Independent from Long Beach, California on February 26, 1964 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1964
Page 30
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P« 9 « C-7-1NDEPHJDEW .i, ti:j. »_». ti nu I1ANI HOILLVGWOEIII- luntnt Jj«u itltt The Qienls Unwind Sports and The Beatles are a strange mixture, but the reaction this department continues to receive on the British mop-top singers (?) has been something to behold. A simple comment here two weeks ago rrovoked more controversy than if I had slandered the lovable Dodgers or called Billie Jean Moffitt a witch. Publication of Beatles* fans irate letters last week only poured gas on the flames. Highlight of the hubbub was a !30-signature letter that made me wonder what makes teenage girls tick. I wouldn't dare print the letter--containing signatures cf such lasses as Kresta Madson. Maria Sims, Kathy Spicer, Susie Oster, Maria Sue Farhill and 125 others--because I'n certain that 130 sets cf parents would take their little darlings to the woodshed immediately. Howsoever, I think the intelligent clientele might be interested in knowing that some people (including teenagers) are standing behind the old Merry-Go-Rounder. Thus, sports fans, get a load of some of the anti-Beatle ammunitions *I have been a loyal fan of your column and have always been impressed with your courage to print what you feet However, I fear you may be backing down on the issue of The Beatles. Therefore, to prove your courage to me and all your loyjl fans, I ask that you print the following in your column. *1 am SS years old and am in no way jealous of The Beatles. I simply feel they have little or no talent, . they are in no sense cf the word exceptionally good-looking, and their hair-do's are just ridiculous. My girl friend feels the same way and so do many of her friends. So, don't worry tbout no-account letters from people who rarely strain themselves enough to turn the radio on, let alone read your column."" (signed) John Murray, 831 EocDd Ave. (How's that (or starter*?) * * * ·I AGREE with you 100 per cent. The BeatJes are the most obnoxious idiots I have ever seen. I thought American teenagers had some sense. It wouldn't be so bad if the kids }ust went wiM ovtr them, but those English clods make fun of the screaming girls. Wise up, kids, your idols are making fun of you. Keep blasting those ignorant English clods. I am on your side and so are most of the sane." (signed) Chuck, Lon; Beach. High-Pressure Jackrabbit Defense Stops Argos, 80-53 By DOUG tVES [something to be desired. But] THE VISITING Argonauts Poly High looked anything^efensh-ely, the Rabbits were showed early speed, and but smooth Tuesday night, as menacing *s ever, account-plenty of hustle, to fight down but Its high-pressure defense ing for 15 steals or 10-second to the wire, but they were was effective enough to whipjbackcourt calls on the Argos. clearly outclassed. Robertson pesky Garden Grove team,! Garden Grove, led by an led ,jj scorers with 20 points. 80-53, in a CIF playoff opener overweight, but hot-shooting Mv «_.:.- -,- vi.i »,,,! before a crowd of 2,000 in'center named Tony Robert- hadanh^lOpoints and soch the City College gym. son. stayed dose for 10 mia- $u ^ Q^ ^ ^ ^ , T i»*jl · Vj.« ».