Independent from Long Beach, California on March 23, 1976 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 30
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90 Schools Instruction 105 ·15-INDEPtNDEW (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) entMith, CIIH.,TU«V, Una I), 1 bituaries Funerals S (Jittitariri- 'J*n(rth SEDWICK, Robcri Eu- cne of Cypress. Passed iway March 21, 1976. \.ge 61. lie is survive! y his wife, Eva; sons, Robcri and William; daughter Mrs. Louise Christiansen; granddaughters, Amy, Abby. and K i m b e r f y ; and grandson. Robert. S e r v ices will be Tuesday, 11:00 a.m. First Baptist Church of Downey. John A. Mies, Paramount Mortuary directing. SMITH, George. Slice- lar/Stricklin Mortuary. 426-3365. SMITH, Ruth of 104514 Avalon Boulevard, Wilmington. Age 55. Passed away March 18, 1976 She is survived by husband, Lawrence; daugh lers, Ellen Goss Doro thy Smith and Margarc Hansen; a son, Bil Chason; sister, Garnet Fox; brothers, Glen am Bill Chason, Jr., and Pa Sponable; grandchil dren, Andra, David, anc Shannon Goss, and Ker i CLASSIFIED «1-!l» Funeral Directors 10 """iSiS?** DEAUT1FUL71GIRLS . sGIRLS iv G1RLS IcllOMASSAGt- W I T H A D cTHEULII- MATEVASSAQE SJtflMl Florists 15 LONG BEACH FLORIST 435-3401 Complete Floral Service 1M1 Pacific Avenue 919 E, 3rd SI, Cemeteries and Mausoleums 20 BEAUTIFUL Chclce Loca"on GREEN HILLS Me-rwrla' Paih. CKftn v* Ptol 116 Loli A B Very irdUyuM« GA4A76 prlox] weikm.-sler Ga'nt Good Shen hCfU. «t1lo*% 384. Wo* J9. kilv 1 1. WMImlmler pflce 11190. moving wUI »ll for rco illtfca 2 P'OH In SVy TorrflfJ- GAichn S.7 C E M E T E R Y LOT In G-ird*?i 0' t Sfa«yn. W«1m NvrrvrM Pk 453 Ml CYPRESS FO.CSI Ld*n Choke lot dt:e crouixl bufl.i* v.i. 1. 541 M\ OlUtJli) Hr'en F O R E S T Mwn cenwferr lol (Of Wp Crrreu lire*. 3af (nH VI JPWi Of (iw/jdivs FORU5T LAWN Cyp**« *=ll **:rl Ike 7-«fnctATY "nl^ In C K u r c * yArd.Cd-l 113 ««S7 MUST SAC Garden Creol In CAibe o1 Fail 1 !. Foffif La*n, Cypresi 1 GREEN MILLS thrfie toll, wai VH vp^ralely. Fvr nlv i]l-S?±0 SGL lol V/e^lmln}'er Memorial Personals 50 ABORTION-BIRTH CONTROL WtM'C'Cr you' Family plann'rvg needs, it-ese roo pro'ft agcnckt jie hce H, wp ytw ·Birth Control Institute ·Calif Abortion Council Lw Co^l^ .fff'c'S'sSvlM ( _ |m ORA'NGE'CO. (714)955-3600 (714)547-2543 LOS ANGELES [513)J33-5I23 FREE CIGARETTE! You (Jci'l rxy^l ii uf e^S you Jre OTlKG '(X a vnwk* If you Si'fkJUS '"""'I'NNE'RWISDO'VI SMOKING CLINIC rtwm*9h r? irt 8. proven rrctlToiJi ·Xi 1 lo ^TK-^C, uli (l~y oc*crf J Aversion ccmlil'o^-flg lechi HUM, ikn For ^MUlo-VJl in'Of -nalion ta f 430-0812 locial Clubs 55 WANT A DATE? ^AW1 n-cc pOK!e, kif cwwJ f"rn*i Pwionj' ^S-'hJS. i sem S ' S Co QELLFLCnVER SOCIAL CHJBnrak« r«iw MiCiXJl da'ei PO EVOK I2M Frpp Broctwe, Bo* *JH. £X-rioy It! (313) 8*2 Wil 7J Mr Scrvict Lost Found 75 A*J1*A-AL SHELIEB J001 E WILLOW- LONG BEACH OPEtJ WEEKDAYS 15Sr WEEKENDS i HOLIDAYS ICU U1TAGCED DOOS S f R A Y ANIMALS IMPOUNDED G S.H M, BrniSl, j'Vrs Rec. Pivt "· ' Shep.M. Oik-Tan, 3 Yn. ^ ^ !301 'Atomic . . . ' . - K H PdX. i-A. V/hl, 8 Wo. AlwuDcrV-d A1 S'lC k. r . . . K-3 MU.M, Oik Will. 1 Yrs Abj'vjonn] Al Shcl'er . K-TB Mi*. Te, 7/til. 6 (to. JTm^MW -· · K-5C PiM Bu'l. M. Whilf, 7 fAov ithnauie^ F*. G r Y- * Yrv J'- i "*tfo L"**flua'o Slaricn . K 4* Co'iVShcDif, Fe. Trl. JMfi. iOl Hu'TII .: K-7J wi», re, T*I. * M«. §h8i Cr**rrv . K fll ;p, X. Ft. B'P,AWV| fe.P.C H. ^ . D^* Lo^ Coyate^ N ol S't?^rr.n D 0 A S'K-fl. X. W. B k-TiiOi, Yiv lilOE. Jlh . . . DO.A. Mi J .,«.b^?Yy ier K | Doslon.M. B:V-Whl, 1 Yr i JAI«. '^'^Ik VJni, ) Y r v . P.ilo Verrtf A $!^rm . . K-N Sr*o.M, DVI-lan, ?--i Y f S Woodiul'lCJ^on . - ^*1 5jrmy,M V--'. 1 Yr. l*n Pr *y' Al' P' C H' ' . . !·« Mix.W, B'k El-n. 4 Yis SljdCbjhor A WHIon K-2-4 SV;p W. Dltf- Ta*V ? YF food X 1 , MTCifl ^. 