Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 39
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 39
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VI-- INDEPENDENT, . ... _ L. Help Wanted (Men) 2' "-·-- t*/-- .-j in.-* t ENGINEERS Explore fhe Advantages of Working in the AVIONICS DIVISION OF AEROJET AZUSA Current Opening! Include SENIOR MECHANICAL DESIGN ENGINEER B.S.M.E. or M.S.M.E Mus be familiar with airborne nlectro - mechanical . opf ca instruments or other mrnia- turiiod electro - mechanlca cquipmonfs and capable ol original d e s i g n concepts based on analysis Must be capable of assuming ·full mocha nical enginor ring responsibility Including coordination of optical, servo a n d Electronic activit os. Technical supervision of supporting personnel also required. Salary commensurate w th ·iperience. CALL R. C. SMITH R. M. CRAMER ED 4-621 1 CU 3 - 6 1 1 1 AEROJET-GENERAL Corporation AZUSA, CALIFORNIA A Subsidiary of the General Tire Rubber Co. Telephone Solicitors Top Commission Daily Advance Steady Work APPLY IN PERSON 302 E.ANAHEIM, RM. 2 Homo Workers With private phonos also needed S A I E 5 1 If you arc n self st.irlpr A oin manaoe vourscll, wnrk n (u fi-hr. day, 5 days a wk., can (o low Instructions 4 are nol alraid of n 5 lloure Income-- then Come in Now You will be In on the ground floor of n operation. Producers will quickly become managers state suoervlsorv If you have proven sales nhil tv are NOT niak'no $12,000 o 515.000 yearly-- then You're Our Man A. Filas 2372 Atlantic, L.B. FREE REAL ESTATE SCHOOL "PART, FULL T1ML" MHJ AND WOMEN NEEDED. INVEST - C.AIi. THIS OPHOMTUNITY. WE WELCOME LICENSED SALESPEOPLE AND BROKERS It Costs Nothing to Call HE 5-8383 CHIEF DRAFTSMAN CIVIL CITY OF ANAHMM SALARY S515-S670 Startlna .salary l-nsed upon exp A framing. Supervises civil en- , c.ncering drdttsmcn pcrlcrmmn street scwcr, alarm drr»m A m,-n drafting. 4 yrs. cxp. Aoe to 4S. Apply Personnel Dept., City Hflll 204 E. Center, Anaheim KEyslone 3-1321, Ext. si AUTO METAL MAN MUST BE FIRST CLASS Modern equipment plus many company benefits. SEE FRED NIXON BILL BARNETT, CHEVROLET 1440 E. Compton Blvd.. Comclon TOP PAYING ROUTES NOW OPEN BENFRTS f- BONUSES APPLY TODAY GOOD HUMOR CO. MEN $150 - $185 PR. WK. While trainino Plus bonus. S15.0CC to 525 000 pr year Have (5) managerial nosit-ons open. Ran.'d promotion. Apply dallv 9 a.m. lo 12 noon. Not Sat. f. Sunday. 417 F. Market. N L B. Sales. Dry Cleaning Route Well established. Good work Inn conditions. Paid vacation. Blue Cross Insurance. Aoe 30 50 ACCOUNTANT-- TOP CAJ tor i,u season. Man must t?e ciiDiblo, ex- Der., Inc.. taxes S, ream re mm. supervision. Perm, or^orl. possible. Anoly Miic Fr.inkrl. LL B , «J77 Alondrfj, Bellflower. TO /-3GOO 'RELIEF PHARMACIST" Part limp. Nights. 4 myhli week Call Pharm.irv, GE 9-6fT9 Fur inter v.fjv M K N - A l I Af-f «, Learn rcoair-waiiierb fl, drver\ L r:: «,'. hi.-- Or r; D.; s - :. Mfiore Sfhl. 745 F. 7th. HP ?0'-i 1 'CO p'llccmrr.t r ?o , 1 1 ( 1 ?. : GF.MFRAL~iV.ACH IN 1ST - - A l l rtrnunn' p-rrfl^rAlc. tilPilOlP i"»* PTrf.i'-in-j ' P'oc slon parts. Ar-P'v m prr'.on » rt'lcr 9 n.m. Sf- V F U S T R A N D TACKLE MFG., 120; eurfm, L u. "INCOME TAX CONSULTANT Fnoerlonced. Single. Aoe no harrier. Oceanslde. Call HE /-0470. 510 to 5*5 per evening, part t!rne APDly 143? E. 7th, 4 to 8 D-m. Fri. or 10 lo 12 a.m. Sat. JrtfcCHANIC -- Chrvslrr Products benefits. See Walter Fox, 126 S. ^Pacific, San Pedro, or TE 3-358S. ' MKN'S'WEAR SALESMAN." Fy'np'n'. rnce necessary. CaH GA 30*05 (o .irranfle for Interview. AH In- ouincs conf'rient'*!. wV No cioff. nrc Fiii'rr R r n - » t Part SAO wk. Mr. f ; r*n r. SALT-SVEN-^Call no rn 'haifiw.i'f f. \ "* hiNirt'iiQ sunn'-rs. rovn!u1.T,rv nr-f cnrnpetitivr ilrni f.Nt.t-M 4 W.i, BF- N T H f. outJ-flo IV r.ino man. Mi-M bf e*r-er. meed. Of A.TS, 975 inr.o Hp^h Rlvd RANTED-- Con tj»ct" Sal^rrrn M"! Mr*. Call TE 5 836S. Ask lor Tom. SfcRVlCE A S-hfp niiM. "arrJlianre V YOUNG MAN. HARD WO'JK C ·OOD PAY GA 2WQ4 ELECTRONIC TECHS l^ Senior Positions \^ Day or Swing Shift (X Extended Work _Weok jX Finest Benefits TEST TECHNICIAN trxneHonc* with electric tcM OQuipmcnl, trflnslslorlifd circuits and rlpctro methjin- icfll components Must he flble lo flitnlvio fes' results, trouble ^hcot nnc 1 recommend corrective aclion STANDARDS LAB. TECHNICIANS Must be capable of performing precision measurements on all electron^ tost equipment. Knowledge of primary and secondary standards essential. Will be resoonslblt for certification, calibration *nd repair of al elcclronlc test equipment. 1 years col- Ipqe or le-zhnicai schoo 1 orsd- uate plus experience required. * RYAN is located away from major traffic con- jestion, o n l y 2 m i l e s from the Pacific Ocean yet still less than 35 minutes from downtown Los A n g e l e s and surrounding areas. INTERVIEWS Monday Thru Saturday RYAN ELECTRONICS Division of RYAN AERONAUTICAL CO. 2750 W. LOMITA BLVD. Between Crcnshaw 4 Hawthorne Bt. TORRANCE DAvenport 6-9523 MACHINIST Excellent Opporlunifies Now at DOWNEY AEROJET for · Vertical Turret Latho Operators M nlmuni 1 years cvnerlcnce run. nino all l/pci of vcrlic.ll lurrc! lathcs and capable ot making own setups. Call or Apply TO 1-971 1 SP 3-0130 Aerojet-General CORPORATION 1 7 1 1 Woodruff Ave. Downoy, California A Subsidiary of The .General Tire Rubber Co. Double Your Income In I960 No More Time Clocks WE Will Train You EXPENSES PAID ASK OUR MEN HOW YOU CAN EARN $ 5,000 Yr. Up 14 Years in LONG BEACH It ccih nothing to call GA 7-0989 wk. days MR. HINKLE SELL VALIANT PLYMOUTH DE SOTO We