Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 78
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 78

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 78
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WJ-INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM IOHO II4CH 11, UtIF, SUND1T, JtN. 4. 1»3» -By rOLA MASTERSON THKRE HE noes-old Mr Last Year- turn to ST. O. in time for 3I«rdl Gw* Pre». sSrfEsi'trx-,2 z'^rsss^sxs membering him. With at fection? Distaste? Surely he realizes that, like all the other of his kindred who have gone before him, he has been everything to some and nothing t" others; he has" been both good and bad, gay and sad, lonely and comforting, exciting, stupid, intelligent. Or maybe you d understand it better. Mr. 1958, if we say goodbye with the words of an old song: "You may have been a headache but you never were a bore . . and thnnk you so much." For friends of Dorothy and Viil Moore the winter that illdn't got off to a flying; sturt with one of their New Year's Eve parties would he lone, cold and a dreary one. Not apt to happen, though. Traditionally the Mnorcs have entertained about 30 close friends every changing of the year night for nearly 25 years. And you can be sure their home at 1113 Cartagena was Its usual Jolly self Wednesday. Special guests this year were Scnor and Senora Armando Trejo of Mexico City, here for a two weeks' holiday visit. Assisting Wednesday were Dorothy and Val's'son and wife, Val and Marta Moore, and Gloria and Felix Urlbe. * * * WE PREDICT that sometime soon Norma and Baird Samrnan* will fly to Hawaii for three weeks vacation in the Polynesian sun. Assisting us diagnose this mystic bit of New- Year's forecasting was one of Norma's bridge playing partners this week. Foretelling the future correctly is uo problem at all if you know the right people.- * * * YOU KNOW who was real high on Now Tear's Eve? Almost 5,000 feet high, to be exact! Ruby and "Curly" Bcmis, who went -to Lake Gregory's San Morltz Club to celebrate both their wedding anniversary and arrival of 1959, that's who. They joined Dr. Bernie and Impy Pelton who left for the mountain resort the day after Christmas. All of them planned to be back at old sober- Ing sea level by this day. *· * * MILES SINES lias liecu doubly appreciative of our reasonably pleasant weather and secretly pleased, we suspect, over the unreasonably unpleasant weather in other states, mainly Iowa. You see his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sines of Wankec, Iowa, are here for the holidays. Think how silly Miles COULD have felt If his parents had some for a gunny winter vacation and found ^conditions reversed. It «an happen you * know. Like on New Year's Day, for in" tance in a certain other contest between California and Iowa, when they were hot and we were slightly chilled. * * * and John Vosburg, and Dorothy's sons and ONE OF THE smoothest, smartest New Year's Eve parties each year is Thelma and Byron Morris annual open house. Designed for the late, late crowd, friends end their party hopping at Thelma and Byron's Lake- ; NO OFFENSE to you, little New Year, .nut you've been lacking in smack ever since -you arrived as far as Dorothy and John Mun- Jolland are concerned. Just before you got ·here their holiday houseguests left for home nd the Munholland manse, in comparison, -grew lusterless quiet. Guests were their son land daughtcr-in-Iaw, Tim and Ann Munhol- 'land of Omaha, and Dorothy's brother and party hopping at Thelma and Byron's L,aKe- ."sister-in-law, Elinor and Joe. Campbell of wood Village home. The minute each walks ·Palo Alto. in the door Thelma pops a potato in the oven ' ic ~k ~k for the newcomer and Byron mixes a toast . maker. Just about the time the potato has WHAT'S prettier than a houseful of young fin , shed takj and thc hostess is ready to coeds in party dress and mood? Certainly do ,, op jt wi(h sour crcam and , hiveS| Byron slips a filet mignon steak on the hibachi, kept glowing throughout the evening in their big fireplace. Then the "midnight" or 2 a. m. or 3 a.m.