The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on September 8, 1952 · Page 8
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 8

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 8, 1952
Page 8
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Eight THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, Monday Evening, September 3,1952 Radio Program KMBC—980 WDAF—610 KCMO—810 WHB—710 SIDE GLANCES By Gailbraith MONDAY ti:00—WDAF—Wayne King Show KMBC—News; Sports WHB—News KCMO—News. Sports 6:15—KCMO—Freddy Martin KMBC—Weather WHB—Sports 6:30—WDAF—News WHB—Gabriel Hcattcr KCMO—Lone Hanger KMBC—Club 15 6:45—WDAF—One Man's Family KMBC—News WHB—Stars lor Defense 7:00—WDAF—Railroad Hour KCMO—News KMBC—Horatio Hornblowcr WHB—Stars In The Nile 7:15—KCMO—Songs For America 7:30—WDAF—Arthur Godfrey KCMO—Chicago Signature KMBC—Arthur Godfrey WHB—Crime Does Not Pay 8:00—WDAF—Telephone Hour KCMO—Encores At Eight KMBC—Radio Theatre WHB—News: Crime Fighters 8:30—WDAF—Band o£ America WHB—War From—Home Front KMBC—Steve Allen 8:45—KCMO—Speaker 9:00—WDAF—Music KCMO—Music By Hoth KMBC—Bob Hawk WHB—Bands For Bonds 9:30—VVDAF—News: Dangerous Assignment WHB—News KMBC—News: Sports 9:44—KMBC—Curt Massey KMBC—Elmer Davis i WHB—The Novelnires 9:55—WHB—Scoreboard 10:00—WDAF—News: Weather KMBC—Beulah KCMO—Back To The Bibl« WHB—Serenade TUESDAY 6:00—KMBC—News; Sports WDAF—Know Your Colleges WHB—News KCMO—News. Sports 6:15—KCMO—Freddy Martin KMBC—Weather WHB—Sports 6:30—WDAF—News KMBC—Peggy Lee Show WHB—Gabriel Heatter KCMO—Cisco Kid 6:45—KMBC—News WHB—Jerry Gray Show WDAF—One Man's Family 7:00—WDAF—Calvacade of. America KCMO—Silver Es?le KMBC—People Ara Funny WHB—Jimmy Carroll Show 7:15—WHB—News Comments 7:30—WDAF—Barrie Craig KCMO—Escape With Me WHB—Dr. Kildare KMBC—Mr. and Mrs. North 8:00—WDAF—Meet Your Match KCMO—Dwight Eisenhower KMBC—Life With Luigi WHB—News; Toaav's Hits 8:15—WHB—A. A. Play-o'ffs 8:30—WDAF—Truth or Consequences KCMO—TEA KMBC—Louella Parsons 8:45—KCMO—News 9:00—WDAF—Band Concerts KCMO—Wayne King KMBC—Novelty Tunes 9:15—KMBC—Strawhat Concert 9^0—WDAF—News: Stan Kenton Orch. KCMO—News, Sports KMBC—News; Sports *:4S—KMBC—FYI KCMO—Elmer Davis 9:55—WHB—Scoreboard 10:00—WDAF—News: Weather KMBC—Beulah KCMO—Back To The Bibl« WHB—News Comments :i T. M. Rtj. O. S. Pit. Off. Copr. 195? by KE« S,nin. In.. "I'm glad we'll be in .school together, Joe—I thought I'd be the only stupid pupil in the class!" WDAF-TV Tonight 6:00—What's My Name 6:30—Music 7:00—Mr. Peepers 7:30—Robert Montgomery Theatre 8:30—Hollywood Playhoouse 9:00—You Asked For It 9:30—Theatre 9:45—Newsreel 9:50—Community Forum 30.00—Foreign Intrigue 10:30—News, Weather, sports 11:00—Easy Chair Theatre TUESDAY 6:00—Midwestern Hayride 6:30—Keep Posted 7:00—Boss Lady 7:30—Circle Theatre 8:45—Vest Pocket Theatre 8:00—Amateur Hour 9:00—Police Story 9:30—Invitation Playhouse 9:45—Newsreel 9:50—Community Forum 10:00—Dangerous Assignment 10:30—News, Weather, Sports 11:00—Newsreel LUMBERMAN KILLED MANKATO, Kas. ffi—E. F. Sell horn, 78, president of the Midwes Lumber Co. of Mankato, was killei in an automobile accident Satur day night. His car overturned on U. S. Highway 36, seven miles wes of .Mankato. Favorite Fruits ^Answer to Previous Puzzle' 'HORIZONTAL! 1 Start dinner • with fruit —«4 Male deer * . 