Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 6, 1930 · Page 18
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Altoona, Pennsylvania
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Friday, June 6, 1930
Page 18
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SfiftftCt - RKETS FOR TODAY FORBES' INTERVIEW WITH WIFE ON COST OF LIVING TRADE IS MDINGMARKET donfiftne Sagging Due to Lack of Demand—Trade „„,„„ „, .„„„. „,„ „ „„. _ „ few. B.!»f Washed for,;-^ ^'^^ S IfeW Developments, of this, that and (he next commodity ' selling at extraordinarily low prices, 1 ! decided to interview H housewife on Bv B. V. FORBES bread or rolls or other things you buy !JV B. v. r ui» l>r.,c» i ,'ii.m. «. ..^..-. ~- ra -Hav,n S been assured by the federal. rrom the, ^ come do^7" bureau of labor that the cost of living "Vegetables. They are really very cheap and very good. That asparagus we had last night was terribly cheap, , »w^..»w« -~ yet you yourself said It was as good i this subject of the tailing cost of liv- as yoll evel . tasted. It was local as- "No; 1 haven't . noticed that the baker has reduced his prices." What things have come down most? i lltlw suuji'i i. ui utt; ,ni»ii£, ^v.=~ w» ... i a3 you ever IHBLI;U. ling. Designedly. 1 selected my wife. I para g lls ." ! Here is fl truthful record of the inter- . Bj- OBORWE T. HtGHES. •Copyright, 1930. by Altoona Mirror.) WAUL STREET, NEW YORK. June vlew . ;.—Itt trading that fl-as still of limited "Do you find things are now cheap- volume, stocks continued to sag in to- j «r^ ^ ^^ ^.^ ^ „ day'* market. The losses were the i "VVhirh?" 'result, riot so much of pressure as "Clothes are rhpnpcr—H lot chcap- ot ftbience of demand, but they were , C1 '-" sufficient to carry a number of lead-' ,,j wfls (ninU | nB ,, lnre about differing Issues down to new lows on the I cn t kinds ol food. H«s the price of movements. , Th« increase In brokers' loans of ' early range being 6 higher to 7 lower. Yoko- IW.000,000, announced after the close j J>-m* f = were ]^<« ™ r1( S! , "How about meat? "Yes; some of the butcher's prices have been reduced a little, but not so very much. But my meat bill Is down." "What else?" "Coffee has been wonderfully cheap for a, long time. Sugar is down a lot, too." "How about milk?" "It's down a cent a quart from last year." ffVfUUU.VW, KUUUU111.CU 01..... -..,- ... , KO|H . Iulurrs ., u, i,, mgiici. ill tills IU..OI Thufsday, was a surprise, but the gain i ma ,.Kc(, sales were reported at the follow- "Anything else?" •S^rEi"7Sr~S th ' : °"* ii """'"P- issues and scant interest vas taken ( ^ Nm . em ,, ( .,f 3 3fi December 3.31-36, and reasonable-very." therein in the speculative market. i Jamlary 3.; ;0 -36. caiyti prices were 11.U*) "What about some Mofe attention was paid to the trade unchanged. I {hlngs you buy?" i every item of which was scan Md closely. Woolworth's May sales cattle out today, showing a decline of New \urk I'riiduce. {hlngs you buy?" I ordered our been cheap all Butter is very of the other winter's coal last New ioru l rotiuce. , uiva^i^v. ">«* ,, ... v ^» ~ **~ —.. -——„,„ —--•'• /"-,"• • ,,„;,,(„., nf HEW VORK, June B.-Flour dull and un- month, to get the lowest price of the cantt out today, showing a decline 01 gm|ed . r , p au , nls , $5..uw* per bar- , year, but although lots of our friends 11.4 per cent from the same month a rcl i are now ug j ng ol i burners, it doesn't y«ftf ago and the Simmons company r-ork steady; iness, ?32 oo per barrel j h made much difference in figures for May revealed a drop of 16.8 I $0.