Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 14, 1962 · Page 16
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 16

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1962
Page 16
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5NIAGRAB . . . Spelled Backwards, Means "Bargains" . . : Plus You Get Fast A c t i o n , When Using Family Want Ads. HUMBOLDT S'WiA'D/UDSaturday, Apr j India ACIIOSS 6 The Eumi 14, 1962, P. Answer to Previous Punlft il§il I PS ail idifei I'isifBi \ O T U SJJE P cs O R Alt 5 S , _ A VIE 2 § ; s U l£ *? JHtom? JiliisiuiAsiallc J5c','°,, "" MEN el ID r ,;,,,. JliKjKtrl ItelHItolUI |£j 3» ]'.,-,! iFrl 21 Kntrtof doll ."M Second srllfng r/ rn -,-- t a a U t i u l f k d 3ft Female swine lOSoli 261'uiM! 37 Squatter I'lifraicli for 2JK««j Bait m Changes " [-11 hcd iJfa J'ynfLraLt; anew .Itf Kxtrudes 2, \i cd 33 1''" 1 " 1 ' -1 "ale «l* 26 i MilTM, o f t h e 1 2 3 * 23 Armed conflict " SI Pastry '' 3,i Vanclics 111 ' J nirmlite 1 Sidly L_ .in Dirk M ·If) Negative word i 1 __ ·n Oncers 2f -M Park! fab.) ·IV -Lilv ir.,nd of 33 34 A.I, ,1-15(1 American sable 39 53 Wallow M Scoffs 44 S r.', clurscr g 5Q ;jufunct 47 48 J Unman date 53 2 Expunged ,, 3 Smaller J " 5 16 SlEl JAlLlsk gtel IfrlAlrte 43 Sentience 4it Follower 40 Hoy's nicJcuam Eil Emmet 52 Scottish sheepfold [/ 111 9 fo 1 N j^rrfrrj BBsip ·fyl ff*i -- jfltLLr- HB4U 4 1 B Tsn srffi jfL--l |52| " 54 1 1 t ^nji NKWSl'AI'KH KNTKilPRISE ASSN'. \VOME.VS GOLF SET \K\V YORK UP1 Moraii fount ry Club in Day (in, Ohi will he Ihe sile of the MM N, tomil Women's Anuilcur clwrr pionship, the United Slates Gc c Association announced Thursda 1 This year's event will be held " Rochester, N.Y., Aug. 27-Scpt. These Merchants Are · (!\ iH IT ikl 4 { T O SIR iUNDAY VE YOU i ^ *3K£_ DCwvll'IV 3jfr A PLANTS j|llL i/ifl A,£V i Stock - Snapdragon* - Paniies · f Violas - Fibrnus BoEjoniai . Cin; eraria · Carnation* · Alyttum Delphinium - Bachelor Buttons 1 SHERWOOD FOREST NURSERY e /·· "" ©1 Bring ?\k'^S Family :i V4''';'-7SBww»Pr- · '. far a complete dinner rratrn ^uin/cki FRitD CHICKEN ; or BAKED HAM ; $ T j 2 5 includes vegetable, potato, : · lalad, coffee, dessert j SCOTTY'S CAFE ? A c r o s s from Roy's Club Open 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. ^ 7 djyi a week 3 BROADWAY ] SEAFOOD GROTTO ;| 1! NOON 'TIL » P. M. j Drop in tor a delightful wa- "* toot! dinner . OR t M'.T'.mtfs cauonl by local boa i j and protested In our planti. ·ui Broadway HI 3-2075 tor Reservation* ALSO DINNERS TO 501 P I 7 Z A V VARIETIES J Special Attention for Orderi "To Go" Eniny a Puia in our roman ic Hours 11:38 a m, to Midnight. GRACE'S i 2912 E St. Henderson Center j HI 2-B77I Directly | from Moo to you ! Farm Fresh Dairy OPEN SUNDAYS 8 TO 8 MYRTLE 4 McFARLAN TRY US RAY'S r l USED C A R S ;| Open 'Sunday j To ;rruo you with the Bros*i W A V Super Market ol U«d Can. j mo Broadway HI 3-1BI1 1 DC Bon Motor Co. 1 PETER SILT TRUCKS '! P A R T S A SERVICH NOW oreN 1 AM-10 AM SUNDAYS i ; BUCKSPORT AUTO 1141 PronctwAV i III JXOl . Grim f fn S Sunday 41 ALL Dl COOKED 1 Homemade Ra Chicken Catc Chicken Liver Mlnestrona S PIZZAS Parties up to For Rcscrvflii ROY'S HI 2-4574 No Parking Opon 6 day! r 5 p CLOSED M( r NNERS ·0 ORDER violi, 1 Carnuio f j p TO GO 30 people. om Call CLUB 218 D Si roblcmi m, to 10 p.m. 3NDAYS j SHRUBS ADVICE ON YARD DECORATING Pelargoniums lo bloom OVC Open Sun. dawn 'til dark Hollies Nursery 62SI Humboldl Hill Road HI 2-9051 COMPLETE LIQUOR DEPT. GROCERIES FRESH VEGETABLES RICHFIELD GAS WE GIVE SH GREEN STAMPS OPEN SUNDAY ItSft A.M.-7 P.M. NORRIS MARKET 2-100 Myrtle HI 2-7407 In Area FALORS PH Opon overy day 9 Coitnetlcs -- To ALL PRESCRIPT 1i43 0 A rent a a It's ARMACY a.m to f p.m. vs -- c Irm. ION NEEDS oto Equ pmcnl VA 2-2925 You'll make it · weekly treat Once you try OUR AMERICAN ft CHINESE SPECIAL 11ES Or t« the apple 01 nu eye . Wild AN ORDER TO GO from CANTON CAFE HI 3-11 H it W. 4th McKlnlevvlllo White Autocar Trucks SALES, PARTS A SERVICE FrclgMliner and PDQ Panol Delivery 7310 McKinlcyvltlc Avc. TE 9-1537 MURPHY'S OF MeKIHLEYVILLE Open B ·vm. - 8 p.m. every day TE p-ini Oroccrlci · Clolhlng · Hardware SIOHT SB C H A R T E R F New fllrplflnci w plloll. SlnqU ,tna PIF.RCB FLVINC HI MO !INO tii intirucior multl-ong net, S E K V I C B I JA. LEGAL NOTICE Dept. 1 SUMMONS - ' (General) [1 The People of me State ol Calllorn j. To tho above named Uofendanl: J You are hereby directed ID eppe J and answer the complaint of the abo *" named plaintiff tiled In the above e 1' titled court In the above entitled actl | In TEN days after the service on y =1 of tills summons, if served wilh n t J flbova named county or within THIRT days II served elsewhere. You are hereby notified that unle e you so appear and answer, said plal till will take Judgment lor any mone or damages demanded In the con 1 plaint as arising upon contract, or w apply to |he court 'or any relief d Dated: April 3, 1942. FRED J. MOORE, JR., (Seal) LUCY F. URE, MATHEWS 8. T R A V E R S E Attorneys at Law 507 F Sireet Eureka. California 4,'T, }4, 3\, 28 [S NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No, 107619 On April 7dlh 1962 at Ihe hour o o'clock A, M, of said day, at the e trance to Ihe office of Belcher Abslra 1 Title Company, 537 Third Street, n th City of Eureka, Counly of Humbold State of California, the undersigns BELCHER A B S T R A C T 8, TITLE COW PANY, as Trustee, will sell al publ suction lo Ihe highest bidder for easti in lawful money of the United State a 1 payable at the time of sale, tha Humboldt, Slate ol California, bounds and described as follow*: BEGINNING on Ihe subdivision;*! line at a point distant thereon 1173.26 feet southerly from the northeast corner of Lot 2 ol Section 17 in Township 4 North Range 1 West, -- Humboldt Meridian, said point being Ihe southeast corner ol the parcel ]f oi land firstly described In Ihe deed from Alfred Bell et UN to W. A. v SK flags et ux dated March B. 19-8 and recorded April d, 1946 Humboldl at County Records; Ihence south 89 degrees 17 minutes west HO feet to the southwest corner of the land conveyed lo Nor-- man L. Staley et ux by deed recorded August 26, 1057 as Instrumenl No, miB, Official Records;, thence north 0 degrees 34 mtn- j corner of the Staley land, said point 1 being the true point of beginning of i Ihe land lo be herein described; I and running thence from said true j point of beginning, north 0 degrees 14 1 minutes east 1(0.1 feet lo the north] west corner of the land conveyed ID 1 Ralph 0, Ramsey et u* by deed 1 recorded December 1, 194B as n- 1 strument No. 11712, Official Records; I thence north 89 degrees 17 mln- 1 utcs east 120 feet; J thence south 0 degrees 24 minutes Slaley land; 1 thence south B9 degrees 17 m rv- ules west 120 feel along the Slaley land to Ihe true point of beginning. ALSO a non-exclusive right of way over a strip of land 15 feet wide, the north line of which is ties- cr bed ai follows; COMMENCING at the northeast corner of the parcel ol land herelnabove described! and running thence north B9 degrees 17 minutes east HO tect to the northeast corner of the land conveyed to Ralph O. Ramsey at UK by deed recorded December 1, 1948 as Instrumenl 11712, Official Records; ALSO a right ot way over an existing road 15 feet wide leading from the northeast corner ol the land conveyed to Ralph 0. Ramsey by deed recorded December 1, 194B as Instrument No. 11712 Official Records, northerly and northwesterly to the Stale Highway. Said righls of way above described are not exclusive, but are lo be used n common by parlies entitled thereto. Said sale will be made ' without covenant or warranty, either expressed or implied, regardlnt) litle, possess on or encumbrance, to satisfy Ihe obiijja- t ons secured by and pursuant to the power ot sale conlorred in that certain IDeed qf Trust executed by KENNETH DAVID and ROSA M. DAVID, his w (e, Truslor*; to BELCHER ABSTRACT TITLE COMPANY. Trustee, for the benefit and security of RALPH 0. RAMSEY and YVONNE RAMSEY, his wife as oint tenants, dated February 7, 195B and recorded February 21, 1953 in Book 479 of Official Records pafle 513, Records ol Humboldt County, California. BELCHER ABSTRACT TITLE COMPANY /s/ W. G. CAVE, Vice President, /s/ L. J. SUCHANEK, Secrelary-Treasurer. 