The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 29, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1920
Page 3
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V Mity MEE Mtj-But You'll '' ' 'No matter, what kind of tftble syrup you've been using, ;a pleasant-Surprise awaits you if you haven't yet tried JJUSTV RIGHT Corn "Syrup. It has a flavor that isimply can't be duplicated. Pure, and healthful, too. Order a can fromjrour grocer today. ~- AMQS-JAMES GROCER CO.; ST. 1 LOUIS "Just Itight on the Label means Quality fortAeTable. " J Dealers who display i rthis picn handle Just ' Jefferson. Phelps, Co. K, 18th 111., ASSrMEEINe BIRTHDAY DINNER FOR OLD SOLDIER lEToert iChilders, Co. B, 81st 111., 81. William Holder, Co. B, Slst 111., 74.:i W. Kelley, -Co. F, l'54th 111., 75. •E..'J.-'ihge'rsoll,'Co. .G, 73rd-Ill., 83.' Oi'.P.-Loiaden, Co. 1 1£, lath 111., 76. •The comibined 'of the' sixteen" comrades was 1264 years' and an av- of~79 years. After engoying a A sumptuous • dinner was given yesterdy : by Mr. and>Irs. Fred Bor- •ger -at their home on West College street in honor -of the 78th binthday of Mrs. - Borger's father, .Henry N. Hauler, and all the old civil war sol- most delightful d ; nn a7yl a diers of the city were invited guests. ' of socia , enjoyment , . the ' gue s ts re . The names, company, regiment and j paired to the pail . Ior) where a resolu- ages of the comra'des present were | t j on of £ lanks offered .by J. M. John- .astollows. j sorl) our . commander, on behalf of -the John T. -McGowan, Co. G, 4£>t>h 111., i comrades to the family, for the splen- age 75 years. , i -j^did dinner and entertainment, which T. E. Lasswell, Co/ G,'9th 111., 76. l' ( was unanimously, adopted. The'corn- Mass Meeting Galled at The City Hall Tonight As Citizens Ar^ Up In Arms Against "Rotten", Water "Supply Which Was, Responsible For Sunday's Big Fire.—Demand Action. o'clock Sunday; rnbrning.-" T: Shi. : hai been a resident' of r 'tliis ;: vicinityi 16- Mrs.. Elias Jones, "agea-od.-years, died at her •horhe'-"thre'i v -a-iuF a'-'-half miles cast of- Carbbii-dale ' at six d nityi-fof years, beiffg'—a""memb'er ot one- of the most-prominent"--) 'of the/- 1 c'omrrtu'mty j -ih- which'- Jones' i'Ir»ed. She is "survived' by three , children and her' husband. ..-''• : The r funerai services were "held ill | the O'ak- Grove church at 10 o'clock i Monday 'morning; Burial j east ''of : at 'Harrison'- cemetery. PIES; 'AFTER LONG ILLNESS ' The citizens of Carbondale are Leta Alice Hughes;'wife of James up in arms in one -vast protest'p. Reiner; died at the Hblde'n hosv at 6:30 Saturday evening. the utter and disgusting- lack of water and light service Carbondale. . • ^ •The funeral .was 'heldjthis morn- ing'at 9':45 at' the'- Baptisa -churcn. " Carbon Jute caine'to the limit of It was conducted -by ReV.-' J.' W; her endurance and patience with Merrill .pastor of the''-" Baptis- the Central. Illinois publicService'' 1 church. The pall bearers were Co.- yesterday with its'failure of Messrs OFred Hdbbs, •'Carl '-'Kaajz, sufficient water '^pressure at the Ed' Clayton, Donald • .Moss/; P. ''D water- plugs, duusing. the loss r of.'-Johnson, and Wrfr.' G'allegryof the seven houses;-and allowing a dis- division office, 'where" Mr,. Reiner astrous fire to get a headway, was formerly' employed. : ' • '.' • which N threatened the wholei west 'Mrs. Reiner was''28 years old and side business section. was the daughter of 'Miv 'and' Mrs". A mass meeting has been called J-' °; Hughes of. west of this city, at the city hall tonight, urging Car- she ''was'imarried to Jas. F, Reiner „ T. i.