17 Yr^ 311S E 10'h , ,' -M p i - X . V^Brir^. 1 Yr. ISU) TM. Fc.^ k, "^Yr leaiin Aias YU ABORTION FREE PREGNANCY TEST BjRJHCONJROl Cosmetic Surgery Droiit 6nlars"T"-f it. rt-nrny Beiilliywef area 53HI72 BeacliCily area 679-3394 ?i Mr Phc"? Sorvite GRANDOPENING Magic Touch offers all VCHJ have wanted at one location. Try Our Extended Services FOR YCUR'RE'LAXAI ICM !5;il-lc'nE "AH inter BI-^J 3 b V i fc ssroi 60S Frwy WE REALLY REV OUR ENGINES FOR YOU!!! COTE UPSTAIRS CIRCLE MASSAGE 2501E.PAC.CST.HWY, rif Looj D*fllh rralfk C.rclo 4J3-5194 EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED M DISCOUNT WITH THIS AD OHOUfl rjuEHCHINGLY EXOTIC //AiSADE Hd VCL«V 1 of n^trt M-t-,1 Helax rnjo/ ihf Fun P Atf el ifK- V/c'"d "irh rne Groal Cil, WJi«r A'qwwrfwre S GORGEOUS GIHLi Or«:i fAsn. k) FM. Ite-n to l!pm DAY NIGHT Au!oW*chani3 Auto Body Paint Small Engine Repair Welding Arc-Mig-Tig Electronics TV Repair Electro Mech'i Drafling Business Courses Seaefarial WaJical Recofds Lkensed Vocational Nurse Appro'^ed For Vets Grants Available CalilTradeTech 1633 Long Beach Bl, L.B. PHONE 591-5471 V.EN V/OVBM BUSINESS 8. COMPUTER CAREERS BlrtiiX^ACTi nMra'-on SUfDUnjllBA 1 ! Ck":t.V V*sl'MM. Lcgil SetfPUrfdl Cc/npulcr PrOQ'flrrwn ng "'AS'K ABOUT FEDERAL LOANS i GRANTS O.i/ Fvervng C. Uttci APPROVED FOR VETERANS VISA STUDENTS Froe Plocf-rrynl Scrvke Accrxliled by A.I C.. HELP VENTED Domestic 145 MQUSEW01K. «r*ral tlfV'**g. t dart wk, Cf rrifov 714-6'M PerhirW HSXPROOK live -n im^l aooO HSKPR Live In vn\ L.B. board care horn* 914-mt, «J Jw; rtlTCHf-N A S S I S T A N T 3 early LADY for tfclW ca-«. My horn*. L A D Y - W A T U R E tHtov i l f m v home. llvf in or cHjL Fret b'e nrs A rrwsl. I fo II PM Ir.lMT 3 Vf. on Salary 110 * k . 0*n ira-wo. Cy- l_ADY-rV.ATURE A*Y home a'ter idwol. 7 6 P M Cemi«.926-«tt LITE Hsewpfk. Sor*e Cooklrg Mull C Y P R E S S IN HM/SI MAID E ««·« -MOW! . A»Xf ISO A'amifos HELP WANTED ._ Medical MO EWPtOYMENT n'Mira r'«y ca'.l SW- ssjHawsjfmfSjrr 1 " TOSPITALCOOK HOSPITAL MEDICAL TRANSCRIBER E*pe« *«* *lih hhtwv iixj E*«l- ul. consull, opffarlvc ai*d dll- clwgetvmmary rfWH. Fu!l time Part Time Immediate Openings Good Salary and Benefits. D A V L J A D D f t D HELP W A N T E D _ Medkal 1*0 RECEPTXRAY FREE STKW Tret ii, jjJJjUJJJJjfjyijS ' RN CHARGEREUEF I T NT P E P RCO. I AMUN F I'TY SANITARIUM UM Grand Avf , L.B- *17VH S RN CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR Pol H Ion rpqulrw Irmovdlive P**0? """* RNSCRITACAL CARE UNIT FULL ( . P A R T TIV-E CLERKS na-c« ctenuc «O*k, Act u'- r^kkJIo a»* or oWw pfplpr- . . . . . J^J Q^J («J., Winl hav« fefei hcliaml jl« Spm 'MOMAN a?* M-70 llvf-ln Lilt )-6fW WOW-N of W-an 1 Wife ix^vk-d for rc"r«J coycie ra iv* m · hft 1^V5 Ar'«i^ area. - 366 f/"i Financial Insurance 150 HOSPITAL 325-1 221 Ext 362 INSURANCE RECEPT Over 25 Ca;i S9M377 IECH IfK) L »vwd Emc ncy IW LVN ftce. Eiper Pre'erred. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL r/EDICAL CENTER RN HIFT California Bill Chason, Jr., and Pal " drcn, Amlra, Lavid, and ° Shannon Goss, and Ken and M a r k Hansen. _ Memorial services will c March U. 1976 al 7:M p.m. at the Wilmington United Methodist Church. Family requests contributions he made In the Children's Department, Memorial Fund. Wilmington U n i t e d Mctliodisl Church. Wilmington Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. STEEN. Soren H. Memorial s e r v i c e s Wednesday, J:.10 p.m., Dilday Family Lakewood Chapel, JSliic Woodruff Avenue. 