Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 38
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 38

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 38
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AiMounctmcnts 0 FLY TO VEGAS on ;~.« fabulous HACIENDA 4-Engine Airliners 'FASHIONS IN FLIGHT BY LORRAINE SUTHERLAND OF ALHAMBRA Dick Wliulow at Sky Plono . CHAMPAGNE TOUR $19.50* INCLUDES:" · Gourmet bullet dinner. r'. Bottle ol vintaut Hacienda Champagne v 1 Llmouslna service In veoas f 2 rounds of oolt, nlte llfcc course, clubs lurnlshcd · 4 chnnces al $5,000 hole In one v Continuous entertainment · Dancing all nlte O'Niter Incl. Above Plus Suite (dbl. occ.).-3,26.50» GUESTS OF THE HACIENDA CHAMPAGNE TOUR ARE GUAR ANTEED SHOW RESERVATIONS SUN. THRU THURS AT THE NEW FRONTIER HOTEL Soil Out Japanude Hit Show "It's a must," savs Hcdda Hooper DINERS' CLUB AND ALL NAT'L. CARDS HONORED. AVAILABLE TO GROUPS. 2 DAILY FLIGHTS Afternoon 8, Evenlno Dcoart 1:20 Dm. «:ffl o. m. LONG BEACH HA 5-12-69 Santa Ana Kl B-5568 ·$10 Add. FrL, Sat Holidays Not a conducted lour Free Air Transportation for guests of Hacienda Hotel a, Casino On v With purchase ot above oackaoe TO SAVE YOU TIME THERE ARE "BOX REPLIES at The Independent. Presi- Telogram office for the fo lowing boxes: B-954 H-2733 O-2862 B-2457 H-2746 O-3844 B-38B4 CM073 C-2438 K-2838 P' 2439 D-2468 * 3 ' 3 ? R - 3 8 [ 7 D-2812 K ' 59M $-2860 D-2841 S-3632 F-2854 L-2293 T -2?50 T-2753 G-2139 T-2818 G-2438 M-96S T-7834 G-2762 M-2222 T-2857 G-2831 . M-2751 . . , ,, G-3972 M-2757 u "*'" G-2973 M-2B09 W-3819 G-2975 M-38i3 W-3971 Funeral Notices I BAINER-- Dcslrcc Jo, daughter o( Mr, ,ind Mrs Hcnrv R. O.ilner, of 4895 Orcoon A v c . Scrv cc Thuisd.iv. ? (j.rn., at Surinvs rtc Memorial Park Chanel. HUNTFR /MORTUARY, DIRECTORS. Dona- Horn to American Cancer Soclclv. BENSON- Clarence W., ooc 6fl, ol 314 Proim-'tl Service Friday, 9 a.m., t it ciiiTDd ol CHRISTENSEN PINO MORTUARY BRIGGS^Co7fa~A7~iTe"72~ol~l7« 7lh St. Survived by son Rolled; d.iuohler Lui Urioos, · Blanche Wilks, M.iry ScllOO. Rosary Wednesday 7 p.m. .it SHEFI AR- AUFADYEN CHAPEL. MaiS of of Requiem Thursday 8 a.m. tit Saint Anthony's Church. 3537 Palm 'Ave., Lynwood. Survived by daugnicrSf Mlis Piitrlc a C l.irk, Mrs. Adil Henry. Mrs. Ge.irnldean Pclter; son, Ralph U.; -S grandchildren. Service T^urs- d-iv, 11 n.m., at Sunnvsidc Memo- nm Hiirk. Chapa! willi Rev. bruce A Kurrlc ofllcl.itlnc. Directed by ROSE GARDEN CHAPLI. 638 ATLANTIC, LONG BCACH t'DAAONDS-- Ida W." Service Frld.iv". 10 n.m. nt P.irk ClKinel, J/75 Cherry Ave., Long Bench. PIERCE BROTHERS, LOS ANGLfLES, 01- RECTORS. W. Lexington, Cilendslc. Rclovrd mother of Lloyd, ot Gtcnd.i e; Mstcr of Mrs. Maude Marshall ol Toronto, Ontario, Canada; also suivivcd by 2 grandchildren. Service I-ndav ? D.m., at Pence Ch.iDcl, KIEFER A EYERICK. M O R T U A R Y , 314 E. Harvard. Glend.ile. G'ALLEHUE-- ReuH H., beloved hui- band ol Elizabeth Jane; dither of Robert rind David G.illoliuc. Service Frldiiv. 2 p.m.. ,it Sun- HVldC Mausoleum. ARMSTRONG FAMILY .MORTUARY Jn chargf. GRLENING-- fcpsv Clementine, age 67, ot 359 E. Market St. Survived bv neunews George* F. How.iro ot Lono Beach, Lorcn G. Howard ol Oranoe. Service Saturday 11 a.m. at HOLTON SON CHAPEL with John Moicy officiating. GUPTAIL-- Miiud. Beloved mother ot Mrs. Helen M. Bngns, gitind- i«otn»r ot Mrs Ur-Mv Ycites and Mrs. Audrey CMnvcrinl; slsler of Mrs. Grnce Randle and Fdw n Gflidncr; also survived bv 6 great- grandchildren. Scrvit e Frldflv, .1 p.m.. In the LltMe Church of Ihe Park, Clcndale. FOREST' LAWN ^ MORTUARY In charge. 2126 Oregon Ave. Survived bv sons Edward, Alfred find Stanley; · 7 Grandchildren. Ros.irv Wednesday 8 p.m. ,it SHEELAR-Mc- FADYFN C H A P F t . Mass of Requiem Thursday 9:30 a.m. al Our Lady of Bi ighl Mount, Lcs Angeles. HADONE-- "irrha" M?, ~age~~59, ~ol 6347 Lemon Avc. Survived bv husband, Adam F.; son, John D.; brother, William T. Cookslev. Service Thursday, 3 p.m., at the Community Presbyterian Church, Met) Ornngr AVP.. HUNTER MORTUARY, DIRECTORS. RAY-- Anna S., of J9 Bay^hore Dr. Survived bv 2 sons, James R. fliid George W.; daughter, Mri. Catherine Margaret Lann; 2 sisters. Miss Lenora Scheld, Mrs. Fmrna McWhliney; hrothpr Hugh E. Scheid' 10 grandchildren, 5 oieflt-QNindchHdron. Service Friday, 2 n.m. at chanei ot B. W. COOM FUNERAL HOME 10TM OE1ISPO Funeral Notices 1 JDilbaj Famtlg FUNERAL DIRECTORS I2SO Pacific AVQ. HE 2-5901 FLOWER SHOP HE 5-6388 or HE 2-5901 CASS-- Bc^le M., fine 87. of 11?7 L. 10th St. .Service bnl- urdiiy, 11 .i.rn.. with Dr. Ervin Amtm olfjciiilina flt DILDAY CHAPEL. HHLlG-Frwin R., asif 71- of 1548 Pacific Ave. Service Sal- urdav, 9:30 a.m., at DILDAY CHAPEL. JFTTER-- Lena W.,' «oe 78, of · AWS St. Louis 5.crvire and In- Jcrrncnt at New Brunswick, New Jersey. MONAHAN-- Victor E.. floe 37, of 1137 Junipcro. Scivice urrttiy, 2 p.m., nt DILDAY CHAPFL. POOLt-- William T., flflO 79. of ,13? 1 ona Oeflfh Blurt Sc-ruifp S'lturdav, l .~C n nv, flt OIL C - f CHAPLL, YOUMO-- Mflv A., floe vO, of MT7 E ."h 5.' FV-^,Vr \f- v Ice Tliurrsd^/ Al DILDAY CHAPfTL. Ahflve SfrVlcfT will h« Mr son* Of Yhc DILDAY FAMILY Cmt * r DlLOAY .V.ORTUARY Mt } Funtral Notices 1 Funeral Services Conducted by MOTTELL'S AND PEEK F.RNST-Adellno E. Service Fr Joy, 1 :f» p. n\ . Palos Verde Chapter No. 310 O.E.S. otfklallno Service concludes hi chapel, n funeral procession. MOTTELL'S AND PEEK FRITZ -- Joscoh Jacob. Sfrvlc Thursday, 10:00 n.m MOTTELL'S AND PEEK GODDARD-- Mabel F. Service wll be In Denver, Colorodo, LOCAI ARRANGEMENTS BY MOTTELL'S AND PEEK GRAVEL -- Ctaudo Camllle. $ur vlyed bv wife, Nellie; sons, Roy niond «. Jlrnmle; sleason, Dal Wilson; brother, Amos; sisters Mrs. F. W. Nolcs, Mrs. Or. Elders; 1 grandchild. Scrvlc Thursday. 