^™' mlddle WHt spot ' •i»«<a'-™» the prjce of coal . It . s a very big item. Tallow weaker; special to extra, B%c<ij> And the children's shoes—they cost al- J^L- pur pound. ~ ( most as much as grown-up's. I bought per cent for the company proper, and 8.9 per cent when the subsidiaries are included. •would probably prove stimulating, but there were no signs of such a turn today. Southern railway system reported a loss In gross for May of $Z- 445,399 and for the five months of the calendar year a loss of $9,182.800. The Mobile & Ohio, a Southern Railway subsidiary, reported similar decreases. Th* Pennsylvania's net income for the first quarter, it was announced, was equivalent to 88 cents a share against 96 cftnts In the first quarter of 1929. I Today'* New VurU uuotatlon*. Quotation! lurnlihed 101 Altoona Mirror By West * uo.. member* of Philadelphia tad New Votk StocH exthangea, local office, rint National Bank buildinn. HJgh. I/oi ion. i boys, and what do you think,! had to Hides (common) firm; Central America, I ,:,, sifli" 12c per pound; Cucutas, 15c per pound; Or- ! V°-* • » °' inocos, 13Vic per pound; Maracaibos, 12V4c . .. per pound. | "Tell me about some of the other Hides (city packer) firm; native stoers, ; things that now cost less." loc per pound; butt brands, HVic per pound; j ..-Well, help is very much more plenti- "ToUtSli-Ne^'id" 1 - southern, |».OOW ! ful. They don't now consider it a $5.73 per barrel; Maine, J3.50(»-?4.SO per' great condescension to corrle to work barrel: Canada, 53.00!;/-J3.25 per barrel. ( f or vou . And plenty of them are wlll- , s."'" 1 ?. 01 "'°" ", t . c .S?. yi «i e ^ e ,r >Mb ?S k "' 75c !ins'to work for less wages than they as yeHow, RAILS! Atetlaon 22414 221 BiiUmorc and OWo . '"" 111 oanAdliin PaclQc . - CheiapeaJte and Onlo . Chicago and Norttiwest Delaware and Hudson Srl« 221 111 Qi>e white, SHci/SVOc. Dressed poultry (cents per Ib.) —Unsettled; turkeys, 25c3M3c; fowls, 14c<iji28c; chickens, 17cli>38c; ducks, Long Island, 19c. Live poultry (cents per Ib.)—Firm; geese, 5c; i used to demand." LtlVK IIVUILI f lueitvB ^ci tu, / —i- JA««I f 0bu»ut 12c'iil4c; ducks, 14cti23c; fowls, 21c&26c; turkeys, 15c<U25c; roosters, IZc&lSc; broil- Cheese (cents per Ib.) —Dull; state while milk, fancy to specials, 24cfe25c; young i America, 19c«i25c. I Butter (cents |. r pound)—Market Hrm; I receipts 20,480; ( lory extras, 33c; special market, 33V-jL .; :iai marKet, SJ'.-JL ^.u. o- e, —-. Eggs (cents per doz.)— Market steady; re- j 13 'no!' " :elpts 24,761; nearby .whlte^tan^^S^cW (Copyright, 1930, by B. C. Forbes.) „*„ York c«ntr«- Morfolk and We«tern Northern P» " Pennsylvania Reading xxRock Island ;• " St. L. and S. F 10» St. Paul. Corn is 14 ill'.i in 60U 49-H 4UO'» 211 210 210 80 80 80 172 171 171 : ;i CeiplS 24,101; neaiuy IYIIILC ^uii^j., *,o vzv, u . «H «'/i «Vli3l ? 4o L sUU_whlte..._a8c(l ! .28c ! lt»h flrjtj. 88 Vi 88 SSli 72 "i 72 Vi 72 Vi " 81 Melals ttxcnange. NEW YORK. June 8.—Tin: June 30.75, "So, on the whole, you would say that you notice quite a. difference in the cost of running the house?" "Yes, quite a difference, I would j say." ! "Bully! How about a little reduction in your household allowance?" "Oh, ho! So that's what you were ! getting at, Smartie? Well, your answer 173 171 '/j 17 DAY'S ACTIVITY i Central . ... 173 Id'/j JU-j NEW YORK. June o.—Tin: June au.iu, sJl\ 1 W OV 1 * 1 A A nd Western ... 