now SAI.M: ODllon « rnjpln lnj " c!l w«l liulch, rcm lar JV9.95, now $57 M RANGE Gaiters Salllor, timer, c oc IlonT, ctlromo manltold, nu oinal P. Rco. J239, now SI57. REFRIGERATOR Now 0 TM?" C "' "" " m " r m VAN ORDEN'S . 2264 ATLANTIC AVE. Opon evoi. 'Ill 9 MUST UNLOAD HUGE STOCK . REPOSSESSED ' 1,: FURNITURE I"' " and APPLIANCES REGARDLESS OF COST EASY TERMS ·BLUE CHIP STAMPS, TOOI ALL STATES FURNITURE 1325 Al,mifc.i HE 5-8356 (Just North of Anaheim St. Solid Eastern Hard Rock MAPLE BUY ALL OR ANY PART Equity FREE to reliable person TAKE ALL OR ANY PART. In eludes foam rubber llvlnn room , suile, wlno choir, tablet, lamps 2 bedroom sulles, drop leaf d n no room mite, automatic washer dryor combination. H-cublc too doublft-door roli-io. AM-FM stereo . HI-FI comblnotlon. This Is all top qualify merchandise and Is like NEW1 Sold originally for over W.IOa. Prc:er.f hc,!r.r.rc S1.5S3 tio down payment necessary. TAKE OVER PAYMENTS ON ALL OR ANY PART. Can be seen dally Mil 9 p.m.. Sat. 8, Sun. 'Ill 6 p.m. Dlr. Ask for Mr, Gavin, 5210 Long Beach Blvd., Lono Beach. ® « e 9 SEE AT HUB MANY REPOSS. . TRADE-IN GROUPS 3 Rrm. incl. Fron TV, $198 OUT OF STATE; ( RFIHIT OK SFIRViCEMi^N WFLCOMb TI:RMS UP TO 36 MO. HUR A I Q O ATI ANTIf** (Cor. H.ircfino, N.L.B.) SIMMONS SAMPLE SALE 30" hunk or shit ion wiigon mntts. Rcnular S14.95 _ 17.95 Rcnutvresl hcd divan-- ' "~ Pcgular S149.9S . _S79.v5 OHg. Simmons Hidc-a-Bcd. ?0 to choose from, floor snm- n!i". ns Ii, from J]39 95 BfMullful carved Ir.itJitlnrml sof.i, 9S", mat. covered foam nib- nrr. Llmllcd supply. Regular WOO __ ..Now 5219.95 INSURANCE FURNITURE 4700 Lono Bench Blvd. GA 2-7151 ALL BRAND NEW Rrturned from model homi» S rmv, compl. incl. ons ranee f, lor. family size n.'ornG rclrlp. Hal. due MSD.B8-- 550 down riellvivs. Oui-of-Stato Credit OK Sorvicomon Wolcoma TERMS UP TO r.6 MO. HUR MQfl ATI ANIT1P (cor. Hnrdlno. N.I .B.J P P I E C E living room group. Com- plcio tncludcj divan {modern), In Icna hcnvv nylon frlcre with carved leal Piittern ( rose be oe. . /.Pitching mnslcr chnlr, Alr-tonm revers.blr cushion, 2 Nev.W.',.ir walled step end tables. Malchina coffic tatifp. Gorgeous large tfl tamps. Relumed from show nu. Brand new. B.iinnce all S19/.3A or pnymcnls S9.25 ucr month. PeJrr- fon's, 5390 1.. H. Blvd., N, L. B. Days, eves 8. Sun. SACRIFICE Glvlnfl un, olvlny biir k, going chair, lablos, l.vups, brauiff j charcoal bedroom set, seamM bedrorvii set, bunk teas, c.irpct- Irln, rilnlna rm. srt, 195B sfove, G.h". ? door re'riijcMlnr, nulomnl c w^ner. TV. B«l. S796, pav 53.56 week. Mrs. Thorp. bJf V,'. 4th St., Husband Left- Gninci home; must spit custom snf.i f. th.ilr, tcihlcb, l.ttnp^. brn · liful rh.ifronl ticrironm scf, sr.i- nii'.t bcdrom set, bunk beds, c a r - rcNng, dming rm. set, 1953 ifove, G.E. 2-dr. rcfrln.. nutonin c worrier. TV. 5^96, rav 53.^6 ivrrkr. Mil. Tliorp, 509 \V. ^th St., Santa An.i. floedl, f f e l o h t clnlm spilled, oirk uu oflvmcnts of SMS week v. Leonard's, 52M Long Bench Blvd. PRIVATE: p.irlv sell nil or part 3 rrns. near new modern furn. SALEM mnnio ^-noster tv;in bed wllh canopy matching nig it strtnd. 575. GA 4-OU5 KITCHEN dinette set, 3 mos. Also misc. Item-,. Reas. 675 E, 6fh 6 RMS. bcnutltul mahognnv furn., dranes, etc. Dv rm. group, or Furniture for Sale 73 Furniture Returned MODEL HOME FLOOR SAMPLE NOW! BUY FURNITURE I SAVE to 70% ; 10 DELIVERS 3 ROIJMS * 1 flft -1 COMPLETE..... JitVlr Buy Furniture Di*Dlnvcd Onlr for Lcis ROOMS X'ftflD ·* COMPLETE...., -»«»·» Years to Pay NO BETTER TERMS ANYWHERE OuNof.StaM Credit OK Hollywood Modern *M«7 \ B'J ^^ Included! "W«T CoaM l.«ro«t for Ccmplote Groun Outlits" Se« Our 1 nrnc Oisolflv Compflrcl Solf Service Fnrnlfiiro Slnrl 5»74AiIauic Open 7-9 -- Sunday 1 0-4 NORTH LONG BEACH \ 3 Purni»ur« for Sai« 7 BRAND NEW EASTERN HARD ROD » MAPLE n PAY NO MONEY Pick up payments of S849 p -, week, next payment due Marc 2 I960. BUY ALL 0." ANY PAR Orlolnal price SI.V76 on thlj e V qnMIc (urnltyre. Present bolnn J1W2.50. 8-lt, custom loam ru her sola, hloh bnck wing cha 2 mould step end tntjlei, map 1 cofteo Inhle, 1 lompJ 8. shade j High poster bed, de luxe be i, soring Innersprlng m^ttrci :, nlte st«nds, large maple Mr. t Mrs. dresser wlih mirror. Mao dining toble, 4 mnlchlng chair maple hutch. 2 rugs, fancy pillow and pictures, j NO MONEY DOWN ! WAREHOUSE at County Fa 1 Monte Shops. TO -82 17212 BELLFLOWER BLVD. (1 blk. N. ol Artosla Blvd.) c Onen Mort. FrI, Nights, Sun. 12 FOR SALE REPOSSESSIONS MADE BY TIMES CREDIT CO. SEVERAL 4- «, 5-RM, GROUP WCLUDING v 8-PC, modern living room s with cocktail tables. en tables, lamps shndcs. y 8-pc, BR. set with dble. drcs er mirror, lull or tw n slz headboard, box springs mat / 5-pc. dlnotle sef, sovera color A, shapes to choose from. / 36" Roper ranoe cross-to Frtgldalro refrigerator. Totnl price IncludliiB delivery Groups on display at Warehous 5351 ATLANTIC, !..B. For Info GA 2-5329; NE 6-274 All merchandise sold on guaror teed exchange basis. Ooen Daily 9:30-9 Sal. 9:305. Sun. 11-5 V FREIGHT CLAIM SETTLED Insurance Freight Atlowanca All NEW 6 Rooms $424. O'Kccfe Deluxe Ranoe, AutomatI 14' retrlg. Automatic washer. 21 Console TV 2 complete bedroon sets-- modern maple Includin box springs and maifresses. 