need '2 too Sa'csmen. Chrysler experience preferred, but not necessary. Local, wilh references. TOP quality dcaier. See Herb Belau. BOB McCI.URE Plvmcutn - De Soto - valiant Long Beach and Lakewood 6 MEN Tht t are not snlisfiod w'lh a ! rncdoue living. Rrnuirc-nen:s arc Intel lOonce, loneMv, wfiimo«css o w o r k , ncrtt cmpCiirancc. To r.Nvl , dfl'ly + weekly pay. Unlimited future wilh 'lie largest company ol Is kind in flic world April v Thuri:. f-n. A iat.. ;-B c m Rm. 313, Kencbec Bidn , Ul W. AGGRESSIVE YnUNG MAN OR WOMAN Circe r in home rtcroratino In our floor LO^-nny f, driiuciv i rirnt. All ronir»-inv bcnelili. Will I tr,i!n if necci'iiirv Ann'v Rufrr D os.. S1W mkcwucd Blvd., j Lkwd. Crntrr. AUTOMOTIVE 1 MACHINIST Wu r ,l be A l nil rt'ound. jl25 ccr v/eek. 3WS Long Rf,vh Blvd.. 1. B. iXP'D METAL MAN //UST Ht ABLE£ 70 E S T I M A T E M'GM PETPCT J r A C F LAKE AUTO PAINTING r 2S"/S C. ANAHHM Of: B-iOO! '· SALESMEN . Proiciiini.u type, inside s.ilcs. Tr so educational trainino !o young lad es. High caliber only need - flpp v. TOD pay. Call Mr. Giccn, WANTED r 2 neat ambitious boys between 11- ' 16 to W-VK after school f. on Satur- ^ tv;ccn 6-8 D. m. INLINE STEWARDS, inierestiro UnJuniJ jolii. Trd.n now in L B. tor positions with leading ft supplementary airlines tVuout U S f, overseas. Cl. 23 HE 6-4,'fil. fen ^cie ?| 4". VV: !iro 'n t.-,ivr;. tos. 13 (o ?, Turs !tvii inun. OUMC. /,',FN. MS \r, ?S V? w t. iii siprt. HI 5- ' '!n !.'i rr--n * '" R T A 1 f S ' A l f ' A l . t i V A M " f API. K. i.ANF HI /-I 104 5.1? P NP Mf ?-,g;s 0, \'f, in.lfricd n?n. "p.v- l.ifi.. fvrr.r.rj work. OA 7 CMt RT'^FN. "lJno"lfrtr'-.n. ( .s7 1515 ' f A[ f P * to **·!! A C«-- ",-,'r, ·- Ex Ce;-cij ME 2d066. nt lucfc C*llf., Thurj., P». 4, INI twftmt A«*H«c !!»· 9.AVMMf £·»·« UAM 9X J [ EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES 1 MEN '; Consult These Placement Experts LOUISE KRUEGEF EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 215 LB. BLVD. HE 2-798 5478 ATLANTIC GA 3-8431 SALESMAN-jome college, local Xlnt apoear MOO ·» $2 Cflr allov/titKc ·* bonus 4- ons 2 TOP SALESMEN, must hnv van storage cxp. Xlnt. oputv floe open MW + bonus + oa -* car nllowancc. DRAFTSMAN (several) prcssur vessel exp.. tvne, instrument t electrical, ? vrs. exn. _ to «0 CHEMICAL ENGR.-B.S. drqtc w CXP. J7M. (3 vrs. colleon i r'lfm'tirv. will tr.nln (^ S45 T V TLCH-8 vrs. exD.-- local. COST ACCV; (?; bulsl«ndlni r Coinpanics _ S4M V: Thl Is only A partial Iht o our good daily positions. We hnv ? olfices to belief serve vou. Ou N.L.B. office Is open Sat. a.m.'s GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 19 F'inf Room 9M HE 7-050 Help Wanted (Men) 26 SALESMAN FOR BAKERY ROUTE $77 week WHILE LEARNING EARNINGS CAN EXCEED $100 WEEK! Many Make More! OPPORTUNITY .TO GFT IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF! YEAR /ROUND^PLOYMEN! Paid vacations Paid cnrnp etc medical Hospltalization for vou and vour family plus v/fceMv compensation wrnn sick WE TRAIN YOUNG EXPERIENCE NECESSARY Great onnnrfunitv for arowth and promotion Age preference "5 to 4Q, married, with children. O O D o r t u n l f v to cln friendly, orowlno ortMniiation. CALL AT PETER WHEAT BAKERY 2600 E. 17TH ST. LONG BEACH or pnone GE 93411 AUTOMOBILE COUNSELORS THE HOURS ARE OFTEN LONG, THE WORK IS OFTEN HARD-BUT INTERESTING REWARDING. EARNINGS CAN BE AMAZING AND THERE'S EXTRA OPPORTUNITY WITH OUR NATION-WIDE ORGANIZATION. EXPERIENCE NOT NECESSARY. TOP NOTCH TRAINING PROGRAM. THIS COULD BE YOUR CAKbbR CHALLENGE. AGE 25 TO JO PREFERRED. ASK FOR MR. ROBERTS AT rRFTTMAN A. McKENZIE FORD, 1033 L. B. SALARY $500 PER MO. TO START SalM mjinaoemen! trainee for local ofllce of larnc eastern company. 3 vr. tmlnlna program here nnd In Philadelphia. This position culminates In n 5 flourc income within 4 vrs. No travel. No previous sales experience reaulred. Not door-to-door. We require col ego, 3 vrs residency and presently cm- plovcd. Ph. GA 4-09E6 for inler- vlcw. Sorry, details cannot be givrn hy Semi-Sr. Acct. Is Inoklna -- tor vou. If vou havs n oood accounllnp cducotion f- some experience. Possibility ot promotion Into supervision excel- Icn for the right mnn Aoe orcf- erence 25 lo 35. Salary oncn. Good working conditions benefits. Please phone for nnnolntment LEX WELLING Personnel Director DEAN VAN LINES. INC. 18J20 So. Sflnta Fo., L.B. 7 V SALESMEN WANT TO BUILD A FUTURP? Long Beach Tnrritory Open Wanting to build a future sel no supplied leads. v ou can earn from $32 to $160 a dAV on an ouKtnnd- Ino securities 'ssuc -- V.'e h/ivc a pronram which can Drove to vou that In 3 to 5 veflrs vou can be worth An additional $100.000. Real nn c." Only tiinri typo men will be considered. 5225 WMshlrr- nivrf , Room 520. WE 39119 SALESMEN FXPERIENCED IN SELLING Prtllnfs. stidi. wood boxes, cratos And lumber. Hunfcr Woodworks 1235 E. 223rd St., Torrnnco ~MACHiNFSf"B"" For Non-Production machine shop work. Operate en- (jme lalhe, milllr.u machine shancr, etc. Non-citiicn OK. EslnWished Downey rnfg. co. Good pays, benc- .ti and working conditions. Ph. TO 2-8175 for Interview. FURNITURE SALESMAN Exclusive early American furn lure. Good wane + commission. Excellent w o r k ! n o conditions. C'osod Sundavs Must have furniture exnerloncc. BblbY ROSS MAPLE SHOP 1152 E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. HE 5-1709 \'Shoe Salesman Also Mgr. TOD Sal. -f Com. -t- p.M.'s I^vn. onlv. Shnc Kfnp. 15072 BroikhiirM, Gtirdrn Grove i l.'h.fjh 92301 A^o ! Go nco Shoe Oept.. 9703 Llnco n ! Rivri, Anaheim. PRoincrt 2-3BM) f?r TIRED sr-RvcE MAD. torn Bc.irh rcMdcnl, for pnrt turf work, .ipnrox. 