23S% 237'i 238S offered; July 30.85, offered; August 31.00, ! __ _ i^frf-im Pwlfic 80 V4 80 Vj 80 V-i luffered September 31.1S, offered; October IVJ flDIlM |UlAPMRT ST. 76% 75% 75 •„ : 31 .30, offered; November 31.45, offered; DC- | I [U lTnU||V Ijl A JS IV Fl I mlL iif 110 11B '".I.I.L. ^i an nffnrn/1 Tn thp niltslrie mnr- I 111 VI 11 ll i 1 ' Illfl*»11 J-l I Western Maryland PITTSBURGH, June fi. — Hoga, receipts dl 19H »« A. t. and T. Rites . Allls Chalmers American Can Amer. Foreign Power Am«r. T. and T. Armour A. Armour B Baldwin Bendlx Corp Boveri Columbti GSLS — .. ^ Columbia. OramapSone 26 Ji Concoltum !*'.» C6Stt»ental Can «aU Cartl««-Wrigl>t fvj Df.n««on Ch«m MV4 Du»ODt de Nemours 127 xiKliBC Storage Btry fiO:i Site. f. and L «". zzsFamous Players b8•» Fretport Texas S0;.4 General Foods •'»:•• oneral Elec |i General Refractories 8 ? General Theatres "•Goodrich Goodyear Intl. Combustion .... Intl. Nickel K«lly-8pringueld zzztzKreuger and Toll LortUard mMy Dept Montiomery-Ward ... Natlon»l Cash National Dairy North American .... Pub. Service, N. J. .. Radio Radio-Keith .... .... xxxKemlngton-Rano .. U. B. Rubber 116 l\'i 112 108 108 18 !t 18 30V, 30', 223 224", 28 28 cernbcr~31.80, offered. In the outside mar- i i ket domestic copper is 13. export 13.30; lead i | 5.50; zinc 5.00. j 'n I toffee I'rlccu. • NEW YORK, June «. — Coffee futures I By GEORGE t!. SCHNACfKKL. (Copyright, 1930, by Altoo'na Mirror.) CHICAGO, June 6.—An easy tone 40 19 791s 40 19 79% 22'/j 13% 63 Vi t>3Vi 8Vi 8',i 33 33 125 V-i las 'A 6D-, 86';k •IH liSvi 79"j 81 ';i 8B-M 84 >4 '31'! . 4% 30% .24 51 4S'.« 62 50" 4 122 vi si-:, 43 37 vi . ......... g«an. Roebuck ....... 84 >. BChulU, 4 30% M»4 SO',, 44 120'z 108 •!» 3U ' 33V-i 281.4 83 4'.. 30 V4 44 61',-i 58% 120 ',1 , . — , 2 200; market strong to 5c higher; 150-210 lb» , $10.80iS'510-85; 220-250 Ibs., $10.406) , . ., . J10.75; Pigs, ^lO^SScSlO.SO; sows, mostly KB 5Q^J$8.75. Cattle, receipts 25; market steady-; few cutter grades sows, $4.00<§>$5.75. Calves, receipts 200; market steady) bulk , vealers, ?10.00@?12.00. Sheep, receipts 800; market steady to . on the unresponsiveness of the Liverpool trade, but at $1.05% there were resting orders to buy July which cheeked the decline. Corn was lower under pressure caused by the heavy sales of corn to arrive by the country, and by the beneficial rains over most of the belt. weak; few lambs, 510.00W2.50; yearlings beneflcial rains over most 01 tne neit. ^''"-"-'*"••" mostly $8.00&$8.00; strictly choice quoted j Buying against indemnities checked clouay, jp sto. $9.50. ! the decline. Pittsburgh IToiHicc. ' Oats trade PITTSBURGH. June 5. — Butter—Nearby A. GuU .. United Aircraft 33 Vi 28 li 83 B'.i 114 »i 114 Vi 30 30 Ml 59 70'i 10'. B 42'/i 42 39 United Oa« and I Utilities P. and L. A ... Warder Brothers WeatSngbouiit; Airbrake We»Unghoute Eluctric Woolworth MOYUKSI Auburn t?*'* 1 . 4 ,? Chry»|er "J Continental •' General Motors »' 42 3U 172' k 171"!, 118 34 Kudkon Hupmpblle Mack Harmon .. Packard Reo gtudebaker 18->i 11 . .18 40 36--. 11'. 35". 35 . Ti 26* BitWehem Caat Iron Pipe Colorado fuel ••• - Cnulbl* "' OtU • j™, Reading C. and I ^J w Cab , 18 10''., 18 3D ',» 3ft T' 63 34 Hfl 1 b 41'., 18 11 18 40 IS'.i 11 3.0' i 35 7'j, 35!. 93 34 K8", 77'., tubs 92 score, extras and standards, 33V-ic; and corn. S9 score, 32c; 88 score, 29V!.c. Provisions Eggs—Nearby firsts, second hand cases, star t 22Vic!jj>23c; extra flrata, new canes, ZSVicJii 21; nearby ncnnery whites, 24c(jjJ24Vic. WHEAT— Live poultry—Hens, 18c5j!25C; broilers, 25c L.;;"' 1 '^^' f*38c; roostera, 15c; (luclis, 16c«!'25c; Eeeae, £"* ; 10c«il2c; turkeys, 18c4)20c; fresh killed **£• hens, 33c<fflOc. CORN— rhlludvlphlo, Produce. ^j^ ' PHILADELPHIA, June 6.—The Hrst Penn- ^ec.' .'.'.'...'