7-pc Do luxe Dinette. Custom made foam rubber living rm. urouu Also fables, lamps A ruos. Item can be purchased separately. Lib cral terms. SAV-ON FURNITURE 5921 Atlantic AVG., L B Ooen Sun 11-5; Dally 9 to 9 3"ROOMS~COMPLETE Including refrigerator range bedroom icf, living room ID w/all accessories and dinette ail-now refrigerator and range (ujod), but in A-l condition ali for only-$399 v $30 down and then only $3.9£ woo lr. LONG BEACH FURNITURE EASTERN MAPLE Golnp back Fast. Sickness forces me to give up my 5 rooms o furniture appliances. Full ba ance 5589. Take over pnvmrnts of 32i5.BO a month. Group con slsls of O'Kcele A Mcrritt range wilh orldd'o aid hl-lo broiler, b'o 2-rioor refrlncrator, 5-pleco din Ino room sot, 2-picce llvino room . set, end tables, coffee table, anc (·imps. hlgh-Dostpr hcrlroom scl complete; also twin beds, A furniture In excellent condition. Will separate for Quick sa e. In storaoo at 6092 Atlantic Ave , NLD RELEASE ME Of My Responsibilities Going back fo service. Left my t rnomi of modern furniture A appliances stored In Lono Rcnr.h. Responsible nooplo c^n take over rnv pnvmrnt^ ol 516.67 month, balance S747.35. Dlr. Hothlno fi'e bio cross-too rctrlo., c washer, 21" TV, ruo, v.icuum cleaner, 5-pc. d:nctte set, ll-clrce (vino mom sel, 4-pc. bedroom set, bunk bedi And boy. blkp See at No. 3 Warehouse, 60S6 At- Iflntlc Avr., 1 nno Beach GA 3-2533 Also 6-rm^ Gl homi for sala or rent. SEE AT HUB Kcposseiicd 5 rnn. comnl., In- cludlno 11 PC. llv. rm., 8 pc. brri- room, mflnlp bunlvs compl wilh springi, mattress t* chest, 5 nr. o nc tc, rnngo S, reirio. Bal. dui J3??.95-- 5-10 down. *4.50 wcfk OuI-pf-State Credit OK SERVICEMEN WELCOME Rnr.ARDLPSS OF RANK ^ERWS UP TO $36 MO. HUB-6190 ATLANTIC (cor. Hardlno, N.L.B ) ·/- PUBLIC NOTICE -'·; Furnifurs Appliances NEW AND USED Everything Will Be Sold Building For Leaso 4 5 ' x l 3 0 ' 1900 E. ANAHEIM S*'7 Furniture A, Apniinrr FOUR MODL'L HOME~GROUPS ust returned to Hub Furniture's Irtrgcst wrtrclioust store. Prices sl.isticd for ouick sn!e. All furn. 1 kc new. Used tor display on v Complete outfMj lor enHrc nt"rc frcm S3S3 to 5733. Small mon h V pavmcnts. Save hundreds of riol- Ifirs on cdch oroup. ScecndHpi.Tv at HUB Furniture, £06 S. Lono __Deach Blvd., COMPTON. USED AND REf'OSSFSFD I-urn!tijfo, ruos A applinnccs G A R G A I N PRICES! New furniture A nnplfancn AIL AT DISCOUNT PKICFS McKINUrY'S GE 3 5 6 W 3430 E. Pacific CnflM Hwv Ocen dailv V to 6 -- t-ndnv 9 In 9 of furniture. Lvervthino for 5- »°? m o-, housp - pxc ciient cond. Ba . 5473.22. Pay S1.31 per wk. See a Hub, 604 S. Lono Beach Blvd. Lonioton. aood urn. Incl. complete liv. rm. bcdrm. dinette. Bal, S14S.33. 8M I s L n PCf Wl( ' SCC W t Hub ' LIVING rm. sets, 5W.85; dint-ties, 539.65; bedrm. sets, S69.8S; sorinos, maMs., tables, lamps, etc. Leonard's, 5264 Lono Beach Blvd co. has " mis. furn Incl stove, rcfrio. Call Mr. Bowers, Dlr r62.1, GA 3-49J5. 55.95 EA., Innersprlng mattress, box springs, R A F Transfer unclaimed Storaofl Outlet, 1131 Gaviota. HE 7-645S Furniture for Sale 73 ; FINANCE CO, Will turn over H groups J of furniture ; and appliances, with · TV sets, for Just the j balanca dun to any · i reliable party. ! ; LOT No. 4 1 i 3 r o o m s nf furniture. Llvma r o o m, bedroom ' 1 nndk'fchcn. Rylance due | $19R. Ju^t tflke over Priy- mefits, Si.fSO prr week. f LOT No. 11 ' t , 5 r o o m s of furniture. ; ; Like new. Used less than 1 ! i B monlh. Orloinal cost ' i ' S528. Now $538. T a k e over payments, $2.50 ocr · week. ' j LOT No. 62 5 da luxe rooms of furnl- tur* with ranofl and refrigerator. Tables, lamp*, | t ruoi, pictures, etc., etc.- · ' ' Mow o n l y i-!3fl. Tnke ! j ; over payments, $3.87 ccr j ; ; week. I Many other items, too j numerous to mention. No money down. Out- ' of-stafo credit OK'd immediately. ! LINCOLN · v Warehouse Outlet [ 1 «M Norlh Hflwlherrrt Blvfl. t [ . Hawfherna (Cor. Hind St.) [ fTM^--- -- , , . 1! 3 Furnlturt for Soit 7 c B F TRANSFER STORAGE OUTLET «· TWO WAREHOUSES . -' FULL OF *· USED FURNITURE J* Bedi J3.I 1' Innersorlng malt. __,,_ $5.1 e rhp^t T 57 fl ^ ncfrl^erAiorf from J79.' * Dlnetl? Sels ._..., from $14.9 « c Rotlaway. comDleii $'4.9 5 Rrirrn KM, rnrnpl, ., , S39.9 J Can't List Everythma Optn Fridays 'til 9 _ Terms J 1131 GAVlfJTA HE 7-MS NEW* Danish type secretary 1 hutch combination. 1 Chest o drawers, walnut finish. Call Jin Lewis, TE 5-4703. s Furniture Wanted 7£ i TOP PRICES · PAID! 5 One Dices or a houseful Estates, business Inventory, lurn v lure (n sloraoe. \ REPP MOTT, INC. I 2501 E. Anaheim GE 9-02T WE buy used 1 Vs, waatiers, re 9 frlgeralors stoves. Call AA HE 6-3240 QUICK cash for houseful or par furnllurc, appliances, tools mlsc Kari's HE 5-289 * BEST orlces paid for good furn Call B B Furn. before you sell 2100 H. Ananclm GE 4-061. WANTED-- Piano. Prefer Sulnet o Grand. Will pav cash. TO 2-2/BO Ann's, 16517 Lkwd. Ph. ME 4-OJS7 Household Appliances 78 · SALE guarantee 54 1 Kclvlnator, i'/a cu. ft. relrio., 1-vr 3 guarantee ,, $7 Frigldnire, 7 cu. It. refrlg. v/ilr · cross-top freezer, 1 yr. ouar. S9 Holooint 8 cu. ft. refno. wi t s cross-top freezer, shelves or door, left hand door. 1 yr guarantee _ _ $11 Fnoldal''c, 9 cu. ft. dc luxe refrlg with true cross-top freezer, nnc automatic dcfros), roll-fo-VOL shelves. In excellent cond. 1-vr guarantee _. $14 GE 11 cu. ft. double door refr q. Fngldalrc, Imperial" jate mode washer, like new. 1 yr. ouamn Mavtao renosscsscd aulomatlc washer. Used 4 monlris. New guarantee. Installed _. J14 HILL'S W50 Atlanlic. GA 3-24PO; GA 3-7078 OPEN EVENINGS TILL 9 SALE -- KLPRIGTRATORS-- SALE NORGE DE LUXE 13 cu. ft. 116 tif. top frtcicr, 10 cu. ft. frost- ree food compartment, sliding shelves, door shelf. Regular S4S9.95 now $259.95* "When you use your old rcfrlo- cralor as down, Ihcn only 512.96 monlh buys Ml Lowest prices In town on rcfr 0- cralors, washers, dryers. Navy Credit OK New Ion R A K C R ' S APPLIANCES ?th f. P.icific Ht 7-3974 A Mcrritt oas range. Rcfrlgcralor de luxe. Has separate cross- op freezer, defrost, roll-out she f, porcelain crisper. Ranno CP model dc luxe. IHuorcafent light, bin 24" ovc'i, chrome broiler in oven, ccn'rr s'mmcr burneri. Rcpos- scwcd. Bnl. both 5777.EI or ns- s«ie psvnicnts 510.-)3 per mo. They will deliver. See at warp- house, i390 L. B. Blvd., any time K. Sun. TEN Dollars down will deliver n rc- condilioncd rctrlgrrnlor, automatic was'ier or dryer to your home. Check our prices terms, HOME SERVICE CO. Appliance Specialists i'nco 19:6 5100 E. d!h SI. OE 9.IW5! GENERAL ELECTRIC Rclrlccrrttori «utnmatlc wajheri 5% ABOVE COST ABOVE WHOLESALE COST. EEGHTOL'S FURNITURE 7372 W. Willow HE 76010 GUARANTEED-- USED nunnriuM ud» rirvcr ,... . JYH v.'cstincliouio rlect. dryer t/3 /.'