*·* V *TftTV*IA *Vj« . _ · » · -- . -- -~~--j , f --. Coach Bill Mulligan wasn'tjminutes left. Garden Grove, itisfied with his team's play.Jwas hard-pressed in getting and certainly Poty's hereto-jdecent shots against the close- ore well-polished offense left'guarding Rabbits. -A- * * if * LaCour Nets 27; Hot Pius Quarter Catches Lakewood HANK HOLUNGWORTH "I like The Beatles' singing, being a teenager (18) myself, but I think it's ridiculous the way these silly girls act. If I caught iny steady boy-friend with hair like that, Td ten him to cut it off or get lost. As for the girls who get Beatle haircuts, they should be ashamed of themselves. If they only knew what the guys think of them. A note to (two of your antagonists) Marilyn Traw and Mary Ellen McEIroy of Compton: YOU are the ones that have sawdust in your heads for acting so juvenile. If you only knew what you look like to the few of us who are SANE." (signed) Louise B, 4817 Ashnrortn SL, Lakewood. The Beatles are just another fad in our capitalistic society which plays at the heart-strings of the gullible little teenage chicks. The parents are the ones who suffer when they start paying through the nose for Beatle records, Beatle wigs. etc. Send the Beatles back into the crevices of whatever they came from." (signed) John Cash, A Senile 20-year-old, 42S W. 17th St. "WE EXTEND our deep sympathies to your recenl harassment by Beatle lovers. We are in full agreement with you, that is, until you start "beatling" the Dodgers. Contrary to popular belief (via text), the Beatle hairdo is not a modem development. Student Outlook's research indicates it may be as old as man himself. Java man, who some say roamed the earth about the year 500,000 B.C wore an embryonic Beatle. But it was Neanderthal man (50JOOO B.C) who appears to have developed the first rea Beatle, forerunner of the one displayed by Ringo Starr (By the way, Beatle Ringo wins the first prize for mosi likeliness to the Java man.)" (signet!) J. A. Wilson. AIic E. Scanlon and James P. Scanlon, 11631 Kathy SI, West minster. (The lost statement of the Sconlons end Mr. Wilson bear* more weight when accompanied by a picture of the Java Alan. Even though the 500.000 B.C. man bears a striking resemblance to Rcatle Ringo, I don't dare portray it in thii newspaper. It would" horrify even the most feartest reader.) "THIS IS THE first time I've ever written to a newspaper in my 45 years, but may I say your column on a timely, atrocious subject. The Beatles, was something that should far transcend the sports pages. (My own teenagers even agree.) It is refreshing to turn to a sports section once in awhile and read something ether than batting averages, rebounds or track meet times. Congratulations, *nd if you need help beating off the Beatle firs, count on me." (lijnrd) Ray Jenkins, Toiranct. Tns glad you had the nerve to publish those pro- Beatle letters. It exposed today's teenager for what she is --a giddy, brainless potential adult It taught my children · lesson . . . and for that I am sincerely grateful. And to think I used to despise Don Drysdale because he was a CRYBABY." dipjfd) Mrs. Werner Schneider, BeUflower. To heck with the Dodgerl and Angels. I must admit I'm having more fun with The Beatles right now. CIF HASKKTISALL SCOKKS Poly Wins; Saints, Lancers Bow Their 2Sta win, and 24th'utesv but by halftirae the 'though s headache kept him - » row. gave the Rabbits energetic Hares had huffed^-, '££?^ "£ t he right to meet Western and puffed to a 10-point lead.! v riday night, the site to be 39-29. ecided today by s coin flip. After that. It waj simply iVestern toppled Leuringer too much defense. Until the __. riday. 