Independent from Long Beach, California on March 23, 1976 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Page 29
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FkTJ-ilwe arM»rt« j't e««lKl in tut San GjtkH arrf Pomavr-wainui jir [oeoil exceeded w slaotynh ar? n own* rwh« d found . w« »· *i G»a Ber*. o* 10 opoi for «i hour, y wiwn cwteo moooxklcfpdches S-Oa* Any timf. HONBAY-S HOUBLV AVERAOE5 L« Onm Am«i«s toontr JO J« .JO i S $. M Jl « JU fl? M Low ·«« Cvtjon .V(xio»ld*? . . OMn ot Ktrojm io.'plivfr C*o*ldc ... ACTTVEVESULJ IN POUT ... LBM ... MM . .IB-Aixr ..LA-Anc T7 Parana W) 1*1 Panitaf I CPa M LB1W BOTH* bgl LBM Si.v!b9 TK1 tyllaita (Gel '" PefliOl MkTsCorp Jafnol Sffltv .,. Ajel B*»Tom Son . ne«N Ion a. e Bn» Tew Cn . * Bros Tow Co i R(y *r Svc . . Pa-wmj . Suecla 1^ V7!Co»aY J/a Ccos Bay .. . IndH Chrwxi Try* Corp J^7 Q Scgundo USLktt* 33S5dv*nrMi N Y K l i n e lUCuUviJ b-SMjnd S« '.'.'.'.'...'..'.....'. l-Zl6lWaod Jrtncn Line iTS SaoFra* AtuM-^Mmk (Dak A*9ranCiw«^r{Ll I*) B-fnOon (b? BdgUI flJror 1«-{Be ft) VtSSCLJ OH K TODAY Frw Operator term MatnkUm LBMS "Oerw Navlgaflrxi Cwv Ifl in 0*93 Saus« Bros Towwig Co L8X3 BrtJboa cytQil ftrp IIS f a i w a l L I ) .. Cabtt Ian Lijc*; Sumac Cnjhtt F93 Norhft $ar*a»Co LS-ATM: KdilW (Lit eaJIrnorf SantdSSO LA-Anr Harry Lt«Jrt*TM( Pat.. . San Maraa. h GYPV^T* Qrrkn LB«3 j^t^rtlrt (Hot .. . Fi*iryam* Oh«n i Itorttjirj.!^!.^.!!!!!. !!^ LS7T2 arWenieirMGe) Oeirand EuroPKrV LB3* PacJftcCarrleMLn .. SjnMaru».h Oirpwrn Garten LB46 Pttras Naia'VvTlaVoi IGr M Hi*r*m« Hatax^wv. A LA Anc Loo Land Trade Seattle i»a-(-and Service LB23 TrAvla-a (3w) Bremett«,«rn Walter^* Um 231 PlIBI JC NOTICE KQTJCE OF TBUSTTE-S 8A1£ ' , T-8. N*-TVaif* Otj ABnJ'E, 197S, at Ifr.M A Jl.. KKDERAL NATIONAL HOKTCACE AS- 30OAT10N as duly *ppotai«l TnoiM under aad porscant to Do«l nf Trurt tatH Apffl Vi, 197B ntconfc^ May 7. 197ft, a- itut'fw. 10n. in b»k T6MO. p*gf JIZ, %' OffiAJ Ktforij to (he ofjVt c/ tv County Rworder of Los AngHe* dwcib 1 . Sutf of CalHornli WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO HIGHEST BIPDER rOS CASH (payaUt il tln« o M^ « b»rii*Koey c/thr UutedSUlci) at Uw rrtraDft to ttw Los Anpfk* County Cotjrtixws*. at Ml Wen Flnt St«»t. to the fitr f. Los Anjjclw. CjlJfonOa aD riEht..tkj« and ic(*rest etwvtywi io ind P..W Wd 6y rt aoder ukd De«i rf Tnet in thr prowny tituitnt h uW Twinty jtvl .liaw MMTifcH a* 1 l^t 19. of Block 1. d Ttarl Nn 2W. tn the City o Long B^jrf:. Ct-u.~.\y rf 1A A«e*«. ^f rf Cflldonua. »s p*-r map i^nartkd IB booi 21 pag* 52 of Maps, n thf fiffiff erf IN rou«y tt rorter of w«l «xnyi Th* --tTT^t aHre« ind other cfnnrro riignaitwL tf »«?, o* lh r«aJ c-cnW ihoxt ts [«irport«] lo jloc Awtwr, TV BMs or often lo be in «Ttar.£ aod »iit rewivrd tt Lbr aromjid 0/1 kf al aay v iilfr Uw firM puMicaoon b r«/ od hHore dalr of Ml*. DirrrJ His 9th day o( V a rrh.! 77S WLNONA KcCLANAnAN AdmialiUaOs of tbe EsUle of labd Demlnri- · Om» W Hinld 0 Afent Aturor Iv A^abtbtrilrb , TnnlM jL*oUwns -irrfi addrfu and rtth-r cixnmon Tution, rf aay, itnva bertin. Said w(f »dl be owdf, bur vitbooi cn\*Tuni «· wjiraaty. implied, rtjardini IW*. po»m^io«. w rorurobraiiftJ. to piy iSe rrmaouni r n r t i f w l «JCB ot (V no« *f«rrI bj b*^ of TruH. lo-rt |17.