The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 28, 1957 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1957
Page 3
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County, JTriday, Jnn* 9«, 1987 Tournament Opens Saturday..7. Rains Light In Alvin Area THE * A c f a County Far County Baseball Clubs. will cornel ' Official* of .his wee*"nd'..r the course and the amount day morninf and the flnnl* in SB-hole match play Golf Tour- that did drain"d off rast. 'both th« consolation and cham- nament in Alvin are hoping Around mid-dav Thursday-P ionKhi P for a weather break to s-enrt i n( , A]vin tolirnsmpnt Phirrn ., n that afternoon, their starting field ..f near a Bju Govr|on hnd mmf „„ G(|1f hundred into first round play, const amateur golfers alreadv i tw ° m*tche« while the winners. Hurricane Audrey brought signer) up to play ' j might go four matches. ! squalls and henvy showers to Officals expe-t to close out nf winner in the top div- Mhe Te:-;as coast Wednesday and , hp entl . v , in tod ., v w . ||h ision will receive a merrhan- Thursdny hut the weather rn n - , nn R0 | f , r! , ^ Mnf par , jn , hp ;dise gift, award of S8.1 while: riiuons are expected to improve championship and five lower s ' cond P 1 *" 1 '» worth **«• The today and Saturday. flights " ,-hlle wel over two inches A lar ge portion of the „„-,„,.of rain was soaking the Bra;.- pntry „„ wj| , rome from B Entry fee in osport area, Alvin tournament orj ., Colintv anrt , h( , Br||7 ^ meet was jet at SI2.50, which* announced that rains „,-,,., ' K includes a chicken barbecue on of that nature did not fall on .,„,,„ ( ; arrison „ s 'Saturday night. The Alvin E ;Golf and Country Club kitchen i will be open for all early players to get coffee and meals. ! Players seeking medalists i honors are playing today on 'the Alvin layout with S.10 BASEBALL CARD Busy Weekend Jackson's National Lit- doublehesder will corn* in nimr over Jimmv Purd. ! Friday, Jurt* lit to play : . Little Lfague— Freeoort — Braves Lake Jackson's National Lit- doubleheader will tie League slipped in behind j Went Columbia. Hurvicrne Audrey and held a Bay City will move loop doubleheader la.-t West Columbia in the lm fomf "' th<> only bawhall'doiibl* meetin* with the Sen"ft" m """ ?"f/ ia Bounty. -iors playing at. «p:m, while the the in ning over Jimmy Purdum. 1 No games were held in the in Teen-Age loops »» the tilts were rained out In Freeport tahow r . i consolation winner will get the two-day I Tourney Opens Man. County- Majors Bay City at All Bra/ori,". County golfer . file ones under Ifl years of as* that are planning on taking part in the Jayctv Golf Tournament, are urged to gel in touch w''th I.on Tullns. director of the 3fi-hole affair a? soon Us possible. Play opens on July 1. which lit Monday, and July 3. with the 2nd skipped, and will he Old Ocean. j*t the Frerport Goll Course. The lower flishl will open The top four players will o" plav Saturday morning, coming fen! to Midland for the slaie around 7 a.m.. with la hole •Taycee meet. The local loiitna- matches. The winrrs of first men! is beinu sponsored hv round plav will advance to the Lake Jackson Jaycees. lnp npppr bracket of their All county players air- mvi'- nigh , whj|p thr ]ntfff „..