2:00 p.m. Service con eludes In chapel, no funeral pro cession. MOTTELL'S AND PEEK Thursday, 3:00 p.m.. Rev". WHIIan L. Collln Rev. Dudley B Anderson officiating. MOTTELL'S AND PEEK PETERSON-- Kalherlne Margaret Requiem Mass Thursday, 9 a.m. St. Pancratius Church, dlreclcd by MOTTELL'S AND PEEK PETTY-- Ida Mav. Service Thurs day, 4:00 p.m. Service concludes In chanel, no funeral procession MOTTELL'S AND PEEK PRICE--Georoe Danson. Survived bv wife, Mary E.; daughter, Bel v Mutton; step-dnuotilers, Edith Jewell, Hilda Janssen; step-son Hamilton Walton. Service Friday 11:00 a.m.. Service Lodge No. 59 FAM officiating. Service con eludes In chapel, no funera pro cession. MOTTELL'S AND PEEK RANSOM-- John Robert. Famitv rrciucsts thnt donations be made 1o your favorite charity fund Service Thursday, 1:00 p.m. MOTTELL'S AND PEEK RODANG-- Clnudlo. Rcgulcm Mas! Thursday, 9:00 a.m., St. Matthew's Church, directed bv MOTTELL'S AND PEEK Graveside service Friday/ 10:3C a m.. Veterans Administration Cemetery, West Los Angeles, dl reeled bv MOTTELL'S AND PEEK For further Information cat MOTTELL'S PEEK 3rd and Alamltos HR A-?784 FOR FUNERAL FLOWERS CALL MOTTELL'S «. PF.CK FLORIST HE 26907 Funeral Notices 1 SCH R~O E R-- V/l Mlam~HT""aflC~837~of 331 E. 8th 51. Survived by w le Etflc; son Fred of Fargo, North Dakota; daughter Mrs. Catherine Rondhouse of Evcshan, Saskatchewan, Canada. Service Thursday 3 p.m nt HOLTON SON CHAPEL with Rev. Sarah Swltzer officiating. SEABRIDGE-^AIbcrt, age 77, of 2201 E. Broadway. Mass Thursday 8 n.m. at Saint Mntlhcws Church, SHEELAR - McFADYEN, DIRECTORS. Ot-c.m Blvd. Survived by 2 sons Cdw.ird J. Stenhrns and Kenneth H. Seaton; daughter Mrs. Evc'vn Srxton; 1 sisters Mrs. M.irijuerlte Cameron, Mrs. Irene tcke; 7 iirandthfldrcn. Service Thursday 10 a.m. at chapel of B. W. COON FUNFRAL HOME 10TH OBISPO wmfE -- Pc.irl Lrria. aoe 78, n'f 5913 E. Harvey Wav. Survived by son Rdwjrd While; daughler Mrs. rvelyn Pmncy; sister Mrs. M irircn B.inkston. Service Thurs- dnv 11 n.m. al LAKEWOOD 6REEN HILLS Family Memorial Estates Interment Service Feb. 4th V.'ASHBURN-- Esther. Funeral Directors 4 B. W. COON FUNERAL HOME With a Real Home Atmnsphrrr lOtli Obicpo - GE 8-5008 HOLTON SON HE 6-9A79 Sixth and Locusl Cemeterics-Mau^olcumsS (And Monumnnti) Gfi! r EN~HlLLS"ME'MORTA"CpARK 2/iOl Western, S. Pedro TE 3-44J'' Income Tax 9 SUPER TAX SERVICE C. P. PRUDHOM. ex-govt. tax official. New '59 deduction, wage earners, sick pjy, etc. 6184 At- lanlic Avc.. N. LONG BEACH. OPEN EVES. SUN. GA 2-69/0. LXPER'IENC'FD TAX CONSULTANT FAST, COURTEOUS t. EFFICIENT. OPEN SAT.. SUN. EVES. 2023 PACIFIC AVL-. HE 5-^JIO ALL STATf-S RKPG. S C R V I C C M E 9th HE 7-2523 DAYS EVENINGS INC TAX service ai your home" or office, davs, eves., Sun.. S2 up. A-l Accouiltmo. joOd AluintiL. UA 4-5oji HOWE or of n'ce. Exper. W. A. Rohrs. GA I-M93 GA 3-.13M CALlTSiAc" War "vet. 30\rs/exDer". Ro.ison.ible. NE 81-112; GA 3-3388 INCOMr'tax n r count.i nti 'form cr'rcv- cnuL 1 ageiil. Reason. lole. HA 9 95/0. insurance 9-A ' AtjTO-- We insure those cfinceled. refused or needing license reinstated Pay monthly Aopts. eves, GA 4-070/. Jarossc, 2387 Atlantic. FARMERS "AUTO INSURANCE" S.ivr m-iney 6 mo nrem Terms. Al DuBols, 2364 Lime GA 4-/036 Personals 11 ' DANCE Lessons-- 10 hrs. for 510. ADULTS or TEENS. GE 4-6553 Irene Dance Studro, 3412 r. ;th. ; AA ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS ! AREA OFFICE-DRINKING PROBLEMS CALL HE 5-53.13 WIDOWER-- 53, 5'10", 165 pounds. Home, car, security, meet nice lady. Club. Box A 2JO, Ind., P-T. PSYCHIC Reader S, AdvlsoV. Brfng your problems m me. firing this ad, reading ''3 price. GE 39500. TRY ME FOR A BFTTFR DEAL ON A NEW RAMOLCR. CALL TROY HALL, dlr. HE 69001 ALCOHOLICS Anonymoui. 7:30 to 10:30 D.m. 1543 L. 10th. HE 5-9196 OVERWEIGHT-- Arthritis, Asthma. _ _ I r r c fnfo._W6_F._Pdwy ; _Hr_5 : 07JS i JUDO Instruction tor all ages. Fof~ Information call HE 7-4796. ANY CAR, anv color. S35. Barnrtt's Paint, 1710 Alamitos. HE 7-2575. 3 PRIVATE LESSONS S2 GO PI ACES-- HAVF FUN! Clara Lane. HL 5 7515. HF." 3 3(177 TENSE?" C.n't slcen? Trv~Nlnqflra free. 4 1 1 L . R. Rlud. HF 2-5434. WATCHES "repaired " LowC5t~oricc5. Joe Robins, i7 Long Dcoch Blvd. PSYCHIC. Card* S3. t"?-8 doilv?~?-5 Sun GE 4-7914. 1936 Cherry CALL BILLtE TO 6-??55 for private ballroom rtiin'C lessoni. PSYCHIC ~READER-l-(47~~Rcdoiuro Ave., Ant. 6, N. side. GE 8-5756. ' BLOOD"'PRESSUI?F. CHECKLU 'ac- _f ".[i 1 .! C-'v , -_° nlv 5(k.. 142 635 Pi n e Funeral Notices 1 ^^ V WESTMINSTER / \MEMORlAl PARr/ INTERMENT SERVICES AT 'WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK DAVlS-Lcnnra N. . thursdav. J p.m. ' MAUSE-- VflWum r. : Thursday, 3..iO D.m. ' i OKUDA--KikuStii)ijrn Fnd.iv, 10. .'0 n m. POTTER-Ad.iline J. f-rldav, 3 p.m. P A Y - A-VM 5 :r:.1.:v, 3 p.m. NE'V/ MORTUARY CHAPPL Jn We^ni^fer P'% ; Declcri;wf tn 5frv* All raiths with Reverence and Digniiv ! Ctr.cva 1-6577 TV/.'noflVi 3-?4?1 ,' Personals 1 1 LADIES!! Have von seen Ihe latest horn cleaning system? Cull GA 7-591 , for demonstration. No obtluarlon CONFI'DENTTAL HELP for expectant mothers considering adoption State licensed agencv No obligation, rtn adoption In- slltufe, Mrs Long. WE 3-/18 ALONE? Write o'r call OcvVrv : Social Club, P.O. Box 177, Bell flower, Cnlit. or 1704 Atlantic Long Beach. HE, S-3V74. BEAUTY SALON OPEN Thurs. 