--dinner is served with lo's of coffee (no more toasts unless it's bread) and the guests depart safely for the final leg of the nothing gayer than a hunch of 'em at a holiday time parly such as the coffee hour Tuesday given by Judy Clark in honor of Diane Myers of Roseburg, Ore., a Pi Phi sister from Oregon State. Present were old friends Carolyn Mayfield, Angela Monroe, Marilyn Hern, Melinda Bennett, Jean Guertin, Barbara Bell (of Pasadena), Diane Link, Jonnese Thompson, Judy Afton, Barbara Phillips, Nicky Deeble, Wendy Gross, Susan Moore, Sue Evans and Sharon Henry, who assisted the hostess. * * * ARE YOU pacing the floor in boredom because you think we've come to the end of the party trail? Take heart!. Tain't so! January will giittcr like Do- comber if it lives up to some of ils early parties. Like the one Nancy and Jlyrl Ott and Carrie and Al Vignolo are having at the Vignolos' next Saturday. It. will be a kind of combined bon voyage for four couples ..,,,,,,.. ,,,,,,·,·"· whose plans for Caribbean cruises at various times stretch from January to March, namely Betty and Bill Barbee, Bobhsie and r.rcrr Thompson, Margaret and Barrie Stimson and Clare and Lynn Hossom. VERY NEXT flay, Sunday as the calendar goes, Nancy and Myrl (yon ought to see above to know we mean the Otts again) will give a farewell dinner party for her father and Ids wife, Dorothy and Karl Hawthorne, who leave for New Orleans shortly fhereafter to visit friends thence sail off on a Caribbean cruise on Jan. 24. They'll re- drive home, well slowed up by good hot food and sensible beverage. Kid Was Surprised to Say Very Least The world, at least over at Aida and Olan Haflcy's house last Wednesday evening, wasn't at all (lie way Kid '59 expected to find it. He was told this was the age of missiles; that he would be the last year of the Feverish Fifties. Nope. He walked right in on the Roaring Twenties at Ihe Hafley's where guests wore costumes of the time and Ihe word bathtub conjured up a vision of liquid much more potent than waler. To add to '59's confusion the hosts strung up news headlines; "Coolidge Wins," "Prohibition Ends," "Lindbergh Lands"; faked banner lines, of course, but how was the Kid to know? Enjoying the razzah-mah-taz and make mine jazz themed evening were Hilda and Dr. Walt Welton, Doris and Bethuel Moore, Pat and Wayne Wasson, Emily and James Thresh, Barbara and Dr. Dixon Richardson, Jerry and Dr. Bob Sandhoff, Marguerite (Mrs. James) Dorman of Louisville, Ky., Jackie and Charles Oliver, Millie and Frank Vessels Jr., Greta and George Kenter of L. A., Louise and Dan Miller, Virginia and Tom Russell, Luna and Dr. Alex Kadvany and Eileen Sutliff. of ROME, ITALY Cordially inritrs Yon In n Sweater Parly Monday Only!... 200 SWEATERS Elizabeth Dunn Recites Vows k " (Continued from Page W-l) °Ml5l«R a, their wives, Bill and Peggy Still and !.*« ^M^a'-* 3 and Dorothy Still. SO IIELI' US we tried to find out about what crazy or wonderful Christmas gifts people received but managed to come up with just one story. However, breathes there, a woman with soul so dead (or clothes closets so full) she wouldn't consider the gift of a gorgeous new fur stole anything but terrific? When Eleanor and Roy Brown entertained the bridge club last Saturday night three of the women arrived all wearing their new furs! Helen Naughton, Mary Galey and Gertrude Guertin, specifically, for whom their husbands Frank, Bob and Noel (in that order) played Santa Claus. In Mary's case, understand it was a 25th wedding anniversary gift but whose complaining? * * * THE NEW YEAR floated in on an old- fashioned Mississippi River boat over at Carolyn and Don Baney's who opened their home for n bang-up no host neighborhood costume and wateli party. Don rigged a gangplank arousing to their front door wiileli opened directly onto the decks of the "Robert E." for the night. About 50 took the in-ulse, mostly wearing costumes of the old steamboat days-gambling men and dancing girls! Flags waved, whistles blow-- and nothing merrier ever happened along the Big Muddy from Natchez to Mobile. * * * HOLIDAY visitors in town, Johanna and Cleve Clayton, report exciting changes in their lives. They're grandparents, for one thing, since arrival of Robert McFarland Jr., daughter Jennie and Bob's baby son. Also, they've moved from Apple Valley where they've lived, lo, these many years, and are now residents of Santa Barbara. Doin' what? They've opened a restaurant, "The Jolly Tiger" located near the Mira Mar Hotel. * * * SPEAKING OF new restaurants, there's one in L. B. doing pretty well if the sea of familiar faces at bar or dinner tables is any criterion. We refer to the new Kelly's just a couple of doors down from the old Kelly's in Naples. A few of those glimpsed the