The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 28, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1957
Page 1
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n* Schedule 1 '^2 ft.fn. —• . «nri 10:19 p.m. VCL. 45 NO. 87 Weather Forecast Parl ''>' oudy »nd warm rough weekend Low FJtlDA Y, JUNE! 28, 1957 I *<&ferJ*> ^^ 0- ~~~~""—~ PRICE j>_CENT8, Council Fires Chief Registration Near 1000: i wu Whil * Chief °' p °^ Robert aiadnev of ciut. Hurricane Is Fiesta Aid rncsne Audrey ma, hf,,. n , . . •%* * corning Javcee. m' Fiesta, which opens -* 'or a three-day run Another sudden tu.-r. weather and the fi«hi n . • r ' : The hi$n fides that. Brazos- port fishing spot- stiff?-,-*,: "' will brine salt water hack "~- to the. bays ana a!<o t«nri to fish closer to the shore - a follow can net at rehear Thurdav „%", Tree (formed a majority bloc and ven from office. " voted to rem °ve him the rlo 'hem. With ihc.« conditions, sre all ii several of the councilman and'" 101 " ss " surprise." At Brazoria; City Hall Price May Fit Budget riay*. as their mamr,o,h f 0 "™ 1 ' G ".dn e .v ">~d Th'aT'^ i T ^ °' ' h ' S * end * ««>'«: event draws near. > h3d not expected the action ,, recommend that ""spend Gladnov, Engineering consultants » Braroria City Council this '<* 'hat , revision of plans on the proposed city hall might bnngjhe rost of the structure 'he fundi budgeted for The firm of Da nbaum- ... . , " ""'iM'-noaum- Walsh of Angleton. who were the engineer, on th» Dr oje c , told the council they believed : the cost could be lower*! h- Ihe use of- material., recently or A ,V h r- prp£enl time - e ""-ie- or the F.shm- Fiesta are piKh n 4'?«'00»n«rk end Should ach tnat and more by J uh The .laycees win oppn ..r Hcadpuarte,, £? rk Avenue .Ju!v .1 to " on , -« ;«n pt follc» who have no, re* •Taycee member, , v ili trv and " '" '?""• with all the'mer na County area '-'king fnr anv tvr hut if the 0 miss some merr '" °' for —F«cf. Photo by Don Wil.on. LAKE CHARLES. L, me. The town h d . Hurricane Audrey's deadly Idrmnlishpd. " " Mp '" '' horl < among thorn to •weep through the ricfen=elcs*| _ Slorn D«mollih»d fL1 rt ., mit enas.tlanti.1 of Louisiana left aj Ihen 00 lOO-mile trail of dead, injure mMy are m , M . „ just P1|M t '-i-p jusl pi] «nd missing today. The full''tore* and extent of the tragedy may r ' be. known for days. had dmv ram- heliropte rs The engineering firm lold •' louncllmen lhat when they' 1 had taken bids on the work'"" the "' or .recently, the low bid had come '• ' raols '•*• 'I ;!<> » cost of about SI8 per 1 dition ln<r. ai square foot in floor space construction They nad built similar build-1 r °"cllmeri ing» in Houston at a cost of qu " t - <1 tor f about S4 per square foot, the " n " tn r ' fi.