421-8411. ' THOMAS, Frank (Team Captain). Belovoc father of Darry Thomas and T a r r i T h o m a s ; brother of Roy J. Thomas, Marion Horowitz, Ethel Basinnw and E v e l y n Harris. V i s i t a - tion Tuesday, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to8:00 p.m., Forcsl Lawn-Cypress. Services and Interment, Boston, M a s s . Forest I, awn Mortuary Directors. THOMAS, Josephine C. A y e 75, of l.onj; Beuch, passed a w a y March iflth. Stic is survived by d a u g h t e r . Frances Deputy- -1 f-andchildreii; brother, obert Walker; sisters Margaret McArLhur am M i s s Alice W a l k e r Chnpel s e r v i c e niu I n t e r m e n t Thursday 1:30 p.m., Wcstminste Memorial Park, Morti TICHY, S y l v i a U Sunnysidc M o r t n a r j Directors. WHITE, Patricia o Lone Roach. Passei away March 2 1 . 1976 Survived by daughters Peggv Rosemond, Sallcj Moore, and Lnuree Ren son; f a t h e r , Willian Scott; brothers, Willian N. S c o t t , M.D., am DouRlax n. Scott. Ser\ ice Wednesday, 2:0 p.m Brothers Slortuar Chapel. Family request c o n t r i b u t i o n s to th American Cancer Soc ctv. Brothers Morluarj 21-I Kedoiido, ·i:t8-ll-15. WOLSKI, I.eonar Samuel. (TiT) Of Lake wowl. Services pendinf liuylwn Family M o r t i ary. 425-6-101. Funeral Directors 1 Long Beach Colonial Mortuary Service To All People 591-8708 UST SAC Garden Creol In Caiden o1 Faii*i, ryeif La*n, Ci'i'fC^i REEN MILLS cho'te kU. wUI «HI v-p.iralely. Pvr nlv i3l-S?iO SOL kil V/e^imlnj'er McmorlAi Mj-ke Oder. Evt-s W9 M4t r email on 23 SUNNYSIDE CREMATORY The Only Crematory In Long Beach IMMEDIATE CREMATION $5M SUNMYSIDEMORTUftRY Long [Icacfi J74-U11 IffliWiij Announcements 35 LEARN TO MEDITATE! H.we Alcrp Cne/gy. 2 GRAND PRIX US ea 41789/3 FIND IT FAST IN THE YELLOW PAGtS T H A N K You. Si. JuJ*, tor aM ncomeTax 38 G E N E L S P R A T T a YP«'i C.Ht flnyr'mf (or ,11 .ipixJni- rctrt Ji oiv DIIICP ry In yoiw IIO/T»C J22^1 423-6092 You Save Tlme-R«ierve Co"x*'n«»i Scrvlc* Q«l C'L-nl Ccnvcrvlcncc- «rtl/i T A X CORPORATION OF A W E P I C A - S rc.iwjrwblv p/kcO "fa home" lrcon*C 1-i H?fvjcc. A tn» e«ocrl will c«Tl y you .11 yew.* INCOME TAX It, Yp»r^ E.pcrfentc - Your homp 01 my oflicc. tl'.U Lbvtncr UAFE-S BKX.PG TAX SERVICE. Wo-iifi/b.xiVheM!mfl, s'mj'e uoy- tU* cclrv Piivf Oil, l.iiic*. l.ol MATE L'O VH-r (frlrrAl tiA't. Reflwxw bUTdlci 2 0 v r » . e * w r . * T l 591/ INCOME TAX AT HQ'AE A n y rime Exper., degreed IK- FEDCRAL ALL S T A T E S L kPnwHl, (kxxt^J Rea%cnflb*^ In yc^r hoo-e or our olficc-? dAY\ YO UP Home ; iiat-i ro 10 PW. S^fxc l?rt. lsjcrjii, CJIH «· *n Sr/iroi DOSVNLY IMCOA1E tAX SERVICE FEDCRAL * $M!e Ta*. Long Fwm 11j No UP» /N S5J 74*1 Business Services 39 WILL o.w PJM (W ol'kv qin«risn h rrluin Tor hAixl^lio pi-on* 1 ines vigri K MT*C of(er l.iXh^a fa' RA R SferctjrMl Scrvlte. WTO E Travel 4C WANTED RWer lo Eflil CMS! - .ii'iHOXd »k. Fixlnlo i?6lTl3 ·j Greetings 45 S T E V E LAING S 1 LOVE YOU " Personals 5( WE: GUY. S6L 1 1 Vo*n MONEY 1 We Tf«*iW* ^" ffier 1 "** AWERICAS Ji:wn E«S · ABORTION COUNSELING WALE 6. IF MAI E "Mwr 0 MARSHA LABELLE BENEFIT DANCE 1 «P.iyellr Hold Woo S OCr» TKIEVE'S MARKET The flool CfltHiai of rh^e Wo* 5 GRAND PRIX RACE T I C K E T S $l-CIIOM t GREAT S E A T S . VH rj 4M « DIVORCE vi/ «0-0812 LOWEST FEE Do Yo*x O-n DIVORCE A L S O S I C P PAREiNI ADOPTION 1 Yew' Unrr.coc OwfOMke Bankruptcy ( SdT.e V Locnl on (ar'owr 3 Y' t -439-W7- 31-W E 7rti, r^jr Rrdondo Avc f/cmbcr of Co 1 " · Ovof cc L c a y w Abortion Sale Low Cosf Procedure Free Pregnancy Test Free Counseling by R.N. Board Certified Gynecologists Professional Stiff. Immediate Care. No Referral Fee. Long Beach. Oil Anyllf* MS \Jtt ABORTION Surgical Procedures Daily » A*jt-i I'M. WON. RAT FREE PREGNANCY TEST V;e C.m Hcln. Free Counwlkva Qujjlily Wc-0. KeMwt*i by A* D Si^tlallil-;. rkMltiiv Secure u luce. IIS R(^Jontio Avc $u'.lc R 2/HR. CARE. 434-5791: W- 5100 HeaithCarcCounselofS TILOUAUDS iMvt UK(«Ocd DIVORCE CAL If" iffOHCE ( COl)NC IL Guarorrcixl and Prck-silcnjl T V P rw. FMI-y. SCfvk* 1443 Alu-vl^t Avc. Suito 3 LONG DEACH 4^6 3M3 HAWIKOR'IE *'* MU tOS ANGELES lliWI i A N f E H N A K P O Vdk'v W WM MODELING Do YOO h*vc ll* ro r*- * nxxk.1 i looV i.kecnr' ·Ft e* .