Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 16
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Un« luck. I. 1K Joseph Kirth. D-Minn, chairman of the space sciences subcommittee, said Thursday that he had reached no conclusions as to the ceed for » 50-milliaa electronics re- tkmed the location. $50-Mfflion Boston NASA Lab Called Kennedy 'Plum' By BIU. SU5INER t r-T wnuivtM imM with its proximity to Hir-iare wo. Massachusetts Institute - WASHINGTON -- Rep. of Technology and the exist ing electronics industrial complex, made it the best place possible for such a laboratory, Democrats on the subcommittee have also ques- search center in Boston, but charged that the space agency had as yet produced no corn- selling reason for its estab- ishment. 'This is the thing that turbs me," he said. *Tm as sure as Fn sitting here they don't know what capabilities we have right now. Let them put it in the record." "HIS comments came at con- going down the some observe the course of this In- missioned. I could offer this civd oa the session, ud tti creasmgly heated hearing, fa CaHfomii. But do you House tlong with It with h!i took Issue with Downing. · wiat to make It » WPA prcj- final question. Where was ·This," he »ald, -has be- ect? If you're going to doKefley from? » come * plum. We'd «U like that, you're going to make I "I was born «nd brought this fa our states. Moffatt pork barrel out of the space,up in the Greater Boston Field in California Is »va3-'effort.- ««*·" he "^ ^ l left able. It's practical!? decora- Karth brought down the'there 20 years ago. ; But in questioning the ce for such a lab in the first place Karth said: *I think NASA needs some in-house capability, a good technical team which is able to evaluate the work being done by universities, The rpace agency is seeking an initial outlay of $5J million for site acquisition and engineering and archi-] tectunl planning for.the pro- »sed $50-miHk3 laboratory. 1 Plans c a l l for an eventual 2000 persons. industry and other government laboratories. No they need a team to evaluate and test equipment developed. elusion of three days of testi- But how m a n y people we mony by Dr. Albert J. Kelley, NASA's director of elec- ^ the likely of tronics and control, man who more than need to do this is a question I can't answer." He said that NASA had not yet provided a satisfao tory answer. would be put in charge the laboratory. Republicans have sought to provide t h e subcommittee establish an uncomfortable with a detailed survey on all . Kelley told the subcommittee that NASA intended to locate the center on a 1000-acre site. · » · · THIS LAST produced a heated colloquy between Rep. ~ " Downing, D-Va, and Rep. George P. Miller, FCaIif, chairman of the full space committee. Downing maintained that the laboratory could be located at an existing space c e n t e r at Langley, Va, and said, too, that such facilities should be located in depressed areas "if it didn't deter the main StlfingonVentire stock r~ 1 Karth has asked KeUey to effort." Mffler, who dropped ia to UZA IN JUDY'S FOOTSTEPS : Actress Judy Garland (right) hugs her daughter, 17-year-old Liza Minelli, Wednesday night after watching TJra star in the off-Broadway revival f '· _. of the'lMl musical "Best Foot Forward." The v youthful actress was. acclaimed by critics,' -:· connection between the campaign promises of Sen. Edward Kennedy to "do more for Massachusetts" and the decision by the space agency to establish the laboratory. AND WHILE yi that Kelley has the area, WITH JACK LINKLETTER 'Hootenarihy* Time Nears '-' .': a ' V ' ' \ * : :' : - ' - . " · · / . - · . . " . space-oriented electronics re-' search facilities, and said that until this had been provided for the record, the panel could reach no decision on authorizing the new center. ·We've got to have Inhouse ability," he said. The question is how much. I doubt that we ceed a duplicate.fa- cility. I ti?nfc we have a lot of capability. The question that bothers me Is how many Population Data NEW YORK (UPI) -- A forthcoming United Nations report on the population ex plosion will stress that former 'estimates of growth in low income countries have not been .extravagant anc that the world's population will double to 6 billion within 40 years, a U.N. spokes man said Thursday. 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The 25-year-old e m c e e makes no idle boast about his golden voice having earned him the job. Nor does he nm -JACK LINKLETTER Noa-Singing Host Linkletter and the *Hoot- won't be introducing isll the acts." DYED-Df-THE-WOOL folk singers are a suspicious lot when it comes to such a mass media as television. So Jade is working on pumts who might be reluctant to appear on "Hootenanny." . "A lot of folk singers are concerned that we might try to make th»rr^ conform to a pre-conceived idea," he said. "Folk songs are rooted in emotion and they don't want us to change them. But the singers who have been · on shows we've already taped have told us they were glad we're playing it straight." Linkletter, a hardworking young TTLin with hundreds of radio and television shows to lus credit, is hardly the type to don a turtle neck sweater. , that poppa Art's influ-Ieach campus," Jack said. ence was the clincher. |This is instant entertain.. 1 was asked to do this ment. In a half hour'show show because of my age,"!well do II numbers with said "Jack. "They wanledlfive different groups. 1 wan"somebody who was in be-! der around the audience act- tween." f. ·' '. . Jing as aa interlccuter. 1 _ ., . . grow a beard and effect a enanny" crew videotape their forelom ^ sometimes ,,. shows on such campuses as George Washington Univ, Brown. Providence and Michigan U. "We do two shows with d i f f e r e n t personalities on sociated with folk singers. EXHIBmXG an honesty rare for performers, he explained why he won't be strumming a guitar and singing such old timers as "Shenandoah." "I'm even a bad toe thumper," he admitted. *Tm best singing national anthem in the Los Angeles Coliseum with 100,000 " people at a football FOR JHE V^OMMUjfilTY-CHESr * Greofeif . . . 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