|T»43. ir.'rrftil 'thrrton. ai pro^id«] ID coir, advance*. ·* any. tmdrr the t^rci r/ --jid D«d x TruH. fe« t cbatj-rs and »Vtrfaof tt* TrwtM and rf tb* tnnu Dialed by uW Df«4oTrus( TV bewficury t»Jw wld Tr-iM bcnttr^off 'Wcwed jnd driivfnrd u* thr ood^ntxrvd a wntKft DwrUratfca '·' rWadl id CXmirx^ (or SjV. and a vriuen .foOrt M DrJauh and EJ*rt»o to Si-H TSe uad*ni«*d c*ut*d u*d Soar Dtfail .juid tkrtVs* to S*fl lo bf raf4ed in Ihf couaty ·Sert the rtA/ property b totaled DlKl KircbI2.t9^ ' FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCUT10S ji uvf Tnafe* By U MARTIN NOTICE OF SALE OP RK.IL PROPERTY AT PRR'ATE SALE ru. eo p nan fn the Supfrior Coun of IV Siatr rf '-*] Horcij . for d»eCbualy of Lo* Ai^elf* In the Matter rrf fix lJ4-»I^ of STKLUM lULBUftV Dtceurd Ne/ice is bore*))' rikfn that the Ln4iT- Ufned wiB tefl al mvile ule. u d* a9,^ft »oA boat bidder, subject m r«R- inaatir* of »*»J Sapenor Ccurt. «i PT tfr tSe Xb day of Aprt WT«. a( (h- ftrf nf Walter / Dennxxn. Atlorory. 19 A ^ f n u r . Sunr S3). I w i j Beaiti. oonty of LM AuHet. Sure « CaJifor- u, jh th P£fat, oik ant! mlm*! cf uM eceated II roe time of death and *B the zht. QtV and LAlerest ttul tSe e?Ote ef tM rlprea.'vd hu aeqidred by operaticxi * Of wlynrw wlvr th^ir nr LI addrfoa u fttt «4 uhd deeeivd. at ftw tune J drali. IK tnj in aH the CCT-JU real property tttiutrd u the thy of l»nj eArh. Ceuciy of !/· Arc*l^. Suie f lrfc*-n:a. partirulariy rVfOTt**^ ai W*^ trv»n Ux ». Biort t. Tr*el VM. n Lw.| Pe*Hi. CtMT\r Of U* Ar Sta!» of CaJdnmLa. ti pr rerorderf ia Ew* IS. Pa^i ?) mdutrvt cf Mam. R^cordi nt Is*- Pyh Mjr a r M . A p r . « . l v : 4 i 3 i i l J U 0113 NOTICE or SAIX or RF-«, TROPERTT AT PBrVATE MLE S*. SO P USD In th* Sapfrtw Owrt rf the SUW -VTu, (rvr IV Couaiv / LM Ar.j-f I* At Maoir nf thf EiUtt of JAMES 1-\RENCE PITMAN **J JAMES . r it berrt) c*-oj ttjt the u vfl wD it PTlvalf lak (a fr jnd t«( t*W« F uibxrt M coo . f l of wrf Superior Court, f r f l iftrr (be 3tb day of lUrch 197S. K ofTKUorHAXOLOO ADAMS. * tXl Lcex Bevh BJtd. LMC Be ' t ) ·/ Lot Airrfes. Sia* of CaJdor aD tSe ri^. t;t!f iad mtervV of uxl **#d M tne Ocf of da4 ind *l fee t, Dde *ad cctrmi ibat ihe e«utc -ari J«cf*.vd ILU K^c^ed by optrati ex- otberxiM other thao w * (o tbal of urf o(«a»«d. K t -Vjfli. ui »Tvd b i3 the certa bcaJ proorny Kaatrd a tV Crfy of L«u v*fp.. {"rxretj c4 LM ARfHrt. S*»ie «ribed ai EC . IA m -: T; -J TJd IKK. ai per Ma -. ^--nj-rf ii Book Ml. I'^j^- ^ " vi.ieol «ap«. a fc of(»« of * jTi) Rewd*r cf tarf Cwwy M*re *«·*·!/ LMII 11 SV PUBLIC NOTICE w i«tired by Mwtxagr or Tnat Deed the prowrtv so sofd Ten per ceot ol QKBK bid to Sedpo«nd wilt bid By NOEL SWANN Prxnn Our L.A. Hurcau Albert Yarbrow, presi- denl of Bradley Mortgage Co., was scheduled to surrender today in Los An- golcs Superior Court to lace arraignment on a g r a n d j u r y indictment c h a r g i n g 19 c o u n t s of grand thcfl totaling $2.5 million. Dist. Ally. John Van dc Kamp said the indictment is based on allegations of embezzlement and grand thcfl of money from seven Lrusl accounts. He said evidence before Ihc grand jury indicated the $2.5 million was transferred i n t o Hie general corporate account of Bradley Mortgage Co. and was used lo maintain the business and to personally benefit Yarbrow. VAN DE KAMP said t h a t , according to the evi- d e n c e , Yarbrow repaid SI.8 million, leaving a net shortage of $646,500. He added that auditors