.', sylvanla strawberries of the season were of- OATS— fered today and sold at $4.50(ij'J6.50 per u- Ju | y quart crate. Receipts of berries from New Sept Jersey, Maryland and Delaware were light Dec I and the market stronger. Prices on this RYE— stock ranged from 53.S08cJ8.00. j u iy ,. Asparagus met a moderate demand and Sep t the market was steady. Pennsylvania and Dec New Jersey offerings sold at J1.00&$3.00 per | dozen bunches. Peas were slightly stronger and brought $1.75i/>$2.50 per bushel. Hplnach sold at 10c<*i35c. Beets were firm and sold at 2cS/'4c per bunch. „ ,, ,...., Rhubarb was steady at 1 '.jCS/^ViiC. Lettuce continued dull with Big Boston bringing 2Sc('(.'75c; per crate. Kale broufft lScft'25c per bushel. Escarole. 20^30^ Butter—Market tone ruled about steady at unchanged prices. 93 score, 38c; 92 score, 31e; 91 score, 33c; 90 score. 31c. Eg» s —prices declined Vi cent on nearbys. Graded nearby whites brought 24Vii"ir25c: I mixed colors, 23c!ii24c; westerns, 21Vic@ .. 25C. Cliicacu Prnducr. CHICAGO, June «.—Eggs market stcarty; receipts 20,822 cases; extra Brati, 2iV»c; firsts, 21Vj<;Sj22c; ordinaries, 18c&191ic; seconds, IBc. Butter, market unsettled; receipts i tne aeciine. ' Oats trade was quiet and that mar- ABERDEEN KEEPS TITLE , l«st depressed by the action of wheat mTTOTTPrnv nT , DOMESTIC BOPS LEAD IN TRADING ON CURB EXCHANGE By 1'. H. RICHARDSON. (Copyright, 1830, by Altoona Mirror.) NEW YOftK, June 8.—HI£h-gr»<Se INIUW lUrtK., June o.—*xju|ji*'s«««« nixrr * w**.«, •.«..« «, ^ ---domestic bonds and a ftw of the better ^^:^^,^ M ^^ S foreign dollat credits showed a tendency to advance In today's bond trading, but trie balance of the Hat had a dull appearance, with most of the price fluctuations on the down slide. The maintenance of the N«w York Federal reserve rediscount rats at 3 ' t '™\Zd investment' trusts and trading per cent had been Anticipated, and orporationfl mdllnad to heaviness, other factors in the week-end situa $£££,' Bortd A ShM4J . w hich W ex- tion had little-or no bearing; onijhe %$&£ ^ per cent stock today, declined after opening higher. Cities service again eased fractionally and the rights remained active near their previous closing levels. American Cyanamld B again encountered moderate offerings. Ohio Oil, -which Is linked up In a pipe line deal with Illinois Pipe and Standard Oil of New Jersey, braced. Cosden was moderately active and registered a range of 2 points as It afterna tely rose and fell. status of the market. Money rates were unchanged. The day's total of new bond offerings at less than $3,000,000 promised a respite to overworked band salesmen attempting to distribute the street's rather heavy load of Issues not quite attractive enough to entice the investing public. The $50,000,000 Issue of Middle West Utilities short-term notes will probably be brought out on Monday. Reports that the reparations bonds will not be issued until around June 17, were well received as an aid to distributing issues on hand and helping to hold back the flood of offerings postponed because of the reparations loan. New United States, government financing, expected any day now, was the reason for the higher range of prices for the eighth active treasury obligations. Both Liberties and treasury bonds are now close to their peaks of the year. Other first class investments were stronger also, including Atchlson general 4s, Baltimore & Ohio first 4's, Canadian Pacl- flc 4's, Pennsylvania 4 %'s, Northern Pacific 4's, American Telephone BH s, Standard Oil of New York 4^'s and Standard Oil of New Jersey 5 s. ALTOONA TEACHERS ON LONG VACATION TOURS Miss Marie Lauver, prominent teacher in the Altoona High