8 HrL eve. bv onnt. Ph. GA 4-4708 2339 Pacific. GOLDEN POPPY SHAMPOO SET J2.50. A~DULT net acauatlntcd parties for men , women. All ngcs, Dane. instruct. Free refre*.hmt. ? parties wklv. Tot. cost J1.90wk. HE 7-0397 CLASSIFICATION INDEX Announcements Announcement! -- ._....-. 0 Funeral Notices -.- TM-.l Income Tax ,, ,,- » -- * Insurance _...- . -- ..-- .- '0 Personals 1 ' Loit Found .... -- . -- «...IZ Travel 1 5 Church Noticoi ....... 16 Health Aidi ,,..-. 18 Rest Homes -- Sanitarium* ..... 20 Board Guest Homes 20A Help Wanted {Men. Wmn.)..27 Florists 6 Card of Thanls 2 In Memoriam -- . 3 Property Management -- 30 Funeral Directors ,,.. 4 Cemcteries-Mousoleumj 5 Employment Preparation 2 e Help Wanted (Women) 24 Help Wanted (Men) 26 Emp. Agency (Men) _.. 26A Loam (Sfll.. Auto, Furn.J 2IA Educational Emp. Agency (Women) 23 Summer Campi 22B Employment Schools Instruction 22 W-rt Wanted (Women) 3 1 Wort Wanted (Men) 32 Wort Wanted [Men. Wmn.) 33 Care of Children 33B Call an Expert Juiincii. Professional Service Guide 35 Merchandise Swap» _ 62 Miscellanooui Wanted 63 lewelry .. 64 iquipment -- Rent 64A Machinery Tools 65 jflmeraj, Supplies ,, 68 Buildings to Be Moved 69 Foam Rubber 71 Bldg Mat! Lumber 7IC Miscellaneous lor Sale ,, 72 Sporflnq Goods 72 A Furniture for Sale 73 Antique! 74 Furniture Wanted 75 Household Appliances 78 Musical Instrument! 79 Pianoj Organs 79A Radios Television .._.,,..,,.. .80 Hi-Fi Stereo 80A TV Radio Repair ,,,,. 81 Office Supplies Equip.TM 84 Electrical Equipment ......85 Pets and Livestock Livestock 88 Pcti 91 Poultry. Rabbit* _ 92 Rentals Mijccflanooui for Rent ......... 96 Hotelj i Motclj ( R e n t ) 97 Rotirement Hole! _ 97A Rooms for Rent _ 98 Rooms Wanted 99 Room and Board 100 Housekeeping Roomi IOOA Rentals -- To Sharp _...I02 Furn. Duplexes J Flats 103 Unfurn. Duplexes 4 Flats 104 Furnished Apartments 106 Unfurnished Aprtrtmpnfi .... 107 Furnished Houses 109 Unfurnished HOUJPI MO Suburban -- For Rent I l l Rental Exchanges 1 12 Rental Agencies 1 13 Office Dos* Space _...II4 Business Industrial Properly for Rent I (5 Mtn.. Beach, Desert-- Rent... M 8 Wanted to Rent _...I22 nsurance i Escrowi . (23 Real Estate Leases, Hotels, Apt. Inc. 124 Business Opportunities 126 Business O PP . Wanted _ 127 Business Exchanges .....127 A Real Estate Wanted 128 Real Estate Exchange 129 Duplexes for Sale 1 3 1 Own-Your-Own Apt. ..132 Lots for Sale 134 Business Industrial Property for Sale 135 Property for Development 136 Inc. Property for Sale 138 Inc. Property (Motels, Trailer Parlti) J38A Homes for Sale 139 Southland City Property 140 Orange County Property 1 4 1 South Bay Property _....I42 Out of Town Property 143 Out of State Property 144 Government Land 145 Ranches or Acreage 146 Real Estate AucHoni ISO Financial Money to Loan on R. E 151 Trust Doedi ,, J 5 2 i Money Wanted 153 i IrwDstmenti-- SHj. Shares 154 Oil i Mining 155 Autos -- Boats -- Trucks Trailers -- Planes Boats Outboard*! _.l 160 Trailers _ 165 Trai er Space I65A Trailers for Rent I65B Trailer! Wanted I65C Trailer Repair I65D Motorcycles i Scooten 166 bicycles I66A Trucli Tractors 168 Truclti Tracton Wanted. .I68C Auto Parts Repairs 169 Auto A Truclt Tires I69A ' Auto Truct Painting I69B ' Elec ric Cars _ 170 . Auto Interior 171 : Auto * Truct Rental 172 ' Autos Wanted _ 173 ' Imp. Spt. Cart Wanted..l73A ! mport Sport Can ,,.. 174 i Station Wagonj I 7 5 i Ayros for Sale '76 Empl.Ag'cieslWooO 23 Empl. Ag'cles (Worn.) 23 X.«M «:.««»im.-j if.axx*«m*,-t*,tui*, T* '1 EMPLOYMEf | WO | Consult These F «(3?^«iBHXT£nrami'nr2ji LOUISE KRUESER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 215 L. B. BLVD. HE 2-7981 5478. ATLANTIC GA 3-8431 ATTRAC. SECTY. lor hr.ld o adv.. dtound 30, flexible, lots o Dcrsoniililv. $325 to start wilt raise in 60 dovs. SECTY.. F/C Dkor., local. 30 to 35. 1-olrl otllce WS wk 1-GIRL olllcc, mod., ninrrled, car S?SO R.R. Key Dunch opr \2 hr T Y P I S T , swing, olc. *m TYPIST. -(waVon "" + ! 0b °S»5 I-ILE CLERK, local, but uir ncc Musi be 5' 5". 30 35 .. si. S230 ft This Is only a D.lrttal 1 st ol our good daily positions. We have 2 ollices lo boiler serve vou Our H.L.D. oHlce_is_oncn Sol. a.m/s. BOWER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY SECTY., downln., 22-30 S2J5-5350 PAYROLL clerk, car s»0 G/0, 1 oirl. c«r 5275 S32S RECEPT., mcd. CXD. . .5225-5275 jtCTY. to adv. mor., car, 28-32 FILE "elk.; II. tyof, car ".".' .'. S23C 320 Pine Ave. ME 6.2211 fhe LESLIE employment agency NCR 3100 OPR.-- J260 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Many Positions Available 3230 E. Broadway GE 4-0931 Personals 1 1 i JUST 277 ml. lo Yuiia, Ariz, MARRY IN ! HOUR Anv dav or nlte. No wat ting. Lutes Gretiid Green Chanel, Win- terhavcn. No DUblicllv. Turn riahl at Slate line go I blk. Write 500 First M. or phone SU 3-4WI Yuma f To our oel iKauolnled dances every nloht (exceot Won. Tuos J AL SKRIP ORCHESTRA 5 cash drnwlnos Thursday nlghl CLOVfcR BALLROOM 337W W. Pike, L. B. (2nd Floor) Lost and Found 12 UN TAGGED DOGS IMPOUNDED AT LONG BLACH ANIMAL SHELTER Location: 3C01 E. V.'Illow S). Ph. GA 7-9929. Hours 9 n.m. to 5 D.m. Monday through Frldav, 10 a.m. to A p.m. Saturday, Sunday and holidays. The following nni- mals were Impounded and will be held for owner 5 days rom the date of Impounding. Animals Imoounded al City Shel er Impounded 2-2 bO Collie, male, s?ble writ. 1300 Atlantic K-19 Terr., male, while. J. Mulr Schoo 1 K-?0 Cocker, male, brown. 71st Golden Dead Terr., fern., blk. wht. IdOO W. Anaheim Dead Jannn. Nr. Temple fi. An,ihc m. Need money uaoers. Reward. GE B J073 BROWN white male Chihuahua terrier, vie. of Arlcsi.i A Lakewood Blvd. Ventura license. 