„ Gnrrison, .a Branch golfer, is the defending char.ipion and he will lead the list of championship flight players. Otheors in the tnp class include Tommy Tyson, Bud Rucker. Willard Wood Gene i han * in « •Alvin course plays 3«-3fi 721 Teen-Age— and is around fltflft yards long.; County Majors The course i.« expected to be; Lake Jackson dump but from all indications | Monday. July should play good for the two day tourney. The small greens were recently cut ;tnd the pins will be moved'each day. Antleton *N> — Dodgers Sweeny, B-C-V. Freeport" Ang- v.s Tailtwisters, Braves vs leton and in the Lake Jackson Freeport Legion I American race. . L.ak* Ja Clut* Graves Velasco V, est. Columbia — Doubleheader at Galloway Field Teen-Age-Lake Jackson Juniors Pirates vs Red Sox Situroay Senior games find elite had been scheduled to in fl*y City while host Freeport in Vjunio" game *"*« «• Alvin... nd after me rr«port entry Newman. Jim Rurn and Bti* Atkinson. Wc.od. winer of the championship flight, at C.a'nado last week end. is th« Rra?.osport 'op entrv in the leading flight. All Ihf .light.* win h" packed with players from Freeport. Lake Jackson. Anglelon and . . --. the balance. The S»rur<Uy. June If: West Col. at . . — .... Rains Cancel i Houston Meet Thus the weekend shows * wide range of baseball, both Little League and Teen-Age, for Brazoria County teams. In Lake Jackson Little League last night, the Phillies edge the Cards, 2-1. with Mike Tracy getting the pitching win over Johnny Rea. nete'Ton' 1 !he Freepor"course " d S«l»rday afternoon while jefore 9 a.m. Monday morning.'he semi-finals are slated sun- Girls Change Ploying Time In West Col. Wen! Columbia'* Softball league for girls, whieh is under the direction of the Summer Recreation Program, will 'change to Monday and Tuesday games according to E. S., Golson, head of the WC youth, program. The two leagues, one tne Juniors and Seniors while tne i oilier covered the F.lcmen'a':-y grades, had been playing on Mondays and Thursdays. With the Junior Olympit Tr»< ; me»t* coming on Thuts- Liltle Leaiue-- Freeport—Braves vs Red. skins; Bobcats vs Red Sox Lake Jackson 'Ni—Dodgers v.« Phillies; Cards vs Braves Angleton 'Ai—Yanks vs Red Sox: Rotarv vs Kiwanis Teen-Age— County Junior* Redskins at Clute West Col. at Freeport Lake Jackson Juniors Giants vs Cubs j County Seniors i Freeport at West Col. Lake Jackson at Bay City TiiMday. July I: Little League— Freeport — Redskin* v.s Yanks; Red So x vs Eagle? . ,11 'T' ^ " ic School • National League sttfon by go- has been'ing to • »j x innirif, 2-2 dead, th * meet lock. The two nln*« have plav- jwill be held. ,d J-*, and a |5«ir of 2-2 tie* I Gulf Coast Junior track thi« year. Jquads will be in Baytown i Roye* Wood* handled the Tuesday, July 2. for their third : Pitching for the Br»ves wivle meet of the current summer "°' J Griffin worked on th* se»non. Angleton will host the m °und for the Dodgers in the fourth, while several '*''* " tie game ••• ,>,..,. .