\V»t*i "rva An«lv%'% -I'icc r:oso*i fruit cuo rr« T'mc-i Fjltr-.lon Fr«? Prorsgr^orJc Tfti tvuwrtlvp* Lc.l-n'poKe. DOikrci Cpn'irt' rrc Wo Conlr.Kli in Srwil Nc* F Jit'loiri Modcli Si jdlo Cd'J Lbnda W-7W6 WHY PAY IpOAAUCH FOR A U T O IfTsOHAHCE' Evvn wllh A b*t J/lvl-g rtcorrt iix.h .« »?i, ftrccktevi rirMiM amount PkA» c.ill rev cill.-"d'e G A R Y COOPER COWAN AWMKV lint wo'sTJs'oA.n.]) «wo JW REWARD! HOrt) c.i^h rw l-lc' on rpMhn Ig IN: .uieif i tonvkrion 0* h 111- .1 1 wn^c WiKvJ rh.^ «H 16CO t S huriir M II, Cfll KTOt C.I UNWANTED Siife lev. Co^r OflkP PKX«*WC ^V?^1l Cjl Wclrgme HL^ HFAL1H C E N T E R LIVING TOGETHER? BE /CARRIED LEGALLY F K E 6 C t R l l F l t D COPY OF LEGALLY FILEO LlC NO PUilL ICHY S«-S« ^ NEED MONEY? P L A S W A DON01S Nit-Jt^l t* i tVxw'iiMi I*lte *h'Y 7AA1 JPM UAfiNflLIA PLASMA CENIER ^oodX-.^^GM^. 1? Yr* 311S E 10'h , ,' -M I"X. *ABrirKje. 1 Yr. ISU) TM. Fc.^ k, ?Yr AlMndcneO Al SVirpr K - S 3 5htp, Fe, IMk- 1 an, 6 f/xs M *. Fc. D'"-Vr'nl, ! Y r s SruJelMkF' fcWlfa* K-r? W. *, W, nifc Ian. ? W«ft. srwp. Fc. Whi. J wa\ B s W yd . . P T.S Wix. V. nik-Brn, J Was. 99 W *ftti SI P T 5 Alw c.l*c Ccmoir F'ouod. H71* S. tt?01 13 AnJ Arlrrw! Conlioi. Hwi · Hylonfip.itr- (,'U) 536 S»l OOfiS IMPOUNDED C i*rm v $ G^vF«!iti A-,e r Scu-n G^re ·01^3 VitjAdy COCKAPOO. TUfr-w't ?/Dd WriHo O^l M. A*l«rll rcoO^. Sin.ill. v,''i!c. rlkr^. losi 3 12 at Vons shoti'rf-j rwrw J 5*i -n R E W A R D ftAO/K*, 9Ii OSt 7 Dog% v'c. PrtfATX«jr.l Cir- «jr Si. Lk*l 9 rrxj Minldhirr P^.itlo "Uyy" rmn-alwP POO dk- ull |XKcr f "Glfil" How. -OST D'.Kk- i Ian F. G*'m*n SWO- Iw-n wrd'lny W.KV nv'oo choc**' co! .ir. VK: Pjf jm. Otl Amo Dlwl. ROAA/IJ. HI WJ Don 4JI (123 rrV'lcI^'cO co'Lir' V REWAS(5 C 4«- JU7,i'K i W. a i S.H Sun O S T CMIIUJAHUA F. (rom CJr SEAR^ P^irra L n t REWARD SJfe rt'tu'n WdY njvs href* .itwrKfcni-f -O^T Ldtly'i rwo MrK scUJ rlwm bf.KJel 3 GoM coins, 1 g-c*r Lhdimw Irrtcrln'lo-i 0" Iwc* R t W A R D 4U 77 it .OST M. C^r ifrH iruefry llacr. wiit* mtirXirKji on recV fcH. Los A nm''o Area N^me Dlibo. Rt- V,'ARD 713 SWfilW -OST 3 L1-76 O'er 4 while M. uil. rorv^ ha"f, VCTY 'owl mcu«. fJ,nic Tc/woJ C 45TisVI OUNO T Of rm.n Collie Ml» mmpv Vk L*wd. Slr-flfrr, Fcn;rd Sun 373. S«/-1W? OUKl) W. Shepherd w ch^ft. Bkick B. T.w Orflnoc 4 AtefXlrs f'ar.^ 'novol. Crtll 53I-M4J1 OUNO Yny · F Chlhurihu* Al fllw! C^U (91 -1611 OVJND. F. 1 mo o'd Hi^ly-CoUk; mieO, Vic lXr*ix/ Souih. ? *»s n^rVliurt, vie Arvihe'ni Of*nor IlglH brn. Wl- rwie. POSWTXXK slwi. clr 171 J7741I4 TOUNO n,*k CQ'O^C*! rabbir. vie. fhcriv Avc t All Setili Ccrrolciv. feUncr k»WJ FOUND 1 fDtW Terrkr AM* MJ t *. jii-vi M.Kk cn-»di. Pakn Verdn FOUND. Sml. F. B'n Grcv CJl Ri-il ft ryuo (rJInr * Wutf rn.ce FOUND Sml Terrier Uoo. M b/ C.M'i 9/10 F'OUMD' 1 iX-n. Svr%dsv Vk WJ aw A. St.KV-Uikor. FfWiALE ra% P f 2 r.^g ill 3J?l FOU'iD S-T'I F 0 A W ChirHja'.^a Sol Mem IHI Scvih Carf.,.. Cal FOUND But*. A WW'p. dov- *PPfO« nto% M Vk O.MIUL- Cdon i17 LOST, g'rl'^ ]Mii*% In y-een c.»ve vie Aflel.'* k, AH.-nlit 1 11 /*. Re LOST M WNrr- F»CrtlPOln) SlirnffW V* o' A - »nli- Del ATWI vr-r-i oU O! -W) a f W A R D LOST 1 ,'A.^n-i 9-]Id rl-^a LgC lion*- «r 3 srt'l 'I-.inwrvl-i D^nW 01 Aiwric .OST W.*v* hfLrt**d w*-IIC j»c d riij _ LO1T' Toy Grey F PooJ-a. Vic Oig-i w,i'r r I? 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JH97JJ 'M DEBBIE T i , «u- 'or d rr-AxVifl rr.iswtie Your rvj-rs or O^TKO Pnor.r DAY CH N'GMT ' A ^ * t C r C r - d ' W A CIV!CV% A c t C D ' C d 434-2M1 or 436-XW Free Nuesanna Bath Wi'fl 1 hr m.n%):s E.rxrl mai «.'vx-i OPE H 17-10 A'C -urrird 1339118 [ P i k Q iT iva ') MASSAGE r? QJ' Special Dil'r 1C AM JAM BEAUTIFUL GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS ilp MASSAGE W I T H AD THE. ULTIMO IE WASSAGL ?UI C Jlh SI , L B 439 5 7 ^ 7 ) 2 1 1 ORIENTAL SAJNA MASSEUR (or w^ilei o*tJy s/ )7W E. Joard Guest Homes IOC ADULT DAY CARE CENTER 8:30 AM- 3:30 PM P A L M C W L M GARnENS- Dav Crtrt Prouram It «JM"jn«l 'Q ITWVI ln«* p^ycfio stKlJl 4 mwl "fOfll CI !!