.tinloomcrv Ward, A-l 57S Whirlpool autom. washer . SbS Or sio down 510 mo WESTERN APPLIANCES 5201 L.B. Blvd. GA 3-M74 KlOViNG. Will sacrifice 12 cu. "fti aulcmallc Phllco refrlg. Cross-top freezer ^ automntic Roper rnngn, liKe new. Private pty. HE 6-603 after 6 p.m. FR 10 1 DAlRE~rcTrig?r9 cu ft. Diftl detrosl. Xlnt. cond. SS9. Lge. veg- cl.ible crisncr, mp«t tr.iv below ccnler frcoicr. 1B25 E. 7th. RFFRIG.-- Cross-top freezer, S75; Ma v tag auiom. washer SSO: ranpc Cherry. GA 2.5009. 22-FT. ct-.fst-tvnc dcepfrccie, ilke now, S1SO; 4-lt. dccw frccro, 550. Both Kt'oOoii s 59J1 Ldetrv. G4 2-500B APT. f.nilly refrlrj., S39; autom. washer, $65. Recond. ounr. COAST APPLIANCES 128 E. Mac. Cst. Hwy. HE -M3« KITCHEN mr-co delivered a n- A'.cKINNtY'S, 243Q C. Prtrtl.c Const Hwv. GE 3 SW4 SfcRVICL'MfTfJ establish your credi , SIO dov.n on washers, IVs, other flppllcvucs. A A App!lanr.p% 715 Long fic.irh Blvd. HE 6.32JB. "RENT WILL APPLY"" Stoves, Wti'hcrs, rclrios. TV AA Aopl., 715 L. D. B!. ME 6 3?4B P R I V A T E party sacrifice late mode door. 12-cubic-M. Freezer cross- top, roll-out shelves. GA 4-6116. 5B5. Lrg. Noroe, $50. Prlv. party. 7031 E. 7th St. HE 2-2591. FREE New Admiral Dishwasher wilh purchase of I960 Revco 21' refrlo. comb. Dlr. GA 7-6380. FRlGIDAIR~r -30" rlec. ranoVr "fu~ size oven, Derfcct cond. $50. HA 9-4?83. NICE 7-CU.-FT. RFFRIG -- $69 DON DAVIS APPLIANCES W9.95 LACH. Stovs f. retrig B F Transfer, unclaimed storaoe outlet 1131 Gaviola HE 7-6458 KENMORE autom. washer w f t h 9 U ?Od4 i ' l '' Cr ' ° d ' C0nd ' W5 ' HA MUIHOINT eiec. rflnae. Like n^w. ·410 E. Ocean, Ant. -i. STOVfT. $15; rofrlosrator, S35. Good ^condition. JE 5 73/1 USED stoves f. reTrlg. 529 S. UP _ -canard's, 5264 Long Beach Blvd. SbRVEL rt-Ir'o. S, Norge "stove, S50 GE 92557. Call bet. 5 7 pin' GE RANGE. 30" Oven, deluvr features. S150. GE 1-BB76 REFRIG. w.inlcd -- Hlo'ifit caih working or not. "Ben" HE 6-2336. Musical Instruments 79 1 Applies to low purchase price. Pianos Organs 79-A FAMOU?i~Jflnss~crrp!7no~orQcinr~ 2 Instruments for the pnte of onp Gl HNH'S PIANO A ORGAN *hnn 5 SS I..D. Blvd. GA 7-iMO ' Open Monrifly A Frld.w 'til 9 i Di;ALtR~ for Estcv, Kinsm^ i Thumbs organs . . . Janssen, i Kehlcr A C.vnnhrll, V/inter [^;,^no^ I Ol ENN'S PIANO ORGAN Shoo $155 L.n. Blvd. GA 75MO Open Monday f. F-ridrtv 'til 9 4FW ThfimM hi-fi sterco"~o'rban comh. «( co^t, SA45. GLENN'S PIANO ORGAN Shop 5155 L.B. Blvd. GA 55640 Open Monday A Friday 'til o Studio piano. BRAND NEW FTO £'A°' * ORGAN Shon 5155 L.B. Blvd. GA 2-5440 Open Monday A Friday 'til 9 "JEW 88-note So!nef. ONLY S.195" GLENN'S PIANO ORGAN Shop 5155 L.B. Blvd. GA 2-5640 Orcn Monday A Friday 'til 9 V U R L I T / L R orgnn, excellent con- ftfion. Can HA 9J179 Mtrr 5 p.m. Mnn. thru Fri._All d-iv A Sun. VU ^ L I T / E R fhftrd Oro,in7~]~yr~o!f1 Chorrywood. Xlnt. cond. HF 3-WW ! _nftcr A weekdays or A Sun. UPRIGHT P I A N O -- "ilOO S f f a t 3 0 0 1 W . 1 9 t h S t . OP C*s!i r.i^u for Any~ F'lflnn · RfdrVdirss of cr-no. TO 7 KSJ | PIANOS"'winted Ca^h o",vd Any . m.iv.c, model or cond. GA 7-53R7. ! /ANT Uvc't Stcmw.iv Gr.i.ndi" pnrt , j.ised SPinerv Nea^r-- HF A 4?9A rASH-- FOR ""GOOD "pfANO OR ORGAN. DLP. GE 47457. ! °fANO, urnoht, creel cond. Prl- v»r« party. GA 7-5994. OP Orlrp^ na!d for vour old Dla^o, *r,y cond. GA 2-5610 t Pianos Organs 7f- Rental Sate Special S9 month rents new Wurlltz 68-nott tplntt piano. · Used electronic organs: J15X Lowrey now M?5; SI 235 Wurlltn 2 in-1, now 5395; P«q. J835 Thomt --2 only-- 5595; 5)020 Mammon J745; 1130 Magnus, S77. Many used spinet pianos. Story Clark, Gulbiemcn, Wurlltzer, (ro 32/5. SIO down, 5)2 month. 13 poor 1 orand plnnos. Knab 0 Klmall, Wurlltzer, Monarcti, tro 5 5395. Pay 512 month. i 11 oood upright studio spine 5 type pianos from $125. Good co I 8 piano accordions 5245-*400 nev n now only S?9-S150. Play perfect s McCRERY's i 3M Pint, Lono Beach HE M2 Oocn Monday K, Friday nlohts PIANOS West's Finost Seloction . WINTFR, ESTEY «. CABLE 8 All Styles Colors STORY CLARK, LESTER · Many floor samples, save S200 ! CONN ORGANS America's Finest Electron c Many other makes. Bio savings FOLK'S 7119 N. Lono Beach Blyd. Complon. NE 20488; NE 5-6022. Week days 9-9-- Closed Sunday "Serving Music Since 1918" PIANO SALE-- GRAND. Baldwin (ref.) was 51795 S129 Vose Sons, was J995. 579 Bchr Bros., mahog., was M95 S52 . Story Clark, 5'4" was S895..M9 Used oronn fmm «i HUMPHREYS 130 Pine Avc. HE 6-429 BALDWIN . PIANOS - ORGANS Rent 8, irv Before vou Buy E-Z Terms Special Savings on Floor Mode RUSSELL PIANO CO. 4431 Atlantic GA 3-644 HAMMOND O R G A N S , SP ne Few Used Pianos. " Pf C " HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIOS OF LONG BEACH 2183 Lakewood Blvd GE 9-091B BRAND NEW SMALL STUDIO PIANO $399.95 _ PLUS BLUE CHIPS AT ESTERN'S 3344 E. Pacific Coas Hwy. -- open Eves, a Sunday PIANOS rented, houoht, taken In rade tuned, repaired. Always oood use Instruments for sale //OREY'S MUSIC STORE 342 Pine Ave. HE 6-292 THOMAS Spinet Organ, bench In eluded. Brand new organ ouar nntcc. Very tew hours of play S395 full pries, plut Blue Chic st.imos nf -ESTERN'S, 33« E. Pacific Coas Hwy. Opon Eves Sunday. HAMMOND ORGANS Used M-2. Also used M-3 with guarantee, CALLAGHAN MUSIC __334 Atlantic Ave. GA 7-7iCi PRACTICE PIANO from S49 GLENN'S PIANO ORGAN Shop SI55 L.B. Blvd. GA 2-5640 Opon Monday Friday 'til 9 Radio Television 80 WE RENT TVs $ 1 0 MO. UP ALEXANDER ELEC. GE 3-7468 ZFNITH combination record p a v e r 21" television, low boy, i ew tct gunroiilcc. Assu-ne pavmrn s ot per month, plus B ue Chip stampi at TSTERN'S, 3344 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, Open Eves ft Sundays. KhMUTE control 21" table model TV, like new. Fully ouaranterd, full Prlcfl 5135 pluj Bluo CM p St.irnns fit-- rSTCRN'S, 3344 E. Pacific Coas Hwy. Open Eves A Sunday* "m,h S ^ LV «ofl1 Vi dr ' C ° nSDe ' BERGMAN TV-HI F' 4307 Monlair HA S-19/1 RENT A TV -;,RENT WILL APPl Y * _ A A APPLIANCES HE 6-3248 StRVICEMCH e^lnbllsh your ctcd t $10 d^/n on v/a:rrri, TV:, c!^r- nppllanccs. AA Appliances, 715 Lono Bench Blvd. HE 6-3248 MATHES walnut hl-(i stereo, regular J3P9.95 ..,, _ _ . at 5259 B f. W TV, 5205 E, 2nd GE 9-6665 USED TVS, only $2.50 weekly. Ful y Brach Blvd. HE 6-32-V. NU TV pic tube, SI per Inch. Tab e model*, consoles, portables. Al QU.irnnlepd. From S29. GA 2-3568. F 8. M r.idlo (tomp.) J?9 95 AUDIO CRAFT. 