3/31-V7. », 31 S County o' Humboldt Slate of California NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at the ofllce of the County Clerk, Court House, Eureka, Calllornla, unt I 2iOO P, M,, on TUESDAY, MAY 1, 1963 al which time they will be publicly opened and read for performing work as f o l o w s - CONSTRUCTION OF DECK AND METAL BEAM BRIDGE RAIL AT BOYCE CREEK. No bid will be received unless It is made on a Proposal Form furnished by Ihe Counly Surveyor. Each bid must be accompanied by cash, cashier's or certified check made payable to the County of Humboldt, or a bidder's bond made payable to the County of Hum- holdt,, and executed as surety by some corporation authorized to issue surety bonds In the Stale of California, tor an amount equal to at least live percent 5'i of the amount of the total bid, such guaranty to be forfeited should the bidder to whom the contract s awarded, tail to enter Into the contract / wilhn ten (10) days from and aller 1 Notice of Award. c All bids are to be compared on ihe bails of Ihe Counly Surveyor's estl- t mate ol the quantities of work to be No bid will be accepted from a Contractor who has not been licensed in accordance with the provision* ol Chapter 791, Statutes of 1939, as amended. Plans may be seen, and forms ol S proposal, bonds, contract and specifications may be obtained at tho olfice of C the Counly Surveyor, 1106 2nd Slreel Eireha, California. r- The special attention of prospective a bidder* li called to Ihe "proposal Re- D niiirements and Conditions" annexed to k the blanK torm ol proposals, lor lulljp directions as to bidding, etc. s In accordance wilh the provisions oil s Sect on 1770 of the Labor Code the lonrd of Supervisors has ascertained he general prevailing rate ol wages applicable lo tne work to be done as oiiows; Copies ol Ihe wage schedule adopted iy Ihe Board 0' Supervisors are flVftll- abl upon request In the County Clerk's office. Court Houie, Eureka, California. bodt Building Trades are incured Irom Son Francisco Building Trades. Apprentices to nil crafts aro sublecl o working icalei set up by the Ap- nrant ceshlp Council. C Fltjht IB) hours shall constllulo a H lay's work-Forty ( 4 0 ) hours per veek. D Overtime: Saturdays, Sundays and A lo days, governed by craft involved. The (allowing holiday* thall ba oh- u orvod: New Year's Day, Memorial of )ay, Independence Day, Libor Day, nr fhanksfllving Day, ChriUmai Day, Ad- th ·nllilon Day and Veteran's Dny. n The Counly ol Humboldl reserves the Ih glit to reject any and all bids. S By Order ot the Board ol SupervUors. C Dated; April 10, mi, th County of Humboldf Ih PRKD J. MOORE, JR., M County Clerk. E Deputy County Clrrk. »o ·I'M thru i/H (S) m Ih AiK'k'nl I 1 ! u y p 1 IKMMUKI /in ]9 Jinjih'i* in npprnximatcly 3-100 U'. MriiH (moncN) \uis HIP flrsi [; *ln«. A - *;^iKW2S^ 1 DEATHS AN HAYKS. JOSEPH H ALTON - a, April 13, Iflu2, 444 Dixie Stree Uio Dcil, Husband of Nora 1 [ Hayes, Rio Doll. Father ' n Betty, Lfinora, Jackie Lee an c He is .survived by numerot Y other relatives. He has bet s employed in the lumbering ii y dustry. A native of St. Pan !j Kansas, age 50 years. Service · will be held In the chapel i Coble's Fortuna Mortuary a 1! a. m. Monday, April H with ttcv, Birdsong of Rio De officiating. Private intcrmen will bo in Ocean View Cemc Ifiry. Eureka. ) LEGAL NOTICE County of Humboldt State of California NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS , SEALED PROPOSALS will be r -eiveff al thp ofllce of the County Clerk , Court House, Eureka, California, unt ' ^00 P. M.. on TUESDAY, MAY · 1962 at which lime they will be publicl . ipened and read for performing wor r is follows; CONSTRUCTION OF RE ALIGNMENT ON BUTTERMILK LANE No bid will be received unless ' 's made on a Proposal Form furnlshe ; IV the Counly Surveyor. Each bi ; must be accompanied by cash, cashiar' or certified check made payable |o th 3 County ot Humboldf, or a bidder's ban ·narfs payable to the County of Hum bold)., and executed as surely by som 'orporation authorized to issue sure) bonds in the State of California, or a amount equal to at least five pcrcen (5", ) of the amounl ol ihe total bid such guaranly lo be forfeited shoul the bidder to whom fhe contract awarded, fail lo enler Into the conlrag within len (10) days from and alte Notice of Award. All bids ' are to be compared on the basis ol the County Surveyor's esl mate of the quantities ol work to be done. No bid will be accepted from a Con tractor who has not been licensed n accordance with the provisions of Chap ler 79), Statutes ol 192?, as amended. Plans may be seen, and forms o iroriosnl, bonds, contract and sped'ica ions may be obtained at the office o the County Surveyor, 