69-57. subs poured in with three-^"f. figure streak of 10 games. Guards Trent Gaines and unable to find By BRL'CE YOUNG Big Jim LaCour scored 27jseason. leaving it with a xints as Pius X made an ez-|il mark. Reed open, drove in for lay- ups on numerous cccassions and contributed 27 points on nine field goals and 9-for-9 free throws. · · · · HUSTLING Gene Washington took up the slack for Moore's loss, scoring 13, and subs Bob Wiswefl and Mac Calvin played fine games. Games made six of his points early in the third period as Poly ended any Garden Grove comeback attempt. After three periods. Poly*! lead was 55-40. losive second quarter jp for a 70-62 victory over aVjf.'SJ ' ustling Lakewood team in a^J--" CIF, opening-round ame at Compton Tuesday night. It"" Lakewood held a 15-14 lead ]_ after eight minutes, but then|*W the Lancers went sour and were outscored, 21-8, to fall ichind 35-23 at halftime. 1 "hey made a dandy come- ack, but it wasnt enough. Pius, however, was in con- rol of the contest, leading 60-46 with 5:12 remaining. .ike wood center Dick Nelson cd the Lancer comeback, but hey never got closer than the final score. c crav e r . L«ro» B V 4 I I Moot. CXOTV 1 M l 4 Wahid 1 V RotMftual » M I 20 Kwd '· Olvld 1 7 1 4 I.Clinn *««» I M S ' " 3 1 - 1 1 7 C«!vhi I Bl B I Iu!un4 I B-B B 1 Boo* IT I Bl I t F«u J U t S a ill HB a B I ll il T 0-1 !l 27 24-37 73 10 n n n-n u n u a--n POLY IN COMMAND Poly High forward Chuck Moore controls rebound away from Garden Grove guard Jira David in GIF game at Gty College Tuesday night Poly won easily, 80-53. Pomona ^ Eliminates St. Anthony By RICHARD KOPPES Pomona High's tan and talented Red Devils held St. Anthony to three points in_ the second period, then were con- ent to play a slowdown gim e in the second half to insure a 53-33 victory Tuesday night The l o s s eliminated the Saints from the CIF playoffj and moved Pomona into the round of 16 against Domir/- uez Friday night. Rebounding strongly, Pomona took: a 15-10 lead after the first period, then used a tenacious defense, along with poor SL Anthony shooting, to push ahead 24-13 by intermission. ST. ANTHONY never got any closer as Pomona slowed down and m a d e certain it took only good shots. T h e Devils led by 13 after three periods. Husky Tony Terry, w h o had the three S.A. points in the second period, wound up with 12 to lead his t e a m . Center Homer Williams had his worst game, scoring" only one basket as he couldn't get free against a team with four players over 6-foot-4. The Devils, who made only 9 fouls, got fine play from their guards, Doug Westlake and Dave Harmsen, who contributed 30 points. THERE WAS one early in the final period when Vikes Easy Spike Triumph By HEX PI\TR.NXTZ The marks were almost as stretch cold as the weather Vikings Sweep by Valley, 94-81 CC Wins J on Slam by Hayes .».»