2738 E. 10th. TV'RENTALS $6 MO. Ui 5 Beach TV 225 E. 4th. HE 6-5633 , MUST SELL 17" TV. Good cond. Guar. $39. GA 7-353B or GA 9-2754 21" MUNTZ CONSOLE, S49 95 B W TV, 5205 E. 2nd GE 9'-6665 TV RENTALS-17" 21" CAPRON T\'. 6252 L B. Blvd. GA 2-1063 '5? FCKTA'GLE Adm;rii"i~ir' r ~i'v\ Bit-In antenna. Rcfls. TO 7-6620 21" DUMONT-- IV. Birch console Good cond. Very teas. HA 1-2188 21" RCA CONSOLE HE 2-9866 W r i on A BASS reflex socakor enclosures, Stereophonic 80-C ADAIR'S BARGAIN ISLAND SALE TERRIFIC BARGAINS MAYTAG DELUXE automat c washer end deluxe electric mMchlna dryer, repossessed, ust like new. Used only short 1imc. Washer, regular 4389.95, S27S Dryer, regular J309.95 SI98 New 1 year Guarantee O'KEEFE .V.tRRITT deluxe oas ranoe. Used, but excellent condition; automat c even, clock, llfiht, griddle, coo - cnnlrol pnncl, disappear ing shelf, orillovfllor, flriiust,ib!e tiroiicr. Sold new @ $399.95 Only __ ,, $us t.\nnv other terrific barpalns In uset! washers, rcfrloerators nnd rflnors; iilso stereos, Hi- Fi A televisions. V;E GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMP. ADAIR'S BARGAIN ISLAND WO E. 7lh St. at AlamitosHE 2-4481 TEREO Columbia phonoorapf^. S39.50. Rlcharmc, 1654 E. Anaheim. ladio Television 80 mun: uimmmiimMmMiM.m .muMnmnj I USED TVs I ilZ'/Y 1 $OO OC ! | Packard-Bell ^7.73 i i ^ n L j B ,, 49 VS * I't" S/IQ QC f J Admiral 17.73 | = 17" $00 OC i ' Zonllh 7/.7D I i Admiral 77.7D | -- *AII in Ercellcnt i 1 W 0 rt!r5 Condition ! f Privilcgo on New TV \ \ McMahan's 1 I FURNITURE : j STORE \ ' 1 317 Long Beach Blvd. \ HE 2-5-144 1 I | Open Mon. NIKt 'til f \ : | i-re* Pitrlf A Shop ? : j i Rear or stort = . = Diwntown Sler* Onl/ I s HI-FI 10-J NEW Walleniok lapi recorder I13 1 STBELMAN prfrf recorder ill NEW Thoreni 124 turn tabl* S69/ NEW Garraru E3 chanDer W9.9 1,200 ft. Scotch recorder tap* $1.4 NEW 10 watt stereo amplifier M NEW jtereo changer w/cart, $2- NEW Plckerlna 3/1, carlrldpe 5 NEW Stephen* 15" speaker W9.9 HEW Stephens 8" speaker $21.9 Roblk Electronics, 6535 Orange GA ?-35es HA 9-2/5- ZENITH combination record playe 21" lelevljlon, low boy, nev set ouarantee. Assume payment of 510.50 per monlh, Dlus Blu Cnlp Stiimpi at _. ESTERN'S, J344 E. Pacific Coas RCA-Vlclor 17" T V comb, radio record player. Good cond. WI sell or trade lor table mode TV GE 9-7354, TV Radio Repair 81 NbW PICTURE TUBE SERVICI $10 DOWN-- 510 MO AA ADD). 715 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-33^ Ed's TV. GE 9-M34; GE «-357 IMMEDIATE TV SERVICE 57. No fix, no pay. Eves. GA 9-1790 1007i, GUAR. SERVICE CAl LS S3 _JorVlj TV, 1518 E. 4th. HE 7-69* HONEST Service. Call 52 by Japg nesc-Amerlcan. Mas TV. HE 6-291 Sewing Machines 82 Rentals Repairs SEWING MACHINE EXCHANGE 943 Pine Ave. HE 6-497 PARKS SEWING MACHINE 5341 Lono Beach Blvd. GA 2300 PORTABLE Premier, nil attach ss.VE'^r- "°° or "" Office Sup., Equip't. 84 machine. SI 1.44 mo. GA 2-048 Livestock 8C clsed dally. Also training. SAM LINE8ERRY, MANAGER 3720 Golden Ave. GA 7-175 RENT or lease room (or 2 horses some pasture. UNderhiil 5-2716 REG. Standard bred marc, pacer REG. Anous callle. 1 steer, 2 hell crs 10 Holsteln heifers. JE 7-4/0 Pefrs 91 THE DOG HOUSE Pet Shop Boarding Kennef 11957 C. Carson UN 5-2244 REGISTER NOW KING'S PET SUPPLIES 1165 E. Pac. Cst. Hwv. GA 6-782 , BY PHYLI IS GIBBONEY L.B. SEED PET 2550 L.B. Bl 1 PAIR misted, Half-Moon Parrots or would trade for love birds 22006 Arlenc, Arfcsla. POODLE PUPPIES ! U A P fLANT,CTM° DLE E«0% DACHSHUND, AKC rsg. 16 mos old, Male, red, house broke. HA 5-6606. AKC German Shepherd puoo. Trms FINLST Tropical Fish. The Reef 2615 E. Alondra, C.mptn, NE 2-486! HA 9-0092 affpr 6 p.m. AKC registered wirehaired puppies. I'M such a darling toy cocker. DAvis 9-2116 POODLES for sale. 550 up. 10817 Rosccrans Ave. ( Norwalk. CHIHUAHUA pups. Dachshund pups, AKC, studs. TE 4-9360 TOY POODLE. GA 7-7207 PUPP'ES Wanted for Cash! 10331 Lono Bch. Bl., Lvnwood LO 9-744B DACHSHUND puppies chump stock 8 weeks. AKC. GA 2-7137. COLLIE pups, AKC. Mother, father? S5-SIO. UN 4-0835 POODLE PUPPIfcS 3326 E. ANAHEIM CUTE puppies -- $5 HA 9-31B6, 23322 Elaine, Arfcsla. DACHSHUND pups. AKC. 2 ma cs, 1 red, 1 black. TO 1-3694. POODLE puppies. Pens. Also stud TINY Toy Pom. puppies S, champ. WIN. Schnauzcr pups stud serv- ke. TOpaz 2-4013. Cottape Pet Shoppe. 7W 3-6417. Hotels Motels 97 WINTER RATES 112 WK., 1 PERSON, 515 FOR 2. ALL ROOMS WITH BATH Coffee shop, TV, downtown. SCrtviFW HOTEL 541 W. SEASIDE BLVD. HE 7-6461 week. Ants., 570 to J35 per week. Seal Motel, 212 5th, Seal Bench TWIN- INN HOTEL -- 1653 Santa Fc 57.50 wK. UP. ''leom hi., free pk. Rooms flt rens. prices. HF 2-9157. HOTEL GRANT 57, 58 week. Maid service. 117 ,V. 3rd. HE 7-9790. 1.50, 52 UP WK. RATES. DNTN. HARdOR HOT^l.-- TV, rntev 513 Harbor_J3L,_SBn_Pedro TE 2 90S2 ODERN apt., also sleeping rmi. 127 W. 5th on alley. HE 2-7345 55-510 WEEK. Maid Service. Clean. 700 W. Ocean Fllvri. Hf7 7-9762 Rooms for Rent 98 ACH. APTS -Centrally loc., poo, wk., mo., rates. Also sleoplnn rms. 515 UP. 1777 Cherry, cor. Hwy. 101 AHOR HOTEL-- jfiTsa "UP" "MEK TV lobby, k i t . Privll., pleasant Rms. 117 Bonnie Brae. HE 7-9321. LOVELY frbnl~room. paFk view", l.ncns furn. See Peie in Rm. 2 upstairs. 930 Maine Ave. TE 1 2293. Cl FAN ' rm arfl. bath, on ocean. NICE quiel int. in p'iv, home. Good loc., 43S4 Tim. GA 3-6718. DHTN.-58. Hskog., prlv. cntr., wtr. shvvr., ph., prko. 1200 Alamltos. 57. ROOM, kitchen urlv. Men only. 533 W. 61 h St. S9 WK. Rm. with sink. Parklno incl. Man only. 937 Atlantic. ATTRACT, qu'.ct rm. with gar ape. Emovd. ocnlleman. GE 3-M3A shower. 2607 E. 14lh. FRONT Adi. bnlh. Priv, Cloie to Douolas LBCC. HA 964/6. BEL. SHORE. Prlv. cntr. balh. S1J.SO wfc. MA Clarcmnt. GE 3-4179 ATTENTION, Men. Clean rm. Close RM., nr. ocean, tub shwr., out- HSKNG . WARM, CLEAN. MAN. HOT «, cold water In nice rm., kit. orfvil., pvt. enrr. 600 CEDAR. 58 8. SIO WK. Nice room. Prlv, cntr. Rcfnti. Gents. 