The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 29, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY JFREE IE DAILY FREE PRESS Established Weekly; 1877 •ee Press' Publishing Co MIlS. JOHN T. &ALBRAITH ' y Etitot'-and Manager I tures. The same is also'true in. the case 6f other roomers there. Miss Mattie May Miller, : Ralph Davis of Murphysboro "and Cecil Grady. '' At the Marshall Batson home, some" .ot the furniture was saved, although in a bad'condition, a» a .result of being "taken out in a hurry. - - 218 '.•-,:: • .- Terms '•--••: iubscription 15 cent a week. idysrtising bills " due weekly. ob; ; wprk, strictly ':. SUBSCRIPTION .47.85 entered at the -postoffice at Car ndale, Illinois, . a^ second class tter. Office in the Free Press ilding, \Vest -Main Street. - . ind Fanned Fii»c Sweeps Robert' Price • 'lost ' some his things, .hiving a room there. Most of the: 'furniture was also saved at the J._R. Johnson home, although considerably .damaged, due to saving it. Less was saved ''at the Stafford home, 'where the fire started ,although a good part was saved, down stars, none was saved upstai 1 rs. Thi fire upstairs- was burning through all the rooms before any one was able to get anything out. At the Miss .Beach homo, just east ; of Stafford's most of I'M furniture was saved, but some was not so"'badly damaged on account of the house not being fully <lc?troyca. 'No""one was at home at the Walter's place. .While the fire was' in progress, thc roofs of cording to its local :manager,'\Maii;--j : ning,-. Snider, stated' there-was su£-'. ficient pressure at the-, plant,, that. is_-pressure required by the city 'to light the' fire, but the pressure was not at the plugs wh.eV the fire first started. The plug on the corner..of; Walnut and Normal Avenue, tht'I first'one to bemused, exerted practically no force at jail}'; "or ijus't'piiough',.' for the water to go' through the.' - j ust as t ;, e / hostf. Snider explained this by' u ., dcr control the. saying there l was something wrong ; sounded, for ' trie'- -second ward. between the water . plant and the/ was £or ' the h ousc o f. Mrs. plug, but those familiar with theJ'>v anc e, colored, .on' North 1 plant are inclined to believe tha-tf. Street. •'•''* water cock at the water tower was! The Jiollse cau g], t on t h c roof, riot turned off, which'let the pres-| presumably from .a :spark from the Millie larion sure -go into ths water tower, in- one sweeping the block -between stead of coming into the water Wallult , and Elm Streets. 'The blaze mam. This should have been done at! the . co i ored wora an's home wa J s the first thing, .and it .was. known-. put out with K uckeis " o f watSr by that the fire-had been in progress-. nci g.,, boi . s . Mr J, Xance was "not at more than ten minutes before tin's home - whcu t j le fi] . c Xvas discover- plyg was- turned off, being done by cd _ A . ,. vrger part of .- the . roo£ oll Harry Diljmger, who went out onc side . Q{ , he house was burncd . Repubjican Ticket "•' ©arbondal Towns . Following 'are-' the 1 ) '^Republican, candidates in'the 'township election^ to be held Tuesday, April 6th. . Assistant-Supervisor--. .- j WILLIAM M. HAL'LIDAV ; . Highway Commissioner I GEORGE FORE V -" ED—COLUM . .e'pE sillad Assessor SAM ANDERSON Towship iQerk . . ' : W. J. BROWN - . . . , School Trustee - THOMAS L: CHERRY- .Pound-- Master HERMAN EVERHART V . M29— 71 there and • did it. who went He did this bc- fore the Company man-had got out to the water tower. When this was (Continued From First Page)' blazes were seen on j houses surrounding- the entire. Mock.. {The W. C. Marten home on Walnut :-rescue of, the -situation; A lung! Street; across from the hottest part se Miad .been attached from near of .the fire took