1 0 6-01IH, after 6:30 TO 6--1533. LOST: "At "b.ifewav In iorn'tn. Female B.issct huund. Child's PC . Need medical t n^c. Rrw/ird 2-i3Jfl Pennsylvnnln, Lomiia, Ca f. LOST-- Friday, block female Bos on Terrier, white collar feel. Rc- w.ird. TO A-1106. LOST: Gold link hrnrelef, rnm's head house charms at Inched. Reward. GE 4-3895. doa. Blxbv area. GA 3-12B7. cinitv Avalort A Carson. TE 5-6198 Vic. Ralphs. Reward. HE 7-4019! LOST:" Enn. bulldoy, fawn whl'te" _mnle. 5823 Clark. Rcwd. TO 7-BJ90. LOST-- Cocker, f-e., auburn,^i" Wcarlnn Ic.ish. "Candy". TO 6 ?M3 LOST-- 1 ,idV, *;«"«-; wrist watch Reward. GE 95724. Travel ~ 15 LAS VEGAS R E S F R V A T I O N S COSSAGL T R A V f L 9?J South SI. GA 36971 R D f R S "wanted. L.B. to" L.A. 84:JS. GA /-?947 POINTS NORTH 8. EAST Drive as nwn. LO 7-0703. Church Notices 16 $VW5 F3UYS new 17''i' tully eauipprd. dil-fitierolass boat Dlx. 17'V cabin cruder at 5700 o f f . All new boals. motors trailers spiling at B'135 ALONDRA Si'. PARAMOUNT Health Aids 18 R E L A X A T I O N , music, massnae, new types of baths, colonici, mineral rckvenation. * L adv technicians. New operators. Ocen 7 dnvs. _ r-T i is:? LU 5-cw; S P I K E S DLLUXE MASSAGE can help vou live longer 8. live as long es VQU live MO D.m.. Mon. ihru r-ri. no Sflt . Sun __M25 Atlantic . HE 7-.iea^ Nervous -- Tense -- Soro BTindwav Health Studio MRS 10-8 GF B-70FM DOWNTOWN ~H"E"ALTH "sfuDib". Unrlcr new maridoemcnt. Chlro- oractor. Ma-^sflgss. Baths. HE 6936? TIRFD? -- NEED R E L A X A T I O N ' TRY OUR MAbbAGF 2257 Pacific. Avc. GA 49270 MARION'S Health Studio Mns^noe Colonies. New operator. Hrs. 10 B. 17(ilS Lakrwood Blvd: ME 4-35?0. LONG "BfcACH MASSA'G'F 525 E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. GA 6 3528 Onrn 7 D.IVS ART ES1A baths-- .Vt a s S a g e-- Bv Leahnctt, 9216 Arlesla. TO 60815. HE 25133 1151 E i. 7th it. SVVrAT RATH mais-ige 101S V/. __ c £{nP. to !L_ 108 - ' davs. Nt- 5-99?3. HELEN'S Masiage Salon, 1?10 E 10 Hrs. 10-8. Closed Sun HE 6-3BPO. _bath.._Wcekdavs i Sun. HE 2-6315 AN ALETTE'S Metachyslcs "MU*IC. __Bathv 1-Hr GE 3-7711. WEST'S NEW MASS AGP DFPT Hrs. 10-6. No Sun-Mon. HE 6-8^89 MARY'S MASSAGE. rOLONirs" 640 E. 3rf HI£ 7-4f?7 BELLFLOVVER-MaSE-me. hrs. 11-8, closed Thur^rtav WAbnsti 5-110T HAVE STEAM CAT H-- Will" MassVnc Jan's, 2173 Pacific Ave. HE 7-07M Rest Homes, Sanitr'ms 20 ' MOM£:~priv."Spec.' L.H e.'~Di .TM~Rt-l. ^942 Ave. Gfc" R-DO?! 1 ) HOM'f= awuv from *ionic, man", woman or cnlc Amhul. HF 7-31^.J B~OARD room, S80 mo. Nuric'i lie. home. Care optional. HE 7-8JJJ PRlVATb rm. " f o r ambulatory Indv School Instruction 22 \ ifelvi % ^ Tabulating ^ ·^ Machines % fy (Oncralron and Wiring) k 1 jf| Keypunch ^ ty\ (Oocr.Uion nnd J4 ^ Proorammingl ty J| Secretarial ^ ^ S(iccHwriting ^ % or Gregg ^ ^ Shorfhand ^ ^ Accounting 3 ^ Bookkeeping or % ^ CPA Accounting ^ % Free Placement ^ ^ Service ^ .^ Av.nlabic) 1 ' '*,fo % California College '^' ^' ol Commerce ·,£·. ''·fa, S(.hool ot RtjsmesM /'^ ^ 851 Pine Ave., L.B. ^ \ HE 6-9767 j ifc^^^O^' BiamusaaBm^zKmisaKKtxMia* IT AGENCIES MEN Macement Experts Xiasr^TrTrr-iBrKBa'.. ;··· '-r-V GOLDEN WEST AGENCY "COMPANY PAYS FEE" Secy. S/H Dkt.iph., sharp, 25-^0 local car S35( "APPLICANT PAYS t^EE" TYPIST, G. olc. OX. 22-35. Gd Co. N.L.13. S?9( SECY., lite S/H, IBM type, 24-30. sham tor advto Mor tt!S FILE CLK. Alert, tall. Car J230 RcCFPT., H. type, 22-30. N.L.B. S?17 GENERAL CLERK, tVPC, «. Alert, norm., 22-35, L. B. $?« SHARP STtNO, 20-30, L.B. 5330 MEDtCAL MED. ASSTNT. Gd. exo. L.O. S300 DENTAL Asstnt. G. Otc. 21 35 Dnln. t.. B. . SI80 to S350 Fronl ofc. assist Dr. fo 5300 INDUST. RN, 27-45, LB. Car $350+ CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY 205 E. Bdwy. Rm. 505 HE 6-6271 SECY. SALCS, NO PRESSURE, nice office lo $350 SFCY., sales, plush ..,, «75 SECY., Slot, lypinn ,, S32i SENSIMATIC bkpr,, dntn. S250 + (5) CLK-TYPISTS, car lo 5290 PAYROLL, CO. teach SVStcm .. S300 G/0, varied duties, type ,, S238 MEDICAL DEPT. Lab, x-ray lech (2) CXD. io S35C Emero. hosp assi., suro. exp. S25C Ncal, yno., mcd. reccpt., type ^350 HI type secy., G/0,. payroll S300 BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 19 PINE AVE. ROOM 208 HdS lobs for you. Rest Homes, Sanitr'ms 20 THE FINEST nursing, elderly nnd CONVALESCENT CARE Physician in attendance Formerly Blxbv Knolls Hosp tal Lono Death 7 3833 Atlantic GA 7-09M Inspection Invited Something Different In Sanitarium Rest Home Care 24-Hour Nursing Service with R.N. Supervision We Invite Your Inspection LOS CERRITOS NURSING HOME S 4005 V.roinia Rd GA 4-0115 LOS ALAMITOS SANITARIUM 23 YEARS experience in car of the aged. GE 1-5822 ATLANTIC GUEST HOME Complele care of the nocd. We Invite your inspection. 5927 Atlantic Ave. GA 2-9703 PIONPF.R SANITAPIUM Ladies only-- TV Recreation Rm. Spacious grounds, inspection in- vilcd. Arfcsia. L'N 5-2226. HU'RSES care 24 hours. Monthly rates OR life membership. The Baslcr Home, 1015 N. Broadway, Santa Ana. Kl 2-3514 VACANCY for elderly man or woman in .Iccnsetl new home. CRE3TWOOD -- 24 hour Reg. Nurse t core. Heart, st-ufcc. oouc, ca LCI I cases. 17/5 CheMnut, HE ?-846/ REST Home In Pomuna for elderly people Gd. rrn.-bo.ird. NA 2-31B5. Uuncr.n Rcil Home, 595 Hllmorc Board, Guest Homes 20- A A FINE home for mother, or, Da- cr nth, i!50 each. 1626 OHIO GE B-90// HOMEY" olmosphcre'Tn "lie." home lor cldcrlv ladv. GE 9-5798. nr. ocean. Elderly. GE 8-4723. VACAMCY~ln~New~Gucsf~Ho"me. 85B Olive Avc. Ht£ 7-4801 VACANCY lor nmbulutory lady. GH B-1203 NICE home for mothcr ( oood meals, palio, TV. GA 6-2667 POTTLR'5 iccnscd home for Indies. Good food 4 care. GE 4 93 J6 Loans 21 -A (Salary, Auto, Furniture) MONEY TODAY $25 TO $1500 BORROW ON YOUR S A L A R Y . Employed people in all lines mav qualify for ,1 salary loan. BOH ROW ON CAR OR 1 URN · TURE. This excellent sccur ty miiv Dormit faU one-day service. SPECIAL F A Y DAY LOANS "S25, tW or more loaned until pay day" or onocr. F'av only tor nctual number of days you keep moncv. 