4 to 6 hrs. d.i'lv, d rliv. wrrb. f.Tvlvcr r*r tcMrr rv- PT cn'.c dP-. ; rrib'e. Must be ar c-ir'«, nhonc.' \Vrite Hoy R-3AW, inif^nedcpt. Press Telcainm. BOYS~OVER~!4 Pflrl.rmc dflllv nfter srhnnl. M»O ! he neat aopcarlno, to fl^slst roulc niflnaier. Avcrape SI. 50 UP per hr. ader ? dflvs Ir.iminn. Ar,p:y .U)? Orannr hrlv/cen 2-4 p.m. Sun. ATTENTION A L C O A hrti nnen-nn^ fnc prat nn- P--I inn vounn -non, full nr p,irl t 11 '--.-. r.i'l ME T ^ ) 2 B or C.I: 900/2, 1 to / p.m., Tliurs. f. '""" WANTED tr Marl. FA a JS01 Kri. 9 1 ? nirn! · A R T oven-nns 69 P_m. Of- wen*. Cnll UN B-2726 bctwcrn A-7 nm. ONLY. ART-TIME Sales cvr " A SaT SJ.2S hrlv. f'ULLCR BRUSH. GE 0-1650; HA S 6062; GE 8-48J2 Experienced S'ation Attendants 1 p/irt time. 1 full time Nlohts Texnco Stntion 301 W. Ocean ·Jelp Wanted (Men) 26 1 AM LOOKING FOR AN ASSOCIATE HE SHOULD BE: 1-- Retwren aoe 5^-df) 2-Hmhiv flmbitioos .ind j- Ucs-rou'j rt enrnino mini- of S'O.Ot'O annu.illy TO THIS MAN 1 CAN OFFER: 1 - - A orfc^ r.urrr ,is A t'r rf rrp' - ' i .i'nt, in an" n( ^f Tr-n I ''·(· ?-- A i-C'"nrrriens've U^ning 3-- f"tiiAr,inleei intcnis P'ui CALL MR. WELCH . . . F O R A : FRIENDLY DISCUSSION ' GA 3-8483 l K»^e!n Mi A M. , j ^ CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SERVICE ACENCV ^ 205 0. Bdwy. Rm. 505. HE 6627 Acct., Ironies co., exod. In cos · 4- fixed fc« ,,. ,,_ to S70C Time, motion cxp., 2 vrs. coll. 1 Steno-Secv., niflturo _...WOO un Sales, route, know area I3?5 r Process Pl.inncr, CXD to W?5 · Mechanic, nialnt. oH fid. svc. 1 __ S-1004- c Accls. (?) recent grflds S4754- ' CANNON'S AGENCY Lflh Tech Trnec, 1 yr. chem VJ90 i Urill prpb 1 ; ._.. . ^2,j| )i r AAcichlne shop helper SI. 75 to 3 Jr. Bookkeeper U/50 _.. $346 mo P"nch press, net UP to S2 60 hr Blue print Mnch. OPf. -. «4( 8721 Firestone, Downcv TO 7-lfll 6?07 Pacific, Hunt. Pk. LU 2-823 BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 19 PINE AVE. ROOM 208 HAS JOBS FOR YOU. Help Wanted (Men) 26 ACCOUNTANTS General Motors NEEDS Junior Accountants for training fo fill accounting positions Positions require college degree in accounting or related field. APPLY 8-3 P.M. t Monday Throuoh Friday EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 9925 Sania Fe South Gate LO 6 4 1 4 ! SALESMEN AGE 19 TO 35 I nm tookmn for . mrn who nre ambitious,, aggressive have a desire to earn. $1000 MO. l-BEST COMM. Plan 'n L. A. Co. 2-FINF5T DFMO Prooram 3-- PAID VACATIONS 4-- GROUP INSURANCE No Phone Calls Pirase. SF.F. BOB FAXON Sa'C' Manager BILL BARNETT, CHEVROLET 14-J9 C. Compton Blvd., Compton SALESMEN 7 MEN EARNED " ' $2,300 LAST WEEK National ' Firm wilh World Wirlo Rcurebentation needs 4 additional men lo cont.ict er.tnbllshed nc- counfs f, unlimited Qualified leads «t no rost to Snlesmen. Arci of Long Beach, South Los AnoclCJ A Ornnge County. Aocs 25-SO. Car necessary For Interview SEE MR. COBURN 1:.10 P. M. Sh*rp Wed. -Thur. - Fri. 13106 E. Firestone Blvd., Rm. £ Norwfllk OPENINGS NOW FOR SALESMEN S150 wk. lo slarl, no experience necessnrv, will trnln. Apply 12129 Firestone lllvd., Norwsik. 10-12 A. M. WEEKDAYS YOUNG MEN Colleoe studcnls, cx-scrvlccmen-- or If you are under 30 yrs. of asie 8, would like « ftno opportunity In the ndvertlslna promotional field-- we need several youno men to start Immediately. You must be very well tJrr*,sed f, be able to meet the public. For Interview c.iM Mr. Thompson, HE 7-01 J5, Mon. thru Fri. only. S100 wk. tor those who qualify. % / Clean Cut Neat Appearing Man between 20 JO vcnrs of atie, to wink in cxDflndino local f.ic!orv branch. Must be able to act nlono on S9D.50 per wk. tor 1st month. Job is perm. Sliirl immed. Call personnel ninr. nl FA B-5670. Fridny, 9 1 2 noon SALESMEN Youno men to work self to ii'ihrst paving position. Qpnor- tomtics unlimited. Do v;hat 1 s.iv Jind vnu vson't bo sorry. 100% NON-SMOKERS For ncrsonal Interview call TO 7-/J90 between 10 n.m. 1 p.m., Mr. Comstock CONSTRUCTION SALES An established builder of homes R Income units will nnv S300 corrm 1 . fo cxper. B.C.s. See Sales Maniirior, afternoons. 18371 Hloh- wav 39, Huntinolon Reach. REAL ESTATS Good live salesman to handle Income commercial properties. STEVE SPINDEU. HE 7-7431 m Last 1st St. Spot Welders ....$1.93 hr. 12 EMPLOYERS AGENCY WINDOW WASHER C ; v. Serv. Evani hv 1. B. Anr ?i- 4 1 ,, outside hi bl(Jg, 332 Utfht.-cs Bidp. ACCOUNTANTS Civ. Scrv. bv L.B., aoe 1955. Some colleoe trno. 332 Utilities Bldo. AGG^rSMU: younri men to -,"11 imported cars. All Co. benefits. Apply in person to Ray B'oinlc!!. MARTIN'S RENAULT Tn7 S. Long Beach Blvd., Complon Help Wonted 27 (MEN. WOMEN) 1.1 FF Mnoazino Is Incrr.islng ils tc ephonc sales personnel. Full t rue. Guarantee. Excess commis- s on paid to you. For appointment, phone NE 9-3271, 1614 E. ComD- __ton Blvd., Compton. NL"£-'D" HEL'P~H A VEE~ OPENINGS 3 .ictrve licrrr.rd Rral f «l,itp Salesmen for NLR area. 2 offices. Sec Jc'in '.V. Rrcd, pf.iHor -f11 I:. M.i'Vr' ( A T /^ r ' .S90fl Al flritn. GA 3 S-I1S | T t i n P H O t a a o M r Y n r s - f . I-.H.S! DC I e*icr., Ic.uK furn Good cnrnmos ' S'.incirrcd shlft-v AnnlV or rail 1??? South St., L. n. GA ^ 7.1 U PART-tirne or full tfmc rirrccl sales personnel. Cnll HA 1-S40J. EXPEER. brtrdpncrs "helper. Mnn or Employment PrepVt'n 29 · AVOID LAYOFFS « EE A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER , AQP 31-W. NcAf p.iv r.ites, S455 fo · S577 monthly. Spare time trn^nino * can now be arranged. For inlor- P.T.S. P.O. Box 1351, VVilm! C.ilif. 3 roperty Management 30 dXPC?if:Hf no retired ' r.pie. to h'rri , lor rxtrm. «nt., util R rlr,-n. Ina cV-irpr. ML .S 94/1 | IX P. (f,u[,!p, m,n,ine fC..'