«»·» 6 F » T r«m«nl jltrrv M 1 n Klr« tem Mark C f t T 4 I Tl I T4 t ! J ' · 14 »'t5t1«k« tU . »M«rm5*l J V 1 J T S 1 «.r«errT 1 M I 1 H I J HI l 1 1 I T* J J 4 I I 1 4 t 15 Tctl'i 1 5 I U I I 3 1st Arrmw»» Rick Hayes" grand-slam Mike Waldie and Lee Mar-1 Viking attack with 30 while skell teamed for 52 points as Marskell connected for 14 of home run'enabled Ung Beach Long Beach City College's his 22 points after interims- G{y College to outlast Fuller when Long Beach City Col- team, snapped a Pius rolled up 10 points to !e £ e 's defending junior col- Lake wood's two. When the l f £ champions opened Warriors' spurt started. t h e y t h e season against Orange led by only 48-44. Long-range shooting by sion Len McEUiannon also toa two-game losing streak by countered with 30 points for The pasting Valley 94-81 Tuesday the losers. i, Tuesday at also won their Coast College. But the Vikings didn't have any trouble beating the Pir-|n res j night on the losers' floor. Leading by only two points at halftime, 44-42, the Vikings [Friday. LBCC closes out its season! opener ^ ' . ^ bkst to Ieft . * _ _ · « · .by traveling to San Diego center broke up «, T rf Valley's full-court!''"" Tom Meeks. who had 22 »7 trouble beating the Fir-] pres , ^^ a barrage cf bas-'g**,,'. |jj "15ES, joints, was responsible for »*«· 83-53, on t h e i r own t ets to p^f, ^^ Metro-jgfTM" * "i} S SSI*, jringing Lakewood from its track. politan Conference record to'gjg' 1 ' \ JJ' {1 Jjjgj; 12-point halftime deficit to J°« Lanning's team looked g_ 5 jjnd overall. Valleyite;,. JJJ !"*·** the four-point m a r g i n it good in some events and thin ^^ staad$ 4.9 m ] eague p j ay I trailed by late in that third on others. A double winner \v a 1 d i e W fZ l H 1 , «, f H I J » } } mnmg ° f gave P " stanza. LaCour, who had 17 points at halftime, connected mostly from outside and he had help for LBCC was Charles Young who won the long jump at 22-1 OK and the triple jump at 42-10VJ. points each half to lead the,* 1 ninth v to hang took advantage Viking errors in the COLLEGE BASKETBALL Oukt 9C W**t Farnt C, Cktarroma CITv 10S. C*ntcn*nr ML Matrc 0»m* T\ f Cvmsvllit 7S. ' t w t i ! M*rvr*nd ?»- 07, LiS*!!» fl to push across three, "swana off j « r uw Hory Crass tt- Boston Coil ret U. V *Movn« Ti, WUrtsft », nmn U. S-L Bjfj! 0 U. tmoort* 79. Soutnwntcri 41 T»x« A * M C. TtTW TtCft 71 h«mJlr« «1 .VlacAInter S7. Ohio WnLevM TV, Cmtrt*:* T4. Sr. JoTin't r, iV*ss*cftineTTi «7. OniO U. l AAOTff*«d 47. CortnecJIcut 51. N«w H*nr«hirt JS. B^vlor 17, Tcxn OirHtian 7k. Trmcr* It. Scranran 71 Lnj i*. CCNT 44. Cierrrsar* iX South C«ra1ir« 59. SAfllT M. Arti«ns*s 71. SKrimcntB r. n. Cal Aagin 5*. CM »n*er» 77, Ormot ST*'t *i Ornot Cotst 77. 3«n Bern»nJTn« V cv CB*S CUremontHarvev Mudd from Dean Donnellon and| Two men who should score Rick Adelman. a lot of points for LBCC this The Joss ended LakewrxxTs season also looked good. Bob Goodson was an easy winner in th: mile at 4:295 and it was the same for big Jeff Smith in the shotput at 54- lO'/j. Results: K-Oindertinfei COCO. » · Vnllt a.t . »«.- Lfr*rtt iccci. ixv -- - Laufenbcrg Vaults 13-0, BminsRomp Larry Laufenberg soared 13-0, only 7 inches shy cf the school record, as Wilson High's trackmen swept past Nogalei and Los Altos in a triangular meet Tuesday on the winners' field. The final score was: Wilson 87, Nogales 22, Los Altos 20. Wilson sophomore milcr ffartzell Alpizar turned in an other strong showing as he won in 4:36.6. The victory was the second in a row for the Bruins. . CW» »$. Hotrrdn IWX "· 22.1, Wilson ftn Poly Nips Compton; Lancers Erupt., 11-3 If M Poly High's defending CIF] Keith Jensen pitched six* champions opened their ·«· strong tarjmgs. giving op onlyTM E (LI I. Z1J); UB-C«*» 0.1 SLB: Brut (OCCt. 574. . . M). J » t : urJt IOCC). . ). J (til .. ««ly JOCC). 1 0 3 4 1 OCC). U7: Cook TrM« bTO-Tgunt (IB). O-Wi; L»-« «XO. 42?: Hen (LB). 