2?S W. 8th HE 5-47?5 "PRIV. rntranrr. Nice for rrNnhle Room and Board 100 HUNTINGTON HOTEL 1290 E. OCEAN BLVD. ROOM, with private tile bath riiiilv maid *«rvlcc; nlMi Inrludes choice of our 95c club breakfasts A (Jioite of dll aur 5?.20 dinners, SS 90 per day. Two people, room with bath, includmo meals, 58.30 Pf day This is not a boardina house, but a Boulevard Hotel. All rooms with private bath. We serve very pirce'lcnt food. Sneclal weekly rates 529.05 ner week UP Includlno erwations -- Phono HE 6-6253 RM. f. BD., 570 wk. Men, outside rntrance. lunrncj packed. SOUTHERN home, plenlv cl fonri. ?64rl Atlantic. GA 7-49?2 $ BOARD "room. TV, family style meals. Tt 5934? MEJ-tVO ^ Mh'N, nifi rm., lunches pkd. M»id icrv. Xlnt meals. HE_7_-9754 · ?nnM A rir-n"l f^r ndcrly Indv. Reasonable. GA 3-545?. ^ GIRLS-- ROOM A BOARD. MfN-B07~A RM7 THE BEST! TV. 730 ATLANTIC. § M'EN -- ROOM" t. BOARD 321 WISCONSIN i W O R K I N G Dirl wou'd like 1ft share 2 bdrm. homo with same. Nice t fenced vard. 1 child o.k. 1..B. nrt*. * Call Shirlev, work DA 3 433] » between 8 and 5. " fh.nre apt. Nr. City Colleoe. GA 5 7-I737 after 5:33. rVANT eiflcrly peniicr, lodv !o share I my home. Private rcc.-n. : REE room A board exchoe. for 5 wk. nlics bahvslttlnp. GE 8-9789. [ Duplexes and Flats 103 r ffL'RHlSHCD) SO---4-RM. UB.""Adulls. Fenced "yd. i 1902 Stanle7 Hfc :i-?4A Al-- l-Rrr'Sinnv, (" i "carT*A(Iults."23.i5 ' B C. 4t.1. Gli 9 7784. 75"UP-Lovply. Ige. ] fr ~Mr. "in- I fan! or teen o.k. 813 V/. 4th. I-BR! CLEAN. "GAS PASO. 5. S61. 436 W. 8th. HE 7-916B 75 -NR. BEACH. 1-BR. CfVnn. Utif ~ rd. Tot. Pfif. HE 6295? 57-- I-RR , bio vd., wtr. pd., child R e.V. 4i7fi Oawson. GA 7-OTV. 60-LG!=. 1 BR. UPF£R. BABY I O.K. 2159 E. 17TH. k Dupftxcs and Flats 10 9 BELMOHT~HGTS.-Exlra larg. a · Iractlve 1-br. -f wall bed. Ctose t ; all-- uliool, bu» Itnt, shoopin ' center. 3618 Vermont. GB 4-005 a Seo-- Triplex, 1 Br. newly deco i Gas water pd. Fr«« washe. J patklng. Baby welcome. 185 · Junlnero. "IT'S A DOLL HOUSE" i Mir. Belmt. Hts. Ideal for voun r cole, or sg'e. Mdv. GE 3-2885. ,, 222 (B) TERMING » Bf2L. HTS., 3 rms.. adlls., no pets i Nicely (urn., furnace, washer J I 3105 Marnulla. GE 8 636( i BELMONT HEIGHTS 1 Bedroom i oarsoe. 575 Adull! . 37? Lomn Ave. GE 8-B8W Junlpcro. No pels. 2W/i E. Stll GE -878l : 2-8DRM. rear duplex, oflr., prlv 1 5MW Vd ' m ' 2! ' 5 Gronscl8 - H ' i l 'l«?"TM w "i'. h ,r rm " ° dul "' no I " ls J55-CHARMING UODer sole. Immjc · J3ELMONT Shore 1 S. 2 bdrm. 570 ? 21 Roswcll. GE 0-1 595. - J71-1.BDRM., ntw oe luxe, dlso. '. washer. 1440 Dawson. GA 7-057 LARGE, BRIGHT SGLE. CLEAN 540. 829 DAISY HE 7952* S65--NICELY lurn. lower ilngle 1 Duplexes and Flats 1 04 \ (UNFURNISHED) SSO-Bclmont Park. 1-bdrm. and wall bed, adults. See Sat. or Sun or call 2J9.C Santa Ana Avc. | GE 8.8511 BEAUTIFUL modern 1-bcdroom I w / g a r . 2630 E. Carson, Dom n sues, or call GE 3-72.18 alter 6 p.m. BIXBY Knolls. New 2-br., llv. rm.. comol. elec. kllch., alr-cond. prlv. palio, Irpl., dining area. 5180 GA 7-3005, GA 7-3418. LOVELY l-bdrm., laroe yard, nea Jd pool, child O.K., 580. N.L.B. 112 F. tlth Way. (raced yd. children o.k. 1351 V/alson. 2-BDRM. uoper flat, unfurn Gar lor ant. Call HE 6-8227. 211 Car LARGE 1-br. lower, stove relrlo Lndry. rm. Disp. Fenced In yard 570-- 1-BDRM. REDGC Re(rio , disc p N .m AR HA M 9 A re35 C °- *- « - ' 1-BDRM. Duplex bachelor smal furn. house corner ol Fashion S. 587.50-- EXT R A-l oe. 2-bdrm. duo . uooer, wnlk-ln closet. Priv. Indry Garaoe. U53 Walnut, GA 7-1093. LGE. 2 B.R. uoper w/dln. rm. NEW sink, disc., oflnel htr, paint. Close In. Nr. Jr. HI. J85. HE 2-5794 WEST SIDE, 575, new 2-bdrm. dupl W/oar. 2355-A W. Lincoln. GA 3 250? WEST SIDE-- l-bdrm. Lge. fenced Vd. 2110 V/. Lincoln. HA 5-3174 den, L.B. or Ph. TWInoaks 3-0765 $65-- Eastslde, 1 Br., stove, relrio., autom wash'r. Child ok. HA 5-3466 _WR. 2-Br. A drn or 3-Bdrm. W-w, drapes, dlso., oar. 2510 Maoiolla. WRIGLEY, Ige. lower 2-br., clean. Adults. No 'pets. 5072 Chestnut. 590-5 ROOMS, carpeted, gar. Adits. No pots. 1501 E. 37th St. WRIGLEY lo. lower 2-br., clean. W5-UPPER 1-br., furnace, adults, Bel. Hots. Gar. avail. HE 5-3290. LG. 1-BR. upr., nr. bus. Adlls. S5S 829 Washington Place. HE 7-4344. 2-BR. Garaae. Children welcome 349.50. GA 4-13/7 575-- New deluxe l-bdrm. infan LOWERltTG rent for older (oiks, EAST L. B.-- Nice loc. Quiet. 1-Br. Uhl. pd Gar 570. GE 6-7322. NEW 2-Br. duplex. Garb, d so. Garnoc, $85. MEt 3-8610. BLL. SHORT, foe. 2-BR. lower, re- dec., garage. 104 Glendora. NLB. NICE CLEAN 1-BR. Ga- raoc. 562.50. Water pd. GA 3-1836. Furnished Apartm'nts 106 GORGEOUS SINGLES Heated pool. Bullf-ln bar, 3949 South St. (Dutch Village) J115-- LGE. modern luxurious 1 -bedim apt, POOL. Xinl. Blxby Knolls shopping, etc. Trans. 570--I.ARGE 1-br. Lower. Yard. Clean. Nr. bus. schls., park. E. side. Child o.k. 2635 Spauldlng. GE LARGE HEATED POOL New mod. 1-br., w-w crnt., drps., dlso. Bar. 5300 Atlanlic. GA 2-8931 1830 LOCUST 1-BR. Adults. No pets. Laundry SINGLE APARTMENT, 565 Largo rooms, rollaway bod, wal · to-wall carpet, modern furniture, adults, 3921 E. 1st. w/onrb. dlsp., swimming pool. Cor. Pioneer Carson, Ai lesla, 71615 Pioneer. UN 5-3553 7 Takc BR hlld! 72 10?4 E ' 17th ' DeolCV, VOO L.B. Blvd. HR 6-9751 BELMONT Heights-- Loc. sole. New mflole turn. New tile, cabs., oarb. d sp. Real nice. 111 Loma. FRIGIDAIRE, W/W CARPET. 941 E. Broadway, Aot. 6. Hfc 2-2661 LARGE 2-BR. $85 725 Oranpe Ave. GA 4-5438 LOS ALAMITOS, S55 mo. 1-Bdrm. intanl OK. i mm. to Douolas. 3597 Howard CT 9-?317 "LGE. SGLE., $45, UTIL." 1085 Hoffman HE 7-1750 TE 4-8261 Utll. pd. Wilmlnolon. 7£ 5-9391. 82? Marine Ave. 1336 HcMman, near 7th Orange. HH 2-0123, GF 4-2692. Baby o.k. BRAND new, mod. 1-br., sliding g iiis dooii, bar, dlsp., pull drps. WALK to Douglas or Clly Colleoe. 1-BR. upstair* apt. J75. 45B3 Carson HET A-7277 1156 E. 17th. HE 5-2305 HE 5-5467. $]·)-- WtfcK. Coiv Iwr. sgl. Adults. JJO-- SINGLE-- Util. pd. Adult. 1201 Dflwson GEI 9-51/5 BELiVl. Shore. Bcaul. mod. tingle flot. Rpa*. 130 Rovrrott. 3J4 Orange HE 5-1422 PATIO. 1135 XIMENO LGE. 1-BR, All utll. pd. Disp., washer dryer. 