The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 29, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS •V Local News • ,. t J. iD.. D,ill'made'a'business' trip to ; Creal Springs priday. j ..Frank'Bastin was .a week-end bus- iness'visitor at different points in . Mrs/ S. Ai..Snider and little son Chiorles are visiting Cairo relatives. |j , ' Mrs. Karl • ^Federer and: children' were Murphysboro -visitors ^Saturday: (Trainmaster J. D; White' .of East St. Louis was a-iCarbpndale visitor Satur' day. "/• '. ;'Miss ^Gladys Rushing 01" Anna v;as- a -week-end guest of Mrs.'il. D. \Vil- 'hoit. | , Mr. .and*Mrs. J. M. Sculrock'left- Saturday night for Hammond, La., to-visit their son, J. 'M. Scurlpck Jr., and family. ' Miss st Gecil Baker of Goreville, who has beei visiting her aunt, Mrs. \Ym Baker, and family, has gone to Boskydell;for a visit; with her .grandparents, : Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Baker. Delicious map-!e' nut and '-''strawberry at Fowler'.". Adv . Mrs. M. D; Wilho" visitelher parents, .Mr. and Mw. -f- *'• Ooffman, in -Anna "i'Viday. .. ' ' ' •/.--. Frank Hines, Der.nard Lee and Me.n-itt Allen «."ijoy" ! an outing in the.Makanda hilis 'Sitoday. Mr. an'd Mr?. W. L- Hearn"'spent the week-end vnth the ia:.tcr's brdfier, Louis 'Pulley, in Marion. Mrs. 'Blanch*-..Martin .?.nd ilauffhter "Helen sprat tlio w«*-«id in "Willis-: ville as gu««ta. rf th«: •forMW't mother; Mrs. Julii L"rt».' '".." ."'•-•. ,Wmton Walkup of *!>.•. OWc.a** I. C. offices, formerly connected with 'the local dirision office., visited with friends here ' Sunday. •':'•. iness Missouri; ' •>!. J. Quigle'y • has returned to Swanwick, after, spending '.Sunday with his N family here. '. ' -Miss -Blanche'- 'Bailey, left^ Saturday -.for ICJi'i'cago,- Where • she will visit friends for several days. John Dill went to Sikest;on, Mo., Saturday, 'where he is spending a few ."days with relatives. . '• i Miss Hazel .MaGracken, teacher in j the Ava High school, spent the week,'end at iher home here. . . : j . -Brick ice cream in all flavors at .Fowler's. \ t Adv ; 54 PURE BRED ARBERDEEN-ANGUS CATTLE 34 Females—20 Males To Be Sold at 'Public Auction' at Vienna, JJJ «" Thursday, April 8, 1920 Many of these" cows have calves at f oot. : This is the chance of the season for first-class. breeding_cattie of the leading fashionable families. This sale is held by "the Johnson County Aberdeen-Angus Breeders' Association. Send for catalog to JNO. M. BE0WN, Sec'y VIENNArlLLINOIS Pabst of Hhe accountinj; de- j-partment of the Chicago I. C. offices spent Sunday he^e with his mother. Mrs. .Dan Pabst. I-. Henry 'Brohm, Athletic director and 'instruction 'of. mathematics in the Fairfield High school, spent the week end at his h'ome here. . . Miss Virginia .Ford, who is attentl- ing the Immaculate Conception Academy at Belleville, is here visiting her father, ,W. L. Ford. Special meeting of Shekinah Lodge No. Ml at 6:30 jp. m. Monday, for wortri ' T. A. WEAVER, TV. M. H. C. 'MERTZ, Sec. m27-flt . .; . ,. . . - ;-. ; -. . .. !L !;Ether,ton is visitTng. friends in Benton.'.l . . . ;• : ' •• ' •' '' Hiarv*y'tEijbanks is spending: a few Jn Christopher/ /.''.. " '• •Mr. and Mrs. Oren Bell .are in Chi-, cago for -a few days', stay... '-: " Sam Brown of Chicago spent 'the wgek-endi at ihis home here. 'Eliery .Birg'e of -Chicago^, is the g-uesjt of the Geo. iBoh'inspn family. \ - ' ' 'Mrs. ,N; D. Wiiiftersteen is spending a few days with .relatives in. Ghicdgo. ' BJ!i-., and Mrs. "Cy-IioU'den of Du Quoin visifed friends here 'Saturday. (Mrs. H. iE. Clyturn^- -a-nd. .children- of Murphyshoro were visitors' ' liere Saturday. ' , ' • . , Mrs. M. 