from his o f f i c e h a v e (raced more than $1.4 million lo the personal account of Yarbrow. The indictment c u l m i - nates an investigation that began about a year ago after the county tax collector received a check for S11.351 f r o m B r a d l e y Mortgage Co. to pay tax bills of some 458 home- o w n e r s . T h c c h e c k bounced, but the company l a t e r m a d e good t h e a m o u n t , p l u s inlercsl, a f t e r the prime lender stepped in. Van de Kamp said Ihe Bradley company, acting as a mortgage banker, would find borrowers (or funds drawn from oul-of- stale financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and s a v i n g s and loan associations. HE SAID the company served as a collection trustee for the primary investor. Persons o w i n g m o n e y on a mortgage would make their monthly principal and intercsl and impound payments lo the Bradley company, which would forward lo (he primary investor the principal and interest, retaining the impound funds in trusl a c c o u n t s t o p a y f o r property taxes and insurance premiums. For the service, Bradley ilortgagc Co. received a ec based on a percentage )f the lolal monies collccl- ;d and any late charges hal accrued. One of two men allegedly linked to a large narcotics smuggling ring was ordered by a judge in Torr a n e e Municipal Courl Monday to stand trial in connection with Ihc killing of a r e p u t e d narcotics courier. In a preliminary hearing before Judge William Hollinesworlh Jr., 24-year- old Derek Estis of Santa Monica was ordered lo appear April 5 in Depl. K of Torrance Superior Court. A second s u s p e c t , Charles dray, 24, of Los A n g e l e s , was arrested wilh Estis by Gnrdena police Nov. 3 as the two left Ihe federal building in Los Angeles following a trial- setting hearing on a narcotics matter. Gray tailed to appear for a subsequent c o u r t proceeding, and a bench warrant was Issued lor him. He also faces a federal indictmenl in Miami Gray and Estis were charged with the stabbing death of Cheryl Debise, 21, whose body was found in the bedroom of her apartment at 1028 W. Complon Ave. in February ot 1914. Police linked her slaying with that of the alleged drug ring leader, Alonzo Foster, 35, of Los Angeles. However neither Gray nor Estis was charged with his death. Foster's bound and shol body was found in his home Jan. 14, 1975. G r a y ' s M i a m i indict- m e n t s t e m s f r o m h i s arrest there Aug. 2fi as he flight from Nassau with a suitcase containing 13.6 pounds qt heroin valued al $7.4 million. Sheriff promotes 12; 2 named unit chiefs From Onr L.A. Bureau Sheriff Peter Pitchess M o n d a y announced the promotion of t w o inspectors lo the rank of division chief, three captains to inspector and seven lieutenants to captain. He also announced 25 transfers in conjunction with the promotions, saying this was in keeping with his policy of broadening the command and supervisorial experience of the department's man- afiers and executives. "Promoted lo chief were Inspector Waller Unwell, who will move from the headquarters d e t e c t i v e division to chief ol Ihe Thc million-dollar luna b o a t Constilulkm c o n t i n - ued to resl askew on a d r y d o c k al Terminal Island Monday night, and a shipyard official said no decision would be made on how to,set il right before this