school, accompanied by Mrs. Mary Nixon of 2012 Fifth avenue, will sail tomorrow from New York for Europe and after crossing the Atlantic will visit relatives in Ireland. Miss Lauver will then leave on a tour through Trossachs, visit Edinburgh and London and thence will Co to Paris and tour central Europe, visiting the principal cities and places of Interest. On the return she will visit in London and tour southern England and Wales and thence cross to Waterford, Ireland, and thence go to County Tyrone, Irleand, where she will spend some -time visiting with Mrs. Nixon before returning home late in August. Miss Grace Mosser, Miss Laura Walter and Miss Dorothy Lingenfelter a trio of teachers in the Junior High school, will leave tomorrow on a vacation trip to New York city, thence by steamer by way of the Hudson to Boston and Plymouth and from there southward along the coast as far a.a New Jersey. TODAY'S BASEBALL. (By United Press.) National. Pittsburgh at Boston, clear, 315p dl. Chicago at Brooklyn, clear, 3.20p dl. St. Louis at New York, clear, 3.15p Cincinnati at Philadelphia, clear, dl. American. Boston at Cleveland, cloudy, 3p aid. New York at Chicago, rain, 3p dl. Washington at Detroit, cloudy, 3p std. Philadelphia at St. Louis, part rallied from an easier Open. High. Low. Close. 106 107 Vi 105% 107 Vi 109 110 Id lOSTs 110 ll'JTs 1140, 113% 1H% OP MOST THRIFTY CITY 10 39 "i 42 Ti 62 U 66 Ti 72 "i 82 82 i» 76 Ji 40% 40 43 U 621i 87 72 ii 40 39% 42% 61x flft'l 82 V4 76 40 !i 40 43 Vi «2 r ;i 67 72 Vi CUlLvr, uiai net uii»"-**-«v«-« i .«--.-j-.- —„„ tubs; extras, 31 toe: extra firsts, 29'X,c(H 30c; firsts, 28c(ii28'/sc; seconds, 20c@27c; slana- Po'ultry,' market steady; receipts no cars In or due. Fowls. 18c; springers, 30c; Leghorns. 14c; ducks. 13c; geese, 12c; turkeys, 20c- roosters, 13'.-jcVl'l c : broilers, 2Jc. Cheese — Twins, 16~,c<iJ H'»c; \oung Americas, IS'-^c. Chlcaio Uve*(oek, CHICAGO, June. «.— Hogs, receipts 21,000, SKILLFUL PILOT SAVES LIVES IN PLANE CRASH BOSTON, June 6.—Only skillful piloting and the fact the tide was low, prevented a greater loss of life than occurred yesterday in the crash of a large Boston-to-New York passenger transport plane into Boston harbor, investigators believed today. It was considered remarkable that only onn passenger lost his life and that twelve other passengers and both pilots escaped with comparatively minor injuries as the tri-motored Ford plane, Nocomoa, with one engine dead, was hurled into the sea some sixty yards off the Boston airport breakwater. The 'only victim of the crash was Perl S. Thorsen, aged 43, of Brookline, a Boston business man, who was pronounced dead from immersion and exhaustion after firemen tried for two hours to resuscitate him. Thorsen had been trapped in the right side of the craft, which was submerged. ABERDEEN, June 6.—Once again the "granite city" of Scotland retains the title of "the world's most thrifty city." Among the contributions of a recent street collection lor the city hospitals were: Eight hundred foreign coins. Over 200 washers. Thirty-four buttons. Tramcar tokens. Numerous nails and safety pins. KNDS AUTOMOTIVE COUKSE. Robert L. Peters of 2818 West Chestnut avenue, recently graduated from the Greer College and Airways located in Chicago, 111. Mr. Peters attended the automotive division of the school for the past eight months, during which time he was employed as a mechanic by the Studebaker corporation of Chicago. Mr. Peters has had several offers of employment by firms n Altoona and Pittsburgh but prefers :o carry through his plans to go into Business for himself. U B Bteei'.'