1106 2nd Street Eureka, California. The special attention of prospect ve bidders, Is called to the "Proposal Re u remenfs and Conditions" annexed tt tie blank form of proposals, for fu d rections as to bidding, etc. In accordance with the provisions ol Section 1770 ol the Labor Code the Joard of Supervisors has ascertalnec tha general prevailing rate of wages applicable to the work to be done as ollows: Copies of the wage schedule adopted by the Board of Supervisors are avail abl upon request in the County C erk's office, Court House, Eureka, California All crafts not represented by Hum loldt Building Trades are secured from San Francisco Building Trades. Apprentices to all crafts are subjec o working scales set up by the Ap irenticeshlp Council. E ght (fl) hours shall constitute a day's work-Forty (40) hours per week. Overtime: Salurdays ( Sundays and Holidays, governed by cralt Invplved. The iollowing holidays shall be ob served: New Year's Day, Memoria Day, Independence Day, Labor Day Thanksgiving Dny, Christmas Day, Ad mission Day and Veteran's Day. The County of Humboldl reserves the r ght to reject any and all bids. By Order gf the Board of Supervisors Dated: April 10, 1962. County ol Humboldl FRED J. MOORE, JR., By s / W. E. SCHUSSMAN, County Clerk. Deputy Cpunty Clerk. -1/14 thru 4/75 (S) No. 15301 Dept. 1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Superior Court of the Slate ol Cali lornia for the County of Humboldt. Estate of FRANKLIN B. LEWIS, also known as F, B, LEWIS, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given by the under signed Executrkes of the Lasl Will and Testament of FRANKLIN B. LEWIS also known as F. B. LEWIS, deceased lo the creditors ot and all persons having claims against the said decedent, (o leave them with the necessary vouchers within six months after the Irst publication of this notice in the office of the ClerK ot the above en- 1 tied Court at the Courthouse, Eureka, Cal (ornia, or la exhibit them with the neceisary vouchers within tU months alter the first publication ot this notice o the Executrlces at the law offices ol Mitchell t Henderson, attorneys for said Executrlces, 614 Seventh Street, Eureka, California, Ihe place for the ransacllon of the business ot said estate n sold County. Date ol first publication of th s nollcc: March 31, 19S2. L. PHYLLIS CHERRYHOLMES ELIZABETH A. COUSINS Executrlces of the Last Will and Testament of · FRANKLIN B. LEWIS also known ai F. B. LEWIS, Deceased. WITCHELL HENDERSON, Attorneys for Executrlces, 3/31--4/7, U, 21 S) CERTIFICATE IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED AS =OLLOWS: The- undersigned are partners doing usiness in the State ot California nder the lictitinus name "Chapel of he Redwoods." Their principal place of us ness Is located st 770 10th Street, rcata, Humboldt County, California, he names in full and places of resl- ence of Ihe partners are as follow); William W. Hover-- 770 10th Street, rcata, California. Patrick D. Bryant, S41 F Street, rcata, California. Dated: April 12, 19«. WILLIAM W. HOVER PATRICK D. BRYANT tate of California ) } IS. ounty of Humboldt ) On April 13, 1962, before me, » otary Public In and lor said County nd Stale, personally appeared William . Hover and Patrick D. Bryanl, nown to me to be Ihe partners ot the srtnershlp that executod the within In- rument, and acknowledged to me that uch parlnorsriip executed Ihe same. DOROTHY L. STEEVES, Notary Public, State of Cal - forn.a-Prlnc.pal Ollica, Hum oal) boldt County. My Commission Expires: March 3, 19iS. 4H Sunny Brae Center, Box 360, Arcata, California- ·1/14. 21, 58-5/5 (S) NO. ism NOT.CE TO CREDITORS n ihe Superior Court of the State ol _ alttorn A In and for the County of umbnldt. In the Motler of the Fstftte of ANERSON MESKET, also known as NDERSON MESCAT, DecCBlftd. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the ders gned Administratrix ol the estafi said decedent, to Ihe creditors o d B t ncrsont having claims agalni e dccftdenl. to file them wilh the cctsflry vouchers, In Ihe office D e Clerk of the Superior Court of the ale of California, In and lor Ihe unly ol Humbaldt' or to preien am, with the necessary voucheri, lo w orncys, Falk ft FalK, Room 307, 3JO Slreel. Eurel.