8 Sacred bull 12 Eve 'an s apple 13 Peel fruit 14 Heredity unit § 25 Through 16 Remove 18 Hebrew ascetics 20 Colorless • alcohol 21 Devotee 22 Nearly A . everybody fruit . sometimes 24 Small dogs • • (ab.) - 26 Formerly 27 Pronoun 30 Helmets 32 Copied 34 Satiric 35 Make certain i 36 Raced 37'Foray 39 Design 40 Portion 41 Scandinavian, goddess AV «2 Fruit' for 1 • lunch « Foolish •ISJourneyed 52 Grandchildren '(Scot.) 62 Military ' -assistant 53 Weary 54 Short sleep 55 Bodies of •water' J56 Cicatrix ;57 Watch secretly VERTICAL 1 Sleeveless ••f cloak 2 Shoshoriean Indians SPnckeryfruit 4 Disbursed ' ~ 5 Story $ 6 Ascended ^7 Jewel . , • 8 Girl's' na"me"®26 Motion pjcture 41 One who , 9 Common fruit award i secretes 10 Preposition ' 27 Kitchen 42 Pierce '11 Blind a falcon sen'ants 43 Operatic solo 17 Hospital ' 28 Greek goddess 44 Refined resident doctor 29 Paradise 19 City in , 31 Harangue ^ Germany 23 Performed 24 Couple : 25 Odd (Scot.) 33 Shaking 38 Slanted type 40 Prepare the way woman 46 Inoculations 47 Low tide 48 Glimpse 50 Lieutenants (ab.) A politicion's definition of on unfair question is one he con't answer. . g, HU Left or Right Dependent on The Viewpoint By JAMES 9IARLOW WASHINGTON «»—Some of th slipperiest words in the languag: keep bobbing up in discussion o the presidential campaign, lef right, center, conservative, reac tionary. The getting any twc people to agree on their meaning since what is left, right or centc. depends on who's talking and wha time it is. To an American whose emphasis on property right and whose re ;ard for civil liberties is not acute unless his own are in danger, the Communists are on the extreme eft because they want govern mcnt ownership of property. But to the man who considers reedom for the individual to inquire and criticize the most price ess possession of mankind, the Communist police state—where the ndividual is nothing— is on the extreme reactionary right. And Stalin, who would like you >elieve him quite progressive, maj ook upon the Democrats and Republicans as really only one, big ultra-conservative'party under two abels. What time can do to a viewpoint is.shown in the attitude to- vard some of the New Deal legis- ation, like social security, the ,-age-hour law, and TVA. Even in the New Deal hey-day ome people thought Franklin D. loosevelt was strictly a highly onservative country squire who as merely trying to bring the ountry abreast of the time with few mild remedies against dis- ster. But FDR and his whole New )eal were looked upon as national isasters, all by themselves, by lose who were allergic to change, hey called the New'Deal social- m, which is another' slippery •ord. Whirlwind Tour For Miss America ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. ffl—A gorgeous Georgian, 19 - year-old S'eva Jane L a n g 1 e y, Monday aunches a whirlwind personal appearance tour as the 1953 Miss America. For 'the next year, the 19-year- old green-eyed brunette will be on a busy schedule that may net Her more than the $5,000 scholarship FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger "George made himself a little gadget that lets political speeches go in one ear and out the other!" xplosion Death Toll Of British Plane to 28 LONDON (B—The death toll in he explosion of Britain's De Havland 110 jet fighter at the Farn- orough Air Show Saturday rose to 8 today as a 14-year-old boy died n a London hospital. ' The De Havilland fighter disin- egrated and -showered wreckage ver the spectators in diving from 0,000 feet and cracking through le sound barrier. Test : pilot John Derry and his iserver were among the 28 killed. | ixty-three others were injured. Now both political parties accept le New Deal legislation as some- hing not in dispute at all in this •ampaign. None of the main can- idates, for instance, is suggesting epeal of any of it. Yet, both Gov. Stevenson and en. Eisenhower have pictured lemselves as pretty