morning a I Ihe earli- esl. The 154-foot purse sein- er toppled Sunday night when its drydock al the Al Larson Boal Yard apparently flooded on one side and listed in Ihe water. The vessel slammed against the side of the dry- dock and rested at a 45 degree angle until the dry- dock was righted Monday. No firm estimate of dam- a g e w a s i m m e d i a t e l y available. HOWEVER, a spokesman lor Ihc owner, Pan- Pacific Fisheries, said "it may be a total loss due lo Ihe structural damage." Though the drydock was leveled by pumping, Ihe boal continued to l e a n against Ihp side of Ihc dry- dock, having lost supports on its port side when il AINUTJ. Aleafia. Services Monday, 10:00 a.m., Spongberg M o r l u a r y Cn a pel. A L V K Y , F l a v i a n . Services Tuesday, 7:00 a.m., Shcelar/Stricklin Mortunrv. BAKER, Eva A. Beloved sister of Dorila L. G r c e n b c r g . S l u m b e r Room visitation Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. lo 9:00 p.m. al Forest Lawn Cypress, For- esl Lawn Mortuary. B A K E K , Robert V. Memorial service Tuesday (today) 3:30 p.m. nl T h e D i l d a y F a m i l y Pti nn ra 1 ( ~* h n n n 1 \ 7 Ml HALL. Fern Marlin. Survived by her s o n , G o r d o n ; a b r o t h e r , Floyd W. Martin; sister. Alina Pearl Martin; and ijniiiddaiiglHcr, L o u i s e Stiles. Services Wednes- d a y . 10:30 a . m . Inelc- wooil Mortuary Garden Chapel, 120(5 CculineUi Avenue, Inylewood, 6778137. IIEATON, Wendell A. Of Bcllflower, p a s s e d a w a y M a r c h 2 0 t h . G r a v e s i d e s e r v i c e s Wedncsdav. 10:00 a.m.. Rose H i l l s Memorial Park. While's Funeral H o m e , B c l l f l o w e r , dl- reelinR. Pacific Avenue, L o n g Beach. B R E U K L A N D E R , P a u l E. B e l o v e d husband of Sharon; loving father of M r s . Randy Duncan and Ronald L. Breuklander' b e l o v e d son of Mrs. Dora Brcuk- laudcr; beloved brother of H a r r y Jr., Thomas, Gerald, and Sam Brcuk- lamler and Mrs. Merle H u l l . Services Wednes- d a y 1 1 : 0 0 a . m . a t Waverly Chapel, Fairhn- H,EK, John Wallace. Born 05 years ago in Georgia. Survived nv his wife, Ingeleiv of txmfi R e a c h ; s l s l c r , M r s . Sulla Denmark of Georgia; and one brolher. Private service directed by MoltcU's Morluary. IRVINE, Charloltc B. S u r v i v e d by her h u s band. Harry; (laughters. Marilyn Mascinla, ami G r a c e Sheldon; ' s o n s , Harry, Jr. k Lawrence Irvine' 10 grandchildren who will move (rom headquarters special service division to chief of detective division. Chief J o h n Knox, f o r - merly of the custody division, wfll be transferred to t h e administrative d i v i - sion. Captains promoted lo inspector Include A l l e n Hansen of the personnel bureau; Gerry Harper of Ihe information bureau, and James Painter of the training bureau. s c u i a l i o n on "! 11 ·« l Slnkm 8 of P« drydock use of a float- cranl -' an d ILSC of tlota - lllll!cr (hc P° rt vcn Memorial P a r k , Santa A n a . Directed by Callanan Mission Morlu- ary, Garden Grove. U R Y M A N . r c A n n e of Downey v i v e d s e p h ; c c j j y . Surby husband. Joa n d c l a u g h l c r ( I r o n ; s i s t e r M a r i o n Bradshnw. She leaves a leroaved family of some consideration. P r i v a t e services were held. Dil- d a y F a m i l y Funeral Directors. ·138-802-1. Lockheed asks on airport noise . uh Her. IS, 17, 3, 177t Gn