'C. Wilson remains critically ill at her home on^.South Illinois avenue. -. ' • Kieth .Cole. and Delherf Veach-of Mt- /Vei-non visited Oarbondale -friend's Sunday. ' • Miss May Cochran and "Everett Lee of St. 'Louis were g.uests_of Mr. and J. T. Davis Saturday.^- . •Mrs. Jeanette Oxford'of Murphysboro was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Orin Graff, Sunday. .Frank McGhee of. Bf.ookport visited Vevner Kerr here Saturday, en route to .Flint, Mich., whee he .is employed. Miss -Nola IMon-roe, teacher in t'.io j .'Miss Helen Piercy of M*. Vernon, Heirrin public schools, visited her- . daughter of the, late'Senator Duff over .Sunday with .her parents, Mr. Piercy, -was the guest yesterday of and Mrs. David 'Monroe, v . Miss 'Lora Marten. '' / (Mrs. H. C. Athenton returned to >.er home in Chicajgo Saturday, after a {wo weeks' visit -here with her i"mother, .Mrs. Jennie Rascoe. ! . , - . ~ °^~. | .Chas. Oullett-and'little daughter, j'Julla were guests of the for'merfe brother, Jlames Gullet*,, and family in iSpringfield- Saturday and Sunday. ,Nemo D. Gaines, who attend-? the Normal here, is spending the v -.-aca- tion at his home in EHzabethtown. He will return for th^ opening' of the spring term-of school. . '. j (Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bell and baby, j who 'have been visiting Mrs.' Bell's sisters, Mesdames Howard Ee'gg, arid Sam Toler, went to Pinckneyvilie Saturday for a visit with relatives, before returning to their home in" 'Flint, Mich. k , MASONS ATTENTION Special meeting Shenkenah Lodge No. 241 at -7:30 P. M. this evening for work. '' ' P: A.. WEAVER, W. M H. C.. M ; ERTZ, Sec. ' ' M27—H BIG FIRE STERDAY Shows that there was under insurance in every case,. without exception. Of the eight houses burned, we had six of them, together with the con- tents. '..-•'. ' . \ ' ' One or two of the families had no insurance whatever on their household goods. .Insurance is too cheap to be without the protection. •:' •• The damage will run about $40,000 with insurance of. about. $25,000. . . ! "'"' The fire yesterday started without a doubt, from sparks blowing onto ' ... ," ."v^,.-.- - - • . ' 1 the -shingle ,roof of Mrs. Stafford's house. This illustrates ' the necessity - " ' " * ' '• • • • • . •of having fire resisting r'oofs in this town. -The .city,Council has been re- 1 quested "to pass such an ordinance, but has hot yet done so. Of course, this • , . • ^ . '•''"' ..'.'• : -• • '. • ordinance would not. change existing roofs 'under 12 years, but would make future* fires less likely | to happen. . . . • . ,. • '• We ar,e still writing insux-anee and would be glad-to take care'of-you. CARBONDALE Jnsurance 'ency PHONE 303 Security Benefit Ass'n. Names National ^Delegates The (Security Benefit Association, successor to the Knights and Ladie= of Security, "held .their regular meet- jng at the I. O. O. F. hall Friday evening. . ^ Mrs. Ella Bro\vn of Percy, district deputy, 'gave an interesting talk 'o-t the good of the-orde^. ' 'Mrs. H. iF. Harry and Mrs'. Gus Trobaug.Ii; ,were elected delegates fi-om the .association to -the National convention which will be "held at Mai-ion in June. • \ •After the business session, re-fresh- ments \vere served ami a social hour convened. C. W. B. M. PROGRAM "~~~~~" i Hymn. ', invocation. 