147? Cherry $60-1- BR. COTTAGE 2830 E. 11TH V;ilmlngton TE 5-1300 $JO-- SINGLE with bath kitchenette. Utils. paid. HE 6-60SO NAPLES-S47.50. Snug sglc. Man, Util. GE 9-2256 ntt. 7 p m . SGLE., 560. Dbl. 575; Indry. tacil. Child ok. 321 Golden, HE 5-J6S4. Pet OK. 1930 Cherry. S95-- Beautiful l-bdrm. Util. pd. Nr. ocean. Adults. No pets. 51 Nleto. /OTEL apts. rms., 515 wk. up. Also, day or mo. 822 Magnora. BELMONT Shore-- 20 Argonne, nice dOAUT. 2-Bdrm. L. 8. Blvd. New. JPPR. front" 1-br. Nicely lurn., unit 90 UP. Moaern 1-Br. Adlti. Gar. J avail. 817 E. 46lh St. BO-DELUXE 1 BR.-- lower, utll. nd. Adults. 64A Mollno. GE 4-4152. - .KWD. ?-BR Upper, washr., gar. 5125. HA 5-4405, HA 5-65/4. ; 4"?."50, SSI-- SGLES. Adults, Steam ~CB:-S67.50.~rbrT lilcs~8, wtr. pd. 1306 E. Jackson. GA 3-3181. · .ARGE 1-BR., CHILD OK. Ldry'. 5 fadl. Mr. schocl. 1633 Walnut. lEDEC. l-'Bfi 560. Ulll pd. Adiilt^. f 1122 Gladys Ave. HE 3-4?06. -RR. 560. Utilities paid. Belmont s Heights. HE 63193. FLMOtif Hts.-- 2-BR. Everything c furn. 5150 mo. GE 4-1271. 75^ELEGANTLY furn. 1-Br, Nr. ' Los Alamltos air base. GE 3-34J6 Adits. $50. Bkr. GE 3-5139. TTRACT. upper 1-BR., w/ou!l dn. C bed. 555. 1440 Atlantic. GA 7-3516 56--1330 Locust. Sg'e., ull!. paid. | 1 ndulf. Man prcf. GA 7-0646 r 5^ -- 1-BR. gnrags jipf., nr. Brond- way Rcdondo. Adults, ne 7-6276 ARGE 2-BR., «Uo sgie. Nr Blxby Park. n?2 Hcrmosa. ^ODhRN furnished }-f. apl- Storage space, disposal. 4435 E. Ocean PLR Dbl., 1/0; fllw~*o~MB56l up. Adits. Util. prt. 10EO Him. SS-RCDEC. Single. Utilities pfl.d. 1-1S6 CORONAOO 47.50--LGE. 'sg'e.'uti'l. pd. Adults. .14 J Ohio Gl: 9 3375 GA 2 9594 ' LL. "SHORE-rijdr." iipDfr~"rc,ir : . , Ch Id ok. J90. GE 9-7376 a)). 5 P m. ; 4S OR 5!?. 52 wk. 1-W. Frce" i Nr. itnrrs « \f*n. WS", [.. R Ri. ' 46-- VERY "ctcfln "apt ,~ util.." wshrii : adits. 5S5 GoMfn. HE 2-1345. """ ifioo E. "OCEAN--SINGLE «. DOUflLF, S50S75. CHILD O.K. EL. Hts., $77.50. 1 br. lower. Gas ?7 EA. 2 wMVs. Util. M. Lot. i naif. Aduiti. 28( Walnut. J Lont leach, Cilff./ Thurt., Feb. 4, 1»« INDEPENDENT --V : Furnishtd Aporhn'nfs 10 B ALAMITOS BAY FURNISHED J95 8 V Ultra t.^sm V Modern or Maple Furn. J V Tila Batfi Kitchen V Nr. Transp. Markets V Automatic Laundry .MARINA ARTS. Mgr. 5431-A Sorrento Dr. GE 8-6191 JUST ARRIVED? Looklno (or place to live-- Wf have sc nc o Ine finest 1, 2 3-Bdrm. mobll homei Irom MS to 100 ccr mo Comoletelv furnished. Call us (ron anywhere and we will be olfl to furnish transportation for vo to you. CALL BOB RODOERS MOBILE HOWE CENTER ARTESIA i ATLANTIC HE fr7965 NEW 1 -BEDROOM ft POOL HEATED ALL YEAR ftDE LUXE APTS. is FXTRA SPACIOUS PATIO « COOL HILLY EAST L. B. 1730 CORONADO (1 BLK. SO. 101 HWY.-- 1 BLK W. REDOHDO) DEER BAR-- W I T H 3 RENTAL UNITS. T E R R I F I C GROSS DON'T MISS THIS CHANCC M.500 DH. HANDLES EVERY THING. 3600 BUSINESS SALES 3400 L. B. Blvd. GA 0-137 $67.50 UP, BIXBY KM. LGE. Soles. 1-Br., newlv decor BANNER CIRCLE APIS. 1250 E. SAN ANTONIO DR. FLAMIGO APTS. Under New Management FURN. UNFURN. l-BDRM. LSE. POOL 1760 REDONDO 4256 LAKEWOOD BLVD Open 10 to 4. New, spacious 30 cs 1-Brs. Blt.-ln ranges; carpels ,oars. Close to Douolas NEW! LOVELYI 1-BR. APTS Beautifully furnished. Adults. No nets. From 5100 1579 CHESTNUT AVE. LOC-- PRICE-- CLEAN P rcsh oatnt! S75 mo. Incl. u Us urnished 1-BDRM. pulldown bed ·HB Orange, Ant. 1, Mgr. WS WEEK, SIOO mo., furn. 2 Brs S67.50. UNFURN. nr. freeway and Highway 101, Harbor Clly. 1316 W. Anaheim DA 6-7380 1263 VV. Annhcim DA 6-1145 $15 $16 Wk. Downfown Neat spies. Adulls. Utll. THE PLA7A 675 W. Ocean BELUFLOWER-- Near new 1-bcdrm apt. S79.EO, also 1 unfurn., w th stove rctrlo., 569.50. Vj blk. to BIXBY KNOLLS Bornt. large l-bdrm., hdwd., 1 1c hune llv. rm. dinetle. 1 blk super mkt. S89.M. GA 3-1570. HEATED SWIM POOL 1-BR. Pallo. BBQ. Belmonl Hots. 230 Termlno WESTMINSTER -- New 1-br. 595 W-w, drapes, bH-ln R0. Acrois froni shopg. cntr. TW 3-1133, TW J56-- LARGE, attractive sole., mod ern furn., cross-top retrffl., t Ic bath shower. Quiet, adits. 54[ E. Hth. BR. apis,, to 5115. Also some un furn, 21B5 FT. 21sf GE 9-6430 NLB-- 1-BR. Furnished Vacanf. Loc, clean rooms. Loe closets. Rent reduced, GA 2-dlll CLEAN, (urn. single apt. Kitchen A balh rm. Elderly or pension oiks only. Ph. HE 2-7255 or see 1097 BEIMONT HTS. 10TH TERMING Loc., nicely furn. private s nnie. tile bath kitchen. Adults. GE 3-4786. 1711 E. OCEAN 1-bcdroom 17? slnglo $59 .Child O.k. GE- 3-WM; HE 7-9574 SBO month. Child OK. See Mor., Apt, 6, 1S31 Magnolia, offer 3:30, $7 WEEK -- Clean, Single. Refrlo. Utll. paid. Washer and parking. 2305 Lemon GA 7-9070 ONE OF THE NICEST Fronl modern 1-br, apt. r walk o town, beach. 922 E. 2nd. POO). Pets accented wllh deposit. WA 3-3B12. DOWNTOWN sol.. Includes maid sorv. f. linens. Only *)/ week. _BILTMORE_Apts., _336_E. 1st St. OCEAN Iront. 1 nros ant. Sleroi 4. Util. pd. On bus, $65. Child o.k 1436 WALNUT-- 1-BR. Clean, util. Idry. Baby OK. «b-- 1 BR. upper, |dry., baby ok. GE 4-533B. BELMONT SHORE, modern 1-Bdrm. avail. Fob. 15 'A blk. to Dpnch. 50 Granada, Apt. "C." GE 9-8161 Lge. sote., utll. pd. 330 Rhea, No, 2 GC 0-1218. GA 3-23BO. i30 MO. UP. Complete hskpu. ants. Autom. wshr,, maid serv. Women 15 MIN. from downtown L. B. Beautiful l-bdrm., furn. J75. NE 1-2210. l-bdrm. apt., nicely furn. S70. GE 3-560X,' GE 8-6120 RENT up until June. $EO. Util. pd. Gardener oacnge. l-udun, GA 4-4907. 3649 Lemon. N.L.B.-- Paramount nr. Artcsla. Newly dec. 1-br. Nicely furn. Laundry ac. Ulil. Dri. Adits. 575. HA 1-636J BELMT. SHORE modern sole. S6S~ 118 Pro-.pcct. GE 9-7329 S4?. SO-- CLEAN 3-rm, Close In. Lady. Ground fir. Priv. cnt. HE 5-3794. S37JO-- SM., clean. 3 rm. Lndy. Pr v. cnt. Close In. Grnd. fir. HE 5-3794. blvd. with oarkino. MfT 4-2B54. BELMONT Pflrk" soleV "s/Si" Utll.'pd! 5300 The Tolrdo. GE 3-7098. 1829 Lono Beach Blvd. HE 6-72A5 LGE. 1-br. K. pulldn., child o.k., SI5 LOVELY CLEAN APT. ADULTS 1302 E. 3 R D NICELY furnished apt. S15 wk. up^ Child o.k. 1825 Cherry. $15 WK.,' $55 mo.r utit."pd.,~ch d. 925 Washington Place. GA 4-0065 $50 MO., "513 \VK. Kids OK. Util." pd. Clean, dntn. apts. 25 S. Daijy. nr. Blxby Pk. 1750 E. 3rd. Locust Ave., Ant. B, after 10 a.m. 2-BDRM. apt. SB7. Child o.k. upper. 