LP.I am. R^co Cwnt ReeoTier mtMj Koff tnnmtMj k/vwi a* KH Rao FrancucoAvtoue. Uegt f^ach. C*i fordi Tfrrot of vale rath ID Li*.fuJ cnowy- the L'nned Suies M ron^irmaDcxi cX ijK ne part eiil and balave eMdrr^^ b oo* i«wed by Mort/ap nr Tnoi De ^o tbe procrty io KM Ten per rrni inx«U M u» be ieMMted -T. bid Brii orofftn tabe i » » n t i n ^ aod »iD x- reef tved al (he afomaid ofltr* at an nv jfief the fml pjblira(*o berrti tad before daU c/ u Dard thuiabdarof Karrt. LTT CHARJ.KSCCRO* firevtor-y Hie «fl of JJ«i Drtawed. AU4r»ry . L**( Beai. CalVtnla MM3 M a / . Q, 21, », 197 - H ' I HOTKT Of HEAMNC ff ptrrmoN FOR PIOMTT Su^enoe fwirt of CaJdema. C«wtl of l/« Aijrte* r*Wt of MATKIIDA P FKANZ- MANN aU MA7HH.nA FROiZM WN NoOrt- u bereby p«* i!ui Elite Ko oB Lu Ufd l petitioa Toe Pr?h«u »J] a ad for Vnm lf«a»«itar) . A ti»rtiatio« to admtntiier 0der inri tVM A!Btrji«at»e of t4tj(M An \ bearra/ « the aoove ptotioQ · * for Aprl V Ii^ it » » i tt a Dept Rooa *o (2. 5o*r4 Dutnct Court 4 * Oeeas BM . Ur^ Be*rh R^fer Xtrux: l-x Farther parucKirirf n-U£NCR E C A R E U . B r C I LwOflVn- TedSoflnai \turtej af Lav 7«Cart4ftM.St/ V* Ukn**4.Ca!if 1C1J h-b M a : 3 J . » :ti J t . B U K I J A N K ( A P ) - 1/ickhecd Aircrafl Corp. Monday asked (or more time to comply with laws requiring noise monitoring at Hollywood-Bur hank Airport, up for sale under alleged environmental pressures. R o b e r t G u s m a n , a n a t t o r n e y r e p r e s e n t i n g Lockheed, l o f d a s t a l e T r a n s p o r t a t i o n D e p a r t - ment hearing that it would be useless for Ihe company lo set up noise-monitoring systems if the airport, the nation's largest p r i - vately owned field w i t h PUBLIC NOTICE IBM rvrmnus ncunNmi NAMESTATT.HFVr The tollowteg ptnoo ndonjg bu.lxu NA NO FU.VA IUI ll CT1 WfU "B · nrt WGmcu'jm. CjlilonilA W1W P. C, i wbuSTRY, INC a CaJrfor 1-OfTWJIlMt, SRfl WrtJ "B ' StlT,. rframjpoo, Calrf Krtu Hi!* buuot** a ccoducflr^ by a ratpo- Uoa I' C 4 IMXJSTRY. I.Vf HIROSIII KORmSHI. Vk» Prt*ki«il. ThU lUttnfal VM fiitfl w-th r!x ·inly Cl'ri rj IM Ang!n Oum t* irrti. 1?K ub H«r. U. ZS. Vt, Apr. . U T I U l i I J l l IBM ncrrnous BUSISESS HfMf. STATKMKM mat. TOOL AMI STPPI.Y CO ^Cl Atjantc A«r , Sta 11], lying f»fh.CiJLl Vttfl Wi^l L Dyix, VA1 ItrAm AVT . If. MS I/*/ F'1'h. Call/ »M7 TtlU bU^IOMI B OH«!jr(«] by !· Dd idiul MntET. 1. OYNT TtJl wj!fm«l »i' fjfd »rh the ynty flfrk fli ly« A.iyrki Cwnty ftn M. 1!^ r-jf) Mar 1, », U. n. l*l« ·«! (Jl nCTTTKHS RlflNFm NAMEBTATF.MK.VT TV Wlo»in| f^rwxl n dwci bwunf M INTEKNATIONAL AVT . lx»j »e*. Call M«rai Hire*! Ihthlw.. Ill] B»!DO« Avf^ IJK.I B*at. f j l i l X«X Ton bumrtx o crxyliXlM by in lyti "* K A R T T N H KlfiHTON Thil «a»»wn! »n iW «h r/xfflfy CVrk rf t/* Anjictw Cflyfly oe rrt n. i?;« ~»ut Xu It, a X, Ay· I . l E t H l J l.» StTEAIOR CntTlT OF TAUPORSl; cotviY or VEs-miA . CAW. STKBER OIK* [a f» !j* narru^r r/ CAROLYN BROniTER i ftt STOSKY BREWSTER tUftal c*i«t mjj Ittrit ittt^i XOUT tfitt b»irf j£l«si » dijn B*»d ftii trjormtx fkn ·AVISO' Vit«J lu irio El tnbuiul p-j«J d«*?*r rr-rtr* Id w Jl/l)f3CU 1 RKOO* Q-« [1 mp^Dr *^ £f VJ tfnt l^j ll u-^rmitlrc q iif^r. 1 T At Kt^rfra 1 TSe 3ir [ * vn::fa mf M u/t a/ i)v 4i:r '^1 3 JATrtti ft. fSl - t If yc; 1 Jripnrtfl Tile J » r » ' H rnpc«^ *l rr.»y ear t r.pwvnvr .u u i \ u . a . i3^f,rt. cfci X'., I ' t f f r r ) 1 rtcj)t [B IAr ^ L.fcr.