-im representatives said. »"pply fro, Par; of the problem, they whir h they -aid. was the '-package" ton- """'"I'natet 'ract proposal, in which the * tu<)l ' efl 'he '•ontractor bid on the building. ^ mes - -'ewe ;ewerage. electrical work, air' 1 '"" (o 'he Carlton he Rig*. Oak, Ariditio 'he country rlub Attend Dallks To Be Shown ^H^S"^ IxHlf ^tx 17p 0f ,"" ' Vs<lnn;> ' S<xi". °™"> - cU~ • i n"l.r i0n " «»»"'«•• •«••«' H*r,,m. n »"*'«" in this V , P " the council effective Julv 1. Immediately. Alderman Ar- ">r Bigg, made , motlon f miss Gladney from the poi on a .« ,,.:„, nf po||rp ^_ c'"" J ' ': R '-'^'cy second- tl the '• V " r ' ril "-»^i"n. In ,,ken on .he mo ti nn M'"-'' •, A. .T. Krtiv c , Ir , no ,": cd Bipss and BrinVr,. .^ ,,..._ » "iree-,o.twr, m=> in .,. . ,. i,H ^errnen M. s . Jnhn.^ and •'0? ( , Rrown opposed tn rfi.s- Ma, or Sim.' onlv . XD lana- ' »" «"«• he had been gel 0 rnopprati0 "" frrnn f on the on electrical work, air .•onditioninK. central heati and inteiior finishing. •^ • «> • Att Disney Film K * To Be Show "" For Youths f ,;„„ • Ail "n. aor| ar-e b , d , Motel, and ROBERT GLADNEY 3 ' 'Gibson Trains At Fort Polk had h«en At the ti . r oli,e. Th e econded by "• Ko ' Iy co wil not; •«= p=r- set in Clute needed era) week.. :n ,,, r , Th n ° '°" mf Jn t The Bra^osfxjrt Tacts st ro-.r., r thj> _ Private Second Class Pat- nek H. Gibson, a member of Headquarters Br"ery, 343rd ' Field Anility Batallion. is "f field training at Nor,' h Fort' 'own the M7t, „ * f »ll time chi*. . On several nrevious nccai- u'TV 0me nf thp """icilmen had hem at odd. with oisd- "<•». but tension mounted ear- ''"m the month i-hc n Thief GUHnev hired asado.ravherii o Sims told C.ladnrv al s C oun- ' „„, unit made had " nd M lfc ™ • ** I UU * • **f SIooH \t nol,Kvrytli,ng wa.. down" M,--lssippi i ":;""" «•--• Anchored in tho '',]. "(L^, Capt. Allen Marshall, whose par ^',[ vu "'.\ rr ' c *" 1<>r "n ap- j eyj ' '' ! '" ! tug WM -ground at Cameron ;,,orm w B ve Tn-.m"^ r.ulf' o" 'i'W"" °- "• Car.-, on—a town that was almon? Mexico. suited a list he had in his hand drowned on the Louisiana Tidal waics are tin rmK L" d C "" n!<>r1 th e names on it coast-said 87 persons were :">' r.rtW,.,,,,. n '.'H- tnld me he hadRT d,,-,d dead and .00 to 300 missing Caner V", *?•" Sh """ ° B ' ^" ™£ * t<, u" n d and'Ta 1 ' It Cameron •son, . " 7 ""'- lw rtr ' ;ld A Uke !„.. woa-^^n^e ^1^,^; V™ hv""^' mo^^,^^^,,^ thcr bureau ofncial told his '"»" •"»> p«-r«on» mimed or "-riously injured or «ork ' nuperiors in Washincton thai ''" Courthou.. Sl.ndi Alan. 200 to .100 were dead around A ""'ilia of bo«i«, viut, f lu ,, ( Marshall . a i f ) Sheriff C Cameron and Creole, La. nn ' f '^''dicine, left l.ak- Charl- "'•« «l the Camer™ ,„.'.,', r The Red Cross in Lake ^ J ' l! " '""'"re daybreak. hou-r, the on Charles, which is 30 miles north of Cameron. lopnrtcf! 3S dead or missing, hut did not make clear ex;utly what ^™,3,<r: x-r-c ^H'iSrssi ' n ""c( U f. Afeo ;.:; aver moc, of nal -.VHVC., «,-. ,-.., ,, p by earth- are in for t real treat come Monday. July l " I- Z. Bryan, director of th« •"i, it had nra*o!port Movie phase of -be •il the death Summer Recreation Program \< 35 jfl ,innnnn(-eH IK»» u-«l* rt;._ •. it,. KP. t nil) reports f 'i!