4HV - »«K»-B«r * UI; Lewt Hayes, a freshman frora SL Anthony High, wound up iwith six RBI. Barney Scholl also homered for LBCC. AB t M · IBCC TAC 102. IAATS W OTI. season in winning fashion by; turning b a c k Compton 6-4 Tuesday at Blair Field. I In other prep action. Lakewood evened its record at 1-1 by routing Centennial II -3; Wilson fell to Warren 4-3 .'four scrambled back with three runs off reliefer Duncan Williams to spurt a h e a d 5-4. fj 1 Downey rallied with a run in' rgj^fi;, _ the bottom of the seventh. 'EflE 10 ; ."* ( S^! l J£!t The game then was called because of darkness. after leading 3-0; Santa Fe ESltS?"!_r rocked M i l l l k a n 9-3. and," Downey and M o n t e b e l l o * " ' I struggled to a 5-5 tie. ··rtsotf (31. MaeuLr* (51. Buscfe . ·ntf m«!dona3o; J«m«n. rarti (W) ._ " · " · ._ I Tim«: 1:0. t -- Snltft , The Jackrabbits erupted for no°4; i»w«, f oaf pjjjj jjj jjjg fourth inn- y* «·' ing. Pitcher Randy Humphrey iw m-- i i F_«* (U. STCkLM (S) 4rv3 , . ail. UJ71: Cuero ^,- Chowcn O.B1. It Prep Track Powers 3IixTo(IajatPoly aided his cause by driving two runj with a double single. Ike McCraw and Ken ( *] Whitner also had two hits for the winners. d:ta;«n- frt: «· rw--Lwn (Ml J Oil; N ' Bav« 4 N I 244; *·«·--LOTB (*n (Nl 1 114. 10B iSTi'Si.U^r'^i'ST.'VS.tithe best track'teams in thelnms. (Ot«A. Hicharr. wit- TLM LANE doubled two runs in the second as Muir and Poly High, two of ( Lakewood exploded for five Mike Lynch homered * nn ui wn« r*ijCIF, collide today on the!for the Lanceri in the third ,.) ui. ««.. MI » jacfaabKt cinders at 3 pja. and Murray Weiss and Tony «" to highlight the da/i prep Muser added doubles to the action. extra hit barrage. Two of Other events today: Lake- Centennial's three hits were wood's track team travels to'of the infield variety. Paramount for a 3:15 meet. jEfjjwhile in gymnastics Mtrir »i vm competes at Wilson and Pas- l«, Im i« an «· TM" cr " 'adena hosts Poly, both at 3:15. I BM: WiHai M l« ASM SX *a«'nj · | Cwi: In Ann u. VMM XX *o»;« I'rcp Swimming Tl. f 11T » College Baseball 4*. V. .* V««v M. W. LtfTbfrm A3: CHWw'tl M. Dvw^ 41; AK« Itmt IB. f«rT* S7. ^S. ly r«nc* 7X ri'm. £2 ·A PltearB BM: . . SS. O"*w «t W. ·ill KVt« Bl ·infhwB i Im *f C»*iv IS1L ISt VM l»n m. CUwnv V« A ·**- **i«i I'M NKi' rl; Vw (MI «·». Mou Junior Haskrlball Jr. College Tennis Long Beach 7, Orange Coast 2 4: W.MM (1BI 4L rrtzztd IA, A-l - .. KiTtm (l! 41 CKni tA. IK Tyler IB] t\ttf K»r» a i l * «X SL Dombilc S«vl n. stVPIM. B m. Mrtvffv n. SI CAffwln* ubewrt T( Atntuw-i n Hat mmuiiti. ··mlS." U. AntMrrn. SS.MjrKOvn.7BJK.lmv l H.S IOO UFI Rating* (PoD of Coaches) i. VCLA c3n Pro Grid i M Mrm tor tl Mm. say Kam-chat'ka NO F I N E Ft V O D K A *9 fiecJ . ion CriJi rJiutril tpra . rjmcbjTU Corpir^ tf Amcnu, u. Ar ( t u, Ci · foerii.u4 ty Hi7--fil Attention SKIERS Here's one WATER REPELLENT that /?«/// Worksl SANITONE W o r r i e d ? ABOUT YOUR ENGINE? or TRANSMISSION? STOP WORRYING! Con GE 4-8431 Let C-A-E-R trrni CAII Of TOO! CAl'l RING VALVE JOB MOST 6's $49.50 (SKort I'.cll Qlr. _ $ 159 Al lntMn I "*T«TN$MISSIONS SEAL $3C*° J REBUaO ! ADJUST 39 We New N* M»i«7 BBWB -- Fm IBM C«n nil T*»TB{ labor 2015 E. ANAHEIM PHONE 434-1491 Leaves fibrici »o/i too! Try ii today. See WINTER SPECIAL C (irmitt l | i({ua | NUWAY LAUNDRY AND CIEANERS CM HOr SEHY1CE 3031 E. lualnin ·t Itn'tci Call GE 8-1126

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