1 ' Bos-iness period. Devotional. ' . •; Hymn. Talk—Intei-cliurch World Mote- ment—Duncan MacFarlane.. (Duett-^MrSi W. ,G.. Cisne, Mrs. T. A. Robertson. •Map Talk—Julia Enrett. . . • Talk—r-Minis-ti-y of Healing .in -the Philippines, Dr. Delia- CaldweU. " • llntercession—^Wan. One Campaign, Interehurch Movement,-Easter Oifer- ir..g pi'.Lives and !JIoney. (Leader—Mrs. Bright. Meeting! jjlace—(Christian .parsoh- age,'7:30 p. m./'March 30. PAY YOUR TAXES .The tax .books fo-r"-Carbondale .township, 'both .personal -aiid real estate, will -be a,t the First National bank all of this weeTc. Arrange to pay your taxes this week and 'avoid a trip ,to M-urphysborb: BSrrng-'your last year's receipt with 'you. ' : : ' . im'39-eod-iw I MASONS ATTENTION \ Special meeting' Shenkonah Lodge' No". 241 \Tnur.sday,_Ap'rir 1, at 6:30 E. M. for work', j . . ,,.',• '.- ' ... P. A. WEAVER, W,,'M' H.'C. MERTZ, Sec. .","'"""' M3l4-A <••;;• In the last 8 : months of 1919 there was paid . through this agency the sum of, eight . thousand '••'•' • t' . - - - ; ' • :• .; • ,' ! dollars in losses; $1000 per month; about $1=25 per capita. Opposition Developes Early In' Day From Farmer Voters^Stirs Out -Large ,Vpte TferFut Proposition! r Over.—tittle Opposition 1 Among '" Carbondale' ers. •> T; See JJs For Insurance. The Community, High school ^propo- sition'tarried overwhelm^ 705 to 184 in Saturday's township election. The High" school" won, despite -opposition;. for the most .part atnbng;.. the: farmers.. of .-the .to'vy:iis.hi.p... t hil.f ii was _ex: pected that the farmers'~yp r te..would be against the, proposition,' a- 1 little svnrprise was -expressed that the opposition would be so unaiidmous. iShortlyafter' .the polls 'opened sup- porters'of the High Sclibpl were stirred" to; .'"action" with, a determination to put . tbc proposition over, . seeing scores, of farmers coming to town early in the .morning 'in-' opposition. Af-ter'jtlie--%st;tw'6 or 'three hours of voting .those favoring the- High school got 'busy'and began mustering up a vote which, 'would ' make its approval c'ertain. 'They continued 'to •bring 'out support for the school im- til it waV, believed ' the: proposition was a certainty, although' never ve- laxtyg .until the polls closed. Little" unfavorable attitude was seen among the town ) people, as i whole, 'however. All' saw the necessity of a ffiffh .school. for Carbondale. iThe .proposition ' for a High s<Sho.i.>l had .to be faced by the voters, even bhougli 'sprne increased taxation would be incurred. It was either build the school now or' later on and it was just as -well vote for the school so'plans could be made looking for ward to a school. ' ..Carbondale w,as already .paying the tuition 'of a ; number of pupils at the Normal because of -ao High schou'i here. Also a." non-High school tax cf about S4,000'.a year which went into •the entire non^igh district - fund .in the coiinty. Much • of this was not used' for Carbondale children but for -.pupilS'-from 'other; .parts. of the county wh£ attended the only High school •in the' county— the • Murphy sb.oro Township High -school!" This montfy was /leaving the township .with no permanent' returns, """also 'to the aid •of other sections 'of . the county. . , The school, officials have made^no definite plar..^ as to the erection cf the building 1 , but with. the authority of the' voters' to act, an immediate consideration will take, up for a Community High school, for Carbondale. It is also .pointed put the erection of the Bivh school building will relieve •t^he tension of the .public, school .housing situation,, now --demanding, additional ..building facilities .whether or not the High school .proposition had' carried. . l^oal Estate •- Insurance Phone 303 JsJewHamiltorvB ' C a rbotidaie ; ^•llM: LODGING \ Those, willing' to furnish lodging for the teacher^ '.attending. . the Teachers' Meeting are asked to notify Prof. Smith. It is believed .we shall-|nced more accomodatiohs than are .so far reported.