2042 EAST PCH -Br. Children ok. 565 mo. GF, 3-4911 shwr. No cooklno- Ref. GA 4-71B9. W7.50--SINGLE/ "util." One person. Rear. 876 Mnonolla. 13--LGE. s.nple. T x t r * l«rae kltch. Clean. Lois closets. 1447 Rcdondo. BLMT. Sh. Sunny UD. 1-br., aulom. h!., wshr., oar. 26B Covina. ia;o ;v.' \VILLOW. siio. HE 7-768? BUNGALOW ants. S13~sf4 weekly. Incl. utils. 1965 Raymond. 70-REDEC. Dbl., ucr., Ig. closets. 045 Temple. GEI S-1903; GA 7-8 r «W 50-- 1-D R., Lo^y Beach, ? child, ok. nr. bus, schl. TE 5-2197. - ·85--WELL FURN. FRONT 2-RR. Apt. Like a home. Adits. 1050 Elm Dd. Children OK. 1551 Pacific. Close In. 812 E. 4th. HC 2-1857. 55--1- BDRM. Upper. Yard Child o.k. GE 3-2352. 3519 E. 10lh. 0-10 XIMF-.NO-- 570. Modern single. Garb, disposal, Near bus stores. TUDIO not. Newlv dccordlcd. $60. i Ufi s. nd. 21RO Elm. ICE, clean sing'le." Very c'oie In. j For mid-aned cnle. HE 6499B. 60-- t-HR", baby OK, mm. utiC, f vent, ht., no pets. GE 9-4135. OLORED A R E A . LOVELY 2~RR. 1 New. Adulls. S120. HE 7-76B/ 465 ELM-- Lob. soles, $15. UHl". f nn d. Take bnhy. HE 5-6093 XTRA-LGE. SGLE., newly decor. S 913 MOLINO OWNTOV/N BcllflOWCr, 1-br., $75 r mo. UN 5-3A17. urnished Apartm'nfs 706 1 New a nd De Luxe ! 1-Bcdroom Apfs. ' .xjff*'^ Furnished or ^*^ Unfurnished Ep ' ^§f * Swimming Pool TKwtK^*^ · Beautifully **ni«»' y Landscaoed * L1 - E1 - EC KlT R i C H EM N ESDALUON NO CHILDREN OR PETS Casa De Solana Apts. i 5)0 E. Ad«m» SI. ; (Hth nn Atlantic) Ftarn 6A l-MU Furnished Aparrm'nts 1 0 CHILDREN WANTED 2-BEDROOM APIS. ft Laroe Ward'ores, ·d Ortho A^ottresses. ir Laroe Kitchen. ft Disposal. , ft H cu. ft. Reirioerator. A Full Size Range, ft All New Furnljhlnos. ft Carport ft TV and Phone hookup, i ft Patio Sundeck t ft Playgrounds. * Immediate Occupancy i All For $100 Mo ' 6664 KNOTT AVE. LA 1-03 ' BUENA PARK New Sgle. -- Heafed Po THE SEA NYMPH 3020 MAR1QUITA (betw. 3rd Bdwy. off Oblspo ft Danish modern turn. ft FM music -n each apt. ft Outdoor Ivmg. ft Walking dist. lo bus, beach. Ph. GE 9-2591 GE 9-75 BELMONT Shorn. Living In luxury New furniture. Lsrge 2-br, ap large tlv. rm. A din. rm., ooo si« kitchen, garb, d'so., elcc. fa A heater. Very desirable bldg. location. $140 per mo. Adu t No pets. 60 Granada/ after p.m., Aof. 3. OPEN HOUSE Free Rent 'til Feb. I5fh Brand new de luxe l-bdrm. fur All custom features. W-w carne drapes, etc. $85 up. «31 Lon Beach Blvd., L. B. WA 3-21 THE CARIBE APTS. New 1-be(Jroi»m apts., attract vc furnished, healed swimming poo $96 per mo. 9903 E Dolmont, Be flower. TO 66118. mo. up. Pool. Recreation. Buil Ins. CHILDREN ACCEPTED. Pe accepted with Dfinosit. 17710 S Woodruff, Bellf lower. BAHAMAS APTS. HhATEO POO HE LUXE APTS.. 1 or 2 person Util. oa'd. parking 1430 South St., N.L.B. MANGUM APTS. 44 Al.AMITOS AVE. Lovelv front corner dblc. 569 fo 1, 579 for 2, utll. Included. MODERN COZY 1-BR. APT. HEATED POOL W/w cot., dlsp., $100 Utll. pd Ho t r a f f i c noise. Adults. N.L.B 5-RM., Elh-floor view overlookln ocean. Rlk. new Civic Center f Line. Pk., L.B. $120 mo. BUls od Ph. owner. Garden Grove, L 9-2990. LARGE deluxe l-BR. apts. New furnlshr · $77.50 Nr. freeway grocery store. Water pd. I aundr facilities. Large wardrobes. BELLFLOWER GET IN ON WINTER RATE ON THE OCEAN Unfurnished Apfs. 107 · NEW OFFERING LARGE newlv decor, unfurn. ap from SB7.50 fo 595. Some wit carpels drapes. Beautiful mot ern bldg. with large heated poo tropical tanal, and sunbathing LOOK AT 661 E. 46th Sf. or ca Mr. Savaoc Mor. Ph. GA 3-374 WRIGLEY'S NEWEST Lovely 1-br., ash kltch., thormo heat, sound insulated. Exlr closcls. $79.50. ALSO Ige. UDRC 2-br., IVj baths Extra nice. Gar flvall. Adults. Excel, oulet oca tlon. 2127 Cedar. HE 5-1217. HE 7-4B4J Heated Poof. New, D!xe 1 Br., slove, rcfrlo. avail. Ad N A151 Linden N.L.B. GA 3 3 5 7 Vz MONTH FREE RENT NEW 1-BR., w-w, oarb. dlsp. $75 $/0~MODERN ?-Bdrm. lower, l! 0 balh kit. Hdwd. firs., laundry rm. 1 child OK. 221 7lh St., Apt B, Seal Beach. GE 8-1714. closets. IMS Temple.* GE 8-1903 » E2 -lW lo G w f 3 SGT7.,S vi^'NEW 1-br., w-w caro. Stove relrig., birch cabs., dlsp., tile shower-tub, narklnn. Adults. 86 DFl.UXE new 1-BR. $69. 11 ft closet, snack bar. 7 wk*. fre rent. Adults. 1725 Freeman. GE 8-2541 COLORED AREA. «5. Nlcs, nev. singles. 2001 Lcwll Ave. GE rBDRM.-- Rcdcc. apt. Wash rm. arge fenced yard. Small child or NEV/ de luxe 2-br. $.85 1-br. $70" Carpels drapes, 1-br. has slove refrlg. 1167 Daisy. HE 5-0673 FRONT APT. Bdrm. partly furn HE 7-9573 BEAUTIFUL new rustic 1 2-BR ARTISTIC studio style. Teener SEAL BEACH. $AS-$a5. GH 9-5070 BEL. HTS. 233 LOMA 1-Elr,, clean pleasant Nr shops, tramp., «0. Adults GE 9-8339. 6315 CHERRY 1-br, W/w carp. Swimming poo BIXBY LARGE 1-BR. Near shopog. center. Gar. Chllri Ort.JOOO t^45in_Way. GA 2 5653. "TMSr«fiF ;: /S5 " S: 125 W. 12TH ST. -- New attract. modern large 1-Br. act. Artu ts, NFW 1-BR. .intv O r anes, owapp No pels. 6465 Wcslcrn Ave., Buena Park. LA 2-5S6/. COLORED A R E A . Brand new, large street parking. Adulls GA 7-B?n. NHAR MEW-- 2-Bdrm. NeaF'Rccrca"- tion F-ark, S95. Gar. $5. 1026 Xlmcrto HE 3-3129 2-BR. NEW, $80 Children OK. NOO Lime. GE 3 -1447 NICE 2-br. 545. Children ok. Bio vd Fn 0 'L. di T D E 5!^: pacmo W r m E SIDE, lovely 4 rm., 1-br., SFO, 3-rm., S70. W/w carpet, refrlg.. 575-- FRONT, studio 2-BR. ant. Garb. disp. 838 Olive. HE 6-9701. Aft. 5 D.m. HF 5-2354 Blxbv Par*. Adults. GE 2-7132. 4443 Linden GA 7-4796 1EWLY decorated ?-br , nr beach, adults, no pets. Gfc 8-1034. WRIGLEY-- )- Dr. 65, stove, rcfrig. op lonal. 2295 Earl. GA 4-0065. 2-BEDRM. flDt. Ufll. pd. 10038 E Ramona, Bellflowcr. TO -7-5629. WRlGLEY-Exh-d toe. 1-Bdrni Very rcas. 19?9 Waonolia. G A 4-2951. Vd., $70. 1630 W. 20th Apt 3. NF.W 1-br. oafio. Nr. Bixby Pk. _Adujts. 1731 AcPieton. HE 6-4398 JEW lue. 1-br. diso., w-w carpet _$70. 6029 Cherry. GA 30153. 5S-1-BDRM."," modern. Child o k. 445 Rcdondo. No. 1. GE 3-1026. $75-- MOD. 1-BR., slove, cot. rpfrig. Adulls. 