! \Cif tfll. ant 4. m. fi,.-, r.r. fl w, cjo--. Work Wanted 31 10 U S r WO R K-- "H r". ~or d n y , rVn". Rr.fer. Bflrhnrfl. HE 29002 m p m. ROWING-- J t ' ho-ji." Tree p ckup R delivery, on 3-OfiSS. WoritWonttd 11 (Wom«M) EUROPEAN housekeepers, ald ·nd couples. Low wagei. Swedlii DomeiHc Agency, 823 v*ntc* B _t_Ai_ 15 Rl 7-W7) Rl 7-579 PRAC. NURSBrCare of eldflrsTDa or nloh|. M vrs. exo. HE 2-4«8 EXP. Ironing, tuv home, men' clothing/ uniforms, 11 hr. Menc Ing slightly Rxlro. HE 5-617 GRAD. prnc. nurie. Yrs. cxp cnpable ony case. Drj. rel. HE 2-9 13d. per hr. + fnr«. Exc. rets. Rcy clientele sought. HE 7-d787. (1 MR., professional Ironing, al kinds, shirts linens a spec ally HOME nursing, companion, fcvi hrs. daily. HE 5-9?Fo SWEDISH Indv wanls housework 51.50 hr. GE 9-4428, 6 Dm to 9pm SALES woman, 12 yrs. cxp. In ready lo wear HE 5-04J? C.ill Doris Ray tt\ HE 7-9739 WA .£u s j, cod v , ,5-tinv work. Rcfs White. Cnll utter 6 p.m. HE 5-02H chiropractor. HE 2-9002 till 1 p m IRONING, 85c hr. Pick yp " dc" liver. GE 8-5490, GE 3-5685 DRESSMAKING -ALTERATION'S" 326 Loma GE 3-1290 WILL BABY^s7r~E~sTde7~hQvo~~T A-l colored olrl wishes wurk by hour, dav, or week. HE 56931. SECRET A'RY-fyplst, I'BMrexce'iienl medical ref. HE 6-5S81. · 1 RON ING, mv home, cxcelien work. HE 5-9626. IRONING in my home, pick up deliver. GA 6-2769 MOM will babvslt by week, or Iron $1 hr. HE 63596. COLORED Jadv wishes dav work. Will wash walls. NE 1-7995. BABYSITTING Ifohf housework, In town. HE, 5-6847. OUR OWN EQU 1 P. GE 8-537J. IMPORTER-- Type your mall pieces accurately. Del. service. GA ?-??33. HH 5-6977 IRONING 51 hr. pick UD deliver. GE 3-3876 BABYSITTING, dav care. Rens. Work Wanted 32 (MEN) txf. Housekeeper, full chnroc, or emp. couple, 5 days wk Mus have oood salary, live out, own transp. Thurs. aft. 5. All Fri. GA 6-1511. MALE prnc. PUJSO attendant, hosp. cxo. Rels. Wishes care for Invalid, 5-6 days, or sanitarium atlcn , hosp. orderly. Box A-4350, I, f'-T. EXPEK"lLNCn'D"~rod~"or~ch"nlnnan: LEO J. BOURDEAU J301 Beacon Avc., Apt, 1 Seattle 44, Wash. MAKKibu man, 3 children, wanls cooler rcpfilr work. Eve or wk ends. Lv. mso. two Ccrinr, L B v\ould al^o consider misc. Ions. ELECTRONICS TbCH. Navv Mnslcr Chief West Coast or West Pac. RETIRED man wants iob^expcr" with sick. Also Janitor work. WASH Kit., baths, windows, wax JANITOR, painter, laborer, cxp , pnrl-tlme or steady. GA 67934 WAH, 21, 2 yrs. caKcsn, ii«dr"fu¥ tune work. HE 1-33W. EXP. BARTENDER, DEPEND' ABLE. HE 5-7027; GA 2-0751? GENERAL HAULING, low rates. GENERAL CLEANUPS A HAULING MAN with truck will move small '/i -TON p.ckup, hnulino. roo'inq handyman. $1,50 hr. HE 2-4S49. BAK7LNDFR-- New arrival. Honest Work Wanted 33 A R T I S T -- Corr.rn., crcrilivo Iflyo t, finish, tech. illus., schein.itfcs, adv. OP., aircraft cxp. Female, 3S, _oood car. HA 1-7243 ice, rugs, uphol. house clcamno. Care of Children 33B (Licensed Homei Only) LOVING HOME,~fcn'c«f yd., hal- ancrd nieiiis, 15 niinutos from Circle In L.B. I'j ml. N. of Canon UN 56783 The Independent, Prcis-Telcoram recommends Ihnt all relorcnces be c.irctully checked reg.irdma baby __slttinn and C'ire of mfnnr children, noy. j biorA to orammar jchoo ^_Pun on weekends. HE 5-l?39 DAV care. Lie/ 2 yrs. up. Nr. Sludebnker Stearns. GE 1-0340 VV LL roorrTa." board""chTrdren7Tcc lome, LOram 6-8119. equipment. (%A -1-5-167. _Slt_tors__Guild Agcncv. GE 4-3439. NFAHT child caro, vie. Lkwd7" Miscellaneous Wanted 63 CASH for round tables, china rnh nets, old guns, antique china, olass, statues, decorator's antique, etc. Charlie Davis pays . more. Ph. HE 6-5039, or up-to-date quality pion's and adics' apparel. HE 7-BiCI PKUP old apoiiancrs scrap iron Goodwill iron TE 5-6042 REFRir.F.nATORS wanted, workina or not. 5935 Cherry. GA 2-5003 Jewelry $4 wrnniNG ENSEMBLE i C.IMI, v/nlte cold. Sacrifice S147.75 L.idv's Diamond Solitfiuo-- 1.16 '100 rarnt, niatinuin, 4 side bnnucttes Cost 51,000, rarrifice $554. Dlr' Hb 2 \Kt-f Machinery and Tools 65 MILLLRS-FALLS H.D 3" belt S.ind- cr 574.50; for limited limo onlv. 1 box ,-i.sst. beitr, free. Used sandcrs ffl':n in tr.ide. Pacific Coast Hardware. 12J W. Par. Cit. Hwy ROYAL OAK TOOL GRIND CO. Tool Cutler Grinding End MUK A Shell Aims PICKUP a delivery. ME 3-7419 DUILDFRS TRANSITS S35 to $725'. New Used. Sell-- Rent-- Rerj.iir _Mohave 17/0 Atlantic HE 5-1222 AIR Compressor, portable, 75 C.F.M Jaecer, excellent condition. HE 2-2054 or GA 4-3239. PORTABLE compressor 105 cu ff S995. UN 8-26-fO; UN 4-6/26 TOOLS A mach. wanted. TO 7-6364. 17913 Rcllflov/cr Blvd., ncllflowpr GARAGE eaulpmenr" tools GP 4-1114 CO R'"FAS. 2 ME P 'u-190o!' RADIAL 5AW ' Cameras, Supplies 68 CITY PHOTO'S Annual Pre-lnventory SALE BROWNIE 8mm A1OVIE CAMERA Sconcmeler, reg. S79.50 .. $43 83 Scoocmctcr Turret, reo OT-50 . 55988 HUNDREDS Ol ITT/US 17.9h EL ?Mi D " l^\ m , SPECIALS KODAK 35 MM 17175 R ·; rcouliirly lor S?J f o Radiant screen, 50x50 M3 99 MERCURY PHOTO i _1030 Lono RCrtch Dlvtf. HE 7 0601 POLAROID land cnmorn. mccfonctf _Also Afnus. Cflll GL- I-5W4. Juildings to Be Moved 69 FABULOUS ' 5 hrtrn, l'j.1,,,11,. hni!! In oven t, , ['.'""P' L ' k o nrw - A!io s ' 1llr » ! - ' CONf-OLIDATED HOU5E MOVMiS £ CALL (.OLLI.fT ,1A»,i 9-JiiB MOD." 2- J. 3 br. 5 !ucro~homrT. " M.T1V w w.-to w. c.irpots, frnh. ~H OUPICXM'.' 100% finnnc.'n'o. Slcrn's E _Housc__S,llcs, HA 5-?;3?. Consolidafod Houio Movorj DAvls 9-4118 A school section, to be moved. S6.950 L 3o-lf-Yourself 71 h CLASTIC wrtll tile, 2c ca. GA 3-7951 " SMUSTERMAN'S A6W Atlnntlc : oam Rubber 71 -A FOAArTc I j S M 1 ON" §"!