-^VITI^I itfums. . i •ill be in Bra70.«port for Re ' . An l? leto n managed to get in gional in late July " American LL games with Win- A strong team favorite in ?*L' ?*?"•' f " c *\ ln *. lnf Yan!ts the Tuesday Bavtown r»ce« f nd C ." vm . Cilr1 " ?r 'l!nt. Beene will be th. Brar.oria County h , * .... vf . J . n "V"" th * Ro '» r - v squad, winners of the Pl«a- QtTAtlTT DIAMONDS $17.95 — $2,000.00 EAST TERMS NO CARRYING CHAHGB6 McSPADDEN JEWELRY FREFPORT. TfXAS , this ,ummer. wjth Bil , Morri » Women Plan Old Ocean Tourney F,m»n'i»l as did numernus now have their ryes on Bap other Gators Pfay Twinbill Saturday Thousands iif \vords li«\e b«-en wtitlcn about Audrey, not lo mention Hie lines of ropy Irtat old Underwood will still pick out. hut to thf I.akc Jackson Gators the hurricane just nrnugriT a iain<-d out K'rne. Last night's scheduled suiRlp duel with list church went dmvn ihe drain, .ounty games, but the Gators Saturday Iwmlull. For Saturday, lh« Gn:ort will h* taking on ft r««l fin* toftbnll nin« from Cintral Tr In Hutto. Softtxll fani that had a chanc* to ••• UK! y.i^r'i regional totirna- m«nt in LJ will rcmtmbtr thii club quit* w*ll. The Hullo club, ir.arif up nf the Holstmni hrolh^i-s. won the Sportsmanship Award gi\"n bv ihe I.ak* 1 Jatkfion Softball Association Inst year and thev ^^p|| deservpd it. The Gators u ere the ones that knocked the Cent! a! Texas outfit out of lurney runnini: la<t but Hutto is •till tagged as one of the better Softball clubs across the (tale. Th* Gnton' Webb-Schmidt Fi*ld wm way loo w*t for a jam* Thundaf nighj and offlclaU of th* club «r« hoping that no mor* rain lalli b*|w** n now ind Siturdar. Should more showers fail on the Hra70«port area it would [ probably force out tlie Satnrnax iwinhill. f: The Ciators now stand ai 3.1 wins against onlv two «HI- i'backs, which will piobably rumpare with an\ team across state, 1,1 stands in a pood posiuon to increase their 'Innings to well over the half century mark h\ the parly irt of Septembci. From th* Saturday garnti, th* Gaiort moT* ar*r Paiadina for a tournam*nt that would >•• lh*m preb- ibly playing around ilx or i*T*n g*m*i In Ih* lhr<* dayt Bain th* flnali or till*. After thai I.,ikc .laik-.m will pi«\ Hiound five hon.e of which a d.»il,lci:.Mrt,M « ill h r «MII an Alice nine. they go in Sun Antnuio to tanjjlp with that same Pe« r ! .Bin* that handed them a sound b'atinij in i twinbill |fona/ and National .... _ «r Hist mines Ihc ie«it>nal toui-iMiuent. jnd from there •tional, which will bf unreeled in Clenrwater. Fla. * !• all. th* Galon I.e. lorn, .till i.. m , ln , h , Jil driT* of r«<,ul«r ttt.on «nd lh*n inlo Haw*r*r. Ih.y ar* .«p»ct.d :» win ih.r. of, th* |am*i. We are hdiiing in coininiir ..n, | .) v ,.|, and hruig Gator fans anil .-nil re,,df i« IMP 19, Hiere we will mo\ e up tn th, p, ,..,.„! „,,,,, l.»ck ,.f ,!«!«• !.-.« k.-pi ,„ „„,„ ,!,,.„„ itory mi the 19.VI club, v, m, h l,> in, „> .,, ,;„, and made , n i,, -i,. ,|,, ,, j!llln ,,| ,, |flni ,|| ,,„..,,,., W. h... .njoy.d working on wh.t ito-!