<-r m frnrr. Camer '"••'n suppose,) , (Ml ^^ rlul j,,r toll frn;,, And,i-, was |fl. announced that Walt Di<ney'« Dcput, Sheu/f .sj,,, jyj., I( i famo-is -The Livmj Desert" j> l" Lake Ch,ri,,s e,,, maM ' w '.'' f" ^'™'"that fi.ndfl to 10000 "ilm. which has ftiawn •''«» around Cameron P Th?P"'' ""' nl "' n •» "^er the -.-orld for unen A,,drcThT "' rfm « rk ' lb " 1 pnotosraph. f'nlv ah(,,it half of >, "" r: "''' ' cfn " of animal lif» accounted for7h« Lei C" th " wo ! ld '« w "" ! »"ds. L<£ Considered ria na area, this figure covered. Major Tragadf It was known thai 13 m-i sons were killed and more ''v,n 10,1 injured in Tex** and I.mi- siana before reports of A ii-Kitni ( tragedy hesan to f:!'.er m fiomj tt-» half-drowned Lminiana, coast, i As trie hutiicai.e cru-IUMi through the IOH-lying coim- trysirie along the Texas-Lou- liana border, it tore down communications an 1 power linen. Today, 24 !>.->iir« afte: the ftorm struck, il \v us im- po&sible lo telephone many places in the Morm aie,i But lepor's radioed in fmu the coast lold of Cameron van ishing in ihe storm, i- far its courthouse, and of sur- \ivois wailing on rafi-. to h- pic-ked up bs r"»ciie boats nisii. ing down from Lake (:• and iintiiiichvil point" alun coast "Theie v> .> 1.11 nuii-li i;u an.1 Ihe v nifl was l)lo\v Hi vvav es rn cr n,\ hoal " Crtn Marshall MU| "I I'onM h fee land Then, in n > : ,u'k. Imiked out and -.1 . ilu- coi.n hi'iuse «th ni'ihin* i»'iwi','n i ncputy -Sheriff"sa'm"M».-, . '"e'er M " V ' V " r " W ' rr Manrtl ">-- eiei ledlv on i*ft., arou-ui Hackberrv nn C^-aMc,, I atir a "d on Moll,- R.,,, . The Saturday n If "We ha v «en' .Hid HciiM' I.eid lefi LHK*. • ^ a.rn lodav u.i '" with a (ai-in ri : ui<>- ' "f 2\ small boats *nn •f-s loailed with food. | • ind 1 'in^l n bi-gm ,it I i 't for some time , n „„. ing annexed by the ,-,, y i,,,, todav the first definite »iep. he one of the summe'r^high- » reality we're* hefng ""aken""" lights on the movie card attorneys piepaied j nf <• ' Brvan anounced that he which will be passed would be in Vela«ro at 8:30 «. propert.- owners in tl-e ,r", •n. wsth the picture, in O. A. The petition is ,„ mclud- a,. ••lenvng school al 10 , m . area bounded OM the est , •>hii" Chile Mould come at I 'he P-'esent cit> limits a n ,t "•" snd Lake Jackson at 3:45 "nding aione High"-.,,' 33-7 'Like Jack5o n Road, to 1,.,,'i iioart. ' '•on<ln,rt;nr., and -.. ii] , r-c - ihe Timbe.-Und Ad.v:.r,n w i. i. ( adjarpnt t,> ?,--.*> -» F , r limits ^ hu-h ex-.i-ni rin..-- Ihe ar m ili r>e .n "uid them IM>," ;». «aid Audr.» Lonj Gont Denuiv Sheriff > |t,, n M,, al Atih.. ill. i a •_. ne. i.a . v,-i )r j -- 1} --e-m. like ouile .1 fen" «ere k.l'ed ,l,,,,g „,«. ro ,, s , „, Ve ' llra/o-iport vouths »re iii«'-d to turn out Mondav *' HIP of !Me*e four spots to see his nut-landing picture. Set The lx.und.ry w,l! extend i „ Road past ne.