*, California, which ccti as her pUco of builncti In all L ntlm connected wilh ihe Dilate ol d decedent, within *k mnnthi altRi Dale of llr-,1 publication: March 14, W 63. PAUL INF M, M A T T Z , AdmimilMtn. of sjild Eilntr. - 'funny! lor AdmmKlrfltrix 3/K 31-4/7, 14 (S) ID FUNERALS - MORELAND, JOHN -- Frid» t, April 13, Trinity County Hi ). hand or Harmony Morelan [ (nee Harper). Father of D d borah, age 16, and Chrisloph s and Mrs. Donald Dotson, a fo n tor daughter, Great Falls, Mon - Brother of Mrs. Gerry Unite , man of Gridley; Chet Mor s land and Jesse Moreland, bo n of Kailun, Hawaii. A nnth t of Gridley, Calif., age 52 year , The deceased moved lo Eurek 1 in 1944 and was employed a t a hardware salesman fo · Bnhnes, Montgomery Ward Co. and Fortuna Hardware u · til illness forced his rotiremen - two years ago. He was a mem ber of Eureka Lions Club an Humboldt Lodge No. 79, r 1 and A. M. He attended Yub . City Junior College and wa ' graduated from California Co - lege of Arts and Crafts i i Oakland. Funeral arrangement are pending at Pierce Mor s tuary. * HARRISON OLIVFR 1 Apr ' 14, 1862, San Jose. Husban of Nellie Harrison. San Jose Father of Mrs. Michael Ora peza, San Jose, and Judith Naida and James Harrison, al of Eureka. Son of Loren J Harrison, Los Angeles and Ih lals Ruth Fulton, Arcata Brother of Mrs. Jeff Nissen Mrs. Darrell Hopper am George Palmer, all of Eureka He also Is survived by two grandchildren and s c v c r a nephews. A native of Oakland age 42 years. Services are pending in Santa Rosa. The deceased attended schools in Eureka and was a graduate o Eureka High School. He was a resident of Eureka until 1355. GETCIIELL, J A M E S ELLS Creek Road. Father of Marian E. Beck of Eureka, Mrs. Verda M. Graham of Arcala. Member of Humboldt Lodge No. 79, F A. M. A native of Fresh water, age 74. Services will be held at Cooper Mortuary Chapel of the Ferns. Monday April l(i, 1962 at 3 p. m. Rev James Brown and Humbold Lodge No. 71), F. A. M. offi ciating. Private inurnment a Ocean View Cemetery. Contributions may he made to Masonic Home, c/o Masonic Temple, Eureka or Shriners Children Hospital, San Francisco. City Planners In Monday Session A special meeting of the City Plaining Commission has been called for Monday at 7 p.m. to nstigate a resolution declaring the commission's intention to rczone iucksport property from Heavy ndustry to Light Industry. The change is being made to allow the granting of a building permit to Donald Talley for enlargement of lis trailer court. Herbert 0. Ur- ban is chairman of the commission. Man, 79, Faces Murder Charge As Suicide Fails FRESNO (DPI) -- A murd charge wus filed Friday in muni ipal court against George Weis 79, in the slaying of an cider roomer Wednesday. The district attorney's offic filed the complaint against Wei. In the death of Mrs. Mary Clar 92, who lived with Weiss and h wife. Her mutilated body wo found by Mrs. Weiss when si returned homo from a 15-minui shopping trip. Deputy Dist. Ally. Elchard For said Weiss, a diabetic, was lisle in a weakened condition at th Fresno Counly General Hospiu where he was taken after h slashed his left wrist follow n Mrs. Clark's death. Ford sal Weiss may have to be fed ntrc venously because he has not ea . e n in the hospital. Weiss told officers he did no remember cutting Mrs. Clark, bi did recall hitting her with ''some hing." He also remembered cu ing his wrist. Because of Weiss' condition nt date was set for an arraignment MARRIAGE LICENSES 3 APRIL 11, 1962 James Douglas Neale, Eureka. Cal f., 8 Donna Mae Faulks, Eureka, Calif. Tommy Young, Eureka, Calif,, B. Marlor Claudia Walls, Eureka, Calif. LOST FOUND 15 CLASSIFIED LOST AND FOUND Anyone finding Keys, glasses or IDS articles, may bring them In the COURTESY SERVICE Counter at Eureka Newspapers where wirvner may claim! Found tame fjreen yellow parakeet Henderosn Center district. April 12 Owner pay for ad. 2944 Fairfield S Sat. or Sun. Found: Men's dark rimmed bifocals. Apri 12. 