.'.'.'.'.' '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 1*8•• 1«T'.. ""' Vanadium "«'» 1 \'>, J '" Warren Foundry J» '•» J ' * • J0 7fl 89'» 1SU 18 (I CHICAGO June. «.— Hogs, receipts zi.uuu, including D.UOO direut; steady to weak with , (J RAp ZEPPELIN REACHES Thursday's average; top, J1U.M); bulk IbO- •""•" "" 1K HOME AFTER LONG FLIGHT Amer. Smelling Anaoonda. ........ Calumtt «nd Hecla Ctrto ts PMCO . cnaby ......... Great Northern Ore Kenoecott ........ Uagjaa Copper .... Miami .......... U. 8. 8m«ltin( oil*; A4pbaU AttaoBc tUOaiag Continental Oil Hou»too Oil . .. - - - - dent In4i*4 pontlncni RkUolit Oil •h*U Union . •loclair •• •• • oo . . . ird On, Callt. ;d Oil, N. J Oil, N. Y __r**»n company. Tld««*l*r A»»o TranMontlnenU-l Vniui (ML emit talc*. Z.lW.ftf" ntui Moon 3 P«r cent. ,f>iv. »1.60 Dlv. IH 68k- 78'i 3S-» tti 57 '., 17 20 •'-, 4&S 46 21 ' 20 28 4J-\ H6',, 26 1U7 '.. '24 \ «0 V.- 38'. 22', 21 20'. 21 : . 34 ',i , . 27U ih. weights. $10.25--aS10.45; 320 Ib. weights, $10.15; pac-KIng sows, $9.20 (^$9.65. Butchers, medium to choice, 250-350 Ibi.. $99o"iSio.40; 200-2SO Ihs., J10.OOfrJ10.50; 160-200 IhB.. 510.00S!.*10.SO; 130-160 Ibs J9.90{iS10.SO: packing sows, »9.00^»9.75; plga, medium to choice, 90-130 Ibs., * 1 ' June 6.—The Oiraf Zepnellii conlpleting Us spcc'tucuinr flight to North and Cattle receipts 2500; calves. 1.000; steen South America, and return, Untied at unevenly steady to 2&c lower; quality very its home port here at 7.2S tuniffht. I^Iain: light yearlings steady; fat cows weak A large crowd cheered the Zeppelin to 25c low^r;^ bulls ^a^d vtalera^ steady. l nd ^ commander, Hugo Eckener, f 3000500 L |ha G . '$i3.ofl«i'»l4.oo; 1,100-1,300 on returning from the most ambitious journey world. since its flight around the 44 ••• 21 '. 16 ; 28 US'. 60 'i 21 '.i 20 '. 27 , 34 Vi 69 76 '» 35'i 66 67 IS:: 20 15'H, irjfi $11 5Uli»13.i(l; 950-1,10U Ihs., <11.25f» ilJ.'.IO; common and medium. 850 Ibs. up. I $8 005/$12.00: fed yearlings. good and Jholce, 750-950 Ibs.. $11.25ijftl3.00; heifers, I good and i-hoice, 850 Ihs. down, $10.001f I 111 75; coirnnon and medium, $7.00^ $10.00; I cows, good and choice, $7.. r iU'.i $9.7.'j; common and medium. J8.25>i $7.50: low cutter and cuiu-r. $1.25'«S6.2S: bulls, good and cl.oict n,<-i-l> S7.85ii$».00; cutter to medium 4(i 50-'i»6.7. r j: vealtrs (milk-led J uood and choict-. $11.OO-y 413.01): medium, tt-OO^i ill DO cull and C.J1HIII011, $7.00'/*9.00; i leience on cnn_ ....... stockera and fet-iien-. steers. «ood ajid choice I The ligures are: Cost of being born, (all weights i SK>.')'i</$in.7o; common ai)d|jj20y; food, $2,500; clothing and shelter. WHAT VOU ()\VK 1JAU. WASHINGTON, D. C., June 6. -It costs fathers an average of $7,238 to raise their children to the age of 18, according to information coming out of the rccunt. White House conference on child health and protection. . P»V. D iffj-PJv. •». Ste-Dlv. i'.. tuKx-Dlv l UO(X* Wv imtiiffK" &it* • l 40 CLUtt .... weights medium. 47.50'•'49.75. Sheep, receipts 12.000: market steady lo strung moderately »urted l«mbs, $12.00 -if $1225; strictly sorter!. $12.75: choice rangers J13.00: yearling.! scarce, rat ewes weak to lower al $4 JO down. Lambii, good and choice. 92 Ibs. down. $12.OO'u $13.00; nie- dium 410.uO 1 /$12.00: cull and common. »B.OO '.1510.00' «wi-s. rnr-dium to choice. 160 Ibs. down J325'a$^"0, cull and common. Jl.OO ti$350. _ SCHOOLS FLAN I'ICXI. Tomorrow. June 7, is the date .set apart 1'jr the annual outing ol school BANK NEW YORK, June 6.