*i w. h.y. alr**dy run ind ir. looking lorwiH to ih. ,.,i. w. il.o think Ih. G.lor („„. o, lh . p,., , nd pr ,,. n| ,„ <n . The Ladies Golf Club of Old days the game limes have been Ocean will sponsor a scotch changed. foursome Sunday, June 30tn The major sport ilcm on Ire with tee-off time set at 1 p m West Columbia card this week Those participating are askel will be a twinbill tonight wit" to bring a picnic supper for Bay City. The Senior nine wiil -nread riiiy.'ng the zolf sr-.-;on Hurricane h *"! f in ' hp * P- m - "Pener .ollowing the golf session at while ihr Maiors play in a at the Old Ocean Country someone s nightcap. Club. " We.i Columbia and Alvin N>, v nl fi,- pr , „.„., f \ ff , ei are tne only county towns that this we,k and Mr. Frankic have fielded an American I.*- Johnson will head the Ijriv gion l>a«eha : club in addition golfer's organization Other o'- to tne Ter-i-Age squads, and ricers s erv i n g v -jth her will be these two lowns will plav each Mrs. Midge Holt, vice chair- other in a l,e«t two out of three man: Mrs Bernice Ixitz se-- senes for a sis-:- playoff ,pov retary-lreasurer; and Mrs' C lhe«e games ,-,,-e expected to L Shannon, program chairman During rreep»rt Fi.hln' Fl***m BRAZOSPORT LUMBER CO. G. I. M«KAT - OtVOWNKH — MOM. Complete Mnc Of BUILDING MAT8RIALJ8 NEW CONSTIUTCTIO.V * RKP4IK IX1ANH REPAIR LOAN* — NO DOWN PATMRNT PHONE 5 6342 Hlfi»TW/IT t« TKltA" THE ^•EH• SP,N«ATTOVAL! Oars Lubricated While tn Swa.rlng Mrttfnn MOTO - SWAY I.t'BRlrATtOX "A1 THE SIGN OF THE ri.Vf.VG RED HORSE" PLANTATION DR. MOBIL STATION Earl Laird DEALER PH. 1-«*»| FLAVTATION DR. JACKSON start in early July. -o- Jonathan In Tilt Match Don l.eo Jonathan, the giant Texas heavyweight w resiling .••ii mjio :. i:- s ,-m tin- ag?imi one of the only men who hj<= ever knocked him out, Timv Mills, in a Saturday scrap on the Angleton nrettling cord. Tiie title match will be the main event, while ;he semi-final sends Tiger Conwav «('rr Al Mil!-- K« Alvin's Coon Fro berg ukcs ,.n Riliy Wickn in the iinpiie. Jonathan and MilU. two of the bigger gr»ppl-l> in ln« hu.ine.s. .., ||! t»ng!e HO inin- I'tei or a two 0111 of three fa,; hi n »• I The Ihr.-e-, v <-nl i-ant "ill ge: iinrienn-ay at 8.30 p.m from the Hia^oiirii County Fair/i ound'^ main nuilrting m Anjlrtnn !>al- ui-day night. - -- - u — Keep IIAI-rooked egg« ready in the refrigei'ilor for quick perparation of dipn to use with potato i-hip* or crackers when fnenos drop m iineveritrctedlv. Other acih-ities schedule.I „. l the Old Oce»n Club includes a ».«i sweepstakes affair that will be held o n Ju-'v 1th. Tee off time v,-ill be at any time oe- t'veen 7 a.m. and 2:3(1 p.m.. ic- rording to the new club manager Roy Payne. j Mr. Payne was ernpU.v.ed bv 'he club directors at ,1 meeting last week. He a.ssum.v the managership of the club on •'uly l to replace .1. M. Mtmner- lyn "'ho resigned to accept a position in Lake .lacknon. PAT'S OCTROlRn SHOP A«'THORI7,KD DEALER DREAM BOATS • FISHING - TACKLE • OPEN 1 . OAV8 A WEEK Snrf.M. Hntt ph. J-47H -xl lui. 'reek Wnh Hi r«H In tin' Kiestj will Tim 1.4 • mi I..HI in t'» :-ign up . e (; "f «'rk. I, fhinil -surt- UK t- Volt K"r 0. L. "Mac" McKay f'andiiUK for TAN.M. < O.MMi.