-· c'lk'lly 0' a'WWCd. wllh o:.t imllrulkxl.^'/*!^!, olfciirg A w Ljf I.MUJO of rc!vll^l.U.v t su^- nT'nJiriiir^i" tiV V irtfnli^s Palmcrest Day Care Program 3501 Ccda' Ave, LB (213) 5954551 BEAUTIFUL Gue-;l r-crro lor vwom,in G^od '«xl. TV O' r-it-Hi Ore'fO«vV«Jit:is i»«M BOARD, rrxxn B. l.iuraliv hx ckicrlr oonMp-n.wi Reflw.iUe 993-4*08 y If) D/Cl CAPe or ekicrl/. ^Voo C' divab'i-d me PI- iv rvxrx- Re,^ SB? 1SSC FOR L.MJy Xln-l '«Jd TV Home F R l t M D v Y o'r^c^nrvre Xlni 'ooJ A Cire loc W. Clr 3o.ll 43JAAK LADY 'ov^i/ Home Good icxxl Mice V.inl. IGSd Cttlfit W \ VH P R W A 1 E HOOWi ,nJ txwi-d for laiJ/ Schools Instruction 105 DRAFTING DAY EVENING CLASSES APPROVED FOR VETERANS VISA STUDENTS AffiKI'K'O bf A 1 C S «5-WI4 Long Bsach College ol Binineis rAf-1-.wn LfCUM 4 L D OU^ n P W T A I A Q Q T LJCIN I ML AJO! '« *1* ] · I ProarAm C.vir Pjr.nvO CJ18. Tcc.1- Co:i 426-9359 VA A P F R O V F O 7 UNEMPLOYED? - CLASSES FORMING NOW! ^ A I R M N E T R A V E L SCHOOL ^ i:«ed.i i WELD^SCHOa _ Al U? 0 I £'hoo;! t Iwl t S llrfl^r. J LYN^OOO -411 I»J1 CONTRACTORS APPROVED FOR VETERANS VISA STUDENTS Froe Plocf-rrynl Scrvke Accrxliled by A.I C.S. EI -jiWt l-vsMru1lo"urxr Federa If hrsureo Sljtl-j-1 Ltwn Pio-ram 435-8914 Long Beach Col legeol Business 236 E. 3rd St, Long Beach BoTwren Locuslt L fl B'vd. MEDICALASST c RESPIRATORY, SURGICAL TECHS DENTAL ASST DENTAL LAB ' TECHS DAY EVLMNG CLASSES APPROVED FOR V E T S GRANTS A V A I L A B I O 476-9359 C.l'if P,iijrrM.tJ tJl Tixh C(HI HELP WANTED INDEX Employment Agencies 130 Domestic 145 Financial Insurance ... 150 Management 155 Medical 160 OHke 165 Professional 170 Restaurants 8. Clubs 175 RetailS»ores 180 Sales ... 183 Technical i trades 15 Help Wanted General .... 184 Trainees 187 Temporary Work 1M MEN-WOMEN WAREHOUSE A. IABOR fACKIKC- ASSEW.BLY 5 1 S TEMPORARY KO5 11541 S P^unxtnl, Do*no^ 9730373 4ii I/O F A C T O R Y W O R K E R S Wo lev 15 Ntw.wl No* PROA\PT TEMP SERVICES 17411 Laktwood Blvd. 630 IOU 100% Err.pkivef Paid Fee FLO BAU.EY AGENCIES 1OSG DFACH OFFICE fJlQ Lena Bfath Bl-rf , iltWM L A Kt WOOD OF f l (. E 5^1? Scurh St ,««-'001 f OCWhEY O K f l C t US' 6 Floe-xe . « »M1 DUNHILL PERSONNEL AGENCY Employment Preparation 135 TRAIN NOW FOR CIVIL SERVICE EXAMS 1 (o t ' per *rnj? N= ri'gh Schoo POSTAL CLERKS $5,63 HR. U i CLE.RKL 1 ILF CU Wic Lok'cVEACH 'iNGLEWOOC 422-0479 ^rx^^^i'C;^ Domestic 14 AID r4ow«X«f-r F » '9 M F Live -n V3CO ; room Ci 1 b«T AT lEUOASr, W F. rrirtf a r l r f . .v J A C W S I T U H to' 7 t^.rs. s 4- !l J Pk* Ave. LB, ««« rrerTv* 1 Xlnr Salary". Splendid g'OWTi OOPorli,r\llv. SuVm'l reiuri* ircl. \fllflry his'WY- Box A 26»6, IPT Clainfled Lpl, 6OJ Pine LB. BOOKKEEPER - Fu'i CKsroc rtvru F-Mnclal Slate' r-eris. Piyro"!. IB' Rffurn Xfni inlflrr. Splend-d T-'owlh coowsx;"! rv Submit Reiumc irxl Ml^cv r-ls'Of r. SC« A MflS. IPT ClAUlrfetf DCP1.4W Pine L.B. «fi" OiWVL UNDERWRITER. t*Ptt wdiMrd b/ Downev Ayerxv. w'.v $CROW O f l l c e r rwededi._ e *£l^ Xlni ray 'benclin Contact V- mfitx\i » 4 5.00 VAHGARET LANf; ESCROW Call J23O»C' HSURANCt. Career Orpo'tuolry wilh i"Aulv.)l o' Onona Preipf II- cen« Ll'c (L DlsaWllly Aocnl. C^H ^ rwger , // r . Poien, «i 77J9 Eaiwl OPPC'Tti-vifr Emptoyw M-F OAH PROCESSOR MAJOR "7AOSTGACE BANKrHG f IRM rwii ^TYr.MlA'e O«rlng (01 d LOAN PROCCESSOR Expcr^r-ce in FHA-VA Ccnven lk)~a^ 'OAnt req Plrn%e call: j?8 TAXPREPARER Management 155 DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST TO (xiyi-jl* prgitdiW flnd »aH iK»*d r.iis, rtp e*t^rv. Wiyi 'S'rn rA'.