«· '7l V r ~~~7ic · SMALL R E M N A N T S _.»9c Ib. Ff.irt^ Rubhcr f cuch Lc.ithrr't. ir.-frd V ' K ) 8 " x J 8 " 'it.irk Cusll'ons, SI 95 S20.0M \tock r.1 protluct-. to f Af'.'.r FOA.'-A RURfV'R «M:I' 34M r. A-i/ii'f ; m. L.R. or 94903 ' ·! W 5th LI ( .,tnt,i A-,i ' Ki ? A;i6~r,T v Pnrkir.a CI.ARANCR "ON "snow VASTS' ! - iflNSON'S bALVAf-f. MF V71/S ~ Miscellaneous for Sale 72 TELR fdrt)fiicrri5~s,irks delivered, M.?4. GE 9.1ns, GE 9-S»i EDUCING TABLES. RENT, BUY. Also Salon treatincnts. HE 5-9870 Co« An Exptit 35C0N An Exptrt 3 ! CALL AN EXPERT These advertisers are EXPERTS in jSJ"^^^ ? Iheir line. Professional, Business (VKT^V t and Household Specialists who are SiSBV^P f EQUIPPED, EXPERIENCED and ^XHft) d READY to Serve YOU!!! ^^ ·? Aluminum Siding. ALUMINUM ASBESTOS sldlno. Very rcos. No dn., sm pvmlj. For (reo eit. call HE 6-712 IDEAL CONSTRUCTION CO. · Brickwork FENCES-- PLANTERS BRICK !. STONE WORK-Any typo 25 vrs. exo. Go 70 miles. TE 4-059 Cabinets ROY'S Cabtncli. Small or lams lob o.k. ME 0-303 CABINETMAKER-Hlnlsh work nut kllch. remod Free csl. HA 1-587 CABINETS-- Comol. home remodel Pflllos, cement work. GE -W9J ADDITIONS A REMODELING Patios, plastering, cement work Fireplaces and planters. Qualltv work onlv. GH 1-69?S ·ORMICA cabinets carpentry guaranteed. GA 3-7807. CARPENTER - GENERAL Day's work. Rensonable. Reliable Call GA 3-2754 CARPENTER -- ADDITIONS, STUC CO, REPAIRS, PAINT. GA 2-6079 REPAIRING-- Free "estimates Odd obs. Anvthlno, rcas. HA 1-3998 EXPERT Remodeling, Repairing GENERAL CARPENTER HOUR OR DAY. GA 4-7179 WINDOWS, doors, remodeled, add!- CARPENTRY 8 addlllons S. comen work. Joe Scerv. ME 3-WOO Ceramic Tile ARTISTIC til: setting. Tubs, snow- ers + drnlnbonrds. Reas. prices and free estimate. GA 3-23M. FINEST CERAMIC WORK. Baths kitchens, oallos, etc. Most rcas prices. Free cst. GA 3-1446. Cleaning, Rugs, Uphol. Rug Carpet Cleaning WEINHEIMER RUG CARPET WORKS 3720 E. 4TH ST GE 94523 GE 4-6815 Concrete Brick A 1 tyocs cement work. 100% 1 nan Lie. Ins. Free est. HA 5-4463. CONCRETE-SAWING LOU VV. TI1GEL GA J-2MO C. RAY LUNDBLADE licensed cement conlr. Free est GA -1-4325. CEMENT DflUos. tons, slah*. walk* No lob too small. GA 7-7269 CEMENT WORK, driveways, patios sidewalks. GE 8-3303 porches. Free cst. GA 3-1536 Contractors Builders BUILDER RESIDENTIAL 8. INCOME UNITS Additions A Rffmodellnn n Spec 100% Financing Available Nu-Hopc ConH. Co. GA 2-3184 DOES YOUR KITCHEN NEED FACE LIFTING Free cslimaies. al- Ivncs. Rcmoriellno Lie. HE 6-12.17 nllcr 6. ME 3-166? ·,.,* ADDITIONS -ARE OUR BUSINESS ALSO LOUVERED WINDOWS RfTMODELING ADDITION 50 ye.iri cxp Free cst. Snin monlhlv nnvnicnt. IDEAL CONSTRUCTION CO. HE 6/774 DREW CONST. CO. builds tor Icsi New Remodel. Additions. Cn GA 3-2J41. Frca est. Bank finance. ROOM ADDITIONS IF IT'S BUILDABLE, we build It. J. D. Jones, gen. const. GA 2-8058 Draftsmen RESIDENTIAL DRAFTING SERVICE IPO F lour uliiM j lo tlioobc from or your pl;ns. JEtlcrson 1-3462. RHT. Iowa archlfcrt. lown lie". Dmftlnn. Anv kind. GA 3 4337. Eves. GE 3-4070. Dressmaking CASUALS for men women mode to order, AMERICAN FASHIONS ME 4-1405 ALTERATIONS -- DRESSMAKING 2747 E. BrondwaV GE 30010 Electricians CORDAY Electric Co.-- No lob too small. Days f. eves. GE 1-0321. FAB. lect. repairs. remodeiinD, new LOS ALTOS ELECTRIC PH. GE91616 Excavatipg TOP soil fill dirt. Lois cleaned, cut oriidcd. Take out concrelc anrf tilflrVt nn WE 0 4W4 Fencing SAVE the henutv of your yard. Trio Chalniink Way. 4-chaln link 3.1c ft. In 100 rolls. No dn.. trms. Guardian Fnc., 3L50 L.B. GA 4-86.S3 3' CHAIN link fence, 25c ft.. In 100 tt. rolls. MT-r ( 3 Fpnrr Co. GA 7 1487 or GA 4 9S13 BURROWS Fence Co., 5??9 Ctierry Redwood, block, chain- link, Installed. No dn. FHA. GA 2-3347 Flooring Tile JACOB50N FLOOR SERVICE SAND AND REFIN1SH 2-br. $35. , 26 vcars In L. B. Ph. G A / 4 S 9 0 or GA 5-3636 REX Floor Sandmo. bcaulilul tmish, c eaned waxed. 1-dav service. C.lll anv time. HA 1-593?. OLD FLOORS MADE NEW RFSANO OR REFINISHED-- LIC. FREE bST. ROBtRISON GE 3-J315 ZIM'S FLOOR SANDING Licensed Insured. GA 4-7174 VINYL ASPHALT tile service. _Frcc_C5t. Downey. WAInut 3-3729. GARAGE door reo airing Also elec., controls. 3J16 E. 14. GE 3-7907. Garden Scrv. Supply Renovate Scalp Now! Co 1 us for free estimates. Terms. All wo r k ouiiriintocd We are wcl known commercial gardeners. Also mo. law/i rrirp. Carl's Lawn Serv- DON'S LAV^tJ SERVICE Mowing, cdomo, rcnovatirto, planting, tillfna. Clean up. Complete maintenance. Power equipment. Licensed. GA 3-7MB LANDSCAPE (lesion, consultation, lawn renovation, sprinkler systems,. Free estimates. HA 1 6936 or HA 5-1690. Renovating and Scalping Free est. GE : 1-0945, OF 4-9447 A N D S C A P E , level, tropicals; prune; trees removed. Spec. In dkhondra. Ton soil. Rel. GE 4-T410 _OW RAT LS on complete lawn in.iinf. Los Altoi^ Lkwd. vie. Also innv^ng A edg. Sll mo. TO 7-3641. OKMLR hrad oardcner nt Hfi- porirt inn will do complete lawn icrvire. TO 1-1751. AO'.V A rc^c, ocn. clcanuo. F lower La!*. H.iur.r.u. HE 5-3IM. MICH'S 'awn rcnovnlino serv. Ldwns put m, IVV 35261 NE 6-7644 EXP." JAPANESE "GARDENER" Clean UD or month. HE 54447 X '. JAPANESE Gardener. Compl. ma nl. hv mo. GA 4-8495 alter 6. "XP." JAPANBSb oardcn fir- Landscape, rnnovflllno. HE 5-9970 flOW A EDGE 58 mo. up. Scalp, E PEN DA RLE Japnno^o n«rdcner. ERTILIZER spread on vour lawn, average lawn, 510. HA 9-3152. 'EAT. Reas. Mowlno. 