conservative fellows, both claiming the middle of the road as their special province. As the campaign goes on, though Stevenson, as the result of pressure or de\ T eloping conviction, is taking positions closer to those of President Truman while almost painfully trying to show he's not irize that went with the beauty crown. A music student with the faintest trace of a Southern drawl, the ormer Miss Georgia says she's not'engaged at present, plans to a music teacher and can whip , ... in Truman's pocket. This is a shift which may be looked upon: 1. As a move from the center or the right to the left, by those up a mean cherry pie. Neva was selected as Miss America over 51 other lovelies rom the U. S., its territories and Canada. Neva 5 - feet-6%, weighs 118 sounds. Her hips-waist-bust measurements are 35, 23, 35 inches. In Irvington, N. J., a 20-year- Id housewife who used to be a ance band vocalist wears the Irs. America of 1953 crown. Brown - eyed, brown-haired Mrs. Evelyn Joyce Schenk, wife of a Newark tire salesman, promptly ainted after the judges selected er from among the 34 married eauties from 29 states and Ha- 'aii. Mrs. Schenk stands 5 - feet-5Vi. •eighs 118 pounds, has a 24 inch 'aist, lips. 35 inch bust and 35 inch 2. As a move from the right to the center, by those who think Truman himself is in the center, sometimes called the dead-center. But the voters will have to hear more from both candidates before they can form anything like a full picture of them. JNSCHEDULED TALK MANHATTAN ffl —. Gov. Am made, an unscheduled talk at the pening convocation at Kansas' tate college Sunday. The occasion was freshman or-! entation exercises. The gover- or's daughter, Barbara, is among; the new students and Arn and hisi wife attended the session with her.! DESERT EXHIBIT PLANNED j JERUSALEM Bi—On the site! where two thousands years ago Roman soldiers of the Tenth Le-! gion assembled to conquer Jeru-j salem, the Israel Government is now preparing an international ex-j hibition on "How to conquer thej Desert." ' The lull (o the west of the Israel administered section of the Holy City is already topped by what promises to become the biggest building in all Judea: the Zionist Convention and Exposition Hall with a tremendous stage anc an adjacent open air amphi- theatre. A number of foreign Governments and some twenty inter- national missions will present their exhibits when the show opens in spring next year—among them UN bodies such as the International food and Agricultural Organization, the World Health Organization and UNESCO. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES WE FIX Phone 1440 for Plumbing Installations and Repairs! Morton Plumbing Co. Wayne Morton, Prop. 1424 Spruce KILLED IN COLLISION NEWTON Bi — Mrs. Ella May Eluskey of Orlando, Calif., was tilled In an automobile collision at tha edga of Newton early Sunday. Her car and one driven by Jack! Holland, 29, of Newton, collided on tT. S. Highway 8L Seven •»• cupants of the cars were injured. The Geneva Convention of 1949 says prisoners must be given decent housing, nourishing food and the right to communicate with their families. - NOIICE -- American Cab Company Back In Operation Wei, Sept. 10 For quicker, safer, faster, radio controlled taxi service, make it a habit to — Phone 4784 No Lower Rates In Town Than Ours! - GOODYEAR For Warm Air Conditioning Gas—Oil—Coal Free Estimates! Phone 165 or 4765 GOODYEAR we have the new pen sensation Raw Milk Found Cause of Polio FREDERICKSBURG, Tex. (»— Polio virus in raw milk caused six children in the Paul Pehl family to be stricken with the disease, State Health Officer 'George W. Cox said Sunday. Dr. Cox and other health officials made a day-long inspection of the Pehl farm near here to find out why this great number of persons in one family had been infected with polio. Six of the seven Pehl children ae in a San Antonio hospital with DIES IN HUNTING ACCIDENT PITTSBURG tm— A hunting ac-jthe disease, ident killed Mrs. Jennie Slack,! 