525 costs 15c tor one week. NO OTHER CHARGES PHONE F-OH YOUR 1 OAN LOCAL LOAN CO. Our 52nd Year 206 E 4th f,l . 2nd Floor Corner 4lh Locust HE 7 4 1 3 1 Ask for Ed Sheer an. Mot Free parkma 344 or 355 Locust Open Fridav until 8 p.m. School Instruction 22 REAL ESTATE SCHOOL $25 Free books. Salaried lobs. 900 Lonu Beat' El -.d Hfc 6-9751 ~ ~ STARPrODAYl ' BbCOMb A G R A D U A T t PRACTICAL NURSE L A R N AS YOU i FARN LOW 1 UIT ION-EASY TERMS Gaylord Sysfem of Nursing Mrs (- GLivlord, R N . Dir 1B36 Atlantic, L li. GA 6-1/0) L F A R N A TRADF~in 2~to 6 wks G W O C L R Y CHECKER . $98 wk. MEAT WRAPPER J69 wk rif.CTRONIC ASSEMBLY 539 vA. PUX .. . . 5325 mo. TV REPAIR ... . S165 wk. So. C,il. School Of Business 55^5 Atlantic GA 2-1239 DIVERS SD3Cl«ill;cd training in advanced nifthods of conslrurt; snlvaoc general commercial diving. COMMERCIAL SCHOOL OF DtTtP Sf'A O I V I f J G , INC. 2301 E Anaheim, Wilm. HE 5 6BOA "GROCERY'CHECKERS" HiDIVIDUAL I H b l H U C T I O N S LYNWOOD T R A I N I N G SCHOOLS 12071 Long firach Blvd., Lynwood N 9-4924 A I R L I N h HOSTF.SSFS. STEWARDS. /.U-'N - W 0 M E N-- IntercMifitt for DO^iliOJis with leadinst Sup U. $.'«,' Oversc.ii! n'r^^?^ BX "RECPT. TRAINING A so 2-t hr answer iraminp. Lfvc h.i.nris S. !rer- Dhicemcnt. Compton, NE 9 2204. Kb 6-101/. Bartender, Clctl. Waitress T R A I N E D V 1 owes! cost Short. I horo. \'4)6 Locust. Lono Bc.lCh HE 2-5645 WOAAFN 10-- in ondd health, ace IE fo 60 to Ir.nn for pract c.H nursing. Nurses PMcemcnl, GA 2-0303. R f A I . EJate"""('r.inr Course" (rpp. Heed new salesmen saicswomeji. Lcdcl^!! Dkr. HE 6-7554. Silk Srrsiin Sign Lettering MfKe Dupiav A Art CM'-sr*. Du fir.y Sthool 1611 Pmc Hf: 2 80S5 W LI. .iffrot ? rn'v-- tor photo oil roionno course. For iiUcivn.'// Ph. GfT 9-EcS6 OfARN" Real Lstntc "au ck ea^y w.iy. Pnvnte mstruclns HE 6-95^2. Lona Bench 1^29247; HEJ^n ELECTRONIC" tr,irnino"flpnrov~ for voK. met. TV A ICC. .HL_5_5»0. School Instruction 22 LEARN SHORTHAND S(3©\ ABc ' s ; tnrtll V PAYS / '.?'"" SECRET«RI«L '· STENOGRAPHIC-- CRECO ACCOUNTING lo CPA BOOKKEEPING nDV T'PiHi! : PDA RECEPTIONIST frit P[»c*minl -- Tuition Tfrmi Individual Placimfnl lOHfl BEACH SECRETARIAL ACCOUNTING COLLEGE 431 Ui( Burt »!»J. HE (-41E1 ' TO EARN MORE , I f A R N M O f t f l School Instruction 22 Old«! Schoo! In LONG BEACH Over 115,000 In Lqulpmenl Check with us before "U" sign In. GUARANTEED TRAINING IN: POX opr (o MOO mo. GROC. cashljt ,, lo WOO mo. IBM Keypunch to M 50 mo. SOLDERING wiring to M50 mo. WASHEK-drver Rpr. S6 hr Moore Sthl. 25 E. /1h HE 2-094S REAL INSTATE If you L f A R N WtLL It nays well. Study with an experienced realtor who hjs trained hundreds ot successful 'jlesncople Jotjs ? E %«AT?? V p^,iWVgKI| HOWARD BUTLER SCHOOL OF REAL FSTATE 6176 ATLANTIC GA 3-W/8 CAREER TRAINING INSTITUTE Approved Professional School DENTAL ASST . MEDICAL ASST GRADUATE PRACTICAL NURSES 218 E. 1st SI HE 50105 Driving School 22-A PACIFIC" DRIVING SCHOOL" Beginners - Brush UP 7X7 L B. Blvd. GA 4-091? Help Wanted ( Wom.)~~24 Electronic Assemblers * Developmental ^ Experimental * Prototype' Top electronic assemblers capable of fabrication and/or assembly ol complex electronic products. Must bo cnnablc of working from en. Oinfle rina prints 'n wirino from j schcmsl.c diagrams. Must have thoro kriowledge of electronic components, symbols and color code. i: Ryan Is loca'ed awav fro'n molor trattic congestion, only 2 miles. from the Pacific Const, vet still less 35 mlnulos from downtown Los Anaeles i'.nd surrounding areas. INTERVIEWS Monday Thru Saturday RYAN ELECTRONICS Division of RYAN AERONAUTICAL CO. 2750 W. LOMITA BLVD. Between Crenshaw Hawthorne BI. TORRANCE DAvenport 6-9523 Auto Contract Good position for o'rl with aulo contract il DMV CKpcrlcnce. ice Mr. Twombly al -; HARRY C. CLARK, RUICK ISO So. Lonu Beach Blvd. Complon GIRL 18-26 Gen. office work with varied duties. No e*pcr. rcauircd, bul must be oood typist. 5-dav week with pood starling salary. Position perm. Many employee benefits. DIAL FINANCE CO. Room -101 Kress Bldo.. L. B. CAR HOPS Apply in nersnn OSCAR'S DRIVE-IN 4121 WOODRUFF LAKEWOOD Placement Interviewer Will tram competent, si able woman tor personnel counselor. Should have pleasing personality S. experience In commercial personnel or employment agency. Call Mr Bane. CALDWELL PERSONNEL AGENCY. 19 Pine. Hf. 2-8481. College Grad -- Recent Public relations work witn archl- tctls In L. B. arc.i. Apoly In person. BUILDING CENTLR, 7933 W. 3rd, L. A. 48. JEED HELP-- HAVE OPENINGS. 3 flrlivr lirenird Rent F stale Salesmen for NLB area. 2 ollices. Lots of floor t-mp. Sec John W. Reed, Realtor 4l\ C. GA :-7TEl 1900 Atlantic GA 3-5J35 BOOKKEEPER. Small office " to Trial Brtl. to *325 CLLRK T Y P I S T (3) . . . lo S300 SECRETARY, exnd to MM N alley employment Aocncv 6012 Seville Huntmcion Paik ORDER BILLING CLERK firm., Gardcna aren. Musi have typing ability f, knowledge ot bubiness principles. Own transp. nee. Mr. J.itkson, DAvis 4-6ABB. MANAGER Men's Wear, local store. Givr cx- pcr.. age rets. Sal. comm. or will sell int to qudlificd party. Wnfe Box R-2W7, Ind., P-T. 'PART TIME HOSTESS Aoe 21 to 40. 4 h r . day minimum. Mondays o f f . S t . 50 hr. Apply in Dfrton. 