[ ^ c cfr^r tr\ri punur io /pr«] NO (hit )"ur wnttrD n*fyit. a an) 1 , c* t* (Jrd M Utm D*trd TVfrrntxr H [97^ K O B E R T L H A M V . r i r r t Hr JEANNE M HATKS. IVpuly Hr JEAN iBrrtit/ Prg I3L5fio JBlrrrl . . M a r . 9, lt, 21. 3n. |K6 -4u E.RI mil KOTlfK OF TKlST:K7i R.\I.r T 1HCJ SiVKy h. h*-rrh jtlvo th-if rn TTX-V v . Apn! 11. Mf, a( Ihr bar "/ 10 W ai »«W SaMn»:i HVj; . 11XM *'il r BJvd . G*rdfc l ^ v r l . Cjly rrf lo» jjHf*. C«Jrty r-I Ifn An^rl« S'afc af ifdnrnli. GOU1CN WEST f INANHAI, OHrORATTOS . a Tk-l»»-«Tf r^rpcr* xn. (rtrtnrrljr kr^i«a »^ Trim WofW r»1 i " . iv*v*«- h) wrip ul rVrr'orAlvwv lo TroW-pn Wrsf f'jtll'w-ni* mr . , iwi frf rjih ir 1j»^d nunxy r/ It* .'iit'^1 St»(« of Anxrirj. ifl pijriNr n rraJ prrtp*n'. t. Pxarh. I/- ^ City X AnffVi. TV F,JM Vft krf fj LV Nfr-J] i', IrH · / I / K M irrl tbf fjll I* l«t ii Of ffMth 10 Iwl / \rt H. l/r.g fc»ri) J-aol Gunpir.)' V'dll Tract Jl c^r Map*. DJ Uv olftr* r-l 6x Coocty R^cwiicT ol iai4 C'luc 1 / kugiufra. d any. nf (br i r j ! ^rr^rr . tafn^**] jbovr D pufTsirtNJ tir br ]J TV wvlrnipieo 1 IruitM my liatxlr (of any inrrjrrfvli*n of Ox ur*[ vHnu »!rt tjQxt tvtv* 4tll{- Lalvxi. d a c y . ity/D herrx Sari wlf »SI l^ maV wit*yy* fnir- Mnt C4 virraelii rrfariirjt ti'lr. VAV^ \vft. tf ewnbraivff, v tatttlf IV c/ttijCaTMu tfi\Kr4 t y and p*irsuacl V) frr pc"rr at ia trxatrrtd K ar1 by a rrrlatD oW«l r/ tnar exK»jl*-J IJY F.Vl LK) t SEN7ISO JR l«i UXffTI.VE SFNTtVj Tn»*x» to rui. roRP rul ft. commercial service, is (or sale. THE COMPANY has said il would sell UK 600- a c r c a i r p o r t property, which until 1946 served as Los Angeles' main airport, for development nr other nona via lion uses if a public body refuses to pur- c h a s e it soon. Hearing sources said a decision on the extension is expected in about two months. Joyce Blainc, president of t h e Van Nuys Homo- Association, said was told of the m o n i t o r i n g s y s t e m r e - quirement in 1372 but has 'ailed to comply. The Los Angeles County B o a r d of S u p e r v i s o r s voted last week to help finance an environmental impact study of the field. l/x?khred, when they publicly announced sale of the field several months ago, said the ?I75,000 lo t-'tfO,- 000 cosl of Ihc study nnd of (he noise monitors contrib- u t e d to Ihe f i n a n c i a l unlcasibility of continuing operation of Lhe airport Meanwhile, Ihc h i g h cosl of operating airports in Ihe face of environmental requirements was considered Monday by Ihc I/is Angeles Bftard of Air- porl Commissioners. Cliflon A. M o o r e , general manger of (he city Depart- l ! u eh SrTes.^k.' The ^al "siuljilncd extensive dam- a ^ .^ ' ls superstructure an ^ Ib ? ll 9 m - . . . '^. lou ?, h lo ,^' J 10 " much lime it would lake lo « ',' "P-.^l ' . s ou ' o( , ollr ' col, subtracting 370 Ions capa ' cj(y fo( . ^ ^ as j( takes lo replace or repair ' The San Diego-based boat was in Ihe yard for routine propellor t n a i n l e - nance and bollom painling when il toppled. The company has 13 other luna boats, Maxwell said. a£[ulI1 ' i l l t|*l!ll f l P l l l V " "»' UCIU^ BAKE US FIELD (AI'- ^c Irial here of former Ornn g c (^^ Asscssor J a c k vallcrRa has been ^^uW f o r n e x t Won- day, but il may be delayed ' ' ' Sharon C r a g g of Bell- f l o w e r . Services 9:00 a . m . W e d n e s d a y , DcYoung Artesia Morlu- ary C h a p e l . 