other night when we stopped in were Betsy and Charles Straub, Curtyne and Gene- Driscoll, Jackie and Dean Lucas, Lucille and Jack Hamilton, Betty and Bill Barbee, Carrie and Al Vignolo, Jane and Gil Brown and Sally Nesmith. Although we didn't spot him in the crowd we're sure partner Ed Losch wasn't far away. * * * OUR FAVORITE society photographer, Joe Klsinger, took a flyer into the New Year flat on his back! He was snoozing; peacefully at St. Mary's Wednesday midnight (or should have been) repuping from an emergency appendectomy Tuesday ayem. What a crazy thing to develop, Joe! Mrs. Carter S. Wells March of Dimes Dates , (Continued from Page W-l) Polio Club president, and rep- Mrs. Arthur B. Scott of the resentatives of w o m e n ' s groups cooperating in- the fund drive will touch off a second round of similar invitational affairs _ by each of those attending. These events in turn will be the signal for a chain reaction of coffee parties at which those who were guests in the previous rounds will be hostesses. Proceeds of these affairs will augment the March of Dimes funds as well as spread the word of the Foundation's new aims. * * * * THE BLUE CRUTCH DAY solicitation in downtown streets and other major shopping centers will be made during the third week of the month by girls of local high schools and colleges. Groups of this division will be under the direction of Gerry Searcy, City College coed, who is chairman of the campaign's teen-age division. Cooperating in the effort are sororities and clubs at both City and State College, as well as those of the five high schools in the Long Beach Unified School District. Women's clubs throughout the campaign area, which includes Lakewood, Signal Hill and Avalon, also are cooperating in the annual fund drive. * * + * SUCH CIVIC leaders ns 110-112 E, BROADWAY. Alamitos Library Association, and Mrs. Frank C. Finch of Junior Matrons of Ebell are representative of the groups working for the March of Dimes. As in years past, the effort this time is open to any organization wishing to lend a hand. Events and participation may be cleared through Mrs. May Algeo, executive secretary of the Long Beach office of the National Foundation, 115 Pine' Ave. OPEN MOW. A KHI. EVES-- 9, (boost ttom the largest .election /» tbi LONG BF.ACH *rea . . . fowii tnd accessories for eiei) member of tbt wedding ... BRIDALS, IJ9.95 to S175 BRIDESMAIDS and FORMALS, $18.95 to $89.95 BCUUJLAK * HALF SIZE* l.ay-aways Invited A single Ting ceremony in Booth Chapel, First C o n g r e g a t i o n a l Church, attended by family members and close friends, united Elizabeth Dunn,-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Dunn, Long Beach, and Carter S. Wells, son of Mrs. Stiles Sherman Wells of Piedmont, and the late Mr. Wells. Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore an organza waltz-length gown and a coronet of crystal and orange blossoms with a short tulle veil. An imported lace frill circled her bouquet of white butterfly orchids and hyacinths. For her role as maid of honor, the bride's sister, Virginia Dunn, wore a honey beige peau de sole dress, complemented by a hand corsage of peach roses and matching tulle. Park Dingwell came from San Francisco to serve as best man for the bridegroom. The newly-married' couple greeted guests at a reception in the Dunn home before be- · ginning a honeymoon which will take them to skiing resorts en route to their new home in Bogalusa, La. The bride, a member of Pi Beta Phi, Junior League and San Francisco Spinsters, is a graduate of Anoakia and the University of Colorado. Her husband was graduated from Piedmont High School and the University of California. His memberships include Kappa Sigma and San Francisco Bachelors. Rebekah Events Wide Awake R e b e k a h Lodge 71 will meet at 8 p.m. Monday in Machinists Hall led by Stella Moore. The Social and Sewing Club session is slated Friday in Morgan Hall with covered dish luncheon to be served at noon. Lavina · Newmaster will preside. while, on radio about Jews and Irishmen and Germans and Negroes. They were told in dialect and they were funny. They were observant and amusing to everyone and that Included Jews and Irishmen and G e r m a n s and Negroes. There used to be jokes about Catholics and Protestants, too, and stories were told about priests and ministers as though they were human beings. Just let a comedian try telling stories like