flames several-limes dow.n'ito - Wahmt .. hpse-.carried 'a ,- go'o.d. essure, er.ablmg the firemen to -the effective work. At length.,t!ic y hose began carrying a pressure but. were put out. Also houses ois each side. The Christian Church o>, Elm Street was kept from burning ^ by the use of the hose r.nd also" th. which, something could be no t being so exposed on account of ne... .Three city hosds were at-'-t ne w ind not coming in that dircc- c*ied to the plugs, which with thcjt; on . On 'fhe contrary the wind C.'"h~ad four hi .all, were used in' was what carried the fire 10 such mbating the destructive flame.-:. destructive proportions. it took estimated the loss from ..yes- j fl a mes, which ordinarily would have rday's f>re will run more 1,000.00, both the houses an e th:inj b, e eu under nd .fui- the hose,, j co!ilrol.'~out of,reach of jumping across an en'.irc [tur'e. While much q£ the lurniturc j.'block. Probably what seems to be bs . saved in -most of the homes';! responsible for. the spread -01" this ere, is. nevertheless damage fiohit disastrous 'fire, when no doubt it have been checked at. first, lack of sufficient water pres- H>-ing out in a hurry. I.) -vh'e could h" h.~mc, which was n-.-.t en-.-; 5 the 1; jflly -destroyed, all of their furn-.- su re. .When the fire was first rf-'-vvas taken out in pretty good at .the' ,Stafford home, the water (nJHtion. In the Hale" home," jus~t"pressure .was practically nothing. |t-....of there! less than half _oi the When the plug was turned -on, to smfure was-.saved.' Mr.'- and . Mrs.' which the was attached, full ph'Johnson, ,\yho roomed ihcr'e, force of the water gave a stream p^most,.of -,their things. At, (lie too small to do anything with. If alter ,.home- : much of the furniture this stream had been'strong to bc- .icarried.;out;.;.ai the same- time' s -; n W1 'th, no doubt the Stafford ost of. "it -was lost. " Art Woods, home would have been saved from ho roomed tftere saved much of. total destruction and it i- certain s-clothing and smaller things,, hut that *hc fire would not have spread, st the ^larger part of his owji fix-' The Public Service <;.,-.•-.-•. ac- . Had the flame got a .headway in that section of the city, where the fire plugs are Scarce a:id_ all the' done,.the ^city water beg^n to come! fire hoac h] usg at the ^^ scores with a pressure, \vith which the fire I . could be fought in . sonic manner, j* clr but this delay of oniy n. lites was what a!3o\vcd i)ie dc* live spread o£ thc -blaze. In fighting the fire .scores o would have been uc- 1IK ""\ CI> ! slroyed, it was feared. It wquld ,ew lvnr '-'; i lavc been almost hopeless to fight a blaze in Jjiat section of the city ' where the houses arc so thick.. izeus took the hose and went into, it, with a dcie.oxmia'jion. that the threatening- danger of John Haydcn, who/holds a position at-the stale prison at Chester, serious fire in the history of Cur- was n visitor here Sunday.' bondulc, would be brought under! • : ^==~= control. Harry Farmer, thc -local CABONIM.LS D O W N ; Fire Chief,and his -regular depart < gg^p ^LECTION > NOTICED -' ment were on ihc jol) and foiif.'ht; with every effort, with thc pressure i and equipment they bad. When the.i water bcc-an to come hotter in the I city hose. Harry XHllinger, known to Carbondale as perhaps' its Notice is hereby given to the legal voters of'Carbondale township, Jack-" hcst1 sort eoucity, 111., "that .flie annual fire .fighter and leader of fireg>:h,j tov?iiship meeting and election ;of offi- took charge of thc volunteers a-nd| ' ccrs of said township will 'take place the Fire Department and ''began to I Tuesday, April. 