8fi5-1263 with Father 11. Cliflon Cain of St. Mark Espis- copal Church of Downey officiiilinc. BUEUOIN, William P. h'uneral Mass Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. nl Si. Lucy\ Uluirch. Interment. All Joiils Mausoleum. Slice- ar/Slricklln M o r t u a r y Directors. CHAMBERS, Mary K. B o r n in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Survived by daughters, M a r i l l y n Vinc e n t of Stanlon. and Carolyn Hernandez of L o n g B e a c h ; son, C h a r l e s Middle Inn; 5 grandchildren; 4 great grandchildren. G r a v e s i d e s e r v i c e Tuesday (today) 2 : 0 0 p.m. Westminster Memorial Park d i r e c t e d by MollcU's Morluary. CLARK, Joseph Michael. Private Interment JAHKIVI i , i n a . u i i d n y Family Mortuary. 1250 P a c i f i c Avenue, LOUK Bench. JONES, Howard A . , Sr. Funeral Mass Tuesday (Today) 9:00 a.m. nl S t . Matthews Church. Dilday Family Funeral Directors. ·I3fi-802-l. LEK. .Innct M. Servi c e s T u e s d a y , 1 0 : 0 0 ; . m . , Sheelar/Stricklin Chapel. P r i v a t e I n t e r - ment. LIDOAHD, Floyd E. Patterson Snively. -13(10201. LONG, William Krby, fiO y e a r s of a g e . Survived by sislers, Mahcl T r a v a t t e , Eslher White, a n d H e l e n Tortorici; Ijrolhcrs, John and Kcn- aeth Long. Services will le held at Hunter Mortuary Chapel, 10:00 a.m. un Tucsnuy. OWKNS, Jewell Bell. Born 72 years ago in Oklahoma, Survived by husband Benjamin of ary Directors 5ervlcc and ji O x n a r d . S t r i c k l i n Directors. X w c h tittvr ri . , . u B"i T e«* K Pi^ wwn' V, ?V,, fv tb* p n* U:/iv.rf UrtirM 07 l the ttrtr.i fj iar] tr:Fx rf i r^ryi -^ « d r , j t l K S WRST H^A.H Triw *MM . it Lr.ulr« , ID rf Is* 1 w-n o tf 107 ml p- ff rf J'cr t . rf i **i Oxavlj Hoi ixxxf a 1 VORT.D S A V I N G S .OiD V j r c B 1) l'/T', X^I f.F.S »7.S7 by/*s ji Triai r-^r«-,r*nr njr,fcK O r a n g e County d :,, jn) | i( . (cd Va , ]cr . ^ h j prcdccessor as J ^^ j ,,,,,. f()r jn^i, u s i n R f f i ^ ^ f n [n^ s h a w - s .successful 1972 cflmp;ljgn for coii«rcs!i. V allcrga's case was mowd , nh Kcn) ^^ ^ Court on a change |hon was d la m 3 dcfcnsc appoa | J f ( K - H""" 1 s rcflls a , ^ dismi9S | h c indict . mcn (_ The 5lh Dislrirl Court of A , j (rd Vi1 | Icrsa . s a " , J a n d S u p e r i o r ^ urt f ( j 4 , Mo ^ . ,,,,,.,,,,,,) | h f , n p w . H a l "ft" V owevcr , heirinE is schodu | p() Wednesday on a dcfensc , for ^ ftir . |her fon | int S anWi said V j r . C U N N l N G H A M . E s - Uier M. (70) Of Leisure World, Seal Reach. Serv- ces pending. L u y h c n Family 6-101. DANELES, Jnmcs W. White's Funeral Home, Bcllflower. 867-2741. C H K S I M N , E l i n o r . Inlermcnl S h c c l n r / M o r l u a r y Morluary. 425- Carl Porter; and sister. Ethel Nicholson Ixith of L o n g B e a c h ; g r a n d daughter, Pamela M a r - lin of Ixmu Beach. Kosary was Monday B:3f. p . m . Moltcll's Chapel. Funeral Mass Tuesday 10:00 p . m . St. Barnabas Catholic Church. Directed by Mottell's M o r l u - ary. D A V I S , Lavcrne M. Survived by husband, Andrew D a v i s ; d a u g h tley ,Ir. . Jr and Dudley Davis; ' ters, fyorrnlne N u t l e y ; sons, .lack Waldic Andrew G. Davis grandchildren; grandchildren; 6 great . and 5 sisters. Rosary 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, Sunnysldc Mission Chanel (use San Antonio Drive entrance) S u n n y s i d c Directors. M o r t u a r y FLEMING, Irene E. D i l d a y Family, L a k c wood Morluary,-121-8411. L o n u brother, I'ARCHMAN, Claude K. of Paramount. Passed away March 20. 