7, of Pittsburg Sunday. I Dr - Cox said that one the Pehl Her husband, Tom Slack, 28, old authorities his .12 gauge shot- un was discharged accidentally 'hen he handed it to her while ley were going through a barbed we fence. The charge struck Mrs. lack in the chest. She died be- ore help could reach her. The Blacks were hunting near Pitts- THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW By Fagaly and Shorten HELLO' PHLUG LAUNDRY?'IM \VAIT1HG -) HAVE /!// BUNDLE PICKED UP.' YOU SEND A MAM RIGHT DOWN'. IF YOU'RE NOT r-* L <XAY OKAY L.ADV.' I'LL HAVE A TRUCK SEMT RIGHT DOWM HERE. /A/ IO AWUTSS £0 PITTSBURGH //. FA THE Pick -UP GUV BROKE HIS NECK GETTING THERE AND GUESS HOW READV SHE WAS. 1 OU.lDIDN'TEXPecr VOU SO SOON!I'LL GET THE BUNDLE TOGETHER SOON AS I FIND A ' LAUNDRv/ BAG/GLUCOSE HAVE YOU GOT A PENCIL' Z WANT TO MAKE ' OUT A LIST : boys apparently got the vims from a close friend who was stricken with polio before the Pehls. He said the Pehls milked their own cows and the chore passed from one child to the other. Evidently the Pehl boy passsed the virus to others in his family when, in milking the cows, he contaminated the raw milk. Had the milk been pasteurized, Dr. Cox said, the family probably would not have been stricken. Much Decorated Pilot To Return SEOUL, Korea IB— One of the most decorated combat pilots in the U. S. Air Force—and one of the least known to the public—has completed U combat missions in Korea and win return soon to the: U - s -> tn e air force said Monday. Col. Levi Chase. 3-J. has a total: war C ° mbat missi °ns in two' Sunday he received his second! bilver Star for gallantry I Chase received the decoration for] leading his 8th Fighter-Bomber i Group over the North Korea capital, Pyongyang, in the huge Julv 11 raid. • For his 247 World War n and! 110 Korean combat missions 1 Chase holds two Silver Stars one ! T Bronze Star, three Air Medals the Purple Heart, the British Distinguished Flying Cross, and the French Croix de Guerre. Chase studied la\v before joining (he air force. Parker "21' §5.75 Sets, §10.00 An extraordinary pen value by the creators of the famous Parker "51". The New "21" icrites and looks like pens at twice the price. Uses fast-drying Supcrchrome or any ink. Marvelous 8- metal Octanium f . point, 4 colors, choice of point styles. Hurry! Choose yoors tow WHITAKER'S . 323 Del. Ph. 12 Made Any Promises To Yourself Lately? About Building A HOME Someday... or About Buying A HOME soon... or maybe been you've just promising your old home some new repairs or a remodeling job. At any rate, without a doubt, you've pushed each and every promise aside because of the need of financial aid. Bet you've never thought that we might help. Think it over now, and come in and see us. We're friendly people, and we'll be glad to assist you. Real Estate ' Loans Insured Savings Accounts Citizens' Mutual Building and Loan Association G. W. Hoins, Pres. 312 South Fifth St. C. W. Timmons, Sec'y. ME, I DON'T LIKE IT, EITHER 1-8 IT'S GOING TO SEEM MIGHTY LONELY AROUND I T.'ew York City has a total water (front of 578 miles. eooo you MO>£* et CfVRWCft. toOW> NOX . 1851 b> H» SeniCT. Inc. T. M. Pig. U. s. fg

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