53.50 up. Ex- . pert clean UPS. HE 7-1334. Hauling, Express »ARAGE3~C"LEA"NF"b7trash "hauled. $3 UP-- GA 6-1607 Allt ING-- Tra-ih. L o M c IP, vied. Trc^s. power snv/ sma'l icb^ Low cos! f-irpl. loo^ GA 356*0 1 TANING '«. HAIII ING G.vrtfjf"., tr.i^h A Furn, c(f;ccnllv f, rrason ,i'i r GA ?-Ti7. ' C eanun. Frc*! o-.l R'C.IS. TE 59582' NF'I SON'S TRASH I'AUI IT.'G ' Gar ; c'n'rt. O'lrl \rfo OA 3 U?v For Classified P Hauling, Express V GARAGE 8. UOT CLEANUI .V JKASH HAUL-TREE WORK LO PR CES -- DAY, NIGHT ALL KINDS ol WORK, LIC INS A GARAGE-- LOT CLEAN UP n ft ALLOWANCE ON SALVAGE rt Vr TRASH HAUL-TREE WORK ft DICK-GE i-mi RES. HE 7-OW LIGHT hauilno. Furnllure, trash what have vou? Guar. HE 258tf House Cleaners Ing service license, free estimate EXPERT Wall washing 30 vrs. «XD Insured. Ftee cst. Gl£ 9-252V KITCHEN WASHFD COMPLETE 58. INSURED. GE 8-5823 ' WALL washing serv. Windows, f rs" waxed, carpets cleaned. GE 3-0018 FLOOR waxlno, window cleaning Reasonable. TO 7-3493. Household Rep. Serv. APPLIANCES to be repaired Pick- UD service. Try us. GA 3-0529. Insurance 1 tAN GET \YOU AUTO INSURANCE NO MATTER WHAT YOUR RECORD. Right prices. - Pay monthly. Call Mr . Hlckman, HA 5-1812 or HA Janitorial Service FOR Complete J an tor Service Cat RED BALL MAINT. SFRVICE Day, NE 1-7039; Nile, NE 2-7528 Mattresses MATTRESSES RENOVATED S7 95 Same cover, same snrlnns. I-dav service. Free estlmales. Est. 1932. Call GE 8-6758 or In Sania Ana, KI 3-fl/lfi. ACME MATTRESS FACTORY 3-125 E. Anaheim, Lono Bench Moving Storage WALT'S MOVING 8. STORAGE 1531 W. Cowlcs HE 6.3V5* HAWLEY VRANSFER-LItt ho-JJ* hold mnvlno. HE 5-2M4. MOVE FREE NE 8-7200 If vou can bent our rafcs. ROBERTS VAN STORAGE. The POOR_ man's mover. GE 8-8834. KAHN BROS. MOVING. ?4'~hrT Painting, Paperhanging WALLPAPER 2 BDRMS.,. S35 Includes paocr f. labor. 1,000 snmnles brought to vour home Contractor -- 9 years L B BOB PRIESTI EY HAi-HM EXTERIOR, Interior, Restdcnllnl 1 Industrial. Brush or Sorav. Rens. rales Free est. Do own work. Lie. f. Ins. CaM anytime D.i^s, GA 2-3629, alter 5, GA 2.3855 PAINT UP! FAST, CLEAN, ECONOMICAL Residential-Commercial Lie. Ins. WALLPAPER REMOVED Pajn«no. Reas. Guar. Ret!. GE HA 9-7735 Palntlno deror. insured. Lie or tnroe iotas. Reos. price with tree cst. HE 7-7B74, fnytlme PAPERHANGJNG, 75c~RoTi Palnffng. Get my price. HA P-70d5 L. H M'AINHOWF*R Palnlino and Decorating, _GA 7-1093 Terms nrrnnged. »AINTING ana p'aDcrhanglno. License and Injured. Neat A clean B n.m. to 6 p.m. GE 1-5578 SPCC. kit. en., 579.29, Dnttis, $11.95. Dutch Bov nalnt. Work rcns. GE PAINTING, Interior, Exlcrlor. Frea cstlmalc. C. V. Turker. UN 3-6578 PA(NTING-INTERIOR-E~XTERIOR SDCC. winter rales. GE 9-4541 ING. REAS. RATES. HA 1-5447. work. Reas. GE 8-1526. Reas. Gunr. Mr. Marlon GA 4-711S IF you want In save nn r^'nt |Pb, Int. A ext. Call HE 2-0394. EXTRA spec, rates, l-rce esf. Work ouar. GE 1-7001; HA 5-73J7 INTERIOR A EXTERIOR 3o work myself. Free cst. HE 2-7R13 .ICENSED oainting conlr., 18 vrs, L.B. Do own work. GA 3-4510 eves. SPECiAUZE~Tn ~cnamcl~kifchcn~ bath. Licensed. HE 2-0215 FIRST Class Painter, sober, ffli , neat. 52. HE 2-7832. sonable. Free climate. GE 9-S9H9. 'LL PAINT IT BETTER FOR LESS Lie. Insured. NL ; 5-D12J, ME 4-2763 ANY KIND Pfllnllno. Rcas. Please call Gb B-3389 -- GE 3-2809. $1.75-lHR PAINTING, Interior dero- railno. All enulo. Lie. GE 3-5025 Plastering PLASTERING, STUCCO Hew, repair, flddllfons. Exterior es'cr c;de, CS vr. exp. f.T 1 Ml?. PLASTER oatchlno, stucco repair. No lob too jinall. Qu'ck serv. Lie., Insured. GE MS?* PLASTER" sfucco" REPAIR". _ R E A S._ GA 7-9007; HE 7-5461 PATCH Dla'i'crmn our sorrlaliy. Expert work, ouar. GA 2-8007. 'LASIER Datfhlno. 1? veari citpcr. Work guar. Reas. GA 4-4170. PATCH-- RF. PA rR"~Q"uiC~K~$F.R\7rCE FREE EST'MATC. GA ?-935?. PLASTER patch. Int. e*t. None too small. S.ime dav. GA 2-8925 QUALITY PLASTERING by KL-N- NEDY. Lie. Ins. HA 5-57:5. Plumbing, Heating CUSTOM PLUMBING CO. ft WATER HEATEKS *r No Down-- Immed. Installation. Disposal-- Repairs-- 24 Hr. Service. 9035 E. Compton Blvd. ME 0-5884 BELMONT PLUMBERS PI 1 IkXRIKJC £; WD 3940 E. 4th GE 4-9953 PLUMBING ?5 HOUR Stoppages repairs. GA 2-6947 REPAIR, REMODEL, CONTRACT RUSS PLUMBING HE 5-B270 PLUMBING, S5 hr. Stoppage repair. Lie. contr., 54 hrs. HA 1-3430 FURNACES, ail types, vented heat. Not undersold Lie. GE 8-9174. Refrigeration RF.FRIGFRATION REBUILDING 5935 Cherry GA 2-5008 Roofing BILT-WELL ROOF CO.-EST. 1936 Recover Shingle* Flatdecks No Un. Payment Uank Terms. Roofer will call, not s talesman. UN 4-75W DEPENDABLE ROOFS Terms. Bonded. Guar. 10-15-20 yra. Dependable Roofing Co. GE 9-4437 ROOFING WORK -- ANY KIND Free Est. GA 7-5854; NE 1-5049 HADDOCK ROOF CO. GE 9-6flOl". 36J7 E. Anaheim St. Since 1937. SANDBLASTING clal winter prices. HE 5 0041*. Slicet Metal Gutters no, Vrrlj Rc^lr'nl Wk.,' We'd- Jnn. Fans, Blowers, Gen. Repairs. Wl.irfl.OSKEY .SHFFT MHTAL _J315 W. llth HE A-4978 Termite Control TERMITE V^ork Done. Very Dial TO 6-3353 or Call Collect. FENN TERMITE CONTROL Trdc Surgery nlso fernlno ^ spraying. Free Pst. Lic A Ins GA 7-8395; NE 24793. _OWEST PRICES-- Trees lopped, trimmed. Also feeding A spraying. i/AN'S tree service. Topping, prun- no removing. 