6, 1920. The election will -begin at 7 o'clock . i bring tilings to where hope \vas-. seen for a check in thc spread of' a - m - and close .at 5 o clock-p. m. n the fire. When they began to ffet) the following places: things along to. where the fire way ! Precinct No. 1, W. \V. Hamilton's under control, plenty of water was coal office. then to be had by both the city hose and the I. C., t.he^ latter using used effectively with good pres- iPrecir.ct No. 2, town clerk's office. Precinct No. 3, Sullivan's garage. Precinct No. 4, A.'P. Smith's paint, sure and what seemed to be the ;_,,'„,,. ,- . , -. . . , . , . , r The following officers. are to 'be only chance or saving things before { ..- • the city water opened up a .better! „'-.'. . „ i . . •-• • J Assistsuife Supervisor. f „, c , \ ,: Highway .Commissioner. The ,firc department Iro.m Mur- _, u-ii—.v !., .^ ",,r •*- o iVn ujeric, .... physboro-was notified and asked for . assistance, "but it was. thought tharj School°Tnistee. - ' •' nothing could be done by them v p omdmaster .. . commg over here, because thc sue- The . town . meeting . win open at the cess, in fighting the fire depended j town .. ^-^ office ^ cztbovtele, 111., on., the. water supply, any. how.' Enough hose MASONS ATTENTION Special meeting o£ Sliekinah' lodge' No. 241,. Monday '(evening:, March 29 and Tuesday evening March 30. for work: . i T. A. WEAYER^W.'-M.j H.- C, MERTZ, Sec.' " . M-27--it" A_ stupendous production of Pumas', masterpiece, presenting •fhe star in a remarkable dual role.-' A never to be forgotten •photo-dramatic version of-a world famous story.—A truly great feature. • , • Also FOX NEWS and LITERARY-DIGEST • ." ' - ,«.ll-and''22€ents / • TUESDAY—THE GREAT' was had here • t 2 0 > cloel! . , p _ m , ; Qnd after choc-s- I to K a moderatolv will pr . OC eed'to hear handle. .the water supply, although : and .. consider . the reports O f. officel . S , more :wa, sent over by the Mur- 1 to apprapiate m(mey . to d6fray . the physboro Department being brought | necessayy expenses "of the tonwship over by Chief Chas. Baxrnan. He j aw j to d «j iberata , and decide -upon got here at twoj^clock in the ^af- j sucll measures as 'may .be in pur-su-. ..«, „., i »..._ ot |, el . firc-| ance O f j aw before the -meeting. -The judges that ' conducted the. last election will be" expected to conduct lis election. ' ... Given under my hand this 25th day What fite Public Wanfs and Can't THE Enough of" N.Y.World ' WITH A agE>U?A7!ON.beOW»i TO EVERY CSViLIZESHATIOH _- —Picture Program- -66 -. Also HAROLD, LLOYD COMEDY-"" Pictures 7 P. Mr '"' ." Herman 8-;45 P. M. Pictures Following-22 and 44 Cents to Carbondale with assist- .-w. J...Brown,.Town-Clerk. i'ne Essserlide procession reveals the leadership of Be sure that your fiat has the Mark of Rothschild in it—known to good dressers for 60 years. - • o2nc:auy by the U. s. Food Authorities." t ;;, ... - You save'tehen you buy'it — yo:t 's~: BIG:STORE 1 '"\" .":" ""' Baptist Ladies' Aid'will serve sup- per next Thursday, 'dinner and sup-| pay for interior decoration of An- per Friday in Baptist Annex. All nex. members and friends contjibutinor' " . . please send supplies- to Annex early." MI ^ S ' WAHL, President. Thursday or ,Fri'dVy. , Proceeds will M ' BUCK > Treasurer. M27- '—3t M ORE than 35,000 owners « It wou!d b? ^ - msist to , of the new Overland- 4 put shock absorbers'pn- this are enthusiastically telling cai-;" ' ' - " • theu- friends'of tiie wonderful "The most advanced piece ndmg qualities, of this- car, of work yet producedNjn the fnflex: Springs smooth out motor c*ar:iine:"—These are the rough road bumps! som e of the .sincere coinpli- '. car ever nients paid Overland 4 by rede before." -< •-- - proud.bvraers. The Scdan : wcigha only 200 pounds more than the Touring Car V. s BRO0KS GARAGE , i

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