-r.,o,,| p a ,-- »nd 10 i point about 4ftO fe. t a.,m-e the rem.; fr v and I)-, „ will travel bark e,i.n along a ^Vhcn , -ie- itinn. it >..,;; : ,^ ( .' h« required number ,.' " -ecuito, trie p*"t;--,on uomitied 1,1 iiu- c--> c-i- n<i l If the council :< a^reeao'e- nd it has indicate,-! .1 u s , leciion would he rai.e-l t , ne- . have tsken ST f_ -.f iv,.,,,, ,.| ar S" far ,. .. !. •., ,,„ H - n* will be unrrder! Mono,-., ' ri( ' P""i. ,,nno Iv I. and offic-uls ,,e <-\- ''" M *''-"i"n hi clinti a higher turn., u t t,r.,, , '" " ulh< riii • ..penmg three n eek pe-iod ."-'""'• '" Teenage Event Sef Tonight Colunibiai l'-<n> HI the Sum »'il I)* hrid i,, '"c Airn-ruaii 1.,. - »t T-.1l) D n. ti iliU'ctur K. s. "(V.Vl A r o u n d Braiosport -lACK ^nd Mi i: NEK \ul u- i-.l, n, 30. . . lion or i» 'h.- vi«h! ; m .',. \, v> ,,. "SPEC" MAIIHIS VI 111, ,:,s I,,,,! l)OW«ll Ijllsllv ovtl Iiu- .i,|||,|;. l>elf. . . . JACK Tl'HNKH ri- centl.v dvlnend ln» linn l, a ,>in his fi report Kun«r rt i Hi.'n.i: ambulanc-v and is ur.m^ \v,tn the idea of d»>c«ialin« ini- \i I'lcl* «.-,|h the Hup, ,)|J||.;I, number of stoik dvi-als, u> Ki-ep, U»ck of hi* «c:ore in An Koii-e' •'>''*• • HOSE HOLMKS is *a«erl.\ anucipatiux an upn.m !?*, overnight VIMI .„ Ho-.,,,.,,, r - and Mrs. G«uig. i Open <wimmmg nas held earh afternoon and ihe r,,er- ail cnunt for horn morning and evening showed between «M 'I"'"'"* *"' and 93* swimmers showing up r 'P° rt<in "V per iii> 'Mih an average of lc * atound 750. Jul Mlf . 1 1U1I5 ^^ Hackney aUo announced the 'he only nne 'm-ioT'r.'i'l poo! hour, for ,h, 5 second -e.- .u of Bra 2 o,port cine -ion Thev include- Wa'i.Mj ~ "i'r» rool-9 n , m . , 0 ,„ ., m three to four years olds' !0 , "<• '<> H) 45 am., five to s,x \ea, oKis. The ciiurst- ;n ihe small pun! v-ili lie to got the i-hiUiren u-ed Damage High In FP Crash whether or not ihe ar" ' a ''- ou.d be annexed (- lut--, *< a general I.i-v rii- annoi ,nne x devri,v,ed Unri ^ iiii.ii.- ,| 1P ,-onsen 1 of (ho Work Rolling Along Again In Louisiana Th» n,a/p ,,l ,,, ilP , ,,„,.,, '"1 rjiridmgs that will comprise me Dow Lou:,,ana [)i- ou»mierl aonlicant th'^ e'oun7i|-? 0 "';•" h " hoi>rd nf ' tol.1 The F'acu tl i > hl ! , la m 0 , nn ! rlh ' 'hat for ihe past two i' l h r V |K h " H bpen '•"P'-'-tinT'to 'ce this action tike place and hat severa! of ,V m had been m attendance ,-,, v , rv m j, n ing to help pre'-nn! >• 'There were fe>. v -., lor , „ the meeting Thursdav Chi-f Oladney. -vhn.e we_ding ,s scheduled tonight Ihe Facts this morning 'uinng the two years he -'•ved as chief, he had • unly enjoyed working ', ' n ' of the citizens of df •I" remarked that tMA •mlhing in his oath i#y h?t reriuired him of a out ihe personal v. ?jn«," ,,, lakl , li-'mi hi? U.... ..... twmsges. «a.» side and hit a nark Freeport Pol- loll S ln = 'o He^'er J Depanment :hi« morning, p 1 ^' 1 *"" and Re< "' s Mi' . Shallow ,.,, le , ,,„!,,,, „,,..,„.,,. « Id a n-,. to »:n a m . fi-« ;,-, -IV year old.,; :l ;j a ,„, ,„ ,, •I.KI si-\ en ami o, or beani- iicr.-. Id i „-, 10 10 4S a ;n . >:l v.ui.ed beginners: in 45 » TI 10 II 30 a.iv. . adult swimmin*. a,! -p Wd ,e,. „„.