8th t G Parking lot. Claim B Eureka Newspapers, Lost S, Found. AMUSEMENTS 19 Babe Ruth Benefit Turkey or Hen Shoot At FiDldbrook, Aoril 15lh. 10 -- 4, Follow the signs. CARD PARTY at Freshwater Grange-- Saturday, Apri 14th. Games 7:30 -- Cards 8:30. VanDuzen Rivnr Grange Hall Games, 12:30 -- Cards, 1:30 By Home Economics Committee ARD PARTY ~ April 18 Games 7'30 Cards 8:30. VWWI -- Veterans Mem orial Building, Fortunn. UMBOLDT GRANGE, SPRUCE PU N 1 Card Parly Every Tuesnay ames, 7:30 -- Cards/ 8:30 UBLIC GAVE 5 E V E R Y WEDHFS DAY st 8 P.M. Eagles Hall, 1317 California Street. UBLIC GAMES every Tnursday -- B p.m. Moose hall. 107 Fifth Sireet. Eureka. inlature bowling is )un. Ages 6 to 60, Complete Birthday Parties. INI-BOWL 2575 Harris HI 2-5617 GOLD GETTER Wad your Wallet wilh extra cash by seizing the Want Ad opportunity to sell all kinds of hunting equipment. Whether you want to buy? sell, trade or rent-- Times- Standard Classiflde Ads will do the Job for you. PERSONAL NOTICES 23 PERSONAL NOTICES 23 CUT RAT KNOW YOL If arrested you have a righ call to a Bailbondsman. Mak sure to qet results-- the only b ON THE JOB-- across the str a day. YOU GL! ONLY ONE CA EUREKA B will always LOWEST RATES AND FAST If you want tc call RAY C Across the street "E BAIL'!! R RIGHTS 1- to one-- but ONLY ONE-- 3 that cal! where it will be ondsman in town who LIVES LL. DON'T WASTE IT!!! AILBOND offer the EST SERVICE IN TOWN get sprung ;ENUNG from Ihe Jail 92-1-- 4 t h St. (1th 0 J) Eureka HI 2-5795 anytime " PLAN ELIMINATES Funeral Expense to register In a plan thai provides funds (or funarnl expenses. In addi- t on to providing luncjs trio plan en- abei the parion to (poclfy funeral n Plans. The plan cam only a few lion without obllaallon,* wrlia 0r thi p PURPLE SHIELD PLAN. Box J78 c/o Eureka Nowipapars, Inc. ullcr's trie friendly Texnco. 4]75 Broadway, 6 a.m. lo 9 p.m. dally -- Sun- ,. d»ys 8 to 8. HI 3-SJOO. 3? Chs need repairing Insure your vilely w Ih Security. Locksmith Shop- .Ml 6th St. HI 2-7177. Across from bank. c now Qlvo S U M GriTn Stamps wilh ill repairs. UonMlr.iki* and Mulder. Slh - al DrMrtway HI 3.3703. "TOAST to ttie TOURIST". . . Rrrnktrtil In iho l : i AMINOO ROOM al WALT'S, 2331 B'd*ay, HI t-9lt» MOVING AND STORAGE HI 3-3161 IN M61? T A S T Y HOMEMADE P A S T R Y I NORMA'S Murray Field Restaurant 2-*!Ot Eureka * clt c Telephone construcflon man fn ~ "·alo Allo would trnile wilh sama In Eureka area. VA J-US2, C Wcc Bee Cnle . 2 F atrcot, Eureka HI 2-4434 J Peanut hrlltio. . . D ""Ciinut hutlrr. . nr ust plain PEANUT R A T E ! DRINKING PRnm EM? L Alcoholtes Anonynioui HI Illfll. PRIVATE INVFSTIGATOR r t HI I-S?0 BUSINESS SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICES WHO'S WHO A d irector for Business in thp Humhoni" "I me nuinuuiui . Arfs Crafts r AREA · D r · c . Professions 4ir Ambulance Air Ambulance comparable to ground ambulance rates. 3 new airplanes lor e 1962. Also airplane sales, leases, rentals, charier. HI 3-50K s PIERCE FLYINO SERVICE !, Alterations Dressmaking K Alterations Dressmaking, lallwlno, M s cnine Emhrtunering, HemstiiieiiinB, Bv ton and Buttonholes. The Cameo Fashidn Shoppe e 710 Ftith w. HI izw Auto, Glass ,1 McDRIDE MOTORS " AUTO GLASS INSrAUEO C 916 Broadway, Eureka HI 3-73 1 Soil Bonds p ,, L § EUREKA BAILBOND CUT R A T E · LOWEST RAU-S 8. FASIEST SERVIC Across the street from 1(16 jail HI 2-5795 ANYTIME If you want to get sprung call RAY GENUNO 924 4th SI., Eureka HI 3-1606 -- PAUL WILLIAMSON -- Dan Hays Boil Bond Agency HI J.J7I9. Bottled Water Spring and Distilled HI 3-3023 INgersol! t«]l PERSONAL NOTICES SUBSCRIBERS IN EUREKA If you fail to receive you Standard by 6:00 p.m., Ph HI 2-1711. Lines open till 7 p.m. on Standard. If you fa fo receive y o u r Times b 7:30 a.m., phone HI 2-171 1 Lines open until 9 a.m. on Times. FORTUNA -- It you fail to receive your Humboldt Time by 7:30 a. m., call Mike Coletta, RAndolph 5,2077 Complaint calls token unti 8:00 o. m, ONLY! · If the Humboldt Standard Isn't received by 6:00 p.m. call Mike Coletta, RAndolph 5-2077. Complaint c a l l t a k e n u n t i l 7:00 p. m ONLY! ARCATA If your Humboldt Stondarc sn'f received by 6 p.m., cal VA 2-0462 not later thon 7 p.m. If the Humboldt Times isn t received by 7:30 a.m. call VA 2,0-162. Complaint colls taken until 8:00 a m ONLY! In Crescent City, if you do not receive your Humboldt Times please phone Clyde Stennett, INgersoll 4-3734. If no answer Phone INger-- sol! 4-3171. Complaints ore taken until 10 a.m. CASH REFUNDS FOR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISERS The follnwlnrj Standard-Tlmes clasiN f ed advertisers have cash returns due them. They paid cash with copy- got low rates for their ad and received results before the expiration date of