-.-i. *'-•-;-'- !-. 'i I c-t ' I t. '-_..-. . bondale citizens to .protest and con- sidej- desperate and immediate a'c- better liglit and water service in Carbondale. Yesterday it was about sixyears'ago: 'She'has been' a member of the Baptist' church about 12 years. .* . -'-''Mrs. Reiner had been in Holden •rades then -departed with many wish- 'es thj;,t- Comrade Hagler >.miglit enjoy many more sueh birthdays. J..M. JOHNSOiN/Copunander. 0. iP. LOiWDEN, Adjutant. i Halgeiv -Co. B, 81st 111., 80. John ,W. Toler, 'Co: D, 31-st ill., 79. - J. H. Burkett, Co."~G, 87th Ohio, 86. Henry N. Hagle'r; Co. B, 81st III., 78 years. iW. F. Bevel, Co. F, 9th 111., 79..' Alfred Hooker," Co'." B,~81'st'J[U.; 75. •C. C. Thomas, Co. A, 2nd-111. L. A mass meeting will be held at the ! Artillery, 82 years. ; - .. ; eity holl -tonight at 8 x o'cl-ock for tho i J:'M. Johnson, Co. G, 100th 111., 78. purpose .of bringing a'bout-means s by . . . . . sc'en what a hopeless and. helpless j "ospjtal about a year, 'being take,, predicament the town faced befqr* tl j ere ' fo "- a » operation. Tuberculosis a serious and sweping- conflagration. is S'iven as the 'cause of her 'dea't*. The water supply when the. fire, first) M r - -Reiner, the husband 'of 'the de- started was responsible for the loss . «^ed, . is in -the "hos'p'tal at the of seven of the best homes in Car- Present time, 'and' her mother, Mrs. boridalc, running up to a • damage J- O. Hughes, is 'seriously ill -with around $50,000. - . ,Pneumonia,_a.t her. home west O! ' the city. "..••'•• " \ Anadded aggravation has been. jjrs. ' Rciincr is' .survived by 'her ^ m& ^h6 : >was clerk ' at- the . {re , n ^^ ^^ hc - camc ;„. her pare , Us ; Ml . and >Ih , -j. o . Hughcs> two 'brother's,' J. "' W. Hughes •. of •Murphysboro, and. Freeman Hughes _ has been. forc.ed upon the pubhc_ lor the last three weeks because ot the lack ot'. stuffy feeling if you chew pther be'nefitsi • fp teeth, bfeafti. '' Thafs,.a fioipid..deaj-.tq refusing to employ linemen to keep .the wires in working 'condition. Th-; company says their linemen are on « i • i 1 1 "' t3 L a strike—even scathe public should; ^^ not suffer; it is 'not the fault, of "the citizens of Carbondale that the company can't get linemen to wort for. the wages they offer, Carbcu- d'ale is- paying for- stieet -lights—a public utility—which should not be at the mercy ot labor, troubles. In connection with' the'water situation it was p^intedy-out by mayor Krysher that the tank on the hill had S3000 gallons of water -they 2 on account of a small the tank. By the time couldn't use on accou pipe from the fire was 'out, the tank ' from' which the water was pumped, was empty. And had' not the fire been under control when it was,.' '-'It uld have been ' good-bye Carbon'- dalc." ' At the meeting tonight citizens be in the mocid to start aF once some' action which will either assure fire protection and : proper lisjlit 'service' by the present company or eject the C. I. P. S. Co ami organize' a local company, preferably the latter course, even under the best service the Public'Service Co. could offer. The public here, it is pointed out, as one against an outfit>t.hat so utterly leaves the town at jJVe' mercy of a great fire-.when the whole town'is endangered. The city officials declare the -.time for actions is here.