910 f.. Willow. CANNON'S AGENCY FACTORY trainee S1.35 hr. 8721 F.reilone, Downey, TO 2-1616 6207 Pac:t'c, Hunt. Pk. LU 2-8J3I MIDDLE-AGK'D lady, nte houi-'e" vnlcscinn lady, while husband works. Board rm. + SIS wk. N.L.B. GA 2J638 NURSES ft AIDES Mcd.. Suiu. O.B. All chills Kfltell.1 Coniinunily Hospital Slflnton. Calif TW 3-5051 Bully Weslcn, Director of Nurses NURSE Grciduale undergraduate for office ot M.D on West Side. BABY S I T T E R , mv home, 7 a.m. Io 5 pni., 5 days .t wcrk. 5-JOfi Penocrwood, Lkwd. MFI J-02BB rtfl. 5:30. MOORE School wilt train yog In Solderino A Wiring. 74$ C. 7lh. HE: 209X5. Spec, ollcntion women over 40. Free plcmt. See ocf Cl. 27 REGISTERED' NURSE" To work in Doctor's office In Lvnwood. For nppt. call NE 6-343-) ·(0 vrs. Must have knowledge of nursing routines. Call Mr. Rehi ion, TE 5-6611. 10 a m.-4 p.m. BOOKKL-EPLK. tvplst. Slate ROC', expor., sal. expected. Give refs. tcie number. Write Box A-2588, r o ind.-PT. V/O.V.CH ft G rls-- V.'crk eve. hrs. from our olfict securina orders on phone. No exp. Solory. UN 5 7 5 1 1 TUPPERWARK Demonstrator. Can Your loca' Authorized Distributor for Appointment. Mfc.llf 0-3942 MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY" with Curries Sliirtlno a^ combination cook, waitress. Immcd open- ng. 4500 Los Coyotes. GE 39071. HOUSEKEEPER Ape 30 lo 50. Reference?. Live In. 3 voung children. GE 1-700?. ARTIST needs MODELS! Apply Mr. Kelfh Hunter. Chnndelier Rcslau- rant. 4205 Atlantic Ave. MOTHER'S helper, live m, expectant mother or hioh school oirl. HA -1357. MOORC Schnnl will train you in PBX rcot. 245 E. 7th St. HE 2-0945 Free placement. See ad. Cl. 22. E~XPEfRlt NCLD~lflundromaT "lady. Write Tin* No. N-M44, Indcp , P-T. age A qualifications. HAIR STYLIST, EXPER. 114S Pittit'ic Ave. Hr 74.170 or GE: J /M4 HO'uSEzKf T P E R -- Livo in. For man R H chilrtrrn, 7 ifhoo! aoe. Th^p' alter 5 p.m.: TO 6 4175. cav.rTov.r T T R orF,RAfoRT~p,u"! t;no or vacation relief work. V/nfr P 0. Ro* 91?7, L. R. JSKPR'-LIve ".n'or out. V.o;Vte("r.\ home, 4 childr. DA6-2602 flft. 6 pm 13'.' W. OCEAN DANISH sfe.-ii tvp-'^t." ScandinaViAn L.IW iiKh, cam., Thu«., FA. 4, ITO INDEPENDENT Paqe'B-'s Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 OFFICE JOBS Temp. Perm. No Fee fo Applicant Experience Required PERM. BILLER N.L.Q. como., Arid morhlne S2V5 WESTERN GIRL of Lot Anqelei Agency 110 V(. OuMn Blvd. Rni. 1? TELEPHONE SOLICITORS 20 TO 35 YEARS OF AGE PART TIME, OUR OFFICE NO SELLING Male Appointments Only TOP SALARY, PLUS COMMISSION. CALL MRS. WHITE AFTER 4 P. M. al GF 4-0981 for Interview. Experienced LAUNDRY Marker and Dis+rlbutoj APPLY IN PERSON Foasberq Landry 3337 E. BROADWAY Experienced Dry Cleaning Marker, Assembler, and Repair APPLY IN PERSON FOASBERG LAUNDRY 3337 E. BROADWAY LAN PLACE 40 Electronic Assemblers Earn Whi'e You Learn Guaranteed lo Qunlilv Free Placement Tram now Pov later 121121 Lonp Beach Rlvd., Lvnwood NE 9-4924 Sales -- Decorator FURNITURE CARPET EXPERIENCE NECESSARY BARKE A R V BROS. 141 E BROADWAY-Lono Beach Hours 9:30 to 17 noon. Mondiv thru Friday FULL CHARGE BOOKKEEPER Iliro P6L fl. T/B, payroll, accurate ivDino, L.B. .... .S350 A-'R «. A/p. payroll. Calculator, LAKEWOOD EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 4U3 Norse Way HA 9-5935 LdkcwoorJ Blvd., Corson St. Ding. SURVEY'WORK PART TIME NO SELLING! Aoe lo 65. Make nopolntmpnh bv phone In your home, or our otlicc. Complete instructions. Hrly. wane. 19 Pine, Hcartwelt Fllrto., Rm. 907 bALtbLAPY OiiDorfunHv for a'orl, caoab'c s.i'r^woman seeking pcrninnenl position. ExDcricnce necessary. Apply In person to MR. Chernov. SALLY'S LAMPS-SHADbS _ 3500 E. Pacillc Co.isl Hwy., L.B. A'CCTG. "cik.; W comnt.' ' s:o^ General oltirp. II. ntcd. l-tb. S3?5 STENO., dov/ntovvn, no Sill. S303 TYPIST, some Burr. J??5 TYPIST, downtown, no Sirt "«00 BKPR., oerni., parl time S2 hr. LONG BEACH Emnlovmenl Apcv. Req. Nurses Medic/il-Siirgical \Voodruff Community Hosollfll 3BOO \Voodrult HA 1-8241 WORK 2l/ 7 HOURS A.M., ?'/i hrs. P.M. XLNT cnrn- irio opportunity. Avon Mtir will call at vnur hnmc. No obigntion. Got Information lodov. GA /-OOI9 E*l. 2/i. CLERK TYPIST Aulo Insurance experience Preferred but not essential. Coast Rnanco Corp. 7?1 R. 4lh it., Lono Bench GENERAL OFFICE D.M.V. contracl cxp. local lo 5340 Leo Slcvcns EmDlovmcnt Agency _J219 E. Cornplon Blvd. NE 1 3319 ' "ATTE'NTION HbusEwivEs "Cur^ vour Chrislmas bills blues." t4cw Idea-- start the new year olf right. Eves. 8-11 p m Aver W5 or more daily, car fi oh. essential. UN 8-459? WAlTRFSStTS. Many |obsrio~cafand nearby towns . . Ton F'av FRY COOKS . S60 10 S75 wk. No dr-po-iits. Pee, 15% of 1st Mo GWINH'S Employment Agcnrv 316 Elm, Long Beach HE 7-38BS WOMEN-- ALL AGES Needed tor F'relerred Jnh^ GRADUATE PRACTICAL NURSES Bnei Trammg Qualities You Career T mining Institute ?18 E. 1st Cl. n HE i-OlOS A I R L I N E STEWARDESS. Interesilng oround Icbs. Tr.iin now In L B tor Dosllions with Icndmo a sun- plcmcnf«ir v fi'rlinci thruout U.S. A cverse.15. HE 6-J:63. Cl. 11. RLCEHTIONIM.""Dr.'s ollito.' n.irt tiino, 2 p.m. -6 p.m., friendly, in iplliornt. Writr. slate ,Tpe, qtidli- fiC-Uions, salary. Box D-?755, Ind., P.-T. R'.H! INDUST". HURSF~Abic to type 127-15). Xint local co., d.ivs. Car nc'L. . . . S t . S350 -t GOLDPH WEST AGrNCY 19 Pine Avo Rm. 914 Hi? 7 0501 RNs-- CaliCEIigible" P.irt t-mp Hi^iirs 7 to 3 PARK HOSPITAL _4!01 E. 10th GE 9 2109 BA3Y CARE FXD., rcliab'e womon lor 7 mos. old biibv, nte hslionn , 5 rtavs, 9 5:^n. Good salary. Rets. rea. TO 6 O.U6. HOBBY-"Tl7^E PARTY~"dernon" i s)r"ir fors. Unlimited earnings Flexible hrs. No delivery or col'ertino. HA 9-5774 or HA 9i?3? AUTO detailers-- Part time Exper only. Colored preferred. F1FST WEST AUTO WASH TYPIST-Clcrk, under no, accur^c typist, own Jransn. 