^SKIM H Braiot Kiitr Harbor .Navl- linun DIMIHI paid pullllral July 6 Uc Ha mil, A Complete Line OF ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE SELLERS HARBOUR Insurance Agency PHONE J-J5M 3t8 P-nk Avt. Ir»e0orl The Community Calendar Till RUDAr Jl NE « ~i M p.l- Bov Seoul Qium- tana Out Mating, first Mein.~di»t Clrirch. l.«k; .lactwin ~i !0 p .' -.. X of !• I,KU« No <15 K of p Hull, F;e«port 7. m p.m Pi-e*|>pii Plir.iuni Bin .Siiima Phi, Cn MfCui'g R >om Briirruporl Si-, mji Cfler ' 10 ]i in braftupnil Cuil- leri B.,nrt Rehf«r,i»l. Oat Pi.i"i B Caleiena ; id p m.- - r"> tcpon Auici'i- i-«n 'fjion. Ugion HaU. Freep- :i (i Oil n :u KiiiguK of Ooi- Uiii::iio. offtL'crfr ano coin- lllil,"'' IllCflUlgV t >[ C Hill, l-tfeporl .1 IK) p in 1 a»e J«c»»u.'i du.'intis A Prule.^^ione 1 WoiiU'li s Club, l.inavrit Hou-ie. l.*k«! J u k»on duO p a. Alljielrn \eie- r mi Forfian '.Vir- MMI- ing. I.Ffian Hill. Aiigleinii 8 (K) p ru riMpur: Rebe- Iciin 1 fafr No 'J51. iOOF, ji-vr. « 13 14 p m. — Bratoiporl Rotary Club. Port C«'«. Pree- porl American !*uiin, legion inoua, Ang>ton American Hill 1 30 pm • Gull Cixj-it Duplicate Brtcigt Duw Plant B Culflfiia MONUil. Jl'I.V 1 S JU p 1.1. Lik- J*C»«|/1 Lions C 1 M b. I.indveiE Houvc, Lak« J«ck$un 1 39 pin Lak. JacJuo : J*>o««. Jn>cee Chibhou&c Ijke JickA j >u 1 30 p HI - WeM Columbia Ainriu'^ii l^eguio l^gio.i H»ll. Wtft Columbia T JU p»i . Pvthun Sllt*rs KieeiXHI 'lt>inp!c N.I 16 Mteiins, K of P Hill J. 1-^cil.tM, 7 30 p ni Rauioow (iirl.s Me«l:ng. Masonic I/xigc, Freeport 81)0 p m i *»» .l»i.»M)n Miions Silted Maetiiij lAke Jark.'ion Masonic Building, 1-icfiwn Hill Call tictfttt J-UI1, EiUnaloB 3i4 (or 1 iilmj Presented as a pub/if seiTice by The Dow Chemical Company Texas Division Rates are up, but,.. 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Shakespeare "LEADER" REEL I0« YD. CAPACITY f« 3S O n * t POPPING ROD *•.. 349*. Mj- Unitth «ft9 V SERVICE MODH, ISM H * I Spin Cast Registered ROD >o. l^JR. ij' Icn|th KEG. SI9.(K> • i;. .re MODEL 177S SPIN CAST WITH 125 YDS. MNF. Sh*ki-»pe*r^ Wonder ROD v«. MHO. ( aninj Rnd S'?" Lcnflh Shakespeare DIRECT DRIVE MODEL 1924S NYI.OX GEAfiS. STAR ORAC,, 100 VD. CAP. ICE CHEST MODEL 90111 Close Out Prices New Boats •* ftuard Approved LIFE CUSHION ( hn«<-» ()( ( nlcir« Pfd, Bill*, (ireen LATE MODEL USED MOTORS 1 I»M i» II.P .Inhnton Hrcir;r. \ n\ ( lean '425" i3s» n n i' j Scott Atwater rirrtrif, 1(1 Mnnlnn Old, ( omplrtr witn f i>nli-oU .1 Bllt»-r:. looks hkc new CLARK ELDER FLOURNOY Sean, Roftbuck and Co. Bldg. Freftport, T«xa* Phone 3-2992 You'rt in goad Hvwdi 16 '!>> Crafl Drluie FISHERMAN Complrle «ltli: Rait well, Ice 3o\ Drr Slor»«f BK<;. J- — -00 J / J II' nuillirrll "SKI-LINER" C'omptetr with: Panoramic Wlndfhirld. SleeHnt, i p- holMering 4 Controls 14' I<mil Hl>rr GLASS Hall nrllv Irr Box. \Valk Thru Cfnlrr Deck Drluxp xSHERMAI* 16' Hollv.oort. Hait »dl * Windshield |i845.l>0 THESE ARE REAL BUYS. Palmer's SPORTING GOODS MARINE SUPPLIES BOATS-MOTORS L J. HWY. PH. 5-2415 CLUTE

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