their ad. Here's proot of the fast, effective results of Tlmes-Stnn- dard Classified Wants Ads. Is your name listed here? G ade Campbell 403 W. Pacific, city 2.28 Frank M. George 853 westgate, city 1.6Q Cecil Green Rt. 1 Box 313A, Arcats « Robert Hack! Gen. Del., Pepperwood f.EO Mike Henderson 1835 1 St., city 1,28 J. W. Johnson Gasquef, California ,9t Ray H. McConnel P. 0. Box 94, Arcata 3.1i Oscar L. Nelson Box 96, Trinidad 9i Ph ip Santa Rosa 2011 Jt St., city ?fi Wm. Sheppard P. 0. Box 474, Fortuna 2.78 670 2nd, Rio Del 2.28 U your name Is listed above please come into the Tlmoj Standard Classified Dent,, 323 E Street. Eureka, within 30 days. Upon proper IdcntU flcatlon, we will gladly refund the money due you. CONVERT NOW! Double breaited suits to single breasted $22.50, VAN'S TAILORS CLEANERS, 317 E Street HI 2.J01I. LIGHT! FLUFPY! GOLDENI MASTER'S TOAST LOAF · UNWANTED HAIR cmoved permanently, Eilelle Hemen way. R. E., 423 Henderton St, HI 3-Of4, A meal -- that's real CHINESE OR AMERICAN union Cafo 41 W 4th HI 3-3 1S( DBS WANTED-WOMEN 50 fly Cflrc lor 1 preschool child. My licensed home. 1637 Calif. (Qrollo St entrflnco.) HI 3-JOJ9. rt HI 3 7 2 7 8 nhylt|lno « hy weok, HJIVI refer- cncfV Prrfcr ArcM* fircit. HI 30111. LIST YOUR SERVICE IN THIS DIRECTORY 3 Lines-) month *U.« i ' Phone HI MM1 - Ext, 207 Chimney Cleaning Licensed Chimney Sweep. Saves hous - - Ml )W!2. m Commerciol Refrigeration BARKER'S RSFRIGERAIION Correctors » Commercial Relrlperallo . 1119 Jh St. HI 3-M Custom Farming PLOWINb, DISCING. LEVELING, bar. E fill, lot clearing, rolary culling. F. E LEE, I?4D "i" SI. Phone HI 3-3501. Dry Wall Construction Taping, texturing. Quality work reascr able ralei, Free estimates. D. L. Brec: ner. HI 3-WI7. Excavatnig SEPTIC TANK. EARL LEACH. HI 3-4«7. · House Moving HI Mill lor 0 Free Eillmsle. A. (. JOHNSON, House Movers. 3m Nort Highway 101, Eureka, JOBS WANTED-WOMEN Baby Sitting by hour or diy -- a professional Ironing -- my home. Re enable rates ~ call HI 3-43*5. Day work night babysitter. HI 2-iB3S Widow will do bachelor apt. or ho cleaning. Experienced practice! nur HI 1-7570. Day cars for your small child In home. AUOr home typing, Reaionab HI S-5W3. JOBS WANTED-MEN It beln.? the start of the tourltt tea* we hope there Is an opening for aggressive manager-maintenance COUP with excellent references both perto and commercial. My husband sand are desirous or moving Info your ar We are apartment and motel manag of more than 10 years experience, are a young 5J years old, white, w groomed, (juleti non-drinkers, aand cellent salesmen. We have no pet? a no children. My husband Is an a around maintenance man. We are rt managing completely a 76 unit ape ment house and have been here for year, but our iofnt deslrei nave ways been to live with "e BIG TREE We would be happy lo live anywhe between Garberville and Crescent Ci Interested parties please write 1 Florlbunda Ave,, Burllngnrne, Ca Diamond 5-9103. Slightly handicapped veteran want* »te* work. Ranch, watch men cleanup. Som knowledge wlrino, plumbing, mill wo Non drinker. Ht 3-2SW. KIRK'S UAWNMOWEK SHAH PEN IN plcHyp "nd deliver. Cut like new guaranteed. HI 3-33)e. CARPENTER FOR HIRE. SZ.50 p TE 9-2180 after 5:30 p. m. PLASTIC WALL TILE AND FORMICA. Also hous 8 painting, I2,7i hour. Ht 2-7362. ATIOS, BARBECUES, BLOCKWALLS, HOME REPAIR, No Job too small. HI 2-2061 alter S p, m. CUSTOM ROTOTILUNG HI 2-7995 -- Evenings call HI 2-1VQ9 Young man will do any kind of work- Yard work, spring house cleaning (1 cludlag windows). HI 3-3633. 9 - n a.m Experienced Japanese Gardner. S3.50 per hour. HI 2-0693 CUSTOM LAWN MOWING and general yard work. HI 3-9394. HELP WANTED WOMEN 52 CHOICE POSITION or alert, polled girl of good appe; ance and personality. Experienced in meeting public and handling money. Age 21-35. Start $285 or J300 month. 37 '/i hrs. week- ALLYN PLACEMENT AGENCY 730 5th St. Hi 3-7346 or 2-1477 xperlanced salesgirls wanted tor Bistrin's of Arcala Eureka. Hi 3-6767 for appointment. k finisher, steady work, modern plant, French American Cleaners Uklahr Calif. Live-In Hogiekeeper Babysitter Weekend* Free VA 2-3733 ve-ln babysitter for 3 children -one In school. In Arcata. VA 2-3073 or VA 2-1353, Want Reliable Woman for live-in child care. HI 3-6171 aturc responsible woman for housekeeping and child care. Prefer live-in. HI 3-2370 after 5 p.m. ELP WANTED MEN 53 AD BOOK MATCHES Full or Part Time Men Campaign Book Matches to all can- lidates -- right up to November e|ec- SGII reoular line, featuring Glamour ilrli. Hillbillies, Tenorama; doreni more. Everything for everyone In FREE Master Outfit. No experience neceisaryi no investment. Write today, MONARCH MATCH CO., 3330 S. F nt St., San Joss, Calif. PATROLMEN £606-$647 CAREER--SALARY-' BENEFITS gh tchool Qradualot! 