%irg' cdrroa;n^ Have rciumc. -135-3411 ESCRW; MANAGER MB KCRpWjpFFIttR FOREMAN Sie^l Fdtt olaiit ne«tlk ·Hrtwkkig F^em.iri oWdcW 1 0* hjmjl ; rvg rnerv mAiio'wnfo o* marerki' nanflli 1 ^ PMo* Akendi MGH Prokclktnlil I T a V e C h a r g e ! (y sr-.» kxal rwin Good Ml » tx-nellts Send reiucrv to Be* A 16JJ. IPT ClAUHM Owl 60J Pine. SALES MANAGER NEEDED t'«0 We**. ii i'arl, then corrmi^ ikin ovrcrkft. Manager back c^.r cM FUU -^ B ^ Medical 160 AIDES A B C . HOSPITAL A REHABILITATION FACILITY BS PART OF THE NEW t X P F R i E K C E IH KURSl^Ki tfixtti AW-i r-3 J n W R S MASWOhD AM4J1 A'4ri'r.S El*lTX)O' C(XV Hcrt/Hfal NCt E Fouirh St Lc^s BfiC" - CLINICAL LAB SUPERVISOR F W CI^.'C trrMfl VV»oii*i CAM Suvxi BrWt tP HI Apo'y «t 12881 SK^Lkel'ofd La"* O^rA'TG'ove, 7U*3l»i;o COOK H.icicrxJa HeaHh Cflre Sn-v-cr niVd ? Fjf'lilY COC^*, PtXHX: *JJ *J9i (or J?O) COOK-RELIEF FRI SAT 13 tod M fv. 5UN 1 -WON ft '0 J.»PW Errcress Convalescent Hcsp 1WOTERMINO-LB. 1 COOK SUPERVISOR DEN I-\L A S S I S T A N T rfsrT *!(* Hy^A «·«! 1*3 OIL c hi uci C'F-iTAl A S S l S T A M ' Full tVr-e r q V^N?^ P W T 4? LlJ OrTo tM^nifV. Saia^v twwxj h e'f""' T '-*^ hrij ^*' La'W tlin " DENTAL Day Shlir-S^xJay Mvu FrxHy Pho^Srtin Bridl *^ 6K-J1U LVN Fi.,' IH«. Djy i. PM tf.H U6 1 per IMF! California CcnvalescCTl LVN PSYOHC1ECK ParlTkne, onoill. allishl'li. NURSES AIDES Full Time n'gMs, Pa*l 7i«fr on CdM. All 1 Shifts. COLLEGE HOSP 10602 College PI, Cerriks 845-S2M (714) 824-2I40 LVN'S [All Shifts) FullPsrl Time RNS Par) Time HI B E V E R L Y MANOR COKVALES- CENT HOSP Sjn Okoo Fv r al Srai Bc^ch Blvd. Seal 7dch (113 LVN'S RN f ULL OR P A S T IIME Vjcdilon Relkl AllcrxJ *xe bpoui PLUS Cio'hlrxj allowarcB 149 tO WoxJujft Av* , Be114kw«r 7(09 Aloocra. Paramcont IjliO Rasocrans, Horwalk tlij) aw uii LVN Ito 11 FULL TlMf Nursing Assistant AIL SHIFTS ALAMITOSWEST CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL m Katella Us Alamllos LVN MED ASST INSTRUCTOR Mon iVu ^rk. X-Rtv '^J^'D 1 crrtcn t'a't net**. Downer W* · 1003 MEDICAL ASSISTANT tor Dirtv General Practice O*ftee X - R A Y EXPER. 6ii*riHal, Good WEDICAL Ant. Farrrtlv Pfaeltc* X MEDICALASST TO INSTRUCT EVEHIWC CLASS X-RaylicerrK. 424-9359 Cili' ParaTiedkai Tech CoJL LB MEDICAL-RECEPT. Front B«.V, IrAv.raoc*. E«per onJy. Salary ooen ^^S 1378 MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Front i baih. Imurjrce. expfrl erxrt orviy. Sa»/Y open, ili3OX - MEDICAL RECORD CLERK C»D*r l ert prefer red. HARRIftWkN JONES MEDCLIWC Ca'l Ui-lNl EitiW MEDICAL SECY-ASST EXPERIENCED For CXlr*OM(J-C SiX0«n. Lfi tume. 3o A-fiil, IP-T Claiiiffe Drot *« P^e Ave, LB. Ca 90041 MEDICAL SECY-RECEPT .i[V. prgvtn abi'ity. Saiar DMn«I3.UU.a«6-]"7 NURSE- back o'lict, w-G«n«rj ~ tl*n in Family p*cr'Ke grove Einer -we. Ref. fea Downey are 1. NURSES AIDES " Alt ltlirtl ] ETp*r-*rK.rt t retr ? hrrvfir* Oowxhr-ity *o^ vrvMtri ~ PALMCREST MEOALLIOf' ONVALESCENT HOSPITAL yt l WIUJQcc Ainp? Friday Eic*lleni ^eoellti. C*ll 4j9-H/3e*t 7)6 behvwn J 11 a m. ONLY RN OR LVN W E E X O A Y b O ' J L Y Hri- 8 i w 9-4- Liberal vacal^ pertorul l«dv*i. x\ni wrxkmg ^ARRIMAN XNESMEp CLINIC Call- Ali it4Te*lS2 RN PART TIME RELIEF SUPERVISORY, COLONIAL MANOR Convalescent Hospital PHW^Iw Enudl Opw^U'nity Errptovr.' RN'S FULI PART TIME Ctn'ral'a CwwateiCOnl Ho« RNS-LVHS AIDES STAFF RELIEF i37-C806 US 4 LVNSi 'ull Hn*, PM t nllfS Si ftjry Medfc^l Cenrer tiS-Uil RN- STAFF NURSE 3 To 11. Viltl Dllferenllal Good BeneMts RN - ICU 3 To 11. 4 Bed Un:i ShMi ICU BlffercnikU RN Or LVN Staff Nurse 1 11 T » / Sfi'lt Dilfcrentlal ~ RN 11 To J. For tCU ReMel SUM yi'Jf S. ICU O'lfe'entLa' WOODRUFF GABLES HOSPITAL 1W»4 WOODRUFF AVE ' BPLI.FLOWER ' RNS 3 ro II SN1I, Prrmancra poiilkxi Comnion PS HoieltaJ RN .