51 .75 per hr. GENERAL ALUMINUM 2??1 Jefferson Torrance STENOGRAPHERS'" Civil Snrv. Fxam. by 1 . B. Anc 1R-50. 93 worn. 337 Utilities B'dn. Tiip-;dav thru Srtl"rriny HARROR B~ \UTY CCILLFG^ 4AS IV 7th. Snn P^rfro TF 2-1*66 Moore School wilt Irain'voii In IBM Ke-voumh. 2-5 E. 7tn. HE 2 09-15 Tree placement. See ad Cl. 2?. HOUSE KI-'R PL R~lor riirp o t ' e l - l e r Iv couple. Live in. 6 davs ft / nifihK 5-'? v/k. GR 8-1779 EXP dinlnq room cocktail v/.iit- reis. Club Norman. 103?7 L. B. Blvd., Lvnwood. atler 1 p m. WOMAN to care Inr srml-inv.ilid hubbfltid while wife works. Call _ HA 5-A150 nfier 5 p.m. V.'OMFN l--in pood heallh~7ae~18 fo ftO to tr,iin for Pr.ic. Nursinn Nursoi Placemcnl. Cl 11 GA ?-0303 ', Groc. Checkers. ?45 Fi. 7lh. IT ! ? C745. Free plcmnt. See ad Cl. 11. LADIC5. PART TIC/.F., SFriiRING ORDtRS. NO e*p. ner^^;.uv Call i alter 3 p.m. GA 27475 FRY COOK Ani'w }·-". p m RAY'S RANGE, 1190 E. CARSON ' BABY SITTHR 'w.inlc*' 5 d.iys a week., eves. atl. 6. ?.W'j E. 5lh SrcfY~l-oirT"officT~NX"fl.~'S345 Scctv., dicta., oil or Irnn^n Wi Doroihv Stirlino Agency HL 5 A35? PRArflCAL NURSE-hskpr ~Livc"ln' __S100j'/llh. freedom. GF 8-5395 ' COC"ktA'lL""WAifRtSS Younrj, rtttraclive. 1?9 E Ocean. BABY sitter. Live In. 2~chiidr'on. HA 1-7B87 'ART or full-time snlfswomen, percentage olu-;. Nt" 1-7492 SHIfvT PRFSS "operator^ exper., union. 9316 C. Oflk, Bellflower. LAUNDRY, fvperi~3hi'rt " prri'rr: ' fllso P't. marker. GA 4 7309 CHRISTIAN womnn, over 40, hskpr., , Jive in _HA 5-5838: 2" NEAT "ApDe-irino" C.inva'.scrv. , Trn rnnini.'.^ion. GA 7-S^O N UH$t --Under rir. vlV3 fn i T ^ h i f t fh^. 1775 Chestnut. HF ? P4A7. HOUSEKEFPrR," .ive in, 2~ girls, .' s. io. c.i't fvfi. rr sfT? 1 ). UPHOLSTFRtR. N^r. (jr inker, Steftdv wnrk. 91 F. Market. GA J 8«T 'ALPHA PIRSQNNEL A o r N r v " 518 E. 1ST ST. HE 704.19 Phone HE 7-97R3. HSPKR. '«, (»fs cf"~»emi mvAi r|'. ' Help Wanted ( Worn. J. 24 SECRETARIAL, LB Immediate opening for oersoiiible, capable oirl ns SECRETARY In SALES, interesting position re- gulring ability to handle sale;, records, shorlhand, accurate yp- ino PBX relief. HOURS 8 to 5 (no Salurdfly) AGC ?l to 30. SALARY-- Commensurate v/ th ability and experience. Pleasant office surroundings with numerous employe benefits, inc oroup Ins., annual vacation profit ihnrlno. Car deslroble. IF YOU QUALIFY-- APPLY KIT MFG. CO. 1401 W. I7TH ST, L.B. SIERRA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 5070 Faculty, Lakewnod (Across from New Scifewav) MEt 3-B147, NEv 6-1484 Med. recent., 10-20, sharp w/ rain. Acct. clerk, 30-40, local A/P, exo. S308 BV' F/chg , total Hie type. 3045 . . 5350 GOOD HUMOR NOW HIRING WOMEN Gunr.-- Bonus-- Benefits Apply Today 1601 W. I5fh St., L. B. WOMEN OVER 40 wishing lo suonlement existing Income bv participating v/ilh us m the cctoocitv ol telephone survey operators. Please call IIT 6-1533 for interview, 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. F - I - S - C - H - E - R FMPLOYMFNT AGENCY SECTY. -OIL'TRAMSP. VHO TYPIST. PERSONNEL depl., S73-. INVFNT, CONTROL (.Ik. ...MID 115 PINh Room 603 HF ?-S??7 BREWERS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Med. flsit., tnh. S. X-rav OO-, type, 1-oirl office, aae 3050. Snn Pedro 5300^ D.O.E. 7150 Cherrv GE 4-7538 GE 3-6331 NURSE Doctor's olf ice In Complon. 8-12 Sundays S. 13-4 Mondavi NEvada 6-2B67 Help Wanted (Men)~26 IMPORT SALESMAN Experienced to handle a line of top selling imports. 1 - r X T F L t F N T COMMISSION 2 ATTRACTIVE DEMO PLAN 3-- VACATION J, HOLIDAYS 4-MANY OTHER BENEFITS SEE LOU FLEMING J. P. LAMERDIN. IMPORTS 2200 E. ROSECRANS COWPTOH, CALIF, SALESMAN APPLIANCES TVs IF YOU ARE experienced and can really sell, we have e rca good opportunity for one man. A deal with a ;ive-wire organization with the very best lines In the business. A discount store wild an excellent 20-year reputation. If vou arc sincerely interested an interview will be iirranned. Write Box A-3608, 1, P-T Civil Ennine'jrim Assl. C I T Y Or ANAIiriM SALARY S565-S6EO Slrtrtinq siil.iry hdicd upon exp. trafntno. Strret, sowrr, s'orm drain dcsinn. Computing. Subdivision checking. Supervises ;ub- profpsslonnl ennlnrring personnc . College grad., 1 vr. cxpcr., U. S. cltlien. Apply Personnel Dcpt,, City Hall. 204 E. CCNTER, ANAHFIM SALESMAN Doe to pxpnnslon we need one experienced used car snlesman. Highest commissions paid, insurance, paid vacations, etc. Established Chevrolet Dealer, large ot, big invcnlorv. Anolv In Person to LANY POFF GLENN JONES Chevrolet 1-lv7C Pa-'aTiPU'it Blvd., Parn-ncunt AUTO SALESMAN Increased volume creates nr-ed tor one experienced, hlrd-calilnc salesman. Always n laroe Inventory, priced rloht. excellent commission. APPLY DU2 STALEY Dill Darnell Chevro'ct 305 So. Long Beach BI., Compton DRAFTSMAN 3 to 5 vrs. cxpri. In sheet mefnt, making complex assern. dwns., keen records. Steady employment Vacation 8- holidaVs. Call OX 3-171 i TRADE WIND MOTORFANS INC. 77H Paramount Plore _ PICO-RIVERA, CALIF. ' NFFn' HELP-- HAVE OPENINGS 3 active Licensed Rral r-,tflte Salesmen lor NLB area. 2 offices. Lots of Moor time See John w. Reed, Rcntlor JQ1 C. Market GA 3-79HI 59CO Atlflntir QA 35135 BOYS 13) EARN 572 WHILE TRAINING. S T P A D Y FIJI L TIME. RAPID PROA'.O T I O N S W I T H LARHFST CO ItJ FIELD. HARD WORKERS ONLY NTCD APPLY. MR. WARD Hi: 7-44A4 F - I - S - C - H - E - R EMPLOYMENT ACFNCY CLAIMS INVESTIGATOR, caroo s^oo 7 Y P I 5 T - C L F R K . C A R ' ' ' SIM _ 115 PINE Room 603 HE: 2 i92/ TV Terhnlcian. e x p e r t o'n" bench" A outnde cnils. This position re- nuires with top ability A excellent h-irliijiound SIELCO TV 8701 G. G. Blvd., Garden Grove "BOOK SALESMEN Sell Ihe bnl. Fflrn the most rruy. Britannlcn. 