1 censed Insured. Nil 1-3886. GA 5-97*8. "AM PD ELL'S compete tree service. Ins. Hrcwood. GE 33730. UPHOLSTERING UPHOLSTERY'SALE" 103"- Nylon Frieze 2- PC -ft jn9K Pi,-.!fnrm Rockers 539.95 A' 1 worVm.visMo f. labor Gn.irflntcrd for 5 ve.i^ R f L l J LOWf-R UPHOLSTERY TO 7-13JA Or TO A A 3 » 4 hone HE 2-5959 MlKtlkmteiuferSri* 72MiKtK«w«iN for Sri* 72 DONATED ITEMS ' FROM SO. CALIFORNIA'S FINEST HOMES AND STORES MEN'S WOMEN'S CHILDREN'S Suili $3.50 up Drum 25c up SMrfi lOc up Ptnli J25c up Blouiei 20c up Drdin lOc up ' Shirts 25e up Skirts 20c up Shoes 25e UD Refrigerators $25 up HI Chairs, Strollers $2.50 up Renges $12.50 Beds Complete with Springs Baby Beds, Pens $4.50 up end Mettresses $10 Woshers, Biles, TV, Redios Electric Motors $3.50 up PROFITS TO MILITARY ORDER OF PURPLE HEART OPEN EVERY NITE 'TIL 9 P.M. . SHOP WHILE THERE'S PLENTY OF PARKING 218 Locust, Long Beach; 6217 Pacific, Hunfington Park Miscellaneous for Sale 7 Miic»lian«oinforSal» 72 OFFICE DESKS $24 $3 Steno. chairs, rea. 545, now-- $ ^-dr. Steel Fifes, reo. *M, now V Fireproof Sate, save half. Big r auctions on all equipment. BROADWAY OFFICE EQUIPMENT 5179 Pacific Ave., L.B. HE 5-29] .Used Tires, $2.95 SfiEWg^lIja PUBLIC AUCTION ., _. GOVT. SURPLUS Hardware -- Tools -- Electronics 900 E. PAC. CST. HWY., L B 1 P.M.-- SUNDAY, FEB. 7TH 2-WHEEL trailer, MO; station waoo luooage rack, 120; Kenmors Irons A sweeper wlltj atlachmenls. 525 ea. 3/ E..Mih St., Apt. B. GA 3-2616 Equipment S. Thousands 'of sma Paramount Blvd., Long Bench. WE BUY AND SELL Antiques, books, tools, power tool cut olass, fine china, curios, smnl turn., kit. utensils, oil kinds mlsc Rutherford's 1705 Oranoe HE 7-051 USED BUILDING MATERIALS Used store fixtures counters umber, glass, plvwd. plumbo LONG BEACH Fence Materln 344.1 E. Anaheim St. GF 9-4509 25" TRIMMER lawn mower; pus mower; Klnoolawn cdoer Alt sax; oultar; '4\ Mercury motor '49 Mercury body; 2 spotlight misc. Items. h'A 1-5304 FORMER Salesman for nnmo Bran Waterless Cook-ware, wishes f TRASH CANS 30J1 Long Bench Blvd. GA 4-3B1 SALE or trida approx. 2 true loads of wood moulding. Mus movo Immed. Make ofler. TO 1-oJol. SERVICEMEN establish your credit 510 down on washers, TVs, otric appliances. AA Appliances, 71 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-3348. 520; bunk beds, $20; refrlo., $35 rango, 525; misc. 16719 Lakewoo Blvd., Bellflower. TABLES, C A S E S , SHELVING BY OWNER. GE 8-312) 0 WHItnev 1-5952. 2011 E. 4lh, L.B *sSf Brakes Refined $10.50 JIM WAYNE'S BRAKE 1101 n. ANAHEIM HE 7-006 TRASH CANS -- METAL fiber. 45-gal. LI. wt. metal cam S3. 5301 Cherry. GA 3-4613 All makes, best prices, parti icrvlce. Wncrncr's, 1383 Cherry Open 'tit 9 p. m. ML 2-7633 BRAKES RELINED $10.50 Tlbbett's, U01 E. 4th HE 6-2X03 ANDBLAST Special from SBS. 1 bedroom home or repainting, L. B. Snndblasl Co. HE 6-4709 ANVAS FOR ANY USE (Ynrdaoe or sewn). BMI-Rllt Sallmnkors 1342 W. llth HE 7-6524 l.OTHES POLES. Rollnway lines. Dryers Installed, repairing, rclln- Inn. J.10 E. Market. GA 2-1467. rash Cans, 50-GaL, $2.50 9JO Alnmedfl, Wllm. TE 5-7640 L'CORATIONS for Valentine, St. Patricks Easter on disoiov now. M. E. Taylor A Son, 1501 Oregon ARPS. Awnlngi, Can VIM Rennirs. Parnrnount Sales, 6000 Paramoun Dlvd.. L.B. ME 3-0771; GA 3-5501. HILDREN ; S DRCSSns-- Our once- ft. v p,ir-- ' \*t PRICE SALE Rental-- Calc. Add Mch. Elect. IvDCWritcr 51/9.50. GA 6-2511 NCYCLOPEDIA'S World Scope, 12 vol., Ilkr new. Beit oiler. See between 4:30 6 D.m. 137 Cedar, Apt. 38. RENT WILL APPLY Stoves, washers, refrlgs. TV. AA APPI., 715 L. B. Bl. HE 6-3Z4B HI-Lo Wilton rugj. d' G.E. rclrlo. J 5,000 BTU Hi! me! Double wall furnace. GE 3-2350 after 5 p.m. ATTRESS renovated, your cover. S7.V5. Clevrland Furn. Uohol. GA 2-7948. 5444 L. B. Dlvd. EBCOR tape recorder, fully equipped. Beautiful condition. Used 5 Hrnpv SISn r-^h. MF 4-?J7? TRASH CANS $3. DEL GE 8 8195 Open Sun. 2343 E. 17th ADULT hair cuts, $1.30; child's, 51.05; flat loo expert. Clock Barber Shop, 1985 Atlnntlc. MAN'S Diamond Masonic Ring-- S198.50. Dlr. HE 2-1B69. 30 D AMOND While Gold WRIST- WTCH, 19-Iewel I-loin. Cost S325 --sacrifice $185. HE 2-1B69. Dlr. 25r-- LADDERS tor rent per day up. Masterson Scaffoldlnfj Co. Ph. HE 7-1973 1710 Scabrloht 1000 YARDS used carpet from SOc per yd. Consolidated Carpet Cent. 1550 Haves Phone HE 6-6644 KIRBY VACUUM, like new. Attch. + polisher electric cooker- fryer. 5A5. HE 7-4149. TABLES, counters, shelves, cash register, paint, sundries. Everything for paint store. TE M99/. CHEF 4-burner stove used very Lamps. Cheap. GA 3 0646 WINDOWS-- louver, alum., stl. iflsh. SALVAGE MASTERS 1685 Santa Fo Open 6'-^ days OPEN FACE delicatessen case, 8 ft., 1 deck. GE 4-7173. MAPLE Bunks Beds Complete 535. Konmore Washer. NE 8-1049. model, rcas. HE 5-26B5 aft. 6 p.m. CLOTHES POLE $6 6A 4-4223 CLOTH window shades. 10% oil. Mason Tuft. 5598 Atlantic USED RUGS ST6 UP. HE /5170 West Coflst Rug Co., 1835 Cherry 5265 ATLANTIC AVE, NEW clothes poles Inst. 512.95. Rotary dvrs, 150'. $9.95. GA 2-9220 0 YDS. carpet, Tweed $89.95 Drlscoll Carpet, 4003 E. Anaheim iOETTING LUMBER CO". -- Used Lumber. 192J Redondo, GE 4-3517 KIRGY vacuum cleaner, Lite model, bardlv used. Sac. 585. GE 8-0516. CFRAMIC TILE, 59c sa. fl. up. Handy Andy, 6934 L.B. NE 1 £473. STAUFFER horns reducer, tike new. WOO value, 5145. WA 5-1580 0-GALLON aquarium, piston pump, m racle filter, etc. GE 3-4756 BtDRM. SET, 5125; C.T. refrlg., 575; Frig, washer. 5S5. ME 36927. 70 THnATFTR lenther cushion SC.lts. GE 4 2980, TO 7-E944. "RAILER" luggage. 2-wheel. Sears" 5AO. I.Ev A-B131. ^UG " A " Dnd, |ust"clc,Thod.~~9)(l2r Rust-colored Wilton. GA 4-5126. iilROME "fable R, 4 chafrs" Sio' 125 W. S, No. C, L.B. HE 26005 KIRBY va'c. w/nTlach. A polisher", 5I3S. guar. Marks, 3A3 64th St. 0 SQ. yards luxurious woo) w/w carpet. 