that today! There, friend, goes a comedian out of a job. We grin but apparently we have lost the ability to laugh. Certainly at' ourselves, at any rate. \ BUT II IT is undemocratic to be entertained by the f o i b l e s of .individuals or groups, it is subversive to. perceive a flaw in a mighty- business or in an established organization. Democrats and; Republicans, if they can discover any differences be-, tween them, can lambaste each other but beyond that, bourn no gadfly dare sting. Satire and criticism scare! us to death and that's a sorry state of affairs for a native critical eye is a nation's salvation. Let's keep it open. 130 A.M. to 9 f.Mu^Ayl F R R K P A R K I N G IN R E A R O R P A R R original designs o) Qhil! Maurei Bridal Creation.* Blidai Oligarch Alfred Angelo Ftfd Pttlbeif Emmi Domfc Champagne Mnri Exauisitf 17 Tuts on Ocean Blvi. S H O P f o| ocean 505 E. OCEAN BLVD. S A L E Our Lowest Prices of the Year! OFF MORE ·SUITS · DRESSES ·COATS 'SPORTSWEAR GROUP OF LANZ V3-1/2 OFF \ · JEWELRY · HANDBAGS · ACCESSORIES t -- F A B U L O U S C O L L E C T I O N Qladys' 3tah Preach and Designer Originals '5-13-18 Regularly lo (59.95 NOW daily 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. · d.i.'s 505 e. ocean park FREE next door he 7-2966 *·······················»*·················* New Year Luncheon (Continued from Page W-l) R. H. Gossom, John Gordon and Vernie Griffiths. ALSO MJIES. F r a n k J. Halicus, Kent Hanbery, M. M. Hoffman, George C. Hensen, Winifred Hellewell, Linda F. Hoover, M. L. House, Shiris M. Jones, Christie Jcs- mer, J. Roscoe Howell, Walter M. Killingsworth, Wilbur R. Kimball, Arthur A. Knoll, Vina Kunzman, R. E. Ibbetson, Herbert E. Lewis, A. L. Libbee, Walter Lantz, Henry C. Lamb, A. F. Holsapple. J. H. Mulrynn, Hugh G. Maddox, Grant Matldy, Newton L. McLaughlin. Rex Mhoon, Josiah Merlz, William Moore, James B. Murray, Everette N. Morningstar, William G. Nicol, John Nunes, C. W. Poole, Floyd Potter, Mary Purdy, Homer D. Redford, O. C. Olsen, Marion T. Orvis and A. C. O'Bryan. * * * * OTHERS WERE Mmes. Charles Rilz, Barton R. Rogers, Robert N. Rothenbach, Thomas F. Russell, Lucne J. Saverude, William H. Sanson, A. W. Sowder, Joseph G. Sterling, Joseph Striegei, 0. E. Schaumberg, Carol K. Scott, L. B. Shanks, Alvin E. Skinner, Robert C. Skinner, Ellis Slack, Merton B. Smith, Nellie Smith, Irving Smith, G. W. Sully, R. C. Sherman, Cleo R. Simmons, Victor Schmeltz, Robert Swanson, Wallace Taylor, Roy H. Thompson, S a d i e Tippet, Lewis Van Winkle, Mia M. I Waite, S. W. Watson, E. J. ! Wightman, Will Winston, ; Irma Wolford, Hazel R. Weld, Charles A. Wright and L. I.. Zicrotl; Misses Edith M. j Hitchcock, Helen Thornton, j Laura lloorc and Kdith Hoi- j ton. «/ , GREATEST SALE OF THE YEAR! inuary All Merchandise Our Own Famous Brands Out of Regular Stock tock iearance! SAVE 3060'; Q Tremendous Reductions in Every Department Regular $17.98-$29.98 Nationally Advertised * DRESSES 10V14" Wools, Casuals, Dressy Styles Sizes 7 to 15 and 10 to 20 . SPECIAL! Regular S2».« to $49.98 DRESSES All Tremendously Reduced! * Regular $49.98-$59.98 Famous Label Wool COATS Sizes 6 to 16 Petites, Regulars Black, Beige, Coral, Pink. Tweeds. SPECIAL! Reg. 589.98 Pun CASHMERE COATS Top Makes, Nudt, Hack. * Over 300 Brand New Req. $10.98-$! 2.98 Fur-Blend Wool SWEATERS NOVELTY PULLOVERS V4 SLEEVES, SHORT SLEEVES CARDIGANS and $J Fabulous Novelty Styles in White, Rose, Powder, Pink, Yellow, Lime, Hack, Brown, etc. Siies 34 to 40. Fabulous Group New Fall Maurice Handler Wondamere and Other Famous Makes SWEATERS and BULKIES Reg. $10.98-$12.98 Reg. $14.98-$! 6.98 7 ft Fabulous Mohair Sulkies, Cardigans, Jackef Styles. Fur Blends. 34 to 40. * OVER 500 NEW Regular $12.98-$! 4.98 Wool SKIRTS Sizes 8 to 14 Every Skirt Lined and from Famous Maker 7 Beautifully Dyed-J-o-Match Colors In Solids and Tweeds * Earrings, Neclt. laces, Iraceleti. Pins, Matched Sets. Rhinestones, Gold, Silver, etc. Entire Stock OUR ONCE-A-YEAR Jewelry Sale! !/2 OFF SCOOP! Never Before Offered -Our Famous Brand NYLON HOSE SEAMLESS Reg. $1.50 SAVE PER IOX unu 98%, OUR ONCE-A-YEAR HALF-PRICE LINGERIE SALE! Choose From Our Entire Stock of the Most Famous Brands Buy a Panty, Half-Slip, Slip, Gown at Regular Price GET A SECOND ONE AT V 2 PRICE! ILACK, WHITE, COLORS -- SIZES 32 to 31 450 Pine Ave. LONG IEACH Tiki up lo 90 diy it no co»t!

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