3970 AMant.'r. Room 701- a.m. onlv. GA 7-971! V 65%-- HAIR STYLIST wilh Following. BELMONT SHORT npauliful shoo o'tMsanl work inq ccnd. GE 4-4612; wk cvs HE J-3262. PART-TIME JANITOR Linht clean-up work. See Mr. Harrison between 4 6 p m STOREY.RICKETTS CO. 999 Long Beach Blvd. WANTED AT ONCE. EXPERIENCED FRAME AND ALIGNMENT MAN. GOOD SALARY. HE 7 - 4 3 1 5 ; GE 4 - 8 4 1 2 . WANT" TOP~QUALITY ! Mobile Home service man, exocr in moving 10 ft. wide trailers _ 12645 Roseau. Norwalk. VMNITO -- Concur Iron " sa' eotimator, oi'.ir.iitced v/nne 4 (.nninii^Lion C«i : l C'/enini!, only, 6-B p.m , TO 6-5700. A MAN'S" AM'BTflONT MuM oe small t ne needs A JOB S. does not tail IE 4 8224 FINISH CARPENTER _UN S-5743,_B.9:30 a m . or 3-5 p.m. SALESMEN-- Call on buvncss. Law ' to sell. No cnmpelitiun. 50' B '· comm. 1119 Pacific Ave. EXP. service station attendant. Full '· fi parl lime. Rloomdeld Im- ·. Hwy., Norwalk. MARPIF.D men. atie 25 J3, car and nhonc, can earn S12S weekiv. Fuller Brush Co. GA 7C;« Help Wanted (Men) 26 SAT-A-LIIE SALESMEN to tell revolving outdoor b e a c o n lights. Prospects h a v e b e e n contacted b v mail. The light sells itself You collect! VERY GOOD commission. Must have car and be abli TO make deposit on demonstrator Sputnick. Also need some $p.inish-ipeaking men. Full or part time, or travel. C a l l 10 a. m. - 13 D. m.; 1-6 D.m . includino Sunday. ' Even if you arc in » different sales liold this on- portunity is worth looking Into. Ask for Mr. Burnett, Sales Mqr. Long Bench : Surplus Sales 3515 Lrino R#n£n Blvd. GA 7-7*11 ! Help Wanted (Men) 26 ENGINEERS Explore the advantages of working at AEROJET DOWNEY Immediate openings for SENIOR FLIGHT CONTROL ENGINEER B.S.E.E. with 5 io 10 yoan experience In specification and design analysis of automatic (light control and guidance systems. ELECTRONIC ENGINEER INERTIAL SYSTEMS B.S.E.E. or Physics 3 yean experience in ihfi development and analysis of inertia! components and systems. Special cmphaits in the analysis of servo systems and digital logic networks. ELECTRONIC ENGINEER RADIO-- RADAR NAVIGATION SYSTEMS B.S.E.E. or equivalent with 3 years experience in the development and operational malnrenanco of Radio Ra- dtir navigational aids such as Lorrtn, Cytac, Decca, Wi- ctolock and Tacan, ELECTRONIC ENGINEER TEST EQUIPMENT B.S.E.E. with 6 yean experience in electronic development and tost equipment development. Must have ability to formulate concept implement design, direct construction ,ind evaluate performance of special purpose test equipment for automatic flight control and guidance equipment, radar, camera syitoms, infra - red jystemj flnd other complex equipment Call or Apply TO 1-971 1 SP 3-0130 Aerojet-General Corporation I I 7 I I Woodruff Av«. DOWNEr, CALIFORNIA A Subsidiary of the General Tire Rubber Co. ASSEMBLY Mechanics (Wiremen) Immcd'dtc oponinos In final assembly. Must be able lo rend schematics and wirina dt.igrarps, form and lace bundles of wire and lavout work. Must have own hand tools, Please Apply at Personnel Office LEACH CORP. 1SJ35 Susann Road Common Hb 6 1061 SALESMEN Freezer, auto, insurance, boohs, vacuum or whatever vour Una miiv be-- if vou ire hapov or uncanny or not maklno the money vnu were making-- Then-- I sin. crrelv bclievt- 1 -- 1 have sometliino to offer vou in tnc line of Tangible AWic., wilh an ever incrciisino market evcrv vear. Gentlemen tn-s ic worm al least n phona call. District Fnclorv Reo. Phono onlv 10 to ? p.m. MR. RODGFRS, HE 6 7965 SALESMEN AND SALES TRAINEES Ditlo Inc.'s new products hav« crcsicd the need for additional salesmen, 21-30, coMeoe. Excellent lulurc lor men desiring management positions. GA 7-7496 AUTO MECHANICS Need three experienced men, S.iiarv. We handle botn toroion ind domestic cdrs. See Jim Lfttl* DALE BROWN MOTORS SALLS OPPORTUNITY Young hard working married man w.Hi car or station wagon to cover established tcrnlorv. C.illino on hfirdv/drc gift stores. Salary cominission Write giving resume to Inde., P-T, Box Ho. A-A81, IF vou know livestock, this is for vcu. New nicuJi.nn selling io formers, rnnchcrs, dnirv cattle men. Fr ( inchlse terrltorv aM over Cnlif. A Arir. Gonrl comrn. V^lltrcd f-ricdman Co. ?/8l V/eslmmstcr MAN to vnrk v;ilh mnnnger. Take orders, deliver. Rawleigrt foods, c!t. No investment. Transportation furnished. 350 E. Anaheim by 11 a m TV TECHNICIAN J.'.uit be acod -nan-- for inside outside work. Comuanv eslab. IB yr; For nnnt. HE 6 3?J3. WANTEb young aggressive man for SiVes of Genera! T i r e s bv nren's oldest riistr.buior . Saiarv. comm. A bonus. Con Sac' Leo Salisbury at HE 69631. Mt-N to service "established waTkms Rls. No cxo net. Pav starts im- mcd. 57-13 PCI hr 1OT5 E. Wardlow Rd. A.M.'s only in contracting. Oooortumtv to work with established contracting service. Write Rox A-1W Ind. P.-T. S3"ii PER HH."profi'ts"tak~l'no"orderi A delivering Rawiclgh soaos, etc. No invfifment. 370 E. Anaheim before 11 n.m. SALESMEN-- Sell land In CALIFORNIA CITY, we train lor Icciisc, Call HELEN KOTARSKI, HO 2-i9?l. FRY COOKS _. 515 Shift G'.VINN'S Emnlovmcnt Aocncv 316 Flm. Fee 15% of 1st mo. 1 NEED a vouno married man to helD me in my busine-.s. Full or n*-t lime. 3??0 F. Anaheim. RUG CLEANER! FXD. B'nci-ng ar-d scvvino rtlso. Aoe ?S or over. Wril* Rnx A 59S6, Ind., Prcss-Tl. TELEPHONE SOLICITORS TO 7 4 W 4 UPHOLSTERER Knot Richardson HFT 5-8741 BE A PEACE OFFICER See c'as5 29, this oaocr. G T N C R A l MACHINIST-- D4VI.

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