91-3? Induilvej 0/35 uncorreeled vltloni hilahl S'9" · 'A"i 160 Ibi, minimum wilh weight roporllonal to 'itlght. Room 100, clly Hall, Oakland. Calflornli. OFFICE POSITION o work with public, Mutt hava ivvtral ears ol butlneii experience and flood Qinrcncai. Two yean coiitgi preiorrid. Age 3MS, Slarl 1500 month, ALLYN PLACEMENT AGENCY par oncftd Journeyman r«*cipper. Muil ompany binifitt. Apply fi, p. Oootl- Ich Rft-Cnp Plant. Short ft. WnlpplB St. Ash tor Mr. Chni. Still. Lownmower Sharpening LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED EUREKA SAW WORKS !(!» Fovrlh It. HI M1M Machine Shop K«r»en Mnchlnv fc Welding Works Melillilng _ Oluer Roll Grinding 7th end Broadway Hi 2.3*17 PAINTINS -- PAPEHHANGING 1 Includlns Scenic. 1, sinltas. Reasoniblt. John Boyu, RO i,»]t, RA 5-3K5. BAY PUMP S. IRRIGATION For ell pump suppllea reaplrs " VA a.«'g deyi - VA !.«(! nljhtj. Tire Recap Sales Commercial -- 820 W. Murr»y PAssenger -- (22 ^th Street DAYTON MURRAY BODY WORKS Rebuilding wrecked frucKi i ipiclalty. ath and B streets HI 2-42« Well Drilling well drilling -- free eitlmatas TE f'2992 McKINLEWILlE DRILLINS CO. i Oravtl Picked Welli FE 9-inj TE MJM re MMI HELP WANTED MEN 53 - WANTED Carrier Boys Times and Standard Several excellent routes available soon. Out of town areas please write the Circulation Dept., Eureko Newspopers. Inc., giving name, address and age. Soys in Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville and Blue Lake, phone the Circulation Dept., Hillside Here Is on excellent opportuni- ty to earn your own spending money and win many fine and valuable prizes. WANTED 3oys 12 years or older in Cres- :ent City area to deliver Hum- xsldt Times routes. Call Mr. Clyde Stennett for i n f o r m a t i o n a t INgersoll Several excellent, good paying routes available soon. VAN OPERATORS, TRUCKMEN NEED. :u. EXPERIENCED OR 1NEXPER IENCED. ncAreK Sit' , m ? r '. mo " ev - Y M r -"Hmi work wilh tgitni , rDW i ng mover ,, £ f. us '"»s If yourself. Pjld | r ,| n | n ; ! neodtd. Latest lumllura tralleri, ill loads jupplled. Ast !t or o«tr PHI physical, own or can finance 'i°"r later tractor, JM C u. In. or laroer Writ. Maytlowar Tr.nA, Box To/l Depl, V, Indlanspolis 6, Ind, Sales -- FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE National AAA-1 Mfg. Co. terrilorv with are't *Brwln"StelSKlI Compensation discussed In Interview For appointment write Box !«, Eu- reko Newspapers. Inc. MEN pportunlty lo enter Insurance sales. Ex- «Her 0|1|lorlunlt ' 1" «nter a^ntS"'''""" 8 '"* 0 ' 1 ^-^ OFFICE MANAGERS men needed now lo treln for oltlcB m«nap,ers. Barn while training wim a large nationally known company. CONTACT MR. APRS 310 F ST., ROOM m HI DAILY ANTED: Experienced lervlce iletlon operator. Full lime, good pay. Rio Dell area, state references, age, mari- ta status, etc, by personal hand written application only to P. 0. Box. 301 Fortuna, Calif. anled 2 men to atsllt me In my business duties varied I Interesting. HI 3-53« lor appointment. WANTED LOO RIPPERS, CANNONBALL LUMBER COMPANY ARCATA, CALIFORNIA edwood Spill maken Wanted _ Call Garberville m-lISi, Tools required. Chain saw, etc, No experience needed. PL T MAKERS WANTED. Experienced J " V n"" apply. Call Orlck -- HUnter tVANTED.MEN, WOMEN 54 JOB CENTER NGINEERINO aide ... 1(10 mo. start 2 yean collage NIOR eiihler ci«rk tin mo. Experlencid W lllleMller $}.« hr . Expirlencid HARWOMAN ll.Mhr. Bxpirlinced California S t a t e Employment Service altering the trii'i lergeil lourte ol klllid, iiml-ikliled md labor lobi. II !lh St., Eureka HI J-OIOl aerlenced prestar tor cleaning plant, (oman or mm. No PHONE CALLS 'LEASE. Apply 101 4IM St., eurikl. 'BW TROY LAUNDRY AND CLBAN- LARKS EMPLOYMENT AOBNCY -- loin Street Arcili ALLYN PLACBMBNT ADBNCY ' Specialists In ofllce personnel » Filth Street HI MOT

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