2919 Theresa nr. 7th LAKFAVOOO-7-BR. SPAC upr., w-w cnf. oar. $110 HA 5-440.^ HA 5-8574 70-1-BDRM. STOVE «, REFRIG. CHILD OK. 835 ORIZABA UAX APTS. -- Children welcome. 1445 E. HIM 65 UP-- Brand new 1-hrfrrn. Dlsn. Adu ts. gar, avll. 1029 Stanley. W5-- LOV^ER i-BR^ stove rcfrlg~. Adults. GR 9-2831. 857 PINET. New bcnuf. 1-BR. Stove, refrig. avail. GE 3-1612, GE 3-91B1 55-CLFAN 1 Bdrm. Utll.'na" Stove f. refrig. 674 E. 15th. HE 2-9360. -45-N.L.B. NEW'SIHGLT "APT. GA 3 4963 or GA 7-H868 RlfHOllir-l-ndrm. Belmont Hts. BBQ. Heated pool. 232 Termino. 040 XIMENO-- $70. Modern 1-BR^ Garb, disposal. Near bus 8, stores. ~EW~ -hr. Un."frn[.'S70rArtltr"" Cnh., dranfs. 711 Molino GE 8-9563 55-- DOUBLL, nrwlv dec. Ullk nd Adu K. 1172 Jtanlrv. GE 3-1503. APLFS-- 7 now 1-br. ants. Close to bay. Foutr Rltr. GE 9-9101. Jnfumlshed Apfs. 107 Beautiful 2-Bcdrocm All-Electric Kitchen Brand new deluxe, ^^^^ oarb. disposal, ash ^fln^ woodwork. Lois of Br ^.cioscK and cuo- 1 W i"t-t '^ hoarrti TV * aft( ' · 3?, * 17 -^ D flfi C | hril.'no, w-w V*" 1 "".* car D C t. 1 ch id 'Tuil* OK. Nt) peti. ! $5 rr.J. 5920 Gardenia } Phono Days LU 9-3475 1 Evininoi Afttr I OX «-2»! Unfurnished Aph. 107 # $75 UP DELUXE NEW Furnished X Unfurnished 1, 2 3 Bodroomj AND BACHELOR APTS. WnlMo-Wall Csrwl Dlloosal Carporl Laundry Fac lltlei WALK-iN CLOSETS WALKING DISTANCE TO LAKEWOOD CENTER OPEN 7 DAYS 5024 HAYTER AVE. LAKEWOOD MEt 0-6170 $80 UP IN LAKEWOOD NEW DE LUXE Furnished Bachelors l-Brs. furn. unfurn. W-W CARPET, DISPOSAL Lge. Closets. Carports. S BLKS. WEST OF PARAMOUNT AT CARSON 4! 181/4 N. PIXIE HA 1-6466 Lowest Rent in Town! CLOSE TO EVERYTHING New, Beaut. 2-Br. Apts. Every deluxe feature. Low as $69.50 CHILDREN WELCOME 3028 Santa Fe Oscn Everv Day GA 4-5661 FIRST..SHOWING NEAR HEW CIVIC CENTER AIR CONDITIONED SINGLES, 1 BRS. 1 2 BRS. Somo with bit-In ranncs ovens, w-w carpets, birch cabs., super- amlc tile, m.-iplo top pullmans. 7-14 CHESTNUT AVE. Heated Swimming POOL "THE BLUE CORAL" has f lovely new, spacious 1-BR. with louvered windows, ash kit., lovely natlo. Cbli lo everything. Winter rates. 745 ORANGE AVE. I865..CEDAR Brand new 2-8 R., front Upper, W'W carpet, bit-In oven 8. ranoe. Ash cabs., marble top Pullman hath with 8' mirrors, Traverst drapes. REASONABLE RATES 231 GRAND LOVELY NEV/ 2-BDR. APT. Will lake teenager. Bob Hontfan or Marge Laoranch HE 7-1251; GE 3-8781; GE 3-5297 REX L HODGES CO. OVERLOOKING BAY On Ocean, Peninsula. Terrltlc Marina view. Boats, sw mm no. bench, at your door. Year around vacation spot. I-bdrm., modern, 5110 Gas water pd. GE 4-8J78. 1 2 BDRMS. DE LUXE W to W Carp.-- Drapes 2435 E. 14th-- Adults INTRODUCING 2165 LOCUST Lovely Now-- 1 2-BRs. ILINE PETERS HE 6-7278 $45, VERY NICE! 621 E. 7th St., Apf. D. Loe. llv. rm., bdrm. kltch. Adults. Wa tr pd. upon for Inspection. BARTON HE 7-6519 room, $59.50. Available tomorrow. Water -- oardenlno paid. Spac out Inwn, large closets. Avalon VI - lage, 566 E. 231st, Wilmington. TE ^-MM FREE AUTOM. LDRY. 3 Inc. closets, modern, spacious 1-BR., stove, dlsp., beaut, orlv. patio, reasonable. Anvllma Sa . Sim., nit. 4 other days. GA 7-3219. V $64.25 LGE. I-BDRM. Upper living rm., dinette, kltch., rxrcl, loc. nr. Doualfn, wilt to stores, bank. 4219 Belltlower Blvd., nr. Carson, Lakewood. HA 1-4983, NEVV i -BEDROOMS Carpcllno, drapes, hardwood cflh- Inets, disposal, oarage avail. Will furnish. 1639 Soulh SI. LAS LOMAS APTS. slnnlB upper lower 557.50 1-br. uoper ISB-50 52S5 Anaheim Rd. 'GE 3-6745 FREE RENT TO MARCH 1ST l-bdrm., healed pool, Bullt-lnl. 5949 Soulh SI. (Dutch Vlllaoe). WATERFRONT T-br. apt,, stove refrlo. BoaT mooring. 1 car garage. Adults. $95 MUNTZ RMv GE 9 2161 WRIGLEY LOVELY 2-BR. Near new, automntic washer dr,cr, carb. d;»p.. JS5. 1974 Henderson WRIGLEY. recently rcdcc. 1-RR-, Ige. closets, soundproof, tile bath, birch kitchen, diso., Venetians, TV antenna, I'drv, locker, adults, no Deh, SA5. 1SE7 Locuit. PEL. SHR.-- DELUXE '1-BR. Upper front, Inc. closets, snack bar. planter, nr, shops, trans. Slove, rrfro, oar. jwnll. GE 1-1534 leoe. Spacious, 2-bdrm. 4- dlnlna room or den, fireplace. 595. 4S79 CARSON HE 6-7227 IT'S'VERY NJCE! SEE IT!! W5-NEWLY decor. Laroe 1-BR. G'irbdoe disposal. Adults fi3fl Olive HE 6-9701; HE S-235 L.B. LOWEH'nlcc 1-BR.7S70, b"r"ch cflhinefs, disp., drapes, adults. Call aficr 6 D.m. wkdav*. all rinv Sun- ELMONT SHORE-2-BR. Blk. iom ocean. Anults. utll. oa d. VVnshcr-dryer. $90. 102 Pomona l!E B-6053 ELUXE 1 2 bdrms. W-to-w C:irp., drao-s, bullt-!ni. Pool. Hug* closets. 1/22 Connndo, L. B. S^S. Infant ok. GA 2-1120 or GA 7-4688 1345 STANLEY AS. New 1-berirm. ants. Garaoff. SUNSET BEACH-BRAND NEV/ -br. apt., f.a. heat, oarb. dlsp., waiher-drver, oaraoes. 17J31 7th SI MS -UPPER sinnie. Newly decor, Close to St. Anthony's. 1 adult only. See at 726 Olive EIGHT 1-br. apts. 566. Garb. dlsp.. water nd., 1 child OK. 16130'.'j So. EucalvDlus, Rellflower. TO 6-31??. WS "MO. isfwock free. New 1-BRl 9th Temple. GA 2-3685. S60-^-NEW 1-BR. APT. 5B59 Oranoe Ave. Inq. Apt. 3. 1065 Linden Ave. HE 3-753A 555-2-GR, RcdPC. 25:9 A E. Ana- helm. HE 7-9H5; HE 2-9118 S65-1-BR-, loe. mod. Child ok. Yd. GA 7-8383; GE 3-2592. Patesl 6797 Atlantic. HA 1-2227 parking. Intnnl. f.E 9-RM4. (70-- MODERN 1-Br. Adits. Garagt avail. 817 E. J6th. 557.50-- 5-RM. nnnpr, pnc'oifri vd., _ chilrfrc.T ok._805 Daisy. HE 6-1-J93, i55 -- 1-BDRM. ; o«er ^pf Laroe airy rooms. I child OK. 535 Walnut. UPPER "loe." dble" Small chiid'oiC 10.1 Lomn Vlstfl Dr. HE 6-5097.__ ower. Adults. 874 Euclid. 3IXBY Kriolh 1-br.. S59".50. Garoo* avail. GA 2-3280. GA 4 1472. ·DR., "slove" Sr" r c f r i g , " 173. G^r. avail. .17.1 Term!no Ave. GE 9-916A 80-WRIGLEY. Deluxe 1-br., stovi A rcfMfl. Adult-;. GA 4-0-197. _OOKI 125 W. 5th. Redccor. 1-br. New stova A refrio. HC 7-1W9. Jnfurnishcd Apfs. 107 THIS Au IS WORTH $20 ON 1ST MONTH RENT RENT AT SMOG-FREE Park Western Apts. ^^ Heated Pool 2-Bdrm. Hollywood TVP« Stud'o Ao)%. S«00 W.tfi Range A Re/rln. _ . 570.00 l-Bdrr,t. _. i57JO 1200 PorV Wtittri) PI. SAN PEDRO TE 2-«S»

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