-'; 7-3 RN- Part Time MedSurg RN- Part Time ICU 3-11 RN- Part Time MedSwg RN- Part Time ICU WARD CLERK -Part Time Med Surg LVN -P»rt Time MedSwg 11-7 R N - Part Time IOKOI LVN - Part Time Wed Swg 1 A Pl M Inlercommwiiry Hospital roi Wdliur $4. Id PdTmA (714) 522-0150 Ext 390 RN 3 TO 11 SHIFT C A t L A ' R S EICHBERG BEFORE 3 PMAfoolUuFrl ' TWIN PALMS SANITARIUM 11900 E.Artesia Blvd. Artesia 84WB?1 SWITCHBOARD; ADMITTING CLERK FULLTIME SHIFT J l:OOPM!oJ:»PM i Weekends required Al Least 1 year Hospital experience. [ Good sa«ry, benefits. BAY HARBOR HOSPITAL 325-1221 Ext 363 TRAY LINE GIRL iry. 425-6-101. Funeral Directors 10 Long Beach Colonial Mortuary Service To All People 591-8708 1760 California f' SUNNYSIDE ^1 LMIMOKIAI OAKPIN'S 1 CEMETERY -MORTUARY CREMATION -CHAPELS FLOWER SHOP j m H £ R R y AVENUE IONG OTACH. CA TOO HONE III]) lit 1*31 Diidii FAMILY (J Funeral Directors SINCE 1954 LONG BEACH HKEWOOC U»r\Ki'k Avc. »3*WooJrtH motteli's 909 E. Third Long Beach WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK MORTUARY - C E M E T E R Y 213-431-4577 7U-893M LUYBEN Family Mortuary SIAI Arbor Rd i 1 '*? 31 [L4Ve«ooo Viinjgrl Long Qtacri ViHITE S FUNtKAL HlWt "Ssy-aM 1 ,? 1 ^WRSHA LABELLE BENEFIT DANCE L dF-iyelk 1 higlcl WcO S OPrm TKIEVE'S MARKET The nool CfltHiai c ft Wofd 1 GRAND PRIX RACE T I C K E T S $1-C1IOM t GREAT S E A T S . VH rt U Sin DIVORCE i» · cooft toil. s?t -?n WEDDINGS $20 A D U r A N S BEDDING CMAPCL jjj f. HI sr i. a iivJJ/i, .iJMsai CAU RGIINCV N«yi I Crkr^n.11 Wur ckr Lfl* L^wvtri HO.COO f * t h Crf ywx b"d* AltfinfCM ,lfXJ Ml A. J U%* if *' 'kv. Icrtj Dfacri VCBOl BE MARRIED LEGALLY Single $ceneo( America Pie R«oy.Jfd Mnuve |})J teJAi'S G E T V A R R l E D L E G A L L Y Sft blCCd *f*1 ' Jdt'ff* liifl"9 ll- yrrrxT Ml 7*11 5^-» G.*t*iJ»l »sJ ADULl MOVIE R E N T A L ^ A U T O I N S U R A K C E TQ AHYOSE Term* 1PW CN-rry. leu *J9 M6J L E A R N to dAX* FrifTdly, Pa'*"' v^ottv W» FMMC S*-1* n W A N T E D S GUESTS.. v*nr txaulilu*. lv«n v'*^w. Grjind Pfu Races, ccm- Ixft C* ho*TM* ili JJH ov^:i«xi n (\»:o* VIA jncii *M ALL ( H A K L E E Prodxfi W*d bv rwrvl CJCHXM i Klv iJl *'! C H R I S T I A N S rig'f AtMli" Sfl" 1 7 »D.TI F"-M B^oiiM IClh k f« 1 W I L L f i x AKY S E A I S G K1A CHINE S l O C O W P l E l E 4W?lii P A N S Y S D^rryr H.« r ifT!M-Rf-jj Ijr Cut* XVM E Jlh LD t 1 ? V«i J^ARlTAL lnvri1iatl*r-\ L* 'es^ SINGLES DANCE *si Fn s^r s^_ THE 73 VR ·?« n « i s t 5j j fl '' v i " WOflLO BOOK E N C Y C L O P E D I A 7j CALL US. 131 HELP, A K Y T I V E UMYVATHtU Siife lev. Co^' OflkP Pi(X«*ufC HL^ H E A L I H C E N T E R (itiiin'nsi 0 L LIVING TOGETHER? C BE rVARRlED LEGALLY ,HO (HOOD T E S T REQUIRED F K f E C t R l l F l t D COPY OF LEGALLY FILED LlC L NO PUiU ICHY S«-S«U NEED MONEY? ) P L A S M A DONORS Nxt-Jt^l W tx-r tVxw'iiMi 1*1(1' ish'Y 7AA1 )PM V A G N O L I A P L A S W A CENICR i J40W A N A H E I M i?Uf 1 tV/ILL SELL YOUR CAR, TRUCK, VAN OR CAUPER f y t W *iiV bcry,tvn ll , m A ' p m l d,ir wrvice CT moil rrxxMi LEGAL MARRIAGE NOW f r C*fM cale tjix- B.wn B?.M* hli.i L.i'j»THf WrtWirw Ch*«i 1*0 LiryVi L D Gi-rt'v a-'Ov.eJ Low To Mv KnigM In Winter vtt*n.1ort\tr ·^ovr lev*. .« e^crv spr'rs) kl me kno- f«* c u j r e WprrhfxJ F L Pf'.rveu MISSING SOMETHING? T R Y T H E G R E A T G E T A W A Y V'OTtL PREGNANCY TESTS 1350 PINE AVE 599-6SS4 'TOUT Hi".* Si. re1".^ «^"'V i a't Cf p.«1 ·nndrtl 9^' 1 'n S'6" iotx'f. i'"f'f. Lcr*Y A J'l Ji'o**, R-Pl40i?*rw.L B.W« Theatrical and Music 53 SONG WRITERS SEMINAR! VMiti n A .",\j(ch X 1 r K c m Oc-xi'on IS A i*.-»iK-flr «y** rr^ l(0f' Ww' \ t|:|Cl ^" y I'^^f k'a. call *J3XU, ?ACO Eail 'rh at L B Social Clubs 55 Folo Dating C!ib(T.V..J L A R G E S T A W O S T R E i _ l A B , E TI'E OMY OSE OF iT S «^^D C A L L J K l i n O Q (7UHS81.VW F0=? PERSONAL I N I R O D J C T OSi Slnu'e, D.vo^c^ Vv-^* CALL CLARA LANE ·1*10301 H-i 1 'W" JUS E. -;'h WiM" E, Crt .r^4j4.l» OUND rJi S1W VIC r. 7* OU r. t n A W w P Vt l«-i F Dog * OST 1 C A R Puri.y ".Moll*' 1 V-c OM r R4VJ V c 1 f H t -crren OSf V-nl VNan«r F. V* APP-JT OST A^ t ' v-M'i- Vr Elm S. H i R^u.l Wl .'IU O S T Woni.m W v l f . --1U1 H Ifc^lCti'lfr Rr A.vd O' «J FW KtM r^Kir rr G^'rt'^yH.'P'ie'J health Aids ?0 SCIENTIFIC MASSAGE 47-UiS OA ly S^'n 8 0m Schools Instruction 105 C.vir Pjr.nvO cjlT«h Co'* 426-9359 VA Aprpovrn UNEMPLOYED? CLASSES FORMING NOW! A i R k U,E T R A V E L SCHOOL i!Zl A T L A W T ' C . L D iltein WELDING SCHOOL iffl'-i .