275 Belmdnt. HE 6-7178. elec. nori. dental sel. JA 7-5876. FOLDING wheelchair, $32.50. Tana recorder, 545. old-lime Vidro o, 519.50. Medlum-siie upright piano, lovely tone, 5150. Portable* TV, S65. Sound movie cro lector, 5/5. Ponclrny heater, 522.50. Largo up* right (rceier, 5150, 55 dn. Elccf. adding machine/ 595. Near-new Winchester double-barrel shotgun, $60. .22 rifle, 517. Violin, $15. Old swords. Westmlnsler clock, 532.50. Mandolin, 514. Very fine Leltz 12x60 power binoculars. Polaroid camera, $35, 8 mm. camera projector/ $50. Telescope, S15. Typewriter. $17.50. New rol awav bed, $22.50. Apt. refrlo., $59,95. Apt. range, 547.50. Nlr* divan, $19.50. Loads of old china, clocks, aims. Small pool table, $5. Rugs, bedding, tools. Table saw, Mu saw, wood, lathe, all 3 tor $60. Old plass, brass silver, e c. Charlie Davis, 1805 E. Anaheim WE RENT Washers-- Rofr'geralors-- Rantics Vac. Cln., TV sets. Sew. Math., Typewriters, Elec. Fans, F'olishers ALEXANDER ELEC. GE 3-7468 FIRST TIME OFFERED IN L.B. FOR MINIMUM-CARE GARMENTS, Clean only-- dresses or coals 40c. Wilh steam air finish Me Minimum cash carry order 51.50 Minimum pickup A delivery 53.00 FREE MOTH PROOFING OLYMPIC CLEANERS 1765 Long Beach Blvd. HE 7-4674 4115 South St., Lakewd. ME 0-2382 New 4-drawer File $39.95 Used add. mach's, close-out pr. New and used odlce equipment. CALIF. OFFICE SUPPLY 1107 Long Beach Blvd. HE 7-1961 GIANT RUMMAGE SALE Men's suits, shirts, sport con s, etc. Mon, women R children's shoes, lOc up Municipal Auditorium Sat., fob. 6th, 9 to 9." ^7 Celebrities' Apparel Ladies, your new spring wardrobt. HALf- PRICE OR LESS Also Men's Suits Slacks 1233 E. 4th L.B. Open 10 to 5:30 er dryer, 220 v., like new. 5275. 10 in. labia saw + llo-v-220-v ^in p. motor, S'O. Chrcmo tab t £. benches, $25. NE 2-4295. SHOWCASES 4 FT. «, 6 FT. LIGHTED GLASS SHELVING GE 90136 COMPLETELY equipped. ?2.ft. bar back bar, wells, booths, tables, 54-cnso beer box. Good condition. $1,000. TE 4-2003. tn dispose of sample slolnleis steel cookware. Was $199.50, now 542.50. GA 2-40W. BABY crib, malt, like new, car seM, .intlQuo pot-belllcd stove. 8,000 ft. picture frame molding, make offer. TO 1-6361. GENT'S all wool tweed top coal. REAL Reductions on cnflre stock from SOc. Hollywood St.irs Appare , 1628 E. Bdwy. HE 7-77J8. RUGS S, pads, dx9 A 15x20. blxck whila tweed. Nr. new. Both 580. 447 Maine NEVER-uscd lawn mower sharpener law filer reloothcr. Delco light plant, 4 cylinder, NE 1 7014. "WE BUY" American Indian tcmi. Lee's Indian Trading Post Hlohwny 39, Stanlon, Ca f. ENCYCLOPEDIA, Book of K iowl- edgc, 20 vol. Good cond. $30. GE CAMPER lor ",'j-ton pickup, Incd, BUR'ROUG'HS adding machine, manual, full keyboard, 547. ME 4 2T? UNDERWOOD typewriter, standard model. Good cond. J29. ME 4-2332 HOSPITAL RED, adluslablc, 525 Beeler'5, 2700 E. 7th. GE 9-79R5 Sporting Goods 72-A GOOD 30.06 rifle, US. SO, or Irada for .36 or ,45 revolver. 1386/a Peterson Ave. B 5,50 T TO U 7.66^ aflGB *TM C8blnei ' Mac's Tackle, 619 E. Pac. Const Furniture for Sole 73 RESPONSIBLE person can taktj bedroom julle, Includes Mr. Mrs double dresser, mirror, nlte slands. bed-- complete wilh box ipr ngi f, mattress trames, etc 2 beautiful lamps. Intended to stay but m rr,t leave for const. See and take for balance $133.16 or pymts. 1691 a rno. They will del. Warehouse, 519(1 1.. R. r*lvd . N L.P. ,--"v l'-"p. JUbT RLTURNED Ironi model home In Garden Grove. 5 rooms of beautiful furnllure. Like ncwl Save 51401 Incl. Inrge rclrlg *. slove. Compl. My. rm. orp., 2 tiert- rms. din. rm. All for J7JJ. F-Z terms. See on dlinlav nl Huh, HOfi S. Long Beach Blvd., Compton. YOU'LL find what you wait at in* bin LEO SHULTZ "ACRF OH FURNITURE" 7lh X. L.B. "Blvd. or 1st L. B. Blvd. FORCED TO SELL bcauflfu 5 rms. of furnllure, includes cvcry- inlno to furnish large 5-nn. home R(.l. only 5621.43. Pmls. 523 AS DCr mo. See ill nt Hub, 806 S. Long Beach Blvd.. Crmn on -DR., maple (miih chests, S17.9 DDL studio couch 519 95 2-DC. Kroehler frieze sect7"569;9S 3-rm. groups. All new _ 5799.95 Cousins Furn. 422 E. Anaheim. br. set, dining set, vacuum, llvlnd rm. furn. tables, Hollywood beds, lamns, desk/chest. _J574ojHalne, Bcllfl. TO 7-0991 chair, matching sofa A chair, 31'" TV, dining rm. table A 4 rhn rt, 40j^stove, 12x16 rug. WAInul ORANGE nauoahydc chair ottoman, pole llyht, bvibv chest of drawers, roll-away bed, bcd-d vtin chair sel. HA 1-3119. ITCHFMETE, sofa bed, all fbam chr., end A cocktail IbK., lamp-.. OUSCMOLD furn, Includ 1 Ker- w'n fuo- 15x19. 2 BntiquB table*. 5460 The Toledo. UKNIFURT appliances, Xlnt. cond. Private owner. GA 6 3660 2816 EUCALYPTUS $4.95 EACH--lnncrspring mattress or box soring. SAT2 1900 E. Anaheim ROOM GROUP .. I?99fl5 Leonard's 526J L. B', Blvd. EWLY uphof. Naugahvdc rocker K. rlub chnlr. TOrrcv 680/4 MOVING, SF.LU FURNITURE jC APPLIANCES. HE 5-96.10 MODERN 3-plerc icrtlonal. A'so ^Joungcjihnlr, like nrw. GA 3-331A. '-PC, blond onk din"! sel, gooii conrl. $75; ? bind end lljls. J20. HA 5-1 71 4 MAPLE cndtnhlc* A coffee |.i!i c/ _all for $15. GEi 9-85/9. " RED'RM. SET^ COMPLETE See .It 6230 Myrlle. GA J.JfiW. APLE CHEST, Hollywood"slno;c bc-tf f, bookc.ise. GEE 1-4704. HOLLYWOOD "twin "beds" co uiT Nr. now, 599. 4W-1 L. R. Rlvrl. V/IN BEDS-- Chost'of'rTrnwrs., " D.R. table, o chrs., buffet. ME 3 03IB. ODERN sola bed, chair, ruo. vacuum, stove. on .14 704. HA 9-«as Miscellaneous for Sale 72 Miscellaneous for Sale 72 foam rubber mattress sale! FROM 3rt" couth mnitress, 4 1 /," thkk, fwin s7* ^^ mm r»A 53-150. Full sl/c \44 fO. Rcmnnnli, 49c fflto fl Kll In. Shredded fo,im. 49c Ib. Knpnk, -"Or M ffa shrnc. thickness or s-re. J?0,OM 'stork JSr Jgm covfr a.iv nl the above ilrrm or make Dill H any si?c (Uihlon. Acme Foam Rubber Supply 3441 E. Anaheim GE 8-6758 or GE 9-4908

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