1076. Ape 07. Survived by his wife, Edith; daughter, M r s . Claudia O'Toole; son-ln-Iaw, D o u g l a s O'- T o o l e ; g r a n d s o n s , K e v i n , D a n i e l , Timothy and Brian O'Toolc. Serv i c e s will be Tuesday, p . m . R o s c h i l l s 2 : 0 0 Memorial Park. John A. Mies. P a r a m o u n t Morlu- ary directing. G A D D I S , I v a n . P r i - vate Services. Sheclar/ S t r i c k l i n M o r t u a r y Directors. -126-3365. authority to manage all ni ns h.iw previously was GII.MOKK. Mary C. Service a nil Interment in Kansas City. Shcclar/ Si r i c k U n M o r t u a r y Directors. -126-3365. began pondering whelhcr a regional enuty w o u l d h e l p ease financial bur- d e n s by spreading the a f . r , M| convicljon ^ · ,,, after in- lial groups favor a shut- d o w n of H o l l y w o o d Burbank because of the alleged noi« broughl by commercial }cls using the sy N.C, Armund Hammer due for sentence AsiodatM Prts* Multimillionaire i n d u s - Irialisl Dr. Armand Hammer w i l l be sentenced today in Los Angeles on Thc cities of Burhank and Pasadena h a v e opposed closing Ihe airport, Burbank Mayor William R Rudel! said a shuldwn would m e a n an immediate loss of nearly 4,000 Jobs ccnnec-U-d with the airport and lyjckhoed's aircraft a s s e m b l y o p e r a t i o n s , which a spokesman said would be moved. l)r. Hammer, 77-year- old founder and board c h a i r m a n of Occidental Pelroleum Corp., pleaded guilly March I to three misdemeanor charges of m a k i n g Ihe Ii72 contril»u- lions. lolaling W.OOO, that were- given to the Nixon campaign through former Montana Gov. Tim Bab cock. G R A N K R . J e s s i e Marie. MollcU's M o r t u - ary. 436-2284. G R A Y , L u c i l l e B . Deceased March 22nd, 1970. Survived by h u s band. Harold 0.; sons, Harold J. and William 0.; 2 grandchildren; and b r o t h e r . C l i f t o n L . Bloom of Denver, Colorado. P a s t Worthy Ma- Iron O.K.S.; I'asl Presi- d e nl Group J, P.E.G. Chapter; Pasl President of Evell Club of Long Beach; Past President Matrons of Kbcll; Past P r e s i d e n t A m e r i c a n Society of W o m a n Accountants and the Child r c n s Benefit League and Member Auxiliary lo Memorial Hospital. M e m o r i a l s e r v i c e s Wednesday, March 2-Mh, 11:00 a.m., t/jrif' Beach C h u r c h o f R c l l K l o u . s Science, 36th St Linden, L o n g B e a c h . P r i v a t e I n u r n m e n t . S u n n y s i d e M e m o r i a l G a r d e n s . F a m i l y requests r e m e m - rerences fie donaU:d to the Church. Sunnyside M o r t u a r y DirecUir.s. R O K A V E C , L a r r y . Service u nd Interment in Cleveland, Ohio. Shcc- lar/Strlcklin M o r t u a r y Directors. -12BAW. IIOS8KR, M a r i n a " Claire. Private service d i r e c t e d by Mnllcll's M o r t u a r y . " R O S S , S i d n e y "K. Funeral Services ['ties- d a y , 12:00 noon. D i l d a y F a m i l y L a k e w o o d Chapel, 3936 Woodruff Avenue.-.21-8111. S H A N N O N . B e n H a r r i s o n . Service will lie h e l d a t Wheaton, M i s s o u r i . Motlell's M o r t u - ary in charge of local arrangements. fi-raAads ft-fta/ds

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