—No more ; dilly-dallying with \a0coinpany which persistaht- ly gives the piiblic service. satisfactory The I. C. water ^supply- really skived the town yesterday and' for this the town is grateful. ATTENTION PUBLIC We w"ish the public to know that absenca of any water pressure, during the fire yesterday was not caused by ar.y labor controversy ith- the Company. The only'men affected by the strike are the electric linemen and they were present at the fire and offered thir "assistance .in cutting wire which • endau v - gercd the public safety. The electricians have nothing to do with maintenance of the motor at the 'plant used for pumping, purposes. .;.-' , •' •' Signed, CARBONDALE TRADES COUNCIL. Advertisement Mr. and Mrs. Ira' Bridges 1 of Du- Quoin were the guests of .the-la't- tcr's father, Chas.. SlcMillari. Sunday. . . ' _ •'•';',_ FOR RENT—Four rooms , for ''light housekeeping. 606 Soulli; lUinois. ' west of Carbondale, and one sister, Johnson. . " • APPRECIATION During the fire Sunday afternoon, we had plenty, of hose, Herring and , , Murphysboro oeing kind enough Vto send hose, which could not be used on account of lack of. water. The- I. C. R. R., Co. used about 2000 feet of their new hose, attaching:. same to their water ta'nk. -Had'. it not been for this Carbondale would probably .have been destroyed. . . • • A. B.' Minton, .president of the Interurban Compjiny, Mayor Davis, and the fire chief of Murphysboro' brought some of • their hose -over, and Herriri sent their' fire chief and t\vo .- nic'n with -their hose. • We". wish to express our thanks and 'appreciation to , the I. C. R. R. Co. and these cities and -we' ; hope .it- will never be necessary for them to call upon us to --jetum..- the favor "but if it. is they are more than welcome 'to anything 'we have. 'We also wish to' thank the citizens who volunteered and did'"sucli .good work with the fire department. MAYOR F. Gi KRYSHE'R," AND COMMISSIONERS. •• / ' , M29— It Qrdinatiori Of D £ eacons: A k f Baptist CKurch .There will be .special service ;at the Baptist :! tonto'rrbw night :'for' the "ordination of 'several 'new f-ineni-. bers of --(ihe Board : -of Deacons.-'- - Rev. 1 W. if. iPe'arce''D. r: D. : of- 'CairiO 1 .;: will' preach the sermon. •'> A" i atten-d- ahce is desired. ' •>• •'"•'• •'•• v "' Is also to be ,a Baptists of .Southern' -Illinois .-at; 'ithe church tomorrow 'forenoon, and jafter-. t,6.on. At 3 : o'clock"Bi-. i -M."". r W.-^rivrirfg of Alton will give an inspirational address aid-' the public 1 -is invited to attend 'this -hour's service. ' : '• >• Entertain Knight Templar• Dinner Friday ,-r-uz^H^T-;.. ?- '•?."-.John .D. Cleveland," past 'grand, .cc/mmai'.der' of the Knights Temp- Illinois," in Carbondale Fri- connection -with" the 1 -^estab- l.ars day lishment of a .Commaiida'ry' in Caf-' bbndale, "was. .entertained at a 1 six o'clock- dinner/by -'a-' : number of ioca; Knigliit" Templars.' The; dinner was at 'the"' Roberts' '-'Hotel'.!? T; L lids;e- present were: John -D. ' Cleveland, of Chicago, the guest of honor;. A. D. Brubaker, Dr.- H-.-.C. Mi'tc.hell,.:.C. >S.-; Scott, Chas.: Easterly, Ma-yorl F.'- 6.. Krysher, J. E. 'Willpughby;. T._ C £i!'is* Frank E. Hatch,.' H.:E. Exby, Tut COLU . One monthfcpef '"word *'*; tt ... One t?eek,'-"per word ,.;...... One insertion, per -', word , ..Three -insertions,., per -.word -.. .. . ....1C. .. ..W.' . ..01 WANTED TO RENTES ma 11 hoitse in Carbondalcr"Rbbert Melton.' ' '•'•••' :••'< .:-•"• '•• '••". '•• ' • M29-r3f .'