— New York New bank clearings, $1,261,000,000; York bank balances, $198,000,000; New York federal reserve credit balances, $181,000,000. PRESSURE LIFTED By JOHN A. CRONE, (Copyright, 1930, by Altoona Mln-or.) NEW YORK, June 6.—Resuming the rregularity that characterized trading Thursday, the curb exchange opened lower today, but when the bears found It was impossible to dislodge sizeable blocks of stocks, as shown by the fact that offerings dwindled, pressure was lifted. Public utilities backed and filled most of the session, but coppers, mo AMPOONA DISPENSARY. Mark Clpresno, aged 19, of 1603 Margaret avenue was treated at the Altoona hospital for a possible fracture of the right shoulder. An X-ray examination Is to be made. Frank Landlra, aged 13, of 1811 Fourth avenue suffered an Injury to the left ring and little finger While at work yesterday, the nails of both fingers being torn off and the fingers lacerated. He received treatment in the dispensary. Paul E. Spencer, aged 20, of 221 East Fifth avenue was given attention for a dog bite Injury of the right lit- Robert'Flanagan, aged 25, of 708 Fifth avenue received treatment for the removal of ft possible foreign body in the left eye. Jack Verlllo, aged .5, residing In Greenwood, underwent treatment for a laceration of the tongue. Pete St. Peter, aged 65, of Madison avenue and Fifteenth street, was treated for contusions of the right side of Patrick McDermott, aged 69, of 1217 Seventeenth street was treated for a growth on the tongue. Madeline Bruno, aged 9, whose home is at 1619 Crawford avenue was at the hospital to have an infection of the left thumb treated. Russell Stump, aged 28, of 107 Sixteenth street had a foreign body removed from the left eye. 17. S. TREASURY BALANCE. WASHINGTON, D. C., June B.—The United States treasury balance announced today as of close of business June 4 was $85,734,637.36. Customs receipts for the month to date were $6,177,022.40. Total ordinary expenditures, $12,189,255.00. TODAY'S BANK CLEARANCES. The bank clearances for the day, announced this forenoon by the Altoona Clearing House association, amounted to $250,293.13. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY !— Furnished Rooms TWO FURNISHED rx^>j™u ». „.„ _--—housekeeping, newly papered and painted, all conveniences. Rent reasonable. Dial 6712. Furnished Apartments /^^^^«^S^^W<^~~^^V^^^^W^^^V^^«^ VERY PLEASANT FURNISHED APAF ment, modern conveniences, 2 or m< rooms. Inquire at 1214 14th Ave. -Miscellaneous DETROIT JEWEL OIL COOK STOVE, COM- plete with oven. New. Price very low. W. S. Suckling, Hollldaysburg. Phone 652. Business Opportunities SERVICE STATION FOR SALE. SEE Harry Aumon, at Express office, Uth bt., below llth Ave. All Kinds of Dependable INSURANCE W. L. NICHOLSON Ltppman Bldg. llth Ave. and 18tb St. Altoona Altoona Discount Co. 1425 12th Ave. .New Aaron Bids:. Small Loans to Home Owners of Good Credit Standing General Builders Distributor! Curtis Woodwork Phone »33l 1720 Margaret Ave. FOLLOW YOUR OWN IDEAS IN KITCHEN DESIGN See It In Miniature First v i-hildren from this including i- . Juniaia. and Hollldaysburg, at Lake- niont park, free tranapoi'tativn to be famished the student* by the management of Lakemont pai-k Monday ol this week the students of the Logan township public schools held their «;i,4u(J; education, $50; health, $284; recreation, $130; insurance, $54, and sundries, $570. 1'LL'L'KV. BATH. Kngland, .June 6. —Doreen ' Brookc.s. aged KJ, is a plucky little lass. While walking across a. field recently on the way home from school, an enraged cow attacked her. The girl waited until the cow was almost upon her and then jumped to catch hold on the animal's horns. She held on until help arrived. TEST DKAUL.Y TOKFKUO. LU.N'lJOX, June 6. —What is said to lju the deadliest torpedo ever yet invented by man lias beeii tried out 31-4 11'» JiVi outing at 1-akeinont multr B*v MIX. i ' enuuniatijnt/es. thousand.