„., ,,„ ., ii|( . a.m. u> ».ij . ,„ dn i u for beumriers; 8.15 , ,„ ,„ !0 i 1 "!., tiilcnnediaie JM 1111,11,-.., ' ».m. lo 10:4S ,.m Saving 1-ourst.s .oil :,1U am. advanced i'™- i\a< around .,,,..,, T^n^r-^;rc.mer- 0 -^r d ^^r^bSr:^^;^,--^;;^-^ i .."r I L^t h :;!i,,^ d -%r^'-'- j;7;'.;-'*n.up^"n^\ n rrT u r ilr ;r4 ev he dropped from !m auto den,, ln ,,de ,h"V, floorboarr, when he s ,,- a .veci over ,he pL, 14. :M for nri\ ;nj - '^mn i* _ ,. -nape. ron*Ti iictif>ri s.'ing again after a rnnnth-lon^ St-nera 1 sio'.irtnwn became rie- •n-eries of concrete were cut n 'f b> i Mnki a;am«t the • inn fupp,ving th;s material. '""' ^ huiidins^—which - n sen*. i,. f completed plant? »s offices control houses, and -ei ,ite structure^—are almosi finished Sue pieparaiion nti '•l-erating areas for caustic i = near to rp'elion. ciilonne pro- tr.iction's railroad M IIJI 15 ,, ; *'.\,c,- rt nd roju'i'-le poian, "as siniteri on foundatio' ,t and that he felt h . /d the law in cinv trying "Mv mistake ijfcpa'rtial lo initiate a fa,-mi., r jiy." law enforceine:a|a he had frladn,-,- xaul. fur the fu- no definite i • | .. in brief t t No Charter « hen '•^-•^ for »t.-i:iti,res and tank? i. TWO HAPHY fACTH c , , , I . , fc,,, „. camp ., ing , k . prii.. ih,y ,, won in Ih. .ubMrlplion Mmptign coiii.u b'rng conauei.d b r Ftcl. CirculUloB M.nt, 9 .r T»x H.nrftix, To. c»nr..ti, Elwyn R* r A1I«B. l.ft, of Fr..- pori, tnd Elb«n bro«riw. r al Jon« Ct««k, righl. .r. only two ol ih< conl.tistnl t.1 boyi vying lor tb. m*nr ouliund. iog pii»i tr«il*b,» u thu< ablaiolag n.w »ui)»cnpuoo». look ,,;,, mil); i Tne P m. i.ntil 4 -; )u D.m.To'r oils ^ .•-on a:-ri Hii'v will start al , : pin .mi remain open un«, 8 M p.m. Tluee oprn svwiuMima > -- sioiia a,e MheduU'd for Salur- --. \\ilh ihe pool orx'tung a i B41 a m. *nd icmainiiig uuen i 10 II.3u-a m. ror ihe fir<.( Tne M.-am,l luo are the same as weekdays. Sundin open kAnmring times are (mm I p „,. U)U j| g Pin. w,ii!e Thur.xddy ,,, ghl hj , Oi-en >,-; up ss adult night, dc- 'LOicmii lo Huckney. , lioned aboul Ihe status of proposed charier, learned the iiook i^ sllll in the is of the punter, with no nou ution of \\nen it v ill be n-aciv I'ne vouncil and charier ' uHmril.-Moner.s cotr.pleterl their 1 --vork tin ihe char'.-!' .-ovrral months aj!t' Two Go To Seaitie C. L. \Vi-reler. M,,;'-e.-ium P:mu'.-t ()e\ elopmen;. and J. . \Voonworih. F.fia-.n^enng. at:;:--n hie Anlei U'sn Institute ' ,i; t i",;trtl Flnginoers meeting Se^;;!'- \V.A>;ur 1 gton, Ihis In Ohio Prod- '-iucUoa this <rii Op-e In- -ALK ADS HHING ^ OU A \EW SUPPLY OF SPOT I.' ASH Koi a fiVM, >,ippi;. of rasu, -tfl things > oi;'ie t'uroucii WIDENING AND RESURFACING al H, a hw. T 3, ,, em Fratpot , lo Jonti CtMk lid* i. lh . ,n it-.* widening it hniihtd, the - .;' b* resurfaced wiih aiphalt. ,s i-n^^r Ih* *ur->viiion ot th» rrf n>., port Fat'is, 'lis litiou^h Sale lo;' good price;-. luiu- 1 fur .-in ad- •ihf-'-. ti amed a ui T'u": A:i> thing Ad.--, and ioo'

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