•WANTED— Housemothers^;.': Stati; Training School .sfor .Girls', 'Gensva, Illinois. .Knowledge of .P,la8n_ sewing,! cooking .and generathousekeepin.g. required. Address. Dr. Clara, E. Hayesi ' ' ' ' WANTED'- — Teamstsr..;--, Apply Stotia?s liimtoer yard. " : ! : '''m27-3t' tr-ic'-light wiring, repairing, -etc. Prices reasonable. •Call 49.8K and estimates will be furbished gladly.—(Willis Bowers. m27 . -WANTED—Yoimg men. and. .girls for factory work'. Experience not required. .Good wages, ^fine-hour, .day with ten hours'-pay.—Th'e~'Oliver' Typewriter^ Company,''.Woodstock, 111. -.-" . ".'" • " '""m24fcf. ..".-. ' '-=^=-1—rS . PUBLIC'- : "SALE"' "" THURSDAY, APRIL 1, '20 Commencing at 10^30 \ a. m. I will offer for sale at my farm 2% miles southeast of.. Carbondale, the ••following'.; described property to the highest: bidder:' •- • WANTED—Marricdj man"aged''23 to' .40,' by large Eastern'Life Iri ; s; Co.; icollectiiig and soliciting. Salary ..and commission. Chance for .. promotion. Work, in Carbondale'.,' Address : 'E: M.V.Warren,'Assistant Supt., Room 1, Eprger Hardy folds-, Murphysboro. 111. ' . '".'_••'. M23—6'q . -' WANTED—Lady 'or gentelman in Carbondale lor Wa'tluns Famous Products. Walking goods 'known:- everywhere 'Big profits. Write today. -Wat- •kins Company 51, Winona, Minn: • . , ' - FOB . .FOB RENlV-iFuimished . room'. Modem.. Gentleman preferred." 210 Hospital Drive. Telephone : FOR. RENT—Furnished;room. Modern. Gentleman preferred. 210 Hospital Drive. Telephone (8. • v M26-r-6t - FOR RENT-T-wo furnished ..rooms". Modern. 400 West Oak'St"''" FOR KENT—Two ifonl rooms OT« Style'Shop, for office or Bleeping,rooms. Apply M!B? Eieth, Normal and Monroe st. .' •••••• " • • '• • .. FOR RENT—f^arm, 40 acres, east of Garhondale, good/ orchard, and" fine plaeG for cantaloupes. Also > grain crops/''Reasonable terms to reliable party. Apply MJJ S Maggie Rieth. FOft RENT-atorage ror hoiiBenpW goods, in the one; 'story brick building, cement floors, oix alley baak of meT Barth. Theatre. Apply Miss 'Rleth." FOB 5AI.E. _storage bat' . 1. Rcndleman's Jack. Three milk..cows.' Two heifers, fresh Sept. Nineteen shbats.- • One brood sow,- farrow April . IS. One, 2-horse wagon .with hay rack. One hay rack. . One spring wagon. .- ' O:.e- buggy. • •- ' ^ , •One-• Deering 6-foot binder. .One Deering-5-foot mower. One Deering hay I One 10-hoe'Gunlatch wheat dr"ill. One Deere; and" MansUer' "2-horse co/n planter; • • . • V One Deere .and . Mapsucr 1-liorsc corn planter. •"''.. One John Deere disc harj-ow. - • One 14-in sulky plow.- / ^ ' Two .12-in John Deere walking .plows.^ . One 10-in John Deere walking- plow. Two John Deere Disc Cultivators. One John-Deere S.hovel cultivat'or. One 8-foot r soil pulverizer. .Two 3-section iron harrow. Two shovel plows. .-. ,.,., One.. I; H. C. Gasoline Hay Presji. : ,0r,e I. H. C. feed grinder, 8-in burrs. .And other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS OF SALE—$10.00 and' under cash in ha'nd. AH sum's of $10.00 arid over a credit of 9 months with bandable note, with interest at-. 6 per cent. ' . ^. JOE H. C. TROJJTMAN, Owner. Dinner 1 will be served on the grounds by Drury ( Christian Church. 'SeUlemoirs shoe .hospital.' new. . - .Good -as FOR 'SALE— Real live Easter rab- • bits, SO 'cents'' each. Phone 480X'. M29— 3i Tlrie MARQUETTE '••" 18ih St.'nnd -Washington 'Avc. 7. A-Refined Hotel-for Your 'MbtKer, Wife r tod'. -Sister. •SingleRoom-Vilri PrivoteBath- $2.00 $2.50 '$3.00 Double ?3,00_ $3.50,. $4.00 Room without.bath, single, f 1,50'' 4 Short Blocks from Urjaa Stilion . Bp««lal attention- to. : :Ey«, E«r, '- • "•••.