Independent from Long Beach, California on March 16, 1966 · Page 13
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 13

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1966
Page 13
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By JOHNNY HART POCO '« IMI »~tv caw.. «M. MST. M. MM INWH NDeNT--F«f» C4 I V JOE PALOOKA By HAM FISHER MISS PEACH Bv MELL NOT'MIISTSK" T'SsYMmE'" 1 ' ""wTM 1 * WEHflVE VERYTHI MAPYFOR AND THIS IS 1 / I'M y HELLO, BETH HflRMON, ^ SURE J MK.POLOOKfl. YOUKSeCRETARY/A OFIT' EVERYONE CALL9 SHE'LL BE A 4T HELLO, ) ME "HARMONY".' GRCflTHELPTO ) MISS YOU, STKVC/ _ HflKMONJ TO US you LOOK LJKBA KL OF FIFTEEN, EMOTIONALLY. ... . , _ _ DO YOU, (Si/LP.'5THINKIAM? MISS CRYSTAL WTVE MBN 600P MORNING,. [ NOW I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SHOW KOU,. COME WITH ME, By BOB MONTANA By PAUL NICHOLS JUDGE PARKER OH/..THXril A CKSAR ARCHIE TOR YDL' HE SAID -- HO HE'D LIKE YOU) HO/ TO BMOK.E / I'LL HE WOULD.' OH, CADOV/ \ I'M SORRV J» AHSWP I POUT DON'T BE so SU5PICIOUS MOM'F IM wr m»E OF owmaK THE SWMTOM PW»E WILL BE HAPWTO WOTE OUT A CH60C FOR *2aceO «H2) YOB'KE eolMe TO HAVE TO PO W4 JACKSON TWINS By DICK BROOKS THEMCMESAHIT/ WI-WTAVCNPEPFUL ENC31^eTOITAU.(' HA! TH' YELLOW RAN AWAY THE BERRYS By SHORTEN «nd WHIPPLE THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW DENNIS THE MENACE By HANK KETCHAM By CARL GRUBERT STAR G MOM RSED'M niCTTED TOR WEEKS. nWlMTQ PICK OUT JUSt THE dSHT BATtteOOM-COLOR COMBO - «MO wow? * cwrrstt IM TO fMVMOp IHCTtflpp rOT mad mftbeofrBoandlng to lUtiMn I CANT DEODE 8ETWIEM ORAY of your Zodiac birth sign. TILE WITH 8LUE WALLFAPER,- 32 Gin 33Couragl 34 Son* 3«liwoHgot» 37B. 38 Up 39 To 40 And JIHalpfJ 42 May 43lmpn»* 44 Anything 45 B« 46 Tin ng YOU HAVE VDUR WORRIES MAKING A'UVIN FOR US.' 49 ConstrudVl 79 Financial PETER UK8O tfa-jcGKCff/GT. fiU.EH1OHN.PA *ece WMB/IOM! TOMMYS AWHERJS ,. MAxiK 1 m HHOS a cnowes AM'A /»*.'· CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Lcyte's neighbor. 6 Liring --. 10 Existing. 14 doth. 15 Cupid. 16 French pronoun. 17 Unerring. 19 Biblical land, in Etttopia. SO Abstained. 21 .Actors. 22 Certain legislators. 23 Fragrant. 25 Sergeant: Abbr. 38 Farm'enclosure. 30 Oat 2 words. 31 Cheese. 34 Room at 37 Turkestan mountain. 38 Coral islet 40 Nothing, in Spain. 41 Leather worker. 44 Grsppler. 47 Bred. 49 Texas eampns. 50 Feminine title. 51 Askew. 54 London network. 56 Typewriter type. 57 Shameful. 62 Slush. 63 Kept within bounds. 64 Partner of above. 65 'Willow. 66 Body of water. 67 Snffix with sad and glad* 68 Word eipresang action. 69 Marshal. DOWN 1 Commotion. 2 Tops. 3 Vex: CoBo* 4 Clock put 5 Backslide. 6 Cart, eld style. 7 Color. 8 '. rale. 9 Before: Poet. 10 Buoyant. 11 Rudimento. 12 Barkley. 13 Minimum. 18 Itemins. 21 Flying insect. 24 Period. 15 Young oyster. 26 FestrnL 27 Becomes known by degrees. 29 Bea*t of burden. 22 Clergymen. 36 Kind of rubber. 39 Years: Abbr. 42 Indian. 43 Cor.L 45 Glowing eoaL 46 Confidentially: 2 words. 48 Lower. 51 Shade of yellow. 52 Shade of greta, 53 R.R. car. 55 Heat: Lat; 58 Try: Colhxj: 59 Become h»iy- 60 Siberian rirer. 61 Whirlpool 63 Early Roman dale. CLEMENTINE [BUGS BUNNY By BOB STEVENS YEAH, BUT IM THCOUGH [ BRING HOME YAK! NOW HOW ARE YA GONNA COVER THAT PAIMT YA SPLATTERED ON YER FENCE? i WHEN I THE MONEY-- I BRUNS BACK YER SHCVEL, BUT I NEED A SCREWDRIVER T 1 OPEM THI» CAKI Cf PAINTl Ul/-WHERE YOU GOIN · FUNNY RACE 7 By FRANK O'NEAL SHORT RIBS YOU STILL HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT SPENON IT/ MOLOTOV \ « CDCICTAiLS.' J CAM 8EU EVE IT. WHAT WEREtriW SERVING? UWUNOI WENT TO AWIU5 By DICK CAVALLI MORTY MEEKLE NOW t KNOW WHY THEY NAME HURRICANES AFTER VVOMEN/ .

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