* of children, their and friends will attend the similar | between Weymouth and Portland. It lilted with an K-cvlinder engine H is estimated that - families ' and speeds through the water witli - 'and friends will attend Hit ..•uung pio-|50 per rent greater velocity than the . '•-, « . .,«(l vided the weather U at all favorable old types. It haa a very high explosive OMM^U^. Tta for picnic purges.. . 'cattily. ; Here'a fun! Firat,we'11 help you place doors, windows, fink and the like in their relative positions. Then we'11 plan drawer sections, storage units, closet apace and soon . . .just the very timeandstepaaversyou'vo always wanted... arranged just as you've always wanted them. N OW you can "follow sizesreproducedinminiature your own ideas'' in the ... ready for you to assemble arrangement of your kitch- just as your fancy pleases, en —those storage units, Would you like to see one drawersections.closetspace of these Miniature Kitchen and the like. For we have all Curtis WOODWORK IT'S WISE TO CHOOSB A Kitchen Units in all Sets? Phone us to call, or drop in to see us. GENERAL BUILDERS' SUPPLY CO. 1720 MARGARET AVE. PHONE 9331 CHEVROLET'S JVcir Service Policy wins nationwide approval On January 1st of this year, the Chevrolet Motor Company announced a new service policy—the most liberal ever offered In connection with a low- priced automobile. Immediately It was greeted with enthusiasm by Chevrolet buyers everywhere —because Its many unusual features materially add to the economy and lasting satisfaction of Chevrolet ownership. Briefly, It provides— '—for free Inspection and adjustment at the 500- mile mark, and free inspections every 1000 miles thereafter. —for free replacement of any ROADSTER Th* Coach or Coup* *565 Tht Sport Raadittr 9555 Tht Span Caupm. . W55 Truckt: UtM Dtttvtry K^-^w^^^* 1 ?* 1 ^^ \Mh Cab, ttOt Roadittr Delivery (flek-up bos titra), 1440. ALL PRICES F. O. B. FACTORY, rLlNT, MICH. material— including both parts and labor— that may prove defective, wlth- ( in the terms of the standard warranty, —that this replacement will be carried out by any Chevrolet dealer In the United States—regardless of where th« owner may have traveled during the warranty period. Backing this policy Is one of the largest service organizations in the automotive industry—consisting of over 10,000 authorized Chevrolet dealer service stations in the United States alone. Come in! I^earnalltheof/ier reasons why it's wise to choose a Chevrolet Six! OR PHAETON ThtStdan *675 Tht Spfdal Stdon. *725 « vrirt whttlt tiandard) CHEVROLET SIX SIX-CYLINDER SMOOTHNESS AT LOW COST Murray Chevrolet Co. Craig Chevrolet Co. AHoorm, Pa. . Junlata, Pa. Claysburg Garage Liebegott Chevrolet Co. Cluysburg-, I'a. CRISSWELL CHEVROLET CO. Hullldaysburg, J'n. WilUuiniburr, I'a. HERSHBERGER GARAGE Mflrtlnsburjf, fa. Each evening you can find a complete list of the best Used Cars for sale. Used Cars offered for sale are cars that will give many miles of satisfactory service at very small cost. Any of the cars listed as a rule can be bought with a small amount down and easy monthly payments. Why walk . . . when used car bargains like these are available in the Altoona Mirror Want Ads. Turn there now for complete information . . . buy a car now and enjoy Decoration Day on a glorious auto trip. -V

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