-.wiil Tbiii*;! " --• QIMMM Fltud Phon«i>: Retldence 330-2, HAMILTON &^BRADLEY Attorn ey« iit Ijiiw Phon« 282 K -f- 8ult« 112-11B New Hamilton- Bulldln 0 DELIA CALD^EjLU M V D McANALLY BIKLCIMQ 21l:-vva»t Main Street Dfflc* Hour*—«to 10 «.«.; 2 to 4 P.» CARBONPALE CANPY KITCHEN, 0 Made Canefle* and 'let Teleph6n« M4-Y •• IFOR .SALE—Ford touring car in .good condition. E. H. 'Purdy, Bouta '*' ' , , m29-6t Telephone No. 159 JESSE HAYES: '" Kinds of Moving and Transfer Work.'' ' "' : H. O. HALL.& CO. ;ED, COAL AND POULTI FEED FOR SALE—10-room modern house. Apply 401 West ©ak St. Phone 399L. M29-6t POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 L0.8T—BiTItook containing money, checks, ate. Return to M, Free',Press.'" Tieward. ' ni29-3t ' i J?OR SALE—Gray reed talby buggy: Gall at 820 South Dlinois "ave- nue - . . m29-6t W: A. BRANPON, M, P. GENERAL PRACTICE AND TH1 . EYE Te»t«d Ql «»" «««! Vlreinla Bldfl. CarboRdal*, Hi, * PR. ""Practice ^ B, ROTH FOR SALE—Five r'ciom- house. Telephone 466-K; ' '^ ' M23--31 EOR -SALE-Severar hundred loads j dirt, cheap. Phone 59, or 163—W j Sam G. Hill. M24—2t FOE . SALE—Restaurant ''. Good location for business. Party leaving -town.' Bargain if sold' at'once. Apply cornea- 12th and Locust streets, •Mur.phys : bor<r, 111. ni23-6t Olive Tablets To have a'clear.piiJc^ki'n, bright eyes, no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like childhood days, you must keep your body free from' poisonous wastes. Dr. Edwards'.Olive Tablets (a vegetable compound mixed with olive oii) act on the liver and bowels like calomel —yet have- no dangerous after effect; . Take one -nightly and note results.' They start the bile and overcome constipation. That's why, million's of.. boxes are sold annually. 10cand25c' ' FOR- SALE—We buy, raise and sell fur-bearing rabbits, and; pther fur-bearing animals. List what you have : with-us .stating-your lowest prices - on large lot shipments. • The Fur & Specialty. Fanning Co., 515517... N. P. Are., Fargo, N. Dak. MI9—lino. LOST—-iGray overcoat between Springer street and Batfliss '.Field. Ed McGuire, \ LOST — Between. Oak street and Earth Theatre, on down town street, cameo pin. Call 16'G. LOST—Between Oak street and Earth Theatre, on- dc-wn town street cameo pin. Call Mrs. E. B. Eckhard ' limited to Diseases of EVEy flUOSS-^-EAR and- THROAT .... -• : '^ver Woolworth Store,-Murphysboro, III.- LAUKA E. SWARTZ OSTEOPATBIC PHYaiCIAH Chronic Oiieanes s •pselalty Office In Lauder-Nlchels BMf> i W. W. HAMILTON ] Coafandlce ] MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phone 20*- s DR. J. W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDINd H»ur» 9 to 11 A. M. and 2 to * P. .. PHONE 38 Virginia Building ECONOMY CQAJL J. B. WOODS, PROP Wished Nut, Egg and Lump Phone 149 K. HENRY BAIN TRANSFER GET OUR PRICES Phone 342 K " ring is Almost Here ''..-'.••-.. • . according to the calendar—if, not rea% • in "the' air. Madnt you better he thinking about-what you're going to wear in the way of a Spring . Suit? Totti, Dick. -Harry- and all your did friends wiil soon' blossom but : in new clothes, so ,_''.',. ' ..- DON'T BE A TRAILER > r— ' — • ' »,. ,but_get busy and order youVs today. Remember that our .woolens are REA'LLY woolens—lQO°/o pure- and ourHaiforing speaks' for:-itself. •

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