—Adv. - M27—2t HOW IS YOUR CASH REGISTER? (Fred MoJBride, a repair man en National Cash Registers (formerly ..withrthe company) is at the Terminal (Hotel i'or a few days. Better have '.your's attended to. He knows how and does it here. m27-2t CHICHESTER S PILLS '-*=^ ***- 0 **** A ,, SpUBYpRUQGISTSEVERYWHERF (SUFFERED t THREE YEARS Finally wa« Restored to Health by LydiaE.Pinkham's -.' Vegetable Compound. Lowell, Mass!'—."-I was all-ran down and had an awful pain in my.ri^ht : Bide,..waB persistently 1 constipated . arid; had very dizzy spells. ..I suf- |.fered for three years and was perfectly miserable until a friend was telling me to try Lydia E. PinkhapiTs, ve .ge- tabje Compound and I found it a w.onder-. ful medicine.: -I"can' ^ow- do-. ; iwice ; asv iimich work and I : recommend the'Vegetable^eompouhd to" cither women. You can; u s e .these facts as .a 'testimonial'."—Mrs. M.- THEALL BESSEY, 186 Appleton Street, Lowell, Mass., '• - Why. women will continue : to suffer so long is more than we can understand,^ when they^can find health in Lydia E. Pmkham's-Vegetable Compound ! For forty years it has been the standard remedy for female ills, and has restored the health of thousands^!: women who have"fteeh troubled, with, such ailments, as,'displaceinents/jnflainma tion, ulcerabon, -irifegularities^ctc. ; If you want special advice write to Eydia E; ginkham ^Medicine^ Co. (confidential) iftTOn, f Mads.j Your letter will be opened,; read ; and, answered by a /'.,.-" Cold* arc ireacHerpiu! To siop a cold before ii'qefj started alwaiM- ! keeo on. . - Hand a box of - ' CAMPHO QUININE ^ FOR SALE BY DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE -25 1 A BOX TAKE A BOX HOME WITH YOU TO-DAY • the Waste HPHE _Standard Oil Company I (Indiana) renders a vital ser, vice by giving multiplications of value to that portion of the crude .oil left, after gasoline, kerosene, and lubricating oils have been ex"• . tracted, through the production of . innumerabl& by-products', each supplying a definite need. i.' i •''.'' ' Thus have been developed products such as Parowax, which serve such useful purposes as a protective, coating^ for cheese,. , meats, and sausages; for match ends; for ' water-proofing milk bottle caps, ice cream- pails, and paper drinking cups; and for N • sealing preservedi, vegetables, fruits and/ jellies against bacteria, ferments and mold. ;, These are but a few of the uses of one of y the more than 2000 products manufactured/ ^ by the'Standard Oil Company (Indiaiia), 1 covering needful : commodities from asphalt to candles. . : • ' . So vasfa program could not be.cairried put except by a highly'specialised, orgahiza- ^ tion, developed to . maintain mftnerous ' : /contacts with, the/world of production : on one hand, and with the consuming ,.public on the-other. . t' >V It was the need for such a specialized ' prgahization which led 19 the great development, of the Standard Oil Company •' / ' (Indiana). No single functiori of thi^ great organization has" come into being with-;out a definite call to service. ;•'••:.•• • .•.'•"-;'. . ' •' • ^ • • • - • ' Today the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) is big only because the need of its service is great; v because the ways" in . which it is able to serve are continually - , r s multiplying as the complexities of modern industrial life increase. .; , ' ' • ' . - ' , v. Standard Oil Company A ''.,:. , ' (Indiana) • ''•'.-'• 910 S>; Michigan Aye., Chicago 1991 Oh c: tes •ic Ohi hi was .a Jrown 125.

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