-^ 'A.-m'is :*(f. r i G . -V « G Fu) ADT-CW-J for Vt^h AL U? o'^'hoo^ 0 4W) C S irrfitTr..^ LYNA-OOO -411 1«1 CONTRACTORS lu t WIL 1 OW I E\ |RUC $CMfXH. f-'tf n *CC'r^-.' cuEhrv feoos iiut fris *ni Schools Instruction 105 HOSPITAL TRAJNING I APPLICATIONS NOW BEING ACCEPTED FOR CLASSES STARTING JULY mH LICENSED VOCATIONAL NURSE 1 MfROVED FOR VTTEIANS-FIKAIKIIkL AID AVAIU9LE | American Vocational Schools 595-4626 413-3330 4067 Long Beech Blvd. L.B. 198 South Alvoroclo I. A. 422-0479 Domestic 145 \ID r4owttX«per F » 'o M Fiy Live -n V*X» ; roori Ci 1 beTw ftT lEUOASr, W F. rrmr an.*, .vf JA[WSITUH to' 7 t^.rs. s 4- !l J Ji B A B Y S I T T E R rnVt' *-.« n Vcir*r Afr Sth' c*'r.^3 '3 s ». Frl. J -o S X. fXJ^Wrtj* S9* J ^ J i***nVl.V".^ 4 1 ? '-TI" ' ^ ' % r'vtrm V,-j » A. v ' j r w ijs'liid · S V A* Sni Ave°V^ n ^S^W] ELDERLY CARE We Mve « V*'-*IV 0 iNxf !(yV3 flO.".V W f W V r.'rhrr S r.- 5 ftsi^i DC' CM i- o* ' · * n J fo S Jw^ o*r »* c a - n i m A »-·"* K)S'E.VAEHS UPJOI-N LB 41 4441 f O R R S33 W» lr.iv*l R-n i Bo^rCJ * Sj' MJ c.i'o* Fc^d o ?iw M'I ji' r*n Pnc-x "J? «00 $sr fit's ip-K,.-eo Nii«i. 6* H O U S E K E E P E R "o t-^Ofr rv-ir HOOSEKEEPER Cfntff -i V«1 C'V.V i !x3y SPV^ 'i" iwaiii'fl O K ' f r - w Etcti'f- [*!·«·. K Can Pe--%c^rv j?) J^TJ er J r/(xi9 »o ·! j m o- r FXM.LY H E A L T H PROGRAM J9?i N P.i'i Vt'Cf L B An EaodtOc^cr-jT !y Erro'O*r COOK SUPERVISOR Xn e k "S5 «' K " """fZXftir: DEN I-\L ASSiilAST rfsri -v l Hyirt^ irta'. 143 illl 0? fel UCI I f S T A l A ^ S I S T A M ' Full tVr-e ? J^""i JS^'45 '?JIJ DENTAL ASSISTANT DENTAL ASSISTANT Xrav LkenM Required Oirty O*nr*' Cl""t ^""o* Bfe DENTAL ASS F ISJA c NT f l U S V D E N T A L C L I M C tlP ""~S3K77M'" V °"" t DENTAL ASSISTANTS D C s r A L A^^i c r v j f * e e'l^r ^ tfi* nc Br-^'ilE L S tW 1*77 ^ r DENTAL ASST DENTAL TECH DENTAL TECHNICIAN EVENING SUPERVISOR cr-.i'^i. F-Bt 4 -*s^|-y;p SuMiy r r ' v l^*jf\SAj 1 '0 " W E * C T ' «* LA PALVA Interccwnunity Hospital 7°OI Wj ^e' $1 Lj Pj'/nj (7U) 522-0150 Exl 390 Eincr -we. Ref. fea Downey j r e NURSES AIDES Alt sMfn ETp*r-*rK,rt 1 retrr- *r« lecu'red XAISfcR "rfriuraoc* hrrvfir* Oowxhr-ily *o^ vrvMtri PALWCREST MEDALLION ONVALESCENT HOSPITAL NURSES AIDES E X P E R I E - S C E D P S E F R R E O V M StllFT FULL TIME OhLY APPLY M TO U 4 ? TO 4 WILLOW LAKE CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL :*;SGBAKD AVE . L B NURSES AIDES Fu« Tfcw PM jUJl "^"A^PLY* errw California Convalescent Hospital *«t Eiirwr LM9 B(*;r- CURSES AIDES * r-^o^ohf f * oood*^"^ cc^xl BA.Y COW ALE SCENT HOSP I»01 Do^rwr Aw. L8W* **] NURSES AIDES ORDERLIES WORK 1 « o i S « l F T S P E 1 ff\ PD W E E K L Y SO * £ E O A V S L SHIP 11 Of CHO'CH HOWEVLAKERS UPJOHN LB i]}^44i TCRR s.X!4t ' U RS i Eft STAFF RN ICU CCU RSI Full firl T tr* 11 3 \f--f L 3 11 PiONtER HOSPITAL OnifeS-i? 1 " (it KX PBX Admitting Clerk EiperfclKC txt'rrrcd Hoxl 1 )E LONG BEACH HOSPITA 1 SW HM Registered PHYSCIAL THERAPIST *"' OOtDE"M*V^J"'" COHVALC'XEHT HOSPITAL C-J631 weewnos requifea Al Less! 1 year Hospital experience. Good salary, benefits. BAY HARBOR HOSPITAL 325-1221 Ext 363 TRAY LINE GIRL Fijii time X-RAY TECH Musi be experience AlcitJra Community Hospital yWE.Atondra.BEIIf 925-9511 2nd COOK PALVCRESTWEDALLIW Convalescent Hosoital 595-1136 3RD COOK Office 14- Accounting Clerk Xlnt EfTicioYGfc Benefits 1

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